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Amerika in a Media-Induced Trance

“Psychologically conditioned, the public will accept the stages of the New World Order as if they were self-evident.”

– HG Wells

It is not that the lunatics have taken over the asylum; the fact is the damned place was designed and built by them.

henrymakow.com | May 22, 2011

By William Whitten

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

– From ‘Propaganda’ by Edward Bernays

There has never been a person who has been successfully brainwashed who believed he was brainwashed. It lies within the definition of the word itself. This is the crux of the problem that the crux of the matter reveals. The majority of the people are automatons responding to media and social cues and have no control over their destiny.

It is that horror envisioned by the film,  “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Any number of ‘futurist’ stories have visited the main psychological terror of the film. Most of these stories were NOT analogies of the “future” however, but a deeper view of the present that they were told from. For most of
history humankind has in the main, been under the influence of powerful systems of dominance based on psychic as well as physical traumas.

So it is not that the lunatics have taken over the asylum, the fact is the damned place was designed and built by them. This is true as an allegory to the larger society and also literally true as to the history of psychotherapy and mental institutions–a tale of terror in itself. “Mad Doctors” are as real as lobotomies and atomic bombs.

This brings us to an important question:

What does it mean to be well-adjusted in a psychotic society?

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

– George Orwell

In 2008 there was the credit meltdown, which showed purposeful malfeasance. Last year the BP disaster. This year, the Fukushima event, not only does it seem probable that the last two events were orchestrated, but that they are being aggravated by the means taken to control it…like the Corexit aggravation in the Gulf, and the apparent bumbling idiocy going on at Fukushima. That is the same excuse used for 9/11 as well.

This is all the work of maniacs.

That these maniacs have the ability to soothe and sweet talk the peoples of the planet into thinking it is all a matter of happenstance is one of the great wonders of the world.

Is it any wonder? Not unless you are comatose.

“The day of combination is here to stay.  Individualism is gone never to return”.

– John D. Rockefeller

I have been reading and studying nonstop for 46 years now. I am serious about getting a grasp on it. My step father used to pound into me: “grow up and face ‘reality'”.

Although I discovered he never really did, I took his words to heart. I have been looking for this so-called ‘reality’ ever since. It comes in aspects and in varying contexts, and those who see everything in simplistic black-and-white terms are the same ones who go along to get along…

As all of us who take history seriously, I have come to reject ‘pop history’–what I have come to term ‘Lollipop History’. This paradigm imbues not only film and literature, but academia as well. So I have coined another term, ‘Acamaniacs’ to describe the mindset of those who never question the ground upon which they walk, taking too much for granted and never digging below the surface of these issues that divide men into camps of True Believers. Dogma is the root of all evil.

“Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.”

– Marshall McLuhan

All of us, who have chosen the path of thinking things through invariably come to the charge of being, “conspiracy theorists”. The slurs are well known and well honed; “Tin hat conspiracy nut”, “Paranoid daydreamers”, “barking moon-bat crazy”, and variations on this theme.

There are scores of Acamaniacs who are professors of “psychology” or “law” who have taken it upon themselves to explain why ‘we’ are disturbed individuals, while ignoring and burying the  fact that the paradigm of the system of this society itself is psychotic.

Who can deny that a society and system based on endless war is insane?

Only conformist bean counters and apologists for the
Military-Intelligence Industrial Complex.

‘There is only one certainty available to man; “I am”…all else is conjecture. It is the reasonableness and rationality of the conjecturing that gives weight to it’s profitability.

Amerika is a land of enchantment, virtually the entire population is in a trance induced by the magic spell of mass media. They are in the clutch of necromancy so high tech, and so powerful that it transcends anything humankind has faced in all of its history. It is a witko mass-mind–a psychotic super-social entity on track for mass suicide. It does not seem as if the world has gone mad, the world has indeed gone mad.

College Fraternities Linked to Freemasonry

“Through hell week, hazing, and ridicule the candidate is broken down into acts of submission to his fraternity or her sorority. Lifetime loyalty is put in place by vows and oaths, some on penalty of death.”

henrymakow.com | May 22, 2011

by Fritz Springmeier

American college fraternities are a way that the Illuminati recruit and entrap university students. College fraternities were modeled after satanic secret societies, mainly Freemasonry.

