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Parents horrified after learning primary schoolchildren aged just 10 are playing ‘the raping game’

Shock: Pupils have been banned from playing ‘the raping game’ – a playground activity that Stanford Junior School in Brighton (pictured) has stepped in to stop

One game called Rapelay sees the main character try to rape a mother and two daughters.

‘As soon as we found out this inappropriate word was being used, we spoke to the children concerned and they now no longer use it.’

Daily Mail | Feb 15, 2013

Primary school children have been banned from playing a new break time game they called ‘the raping game’.

The playground activity had been named after a violent video game which depicts violent sexual assaults on a mother and two daughters.

More than a dozen boys, some as young as nine, were caught playing the ‘the raping game’ at Stanford Junior School in Brighton, East Sussex.

The school confirmed it had been taking place and headteacher Gina Hutchins said she had spoken to children about the vile name. It has now been called ‘the survival game’ following the head’s intervention.

Mrs Hutchins said: ‘As soon as we found out that this inappropriate word was being used, we spoke to the children concerned and they now no longer use it.’

The game has been played mainly by boys in Year 5 at the school for the past two to three weeks.

It involves one person being ‘on’ who has to catch others until only one is left uncaught and that person is the winner.

About 13 boys, aged nine and ten, played the game in the school playground but have since changed the title.

One concerned parent said: ‘I was horrified that my son had learnt that word.

‘He is only nine. Thankfully he did not know what it meant but it was that horrible thought he might use it elsewhere.

‘Most people assume children learn these words at home.’

The parent added she did not blame the school saying it is almost impossible to stop children bringing words into the playground.

They commended the headteacher for her swift actions in taking decisive action and stamping out the use of the word.

It is unsure what video game led to the naming of the game, but several on the market contain scenes of rape.

One game called Rapelay sees the main character try to rape a mother and two daughters.

Narcotic task force and child services steal children from California medical marijuana patients

End the Lie | Mar 18, 2012

By Madison Ruppert

On the morning of September 29, 2011, around 8 AM, the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF) out of Butte, California, forced their way into the home of Jayme Walsh and his wife Daisy Bram.

The officers then arrested the two parents and with the help of Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Child Services Division of Butte County, seized their children.

Zeus, a 3-week-old suckling newborn was forcibly removed from the arms of his mother, and along with his 15-mont-old brother Thor, they were both placed in the home of a stranger, where they remained for four months.

You can hear the disturbing audio of the arrest in the video below. You can hear Jayme Walsh trying to calm Daisy Bram down while they are taking her children, which is clearly quite distressing to her for obvious reasons.

“Nothing Personal”

To clarify a bit of the audio, Walsh says that the charge of possession of ammunition by a felon was the result of police discovering a single old shotgun shell which was left on the property by the occupants. Walsh says that the charges were dismissed and that he is being regarded as a “felon” for a prior conviction some 12 years ago.

Walsh contends that prior to this quite disturbing incident, he “had not even gotten so much as a speeding ticket in years.”

Neither Thor nor Zeus had ever spent time away from their parents, so one can assume that this was likely quite a traumatic experience for the two children.

On September 7, 2011, three weeks before the BINTF and CPS burst into their home and stole their children, two deputies from Butte County Sheriff’s Office trespassed onto a clearly marked private road.

This came after Bram and Walsh had witnessed sheriff’s helicopters fly over their area all summer.

The deputies made their way around a locked and gated driveway and then onto the property of Bram and Walsh’s remote home located somewhere on a mountain in Concow, California.

The deputies claimed they were there for a so-called “compliance check” – which is a nice way to make an end run around probable cause and the entire Fourth Amendment in order to illegally “access to private homes to investigate legal medicinal cannabis gardens for potential arrest and prosecution,” according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legislation (NORML).

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How ‘experts’ are trying to kill off the traditional family

Traditional family? Apparently only a small minority come from ‘traditional nuclear families’ with married parents and two or more children (posed by models)

  • Only one in six Britons think they live in a ‘traditional family’, according to report
  • Britons are increasingly likely to describe single-parent, same-sex, or unmarried couples as ‘proper’ families

Daily Mail | Dec 6, 2011

How ‘experts’ are trying to kill off the traditional family: They say most of us live in alternative set-ups

By Steve Doughty

Only one in six people in Britain think they live as part of a traditional family, according to claims by a new think-tank yesterday.

