Whistleblower targeted by TSA for “revealing too much information”


presstv.com | Nov 29, 2012

A former TSA supervisor who alerted a news team to potentially dangerous security lapses at Nashville International Airport is now officially “under investigation” by the federal agency, which has accused him of revealing too much information.

As reported by WSMV news, Gerald Smith supplied the Channel 4 I-Team with information detailing how TSA screeners were routinely bypassing security checkpoints throughout the airport, and rarely having bags checked when passing into secure areas.

Smith also alerted the news team to the fact that TSA employees at the airport have continuously failed tests on identifying suspicious items in luggage.

Following WSMV’s expose, in which Smith appeared on camera, the former supervisor received a letter from the TSA warning him that he is now under investigation for supplying the news station with details on TSA training materials and other information pertaining to security screenings and personnel.

The letter identified several “violations” and warned Smith that he could face an $11,000 fine for each one.

In response to the threat, Smith told the news station “I guess if you’re the government and have unlimited resources, you can go after whoever you want to, but that doesn’t make it right.”

“When I was contacted about coming forward, I did it for one sole purpose. The question I was asked was, ‘Do you have any security concerns at the airport?’ And my answer was yes,” Smith said, adding that he felt it was his duty as an American citizen to speak out. Prison Planet


The video showed the employees flashed badges and entered a secure hallway. Without a guard looking to verify who was carrying the badges, the employees punch in a code and are allowed access into the concourses of the airport where the planes take off.

Emily Richard, spokeswoman for Nashville International Airport, confirmed 5,500 employees are granted the badges and allowed to enter through the doorway. wsmv.com

The Whistleblower Protection Act permits federal employees to provide the office with any communications, including confidential business information, that disclose government waste, fraud, abuse, gross mismanagement or health and safety issues, according to special counsel officials. nextgov.com

The Transportation Security Administration ordered for a computer program to snoop into the online activities of agency employees, including their keystrokes and emails, for signs of potential leaks, procurement documents reveal. TSA issued a solicitation for an “enterprise insider threat software package” in June. nextgov.com

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