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Hitler’s cushy prison life in the 1920s revealed

Hitler and friends relaxing at Landsberg prison

Independent | Jun 24, 2010

By David Rising in Berlin

Adolf Hitler enjoyed special treatment while jailed in 1924 and was allowed hundreds of visitors – sometimes unsupervised – including some 30 to 40 celebrants of his 35th birthday. The details have emerged from documents written by officials at the prison near Munich where he was held.

The 500 papers from the Landsberg prison were recently found by a Nuremberg man among the possessions of his late father, who purchased them at a flea market in the 1970s according to Werner Behringer, whose auction house in the Bavarian city of Fuerth will offer them for sale next month.

Mr Behringer said they were packed among a bundle of books on the First World War the man had bought, and his 55-year-old son, who has requested anonymity, never knew of their existence. “His father probably didn’t know what he had there,” Mr Behringer told Associated Press. Robert Bierschneider, an archivist with the Bavarian State Archives in Munich, said he had examined images of the documents Mr Behringer sent to him and they had stamps and notations matching others from the prison.

“The documents appear genuine, but to do a real examination we need the originals in our hands,” he said.

The documents are to be auctioned on 2 July, with a starting price of €25,000 (£20,000). Though only one is signed by Hitler, and much of the information is otherwise available, they do provide an intriguing window into his early days as Nazi leader.

Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg after his abortive bid to seize power in the notorious “beer hall putsch” in Munich. A decade later, in 1933, the Nazis came to power through elections.

Sentenced to five years in prison, Hitler was granted early release and ended up serving about nine months.

His right-wing politics and German nationalism won him friends among the German establishment, including the First World War hero Erich Ludendorff. He came to visit Hitler several times in jail and the Prussian general was allowed to see the former Austrian corporal unsupervised for as long as he wanted, the documents show.

They include some 300 to 400 original cards listing Hitler’s other visitors, including the 30 to 40 allowed in to celebrate his birthday on 20 April 1924 – 19 days into his sentence. “His time in prison was more like a holiday,” Mr Behringer said.

Otto Leybold, the prison director, gushed about Hitler in a memo about the inmates on 18 September 1924, saying he was always “sensible, modest, humble and polite to everyone – especially to the officers of the facility.”

Hitler spent much of his time in prison writing his manifesto Mein Kampf, detailing his ideology and ambitions, but the documents also show he had time for more prosaic thoughts.

In a typed copy that prison authorities made of a letter Hitler wrote to a Munich car dealer, the future dictator is having a hard time deciding whether to purchase a newer model Benz 11/40 or the older 16/50 because he had concerns that the higher RPMs of the motor in the former might mean that it would have more mechanical problems. “I can’t get a new car every two or three years,” he wrote.

He also noted he had court costs to pay once released and asked the dealer to arrange a discount on an 11/40. “Please reserve the grey car that you have in Munich until I have clarity about my fate (probation?).”

Kissinger rescinded cease-and-desist order against international terrorism just days before 1976 bombing in Washington killed Chilean diplomat

A cordial meeting with Chilean dictator Pinochet in 1975. Kissinger ordered that “no further action be taken on this matter” by the State Department.

A document suggests the secretary of State rejected warning South American governments against international terrorism. Five days later, a bombing linked to Chile killed 2 in Washington.

Kissinger cable heightens suspicions about 1976 Operation Condor killings

LA Times | Apr 11, 2010

By Andrew Zajac and David S. Cloud

Reporting from Washington — A newly declassified document has added to long-standing questions about whether Henry Kissinger, while secretary of State, halted a U.S. plan to curb a secret program of international assassinations by South American dictators.

The document, a set of instructions cabled from Kissinger to his top Latin American deputy, ended efforts by U.S. diplomats to warn the governments of Chile, Uruguay and Argentina against involvement in the covert plan known as Operation Condor, according to Peter Kornbluh, an analyst with the National Security Archive, a private research organization that uncovered the document and made it public Saturday.