Controversy has surrounded American college fraternities. On one side are leaders like 33rd degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale, a member of Phi Gamma Delta, who spoke highly about Greek Letter frats and believed they played a positive role in developing the character of young men.

Others, like Liz Seccurro, who was drugged and gang raped by dekes (fraternity brothers of DKE) in 1984 are strongly opposed. She tells her story in her book Crash Into Me.

Some states have banned college fraternities: South Carolina (in 1897), Arkansas (in 1901) and Mississippi (in 1912). Frats were popular for returning WW II vets, but unpopular during the Vietnam War era, when for instance, 127 Greek letter chapters ceased functioning in 1972.


The Mystical 7 Secret Society: A History

Phi Beta Kappa, the first American Greek Letter college fraternity, during the 1830’s Anti-masonic era, was shut down as a secret society and forced to become only an honorary society. It started in 1776 with a Latin motto meaning “Philosophy is the Guide of Life”.

The Philosophical Society of PA had connections to its creation. The Philosophical Society (originally called the Junto) itself was an Illuminati creation designed to control education and thinking. It was headed by Benjamin Franklin, and included members such as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Marquis de Lafayette.

PS has always been closely connected to the Society of the Cincinnati, an organization I exposed in ’91 as still actively used by the Illuminati. Phi Beta Kappa branched out to Yale with the chapter Alpha of Connecticut in 1780.

George W. Bush was president of the DKE when they had a scandal of branding pledges with cigarettes. It was other dekes who gang raped Seccuro at a fraternity house party. (Females beware…with high testosterone and mob psychology taking over, frat brothers are statistically more apt to rape than other male students. And yes, sexual abuse of women is integral to the Illuminati agenda.)

The Illuminati established a series of non-Greek fraternities in the elite ivy-league schools beginning in 1832 with the pre-eminent one the Order of Skull and Bones.

Later editions of my Bloodlines of the Illuminati exposed a spectrum of these powerful non-Greek Illuminati college fraternities.  The best book specifically on the Order of Skull & Bones is Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment (1986.)

Working through the Sheffield Scientific School, they founded another Yale secret society called Berzelius in 1848 and the Order of Book & Snake in 1863. Book & Snake uses the winged-sun disk and a snake swallowing its tail, obvious occult imagery. Four of these five Yale Orders (Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Berzelius) call their creepy temple buildings “tombs”. The fifth, Wolf’s Head calls theirs “a hall”.

Freemasonry directly established Square & Compass as a college fraternity in 1917. It merged with Sigma Mu Sigma (est. 1921) in Aug. 1952. Some of Sigma Mu Sigma’s chapters were then absorbed into Tau Kappa Epsilon (a.k.a. Knights of Classic Lore). Another masonic college fraternity is Acacia (from the Greek word akakia= everlasting). Acacia has been going strong since 1904. In 1933, Acacia dropped the prerequisite that members be Masons. American President William Taft (Yale graduate), and Ass. U.S. Attorney General Wendell Berge were both Acacia members. Many other economic, sports, psychology and political leaders have also been Acacia members. Freemason Frank S. Land, who founded the Order of DeMoley, which Bill Clinton was in, is my final example of an Acacia member.

Many groups I write about connect to college fraternities. Alpha Delta Gamma is based upon the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, and has a Book of Rituals. The LDS Mormon church created Delta Phi Kappa, and later Sigma Gamma Chi (1967). The Odd Fellows (IOOF) created Theta Rho and the Daughters of Rebekah (1851) . Odd Fellow sororities function off campus too; the Daughters of Rebekah serves as the equivalent to Masonry’s Eastern Star.

Through hell week, hazing, and ridicule the candidate is broken down into acts of submission to his fraternity or her sorority. Lifetime loyalty is put in place by vows and oaths, some on penalty of death.

It can override other allegiances. For instance Confederate troops would come safely through Federal lines during the Civil War to spend time with their Phi Kappa brothers. Sigma Chi members started a chapter in WW II in their Japanese concentration camp. For many it is a commitment to a lifetime brotherhood.

