Bilderberg steering committee member is Ron Paul’s biggest campaign donor

Ron Paul and Peter Thiel (Getty Images)

“There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency.”

– Ron Paul, Congressional Record, March 13, 2001

Ron Paul’s Biggest Donor A Bilderberger! | Feb 9, 2012

By Noah Rothman

Oh the irony of it all. On Wednesday, it was disclosed that well known technology investor Peter Thiel is the biggest donor to Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s Super PAC. Theil, a wealthy international financier is also a gay libertarian and, wait for it, a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group! … (Here is a tissue so you can get that Ron Paul supporter brains that just exploded all over you out of your shirt. I should have warned you first. Sorry.)

Thiel contributed a significant $900,000 to a pro-Paul Super PAC “Endorse Liberty.” On Tuesday, the PAC disclosed that it has raised $3.9 million to date.


The Bilderberg Group is a perennial favorite of the conspiratorially minded, new world order, trilateral commission types. Ron Paul, while not a vocal advocate of such conspiracy theories, certainly does little to dispel such notions among his supporters.

Indeed, as a regular guest of Alex Jones’ conspiracy-focused radio program, some of his supporters can be forgiven for thinking he held these views himself. Today’s news should dispel his supporters of such notions.

Paul himself said that he has no idea what the Bilderberger Group gathers annual to discuss but it may include “how they’re going to control the banking systems of the world and natural resources.”

Thiel is a major tech investor with an estimated worth of $1.7 billion and a famous libertarian – he has aided foundations that encourage students to drop out of college in order to promote entrepreneurial ventures among young people and “seasteading,” an organization which promotes learning on the high seas in modified floating colleges governed only by maritime custom law.

The Bilderberger Group, named for the famous Dutch hotel where the group meets annually, is a secretive organization of wealthy and influential business leaders that conspiracy theorists believe exercises major influence over the world’s leaders from behind the scenes.

. . .

Peter Thiel

In Silicon Valley circles, Thiel is colloquially referred to as the “Don of the PayPal Mafia”.

In 2007, he was honored as a Young Global leader by the World Economic Forum as one of the 250 most distinguished leaders age 40 and under.

In February 2006 Thiel provided $100,000 of matching funds to back the Singularity Challenge donation drive of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Additionally he joined the Institute’s advisory board and participated in the May 2006 Singularity Summit at Stanford.

Peter Thiel and Transhumanism

Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of The Bilderberg Group, a controversial group of influential business and government leaders who meet annually behind closed doors under a media blackout to discuss world issues.

Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group

*More complete information on Peter Thiel, the Transhumanist Bilderberg Surveillance State financier for Ron Paul

10 responses to “Bilderberg steering committee member is Ron Paul’s biggest campaign donor

  1. Predictable but still funny in a pie in the face way.

  2. There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency. But a globalism where free trade is competitively subsidized by each nation, a continuous trade war is dictated by the WTO, and the single currency is pure fiat, fear is justified. That type of globalism is destined to collapse into economic despair, inflationism and protectionism, and managed by resurgent militant nationalism.

    -Ron Paul

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  8. benefitsontario

    Alex Jones by not covering the Zionists, is very suspect as being a controlled opposition front. He has friends in the John Birch Society, and has played dumb with Charlotte Iserbyt’s uncovering of the Council on National Policy (CNP). He has also recently dodged a caller’s question on Pat abuchanan, likely because it was at the time of Rand Paul’s turncoat, and Tarpley’s uncovering Ron Paul’s link to Freemasonry. jones being a little bit under the influence in the interview, was not able to suppress Tarpley, who effectively demonstrated where the sides to Jones’ box of information ended, and where taboo started. Lots of good info is not enough when Jones regurgitates over and over, the same basic fear instigating, revolution promoting anger. He is not the tip of any spear when he can’t expose the Vatican, Zionism, the CNP, or the John Birch Society, let alone the Koch Bros.

  9. Correction: the first exposure Ron Paul’s connections to Freemasonry, Knights of Malta as well as Thiel’s Bilderberg membership etc was here for which I was immediately attacked by Masons, Alex Jones clones and Ron Paul’s agents. Lots of others claim credit for this information, yet of course put their own spin on it. Here you will only find facts, not spin as I have no ulterior motives, political leanings or connection to any party, politician or sect.

    Ron Paul and Freemasonry

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