5th graders mass-mutilate themselves during class in ‘protest against bullying’

A picture of one student’s injuries from the mass-cutting at Normandie Avenue Elementary School last week

Daily Mail | Mar 17, 2012

More than a dozen 5th grade students mutilated themselves during class using the blades in pencil sharpeners.

A student is believed to have dislodged the blade and passed it around class in the mass-cutting while a substitute teacher was not paying attention.

Several children were taken to hospital, where one child still remains after the incident in Los Angeles last week.

The Los Angeles Unified School District confirmed the incident happened at the Normandie Avenue Elementary School, reports the Huffington Post.

‘I think it was something about the bullying. They got all crazy and started cutting themselves.’ a classmate, who witnessed the cutting, told CBS LA.

The class was interviewed by the district officials but it is not yet known if the students were victims of bullies.

Pia Escudero, who runs LAUSD’s mental-health program, told CBS2 that this was typical elementary-school behavior.

‘We see a lot of behavior that is similar to this, children seeking help,. Attention-seeking, suicide behavior — or doing things that aren’t healthy,’ she said.

The school is located within a relatively low-income neighborhood of South L.A,  with a demographic which is about 70 percent Latino and 30 percent black.


One response to “5th graders mass-mutilate themselves during class in ‘protest against bullying’

  1. Ok I am going to CUT and DRY these report they don’t get responded to, as a MILITARY TOWN YOU should KEEP the PEACE…and 5th GRADERs WHO the F’n Sam Hill thought that was remotley yeah NOT KOOL…

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