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Norway: Secret Terror, The Price of Ignorance

A Very Real Masonic Plot | Jul 27, 2011

by Gordon Duff


Breivik's Real Uniform, his suit of armour


(CINCINNATI) – The slaughter in Norway last week, dramatically punctuated by mysterious photographs of a reputed mass murderer in odd regalia, festooned with symbols of the Masonic Order, is unlikely to bring rise to some important questions. This is a mistake, in this case a fatal mistake and not for the first time as you will read below.

The highest levels of Freemasonry, after World War II, formed parallel governments, engaged in terrorism and were the subjects of investigations across Europe when it was proven that they threatened the very foundations of free societies.

This week, we learned that threat is alive and well.

Breivik was allowed to buy assault weapons, silencers, tons of explosives all while on terror watch lists. Why? His Masonic friends in the police, the same police whose helicopters were disabled on “terror day,” much as NORAD was mysteriously “closed” on 9/11, were looking out for him.

Norway’s police and security services are controlled by Freemasons and have a long history, dating back to 1957 when NIS Director, Vilhelm Evang stumbled on a secret organization within his own Psywar and Counter-intelligence command that had compiled “death lists” of individuals, progressives, liberals and intellectuals.

In 1978, Norwegian financier Hans Otto Meyer was arrested on what would today be termed “terrorism” charges. Tons of arms and explosives along with radio equipment were found at a cabin he owned.

Meyer said the cache belonged to Norwegian intelligence for use by clandestine civilian groups, such as those operating in Italy at the time.

Meyer was imprisoned, there was no investigation but the parallels are there, decades later, cover stories, denials, misinformation.

On April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy, in a speech on press censorship, did something very unexpected. He warned America and the world of the extreme dangers of Freemasonry.

For those in America and Europe, decent simple people, who, by the hundreds of thousands, men and women, even children, that belong to Freemasonry and related organizations, the idea of their organization, their secret society as a threat to freedom, as a cover for international terrorism, must seem unreal, or at least did.

Norway changed all of that. I was warned, I didn’t listen. Dimitri Khalezov, the Russian nuclear intelligence expert, told me there was a Masonic terror organization in Europe, closely aligned with Israel, one that penetrated security services, ran police and counter-terrorism forces and used them more than once to perpetrate acts of terror, London 7/7, Madrid, now Norway.

I didn’t listen, so many of my friends are Freemasons, I have been asked to join repeatedly and refused. I have been invited to join other organizations, some “highly exclusive” whose membership includes Bill Clinton and Rupert Murdoch. I am not a joiner, I am deeply suspicious but obviously not suspicious enough.

What I do, like everyone else, when faced with surmountable odds, almost everyone else, I turn away. Taking on Freemasonry is a death sentence. It was for John F. Kennedy. I knew that those who murdered him were Freemasons, those who orchestrated his death, who executed him with sniper rifles that day in Dallas, who turned out the Warren Commission Report.

Years later, when the 9/11 Commission Report came out, it was written by Freemason’s too. As a document, it is so absurd, so patently false that those responsible have talked of little else since, the lies, the intimidation, the pressure to bury the truth in a cacophony of lies, as we have done so many times, forgotten scandals like Iran/Contra or the dozens, perhaps hundreds that have been squashed by the secret handshake.

Few know that, in the late 1980′s, Freemasons were instrumental in bringing down communism, collapsing the Soviet Union. Today, as we look back on those heady times, we see a Russia run by a gangster elite, utterly corrupt but powerful, as technologically advanced as ever, better rockets, better air defense systems, better small arms, unimaginable secret weapons, awash in cash, power centralized in one man.

Russia is run by Freemasons. I didn’t listen.

America? Broke, busted, divided, preyed upon by a cancerous oligarchy of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and a massive police state bureaucracy of, yes, Freemasons.

I didn’t listen.

British culture is filled with spy stories and detective yarns. The British air their dirty laundry so much better than America. Their news is censored, almost beyond belief, more than any American would guess unless they have lived in the UK, but their TV heroes, their authors and screenwriters, they understand.

A major theme in British conspiracy lore is Freemasonry. Freemasons run the police and security services, they run the Home Office kind of like “Homeland Security” on steroids, a government bureaucracy that has its hands in everything. Freemasonry in Britain and Norway is a secret government, the organs that manage everything from political terror to fixing a parking ticket.

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The Norway murderer’s Freemason obsession

Anders Behring Breivik leaves an Oslo court Monday in a police car after a judge jailed him under strict conditions for eight weeks.
Photograph by: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen, AFP-Getty Images, Postmedia News | Jul 28, 2011

By A. Millar

Many media outlets are describing Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged perpetrator of the Oslo terrorist attacks on Friday, as a Christian fundamentalist. His 1,500-page manifesto — 2083 A European Declaration of Independence — and an accompanying video reveal a more complex picture.

Aside from his interest in Christianity, Breivik appears to have studied aspects of esotericism and neopaganism, and may have been involved with such circles at one time. In regards to followers of the neopagan religion of Odinism, he says, “Even Odinists can fight with us or by our side as brothers” in the Knights Templar organization that Breivik claims to be a founding member of.

He also says his primary weapon is Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), but criticizes neopagans, saying that Thor’s hammer cannot unify the people of Europe, but that the cross will. For Breivik, Christianity is a political and cultural banner, not necessarily a religious one. “Christian atheists” are able to join the organization.

