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Oslo killer Anders Breivik ‘linked to’ Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair, Ulster terrorist

Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair, was leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters Photo: PA Duncan Gardham

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian gunman, was linked yesterday to the Ulster terrorist Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair.

Telegraph | Jul 28, 2011

By Duncan Gardham

The potential connection has emerged following scrutiny of Breivik’s links to British blogger, Paul Ray, who calls himself the “Lionheart”.

Ray, 35, who has faced speculation that he might have acted as a ‘mentor’ to Breivik, has denied ever meeting the Norwegian but admitted he may have drawn “inspiration” from his writings.

The Daily Telegraph can now disclose that Mr Ray played host to Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair, former leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters in Malta last February.

He is also friends with Nick Greger, a German “known as Nazi Nick,” who describes himself as a “former neo-Nazi-leader, convicted terrorist, militiaman, artist, book writer and preacher”.

Mr Greger posted a video online them together with Adair on Youtube last year, titled “The Gathering.”

The film shows the three men visiting historic churches around Malta, cut together with footage showing UFF terrorists and Mr Greger with a Kalashnikov, set to a trance music track and illustrated with slides of Templar Knights.

Mr Greger has also been a supporter of Charles Taylor, the former dictator tried for war crimes over his time in Liberia, and has traveled to the Ivory Coast.

Breivik, the Oslo killer, wrote of traveling to the Ivory Coast and Liberia in 2002 telling his friend he was planning to “research the potential to smuggle blood diamonds and selling them in London.”

In London soon afterwards, he said he had attended the founding meeting of the “Knights Templar Europe” explaining that he “joined the session after visiting one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero, in Monrovia, Liberia.”

At the meeting he claimed he had been delegated a “long term task” with one other “to create a compendium based on the information I have acquired from the other founders during our sessions” which turned into the 1,500 page document he circulated hours before his attacks.

Breivik wrote that due to “EU persecution for alleged crimes against Muslims” the Serbian was “living at one point in Liberia.”

Mr Greger, who is banned from Britain, has traveled widely in Africa and currently lives in Malta, as does Mr Ray, who is originally from Luton, Bedfordshire.

In his 1,500-page “compendium”, Breivik wrote that his “assigned mentor” at the London meeting was “referred to as Richard (the Lionhearted).”

Referring to the right-wing British group the English Defence League, Breivik added: “I wonder sometimes if one of the EDL founders was one of the co-founders of [the Knights Templar], I guess I’ll never know for sure.”

Mr Ray was a founding member of the EDL and has written about reforming the Knights Templar.

Mr Ray told the Daily Telegraph he was convinced that he had never met Breivik but added: “It does worry me that he got inspiration from my blog and it does look that way.

“I do worry that he has taken what I say and overreacted to it. I worry about that. That is my main worry.”

Several of the “founding principles” of the Knights Templars bear close analysis to language used by Mr Ray on his Lionheart blog including “support Israel’s fight against Jihad” and the Templars’ “mantra,” “Martyrdom before Dhimmitude” – a word which means supplication to Islam on which Ray wrote extensively in 2007.

‘Lionheart,’ for instance, asked: “Where is the support from within the ranks of the Templar Army in Britain?…We die together as Christian brothers and sisters in protection of the Christian and Jewish world, for the future of our people.”

Claiming he had “dug his sword into the ground” ‘Lionheart’ added: “God will revive the ancient order of the Knights Templar and count me worthy to die amongst them in service of my God in protection of the Christian and Jewish world.”

Mr Ray said: “What [Breivik] has done has nothing to do with Christianity, antijihadism and Templarism.

“I am horrified that I am linked to what happened here,” he said. “How can anyone in a sane mind condone what he did? The mind boggles at it and you cannot comprehend what he has done.

“I have never had any dealings with the man whatsoever in my life. I have never met him and have checked all my emails and can say I have never dealt with him.”

He said he condemned wholeheartedly what had happened and offered his deepest sympathies to Norway and the relatives of the dead.

Hugo Chavez compared to Hitler after vow to rule until 2031

Hugo Chavez (right) with Fidel Castro in Cuba during his treatment there last month Photo: AP

President Hugo Chavez has been compared to Adolf Hitler by political opponents after dismissing continuing questions about his health by pledging to rule Venezuela for another two decades.

