Himmler’s daughter aged 81: She works with neo-Nazis and helps SS officers evade justice

Himmler and Gudrun in the war years. He ran the Gestapo, the S.S. and the extermination programme, which murdered six million Jews

Daily Mail | Jun 17, 2011

By Allan Hall

Waving goodbye to her grandchildren, Gudrun Burwitz has the look of a woman ready to live the rest of her days in peace and quiet.

Instead, the 81-year-old daughter of Heinrich Himmler still works at a ruthless pace to keep the Nazi flame alive.

Mrs Burwitz has always nurtured the memory of her father, believing the man who ran the Gestapo, the SS and the extermination programme which murdered six million Jews, to be good and worthy.

And despite her advanced years, she continues to help the ageing remnants of the Nazi regime to evade justice.

As the leading figure in the shadowy and sinister support group Stille Hilfe –Silent Help – she helps bring succour and financial help to those still at large.

Said to have been formed in 1951 by a clique of high-ranking SS officers and right-wing clergy in Germany, it exists ‘to provide quiet but active assistance to those who lost their freedom during or after the war by capture, internment or similar circumstance and who need help to this day’.

Now it is in the hands of Mrs Burwitz. And her work has taken an even more sinister turn. She has become ‘grandmother’ to a new breed of female Nazis on the radical right.

These disciples of Hitler wear the traditional dirndl dresses of Bavaria and their hair in plaits.

Andrea Roepke, an expert on Mrs Burwitz, said: ‘The Silent Help is not only about former National Socialists. It collects money too for the neo-Nazi movement.’

Mrs Burwitz, who lives in Munich with her husband, is fighting to keep Klaas Carel Faber, 89, from being extradited back to his homeland from Germany.

The Dutchman served with the SS in Holland where he murdered defenceless Jews in cold blood.

And her latest client is Soren Kamm, a Danish SS officer wanted in his homeland for murder in wartime.

Kamm, 90, is wanted in conjunction with several murders, including the execution of newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen in Copenhagen.

In 1946, a Danish court sentenced one of Kamm’s associates, Flemming Helweg-Larsen, to death in the same case and citing the same evidence material.

Helweg-Larsen was executed the same year.

Germany has refused to act on an EU extradition warrant although Kamm has admitted his guilt in a TV interview.

Mrs Burwitz, the ‘Princess of Nazism,’ as one historian called her, lives in a maisonette in the Munich suburb of Furstenried with her husband Wolf-Dieter.

‘I never talk about my work,’ she told the Mail. ‘I just do what I can when I can.’

An intelligence official said: ‘She is over 80 but pin sharp. She likes it if you think of her as some Mrs Doubtfire figure but that is not the case.’


10 responses to “Himmler’s daughter aged 81: She works with neo-Nazis and helps SS officers evade justice

  1. Please don’t forget that 20 million Russians were also killed and exterminated along with Canadians and many other countries. If the number of deaths measured the hatred, I would say that Hitler hated Russians more. How about you? I met an old couple who went through Auchuitz and told me about many Russians and good people. Lets not centre in our minds and children’s minds that only Jewish people were murdered. The focus from these animals was to exterminate as many human beings as possible, much like the agenda the global elite has today. Don’t get vaccinated.

  2. “These disciples of Hitler wear the traditional dirndl dresses of Bavaria and thier hair in plaits.”
    Really? Will the hate speech against Germans ever stop? You are a hypocrite and slanderer and you should follow Jesus when He said to take the beam first out of your own eye!
    @ John: “Hitler hated Russians more?” Really? Ask all the raped German women that question. You met a couple who went through Auschwitz? Really? How did they do that with all the murdering going on, eh? I remember in 1999 listening to a radio program featuring two Jewish women who also made it through Auschwitz. They got sick and -my oh my- those evil Nazis put them in the hospital where they recovered and outlived Hitler! You,sir, are a brainwashed dupe!

  3. jennifer Chen

    If you believe any of satan/the jews lies about our savior Hitler you will burn in Hell for all eternity.

  4. Funny to hear a “Christian” speak of Hitler as our savior (come on Christians speak up! Is Hitler our Savior?) and claim that these are satanic lies when in fact many Satanists are highly supportive of Hitler’s legacy and are often involved in neo-Nazi causes (Boyd Rice for example). The truth is, Hitler had Jewish blood


    and he never appeared to be “Aryan” (ie the mythic tall, blond aryan image) at all. In fact he looked more Eastern European ( a mixture of various races) than anything.

    The final straw is that Hitler was both a National Socialist and a Fascist. The goal of both ideologies is the State control and domination of the masses either by force or by deception or in the Nazi’s case, both. There is no freedom and nothing good in such a system which we are in fact living through right here in Fascist America, Land of the Sheep, Home of the Slave, a Corporatist Police State in a State of Perpetual War.