The modern Knights Templar will, according to the manifesto, fight “against the “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe before . . . we are completely demographically overwhelmed by Muslims.” In its romantic view of indiscriminate violence and adoption of militant religious imagery, the organization — whether real or imagined — is in many respects a mirror image of al-Qaeda. The manifesto says that the founders of the organization decided on carrying out a “large successful attack every five to 12 years . . . depending on available forces.”

In the manifesto and video are three photographs. In the first, Breivik is shown wearing Masonic regalia. This seems a peculiar decision, but it is extremely significant. Popular legend suggests that the Masonic fraternity was created by the medieval order of the Knights Templar, but Breivik was probably also aware that Islamist extremists have viewed Freemasonry as an enemy for several decades. It was made illegal in Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79, and the Hamas Charter of 1988 claims that Freemasons “work in the interest of Zionism.”

This idea was introduced to the Middle East by the Nazi Party of Germany, which flooded the area with anti-Semitic propaganda during the Second World War.

The notorious, proven anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, used by the Nazis for propaganda, and which alleges that Zionists employ the Freemasons, is still regularly cited as an authentic document in the Arab media. With satellite television, the message has reached back into the West, and is propagated by numerous extremist Islamist websites.

The results have been dramatic. In 2004, Islamist suicide bombers attacked a Masonic building in Turkey, attempting to set off explosives in a dining hall, and opening fire, killing a waiter and wounding six others. In 2009, two men from the U.S. state of Georgia were sentenced for their support of terrorism after they made “casting videos” of possible targets and sent them to an alleged al-Qaeda operative in the U.K.

Breivik would almost certainly have known that a Masonic building in Oslo was attacked in January 2009. The assault took place during an anti-Israel demonstration by pro-Palestinian Muslims and left-wing activists, at which anti-Semitic chants and threats against Jewish people were reportedly made. At one point, several Arab-looking youths broke away from the demonstration and led a reporter and cameraman to the Masonic building. They then smashed a window and took turns throwing high-power firecrackers inside.

It is possible that this assault was a factor in Breivik’s decision to target youth members of the Labour Party, since a children’s party was being held inside the Masonic building at the time of the attack, and children could be heard screaming in terror after each firework exploded.

In another photograph in the manifesto and video, Breivik is wearing a ceremonial military uniform. However, on the arm is the emblem of a skull pierced by a dagger. Breivik calls this “the badge of the Justiciar Knight,” and says it is “marked with the symbols of communism, Islam and Nazism on the forehead, impaled on the cross of the martyrs.”

On the uniform are three Masonic medals, given to those who have obtained the Knights Templar degree of Freemasonry in Britain. Breivik had not received this Masonic degree, but it is possible for members of the public to purchase regalia.

In the manifesto, Breivik acknowledges being a member of the Masonic fraternity, and of taking the first three degrees, but he also criticizes Freemasonry because it is “not in any way political.” Freemasons, says Breivik, “claim to be Knights of Christ, yet they are not willing to sacrifice their life for the preservation of European Christendom. They do not even acknowledge that European Christendom is in the process of being deconstructed.”

Breivik does commend Freemasonry as “keepers of cultural heritage.” This appears to be emotionally important for Breivik, who insists that those joining his Knights Templar organization must perform an initiation ceremony that is “somewhat similar to the ancient and original ritual of the Knights Templar.”

“This ritual,” he says, “has been partly adopted and kept alive by the Freemasons and similar ‘chivalric orders.’ ”

The manifesto states that he was present at the founding of the revived Knights Templar in London in April 2009. This, he says, is a “revolutionary conservative movement because we had lost hope that the democratic framework can solve Europe’s current problems.”

It may be a coincidence, but “revolutionary conservative” was a term used by the anti-Masonic occultist and fascist Julius Evola. Notably, Breivik criticizes the extreme right for being inspired by Rene Guenon, a convert to Islam and the founder of the pro-Islamic esoteric school of traditionalism that Evola knew and imitated. Breivik seems to place himself broadly within the school, while rejecting its favourable view of Islam.

Breivik says, “In the U.S., Christian fundamentalists and Islamic organizations are increasingly creating common platforms to speak out against trends of moral decay (abortion, pornography, etc.). Some of these phenomena of traditionalist alliance-building are quite respectable, but they are nevertheless conducive to Islam negationism.”

There were “nine original founding members.” Breivik says he met only four of these, but he claims that it later grew to 25 or 30, and that there “might be tens, even hundreds of Justiciar Knights now spread all across Western Europe as far as I know.”

Breivik clearly sees himself as initiating this revival with his acts of violence that left nearly 100 people dead on Friday in Norway’s worst atrocity since the Second World War.

A. Millar is a regular contributor to The Westminster Journal in New York and is working on a book on unorthodox religious beliefs and political extremism.

Facial Recognition Techonology Stirs Privacy Controversy | Jul 27, 2011

By Jamie Colby

Controversy is brewing over a new crime-fighting tool that will allow law enforcement agencies across the country to recognize people based on their eyes, face or fingerprints.

It’s known as MORIS, short for Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System. A police officer attaches a handheld biometric device to a smartphone, so it’s small enough and light enough to take from the station house into the field.

At any time, the officer can snap an image of someone’s face from up to 5 feet away or scan a person’s eye from up to 6 inches away, or take fingerprints. At that point, the device does an immediate check for any match in a criminal record database. That database has grown over the last four years and it’s available in 47 states. Each handheld device costs $3,000.

“You don’t need to know the name, the date of birth, the social security number. You don’t need to know anything,” says Sean Mullin, president of the developer, BI2 Technologies. “You simply need to ask them, ‘Look in the camera,’ and in a matter of seconds, their true identity and all their criminal record comes back.”