Telegraph | Jul 26, 2011

By Robin Yapp, Sao Paulo

In an interview with the government-backed newspaper Correo del Orinoco, he said that stepping down from the presidency had never crossed his mind despite his ongoing battle to overcome cancer.

Mr Chavez, who has already been in power since 1999, spoke of his ambition to complete three decades in power and predicted that the 2020s would be a “golden decade” for his country.

“I have medical reasons, scientific reasons, human reasons, reasons of love, political reasons to stay at the front of the Government and with that my candidature becomes stronger than before,” he said. “I’m determined to get to 2031.”

But his comments are likely to increase concerns for Venezuelan democracy after his brother Adan Chavez, a provincial governor, said recently that a return to “armed struggle” should not be ruled out by supporters of the radical left-wing regime.

Milos Alcalay, a former Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, told The Daily Telegraph: “It’s not the first time that he says the only successor to Hugo Chavez is Hugo Chavez.

“History shows that dicatators who think they are going to last forever will only end up in the cemetery as nobody can rule eternally.

“Chavez, Hitler or Mao would not nominate their successor. Hitler also had votes but he didn’t have legitimacy.”

Experts in Latin American politics have already warned that if questions over Mr Chavez’s ability to govern continue to linger, Venezuela could be plunged into a potentially volatile political crisis.

Under Venezuela’s current constitution, Mr Chavez would have to win three more elections in 2012, 2018 and 2024 in order to retain power for another 20 years through democratic means.

He insisted in the interview that he would stand down if there was a reason to but continues to confidently state that he is on the road to a full recovery despite refusing to even say which kind of cancer he was diagnosed with.

“Personally, I can say that I never thought for an instant of stepping down from the presidency,” said Mr Chavez. “If there were reasons to do so, I would; especially if there were physical or mental reasons, I would be the first to do so in a responsible manner.”

Mr Chavez returned to Venezuela on Saturday night after a week in Cuba where he underwent a first round of chemotherapy following surgery to remove a “baseball-sized” tumour last month.

He said that tests have found no “malignant cells” remaining in his body but acknowledged that he faces extensive further treatment to guard against a potential relapse.

Mr Chavez will turn 57 on Thursday and pledged to celebrate “with my people like never before” without giving further details for security reasons.

Breivik listened to Lord of the Rings music on his iPod to drown out screams of his victims

Daily Mail | Jul 26, 2011

By Christian Gysin In Oslo, Neil Sears and Sam Greenhill

Anders Breivik is believed to have drowned out the screams of his victims by listening to film music from the Lord of the Rings on his iPod.

Lux Aeterna, which was used in the battle scenes, is described by the killer as ‘very inspiring and invokes the type of passionate rage within you’.

Survivors described Breivik as ‘wearing a headset’ as he calmly fired on his unarmed targets. The explanation is given in his 1,500-page ‘manifesto’, published on Friday hours before his killing spree.

In it he praises Lux Aeterna, by the British film composer Clint Mansell, formerly of the group Pop Will Eat Itself, and says he plans to use it in the atrocity.

He writes: ‘I will put my iPod on max volume as a tool to suppress fear if needed. I might just put Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell on repeat as it is an incredibly powerful song.’


In the manifesto, Breivik names British nuclear plants, oil rigs and refineries as suitable targets for fellow fanatics.

Convinced that the British Establishment is conspiring to destroy traditional western society by encouraging Islamic immigration, he calculates that precisely 62,216 Britons are race ‘traitors’ who deserved to die.

This list includes former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and ex-foreign secretary Jack Straw, as well as singer Billy Bragg and actor Ross Kemp.

Prince Charles and the Queen are singled out for criticism too.

Yet Breivik, who lived in London as a baby, clearly adores Britain. He refers to it more than any other country in his manifesto, with his heroes including Winston Churchill and Jeremy Clarkson – because Top Gear ‘is one of the funniest shows on TV’.

He also claims extensive links to the right-wing street thugs of the English Defence League and seems to view Britons as members of a so-called ‘Nordic’ race.

