New TSA Rules: Passengers Must Learn to ‘Freeze on Command’ | Jul 7, 2012

According to possible new TSA rules, air travelers may be compelled to “freeze” when ordered to by screeners.

The federal safety agency has yet to comment on this policy, but an airline passenger claimed agents recently practiced a drill on his wife.

“We heard a “freeze, freeze” or something like this coming from the output side of security (where my wife was), followed by further barking of commands,” the man said.

“It turns out they were doing a new drill. They want all passengers to freeze on command. My wife told me later that she didn’t follow this order fast enough, so the subsequent barks I heard were directed at her,” he added.

Now, this anecdote has not been confirmed by the safety agency, so it should remain in the rumor zone at this point. But, considering all the crazy TSA rules, would anyone be surprised if it were true?

Could you have imagined, a decade ago, that you would be forced to submit to naked imaging just to get on an airplane? Or that young children would be groped by strangers in uniforms?

There is no compelling evidence these absurd TSA rules do anything to thwart terrorism. Just recently, the agency announced that screeners now have the right to test beverages purchased by travelers, even after the people have gone through security. How much more of this can people take?

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