Poll shows many Americans happy to have their body cavities searched, wear shock bracelets, humbly submit to the TSA

TSA checkpoint Credits: Getty Images

New poll shows extent Americans are willing to submit to TSA humiliation

Examiner |  Nov 9, 2012

By Ryan Keller

A recent survey conducted by the Web site InfoWars, along with Harris Interactive, found that large percentages of Americans are willing to be even more humiliated than they already are at airports and elsewhere by agents of the TSA, according to an article posted on Thursday.

In one example, the survey found that 30 percent, one-third of the population, answered “’willing’ or ‘somewhat willing’” to the question: “Given the recent reports concerning the threat posed by terrorists who plan to implant bombs within their own bodies, how willing, if at all, would you be to undergo a TSA body cavity search in order to fly?”

Fortunately, a majority, 57 percent, answered “’completely’ or ‘somewhat unwilling’” to the question. Thirteen percent answered with “don’t know.”

Another 57 percent, however, answered that a law making it illegal to disobey a TSA agent anywhere, not just in airports, is “’completely’ or ‘somewhat reasonable.’” And don’t think that party makes a difference for this hypothetical forced submission. The survey found that a majority of both Republicans and Democrats were in favor of this, with a slightly larger number of Democrats in favor. “Surprisingly given their traditional distrust of big government,” writes Paul Joseph Watson, “60% of Republicans thought it reasonable compared to 64% of Democrats and 46% of Independents.”

In another sign of willing submission, 35 percent said they were willing to wear “shock bracelets” in order to fly. These bracelets, considered for use back in 2008, would act like a stun gun attached to the wearer’s wrist and could be activated remotely. Of course, it would only be used on terrorists and not on anyone with, say, a “bad attitude.”

Despite the will to submit, a majority showed opposition to having their genitals grabbed by agents during pat downs, as “a full 65% of American adults found TSA workers touching genitals ‘completely’ or ‘somewhat unacceptable.’” Thirty-five percent said that it was reasonable.

Even with the disdain for being groped by agents, however, 77 percent said that the agency is doing an “excellent, good or fair job.” Only nine percent said the agency was doing a “bad job.” More Democrats than Republicans approved of the agency by 84 percent to 73 percent.

This reflects numbers from an earlier poll. Back in August, Gallup found that 54 percent believe that the TSA is doing a “good or excellent job,” and 30 percent believe that it’s doing a “fair job.”

The TSA is doing such an excellent job that these people might have their items stolen by agents the next time they fly. Between 2003 and 2012, 381 agents have been fired for stealing from passengers. Agents have also been accused of committing a myriad of other crimes, such as drug smuggling and raping children.

So how far are the people of “the land of the free” willing to go in order to fly, or travel by any means or go anywhere, as the TSA isn’t just going to be in airports or train stations for very long? They’re going to be in malls, hotels and on highways, as well as tracking peoples’ every move.

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