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Rockefeller Foundation envisions 13,000 dead at London Olympics in “Decade of Doom”

The all-seeing-eyed Olympic Mascot ‘Wenlock’

libertytactics.com  | Jun 7, 2012

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A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” outlines a scenario which results in the death of 13,000 during the 2012 Olympics.

Rise of Authoritarianism

The first worrying prediction begins in 2012 when ‘the pandemic the world had been anticipating for years’, finally hits, infecting nearly 20 percent of world population and claiming 8 million lives. Due to this pandemic, the Rockefeller Foundation outlines how the public will welcome a more authoritative government and a tighter control across all aspects of life, including Biometric IDs for all citizens.

The 2012 London Olympics Bombing

In the document, the Rockefeller Foundation ‘predicts’ that the decade of 2010-2020 will be named “The Doom Decade”, because of  a wave of terrorist attacks, natural disasters as well as civil uprisings and financial collapses.

The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped

out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.

Mirroring events in real life, the document also predicts that by 2015 a large share of the US’ armed forces are recalled from countries such as Afghanistan to be stationed domestically, apparently posse comitatus no longer being a concern.

 In 2015, the U.S. reallocated a large share of its defense spending to domestic concerns, pulling out of Afghanistan—where the resurgent Taliban seized power once again.

As is happening right now, the document outlines how nations will lose power over their own finances due to massive debt, apparently handing over financial sovereignty to the banking technocrats.

But the document doesn’t just cover these topics. The growing mistrust in vaccines is covered in the Rockefeller document, where they state  that due to corruption within national and global bodies such as WHO, “bogus” vaccines will result in mass deaths.  According to the paper, the resulting mistrust in vaccines results in a large number of parents who avoid vaccination, which causes infant and child morality to rise to levels not seen since the 1970s.

In the context of weak health systems, corruption, and inattention to standards—either within countries or

from global bodies like the World Health Organization—tainted vaccines entered the public health systems of several African countries. In 2021, 600 children in Cote d’Ivoire died from a bogus Hepatitis B vaccine, which paled in comparison to the scandal sparked by mass deaths from a tainted anti-malarial drug years later. The deaths and resulting scandals sharply affected public confidence in vaccine delivery; parents not just in Africa but elsewhere began to avoid vaccinating their children, and it wasn’t long before infant and child mortality rates rose to levels not seen since the 1970s.

Technology becomes an increasing theater of battle in the Doom Decade, with cyber terrorism and hacking mafia organizations becoming more and more widespread.  A worrying prediction outlined in the document covers “Bio-Hacking” where GMO and DoItYourself-Biotech push the Globalist’s love for Transhumanism forward.

Interestingly, not all of the “hacking” was bad. Genetically modified crops (GMOs) and do-it- yourself (DIY) biotech became backyard and garage activities, producing important advances. In 2017, a network of renegade African scientists who had returned to their home countries after working in Western multinationals unveiled the first of a range of new GMOs that boosted agricultural productivity on the continent.

Just as desired by Globalists for over a hundred years, the developed world begins to fall back into feudalism, with the gap between the rich and poor growing to levels not seen for hundreds of years as the middle class becomes extinct.

The rich moving into fortress like compounds, whereas the poor are forced to move into ghettos. By 2030, the document portrays the “developed” and “developing” nations to no longer be relevant or distinguishable.

Agenda 21

The report also outlines several Environmental scenarios stemming from Climate Change which include a new worldwide economic system based on Green Infrastructure by 2018.

The Foundation describes how the resulting collapse of society requires an exodus out of rural areas and into urban environments for survivability, a bizarre take on reality where those living in urban environments are far more restricted in being self sufficient than those in rural areas who have the ability to more easily grow their own food.

Another mirror to Agenda 21 is the documents prediction that only the very rich will have the ability to travel, as prices skyrocket and the restrictions in the name of security reach such high levels  that the poor simply cannot travel from their communities.


