Vatican calls for a “Global Political Authority”

Vatican Calls for New World Economic Order

Associated Press | Octr 24, 2011

VATICAN CITY –  The Vatican called Monday for radical reform of the world’s financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy.

A proposal by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace calls for a new world economic order based on ethics and the “achievement of a universal common good.” It follows Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 economic encyclical that denounced a profit-at-all-cost mentality as responsible for the global financial meltdown.

The proposal acknowledges, however, that a “long road still needs to be traveled before arriving at the creation of a public authority with universal jurisdiction” and suggests the reform process begin with the United Nations as a point of reference.

Vatican pronouncements on the economy are meant to guide world leaders as well as the global church. United States Roman Catholic bishops, for example, have released a voter guide for the 2012 election that highlights social concerns such as ending poverty.


“It is an exercise of responsibility not only toward the current but above all toward future generations, so that hope for a better future and confidence in human dignity and capacity for good may never be extinguished,” the document said.

It highlights that reforms must assure that financial and monetary policies will not damage the weakest economies while also achieving fair distribution of the world’s wealth.

The proposal also called for a “minimum, shared body of rules to manage the global financial market,” lamenting the “overall abrogation of controls” on capital movements.

While past Vatican pronouncements have condemned unfettered capitalism, the latest criticized “an economic liberalism that spurns rules and controls.”

It also attacked “utilitarian thinking,” saying what is useful to the individual does not always favor the common good.


2 responses to “Vatican calls for a “Global Political Authority”

  1. Kevin Moore

    On the subject of the Vatican I looked up the gematria of Vatican Hill upon which is built the Popes Palace and residence on what was formerly a necropolis [cemetery].
    Jewish gematria = 911
    English gematria = 666
    Simple gematria = 111
    Vatican from what I deduce means [ vati – prophet ] + [can which can be a form of the Chaldee cahn = priest or canis = wolf] The wolf is/was a Roman Capitoline totem.
    The Fabians logo is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
    From “The Two Babylons” it is learned that cannibal derives from Chaldee Cahna-baal, meaning priest of baal.

  2. In the end, money isn`t going to be worth the paper or coin it was written on. So the super rich better enjoy their money/power games for now because the rest of us are getting smarter and we won`t allow YOU to use money or anything against us anymore. The rest of us (who get it) will find another way to survive in this world. And it won`t be with money either.

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