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Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference | Jan 24, 2013 by Alex Pappas WASHINGTON — California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein staged a dramatic press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill with 10 weapons at her side and unveiled legislation instituting a government ban on more than … Continue reading

Sales of Guns Soar in U.S. as Federal Government Seeks to Capitalize on Newtown Shooting

At a gun store in Casper, Wyo., late last month, a wall that typically displays about 25 military-style rifles was almost bare. Alan Rogers/Casper Star-Tribune, via Associated Press “They can’t make guns fast enough.” | Jan 11, 2013 By … Continue reading

Cops kicked out of Denny’s for having guns

Five plainclothes detectives were kicked out of a Denny’s restaurant for carrying their guns. | Jan 3, 2013 By Matt Pearce Are you a cop? Do you carry a gun? Don’t go to the Denny’s in Belleville, Ill. You … Continue reading

Another ATF operation comes under scrutiny after supplying Mexican drug cartels with guns

Dennis K. Burke, the former U.S. attorney in Phoenix, said convictions in the ATF’s White Gun operation “put a stop to a well-financed criminal conspiracy to acquire massive destructive firepower.” (Matt York, Associated Press / March 4, 2011) Members of … Continue reading

Guns From ATF “Operation Fast and Furious” Found in Home of Mexican Drug Cartel Enforcer

Fox News | Oct 9, 2011 WASHINGTON –  Assault weapons lost under the Fast and Furious gun surveillance program have been found in the Mexican home of the alleged leader of a massive drug cartel, according to The Los Angeles … Continue reading

Farmer menaced with death threats calls police who turn up to confiscate her shotguns

Officers took 35 minutes to arrive after she was threatened with chainsaws and knives She was pelted with rocks while a youth threatened to slit her throat and slaughter her cattle Despite being threatened with chainsaws and knives, police confiscated … Continue reading

Mexico lawmakers demand answers about guns smuggled under ATF’s watch

A legislator says at least 150 Mexicans have been killed or wounded by guns trafficked by smugglers being tracked by U.S. agents from the ATF. The charges may exacerbate already rocky U.S.-Mexico relations. Los Angeles Times | Mar 10, 2011 … Continue reading

Tenn. demonstrates trend of looser guns laws

Adam Henderson shops for a shotgun at Guns and Leather, a firearms store and shooting range, in Greenbrier, Tenn., on Friday. Over the last two years, 24 states, mostly in the South and West, have passed 47 laws loosening gun … Continue reading

Guns near Obama fuel ‘open-carry’ debate

This man, who would not tell reporters his name, carried an AR-15 rifle near an Aug. 17 appearance in Phoenix by President Barack Obama.Jack Kurtz / The Arizona Republic via AP Second Amendment activists divided by public displays of firearms … Continue reading

Lawmaker aims at making Texas firearms exempt from federal regulation

Star Telegram | May 4, 2009 By ANNA M. TINSLEY A Texas lawmaker wants to further push state sovereignty from the federal government. Rep. Leo Berman, a former Arlington mayor pro tem, has filed a bill to make guns, ammunition … Continue reading