Samsung Transparent Smart Window makes sci-fi movies a reality | Jan 12, 2012

By Stuart Miles

Imagine a world of see-through monitors, windows that are interactive, and car windscreens that relay all the information on the screen rather than the dashboard beneath it.

Now imagine that, rather than being the stuff of science fiction movies and pipe dreams, the technology that will allow this to become a possibility is going into production in just 20 days.

At CES in Las Vegas Samsung is demoing a new touchscreen display technology that is see-through.

Dubbed the Samsung Transparent Smart Window, the transparent touchscreen LCD tech can fit a window any size up to 46 inches and deliver a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels allowing full interaction at the same time.

Users will be able to supply content via HDMI or USB, and in our demo it reproduced video perfectly quickly jumping between different menu options like checking travel details, the weather, what was on television, or even just using it as an expensive blind to block out light.


Samsung’s smart window brings “Minority Report” to life

There is no word on price or where we will see this next, but the possibilities are endless thanks to our love of glass.

One such possibility as we overheard during our demo at CES is in submersibles where you want to move the instrumentation out of the way of a glass viewing area. That’s really niche, but imagine car designers being able to remove the dashboard of your car altogether, or Minority Report style computers that are just sheets of glass rather than the big bulky monitors that you have in your office at the moment.

To show what’s possible beyond the window, Samsung was also showing off the technology with a smaller monitor. The same screen technology can be used to create smaller screens with higher resolutions. In this example it measured 22 inches and offered a higher resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels.

And if you are worried that others will be able to see what you are doing from behind the screen. Don’t. Samsung says that the technology comes with a privacy screen that works like a one-way mirror.

Samsung Transparent Smart Window at CES

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