Trucker With Traveling Torture Chamber Admits to More Murders

Serial killer Robert B. Rhoades pleaded guilty this week to murdering Patricia Candace Walsh and her newlywed husband, Scott Zyskowski, in 1990. Illinois Department of Corrections | Mar 30, 2012


A Texas trucker who kept a traveling torture chamber in the cab of his rig pleaded guilty to murdering a newlywed couple more than 20 years ago.

Robert Ben Rhoades, 66, is already serving a life sentence without parole for the 1990 murder of 14-year-old runaway Regina Walters in Illinois.

Prosecutors say the trucker kept a mobile torture chamber in the cab of his long-haul rig.

“There’s this compartment that’s hidden completely from view other than between the seats,” Steve Smith, first assistant for the 112th District Attorney’s office in Texas, told

The dungeon-like compartment was described in “Roadside Prey” by Alva Busch, a book written about Rhoades. The rig was equipped with handcuffs on the ceiling, which enabled Rhoades to chain his female victims so that he could torture them before killing them.

Prosecutors believe Rhoades may have put many other women through the cycle of “kidnap, torture, and kill,” but Smith said they do not know how many women he may have hurt, since he traveled so much.

“That was the problem with him,” Smith said. “He was on the interstate everywhere.”

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