As with other such documents such as those released by RAND and the MoD in the UK, these predictive papers are a window into the think-tanks who help shape world events. Where the documents are always portrayed as simple predictions, it is important to realize that many such papers have been eerily accurate in the past and thus must be considered when such events unfold in the near future.


Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – The Rockefeller Foundation

Sydney’s wettest, coldest start to winter in 23 years

Sydney has had its wettest, coldest and gloomiest first weekend of winter in 23 years.

SMH | Jun 4, 2012

This weekend, the city had more than 30mm of rain and the maximum temperature was only 16.7 degrees, Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said.

This makes it the wettest and coldest opening weekend of winter since 1989. In that year, winter’s first weekend was dealt a 16-degree maximum and more than 50mm of rain.

There was a colder opening weekend in 1995 with a maximum temperature of only 15.6 degrees. But that was a drier weekend with only 25mm recorded.

“A low pressure trough formed over the interior a few days ago, bringing with it a lot of moisture, cloud and rain to most of eastern Australia, including Sydney. This rain cloud has let in very little sunshine, so daytime has not been too different from night,” Mr Dutschke said.

In fact, Sydney was slightly warmer at midnight than at midday, 15.2 degrees compared with 14.8. Nearly all weekend it was only about 15 degrees. On average at this time of year the daytime maximum temperature is 18 degrees.

“This rain and much of the cloud will clear by Monday morning, giving the east coast, including Sydney, a much brighter day,” Mr Dutschke said.

“But don’t let the clearer skies fool you, we’re in for some very windy and wet weather, as early as Tuesday. It’ll be windy enough to bring down trees, possibly power lines. Rain will be heavy for a few hours, bringing potentially 20 to 40mm to most suburbs.

“A low will form offshore and intensify as cold air comes across from the west. This intensification will cause wind to become very strong and heavy rain to develop, starting from eastern Victoria on Monday night and heading north along the NSW coast during Tuesday.”

An easing of wind and showers will occur during Wednesday as the low-pressure system weakens and heads across the Tasman Sea.

However, southerly winds right through to next weekend will keep most of NSW, including Sydney, colder than average. Nights will become noticeably colder.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Regional integration would help create ‘New World Order’

tehrantimes.com | Jun 8, 2012

TEHRAN – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the promotion of regional integration among members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) would help create a “new world order”.

Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a speech at the SCO summit in Beijing on Thursday.

He said that the expansion of economic, cultural, and political ties among the SCO member states and the establishment of monetary and financial institutions outside the dominance of hegemonistic powers would definitely help independent countries to establish a mechanism for a “just world order” and to come through “current unfavorable situation.”

“We all want to change the world to a better and lovelier one,” he said, adding that “inefficient and discriminatory system,” which is dominating the globe, has led the world to face economic crises.

He went on to say that the economic crises will lead to social and political crises.

Ahmadinejad, at the head of a high-ranking delegation, arrived in China on Tuesday evening to attend the SCO summit meeting, which opened on Wednesday and closed on Thursday.

The SCO is an intergovernmental security organization that was founded in 2001 in Shanghai by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Iran, India, Mongolia, and Pakistan are observer states of the organization.

Students at elite prep school attended by Rupert Murdoch’s son preyed upon by pedophile teachers

James Murdoch, former chairman of News International, attended the Horace Mann School in New York Photo: AP

Pupils at a prestigious New York preparatory school attended by James Murdoch, the former chairman of News International, were preyed upon by paedophile teachers, a former student has claimed.

telegraph.co.uk | Jun 8, 2012

Paedophile scandal at James Murdoch’s former New York school

By Rosa Prince, New York

Amos Kamil, who attended the elite Horace Mann School in the 1970s and 1980s, named three former teachers who he alleged had sexually abused teenage pupils in an article in the New York Times Magazine.

He accused the school of failing to protect youngsters from several other unnamed teachers he said had acted inappropriately, claiming that it fostered a climate of “blurred boundaries” between children and adults.