Sheriff Joseph McDonald of Plymouth County, Mass., calls the tool a game-changer.

“It’s going to allow us to know with a great level of certainty, No. 1, who it is we are taking in when we book them in, and who it is on the other end of that sentence that we are releasing?” McDonald says.

But privacy advocates, including Jay Stanley of the ACLU, say, not so fast.

“We think there should be some rules and regulations in place that govern how the police use these things so that it can be used when it’s appropriate — when the police has probable cause that you have committed a crime — but that they don’t start using them all over the place as a generalized surveillance tool,” Stanley said.

One feature of the handheld device may calm some of the privacy concerns — once the recognition data is either matched or cleared, no record of the images or identifying information is stored.

Freemason Breivik’s supporters included members of LaVey’s Church of Satan

Norway’s Anders Breivik is not a Christian fundamentalist

The murderer who took more than 70 lives in Norway, Anders Brevik, has been variously identified as a Freemason, Islamophobe, and a fundamentalist Christian. What is he?

It is not surprising that Breivik had friends in LaVey’s Church of Satan. | Jul 27, 2011

by Massimo Introvigne

At first, the media called Anders Behring Breivik a Christian fundamentalist, some of them even a Roman Catholic. This shows the cavalier use of the word “fundamentalist” prevailing today in several quarters. In fact, Breivik is something different, as evidenced by his videos, his postings on and his 1,500-page book 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence which, interestingly enough, was first made publicly available on the Internet by Kevin Slaughter, an ordained minister in Anton LaVey (1930-1997)’s Church of Satan which, by the way, has a sizeable following in Norway.

Looking at his Facebook profile, one immediately notices Breivik’s strong interest in Freemasonry and his photograph in full Masonic regalia. The apron identifies him as a member of a St. John’s Lodge of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, the “regular” Masonic obedience in Norway. The circumstance that he was indeed a member of the Søilene St. John’s Lodge in Oslo has been confirmed by the Order, which proceeded to expel Breivik only after his imprisonment. St. John’s Lodges administer the first three Craft degrees and operate under the Swedish rite. Of course, no Fundamentalist would enthusiastically endorse Freemasonry as Breivik did. In addition, Breivik was a fan of online and offline role-playing games such as World of Warfcraft, Fallout and Bioshock and of the TV vampire serial Blood Ties, all anathema to the average Fundamentalist.

It is also true that, while endorsing in his book a traditional, patriarchal, male-dominated family, Breivik also mentions that in preparation of the attack “I have reserved 2000 Euro from my operations budget which I intend to spend on a high quality model escort girl 1 week prior to execution of the mission”, and explains that “screwing around outside of marriage is after all a relatively small sin”. No fundamentalist would subscribe to this theory, and all fundamentalists condemn abortion without exceptions. Breivik, on the other hand, is favorable to abortion “if the baby has mental or physical disabilities” and in some other cases, although he regards abortion in general as a negative phenomenon. On the website he boasts about his friendship with the developer of the website “, Norway’s probably the most profitable online communities despite the frayed moral concept”. Deiligst is a Web site devoted to promote casual sexual encounters.

But, if not a Christian fundamentalist, what exactly Breivik is? One can simply argue that valuable time should not be lost trying to reconstruct the ideas of a madman. But the book 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence shows that there is a method in his madness, together with megalomania and self-contradicting statements. His main point, reminiscent of the assassinated Dutch populist gay politician Pim Fortuyn (1948-2002), is that Europe is in danger of being submerged by an Islamic wave through immigration, and that Islam is the most evil ideology in the world. One third of his book is an anthology of various anti-Islamic authors, some of them quite mainline while others are located at the paranoid fringe of Islamophobia.

In order to stop Islam, Breivik argues, you need to put together a broad coalition. Can the Christian churches become part of it? Breivik explains that he was not taken to baptism by his quite agnostic and upscale parents, but at age 15 elected to be baptized and confirmed in the Norwegian Lutheran Church. He later became persuaded, however, that Protestant churches have sold out to a leftist and pro-immigration agenda, and that they should merge into the Catholic Church, which has at least maintained a modicum of European tradition. However, by continuing the dialogue with Islam, “Pope Benedict has abandoned Christianity and all Christian Europeans and is to be considered a cowardly, incompetent, corrupt and illegitimate Pope”.

It will be, accordingly, necessary to get rid both of the Protestant and Catholic leaderships and to call a “Great Christian Congress” in order to establish a new European Church. This Church will be granted a religious monopoly in the new Europe but in turn, Breivik writes, “the Church and church leaders will not be allowed to influence non-cultural political matters in any way. This includes science, research and development and all non-cultural areas which will benefit Europe in the future. This will also include all areas relating to procreation/birth/fertility policies and related issues of scientific importance”. In short, Breivik’s is a cultural Christianity, an instrumentum regni for a new political elite which would confine the Church to purely spiritual and cultural matters.

If Islam is Breivik’a archenemy, Judaism – or, rather, a quite imaginary Judaism, represented as a force mainly devoted to fight Islam – is depicted as a main friend and resource. Breivik is fanatically pro-Israeli and anti-Arab. He believes that the Jews are the most noble and brave Westerners. As a consequence, he hates Hitler. “Whenever someone asks if I am a national socialist, he writes, I am deeply offended. If there is one historical figure and past Germanic leader I hate it is Adolf Hitler. If I could travel in a time-machine to Berlin in 1933, I would be the first person to go – with the purpose of killing him”. Not that the neo-nazis do not have some ideas Breivik regards as valid, and he did subscribe to at least one of their online forums. But Hitler committed the “horrible crime” of not realizing the ethnic, cultural and even racial high status of the Jews, the only allies the Northern Europeans could have enlisted against the real enemies, Islam and communism. For Breivik, Islam, nazism and communism are based on the same ultimate principles. On he posted: “For me it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differ [sic]. […] ALL hate ideologies should be treated equally”.