While these webs of fraternities may not openly and directly contact with occult secret societies, they encourage members to think in directions parallel with the more powerful secret societies.

Were one to track the minutia of members’ activities and thinking, one would garner a picture that shows members contributing to the overall control of society. Yet, who would want to question their activities? These networks of fraternities are protected by oaths of silence, as well as most pretend to be harmless and function behind a facade of philanthropic activity.

If one wants to examine the whole fabric of the elite’s control, one must take note of college fraternities. Millions of Americans have been members of college fraternities and sororities, and many go on to prominence.

One giant debt for mankind: U.S. national deficit would reach almost to the moon if piled high in $5 bills

Size of the problem: The national debt clock in Times Square shows the national debt, which has hit its official limit ot $14.3bn

Daily Mail | May 23, 2011

President Ronald Reagan once famously said that a stack of $1,000 bills equivalent to the U.S. government’s debt would be about 67 miles high.

That was 1981. Since then, the national debt has climbed to $14.3 trillion. In $1,000 bills, it would now be more than 900 miles tall.

In $5 bills, the pile would reach three-quarters of the way to the moon.

The United States hit its legal borrowing limit today and the Treasury Department has said the U.S. Congress must raise the debt ceiling by August 2 to avoid a default.

The White House is trying to hammer out a deal with lawmakers to cut federal spending in exchange for a debt-limit increase.

Such a deal may hinge on negotiations led by Vice President Joe Biden, which still have a long way to go to close the gap between deeply divided Democrats and Republicans.

Biden has increasingly been playing the role of emissary for the White House to Capitol Hill on the budget battle that threatens to lead the United States to the verge of default.

Republicans are demanding deep spending cuts in return for raising the borrowing ceiling.

A graphic representation of how far the U.S. national debt would reaach to the moon if pile up in $5 bills. 2011 vs 1981

Biden will gather together senior lawmakers from both parties tomorrow afternoon for a third set of talks to hammer out a compromise on reducing budget deficits.

The vice president’s group made a better start than most observers had expected when it began to meet this month. But few expect an agreement to come quickly or easily.

‘It is a virtual certainty that this process will go to the absolute last minute, and then for five minutes longer,’ said Alex Brill, a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who worked in President George W Bush’s White House.

Attention has shifted to the Biden group after talks among a separate negotiating panel — the ‘Gang of Six’ senators — stalled last week with the departure of Republican Senator Tom Coburn, a fiscal conservative from Oklahoma.

Some analysts saw the breakdown of the Gang of Six talks as a bleak harbinger for the prospect of a long-term budget deal.

That group, comprised of fiscal experts from both parties, had been working behind the scenes since early this year.

Biden’s panel includes four Democratic lawmakers and two Republicans who are known more for the clout they wield within their parties than for their budgetary expertise.

Among the members are Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives and James Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat.

Biden has been a point person within the administration for relationships on Capitol Hill because of the 36 years he spent as a Delaware senator.ittee for a Responsible Federal Budget. ‘The net worth of Warren Buffet, roughly around $50 billion, could only cover the deficit for 13 days.’

Most people have trouble conceptualising $14.3 trillion.

Stan Collender, a budget expert at Qorvis Communications, said the biggest sum most Americans have ever handled — in real or play money — is the $15,140 in the original, standard Monopoly board game.

The United States borrows about 185 times that amount each minute.


  • * U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said the United States borrows about $125billion per month.

With that amount, the United States could buy each of its more than 300 million residents an Apple Inc iPad.

  • * In a 31-day month, that means the United States borrows about $4 billion per day.

A stack of dimes equivalent to that amount would wrap all the way around the Earth with change to spare.

  • * In one hour, the United States borrows about $168 million, more than it paid to buy Alaska in 1867, converted to today’s dollars.

In two hours, the United States borrows more than it paid France for present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and the rest of the land obtained by the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

  • * The U.S. government borrows more than $40,000 per second. That’s more than the cost of a year’s tuition, room and board at many universities.