There is no suggestion that Mr Murdoch, 39, the youngest son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who graduated in 1991, was among those targeted for abuse.

Horace Mann was recently named as the second best prep school in the United States. As well as Mr Murdoch, its alumni include the beat writer Jack Kerouac and disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.

One of the teachers named in the article, Stanley Kops, commit suicide a few years after leaving the school following a complaint from a male student in 1983 that he had made inappropriate advances towards him during a class retreat.

Another alleged victim, Benjamin Balter, is also said to have taken his life, following years of sexual abuse by a music teacher, Johannes Somary, who died of a heart attack last year having taught at the school for four decades.

Complaints by Mr Balter’s mother about the teacher’s behaviour in 1994 are said to have been ignored.

Two other former pupils spoken to by Mr Kamil claimed that Mr Somary had abused them on a number of occasions.

A third teacher, Mark Wright, who taught art, is said to have left the school after pupils complained that he touched them sexually during inappropriate physical examinations. He died in 2004 Mr Kamil said: “The former students who chose to share their stories with me are all men, but if their classmates are to be believed, the situation was far more complex.

“People who haven’t set foot in the school in 30 years still rattle off the names of male teachers who were said to be sleeping with their female students.

“A couple of female faculty members were said to be sleeping with male students. Once I started asking around, these stories continued to bubble.” Mr Kamil said he was confident that the school had changed in recent years.

In a statement, Horace Mann said: “As an educational institution, we are deeply concerned if allegations of abuse of children are raised, regardless of when or where they may have occurred.

“The current administration is not in a position to comment on the events involving former and, in some cases, now-deceased, faculty members that are said to have occurred years before we assumed leadership of the school.”

New Zealanders shiver in deep freeze

KiwiRail attempts to plough a route through heavy snow in Arthurs Pass, which links Christchurch and the West Coast. Picture / Geoff Mackley.

Snow dumps cut power to Canterbury residents, and Christchurch has its coldest day on record.

nzherald.co.nz | Jun 9, 2012

By Jarrod Booker

If you’re feeling the winter chill in Auckland, spare a thought for South Islanders still shivering in snow and freezing temperatures – in some cases without electricity.

While the North Island has had its share of wild weather, in the south the week has been dominated by snow and ice, with temperatures that on some days barely topped zero.

Universities, schools and numerous roads had to be closed as a result, and many flights in and out of Christchurch were cancelled or delayed.

Wednesday was the coldest day on record in Christchurch – the maximum temperature in the 24 hours from 9am reaching 0.4C.

In Arthurs Pass, the main mountain route between Christchurch and the West Coast, the mercury plunged to -11.2C in the same period.

Those living in cracked, earthquake-damaged Christchurch homes were left struggling to heat their dwellings.

The weight of the snow dump, especially in Canterbury, brought trees down on powerlines and thousands of customers were without power.

But the Canterbury electricity lines company Orion said it expected to have fewer than 10 customers left in the dark by last night.

It expected that all its customers would have power today.

“The support and understanding of our community has been greatly appreciated over the past few days,” said Orion chief executive Rob Jamieson.

“Whether it was clearing snow or supplying cups of tea, their help was appreciated.”

Christchurch photographer John O’Malley was at his property in the remote central Canterbury village of Castle Hill on Tuesday when the snow starting falling.

It eventually got above his thighs in some places, he said.

He lost electricity about midday on Wednesday, and it did not come back on until about 5pm on Thursday.

He was fortunate to have a woodburner to heat his home, and stayed “well rugged up” when it plunged to -11C overnight.

The rest of the stranded village residents were also well stocked with the essentials, and some had generators to provide electricity, though there was some concern for pregnant women in the village.

“I quite liked being isolated like that,” Mr O’Malley said. “It’s nice to get away.”

The freezing overnight temperatures turned snow to ice on Christchurch’s roads and made driving conditions treacherous.