References to the “Nordic tribes” echo the oldest version of British Israelism, i.e. the doctrine that Northern Europeans, particularly British and Scandinavians, are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel (Danish, for example, take their name from the tribe of Dan), while the Jews descend from the tribe of Jude. The more well-known variety of British Israelism, which influenced the Christian Identity movement, argues that those normally called Jews are not ethnically Jews, but Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century, and is, as a consequence, anti-Semitic. But there is an older, pro-Jewish variety which recognized the Jews as members of the tribe of Jude and as brothers of the Nordic Tribes. This variety of British Israelism is very similar to some of Breivik’s ideas, although there are no explicit references in his writings.

There are more references to the British English Defence League and to other secular anti-Islamic organizations. And the most quoted author is the popular anti-Muslim Norwegian blogger Fjordman (who issued a statement after the attack denying he ever met Breivik). Fjordman, by the way, does not particularly like Christianity. He only saves the Second Vatican Council for its opening to other Christians and to Jews. In a text reproduced by Breivik, he writes that “the Second Vatican Council from the 1960s was good for reaching out to Christians of other denominations, Protestant and Orthodox, and for reaching out to Jews. The problematic aspect is in relations to Islam”. He also saves Medieval Christianity, whose military values were both useful against Islam and derived from paganism. Fjordman, quoted by Breivik, explains that “yes, medieval Christianity had no qualms about resisting invaders, but medieval Christians (as Protestants love to point out) had adulterated their faith with pagan beliefs. Over the past few centuries, Christianity has stripped itself of its pagan accretions. In the process, it has become as much a threat to ourselves and our loved ones as Marxism used to be, if not more so. That sounds like a harsh judgment. It is”.

Breivik calls for an alliance with literally everybody who is against Islam. On he reminds homosexuals that Islam “supports the killing of gays” and calls on the organized Secular Humanist movement (which is more important in Norway than in other countries) to change its current leadership and join the fight against Islam, rather than concentrating on a useless critique of Christianity. In a way, it is not surprising that Breivik had friends even in LaVey’s Church of Satan. The latter became popular in Scandinavia by flirting with right-wing extremists with an anti-immigration agenda and, rather than occultism, emphasized a “rationalist” approach to a celebration of freedom and capitalism largely based on the writings of the Russian-born American novelist Ayn Rand (1905-1982). Rand is listed by both LaVey and Breivik among their favorite authors (of course, this is not to suggest that the Church of Satan had anything to do with the Oslo tragedy).

Among Breivik’s unlikely prospective allies, we can also mention Roma and Sinti. Unlike mainline scholarship, Breivik believes the theory that they were originally enslaved and reduced to their present predicament by the Muslims. He calls them to join the anti-Islamic campaign, and promises a reward in the shape of a free independent Roma state in the new Europe.

Breivik reports that in 2002 he allegedly established in London with eight friends a new neo-Templar order called PCCTS (Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici, in English Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon). There is a disclaimer that all he writes about PCCTS may be fictional, and perhaps it is, although the police is no doubt double-checking. Although he also reproduces material from the Middle Ages, Breivik’s immediate reference in its elaborate rituals and regalia is to the Templar Degrees as they exist in contemporary Freemasonry, an organization he describes (in its Norwegian variety, which is rather conservative) as a custodian of certain important traditions and still playing an “essential role” in modern society, although utterly incapable of any meaningful political or military activity in defense of the very principles it claims to embody.

Christians, “Christian agnostics and Christian atheists” may join the PCCTS – evidencing, once again, a reference to a cultural rather than strictly religious form of Christianity – and become “Justiciar [sic] Knights”. They should then act in three phases. During the first (1999-2030) a sleeping Europe should be re-awakened to the grim reality of the incoming civil war with Moslem immigrants through “lethal shock attacks” by small, and even one-person “clandestine cells”, targeting in particular “traitors” in political parties favorable to immigration, and infrastructures. For instance, for attacking Italy, a list of 16 oil refineries is offered as possible strategic targets, together with four main political parties, both conservative and liberal, and an estimate of 60,000 “traitors” in the country. Breivik realizes that very few people will sympathize with the “very cruel” shock attacks, and the perpetrators will be called assassins and terrorists, but this “psychological martyrdom” will complete the actual martyrdom of those Justiciar Knights who will die.

In the second phase (2030-2070) shock attacks will escalate into guerrilla warfare and coups overthrowing certain European governments. In the third fase (2070-2083), the real European civil war between genuine Europeans and Moslem immigrants will be fought. It will end in the killing or deportation of all Moslem from European soil. In this sense, Breivik claims to be a followers of the “Vienna School of Thought”, whose leading exponent is acknowledged in Fjordman and whose name is taken from the victorious battle against Islam fought in Vienna in 1683. The anti-Islamic blog The Brussels Journal is also identified as part of the Vienna School.

