Warren Buffett serenades China on ukulele in New Year tribute

Billionaire Warren Buffett sings “I’ve Been Working on the… (YouTube / Russia Today)

Warren Buffett sings with ukulele on Chinese TV for Lunar New Year

latimes.com | Jan 23, 2012

By Tiffany Hsu

Warren Buffett, ukulele-strumming folk singer? The billionaire investor debuted his musical chops just in time for the Year of the Dragon, performing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” for a Chinese television station on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

In the clip, the Oracle of Omaha is clad in a simple sweater and backed by a large model railroad set as he croons in a slighty gruff voice. At the end of his set, the Berkshire Hathaway chairman waves and says “xie xie,” or “thank you” in Mandarin.


Buffett serenades Chinese in New Year’s tribute

Buffett’s segment was perhaps the most minimalist of the many extravagant featurettes broadcast on China Central Television’s Spring Festival Gala program.  The CCTV program attracts a massive viewership each lunar new year, a holiday usually considered the most important in Chinese culture.

Perhaps Buffett is gearing up for a back-up career in music. Last week, he hung out with rap mogul Jay-Z at a New York City club, even flashing Hova’s usual diamond symbol,  according to the Huffington Post. Buffett has also paired up with Beyonce’s husband to make an animated video about financial literacy for young students.

US billionaire Warren Buffett sings for Chinese New Year

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