Petitions for Missouri secession continue to gather signatures

Residents of Missouri, other states sign petitions for secession | Dec 6, 2012

By Elizabeth Crisp

msThe number of people who want Missouri to leave the union has grown considerably since we first reported about online pro-secession petitions last month.

But the Show-Me State has yet to meet the threshold required to get an official response from the White House.

Of the two petitions filed on behalf of Missouri, the one with the most signatures is about 4,450 shy of the 25,000 names needed by next Monday’s deadline.

There’s really no chance that the signature gathering will result in secession because the petitions created through the White House’s “We the People” program carry no legal weight and the Constitution doesn’t allow secession.

But a little issue like legality hasn’t stopped people in all 50 states from pushing the petition effort. Those advocating secession have drawn a lot of attention since President Barack Obama won a second term in office last month, and the petitions have garnered nearly a million signatures as of last week.

Missouri’s petition was created by a person identified on the site as “Andrew J” of St. Louis.

Signatures from people who say they are Missouri residents, as well as those from residents of other states, have continued to trickle in this week, but the pace has slowed since the petition first gained attention.

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