The Satanic Core of Libertarianism

Libertarianism is part of the Illuminati Dialectic with Communism

Essentially, two seemingly opposed forces advance the same goal: a world police state governed by an oligarchy of billionaire Satanists. | Feb 25, 2012

Satanism defines man by carnal rather than spiritual desires,  “liberating” the former and crushing the latter.  De Mandeville’s Fable of the Bees demonstrates that Libertarianism is rooted in Satanist dogma.

by Memehunter

The obscure hero of Libertarianism: Bernard de Mandeville


PIC Bernard de Mandeville, the Satanist who inspired Libertarianism and Austrian economics)

Born in Rotterdam in 1670, Bernard de Mandeville came to England in the wake of William of Orange’s accession to the throne. A doctor by profession, Mandeville became better-known as a satirist. More importantly, Mandeville was also a Satanist, linked with the Blasters and Hell-Fire Clubs of 18th-century England.

Although Mandeville’s name has been all but erased from contemporary mainstream economical discourse, many free-market thinkers lavish glowing praise on his insights.

In a lecture delivered at the British Academy in 1966, Friedrich von Hayek extolled Mandeville as a “mastermind” and “great psychologist” whose theories anticipated those of David Hume, Adam Smith, and Charles Darwin, and praised his poem The Fable of the Bees as a “remarkable” work.

According to Hayek, Mandeville’s ideas “returned to economic theory” through the work of Carl Menger, the founder of the Austrian School by way of 19th-century German historian Friedrich von Savigny.

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One response to “The Satanic Core of Libertarianism

  1. Wow. The lack of insight here is just staggering. Conflating Satanism and Libertarianism just smacks of something you’d hear on FOX (Faux) NEWS. The arguments presenting are a serious distortion of a few underlying semi truths. In truth, Chris himself can ONLY be described as being “Libertarian”, and also as “Communist”. If you take the Sermon on the mount, and compare it to various Political Agendas, it comes out, Libertarian/Socialist/Communist. In fact, what Christ railed against was rampant capitalism/corruption especially within the Rabbinical Church. So honestly, this piece of “writing” just comes off like Right Wing Nut Propoganda.

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