Apparently, only a small minority come from ‘traditional nuclear families’ with married parents and two or more children, the Centre for the Modern Family said.

Its report said the traditional family is out of date and that the Government should consider ways to support alternative family forms that are adopted by the majority.

But the group’s research and findings were criticised by analysts who said that according to official statistics, six out of ten of all families with children are led by two married parents.

Family researcher and author Jill Kirby said: ‘A large majority of couples are still married.

‘By painting the traditional family as a tiny minority this report is giving a false picture of life in Britain. It makes one wonder what their agenda is.

‘Their data is absurdly fixed. It is at odds with the official data on the family.’

And one of the panel of experts that drew up the report, financed by the Scottish Widows insurance group, acknowledged that the low figure thrown up by its research was connected to the way the questions were framed.

The report comes at a key moment for Government policy on the family, with a gap appearing to widen between supporters of ministers such as Iain Duncan Smith who would like to see the tax and benefit system changed to support married couples, and those who believe state support for marriage should take a low priority.

David Cameron’s latest pledge is to extend the full title of marriage to same-sex couples who, at present, can become civil partners but do not have the right to call themselves married.

The Centre for the Modern Family produced its findings from research that involved ‘in-depth interviews’ with an unspecified group of people and a phone survey of 3,000 people carried out by the Futures Company.

The research was then examined by a panel that included Scottish Widows chairman Lord Leitch, a Labour donor who advised Tony Blair and retained close links with Gordon Brown’s administration, and Dr Katherine Rake, who leads the Family and Parenting Institute, a state-funded quango.

The report said that ‘just 16 per cent of people define themselves as part of a ‘traditional’ family of two married parents living together with two or more children’.

Lord Leitch said: ‘What is striking about our new research is how quickly new family structures and our attitudes towards them have changed in the past few decades.

‘So quickly, in fact, we suspect society has failed to keep up with the dramatic changes we are seeing in family life across the UK.

‘By society, I mean Government and public policy. But I also mean companies, charities and our public services.’

The report said: ‘The majority of people feel their family is unrepresented by politicians, the media and advertising, with 52 per cent claiming the Government does not take their family set-up into account.

‘The findings indicate family structures are becoming increasingly diverse. A quarter of all couples are childless, and one in five lives alone.

As a result of this, half of the population believe society is out of date in its view of the family.

‘In addition to married mums and dads with two or more children, Britons are increasingly likely to describe single-parent, same-sex, or unmarried couples as “proper” families.’

But Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University, one of the centre’s panel, acknowledged that the findings on numbers of traditional families have been influenced by the research methods used.

‘The 16 per cent is connected to the way they phrased it,’ he said.

‘We did not assume that 16 per cent of people were married with kids. I would be stunned if that were the case. They are doing it on the basis of 2.4 kids.’

The latest official figures on family structure were published by the Office for National Statistics in April.

They show that 60 per cent of families living with children aged 16 and under, or under 18 if still at school, are headed by married parents.

If all families – defined as all couples, including same-sex couples and couples who are childless or whose children have grown up, together with single parent families – are counted, married families make up 68 per cent of the total.

The figures apply to 2010 and were gathered from the ONS Labour Force Survey, which  covers 60,000 homes.

Experts challenge insanity diagnosis

Nigerian ‘baby factory’ children used ‘for rituals or other purposes’

Cases of child abuse and people trafficking are common in West Africa Photo: Justin Sutcliffe

Nigerian police have raided a home allegedly being used to force teenage girls to have babies that were then offered for sale for trafficking or other purposes, authorities said on Wednesday.

Telegraph | Jun 1, 2011

“We stormed the premises of the Cross Foundation in Aba three days ago following a report that pregnant girls aged between 15 and 17 are being made to make babies for the proprietor,” said Bala Hassan, police commissioner for Abia state in the country’s southeast.