According to Breivik’s Templar narrative (fictional or otherwise), alleged Serbian “war criminals”, in fact true European anti-Islamic heroes, did support him and his friends, and he traveled to Liberia in order to meet an associate of Radovan Karadzic, “an honorable Crusader and a European war hero”. Whether there is a kernel of truth in this story is unclear. What is suspicious is the extensive knowledge Breivik, who never ever served in the army, displays in a large section of his book about weapons, explosives and bulletproof suits – including bulletproof socks, which he claims some too often overlook to their peril. It is also true that Internet today makes wonders, and that Breivik appears to be an adept of “open source warfare”, in itself a quite advanced notion of guerrilla strategy where most information is obtained by wannabe terrorists from the Web. But a question mark on Breivik’s possible external supporters remains.

Norway shooter claim: belonged to Knights Templar group ‘founded in London by representatives from eight European countries’

Anders Behring Breivik, Justiciar Knight Commander, Knights Templar Europe

Daily Mail | Jul 24, 2011

By Neil Sears

It explains why you must murder attractive women, hails Vlad the Impaler as a hero – and claims the massacre in Norway is only the beginning of a long war.

This is the astonishingly detailed 1,500-page manifesto published on the internet by Anders Behring Breivik on Friday, hours before he carried out his attacks which would leave at least 93 dead.

The document, named 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence because he believes the war to rescue Europe from multiculturalism will last another 72 years, is published under the anglicised name ‘Andrew Berwick – London, England, 2011’.

The multiple London references have raised concerns about his UK links – and the risk that he could have deluded British followers.

Chillingly, it features a claim that Breivik is just one of 12 members of a secret right-wing anti-multicultural, anti-Marxist, anti-feminist, anti-Islamic society, the ‘Knights Templar’ founded in London in April 2002.

The other 11 Knights Templar, he believes, are plotting similar attacks. Here, Neil Sears summarises the disturbing manifesto.

The Knights Templar

Breivik claims: ‘The Knights Templar was re-founded in London in April 2002 by representatives from eight European countries, for the purpose of serving the interests of the free indigenous peoples of Europe and to fight against the ongoing European Jihad.’

He says the founding session (two meetings consisting of four founding members and host as a security precaution) was held in London in April 2002. Its founding members are said to range from the English Protestant host to a  French Catholic and representatives of the Serbian Greek Orthodox churches. No names are given and it is impossible to verify if this meeting took place.

The ‘traitor’ targets

He says ‘Category A’ traitors are heads of state, ministers and directors. ‘Category B’ are politicians, journalists, teachers, cartoonists, doctors and even church leaders.

Category C are less influential but have ‘facilitated’ A and B traitors.  The number of ‘A and B’ traitors in the UK is put at 62,216.

He dismisses previous terror attacks as ‘poop in mailbox’ operations. The only way, he says to ‘successfully penetrate the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist media censorship’ is to ‘employ significantly more brutal and breathtaking operations’ which will result in casualties. Cruelty is necessary, he argues, – and you should kill too many, not too few.


‘In order to wake up the masses, the only rational approach will be to make sure the current system implodes,’  he insists.

‘As a Knight you are operating as a jury, judge and executioner on behalf of all free Europeans. There are situations in which cruelty is necessary, and refusing to apply necessary cruelty is a betrayal of the people whom you wish to protect.

‘Pretend you’re gay’

Breivik says potential recruits should use an apparent obsession with the role-playing computer game World of Warcraft as an excuse for reclusive behaviour.

Other credible covers include ‘going abroad for a weekend’ say you are going to a massage parlour or brothel abroad. Or say you think you are gay and are  in the process of discovering your  new self.

He adds: ‘Your ego is likely to take a dent unless you are secure in your own heterosexuality, however, it’s an extremely effective strategy for stopping questions’

Women, the enemy

He argues women should be killed, saying: ‘You will face women in battle and they will not hesitate to kill you. To them, you are just another armed criminal nut. You must therefore embrace and familiarise yourself  with the concept of killing women, even very attractive women.’

In a bizarre suggestion, he says: ‘Those who would defy political correctness must behave according to the old rules of our culture. Ladies should be wives and homemakers, not cops or soldiers, and men should still hold doors open for ladies. Children should not be born out of wedlock. Glorification of homosexuality should be shunned.’

Terror shopping list

Terrorists should expect to fork out  up to 30,000 euros for ‘armour, weapons and ammo’. Explosives will cost between 5,000 and 100,000 euros while other expenses add 20,000 euros to the bill.  Breivik claims that compiling his book cost him 140,000 euros, and he spent the same again on his attack He suggests funding an attack with a job in sales – or get a credit card.

‘As you collect fertiliser you should have a business plan and a credible cover which will pass the scrutiny for any fertiliser-store clerk.’

Knitting and sewing

‘During my early youth I remember being forced to complete mandatory knitting and sewing courses. I  dreaded these courses as it felt very unnatural – in retrospect, however this knowledge is an essential skill when constructing and assembling modern ballistic armour.

Wear police uniform

‘Create and wear a police combat uniform replica. Make serious efforts in recreating credible insignias, ID and marks. This should buy you at least 1-2 extra seconds giving you the edge you need to neutralise any potential threat (2 head shots).’

Vlad the Impaler

‘Romanian crusader Vlad the Impaler was a genius of psychological warfare. Like any other ruler, he had two enemies: internal disorder or treason  and external Islamic agressors  threatening his country. He was a real master of  STAGING cruelty to obtain maximum effect.’

Full Story

‘Norway attack suspect had anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views’ | Jul 24, 2011


“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists.”

Zionist Freemason Anders Behring Breivik

1,500 page manifesto credited to Breivik, accused of killing spree, lays out worldview including extreme screed of Islamophobia, far-right Zionism.
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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who killed nearly 100 people in a combined terror attack Friday that included car bombings in Oslo and a shooting rampage at an island summer camp, held fiercely anti-Islamic and pro-Israel views, according to a 1,500 page manifesto he uploaded before his killing spree Friday.

