Boy was put into coma after being strapped down and shocked 31 times for 7 hours by laughing teachers….because he would not take off his coat

Pain: The disabled boy is shown in the centre of the picture writhing and screaming as the staff pump electricity through him

‘Tortured, terrorised and abused’: Shocking new video shows disabled boy strapped down and shocked 31 TIMES at school by his own laughing teachers for SEVEN hours

Staff at the Judge Rotenberg Center pumped electricity through Andre McCollins’ body 31 times because he would not take his coat off

He was left in a coma for three days caused by shock, a court heard | Apr 12, 2012

By Martin Robinson

This shocking new video shows how a disabled teenage boy was tied up and given 31 electric shocks over seven hours by his laughing teachers.

Writhing in agony and screaming to be saved student Andre McCollins was strapped face down and ‘tortured’ because he would not remove his coat at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts.

McCollins, who has learning difficulties, is currently suing Rotenberg and three staff for his treatment ten years ago, which left him in a three-day coma caused by fear.

A courtroom just outside Boston was shown the horrific scenes as the case against the school is considered.

Testifying yesterday his tearful mother Cheryl, who sent him to the private school for disabled children said: ‘I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorised, and abused. I had no idea—no idea—that they tortured the children in the school.

‘I couldn’t turn Andre’s head to the left or to the right. He was just staring straight. I took my hands and went like this (waves hand in front of her face), he didn’t blink.’

Doctors have also said that the school could have killed the boy.

‘He was essentially in what we would call a catatonic condition. That means a condition that happens with people that are acutely psychotically disturbed and they let him stay in the facility basically sitting still, not eating, refusing fluids for the most part, for the next few days. They’re lucky he didn’t die,’  expert witness Dr Marc Whaley said.

‘This violated — in a gross fashion — accepted standards of care,’ he added.

The school has been widely criticised for using electro-shock therapy to treat its disabled pupils.

Two years ago the UN said the technique used there amounted to ‘torture’, and urged Obama’s government to stop to it.

In October 2002, Andre McCollins, then 18, was confronted by staff who wanted him to take off his coat.

The new video shows him being shocked in a chair and collapsing to the ground before being jumped on by several staff.

He was then tied down and shocked continuously for hours and McCollins says that some were laughing as he writhed in pain.

Later that day his mother rescued him and took him to a nearby children’s hospital where they said he was suffering from ‘acute stress’.

Established in 1971 to help ‘fix’ children who are disruptive and intent on self-harm, the school is known for their use of harmful tactics they believe induces positive changes in behaviour.

According to literature provided by the school, children do not feel the electric shocks are anything for students or parents to be concerned about.

‘This treatment, which feels like a hard pinch, has been extensively validated in the scientific literature…is extremely effective, and has no significant adverse side effects,’ the paperwork says.

2 responses to “Boy was put into coma after being strapped down and shocked 31 times for 7 hours by laughing teachers….because he would not take off his coat

  1. afteramerica

    Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    Humanity is losing it’s empathy and sympathy. Almost 30 per cent of Americans are on some kind of antidepressant. I have a disabled daughter and I would never want her to go through this. She is disabled. Shame on these people.

  2. I am totally shocked at this “treatment” put the laughing teachers in the courtroom and let the parents put a electric shock treatment into their sculls, 31 times see if they still laugh then! its a public site, but i want to swear i am so annoyed at them. I hope he gets millions in compensation, sickening!

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