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Political parties of Spain’s northern region Catalonia pave the way for secession vote in 2014


Catalan parties agree pact with eye on 2014 secession vote

Reuters | Dec 18, 2012

MADRID, Dec 18 (Reuters) – Two of the largest parties in Spain’s northern region of Catalonia agreed an alliance on Tuesday that aims to pave the way for a referendum in 2014 on secession, a vote Madrid has said is illegal.

A prolonged recession and record unemployment have fuelled separatist sentiment in a region that is among Spain’s wealthiest, adding to uncertainty for investors concerned that Spain cannot control its finances and may need international aid.

The centre-right Convergence and Union, or CiU, lost 12 seats in an election last month, leaving it with only a slim relative majority in the Catalan parliament. CiU leader Artur Mas, who headed the outgoing government, said he would need a political alliance to govern.

The pact on Tuesday between the right-leaning CiU and the Republican Left, or ERC, two parties usually at ideological loggerheads, fell short of a full coalition.

“There is total agreement on the referendum. There will be a referendum in 2014, unless both parties agree to delay it,” ERC head Oriol Junqueras said on Tuesday.

The parties said they would attempt to convince Madrid to give its blessing to the referendum, but suggested that they would go ahead whether it did so or not. Almost two-thirds of the seats in parliament are held by parties that want a plebiscite.

Mas had called the early election in an attempt to ride a wave of separatist sentiment after hundreds of thousands demonstrated in favour of independence in September.

The plan backfired on him as many voters turned away from the CiU, which had never previously flown the independence flag, towards smaller parties that had long advocated separation for Catalonia, which has its own distinct language and culture.

A source involved in the talks told Reuters the pact between the CiU and the ERC would give stability to the Catalan government and had two goals: passing the budget and approving the referendum.

The ERC increased its number of seats in parliament to 21 from 10. (Reporting by Cristina Fuentes-Cantillana; Writing by Paul Day; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

Texas Guard chief criticized over secession email


Associated Press | Dec 18, 2012

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — The Texas State Guard has criticized a regiment commander for sending a scathing email to his subordinates after one of them posted a petition on the White House website asking that Texas be allowed to secede from the United States.

The email sent by Cmdr. Howard Palmer said that “any mention of secession better happen on a civilian venue, as private citizens registering an opinion, with no connection to Texas Military Forces. It’s only talk, and rather ignorant talk at that. If you’ve already done something to call attention to yourself or our regiment in this matter, make it go away.”

The email was sent on Nov. 14, five days after Texas guardsman Micah Hurd posted a petition on the White House’s website asking that Texas be allowed to withdraw from the union.

National Guard spokeswoman Col. Amy Cook said “there is nothing wrong at all with what Mr. Hurd did … the email asking him not to talk about it is not what should have happened.”

The Texas State Guard is part of the National Guard. Hurd was acting as an individual rather than as a member of the military when he posted the petition, Cook said.

Cook would not comment on whether Palmer was reprimanded for the way he handled the request by Texas Guard Chief of Staff Col. Paul Watkins asking that the organization not be linked to the online postings about Texas seceding.

Hurd’s father, Patrick Hurd, told The Associated Press his son also was instructed not to speak to the media. Cook said that prohibition also wasn’t necessary.

Patrick Hurd said the issue now appears to be moot. He said his son spoke with everyone in the chain of command over the weekend and shook hands with them all. It was “like nothing ever happened,” the elder Hurd said.

Hurd’s petition has gathered more than 120,000 signatures, well above the 25,000-supporter threshold imposed by the White House before a petition gets an official response from the government.

On the same day as Hurd posted that request, people from Alabama and North Carolina also asked their states be allowed to secede. The next day residents from Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina did the same. Those petitions have garnered between 25,000 and 30,000 supporters each. There also is a petition to deport supporters of secession.

Sandy Hook: Mind control flicker effect

Wondering why the doctor of Adam Lanza hasn’t been found and quizzed about the drugs he prescribed isn’t in the mind of the viewer.

nomorefakenews.com | Dec 19, 2012

by Jon Rappoport

uncle-confirms-adam-lanza-on-psychiatric-medication-before-sandy-hook-shootings-No, I’m not talking about the flicker of the television picture. I’m talking about an on-off switch that controls information conveyed to the television audience.

 The Sandy Hook school murders provide an example.

First of all, elite media coverage of this tragedy has one goal: to provide an expanding narrative of what happened. It’s a story. It has a plot.

In order to tell the story, there has to be a source of information. The top-flight television anchors are getting their information from…where?

How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event

Their junior reporters? Not really. Ultimately, the information is coming from the police, and secondarily from local officials.

In other words, very little actual journalism is happening. The media anchors are absorbing, arranging, and broadcasting details given to them by the police investigators.

The anchors are PR people for the cops.

This has nothing to do with journalism. Nothing.

The law-enforcement agencies investigating the Sandy Hook shootings on the scene, in real time, were following up on leads? We don’t what leads they were following and what leads they were discarding. We don’t know what mistakes they were making. We don’t know what evidence they were overlooking or intentionally ignoring. We don’t know whether there were any corrupt cops who were slanting evidence.

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