In the 1,500-page tome, which mentions Israel 359 times and “Jews” 324 times, Breivik lays out his worldview, which includes an extreme, bizarre and rambling screed of Islamophobia, far-right Zionism and venomous attacks on Marxism and multi-culturalism.

In one passage, he lashes out at the Western media, which he accuses of unfairly focusing on the wrongdoing of Jews.

“Western Journalists again and again systematically ignore serious Muslim attacks and rather focus on the Jews,” he wrote.

Breivik also took a jab at leftwing Jews.

“Jews that support multi-culturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism as they are to us,” he continued.

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

He also stated that Israel is the homeland for Jews largely due to the persecution suffered by Jews at the hands of Muslims, saying “if one acknowledges that Islam has always oppressed the Jews, one accepts that Israel was a necessary refuge for the Jews fleeing not only the European, but also the Islamic variety of anti- Judaism.”

The manifesto also serves as a call-to-arms, of sorts, in which Breivik lays out his reasons for launching the attack, focusing on what he described as the importance of nationalism and the growing scourge of Islam in Europe.

Entitled “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence,” the document states: “as we all know, the root of Europe’s problems is the lack of cultural self-confidence [nationalism] …

this irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/ cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually …You cannot defeat Islamization or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/ cultural Marxism.”

Breivik did, however, note that he doesn’t hate Muslims in any fashion and that “I have had several Muslim friends over the years, some of which I still respect.”

He also expressed his sympathy for the people of Serbia, and blasted Norway’s support of the 1999 NATO-bombing campaign on Serbia that stopped the expulsion of Kosovar Albanians by Serbian forces.

In addition, he expressed his disgust at his government’s awarding of “the Nobel peace prize to an Islamic terrorist [Arafat] and appeasers of Islam.”

Breivik sneers at those who would spare the lives of women, and in an especially chilling instruction writes, “once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough, or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike. Explain what you have done [in an announcement distributed prior to operation] and make certain that everyone understands that we, the free peoples of Europe, are going to strike again and again.”

Norway killer espoused Zionist philosophy

JTA | July 24, 2011

Zionist Freemason Anders Behring Breivik

BERLIN (JTA) — The confessed perpetrator in the attack in Norway that killed as many as 98 people espoused a right-wing philosophy against Islam that also purports to be pro-Zionist.

Anders Behring Breivik is charged with detonating a car bomb outside Oslo’s government headquarters, which houses the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and of shooting and killing at least 85 mostly young people at a political summer camp on nearby Utoya Island. The July 22 massacre reportedly was the the worst attack in Norway since the end of World War II.

In numerous online postings, including a manifesto published on the day of the attacks, Breivik promoted the Vienna School or Crusader Nationalism philosophy, a mishmash of anti-modern principles that also calls for “the deportation of all Muslims from Europe” as well as from “the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

According to the manifesto, titled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence” and published under the pseudonym Andrew Berwick, the Vienna School supports “pro-Zionism/Israeli nationalism.”

Breivik listed numerous European Freedom Parties and neo-Nazi parties as potential allies because of their anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim stance, and mentioned that right-wing populists like Dutch politician Geert Wilders “have to condemn us at this point which is fine. It is after all essential that they protect their reputational shields.”

Among the potential allies he listed for Germany were the three largest neo-Nazi parties — the National Democratic Party, Deutsche Volksunion and Republikaner. In Holland, Wilders’ Freedom Party topped the list, and the British National Party topped a long list of potential supporters in the United Kingdom.

European right-populist parties increasingly have been waving the flag of friendship with Israel, as well as expressing vehement opposition to Europe’s multicultural society.

Last month, after it emerged that German-Swedish far-right politician Patrik Brinkmann had met in Berlin with Israeli Likud Party lawmaker Ayoub Kara, who is deputy minister for development of the Negev and Galilee, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that Kara be prevented from making further trips abroad. According to Ynet, Lieberman accused Kara of meeting with neo-Nazis and causing damage to Israel’s image. Brinkman said he had reached out to Israeli rightists hoping to build a coalition against Islam.

In postings on the website that appear to be by Breivik, the poster pondered whether one could “accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves” from the extermination of the Jews.

The words of right-wing populist politicians “are dangerous, it allows them to radicalize,” Hajo Funke, an expert on right-wing extremism in Europe and the Holocaust at Touro College Berlin and the Free University Berlin, told JTA in a phone interview.

“It is a tactical viewpoint of the rising populist right-wing to use this kind of identification, or forced identification with Israel, to be accepted,” he said. “They say, ‘Our enemies are not any more the Jew … the real enemy as you can see all over the world is Islam, and not only Islam, but the Islamic person.’ This is the new, great danger.”

Stephan Kramer, general secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told JTA that “in the recent years we have witnessed the phenomenon of radical rightists proclaiming their sympathy for Jews and their support for Israel, also in Germany,” adding that “In many cases, it is clear that this is no more than a PR maneuver to create an air of respectability.”

“Whatever ‘support’ for Israel Anders Behring Breivik may have had in his abominable mind, it is not any kind of support we want,” Kramer said.

One day after the attack, members of Norway’s small Jewish community gathered at the Synagogue of Oslo to pray for the survivors.

“We also pray that the authorities will be less naive on security issues and threats,” businessman Erwin Kohn, newly elected head of the 750-member Jewish community, said in a telephone interview from Oslo.

Kohn added that it appeared that no one in the Jewish community was injured or killed in the attack, but “we are affected just the same as the Norwegian society in general.”

