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Silvio Berlusconi says bribes are a ‘necessary part of business’ and tells critics to ‘stop moralising’

No crime: Silvio Berlusconi, pictured during a political rally in Rome last week, defended the use of bribes in international negotiations saying they are ‘necessary’ when dealing with third world countries and regimes Berlusconi defending bribes saying they are not … Continue reading

Berlusconi ‘paid £300,000 protection money to Mafia’

Giovanni Brusca told the court that the Mr Berlusconi paid to have ‘things kept in order.’ Photo: AP Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid Mafia leaders £300,000 a year in protection money, a mobster informant has told a court. Telegraph … Continue reading

George Clooney says it is ‘odd’ he is linked to Silvio Berlusconi investigation

George Clooney, who owns a house on Lake Como in Italy, may give evidence at the trial of Silvio Berlusconi. George Clooney has responded to suggestions that he could be called as a witness in the trial of Silvio Berlusconi, … Continue reading

Berlusconi jokes about Hitler at youth rally

Silvio Berlusconi urged to apologise after impromptu speech in which he also advises young Italians to marry into money | Sep 13, 2010 Tom Kington in Rome Faced with a tottering economy and a crumbling coalition government, Silvio Berlusconi … Continue reading

Berlusconi advises the unemployed to marry rich | Sep 13, 2010 No stranger to controversy, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sharing his unique sense of humour again. Whilst addressing a group of centre-right ‘Young Italy’ members on Sunday, he was asked a question about … Continue reading

Court upholds Mafia conviction for Berlusconi ally

An Italian appeal court upheld a conviction for Mafia links against one of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s closest allies Reuters | Jun 29, 2010 PALERMO Italy (Reuters) – An Italian appeal court upheld a conviction for Mafia links against one … Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi to push for change to Italian constitution for greater powers

London Times | Mar 22, 2010 by Richard Owen, Rome The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is proposing to change the constitution by referendum to give him greater powers as a “directly elected president”. Addressing supporters of his People of … Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi in ‘protection deal with mafia’

A young Silvio Berlusconi reportedly asked Stefano Bontade, assassinated in 1981, to protect his children and his first wife Carla Sunday Times | Mar 14, 2010 by Mark Franchetti THE billionaire Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, once met a leading … Continue reading

Berlusconi gets teeth knocked out by cathedral-wielding assailant

This video image made available by RAI TG3 shows Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi after an attacker hurled a statuette at Berlusconi striking the leader in the face at the end of a rally in Milan, Italy on Sunday Dec. 13, … Continue reading

‘Berlusconi doodled women’s knickers at EU climate summit’

Indo-Asian News Service | Dec 13, 2009 Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made doodles of women’s underwear at a recent European Union summit and then passed them around to shocked leaders, a newspaper reported. He etched women’s underwear through the … Continue reading