Russian Police Complain of ‘Detention Quotas’

Russian Police Complain of ‘Detention Quotas’ – RIA Novosti. Aleksei Filipov

Apr 9, 2012 | RIA Novosti

MOSCOW – Police officers in the Moscow region have filed a formal complaint about the ‘detention quotas’ set by their chief, a law enforcement source said on Monday.

Officers at a police department in the town of Pushkino asserted that their boss, Valery Popov had ordered each of the six mobile patrol groups to “write up” one hooliganism case and five detentions every day.

Failure to fill the quota led to “debt” piling, which would have to be “paid” off anyway, the officers said.

“Furthermore, each crew had to haul in at least two individuals who violated residence registration rules to the department for cleanup work and other chores,” they said.

Otherwise police officers had to do the work themselves.

Valery Popov denied the allegations in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Naturally, we clean up the premises with our own resources,” he said, adding that those who do not want to do anything “start inventing things, start complaining.”


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