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In ‘highly unusual’ move, Marines in Afghanistan asked to disarm before Leon Panetta speech

Troops stacking guns at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan before the arrival of U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Wednesday. Chris Turner / Pool

msnbc.com | Mar 14, 2012

In a highly unusual move, around 200 U.S. Marines were asked to leave their weapons outside the tent where U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was set to speak during his trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Although the military said the order was not given in response to Sunday’s shooting of 16 Afghan civilians allegedly by an American soldier, it possibly underlined how high tensions were running after the incident.

“You’ve got one of the most important people in the world in the room,” Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus told reporters at Camp Leatherneck, dismissing concerns related to the shooting. “This is not a big deal.”

He said he had given the order because the two dozen Afghan soldiers also there were unarmed and he did not want to treat them differently.

Among those killed Sunday were nine children, and some of the bodies were reportedly burned. The suspect, who hasn’t been named, is in U.S. custody.

According to reporters at Camp Leatherneck, the Marines were waiting to hear Panetta’s speech when they were abruptly told by their commander to get up, leave their weapons, including M16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9 mm pistols, outside and return unarmed.

“All I know is I was told to get the weapons out,” Sergeant Major Brandon Hall told The New York Times. Asked why, he replied, “Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust.”

Hall said he was acting on orders from superiors, the Times reported.

‘Sends the wrong message’

Military officials in Washington told NBC News’ chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski that the decision to disarm the Marines was indeed significant.

Panetta: Village massacre won’t deter US mission

“It sends the wrong message” that Marines can’t be trusted in the presence of the secretary of defense,” one told him.

According to one official the decision was “stupid.”

Miklaszewski also told NBC’s Chuck Todd Wednesday that the move was “highly unusual” and that Marines in combat zones are always supposed to have weapons within their reach.

Ron Paul Owned and Operated by National Security State “Spook Central” Billionaire

When you think Ron Paul, think Spook Central. Paul is owned by a Spook Central billionaire.

Palantir has built a customer list that includes the U.S. Defense Dept., CIA, FBI, Army, Marines, Air Force, the police departments of New York and Los Angeles, and a growing number of financial institutions trying to detect bank fraud. These deals have turned the company into one of the quietest success stories in Silicon Valley—it’s on track to hit $250 million in sales this year—and a candidate for an initial public offering. Palantir has been used to find suspects in a case involving the murder of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent, and to uncover bombing networks in Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. “It’s like plugging into the Matrix,” says a Special Forces member.

Palantir is a major player at Spook Central, the public-private conglo that runs the U.S. national security state.

Ron Paul’s billionaire—Peter Thiel, founder of nat’l security giant Palantir, also PayPal

americablog.com | Mar 14, 2012

By Gaius Publius

It seems that every national candidate has a billionaire daddy (or is had by one). Like sports team ownership, national political ownership is a big-money game these days.

First we learned about Newt Gingrich’s billionaire — casino giant Sheldon Adelson. Then we discovered Santorum was similarly possessed — by Foster Freiss, a fan of Gov. Scott Walker and aspirin.


Bilderberg steering committee member is Ron Paul’s biggest campaign donor

Now comes news of Ron Paul’s billionaire. What this says about Dr. Paul is well worth knowing.

Bottom line — Ron Paul’s billionaire is a major player from the depths of the public-private national security industry, a very heavy hitter from the Spook-Industrial State.

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