On the reports about Breivik’s online postings, he offered his concerns.

“You have many others who are in the same ballpark, being scared of multiculturalism,” Kohn said, adding that Breivik’s alleged pro-Zionism is a sham. “We don’t need such friends, we don’t need such friends.”

Serge Cwajgenbaum, secretary general of the European Jewish Congress, in a call from France said that Breivik “is not pro-Israel — he is anti-Muslim.

“It is a national catastrophe,” he said, “and we share the sadness of the sorrow of the families.”

German journalist Ulrich Sahm reported on the pro-Israel website that many of the youths who survived the massacre said they thought the killer, dressed as a police officer, was simulating Israeli crimes against Palestinians in the occupied territories. They believed that “the cruelty of the Israeli occupation” was being demonstrated to them, Sahm wrote.

Meanwhile, Israel on Saturday night condemned the attacks in Oslo.

“Nothing at all can justify such wanton violence, and we condemn this brutal action with the utmost gravity,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “We stand in solidarity with the people and government of Norway in this hour of trial, and trust Norwegian authorities to bring to justice those responsible for this heinous crime.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres called the king of Norway, Harald V, to express condolences. “Your country is a symbol of peace and freedom. In Israel we followed the events over the weekend in Norway and the attack on innocent civilians broke our hearts. It is a painful tragedy that touches every human being. We send our condolences to the families that lost their loved ones and a speedy recovery to the wounded. Israel is willing to assist in whatever is needed,” Peres said, according to his office.

The king thanked Peres for his phone call and for the expression of Israeli solidarity.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway last week and was told that Oslo will recognize Palestine, but not immediately.

While much attention in Norway has been focused on the threat of Muslim extremism, the threat from the far right was generally considered to have abated.

Kohn noted that anti-Semitism in the country remains a serious problem. A recent study of 7,000 Norwegian teens showed that more than half of youth of all backgrounds, whether Christian or Muslim, use the word “Jew” as an expletive.

Anecdotally, Kohn said, “one-third of the Jewish kids in our schools have experienced harassment … but not from one specific group.”

‘Strict gun control, public vigilance can prevent Norway incident’

Philippine Star | Jul 25, 2011

By Alexis Romero

Freemason Anders Behring Breivik

MANILA, Philippines – A senior military officer reminded the people yesterday that the enforcement of laws against illegal firearms and the vigilance of citizens are needed to prevent violent incidents similar to those that claimed the lives of more than 90 people in Norway last Saturday.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) deputy chief for operations Brig. Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr. said public vigilance would complement the efforts of the security forces.

“Two important things can thwart similar incidents. First is strict gun control. Second is the vigilance of the citizenry to complement the initiatives of our security sector,” Mabanta told The STAR yesterday.

He said the enforcement of laws against loose firearms is a major concern in the Philippines especially in the south.

AFP spokesman Commodore Miguel Rodriguez said the incident in Oslo should serve as reminder to citizens to remain watchful of their surroundings

“Vigilance is not only for soldiers. We should not leave our safety to a third party. We should always consider our personal safety,” Rodriguez told radio dzBB.

Rodriguez said the developments in Oslo, Norway would prompt the military to review existing security operations.

“We are revisiting our measures,” Rodriguez said.

“We cannot really be 100 percent prepared (for these types of incidents). The best we can do is make sure we are conscious of the need for personal security and community security and those who need to do their part should do their part,” he added.

Rodriguez said the military is working closely with the police, local governments and citizens to ensure public safety.

“We are adopting the whole-of-nation approach. All stakeholders should cooperate to ensure safety with the AFP and the PNP (Philippine National Police) taking the lead,” he said.

Rodriguez said the coordination among stakeholders is being conducted through the joint security coordinating councils in the regional level and provincial levels.

He said the military is continuously convincing members of armed groups to surrender to prevent violence and to sustain the government’s development efforts.

At least 92 people were killed in two violent incidents that comprised what has been labeled as the deadliest tragedy to hit Oslo, Norway since World War II.

Reports identified the suspect as Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian who is said to be an anti-Muslim, a Christian fundamentalist with far-right leanings. Breivik is the suspect in the bombing of government buildings in downtown Oslo that left seven people dead.

He later wore a police uniform and took the ferry to Utoya Island, where he shot dead 85 persons attending a youth camp.

Breivik was nabbed by Norwegian security forces at the scene of the shooting in Utoya Island.

The Philippine foreign affairs department said no Filipino was adversely affected by the two violent incidents.

There are more than 21,000 Filipinos in the European country, which hosts the talks between the Philippine government and communist rebels.

Norway shooting: Police took 90 minutes to get to island

SMH | Jul 24, 2011

by Ian MacDougall and Louis Nordstrom

Police arrived at an island massacre about 90 minutes after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn’t have quick access to a helicopter and then couldn’t find a boat to make their way to the scene just several hundred metres offshore.

Survivors of the shooting spree have described hiding and fleeing into the water to escape the gunman, but a police briefing Saturday detailed for the first time how long the terror lasted – and how long victims waited for help.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the island more than 50 minutes after people vacationing at a campground said they heard shooting across the lake, according to Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim. The drive to the lake took about 20 minutes, and once there, the team took another 20 minutes to find a boat.

Footage filmed from a helicopter that showed the gunman firing into the water added to the impression that police were slow to the scene. They chose to drive, Sponheim said, because their helicopter wasn’t on standby.

“There were problems with transport to Utoya,” where the youth-wing of Norway’s left-leaning Labour Party was holding a retreat, Sponheim said. “It was difficult to get a hold of boats.”


