Report: Toronto officers urged to write ‘book’ of tickets per day

Toronto Police Officer. Photo credit: Andrew Moran

Toronto Examiner | May 2, 2012

Toronto – It’s a pretty common scenario: you park your car and about 20 minutes later you find a ticket on your windshield. This leads you to tell yourself that these officers in the city are just giving you a ticket to meet their quota.

Well, there may be some truth to that sentiment, which is shared amongst many motorists in the city.

According to a memo leaked to the Toronto Sun, the 31 Division in northwest Toronto is apparently using a ticket quota system. The memo, issued by Sgt. Wanda DeCoste, encourages traffic officers to produce more tickets and if they fail to do so their careers may be on the line.

The Apr. 25 memo noted that enforcement officers are expected to write a book of tickets each day, which amounts to roughly 25 tickets. “Accident car officers are expected to produce at least 10 tickets a day if they have no collisions,” the memo reads.

Quotas are not official policy of the Toronto Police Services.

“There are those of you that are consistently producing and there are those that produce one, two or no tickets in an entire shift,” the memo states. “That is not acceptable, and really not fair to those that are carrying the unit. We all have a down day, but it shouldn’t be [every day].”

Sgt. DeCoste added that her department was last in statistics in Toronto and it “does not set well with me.” “You are all unique and exceptional folks, this is not an unrealistic expectation.”

The news outlet noted in its report that estimated numbers suggest Toronto Police officers can produce more than $216,000 per year in tickets, which would generate tens of millions of dollars in fines across the city.

Warmingon wrote in his report: “So you think it’s easy to be a police officer? The memo sounds like something to motivate door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales people.”

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