As revealed yesterday, he says he is one of up to 12 ‘Knights Templar’ who met in London in April 2002 and pledged to plot individual terror attacks against their ‘cultural Marxist’ enemies. That Knights Templar group, he claimed, included two English representatives.

One of Breivik’s strongest arguments for attacking Britain is  the leaked UK government memo of 2000 – widely covered by British newspapers – in which it was suggested that mass immigration would bring many benefits.

Based on “Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell, Remix version “Requiem for a tower” arranged by Simone Benyacar, Dan Nielsen, and Veigar Margeirsson

Breivik – who uses the Anglicised pseudonym Andrew Berwick, and claims he completed his manifesto in London this year – writes: ‘Jack Straw and Tony Blair “dishonestly” concealed a plan to allow in more immigrants.

‘The driving force and intention was also to humiliate right-wing opponents of immigration and “destroy the Conservatives once and for all”.’

As well as proposing that 818kg of anthrax would be enough to post a lethal dose to all 62,000 British ‘traitors’ – politicians, teachers, journalists and many others – along with another 350,000 traitors across Europe, he also suggests high-profile structural targets.

He notes that attacks on nuclear power stations or other sensitive structures can easily cause havoc, and goes on to list numerous UK oil rigs, including one inland in Dorset, and numerous locations in the North Sea. Breivik proposes attacks on Britain’s 24 nuclear reactors, names reprocessing plants and gives a list of nuclear research facilities.

Breivik suggests disguising a lorry packed with explosives as a fire engine and getting past as much security as possible before detonation at a power plant. Aircraft suicide attacks are suggested for nuclear plants, while attacks on oil rigs could be carried out using a fishing vessel, he suggests, and would require manpower of just a handful of fanatics.

Copious directions on how to obtain and make explosives are also included – and were used to deadly effect in Oslo on Friday.

He notes with satisfaction that an attack on a nuclear installation could lead to ’10,000-50,000’ casualties –  and says even the threat of such  an attack could force the British  government to begin to expel Muslims or force them to convert to Christianity, while demolishing mosques and banning Islamic languages.

Enthusing about how righteous it is to massacre his victims, Breivik declares: ‘We are no more terrorists than the indigenous Brits who fought against the imperialistic Roman invaders, or the Americans who fought against English rule.

‘We are no more terrorists than Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse who fought for their people against the imperialist General Armstrong Custer. We are the Sitting Bulls and Crazy Horses of our time and the imperialistic Custers of our time are called Barroso, Blair, Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy.’

Breivik goes on to recommend  British websites including those of the British National Party, the Countryside Alliance, the Conservative Monday Club and even the Royal British Legion.

Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities | Jul 28, 2011

By Rebecca Camber

The posters warn passers-by that they are entering a zone where Islamic rules, such as 'no alcohol', are 'enforced'

Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across the UK proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up.

Communities have been bombarded with the posters, which read: ‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’

The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and street lamps have already been seen across certain boroughs in London and order that in the ‘zone’ there should be ‘no gambling’, ‘no music or concerts’, ‘no porn or prostitution’, ‘no drugs or smoking’ and ‘no alcohol’.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme, saying he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK and ‘put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term’.

In the past week, dozens of streets in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham have been targeted, raising fears that local residents may be intimidated or threatened for flouting ‘Islamic rules’.

Choudary, who runs the banned militant group Islam4UK, warned: ‘We now have hundreds if not thousands of people up and down the country willing to go out and patrol the streets for us and a print run of between 10,000 and 50,000 stickers ready for distribution.

‘There are 25 areas around the country which the Government has earmarked as areas where violent extremism is a problem.

‘We are going to go to all these same areas and implement our own Sharia-controlled zones.

Seizing control: Activist Jamaal Uddin puts up one of the Sharia stickers in Leyton, in the East London borough of Waltham Forest

‘This is the best way for dealing with drunkenness and loutishness, prostitution and the sort of thug life attitude you get in British cities.’

The former lawyer added: ‘This will mean this is an area where the Muslim community will not tolerate drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, usury, free mixing between the sexes – the fruits if you like of Western civilisation.

