South Korean robotic prison guards study human behavior, promise high-tech “body searches”

Robo-Guard: Robot Prison Guard Is The First Of Its Kind

Huffington Post | Apr 16, 2012

By Courteney Palis

According to a recent report by Reuters’ Ben Gruber, the “Robo-guard,” which is undergoing its first field test at a prison in South Korea, comes equipped with software designed to study human behavior, 3D depth cameras and a two-way wireless communication system. All of these tools enable it to detect, record and transmit in real-time any abnormalities in a prisoner’s behavior. Based on the ‘bot’s data, the human controllers can respond to any situations that arise.

While the robotic guard has been designed to patrol prisons autonomously, it can also be controlled manually with an iPad. The hope is that these Robo-guards will help lighten the heavy workload human corrections officers often carry.

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