Bombed Norway government building missing from Google Maps

Technical problem: Damaged Oslo office buildings after bomb Photo: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images News | Feb 26, 2012

by Lyndsey Smith

It is not known why the building, located at Akersgata 42, has disappeared from the service, but Google have said they are working on fixing the error. The picture on Street View shows what it was like before Breivik struck.

The structure is currently still standing and undergoing repairs to the damage caused by the bomb, and is just shown by a white space with a marker.

Dagbladet discovered the missing building, Thursday, but Google staff was unaware of the problem when approached by the newspaper.

Google’s Emma Stjernlöf told the paper, “It seems like it is purely a technical problem that this building is not in place right now. This means there are no other reasons for this.”

“Our 3D building data is updated regularly and we are striving to make our map service as up-to-date and correct as possible. We are now aware of this technical problem and plan to update as soon as we can.”

Akersgata 42 was still not featured at time of publishing this article.


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