Leader of Ancient Order of the Templar Knights in Malta denies mentoring Norwegian killer

timesofmalta.com | Jul 27, 2011


Paul Ray, Ancient Order of Templar Knights

Paul Ray, the originator of the English Defence League, who now lives in Malta, has denied he is the man who mentored Norwegian killer Anders Breivik.

In his 1,500-page manifesto, Breivik says his mentor was Richard (the Lionhearted)”.

Although Mr Ray (real name Paul Sonato) is known as Richard the Lionheart, he has said on his blog:

“It has been implied several places that due to the fact I use the name Lionheart on this blog and my anti-Islamic fundamentalism ideology is similar, not the same, as Anders Breivik that Richard could mean Richard the Lionheart, thus Lionheart could mean me.

“I might be a Christian fundamentalist who has a deep dislike for Islamic fundamentalism who looks to Templarism as an example, but anyone who knows me knows that I personally would play no part in such inhumane savagery that has no place in the civilised world.

“I’ve been perplexed about this all day due to how serious the nature of being linked to a political mass murderer is (it’s no small thing), and now the penny has finally dropped on who the most likely person is, who ‘Richard’ the English mentor of Anders Breivik is.

“EDL’s financier and political controller Alan Lake.”

EDL leader Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defense League, told The Associated Press yesterday that he does not condone Breivik’s rampage but “the fact that so many people are scared – people have to listen to that.”


Lennon also claimed that “Richard (the Lionhearted)” was Mr Ray, who was kicked out of the group a few years ago.

Mr Ray fled England almost two years ago after being arrested for stirring racial hatred and settled in Malta.

In Malta he leads an anti-Muslim group called The Ancient Order of the Templar Knights.

8 responses to “Leader of Ancient Order of the Templar Knights in Malta denies mentoring Norwegian killer

  1. i think its right what u are doing if the musliums can do it why cant we ill tell u why because we have become a nation of weakling my grandad fought for our freedeom in ww2 my dad was in the falklands and i was in iraq why because we also fought for our freedom and what thanks do we get none tell me this what happens if they bring in their own musliums laws we cant smoke in the street the same street my whole family have fought for eye for an eye they kill us so why cant we do the same to them

  2. gazza,

    You are barking up the wrong tree.

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