Cable ties Kissinger to Chile controversy

Kissinger Accused Of Turning Blind Eye To Political Killings In Chile And Elsewhere

Kissinger Effectively Gave Go-Ahead for Terrorist Attack on US Soil in 1976

In the cable, dated Sept. 16, 1976, Kissinger rejected delivering a proposed warning to the government of Uruguay about Condor operations and ordered that “no further action be taken on this matter” by the State Department.

Five days after Kissinger’s message, Chilean exile Orlando Letelier and an American colleague were killed in Washington’s Embassy Row in a car bombing later tied to Chilean secret police working through the Condor network. The killings are considered one of the most brazen attacks ever carried out in the capital.

“The document confirms that it’s Kissinger’s complete responsibility for having rescinded a cease-and-desist order to Condor killers,” said Kornbluh, author of a 2004 book on Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

In a statement, Kissinger said Kornbluh “distorted” the meaning of the cable and said it was intended only to disapprove a specific approach to the Uruguayan government, not to cancel the plan to issue warnings to other nations in the Condor network.

Former State Department officials who worked under Kissinger during that period now say that his cable did interrupt the U.S. effort to rein in Operation Condor, not just with Uruguay but with other countries in the region.

After being told of the existence of Condor by the CIA in mid-1976, Kissinger initially ordered U.S. ambassadors in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and other countries involved in the network to issue demarches, or formal diplomatic presentations, warning leaders that “Condor activities would undermine relations with the United States.”

“The instructions were never rescinded,” Kissinger said in his statement.

Silvio Berlusconi to push for change to Italian constitution for greater powers

London Times | Mar 22, 2010

by Richard Owen, Rome

The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is proposing to change the constitution by referendum to give him greater powers as a “directly elected president”.

Addressing supporters of his People of Liberty (PdL) party at a rally in Rome, Mr Berlusconi said that he planned a “great, great, great reform” in the remaining three years of his term.

This would include changes to the judiciary, which he claims is biased against him, a cut in the number of MPs and senators and direct elections for a head of state with expanded powers.

The president is currently elected by Parliament, and has limited powers. Mr Berlusconi did not say whether he would be a candidate but the Italian press said that the announcement was consistent with his populist belief that “the people” supported him despite the “lies” spread by “magistrates and the press”.

PdL officials said that more than a million people attended the rally in Rome, staged under the slogan “Love always wins over envy and hatred” to the soundtrack from Star Wars.

However, police put the turnout at 150,000 — fewer than the crowds that attended a centre-left, anti-Berlusconi rally a week previously.

New opinion polls show that Mr Berlusconi’s approval rating has slipped to 44 per cent from 62 per cent when he was elected to his third term a year and a half ago.

Last week the Prime Minister addressed a half-empty hall at an election rally in Naples.

Mr Berlusconi’s standing could suffer another blow if centre-right voters abstain in elections in 13 regions next weekend after the PdL bungled the registration of its candidates in Lazio, the region around Rome. It missed the deadline because a party official went out for a sandwich.

Questions were also raised over the validity of signatures accompanying the PdL list in Mr Berlusconi’s native Lombardy region.

At first the Prime Minister turned on “idiots” in his party but later blamed the Left for “dirty tricks”.

Pier Luigi Bersani, leader of the opposition Democratic Party, said that Mr Berlusconi was increasingly “nervous” because “he knows the tide is turning against him”.

Renato Mannheimer, Italy’s top pollster, said: “The centre-right electorate is disoriented and has lost confidence in its leaders, whom they see as disorganised.”

Magistrates are investigating Mr Berlusconi for abuse of office after tapped phone conversations indicated that he had interfered to try to block his critics from appearing on talk shows and news bulletins not only on his Mediaset television network but also on programmes of RAI, the public broadcaster.

At the Rome rally, outside the Basilica of St John Lateran, Mr Berlusconi said that “leftist” judges and politicians had concocted “a laughable investigation based on the tapping of my calls.

“Do you want phone taps on everyone and everything? Do you want to be spied on in your own homes?” he asked the crowd — which roared back, “No”.

