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DARPA wants to equip soldiers with Android phones for ‘Predator vision’

RT | Nov 8, 2012

US soldiers may soon be equipped with helmet-mounted cameras that give them infrared and high definition vision, which they can view on their Android smartphones. This new “Predator vision” would help soldiers in darkness, smoke and combat.

The new technology has been developed by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and appears promising due to its low cost. For only $3,300 per soldier, the military could be equipped with technology so advanced that it can detect friends and enemies in any weather or visibility condition, night or day. The Pixel Network for Dynamic Visualization program (PIXNET) would provide “battlefield awareness and threat detection and identification,” according to a DARPA press release.

Soldiers would strap an Android smartphone to their forearm and a small camera to their helmet. The recordings from the camera would then be transmitted to the phone, allowing the soldier to see advanced images of the battlefield that the human eye alone would not be able to see. DARPA researchers are also planning to add algorithms to the technology that would label all detected humans as friend or enemy.

The fusion of gadgets, which have yet to be named, would also link soldiers together and allow them to send their video feeds to each other, thus helping them easily find each other in dangerous combat zones. It would also allow commanders to gain intelligence by studying the various video feeds and understand what is happening on the field.

The technology DARPA plans to use already exists, but does not allow soldiers to share information with one another, and are more expensive. Such technology usually cost an average $40,000 a piece.

“Through PIXNET, DARPA seeks to fuse the capabilities of these devices into a single multi-band system, thus alleviating physical overburdening of warfighters, and develop a tool that is network-ready, capable of sharing imagery with other warfighters.”

The system will also be very small, lightweight and use up little energy.

“Success will be measured as the minimization of size, weight, power and cost of the system and the maximization of functionality,” said Nibir Dhar, DARPA program manager for PIXNET.

Equipped with Predator vision and modern smartphone technology, soldiers will have to rely less on their natural senses as they become electronically connected to their commanders and fellow soldiers on the battlefield.

Police Chief Fired For Refusing to Enforce Ticket Quotas

“The city of Elmore has a quota for citations,” said Joe Henselee.

“We needed to get some money in the kitty.”

News 9 | Nov 7, 2012

By Dana Hertneky

ELMORE CITY, Oklahoma – An Elmore City police chief says he was fired for not writing enough tickets.

The former chief says he was told by the mayor there was a ticket quota and when he refused to meet it, he was let go.

News 9 checked with an attorney who says ticket quotas are illegal and a violation of a police officer’s oath.  But the former chief and others who used to work for the city tell News 9 the mayor made it clear, he expected a certain amount of tickets to be written every day.

Word around Elmore City is if you’re from out of town and you drive through, you will probably get a ticket.

“The city of Elmore has a quota for citations,” said Joe Henselee.

Henselee knows because he used to be the police chief until the town’s mayor fired him about a month ago. His assistant chief was let go about two months before that. Henslee says it was for the same reason.

“I don’t remember the exact words, if you don’t make the quota, if you don’t do your job he will let you go. That’s exactly what he did,” said Henselee, who has been in law enforcement since 1995.

“He told the police officers ‘I expect no less than 10 tickets a day’,” recalls Ruth Ward Harris.

Harris was a dispatcher and in the meeting with police when the mayor took over several years ago.

“Because we needed to get some money in the kitty,” remembers Harris.

But after Henselee was fired, folks around town decided they had had enough. In a town with a population of 693, more than 600 people, even some that Harris had arrested, signed a petition to bring him back.

“He said we could have as many signatures as we want, he really didn’t care,” said Henselee.

However, an item to discuss Henslee’s termination was placed on the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting but the rest of the council upheld the mayor’s decision.

Still, Henslee says he’s not giving up on putting a stop to what’s going on here.

“It’s all about the town. I would like to see people get a decent shake in this town,” said  Henselee.

News 9 tried to talk to  the mayor about the allegations, but we were told “No comment.”

The town of Elmore City now has one police officer on staff.

Federal government allows people on No-Fly lists to pilot planes

Loophole Lets No-Fly List People Pilot Planes

fox8.com | Nov 8, 2012

By Pat McReynolds

Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) — The federal government deems them too dangerous to walk onto a commercial plane, but a hole in the law still allows homegrown threats to man the controls.

A CBS 5 Investigation has learned that nothing is stopping U.S. citizens currently on the no-fly list from learning how to fly.

In the weeks following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the federal government understandably moved to ban foreigners on the no-fly list from enrolling in any type of U.S. flight school.

Most of the terrorists who piloted the planes that horrible day learned how to fly at schools in the United States.

Hani Hanjour, the man believed to be at the controls of the plane that targeted the Pentagon, trained in Phoenix.

A loophole in U.S. Homeland Security still allows those who might have sinister intentions to pilot planes.

They are prevented from being a passenger on a plane or, at best, they must pass through several layers of security before they are ever allowed on board. But if they simply have a driver’s license, the federal government allows them to grab the stick and learn how to fly the plane themselves.

Steve Raether has been a flight instructor for more than 20 years.

“In light of incidences like Oklahoma, the Oklahoma bombing, you would think, well, maybe we have some security risks right here at home that we need to be concerned with,” Raether said.

Raether points out this risk is probably smaller because the planes students train on are smaller, but the knowledge gained can easily transfer to larger threats like private jets or cargo planes that are not as tightly controlled.

“The basic understanding about pointing an airplane in the right direction is fairly simple,” Raether said.

“(The loophole) does need to be closed,” Jim Tilmon said. “There’s no doubt of that in my mind.”

Tilmon is a former commercial pilot and security consultant.

The loophole took him by surprise.

“I think everybody that takes flying lessons should be vetted,” Tilmon said. “I don’t care who it is. It doesn’t matter to me where they are from or what they look like, or male or female, or anything else.”

The TSA seems to agree. A statement to CBS 5 News reads, in part:

“At the secretary’s direction, TSA is giving consideration to amending these regulations and we will work with the FAA and the FBI to address these concerns.”

The TSA did not release a timetable on when that change might happen.

Tilmon said while closing the loophole may seem like a simple matter, he said government agencies are too big to move with the speed this threat requires.

“I don’t dream that any system is going to be perfect,” Tilmon said. “For every loophole that’s closed, we’ll discover two more.”

The TSA does collect certificates from all flight students and says it scrutinizes them for potential threats, but the students are allowed to undergo training while that vetting process takes place.

Massive use of Illuminati occult imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ death cult orgy video

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Final message: die young at the hands of the police…

Ke$ha – Die Young (Official)

Video Length: 3:33 !!

Priestess before the pentagram

Pyramids and inverted cross symbols

All-Seeing Eye in the pyramid

Final scene, masonic eye-in-the-pyramid on her rear

Just like Madonna, grand Illuminati dame of pop

And more in a live version:

Masonic checkerboards, pentagrams, a flood of triangles, and of course the omni-present all-seeing eye…

Ke$ha: ‘Die Young’ – The X Factor Australia 2012 – Live

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