Hundreds of Yankton, South Dakota birds poisoned by USDA

KTIV | Jan 18, 2011

YANKTON, S.D. (KTIV) — It’s happened in places like Louisiana, Arkansas and Kentucky. Hundreds of birds mysteriously found dead.

Folks in Yankton, South Dakota, thought they were being added to the list after hundreds of dead birds were found there on Monday.  Turns out the unpleasant feathered discovery has a solid explanation.  They were poisoned.

Some had thought 200 Starlings found dead in Yankton’s Riverside park had froze to death. But they were actually poisoned on purpose, by the US Department of Agriculture.

Many of the European Starlings discovered by a passerby, were laying on the ground or frozen in trees. Officials first thought the birds were late to migrate and froze to death during the recent cold spell.

But that theory changed after Yankton police received a phone call from a USDA official who said the birds had been poisoned.

“They say that they had poisoned the birds about ten miles south of Yankton and they were surprised they came to Yankton like they did and died in our park,” says Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel.

The USDA confirms the story, saying the deaths were part of a large killing at a private feed lot in Nebraska.

They say a local farmer had been having troubles with about 5,000 starlings defecating in his feed meal. Department of Ag officials say because of health concerns for the farmer’s animals and staff they decided to kill the birds.

They used a bait laced with the poison DRC-1339. The USDA says the birds ate the bait then flew back to Yankton and died.

They say poisoning isn’t a common practice.

“We’re doing it to address, in this case very defiantly agricultural damage as well as the potential for human health and safety issues,” says Carol Bannerman USDA Wildlife Services.

USDA officials say they regret they had to kill the birds. But say there’s no toxic concern to people or animals.

In all, officials estimate nearly 2,000 birds ate the poison. However, since the bait has been removed they don’t expect any more birds to die.


5 responses to “Hundreds of Yankton, South Dakota birds poisoned by USDA

  1. PERVERTS !!

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  3. I’m getting tired of all the news articles saying there is no danger to other species. Do a search for DRC-1339 online and you’ll find the instructions for use which warn of (these are direct quotes) “HIGH ACUTE INHALATION TOXICITY AND EYE AND SKIN CORROSIVENESS TO HUMANS; HIGH ACUTE TOXICITY TO NONTARGET BIRDS AND AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES”, “many types of nontarget bird species are potentially vulnerable”, “DO NOT apply this product in a manner that will contaminate food, feed, or water”, “The Threatened and Endangered species potentially at risk from use of this product is the BALD EAGLE”, “Keep persons other than handlers, as well as pets and livestock, away from the bait at all times”. Do we really want this spread around?

  4. Such bullshit, you American people better wake the f up because one must ask why after a few days/weeks, they come out and say the birds were poisoned now, hmm, theres a lot more going on yet one of you might understand while the others keep shooting over the berm debunking everything and truly this will be your great countrys downfall, too many people who know everything yet havent left the house. Thank the good Lord, I am Canadian but we too have these problems but it seems our government hides it better which of course will be our downfall especially how laid back we are about global events WE MUST ALL BAND TOGETHER AND GET THE TRUTH FROM THESE SO CALLED “REPS FROM EACH PART OF OUR PLANET” because if not then seriously consider on how you wish to die either on your knees or standing as one to kick these SOBs out of the peoples government buildings and run it as it was supposed to be run with truth, honor and compassion for all.

  5. Mike S,

    Well, if you have all the answers let’s hear them. How do you know there isn’t a mass poisoning of animals and fish going on around the planet? After all, they are doing it to people on a daily basis with vaccines (see Bill Gates hailing vaccines for depopulation ) And the massive spraying of the deadly toxic Corexit in the gulf is poisoning everything, sea life and people. Will you eat shell-fish from the Gulf now? You’d be crazy to and it has much less to do with the oil itself which nature has ways of dispersing and even incorporating through microbes that feed on it. But these heavy metals and poisons like arsenic in Corexit are the real problem and that was no accident. They are poisoning the hell out of the Gulf.

    People jump to the HAARP explanation for just about everything, but never share a shred of proof about specific incidents other than conjecture. Yes we know the capabilities of the big military toys, but we have no way to verify their use usually. We can only say that they have the means and the motive to use them, especially when a crisis comes along that aids the elite agenda. The point is to weigh all the evidence before the knee-jerk reaction such as:

    Otherwise you come off the way the perps want you to be seen, as a wild-eyed “conspiracy theorist”.

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