“We don’t often take to the streets but it was absolutely necessary to defend ourselves from the attacks of the Left and its magistrates,” Mr Berlusconi told his supporters.

“We are here to have our right to vote guaranteed. With you, love and freedom will win.”

Ministers and PdL regional candidates attended the Rome rally. However, Gianfranco Fini, the Speaker of the Lower House and co-founder of the party — who has distanced himself from the Prime Minister and is seen as his most likely challenger — did not take part, saying that his institutional position prevented him from doing so. He is to launch a new movement in May called Generation Italy.

Madonna consulting Queen on Wallis Simpson scandal for new film

Edward VIII and Wallis meet with their friend Adolf Hitler in 1936

Madonna is writing to the Queen to ask for assistance with a film that she is making about Wallis Simpson.

Queen of pop Madonna seeks help from the real Queen

Telegraph | Mar 13, 2010

By Richard Eden

Known as the Queen of pop, Madonna hopes to receive a helping hand with her new film from a genuine monarch.

The 51-year-old American singer is to write to the Queen to ask for assistance with W.E., a film that she is making about the Edward VIII abdication crisis.

“Madonna is keen to make the film as authentic as possible and would be very grateful if we are allowed to film at certain locations,” says one of her associates. “She loves the UK and holds your Queen in the highest regard.”

Madonna, who lived in Sir Cecil Beaton’s former house in Dorset during her seven-year marriage to the British director Guy Ritchie, plans to start shooting the film this summer.

The singer has long been fascinated by the 1936 crisis, in which Edward VIII’s desire to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American socialite, caused a constitutional dilemma.


How Madonna and Hollywood Whitewashed Eva Peron’s Nazi Past

The British Monarchy Has Its Roots in Nazism

The Nazi relative that the Royals disowned

The crisis was resolved by Edward’s abdication and his succession by his brother, George VI, who was the Queen’s father. Edward was given the title the Duke of Windsor and he married Mrs Simpson.

The film, for which Madonna worked on the screenplay, will star Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress, as a contemporary woman obsessed by the story of Mrs Simpson.

A courtier warns that Madonna should not get her hopes up as filming is generally not allowed in the Royal palaces. “I can’t imagine that Her Majesty would make an exception, particularly for a film about Wallis Simpson,” he says.

Adam Weishaupt´s Legacy I: An Iron Fist Has Come Down On Europe | Feb 17, 2010

by Anders Bruun Laursen

Something is rotten in the state of Europe. The following quotes are just from Open Europe´s 16 Febr. mail service:

New Europe: “The European Parliament is refusing to disclose the identities of MEPs who were forced to pay back €3.4 million in “wrongly claimed” expenses.”

Financial Times: “Eurozone crisis illustrates the democratic deficit inherent in European project. “It looks very much as if Greece’s fiscal sovereignty will be…temporarily suspended.” “The EU suffers from a lack of popular legitimacy. The manner in which the Lisbon treaty was passed was unedifying, giving the impression that the EU is a stitch-up by a small elite”

ORF reports that unmanned airplanes, or so-called “drones“, are a key part of the European Commission’s INDECT project. The system will potentially be used to detect “abnormal behaviour” in crowded areas.

This EU is grasping for more and more power, not only the Union for the Mediterranean: The new President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, is using the financial crisis sweeping the eurozone to launch an audacious grab for power over national budgets, leaked documents reveal. ‘Europe’ is making a power-grab for the purse-strings of the member states that fund it. The problem, as ever, is one of “the transfer of sovereignty” from national capitals to Brussels, Belgium’s Finance Minister Didier Reynders said on Friday.

Open Europe: The recent crisis (Greece) has already prompted calls for greater EU powers over economic policy. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said, “Economic policy isn’t a national, but a European matter.” EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy added, “Recent developments in the euro area highlight the urgent need to strengthen our economic governance”. Predictions that the euro project… is not viable, are becoming truer by the minute.

