Met Office warns of a cold and rainy summer

Spectators were forced to get out umbrellas at the Scottish Open – and the weather doesn’t look set to improve much (Pic: Getty)

Our soggy summer could also be the coldest for 18 years with forecasters warning of a miserable start to the school holidays. | Jul 10, 2011

The Met Office said the average central England temperature in June was just 13.8C (57C) – the coldest since 1991, which saw 12.1C (54F).

July has so far averaged 15.8C (60F) and if, as forecasters warn, the rest of the month and August do not improve, the average for June to August will be just 15.1C (59F).

That means this year would be the coldest summer overall since 1993, which averaged 14.9C (59F) from June to August.


NASA: Solar cycle may cause “dangerous” global cooling in a few years time

Rain has fallen across most areas regularly since the drought ended at the start of June, with 83.1mm (3.27in) on average across Britain in June with more following this month.

This summer is also the dullest since 2008, with June’s 180.8 sunshine hours the lowest for three years.

Although London could nudge 25C (77F) today, most of the country will see just 16C to 19C (61F-66F).

‘We forecast a ‘brolly and sunblock’ summer and the brolly has certainly been needed lately,’ said Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions.

‘I expect the mixed summer to continue with a real mixed bag of washout days with torrential rain and dry days with pleasantly warm sunshine.’

5 responses to “Met Office warns of a cold and rainy summer

  1. lmao…what did someone actually look out a window and figure out what the rest of us already know

  2. The weather has never been, nor will ever be, an accurate science, further more what happens out in the Atlantic can change anything good or bad within a few days, we could be basking in the sun on the first day of school holidays thinking glad we never spent all that money to go to tenerife, mean while a depression sets in some 1000 miles away and we are on the flight path of most Atalantic depressions, still the fishing always gets better lol!

  3. In 2007 and 2008, the long range forecast was for a long hot summer. But, what happenned, we had the worst summer with lots of rain andf floods everywhere in 2007. Everyone will remember that summer for a long time. So the Met Office can say what it likes. We’ll take the weather as it comes. The Met office can only really predict what will happen five days in advance. So enjoy the summer because it will be a nice one as long as it doesn’t get too hot! Rome was 35oC all weekend. So we’ll take 23oC as a nice temperature this weekend!

  4. Dick Whittington

    Here we go again another pantomime and its not the season! Is this info based upon hacking the phones of famous weather forecasters. A bit like the Hurricane that was or wasn’t in Oct 1987!!! and that was with less than 24 hours notice. Trouble is the seaweed is proving unreliable due to the effects on its growth by Global Warming.

  5. Yes well, the problem is that we are cooling, not warming:

    NASA: Solar cycle may cause “dangerous” global cooling in a few years time

    Maunder Minimum

    Global Warming Hoax (1019 Articles and counting!)

    In other words, the Global Warming fanatics need to go and find themselves another occupation…

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