‘We want to run the area as a Sharia-controlled zone and really to put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term.’

Scotland Yard is now working with local councils to remove the posters and identify those responsible for putting them up.

Choudary said he was organising a protest against the Far Right in Waltham Forest this weekend following last Friday’s killing spree in Norway by anti-Islamic gunman Anders Breivik.

He said: ‘We are going to put the events in Oslo on the agenda. We are going to be marching and addressing this issue. It is a whole new scenario now. The Muslim community needs to be vigilant. There is an undercurrent against Islam.

‘I do believe a Norway-style attack could happen here.’

The campaign comes just months after stickers proclaiming a ‘gay-free zone’ and appearing to reference the religious Islamic text of the Koran appeared in Tower Hamlets.

Women in parts of East London including Tower Hamlets have been threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists if they did not wear headscarves.

James Brandon, of the anti-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, which has dubbed the intimidation the work of ‘Talibanesque thugs’, said: ‘This is a small group which is not representative of these communities.
‘It’s great news that the police have decided to investigate this. This has the potential to divide communities and upset people.’

Yesterday the leader of Waltham Forest Council, Chris Robbins, said: ‘As soon as we heard about these posters we worked over the weekend to take them all down.

‘Since then we have been going through our CCTV images and working with the police to try to identify the culprits. Our policy is to use the full extent of our powers to prosecute any offenders.

‘People should not get the wrong idea about our borough because a handful of small-minded idiots, who do not live here, decide to deface our streets with ridiculous posters.’

Norway terror attack exposes deeper anger over immigration

A graffiti is seen at the closed Skytterkollen shooting range on Thursday, where Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik used to train. Breivik, a far-right zealot whose bomb attack and shooting spree killed 76 people last Friday, has been charged under the terrorism act, which carries a maximum penalty of 21 years in jail, but the authorities are considering whether to charge him with crimes against humanity. Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters

The admitted attacker behind last week’s bombing and shooting spree derided immigration and multiculturalism. Experts say his beliefs are surprisingly common in Norway. | Jul 28, 2011

By Frank Radosevich

Oslo, Norway – Last week’s Oslo terrorist attacks are raising delicate questions of immigration and integration here after the admitted attacker cited anti-Muslim views as motivating the assaults.

A country of less than 5 million people, Norway has seen its once homogeneous population change in recent years with new arrivals from Africa and the Middle East. This transformation, in part, drove Anders Behring Breivik, charged with Friday’s car bombing and shooting spree that killed at least 76 people in the span of a few hours.

Now, even as this country still grieves for its victims, many say how Norway responds to the attacks could define immigration policy in the future.

While Mr. Breivik’s views, revealed in his 1,500-page tirade against Muslims and multiculturalism, are extreme and his attack reviled by Norwegians of all political leanings, Breivik fed on an undercurrent of prejudice and hatred that exists in some areas of Norwegian society, where being Norwegian is still very much determined by one’s fair skin and light hair.

“We have to find out what kind of country Norway is. That’s where the struggle is going to be in the coming years,” says Thomas Eriksen, a professor of anthropology at the University of Oslo. “And we are going to have to deal with that.”

He says many immigrants still face an uphill battle in terms of integration and acceptance from their fellow Norwegians. “They can acquire our civilization but never our culture,” he says, offering up a common opinion. “In other words, they won’t be ‘us’ they’ll always be the ‘other’.”

Indeed, experts on immigration and integration point to a growing skepticism across Norway that now surrounds most Muslim immigrants. Though Breivik’s thinking is condemned, many of his views aren’t new.

“Some of his ideas are more commonplace than we’d like them to be,” says Rune Berglund Steen, communication manager for the Norwegian Center Against Racism. “This skepticism of Muslims has become a fairly central topic in Norwegian politics.”

Norway’s second-largest political party in parliament, the Progress Party, has been accused of backing xenophobic positions and Breivik was on the party’s member registry until 2006. The party quickly denounced the attacks and Breivik’s beliefs.

Mr. Steen says most Norwegians have a positive view toward immigrants. For example, he said a recent poll found that about 8 out of 10 Norwegians found it favorable if a child attends a school with mixed ethnicities.