And now this from Greece on 16 Febr.: To give the final push, Papandreou wants to legalize all Asian and African Muslim hordes that have invaded our country with the financing of the Turkish mafia and extremist Saudis. “Progressives” refer to them as war refugees .I believe Papandreou is on a mission to destroy Europe along with Greece. He will achieve that firstly by economic means. This man has given bad publicity to the Euro, has managed to sink the Greek economy and also create problems for the Eurozone. Also with his Soros, Rockerfeller funded NGO-driven policy on immigration, he is preparing troubles for Europe as well. The Times 17 Febr.: Greece on the verge of revolution. Rothschild partner Goldman Sachs involved. El Pais 14 Febr. The Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) is investigating speculations against Spain – Prime Minister Zapatero hint at speculation against the euro.

What is wrong? Just listen to Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament: An Iron Fist has come down on Europe – as the successor of the Iron Curtain, and the communists are taking over the EU Commission!

But it would be too simplified to say, the EU is just communist. The EU is deeply under the influence of Rothschild´s financial (de)regulation and of the Rothschild-governed corporative interest-group, the European Round Table of Industrialists. As Mussolini stated: Government and corporations governing in common is the definition of fascism.

Canadian Free Press 14 Febr. 2010: Walter Lippmann (another Jewish elitist), opining in 1932.In the name of progress, men who call themselves communists, socialists, fascists…progressives, and even liberals, are unanimous in holding that government with its instruments of coercion, must by commanding the people how they shall live, direct the course of civilization”….. Social engineering!”

Before the advent of WW II, it was accepted wisdom among the left-wing intelligentsia that fascism was one of “their” doctrines. Hitler and Mussolini were lionized by the Left.

The European Union is a strategic deception operation. The EU is a political collective – the new Soviet Union according to Michael Gorbachev. All decisions are taken collectively, in consensus, all politicians are selected for appointment, and all parties have basically the same political program: Loyalty to the (communist – according to the Club of Rome) New World Order government in Brussels.

Peter Mandelson, former EU Trade Commissioner and now UK First Secretary of State: “We all need China to succeed and to start leading”. So says George Soros.

Here is an excerpt from a post from 1 Febr. 2010 brought by the British Centurean2 Blog by Brian Gerrish, the British naval officer, who exposed the communist “Common Purpose” infiltrataing the UK and the EU. By Brian Gerrish

Marxists have penetrated the EU and Westminster, and they are building a dictatorship in Britain and Europe. The EU is itself a creation of Fabian Marxism. A slow creeping ideological cancer that has now spread within the western world including the UK. We ignore this spread of cancer at our peril.

Secret police, hidden gulag prison camps, arrests, spies, mistrust amongst neighbours, propaganda and a life of serving the State. Have you noticed the proliforation of police state regulations now blighting Britain. Not to mention the CCTV cameras, 20,000 public official snoopers, politically correct speech, Vexatious Threat Asssessment Centres where the police and psychiatrists can section people for thinking about crime, and courts with no juries. Under Fabian Blair, supported by Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dem MPs, the UK was happy to launch illegal wars, assist in torture and run a BBC propaganda programme to cover up the truth. Are these all coincidences?

Full article

Berlusconi to remain prime minister of Italy even if convicted in two corruption trials

Silvio Berlusconi to stay on if convicted

Silvio Berlusconi will refuse to resign as prime minister of Italy even if he is convicted in two corruption trials due to begin later this month.

Telegraph | Nov 2, 2009

By Nick Squires in Rome

berlusconi-satan-handMr Berlusconi, 73, who is battling a series of sex scandals and legal entanglements as well as a dose of scarlet fever, said a conviction would only strengthen his resolve to lead.

Italian law allows for two exhaustive levels of appeal, during which time the defendant remains at liberty. The appeals could take years and might extend the cases until they “time out” under Italy’s complicated statute of limitations system.

The first trial, which involves tax fraud and false accounting allegations involving his television empire Mediaset is due to start on November 16.

The second, in which he is accused of paying £370,000 bribe to his British tax accountant David Mills, the estranged husband of Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, will resume shortly afterwards, on Nov 27. The prime minister denies all the charges.


