Mayan Apocalypse: ‘a fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth’

A Mayan priest sits atop a pyramid as video game developer and former space tourist Richard Garriott addresses guests at his “End of the World Soiree” dress rehearsal in Austin, Texas Photo: REUTERS/Erich Schlegel

Across the globe there was relief that the apocalypse had failed to materialise and doomsayers, some of whom had partied like it was their last night on Earth, were left scratching their heads.

Telegraph | Dec 21, 2012

By Nick Allen, Henry Samuel in Bugarach

The dark planet Nibiru failed to knock Earth out of the sky and the promised solar storm never raged. The world is safe and we can breathe again.

The end of the 5,125-year Mayan Long Calendar had triggered predictions of a catastrophic end for mankind, but according to the US Geological Survey it was a “fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth.” There had been about 120 small earthquakes, including a moderate one in Japan, which was “very much a normal day.”

As dawn broke over the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, thousands of mystics, hippies, druids and pagans celebrated with crystal skulls, ceremonial fires, drums beating and conches blaring when the sun came up.

Genaro Hernandez, 55, an accountant wearing all white and an expression of bliss, said: “This world is being reborn as a better world.”

Mayan Apocalypse: as it didn’t happen

“We are in a frequency of love, we are in a new vibration,” added Ivan Gutierrez, 37, an artist, before a security guard ordered him to stop sounding his conch because he did not have a permit.

In Moscow 1,000 people who had packed into Josef Stalin’s bunker were able to go back home after Armageddon was averted.

Chinese authorities dismissed outright rumours that Jesus had reappeared as a woman somewhere in the middle of the country, and also denied that they had built an “ark” as a contingency plan.

At Pic de Bugarach, the French mountain some had believed to be a place of salvation, the sun came out from behind the clouds and a flock of birds flew past as the official end of the world struck after 11am GMT.

The mountain had been identified as an “alien garage” from where a vast intergalactic flying saucer would emerge to rescue nearby humans.

But the only paranormal activity to be seen was two spacemen in amateur-looking aluminium foil suits, and three green-faced ladies with antennae, ambling down the street.

The spacemen, Frédéric, 28, an unemployed waiter from Marseille and his brother Laurent, 35, said they had dodged gendarmes and spent the night in a cave to get to the mountain, from where they had hoped to be whisked away by an “interdimensional vortex.”

Will Hartley, 26, a photographer from London who also reached the summit at sunrise, reported seeing no UFOs.

Georges Tricoire, 72, a retired local construction worker, smiling from beneath his red beret, said: “For the past 50 years I have wandered over every single inch of that mountain, I know every rock, nook and cranny and everything that has been said about Le Pic de Bugarach is nothing but rubbish.

“Whoever started this rumour three years ago is a liar and all those who have followed him ever since are crooks.”

There had been confusion over the exact timing of the apocalypse, with some suggesting it would take place shortly after 11am, the time of the winter solstice, and others believing it would be at dawn in the Mayan heartland.

But as time zone after time zone reported nothing amiss it became clear that that Earth had been spared.

Modern Mayans, of whom there are six million, had repeatedly said the end of their calendar only meant the ushering in of a new era, not the end of the world. They were able to say “We told you so.”

However, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History issued a warning. It suggested calculations to synchronise the Mayan and Western calendars may be off a few days, which would mean the calendar actually ends on Sunday.

4 responses to “Mayan Apocalypse: ‘a fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth’

  1. It’s ridiculous that in this information era people do still believe in such ancient prophecy. Merchants, dream-creators are those who gain most by this widely publicized news. Yuli Andriansyah

  2. Maya male Creator was Hunab Ku,the phallic Belt of Orion(Min or Tav) rising up 10800 years toward the Black Hole in Milky Way,known as female stargate Yama and Bolon Yokte Ku,so neatly depicted on the Codex Mendoza as 9 ringed/starred Jar/Pot of the Aquarian-Potter/Creator as depicted in Jeremiah chapter 18,19,and on whose Potter’s Field also went the 30 silver for betrayal Sun-Christ…The Maya ball game is about our Sun alignment with Black Hole when we the players could be SACRIFIED as well,on 2019 or 2020,when our Sun will perfectly overlap the Black Hole.Maya never told us of end of the world on 2012,but about the descent of Bolon Yokte Ku-war,chaos and other disasters will follow…Dresden Codex shows us how will look like the skies at the end of the 5th age of our Sun,on Christmass 2019… The biblical story of Peleg and Yoktan tells us that the Maya calendar started at this biblical story of Peleg,who is also translated in many other languages-Bibles as Faleg…Hence cosmic “phallus”,Belt of Orion,the “hammer and sword” of Thor,the celestial Smith/Orion.Of course,the Peleg story is at the time of the Babylonian(babili=God’s stargate) Tower when God descends to scatter the people and destroy that “phallic” tower…And Yoktan is the 9 ringed(Bolon) Jar/Pot of Potter-Creator,Black Hole…They’ll be temporarily “yoked” in new creation/procreation(plural Elohim or Ying&Yang or Magen David),when the cosmic Bull will charge against the cosmic Cow(Milky Way) and will copulate until they’ll flip the world upside-down…Until the Bull becomes an Ox of Oxford…The White House has shape of a Bull/Taurus on the zodiac,looking like YOKE…The Black Hole is located in the Dark Rift,also known as Mesopotamia,betwen the river-legs of the heavenly queen,known as Pishon and Gihon… Bolon Yokte Ku is clearly the Black Hole of our Galaxy leading to her Central Sun,the Cosmic WOMB…She is descending into a perfect Galactic alignment in 2019…Bad economy,extreme weather and war will descend also to a cosmic-earthy chaos and repolarisation of North Pole to Baikal Lake and South Pole to south-central Chile…

  3. And what is the EU “union” and her flag about? The unoficial 13th house of zodiac is the Black Hole and Centre of our Galaxy…The 12 ‘golden’stars in a CIRCLE which is the BLACK HOLE and the 13th house of zodiac! Jacob/Israel has 12 sons and daughter Dinah(7th child) as the 13th house of zodiac! He has total of 13 children with 4 women(2 are his wives)=52 year Maya calendar-cycle…When Hebrew Israelites are crossing the Jordan,they built a circle Gilgal from the stones in the centre of jordan,the local copy om the cosmic river-Milky Way as the 13th house of zodiac to commemorate this event…And since the Precession goes like “backwardly” on the ecliptic,the original 13 colonies of USA used on its “founding fathers” flag 13 stars in a CIRCLE-heading to the Black Hole of 12+1 houses…The ‘new golden age’ and New Cosmic Year will be full of Hebrew-Crossers all over our globe in a search for new habitation and new cycle of life with new Age of reborn Sun,the lion of Judah from who came our Christ,our current Sun!

  4. However, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History issued a warning ????? GIVE ME A BREAK – LOL !!!

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