But for Breivik and his ilk, Muslim newcomers here represent a “takeover.”

“The problem can only be solved if we completely remove those who follow Islam. In order to do this all Muslims must ‘submit’ and convert to Christianity,” he wrote in his manifesto. “If they refuse to do this voluntarily prior to Jan. 1, 2020, they will be removed from European soil and deported back to the Islamic world.”

Most Norwegians, however, reject Breivik’s anti-Islamic views, preferring to see themselves as a tolerant, peaceful people and Breivik as a backwards extremist.

“It’s the fact that he attacked our multiculturalism,” says Alexander Roine, waiting outside the courthouse where Breivik appeared Monday.

Mr. Roine, an Oslo native whose father came from Tunisia, says Norway is rightly famous for its peaceful, tolerant attitude but conceded older generations are still adjusting to the country’s brisk demographic shift.

“We would think a guy with these views would be like 50 or 60 years old,” he says of Breivik. “This guy was born in a Norway that was already multicultural. He attacked everything this country stands for to the last detail.”

Norway has experienced a steady rise in immigration, like many European countries, with the number of its immigrants doubling since 1995.
Most came for the robust economy, political stability and generous welfare state, settling in dense pockets in Norway’s largest cities. It’s estimated that 11 percent of Norwegians are immigrants or the children of immigrants and about 2 percent of the population practices Islam.

GM Crops Decimating Monarch Butterflies Habitats

Eat Drink Better | Jul 26, 2011

Monarchs butterflies’ decline correlated to increased plantings of herbicide tolerant GM crops and overuse of glyphosate (RoundUp) herbicide.

Twelve years ago, a study found that genetically modified Bt corn was lethal to monarch butterflies; recent research shows that another type of GM crop is even more damaging to the beloved insect.
“What’s going on down there is a disaster”

A recently published study says that increasing acreage of GM Roundup Ready (RR) corn and soybeans is a major cause for declining populations of monarch butterflies in North America. The paper, published in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity, says that increased use of glyphosate herbicide with RR GM crops in the Midwest is killing milkweed plants, which monarchs rely on for habitat and food.

Chip Taylor, an insect ecologist at the University of Kansas and co-author of the paper, told the New York Times, “This milkweed has disappeared from at least 100 million acres of these row crops. Your milkweed is virtually gone.”

The paper documents that populations of monarch butterflies in central Mexico, where they migrate to in winter, have declined over the past 17 years, reaching an all-time low in 2009-2010.


In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer

Lincoln P. Brower, an entomologist at Sweet Briar College and co-author of the paper, told Wired magazine: “What is going on on the ground down there is a disaster.”

Monarch butterflies migrate from the United States to Mexico each year, traveling some 4000 miles.

Taylor and Brower both criticized a recent paper by Andrew K. Davis, an assistant research scientist at the University of Georgia, which didn’t find a significant decline in monarch populations. Davis analyzed monarch populations in Cape May, N.J., and Peninsula Point, Michigan. Brower said those are minor sites that would not reflect the true status of monarch populations. “His paper is not representative of the big picture (of overall monarch populations), which is Mexico.”
“Bigger threat than Bt corn”

While the paper lists several other factors, such as deforestation in Mexico, contributing to declining monarch populations, Taylor says the proliferation of RR crops and the overuse of glyphosate is the major cause.

“This is the one main factor that has happened,” he says. “You look at parts of the Midwest where there is a tremendous use of these crops and you see monarch populations dropping. It’s hard to deny the conclusion.”

Taylor has been warning about the negative impact of RR crops on monarchs since writing a blog about it in 2001. “I’ve always thought they were a bigger threat to monarchs than Bt corn.”

Taylor says the monarchs’ decline accelerated around 2003 when herbicide tolerant GM crops accounted for nearly 50% of all corn and soybeans. That number has increased to more than 80% in the last two years.

“Once herbicide tolerant GM crops reached 50%, we saw a significant impact on monarch populations,” he says.