‘That usually gets their attention,’ Doug Holtz-Eakin, who was chief White House economist under President George W. Bush, said in an email. ‘I have two kids, so every 10 seconds, the feds borrow more than I paid lifetime.’

  • * The Congressional Budget Office projects the total budget deficit in fiscal 2011 at about $1.4trillion.

‘The net worth of Bill Gates, roughly around $56 billion, could only cover the deficit for 15 days,’ said Jason Peuquet, a policy analyst with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.  ‘The net worth of Warren Buffet, roughly around $50 billion, could only cover the deficit for 13 days.’

Glorious Revolution: Chinese army develop first-person shooter game… with U.S. troops as the enemy

Training: Chinese troops hone their skills on the Glorious Revolution computer game

Daily Mail | May 20, 2011

The Chinese army have developed a computer game that sees their troops shooting at ‘enemy’ U.S. forces.

Glorious Revolution, which is used as a training tool for People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, pits the Chinese army against the U.S. military in a ‘Call of Duty’ style first person shooter.

In a video report, Chinese soldiers can be seen storming buildings and shooting at ‘enemy’ troops as they exit a bunker, before destroying an Apache helicopter gunship.

A Chinese state media video report shows rows of PLA soldiers hunkered over computer screens as they play through missions of Glorious Revolution.

The use of computer games by governments and international organisations to train their people has become more widespread in recent years.

The game is similar to the U.S. army’s very own shooter, America’s Army, which is used as a recruitment tool.

In the same vein, the Pentagon has developed its own ‘thinking’ first person simulators that deliberately overload commanders with information to see how they cope.

PLA First Person Shooter: Glorious Mission

NATO also has its own game for negotiating with maritime pirates and even Hezbollah created a game called Special Force 2.

The news comes as it emerged the U.S. military are considering sending officers and cadets to China on study exchange programs.

Admiral Patrick Walsh said Washington is seeking to improve its relationship with the Chiese military, and an officer exchange program would provide a better understanding of Chinese culture, goals and thoughts.

‘There’s a strong effort here to improve the relationship,’ Adm. Walsh said on the sidelines of a global naval conference in Singapore.’

Despite this being the PLA’s first publicised foray into the world of first person shooters, reviews of the Chinese game have been broadly positive.

According to Wired magazine, one blogger who saw the game wrote: ‘The game itself looks pretty well-made.

‘Graphics definitely on par with at least the [Call of Duty] series.’

Despite the virtual nature of the game, one Chinese website warned the political and propaganda overtones it embodies could be damaging to trainees.

They wrote: ‘The game content and the values ​​embodied in military thinking … are very different.

‘Long-term use is not conducive to military education and training, and may even mislead officers and men.’

The game comes as President Barack Obama and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates have been been in talks to help restore military-to-military relations between the two countries.

Early last year, China angrily cut off most of those contacts after the United States announced a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan, the self-governing island that China considers a renegade province.

China has also expressed a desire for warmer military ties, most recently when the chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army, General Chen Bingde, visited Washington this week.

Secret Weather Weapons can kill millions, warns top Russian politician

nation.com.pk | May 18, 2011

A top Duma political leader caused shock waves in a recent television interview when he warned that Russia could deploy an arsenal of new technology to “destroy any part of the planet” and kill over a hundred million people using secret weather weapons if the United States, the UN or Georgia tried to stop Russia’s entry into the WTO.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), the first officially sanctioned opposition party after the fall of communism. The LDPR has deep links with the former KGB and Communist Party and has become a significant force in Russian politics, despite Zhirinovsky himself being branded as a militant neo-fascist.

According to a translation provided by a Russian speaker, during the interview Zhirinovsky went off on a bizarre tangent after he was asked how Russia should treat countries like Georgia and the United States who try and block Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

Saying that the American government in Washington DC had “no future” and would “collapse,” Zhirinovsky cited Russia’s supremacy in space and stated that the country had, “Lots of money, resources, and new weapons that no one knows about.”

“With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes,” he sensationally warned.

“Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon,” added Zhirinovsky, warning that “whole continents will be put to sleep forever” and that “120 million will die” if anyone interfered with Russia’s claim on the Kuril Islands, which are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan.