Berlusconi’s Little Hitlers

Berlusconi calls for global watchdog

Italian politians ‘made fascist salutes’ during tribute to Jews

Berlusconi’s Would-Be Successors Jostle for Mussolini’s Mantle

Berlusconi appears to admit to bribing judges in embarrassing slip

Italy’s senior politicians voice sympathy with fascist era of Benito Mussolini

Italy’s “Solution” to “Problem-Gypsy” fingerprinting Reaction: Fingerprint ALL citizens

“I still have confidence in the existence of serious magistrates who issue serious sentences, based on facts,” he said. “If there is a conviction at trial, we would be confronted with such a subversion of the truth that I would all the more feel the duty to resist (and stay) at my post to defend democracy and rule of law.”

Angelo Bonelli, an opposition MP, said the prime minister’s declaration sent “an unedifying message to the country”.

Both trials were frozen last year when Mr Berlusconi passed a law giving himself immunity from prosecution while in office.

His opponents said it was a brazen attempt to twist the law to serve his own ends. It was ruled unconstitutional by Italy’s highest court last month, a decision which prompted the prime minister to lash out at “communist” judges and magistrates who he claims are bent on destroying him.

The association of Italian magistrates denounced the attack as “groundless and ridiculous” and said it was considering calling a strike.

Pinochet’s execution squads to testify about their atrocities hoping for pensions and benefits


Pope John Paul II visits with Chilean dictator Pinochet in 1987

Pinochet’s execution squads ready to testify on atrocities

Scotsman | Nov 2, 2009

By Eva Vergara in Santiago

HUNDREDS of former military conscripts are making a provocative offer to Chile’s government. They will reveal details of crimes committed by General Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship – but only if their safety is guaranteed.

The conscripts fear that if they reveal where the bodies are buried, they will face prosecution by the courts or retaliation by the superiors who ordered them decades ago to torture and kill political prisoners.

The information they once promised to carry to their graves has become both a heavy psychological burden and a bargaining chip. By offering confessions, the former soldiers hope to improve their chances of securing benefits from pensions to psychological treatment.

“We were executors and witnesses of many brutalities and now we’re willing to talk about them for our own personal redemption,” said former soldier Fernando Mellado, who organised a meeting yesterday of former conscripts outside Chile’s presidential palace.

“So if there is any opportunity in which we can testify, maybe anonymously, then we’d be happy to oblige.”

Mr Mellado leads the Santiago chapter of the Former Soldiers of 1973 and has been working with similar groups across Chile to work out whether and how to turn over the information.

Of the 8,000 people conscripted as teenagers from Santiago alone in the tumultuous year when Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende’s government and cemented his hold on power, Mr Mellado believes “between 20 and 30 per cent are willing to talk”.

Chilean security forces killed 3,186 people during the dictatorship, including 1,197 who were made to disappear, according to an official count.

In nearly two decades of democracy since then, fewer than 8 per cent of the disappeared have been found, said Viviana Diaz of the Assembly of Family Members of the Disappeared Detainees. Hundreds of recovered remains, some just bone fragments, have yet to be identified. Only those who buried the bodies know where other common graves lie.

Ms Diaz hopes the former soldiers start talking, even if they do so outside the courts. “People have come to us and all we tell them is, ‘It doesn’t matter that you don’t reveal your identity, just tell us the location.”‘

Chilean law allows for a “just following orders” defence for former soldiers who submit to the mercy of the courts, naming names and providing information that could help resolve some of the thousands of crimes committed under Pinochet’s 1973-1990 rule.

But most former soldiers fear the consequences for themselves and their families. Some worry that judges who rose through the ranks under Pinochet might protect their former officers instead.

One confessed to shooting an entire family. Another – now an alcoholic who sleeps in the street in Santiago – said he was forced to drown a seven-year-old boy in a barrel of hardening plaster.

“Our mission was to stand guard outside, and listen to their screams,” said former conscript Jose Paredes, who described his service at the Tejas Verdes torture centre. “They would end up destroyed, torn apart, their teeth and faces broken.”