Dozens of minor accidents were reported, including one in which a four-wheel-drive vehicle flipped. The occupants were uninjured.

By late yesterday afternoon, St John Ambulance had taken 11 people to hospital with injuries from falls in snow or ice.

Many roads in and around Christchurch had to be closed during the week because of the dangerous icy conditions.

In some places, bus bus services had to be cancelled.

‘Pope’s Banker’ feared being killed by Mafia

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. Photograph by: Getty Images

Daily Telegraph | Jun 8, 2012

The former head of the Vatican bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Holy See because he feared for his life, it was claimed Thursday.

In the latest twist in a scandal that has convulsed the papacy, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi reportedly gave copies of the documents to his closest confidantes and told them: “If I am killed, the reason for my death is in here. I’ve seen things in the Vatican that would frighten anyone.”

One of the documents was reportedly titled “internal enemies” and contained the names of senior clergy and powerful Italian politicians.

Other emails and letters related to “money of dubious provenance” being allegedly funnelled through the Vatican bank, according to the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Gotti Tedeschi, 67, was appointed in 2009 but fired May 24, the day after the Pope’s butler was arrested on suspicion of stealing confidential letters and leaking them to journalists.

He was allegedly ousted by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, in a dispute over efforts to improve the transparency of the scandal-idden bank.

Gotti Tedeschi appeared to have compiled the dossier to defend himself against charges of incompetence, mismanagement and possible money-laundering

Gotti Tedeschi was so fearful for his safety that he hired body-guards and sought advice from a private investigation agency, the Italian media reported.

The claims evoked memories of one of the Vatican’s darkest chapters – the mysterious death in 1982 of Roberto Calvi, nick-named “God’s Banker,” who was president of Italy’s largest private bank, the Banco Ambrosiano.

After the failure of the bank, which had close links to the Vatican, Calvi was found hanged from scaffolding beneath Black-friars Bridge in London, amid suspicions that he had been murdered by mafia godfathers as punishment for losing money they had invested.

“Gotti Tedeschi was nick-named ‘The Pope’s Banker’ and he feared meeting the same end as ‘God’s Banker,’ ” said news-paper Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Ron Paul fans attack Rand for endorsing Romney

washingtonexaminer.com | Jun 8, 2012

by Charlie Spiering

Fans of the “Ron Paul Revolution” were not happy with his son Sen. Rand Paul after he endorsed Mitt Romney last night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show.

Paul explained that although his “first choice was always my father,” he insisted that he had a lot in common with Romney, who signaled to him that he was serious about a number of government reforms.

Ron Paul Supporters Are Really Pissed That Rand Paul Endorsed Mitt Romney

Rand Paul:’It would be an honor’ to serve as Mitt Romney’s vice president

But the backlash on Sen. Paul’s Facebook page was fierce as the vocal supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution, took to the comments section to denounce his son. As of this morning, over 2,000 comments were posted, a majority of them negative. Supporters blasted Rand Paul for “selling out” the legacy of his father to the “Republican establishment.”

A few fans approved of Rand Paul’s decision, but only 270 people “liked” his endorsement message.

Others even speculated that Rand Paul was threatened or bribed into supporting Romney, by the Bilderberg group, suggesting that it wasn’t a coincidence that his endorsement came after their conference.

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CT scans triple risk of brain cancer in children

Isabel Doran, 4, gets a CT scan at Children’s National Medical Center with her mom, Veronica Doran. The X-ray radiation in CT scans raises the risks for cancer, including leukemia, a new study shows. (Dayna Smith / The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Thousands of children every year who undergo head scans triple their risk of developing leukaemia or a brain tumour, scientists warn

Telegraph | Jun 7, 2012

By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent

Medics often use the detailed imaging technique after accidents – for example when a child has received a blow to the head, to determine if there is a brain injury.

They are also frequently used to gauge the gravity of serious chest infections and other lung diseases.