The female presenter of the news program smirked as he made the comments, but Zhirinovsky’s manner was far from jovial.

Zhirinovsky made reference to the recent tsunami in Japan, suggesting that the “new weapons” to which he refers are related to weather control technology, which has been intensely studied by both the U.S. and Russia since the 1950′s and is commonly used today.

Police seizing and destroying Irish flags for queen’s visit under unjust legislation

Gardai seize and destroy Tri-colour for the German Monarch’s visit

sovereignindependent.com | May 23, 2011

by Colin – WeareChange.ie

Independent Journalist “Madam K” was stopped at a newly erected police barrier in Dublin today during the visit of the German/pseudo-English Queen Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Wettin. The garda told her that “under the warrant you cant have a flag at the moment!”

The act she referenced was the Public Order Act Section 21. It states “indicate that to proceed beyond the barrier while in possession of any intoxicating liquor, disposable drinks container or offensive article will render such liquor, container or article liable to confiscation.”

The bit she means is the “offensive article”.

Thats what we’re reduced to in this country. There was probably a tricolour flying as that bangarda took an oath to “serve her county” *ahem* and now she’s reduced to confiscating them for the Royals.

I’m seriously contemplating buying a tricolour and parading it around the Gardai tomorrow. Anyone else??

In Ireland when you leave school you do a leaving certificate which is graded by the number of points you attain. If you study hard you might get 600 points and have the opportunity of doing pharmacy or medicine or veterinary science. After that different levels of points will get you into different college courses and different levels of further education. Throughout the schooling we learn all about the struggle Ireland has had through 800 years of oppression by Britain (whichever foreign royal faction was running the show). We learn of the sacrifices made in winning back independence finally in 1922 and the death and suffering it took to win it.


To become a guardian of the peace, a police officer, a Garda. You can leave school with just 140 points. To hold such an important and powerful position in society surely the best and brightest should be employed, not the leftovers after the brains went off to do something else?

Look at this picture and you can see the results of this enrollment policy. The Gardai throwing our national flag into a bin lorry. This is only indicative of course but it is indicative of the other mindless things the Gardai now do.

They are “just following orders” they tell you when they enact more and more wholly unlawful new legal statutes. This defense didn’t work at Nuremberg and it wont work now as they blindly implement tyranny. We see Gardai confiscating the national flag as the queen of England is here. How fast do you think the men who died in the war of independence are spinning in their graves?

We see them arresting people for filming, or for standing up for their right to not be interfered with while they are not committing any real crime with a real victim. Sadly it is always the stupidity of the police in any country that supports the creeping introduction of tyranny. Remember, everything that Hitler did was legal. Like our government he just changed the laws to make it so and the police “follow orders”. The reason tyranny will take hold is the ignorance of the Gardai.

This is why I believe it is a deliberate recruitment policy to police forces to employ people of lower intelligence and reasoning abilities. People that will not question the sanity of the orders they are told to perform.

Shame on the Gardai and shame for their willful ignorance. Shame on what this state has become.

Microsoft Sees Human Body as an Antenna

TechNewsDaily | May 17, 2011

by Leslie Meredith

A team of researchers from Microsoft has discovered a home automation system that could eliminate costly rewiring and outsmart even the smartest appliances.

The Redmond, Wash., team has shown that the human body is a natural antenna. It reliably picks up the electromagnetic signals that emanate from all electrical systems and appliances in the home. These ambient signals can be used to create an affordable home automation system that controls household electronics with a pat on the wall or even a simple hand gesture.

The researchers conducted a set of experiments in 10 houses representing a variety of construction types in the Pacific Northwest. Each homeowner was equipped with a laptop and data-acquisition device and had a sensor pad strapped to his or her neck.

Although the test equipment for their initial experiments was rather bulky, the researchers concluded that the sensing equipment could be incorporated easily into a watch or mobile phone.

The home control system would require training, including input from the homeowner to essentially “teach” the wearable software the layout of the house, calibrate electrical components, and program simple control gestures. Family members could devise their own personal gestures for home control, the researchers noted.