  5. The two old Polish people that I met were separated for many years and thought one another dead until they met by fluke one day to live the rest of their lives until death in Canada. They made it through like many others did. Not all died there. I learnt about the 20 million Russians in Canadian history in school, most today don’t believe it.
    I am a Pastor of a church and have no beam as you miss quote scripture. There is no bashing of Germans in my speech, just the animal Hitler was and how he seduced a nation of people, very much like the Americans have been brainwashed their whole lives. My Pastor who recently died was friends with a man who went to school with Hitler, they said he was nuts but when he heard the famous speech at the olympic stadium, he ran to them there and wanted to fight the world for Hitler. He suddenly came to his senses and knew who it was who was speaking. The seduction of mankind, it is seen everywhere today in the Babylonian One World system of errors and the One World religion headed by the Pope. The union between all governments and religions, Babylon, just as it was in Nimrods time.
    I did not say that Hitler hated Russians more, I just made the point that 20 million Russians were exterminated. If numbers were directly related to how many were exterminated, then Hitler hated the Russians more. Only 6 million Jews were exterminated but also Canadians and Americans, and other countrymen were along side of Russians and Jewish people. I am saying it wasn’t one sided as history tells us and the branding of all germans are as Hitler was is great error.
    9/11 proved the same idea taken from Hitler that people can be easily seduced into believing something, a great lie, and go to war under great seduction and error. Hitler burnt down the Parliament and blamed it on a Polish Jew. Bush’s government took down the towers and building 7 and the Pentagon and the other air disaster that is not spoken of anymore when no jet was ever found, no wreckage and no bodies. Hitlers pretext was for world domination under false guise and a mass of gullible German people. Bush did the same to a nation of equal gullible people and are still going to war and genocide for greed, wealth, and false liberty. “The world is wondering after the Beast..” and the Pope is ready to sit on his throne in the second Vatican in Jerusalem. He has been recognized as the head of the One World Church as of January 24, 2011 by the U.N.
    As Hitler was in seducing the masses, so have his predecessors in North America and the union of all governments. This is great evil and the multitudes, multitudes are in the valley of decision. The Great Apostasy of the church age. Babylon, “confusion by mixing and Tyranny!” Laodicea, “voice of the people” and, “City of compromise.”
    And the whole world wondered after the Beast, New World Order! Have you been seduced? The depth of Hitlers Satanic ritualism. He said once, “I admire the Jesuits.” He fashioned his SS after them!
    Leave the slinging to others. Focus on the Great Reformation of this age as it is about to come to pass. A Reformation purges the church and it is at the doors.
    I am a friend.

  6. No…… Your all poor on your history, we pick and choose who’s the bad guy, based on which side we are on, so knock it off. THE U.S. army killed 10 million or more( cause they didnt keep records) of north american Native americans !!!!
    So lets not go…. ooooh Nazis are sooo bad, so many innocent people died because of Hitler. Stalin changed his name and killed most of his own family in russia.
    From the start of any one one first came to the north americas, the slaughter began, so stop crying. If your here in U.S. or Canada, you are a part of the invasion. This is a taken land by force, Canada and U.S. dont like it, deal with it, murder has been from the begining, Count all the great tribal nations that died, by the gun, sword and bullit!

    There were more native americans in north america, then you could imagine, not to mention the millions of buffalo and bison thats were….. ummmmmmm totally killed.

  7. Kobyashi

    You’re right about the Native American genocide, but that was a plan by the elite of England, France, Spain etc to systematically colonize what they viewed as the New Atlantis. Commoners with nothing to lose and everything to gain, in mostly ignorance of the situation, were basically shipped over here to “settle” and “civilize” a land that was already settled and civilized and populated with millions of people. So you get no argument from me about that.

    But you are trying to minimize the oppressive madness that was unleashed with the Nazis and that is wrong. They are all evil, wicked, power-mad, these kings, these bankers, these dictators, popes and fanatics of all stripes. The vast majority of people on Earth are just ignorant pawns in their games. Point being not to foment hate, but to know the Enemy and that is generally the elite, illuminati, royalty, dictators, banking cartels etc. Anyone who trys to pick fights between races and religions and whatnot, is just an agent provocateur.

  8. PJ I like your thoughts, but i am not trying to minimize the oppressive maddness that was unleashed. Its very simple, people who want change, make the change to benefit them, so i was only taken back by the title of the story. Nazis were not the elite, they only came to power due to the people made this so. Von Hindenburg was in power and the german people wanted change, in 1935 and boy did they get it. They were just another race and army that felt what they wanted was right… and it was, because they made it so. Just like we here in the U.S. we punish the victims and praise the criminals.

    My point is that its only a bad guy if your the good guy and so on. Just because you are on the side that say WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. doesnt mean your truly good. and lets be very clear on this, the death of native americans continued long after the french and english interests left. 1780-1900 is when the “Oppressive madness continued to be unleashed by U.S. army soldiers and the U.S. white house, just like nazi germany the U.S. and the settlers went along with it!, the only difference is that they didnt lose their intire country.

    After the nazi war and the 1938-1945 genocide and the war crimes courts, the bad guys got excuted and in prisoned right???????? So what about all the U.S. Army staff that killed indians on orders from the american army… sounds like a nazi to me, during that time of course : ) So i am only pointing out that each side has a valid point to kill and take land to push that race forward whether is right or not, evil of good, peaceful and forceful, we are a war-ing earth.

  9. Kobyashi,

    Actually, some Nazi’s were executed but a lot of the Nazi scientists were brought over to America via Project Paperclip. There legacy lives on in NASA and every other Military/Industrial Complex measure taken/brought on by them to this day.

    That has to warm your heart.

    If more people only knew the histories and dark secrets of this country. I think they would be outraged.

    Great site Mr. Walker.

  10. Thanks Ben, right you are about Paperclip…it is very widespread and systemic fascistic corruption which is to say we live in a Matrix-like totalitarian system which has been modified from the more brutal in-your-face dictatorship to a kinder and gentler version according to the words of Aldous Huxley (an insider) speaking in the 1960s:

    “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

    – Aldous Huxley

    This ties into the “First Global Revolution” of the Club of Rome which has perpetrated the Global Warming Hoax and no doubt they will try to use the unavoidable coming Ice Age as another excuse, introducing more food and fuel psyops…..

    So this is what it is all about, going beyond all former frames of reference like Nazi and Communist:

    Technocracy Endgame: Global Smart Grid

    Technocracy is a collectivist, utopian political-economic system run by engineers, scientists and technicians. It has the potential to be far more oppressive and controlling than Communism, Socialism or Fascism.

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