However, researchers from Newcastle University say they should only be used when “fully clinically justified” due to the risk of triggering cancer.

In a study published today (Thursday) in The Lancet, they found those who received two or three CT head scans before 15 were three times more likely than the child population as a whole to develop brain cancer over the next decade..

Those who received five to 10 body scans were at triple the risk of developing leukaemia over that timescale. Head CT scans tend to involve higher radiation doses than body scans.

Dr Mark Pearce, from Newcastle University, said: “CT scans are very useful but they have relatively high doses of radiation, particularly when compared to x-ray. They have about 10 times the dose used in x-ray.”

While the “immediate benefits” usually outweighed the long-term risks, he said reducing radiation doses used in CT scans “should be a priority”.

He also stated that although CT scans tripled the relative risk of these childhood cancers, the absolute risk of developing them was still “very small”.

He and co-author Professor Sir Alan Craft calculated that for every 10,000 children under 10 who received a single head CT scan, one extra brain tumour case and one extra leukaemia case would result over 10 years.

Among all under 20s, the baseline risk of brain tumour is 0.3 per 10,000 over 10 years, while it is 0.45 per 10,000 for leukaemia.

The study results were based on 180,000 youngsters who underwent CT scans in Britain between 1985 and 2002.

Dr Kieran McHugh, from Great Ormond Street Hospital, noted that radiation doses used in CT scans were now lower than in the past “and therefore the cancer risk is a lot less”.

Professor Malcolm Sperrin, director of medical physics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, said CT scans “will only be conducted when the risk from the underlying condition is itself serious and that there is a greater risk to life by not having the scan at all”.

He added that rules governing their use were “particularly stringent” in Britain.

One death-a-day: Military suicides reach terrifying rate

US soldiers (Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP)

RT | Jun 8, 2012

More US soldiers are losing their lives to suicide than from enemy forces, the Pentagon reports this week.

According to findings released on Thursday by the US Department of Defense, the suicide rate for active duty soldiers so far in 2012 is around one per day. In just the first 155 days of the year, 154 soldiers have committed suicide, a statistic only made more ghastly by comparing it to the number of American troops killed by insurgency this year — the website iCasualties.org reports that only 139 US soldiers died in battle this year.

“We are very concerned at this point that we are seeing a high number of suicides at a point in time where we were expecting to see a lower number of suicide,” Jackie Garrick, head of the Pentagon’s newly established Defense Suicide Prevention Office, tells the Associated Press.

In analyzing the report, the AP notes that the suicide rate among active-duty soldiers has plateaued in the preceding two years, creating confusion for researchers caught off guard by the alarming numbers released this week. Even with the Iraq War officially over and the Obama administration promising an expedited end to its military operations in Afghanistan, troops are taking their own lives in shocking numbers. Dr. Stephen N. Xenakis, a retired Army brigadier general and a practicing psychiatrist, explains to the AP that the latest figures aren’t all that surprising to him, though.

“It’s a sign in general of the stress the Army has been under over the 10 years of war,” says Dr. Xenakis. “We’ve seen before that these signs show up even more dramatically when the fighting seems to go down and the Army is returning to garrison.”

A separate study published in 2011 revealed that the rate of attempted suicide among all US soldiers — both active-duty personnel and veterans — is around 18-per-day. Many have suggested that dire economic times awaiting returning soldiers exiting the battlefield have driven many veterans over the edge even after war.

After losing a friend and fellow US war vet to suicide last year, vet Matthew Pelak told the AP, “We know we have a problem with vets’ suicide, but this was really a slap in the face.”

The Pentagon’s latest report takes into account suicide data from the first of the year through June 3, 2012. Compared with the same span of time one year earlier, there has been an 18 percent increase in suicides already; the January-May total, adds the AP, has gone up 25 percent from two years prior.

The tally of those that did take their own life between 2005 and 2009 — 1,100 — comes close to exceeding the number of military personnel killed in Afghanistan in nearly a decade.