Walls as sensors

Since it is hard to see the actual electrical wiring behind walls, researchers proposed a “stud finder” approach, in which the homeowner runs his or her hand on the surface and audible feedback indicates whether the area under the hand contains enough signal for interaction.

By examining the noise picked up by the body, the absolute touch position around a light switch or blank wall near electrical wiring within the home was determined with nearly 87 percent accuracy. The system could even discriminate between left-, right- and two-handed contact more than 96 percent of the time.

The ability to turn almost any wall surface or electrical device in the home into an interactive input system would make the possibilities for controller-free living virtually limitless. Gestures could be mapped to digital lighting in a room without the need for switches; tapping above or below any existing light switch could raise or lower the thermostat from any room, or control the volume of music playing from a housewide audio system.

Smarter appliances

To test the new system with common appliances, the researchers focused on two of the original 10 houses. Homeowners touched each of six appliances in the two kitchens: refrigerator, freezer, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and faucet. They were reliably classified by their ambient electrical signatures 100 percent of the time.

This suggests that “uninstrumented” appliances could be turned into real-world “buttons,” eliminating the need for complicated knobs and panels.

Researchers concluded that the ability to scale the entire home into an input system also opens the door to a breadth of new gaming and general computing applications that could easily be deployed in any home. Exploring and building these applications remains future work.

DARPA : New weapons systems to mimic human brain

electronicsnews.com.au | Apr 11, 2011

By Isaac Leung

WEAPONS systems with the intelligence of human brains could be reality soon, if Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) gets its way.

DARPA has announced that it is working to build electronic neural architectures that can learn, adapt and respond to situations on the battlefield.

Currently, unmanned systems and electronic devices can collect and process information according to their programming.

DARPA’s Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (aptly shortened to SyNAPSE) program aims to develop biological-scale neuromorphic electronic systems that mimic important functions of a human brain.

Applications for neuromorphic electronics include robotic and manned systems, and sensory and integration applications such as image processing.

These human brain-inspired electronic systems will understand, adapt and respond to information in fundamentally different ways than traditional computers.

Unlike current computers with distinct processor and memory units, these new systems will, like the brain, be organised as an intimate and distributed web of very simple processors (neurons) and memory (synapses) that spontaneously communicate and learn their functions.

SyNAPSE is developing integrated circuits with high densities of electronic devices and integrated communication networks that approximate the function and connectivity of neurons and synapses.

The DARPA program has also developed tools to support this specific area of hardware development such as circuit design tools, large-scale computer simulations of hardware function, and virtual training environments that can test and benchmark these systems.

Thus far, the program has developed nanometer-scale synaptic components capable of adapting the connection strength between two electronic neurons, and simulating utility of these components in core microcircuits that support the overall system architecture.

Goals for the upcoming phase include chip-fabrication process development, design and validation of single-chip systems, and demonstration of these systems in virtual environments that emphasize behavioural tasks related to navigation and perception.

U.S. government outlines zombie apocalypse plan

Zombies are seen in Devonshire Productions’ ‘Survival of the Dead.’

CTV.ca News | May 18, 2011

by Josh Visser

Terrorism, massive debt, zombies — there seems to be no end to the threats facing the United States government.

So while U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for his re-election campaign in… wait a second, zombies?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a lengthy blog post this week on how to survive a zombie apocalypse — the normally serious scientists taking a new approach to educating the public on emergency awareness.

Dave Daigle, a longtime CDC spokesperson, told MSNBC he was looking at new ways to engage with people with an old message.

And zombies, as they should be, are on everyone’s mind.

Zombies, which are the new vampires, which were the new aliens, which were the new-old zombies, have come back in vogue in entertainment, thanks to the “28 Days Later” movies and “The Walking Dead” comic and television series.

Indeed, the CDC actually played a major role in the season one finale of “The Walking Dead” and the organization promises “if zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease.”