“We rescued 32 pregnant girls and arrested the proprietor who is undergoing interrogation over allegations that he normally sells the babies to people who may use them for rituals or other purposes.”

Some of the girls told police they had been offered to sell their babies for between 25,000 and 30,000 naira (£113) depending on the sex of the baby.


Babies in most cases sold to ritualists, who in turn use them for different rituals

The babies would then be sold to buyers for anything from 300,000 naira to one million naira each, according to a state agency fighting human trafficking in Nigeria, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

The girls were expected to be transferred to the regional NAPTIP offices in Enugu on Wednesday, the regional head Ijeoma Okoronkwo told AFP.

Hassan said the owner of the “illegal baby factory” is likely to face child abuse and human trafficking charges. Buying or selling of babies is illegal in Nigeria and can carry a 14-year jail term.

“We have so many cases going on in court right now,” said Okoronkwo.

In 2008, police raids revealed an alleged network of such clinics, dubbed baby “farms” or “factories” in the local press.

Cases of child abuse and people trafficking are common in West Africa. Some children are bought from their families for use as labour in plantations, mines, factories or as domestic help.

Others are sold into prostitution while a few are either killed or tortured in black magic rituals. NAPTIP says it has also seen a trend of illegal adoption.

“There is a problem of illicit adoption and people not knowing the right way to adopt children,” said Okoronkwo.

Human trafficking is ranked the third most common crime after economic fraud and drug trafficking in the country, according to UNESCO.

Video games being blamed for divorce as men ‘prefer World of Warcraft to their wives’

Game over: Increasing numbers of women who are filing for divorce have cited their husband’s obsession with video games as one reason for the split

Daily Mail | May 31, 2011

By Lydia Warren

A growing number of marriages are being wrecked by video game addiction.

More women filing for divorce are complaining that their husbands spend too long playing video games, according to research.

Of those wives who cite unreasonable behaviour for ending their marriage, 15 per cent believe their partners put gaming before them.

This has soared from five per cent a year ago, the study by Divorce Online found.

In particular, disgruntled wives blamed World of Warcraft, which allows gamers to create their own fantasy character for mythical adventures, and Call Of Duty, where gamers battle in various war zones.

The games have faced heavy criticism in the past for their addictive properties, with some claiming that World of Warcraft is more addictive than cocaine.

One wife who blames her husband’s obsession for the breakdown of their marriage is Jessica Ellis, 24, from London.

She said: ‘He was addicted to World of Warcraft but played other games now and then. The amount he was playing gradually increased until I could not take it any more.

‘When it became serious he was playing up to eight hours a day. I was constantly trying to get him to cut back but he didn’t think he had a problem until I told him I wanted to leave. But by that time it was too late.’

Ryan G Van Cleave, an expert on video game addiction, said many partners were unaware that gaming can become an addiction.

He said: ‘The problem spouses encounter with video game addiction is that the non-gamer doesn’t appreciate that it’s an addiction. This means it’s not a choice to spend so much time in a virtual environment versus time with the spouse and family. It’s a compulsion.

‘The reality is that with the proper professional support, a video game addict, like any other type of addict, can overcome the addiction.’

The study looked at 200 unreasonable behaviour petitions filed by women.

Divorce Online managing director Mark Keenan said his team carried out the research after noticing World of Warcraft was repeatedly cited by unhappy wives.

He said: ‘I was surprised by the result at first, but I would expect the number to be even higher next year.

‘The increase could be a consequence of people staying indoors more because of the recession, or it might be being used by men in particular as a means of escape from an already unhappy relationship.’

Scandal would have kept Schwarzenegger out of office, analysts say

The offices of actor and former Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, where local media reported the trysts that caused his marital separation took place, in Santa Monica, California on May 17, 2011. Film star turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted Tuesday to fathering a lovechild with a staff member which he kept secret for a decade, until its disclosure torpedoed his marriage. The former bodybuilder’s estranged wife Maria Shriver, a daughter of the Kennedy political dynasty, reacted by asking for privacy during a ‘painful and heartbreaking time,’ while their children rallied round the family. A power couple married for 25 years, Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced their separation last week, four months after the former ‘Terminator’ star left office as California governor in January. Getty Images

McClatchy | May 17, 2011


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For more than a decade, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to keep secret the fact that he had fathered a child with a member of his household staff, misleading not only to his family, but also to millions of Californians who may not have elected him had they known.