Norway police arrive 90 minutes after firing began

Aerial images broadcast by Norway’s TV2 showed members of a SWAT team dressed in black arriving at the island in boats and running up the dock.

People who had stripped down to their underwear moved in the opposite direction, swimming away from the island toward the mainland, some using flotation devices.

The assailant surrendered when police finally reached him, but at least 85 people were killed on the island, and police said four or five people were still missing.

Divers have been searching the surrounding waters, and Sponheim said the missing may have drowned. Police earlier said there was still an unexploded device on the island, but it later turned out to be fake.

Asked whether all victims at Utoya died from gunshot wounds or if some had drowned, Stoere, the foreign minister, said “you will likely see a combination”.

A 15-year-old camper named Elise who was on Utoya said she heard gunshots, but then saw a police officer and thought she was safe. Then he started shooting people right before her eyes.

“I saw many dead people,” said Elise, whose father, Vidar Myhre, didn’t want her to disclose her last name. “He first shot people on the island. Afterward he started shooting people in the water.”

Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. “I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock,” she said.

She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop.

At a hotel in the village of Sundvollen, where survivors of the shooting were taken, 21-year-old Dana Berzingi wore pants stained with blood. He said the fake police officer ordered people to come closer, then pulled weapons and ammunition from a bag and started shooting.

Several victims “had pretended they were dead to survive,” Berzingi said. But after shooting the victims with one gun, the gunman shot them again in the head with a shotgun, he said.

“I lost several friends,” said Berzingi, who used the mobile phone of one of those friends to call police.

‘The Knights Templar’: Mexico’s newest drug cartel | Jul 22, 2011

By Monica Villamizar

Pictures of the latest objects seized by the police in the Mexican state of Michoacan, revealed that the mysterious ‘Knights Templar” drug cartel is more bizarre than most people imagine.

There were four hooded tunics, with a red cross, a metal helmet, and a pamphlet or Templar rule book. This drug cartel claims to draw inspiration from the medieval Christian warriors who fought to protect Jerusalem and the Holy Grail.

No one knows if its founder, Servando Gomez, a school teacher, was a history entuthiast or simply read the Da Vinci Code.

The rules in the modern day ‘templar bible’ call for observance of ‘gentleman’ like behaviour and respect for women – but also state that any disclosure of knights templar activities will result in the death of the person and his whole family, and confiscation by the cartel of the snitch’s property.

The cartel is like a secret society.

The Mexican Templars have an initiation ritual, which apparently includes dressing up like knights from the Middle Ages, and performing blood pacts.

The cartel recruits drug users and enrolls them in the organisation’s rehabilitation centers; the process is closely monitored and has a strong religious component.

The double standard is striking: the Templars can not take drugs, and yet they run one of the biggest methamphetamines traffic corridors to the United States.

A resident of Morelia, the capital of the Michoacan province, tells me the cartel that preceded the Templars, La Familia, hired ‘cooks’ who had learnt to manufacture meth (known as ice or crystal) in the US.

As the government regulated the sale of one of meth’s core components, pseudoephedrine (found in cold medicine), the ‘crystal makers’ or cristaleros moved back to Mexico and now get supplies from China through ports on the Pacific coast.

The young recruits are told to be ‘gentlemen’, the word for ‘knight’ in Spanish means a ‘gentleman’, but they have to kill those who they judge as thieves, rapists, or kidnappers, hanging them from bridges and attaching messages to their bodies.

The government of Felipe Calderon has declared war on the cartels.

It receives substantial military aid from the US to combat these drug gangs.

The national security spokesperson says the Templars are an offshoot of La Familia and their beliefs are a mere PR campaign to gain support of Michoacan residents.

President Calderon is from Michoacan, and his sister is running for governor.

But others see the religious element as a calculated move by its founder to prevent his hit men leaking information, while giving the group an aura of mystery that could inspire fear and respect. It is hard to know

The cartel’s structure, wealth, and size. It is perhaps the second most notorious Mexican cartel in terms of killing methods, the most vicious one, the ‘Zetas’, is a group formed by Mexican army special forces in the 90s.

I travelled to two Michoacan prisons and tried to speak with a member of the Templars or La Familia, but the only person who had ever agreed to talk to a journalist had already been released.

In Apatzingan, the stronghold of Servando Gomez, aka ‘la tuta’, there are currently 1,800 federal police and soldiers trying to hunt him down.

While we were in town the police announced they had captured the chief hit man from La Familia. He was immediately flown to the capital, after being questioned by the police. Journalists are never allowed to speak to the detainees.

Most residents refuse to talk openly about the Knight’s Templar.

Some say they never harmed the community; most seem more annoyed by the federal police presence.

The mayor of Apatzingan, Grnaro Guizar was very skeptical about the arrests the military operation has produced so far.

He was once snatched out of his office, locked up for 11 months for his alleged ties with drug cartels, and later acquitted.

He denies all these accusations and says he has never been friends with a single drug lord.

“You want to know what the feds do? They go to a town and round up innocent people: the mariachi band, the guy who sells popsicles in the street corner, the whole crowd at a quinceanera (sweet-sixteen) party,” he says.

Once in jail, he adds, the detainees must prove they are not affiliated to the cartel to be released.

It is possible that the Templars are not even hiding, and they get protection from local sources.

The road to Apatzingan has giant sized banners displaying photos of the top three leaders and offering a nearly $2.5 m reward for information.

All the signs had the faces and names covered up by spray paint. The secret society is battling to remain anonymous.