Tips from the CDC on how to survive the zombie apocalypse:

  • Create an emergency kit consisting of: Water (four litres,) food (non-perishable items), medications, tools (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio), sanitation items (soap, etc,) extra clothes and bedding, documents (ID, passport) and a First Aid kit (for treating non-zombie bites.)
  • Identify possible threats in your neighbourhood
  • Pick a meeting place for family
  • Plan an evacuation route

My own tips (as gathered from a lifetime of zombie preparation through pop culture):

  • Run up the stairs. Zombies can’t get you there.
  • That cute girl in the office will try to eat you. Ignore her.
  • Get out of the city! Farms rule!
  • That roguish guy “out for himself” will try to save you in the end.
  • Swords > guns.

In China’s Wild West, A ‘Black Gold’ Rush Takes Shape

Time.com | May 23, 2011


Oil fields in Karamay, Xinjiang, China. Yang Liu / Corbis

Standing in front of a stopped truck in the desert, two workers in red overalls are pumping water out of an oil slick before installing a new derrick. The landscape is moonlike. Off on the horizon is the city of Karamay, a bona fide boomtown in northwestern China that has multiplied in only a few short years.

“Here everyone works either directly for oil, or in a service connected to it,” one of the workers says. Eight or 10 years ago, Karamay, at the heart of the autonomous region of Xinjiang, was a faceless stop on the road to nowhere. Now, it is difficult to find a bank, hotel, or bus that doesn’t bear the Petrochina logo. The company’s local headquarters lies proudly at the entrance of the city, and is taller than that of the Communist Party. Between 85% and 90% of the city’s economy is directly linked to black gold.

Here and there, dripping oil forms puddles on the ground. The story goes that back in the 1940s, an old Uighur man named Salimuhu discovered the mysterious “black oil” that would give this city its name as well as provide heat and light. He hastened to transport the liquid on the back of a donkey. The country’s first oil well – managed directly by Beijing – was opened 10 years later. (See TIME’s photo-essay “A New Look at Old Shanghai.”)

The growth in Chinese energy consumption has accelerated the movement. On May 12 the economic planning body of the government announced the suspension of Chinese diesel exports and the “strict control” of foreign sales of other refined petroleum products. The National Commission for Development and Reform called on the three large Chinese producers (Petrochina, Sinopec, and China National Oil Offshore Company) to “ensure full operational capacity,” in order to “maintain social stability and support economic growth,” just as the price of a barrel of oil had reached 100 dollars.

In 1993, China became a net importer of oil, but the country continues to export refined petroleum products to Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore, as well as some Western countries.

This appetite is noticed in the “city of black oil,” where oil rigs are pumping as far as the eye can see. In February, Petrochina announced an increase in production for the Karamay oil field, which in just two months has gone from 25,870 tons to 29,000 tons per day. The most important oil field in the west of the country produced nearly 11 million tons of crude oil last year. In 2011, Petrochina began the exploitation of local oil reserves of heavy crude, whose density makes transporting and refining it more expensive.

The reserves found in Xinjiang explain, in part, Beijing’s interest in the region, where ethnic tensions between the migrant Hans and Uighurs are lively and even led to bloody riots in Urumqi (the capital of Xinjiang) in July 2009. In Karamay, the equation is simpler because three-fourths of the population are migrant Hans, recruited by Petrochina. The Uighurs say they can be hired only if they can speak Mandarin Chinese. Nevertheless, the two communities rarely mix.

Professor Gou Haitao, a researcher at the Chinese University of Petroleum, explains that Xinjiang is crucial for the energy strategy of the country. A pipeline connects the region to Kazakhstan before the imported oil from Central Asia and the oil produced in Xinjiang are delivered to the coastal industrial provinces of the East. Closest to these dynamic coastal zones, the oil fields of the northeast are emptying.

“In the East, the reserves of black gold are declining after decades of exploitation. The petroleum from Xinjiang offers a very real margin of development,” says M. Guo. “The high prices of imported oil are a heavy burden, and China has to change its rate of energy consumption, become more efficient, and reach an equilibrium with available oil resources.”

In March, Beijing adopted a new five-year plan that will guide its strategic choices until 2016, anticipating a reduction of its historical dependence on carbon, which [currently] supplies two thirds of its energy needs, by relying more on renewable energy.

It also predicts new investments in oil, notably in inner Mongolia and of course here in Xinjiang.

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