A shivering Queensland Australia braces for snow during coldest winter snap in two decades

“We’ve had snow here before, about 20 years ago.”

Snow joke, white stuff for Hinterland

goldcoast.com.au | Jun 23, 2011

by Merrin Jagtman

SNOW could blanket the Gold Coast Hinterland this year as a shivering city enters its coldest — and longest — winter snap in nearly 20 years.

Minimum temperatures recorded at Coolangatta have been below 7C for the past nine days — the longest cold stretch on record since 1983.

This morning’s temperature is expected to plummet to 5C, 6C below the June average.

Weatherzone forecaster Josh Fisher said the cooler conditions were courtesy of a belt of high pressure stretching across Queensland.

“Rainfall on the Gold Coast is expected to be below average this winter, so minimum temperatures are also likely to hold below average,” Mr Fisher said.

“The average for June is 11.5C but so far this year the average is 8.9C.

“The average temperature for July on the Coast is 10C.”

Springbrook residents are bracing for the worst of the cold snap, including snow.

They have been rugging up in temperatures less than 1C and say they could dip below zero in coming weeks.

Andre Clayden, from Springbrook Research Observatory, said snow may also occur on the mountain.

“It’s possible if we have a good frost for the next couple of weeks and have low humidity,” he said.

“We’ve had snow here before, about 20 years ago, and I have seen sleet here about two years ago.”

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