Norway: Secret Terror, The Price of Ignorance

A Very Real Masonic Plot | Jul 27, 2011

by Gordon Duff


Breivik's Real Uniform, his suit of armour


(CINCINNATI) – The slaughter in Norway last week, dramatically punctuated by mysterious photographs of a reputed mass murderer in odd regalia, festooned with symbols of the Masonic Order, is unlikely to bring rise to some important questions. This is a mistake, in this case a fatal mistake and not for the first time as you will read below.

The highest levels of Freemasonry, after World War II, formed parallel governments, engaged in terrorism and were the subjects of investigations across Europe when it was proven that they threatened the very foundations of free societies.

This week, we learned that threat is alive and well.

Breivik was allowed to buy assault weapons, silencers, tons of explosives all while on terror watch lists. Why? His Masonic friends in the police, the same police whose helicopters were disabled on “terror day,” much as NORAD was mysteriously “closed” on 9/11, were looking out for him.

Norway’s police and security services are controlled by Freemasons and have a long history, dating back to 1957 when NIS Director, Vilhelm Evang stumbled on a secret organization within his own Psywar and Counter-intelligence command that had compiled “death lists” of individuals, progressives, liberals and intellectuals.

In 1978, Norwegian financier Hans Otto Meyer was arrested on what would today be termed “terrorism” charges. Tons of arms and explosives along with radio equipment were found at a cabin he owned.

Meyer said the cache belonged to Norwegian intelligence for use by clandestine civilian groups, such as those operating in Italy at the time.

Meyer was imprisoned, there was no investigation but the parallels are there, decades later, cover stories, denials, misinformation.

On April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy, in a speech on press censorship, did something very unexpected. He warned America and the world of the extreme dangers of Freemasonry.

For those in America and Europe, decent simple people, who, by the hundreds of thousands, men and women, even children, that belong to Freemasonry and related organizations, the idea of their organization, their secret society as a threat to freedom, as a cover for international terrorism, must seem unreal, or at least did.

Norway changed all of that. I was warned, I didn’t listen. Dimitri Khalezov, the Russian nuclear intelligence expert, told me there was a Masonic terror organization in Europe, closely aligned with Israel, one that penetrated security services, ran police and counter-terrorism forces and used them more than once to perpetrate acts of terror, London 7/7, Madrid, now Norway.

I didn’t listen, so many of my friends are Freemasons, I have been asked to join repeatedly and refused. I have been invited to join other organizations, some “highly exclusive” whose membership includes Bill Clinton and Rupert Murdoch. I am not a joiner, I am deeply suspicious but obviously not suspicious enough.

What I do, like everyone else, when faced with surmountable odds, almost everyone else, I turn away. Taking on Freemasonry is a death sentence. It was for John F. Kennedy. I knew that those who murdered him were Freemasons, those who orchestrated his death, who executed him with sniper rifles that day in Dallas, who turned out the Warren Commission Report.

Years later, when the 9/11 Commission Report came out, it was written by Freemason’s too. As a document, it is so absurd, so patently false that those responsible have talked of little else since, the lies, the intimidation, the pressure to bury the truth in a cacophony of lies, as we have done so many times, forgotten scandals like Iran/Contra or the dozens, perhaps hundreds that have been squashed by the secret handshake.

Few know that, in the late 1980′s, Freemasons were instrumental in bringing down communism, collapsing the Soviet Union. Today, as we look back on those heady times, we see a Russia run by a gangster elite, utterly corrupt but powerful, as technologically advanced as ever, better rockets, better air defense systems, better small arms, unimaginable secret weapons, awash in cash, power centralized in one man.

Russia is run by Freemasons. I didn’t listen.

America? Broke, busted, divided, preyed upon by a cancerous oligarchy of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and a massive police state bureaucracy of, yes, Freemasons.

I didn’t listen.

British culture is filled with spy stories and detective yarns. The British air their dirty laundry so much better than America. Their news is censored, almost beyond belief, more than any American would guess unless they have lived in the UK, but their TV heroes, their authors and screenwriters, they understand.

A major theme in British conspiracy lore is Freemasonry. Freemasons run the police and security services, they run the Home Office kind of like “Homeland Security” on steroids, a government bureaucracy that has its hands in everything. Freemasonry in Britain and Norway is a secret government, the organs that manage everything from political terror to fixing a parking ticket.

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