Battered by years of fiscal problems, Schwarzenegger’s public approval rating had dipped to 23 percent when he left office in January. On his final day in office, he shortened the manslaughter sentence for the son of his political friend Fabian Nunez, angering his shrunken pool of supporters. If that had not already ruled out any political future, observers said, his acknowledgment Tuesday almost surely did.

“This layered on top of the Nunez thing pretty much means his political future is done at this point,” said Jeff Randle, a Republican strategist and former adviser to Schwarzenegger.

In the months since leaving office, Schwarzenegger has traveled extensively in Europe and South America, negotiated movie and animated TV show deals, and been mentioned as a possible federal appointee.

Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver announced last week that they were separating but gave no reason. Shriver moved out of their home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood earlier this year, after Schwarzenegger acknowledged having a child with a household employee.

“This is a painful and heartbreaking time,” Shriver said in a statement. “As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment.”

It was Shriver who defended her movie star husband against accusations he groped women late in his 2003 campaign, a defense that friend Barbara O’Connor said Shriver would not have provided had she known.

“She staked her whole life on her husband and her family,” said O’Connor, professor emeritus of communication at California State University, Sacramento. “This has to be her worst nightmare.”

Political advisers who worked for Schwarzenegger during his campaign to recall Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 said they were unaware of the child and acknowledged it would have made the campaign more difficult, if not impossible. When faced with allegations from multiple women in the days before the recall election, Schwarzenegger denied them all and finally said he had “behaved badly sometimes.”

Many observers said Schwarzenegger could not have overcome it.

“If it had come out during the recall campaign he wouldn’t have been elected,” said Dan Schnur, a veteran GOP strategist and director of the Jesse Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. “If it had come out while he was governor it would have had a huge impact.”

But Schnur said its impact on his legacy will likely be no more than a footnote.

“Arnold has always been pretty upfront about being fairly libertine in his personal life,” Schnur said. “That’s not to minimize the fact that there’s a child involved here, but he’s never presented himself as a social conservative or as a strong advocate for religious values.”

Democratic strategist Bob Mulholland, who fought against the effort to recall Davis, said Davis likely would have survived the recall effort and a Schwarzenegger candidacy would have been doomed if word of his dalliance had become public before the election.

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Father forced to beg foreign squatters to get out of his home while they were given legal aid to fight to stay

Peering through his own door: John Hamilton-Brown, 36, talks to a squatter through the letterbox of his new £1m property

Father forced to beg squatters to get out of his new £1m home through the LETTERBOX… while they were given legal aid to fight to stay

Daily Mail | February 27, 2011

By Rob Cooper

An Englishman’s home is his castle, so the saying goes.

After squatters moved into John Hamilton-Brown’s new £1million five bedroom home he has been forced to beg them to get out through his letterbox.

The group of foreigners were granted legal aid to fight to stay – while he was forced to represent himself.

The father-of-two was having the property renovated for his wife and two young daughters before they moved in when a dozen people from France, Spain, Poland and England sneaked in during the night.

The occupants are part of a growing army of squatters banding together and seeking out empty homes.

It emerged today that squatters, often young people, are swapping information online as they move from property to property before they get evicted.

On a forum details of empty homes are being posted – and squatters are advertising for housemates to move in with them.

Squatting is legal as long as occupants do not use force to break in.

On the Advisory Service for Squatters, users swap tips for getting into properties and bypassing alarms.

One user said: ‘i can help u to open/secure buildings. i have my own tools. price up on agreement, quality work.’

Another person asked for assistance getting into a different London home. He wrote: ‘I’ll be opening a new house in Highgate in the following days, if you can move in immediately and possibly help out opening it as it’s kind of tricky, call me…’

The group occupying Mr Hamilton Brown’s home qualified for legal aid because they are EU citizens and unemployed.

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