An Obama Friend And His Communist Connection

Danny Davis: Obama shares his values. AP | Mar 14, 2012

Vetting: That a U.S. congressman has been honored by a communist group is in itself noteworthy. That the congressman is a political ally of President Obama whose values he shares is even more so.

Late last month, Rep. Danny Davis, a Democrat who has represented Chicago’s Loop since 1998, accepted the Chris Hani and Rudy Lozano Social Justice Award from the People’s World, an online news provider that, according to its website, enjoys “a special relationship with the Communist Party USA” and publishes “its news and views.” Part of its editorial mission is “to popularize the ideas of Marxism and Bill of Rights socialism.”

There was no mainstream media coverage of the award ceremony, just a video of Davis accepting the award and a sidewalk interview that turned confrontational when the congressman’s comrades tried to intimidate Jeremy Segal, the self-described citizen journalist of RebelPundit who was asking legitimate questions and peacefully shooting the video.

Segal bookends the Davis portion of the video with clips of President Obama in 2004 telling a group that the reason Davis is “one of the best congressmen in the country” is that “he shares our values.” Davis introduces Obama at the rally as a “friend of mine.”

Having a member of the Congress so closely aligned with the Communist Party should be better publicized. Would it be acceptable if he received an award from a Nazi group? A fascist organization? Of course not.

Yet he is honored by a organization that backs the policies of communist regimes that have murdered as many as 260 million people, according to academic R.J. Rummel’s high-limit estimate, and there’s no outcry save for one citizen journalist and a few websites that have picked up on his fearless coverage. What kind of country are we living in these days?

The offense only begins with Davis, though. It extends through him all the way to the top of the party — and the U.S. government.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama crafted an image of himself as a moderate. But he has strong bonds with the far left. At least two members of his administration have communist connections.

One, Van Jones, the green jobs czar who lasted six months in the job, was an admitted communist. Another, former White House communications director Anita Dunn, listed Mao Zedong, a member of the mass-murdering class documented by Rummel’s research, as one of her favorite philosophers.

Further back is Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA who is known as young Obama’s mentor.

Despite these and other links, we’re not saying Obama himself is a communist. He is a member, and titular head, of the Democratic Party. But he has a history of surrounding himself with radicals. It’s discouraging that this part of his background has not been revealed in the vetting process.

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