Saskatchewan sees coldest winter in 17 years

cold as hell
A participant at the Cosmo Classic Loppet near Prince Albert. Sean Leslie/

Environment Canada says February could be colder than average | Jan 25, 2013

Between wind-chills below minus 30 degrees Celsius, blowing snow warnings and snowstorms in general, if the weather is starting to get to you you’re not alone.

In fact Environment Canada Meteorologist David Phillips says in Saskatchewan we really are justified in thinking we’re having a truly terrible winter.

“I always say to Canadians, well you know there’s some other place where it’s more miserable than you are so hey suck it up,” he commented. “I’m not sure I can say that for people from Saskatchewan, I’m not sure there is any place that’s tougher than you’ve had to endure this winter.”

Minnesota sees coldest temperatures in years

Generally you can complain about the snow or the cold, Phillips says it’s rare to be able to complain about both in the same winter.

We have had almost every single winter warning you can having this season in our province. Phillips admits it’s this winter the weather has been relentlessly pounding the province with snow starting back in October and November.

“There have been a couple of days where my gosh the temperature got above freezing and there was a melting temperature but generally it’s been brutally cold and terrible wind chills and heavy snows,” he said.

While snowfall varies, Phillips says in some areas of Regina this is snowiest winter on record to date in January going back to the 1800s.

We’ve had 75 continuous days of snow in a row. Looking at temperatures from October to January it’s the coldest winter in 17 years. South Saskatchewan has experienced 34 days below minus 20 C or colder.

There is a break on the way this weekend with temperatures above normal, but Phillips says after that you can brace for another cold wave.

“We’re calling for my gosh February – our models show colder than normal with more precipitation so that’s not good,” he commented. “I guess the only strand of hope I’ve got here is we’re calling for a preliminary forecast, a warmer than normal summer. So I guess maybe hold on, be more patient – there is some light at the end of that winter tunnel.”

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For fun we also made a video showing some cold weather experiments.

Edited by CJME’s Adriana Christianson with files from Samantha Maciag and Lisa Schick



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