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Pepsi to ‘change’ can design some say depicts 9/11

Rolando Martinez’ photo which some say depicts the New York skyline on Sept. 11, 2001. | Dec 19, 2011

WASHINGTON — A photograph apparently taken by an American servicemember of a Pepsi can before departing Iraq has spurred a heated debate online for what some say is a “slap in the face” from the sodamaker’s Middle East/Africa division.

As U.S. troops left Iraq, U.S. soldier Rolando Martinez reportedly took the photo at right of a Pepsi can he found. Many online, including users who posted to the PepsiCo Facebook page, believe the rendering of a skyline combined with an airplane overhead depict the Twin Towers in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

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McDonald’s debuts light version of its French fries in Chicago: A laser light billboard that resembles New York’s 9/11 memorial

McDonald’s new ad campaign designed by Leo Burnett Chicago features giant yellow lights that look like fries beaming into the sky. Leo Burnett Chicago

The ‘Fry Lights’ billboard shoots yellow beams into the heavens to honor the French fry


BY Amanda Mikelberg

McDonald’s has reclaimed the Bush era catchphrase “freedom fries” with a light-beam tribute to the fried potato that looks remarkably like Tribute in Light, which shines annually at Ground Zero.

As part of its “Best Fries on the Planet” campaign, McDonald’s partnered with Chicago-based marketing giant Leo Burnett to design the “Fry Lights” billboard in the suburb Oak Brook, where it’s visible from a three-mile radius, McDonald’s said.

The billboard features a “giant box of fries with beacons of golden light illuminating the night sky,” says NBC Chicago, which called it “a beacon of hope for fast-food junkies and late-night drunks in downtown Chicago.”

Tribute McDonalds
On the left, the ‘Tribute of Light’ in New York City. On the right, McDonald’s ‘Fry Lights’ billboard in Chicago. (John Tracy for New York Daily News; Leo Burnett Chicago)

The marketing device’s apparent inspiration is New York City’s monument to the Twin Towers that has shone every year on September 11 since the World Trade Center bombings in 2001.

Although the McDonald’s team has yet to comment on the freedom-themed advertisement, Twitter users apparently approve of the marketing strategy.

“McDonald’s has a very creative and awesome new billboard in Chicago that you need to see,” posted Twitter user and media ethics PhD student Cory Weaver.

The Fry Lights billboard will reportedly be turned off on December 8.

Court: Silverstein Not Liable in 9/11 7 WTC Collapse | Sep 27, 2011

By Mark Hamblett

NEW YORK CITY-A federal judge has dismissed negligence claims by utility company Con Edison over the destruction of the original 7 World Trade Center on 9/11. Southern District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, in In re September 11 Litigation, said the chain of events that led to the destruction of 7 World Trade was “much too improbable to be consistent with any duty” toward Con Edison by builder and developer Larry Silverstein and Citigroup, the successor-in-interest to the building’s primary tenant, Salomon Brothers.

The building caught fire from flaming debris after planes hijacked by terrorists slammed into the twin towers. The 47-story 7 World Trade collapsed at 5:21 p.m., destroying a Con Edison substation.

Two counts charged Silverstein’s 7WTCo. with negligence in the design and construction of the building and for permitting commercial tenants to install diesel-fueled backup generators. Two counts against Citigroup claimed an unreasonably dangerous design that incorporated “an unreasonable amount of diesel fuel” in two 6,000-gallon tanks. With so many firefighters dead from the collapse of the towers next door, and the water system destroyed, there was no way to stop the fire, which was made worse when the diesel tanks inside the building exploded.


Judge Hellerstein quoted the famous 1928 ruling of Palsgraf vs. Long Island R.R. Co., where the New York Court of Appeals dismissed a negligence claim based on a sequence of events in which train guards allegedly pushed a man carrying a package of fireworks onto a train, he dropped the package and the fireworks exploded, causing a set of scales at the other end of the platform to fall over, strike and allegedly injure a passenger. The Palsgraf court said the “risk reasonably to be perceived defines the duty to be obeyed, and risk imports relation; it is risk to another or to others within the range of apprehension.”

Judge Hellerstein said, “It was not within 7WTCo.’s, or Citigroup’s, ‘range of apprehension’ that terrorists would slip through airport security, hijack an airplane, crash it suicidally into one of the two tallest skyscrapers in New York City, set off falling debris that would ignite a building several hundred feet away, cause structural damage to it, destroy water mains causing an internal sprinkler system to become inoperable, kill 343 firemen and paralyze the rest so that a fire within a building would not be put out and the building would be allowed to burn an entire day before it consumed itself and collapsed.”

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9/11 Memorial Gun Ban Outrages First Responders, Retired Cops

NYPD officers stood at attention during a ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial Sept. 20, 2011, one of the dedicated “first responder” days on which they were allowed to carry firearms at the memorial. PHOTO CREDIT DNAinfo/Julie Shapiro

“We all have permits to carry our weapons. We are not criminals. We are not terrorists.”

DNAinfo | Sep 27, 2011

By Julie Shapiro

LOWER MANHATTAN — Ten years and one week after Robert Reardon rushed to the fires at Ground Zero, the retired NYPD detective returned to the attack site and tried to visit the new 9/11 Memorial for the first time.

But Reardon, 54, a Staten Island resident, was turned away because, as many retired police officers do, he was carrying a gun.

“I still can not believe the disrespect I felt, and feel now,” Reardon wrote in an e-mail to DNAinfo after the Sept. 18 incident. “We are retired members of the NYPD. We all have permits to carry our weapons. We are not criminals. We are not terrorists.”

Reardon said he had reserved a memorial visitor pass in advance and traveled to lower Manhattan on Sept. 18 with friends and family members, planning to commemorate a woman they knew who was killed, and whose remains have never been recovered.

He said he was stunned to be barred from entering the site where he had unhesitatingly responded 10 years earlier.

The 9/11 Memorial referred questions about the firearm policy to the NYPD, which did not respond to requests for comment. The mayor’s office did not immediately return a call for comment.

But a source familiar with the policy said that retired or off-duty law-enforcement officers are not allowed to bring guns into the 9/11 Memorial, except on seven dedicated first responder days this fall.

That policy, which does not apply to on-duty officers, was determined by the NYPD, the source said.

As word about the rule spread among retired NYPD officers this week, many were surprised and upset.

“It’s one of the most asinine things I ever heard in my life,” said retired NYPD Lt. Commander Ed Day, 60, who lives in Rockland County.

“It’s as though law enforcement feels we’re more of a threat on some days and less on other days. It makes no sense.”

Day said he almost always carries a weapon with him because, after working at countless grisly crime scenes, he has seen how dangerous the world can be.

“If, God forbid, something happened, I would like to have the ability to intercede,” said Day, who retired in 2000 and responded to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but not to 9/11. “I want to have a level chance of protecting my family.”

Retired NYPD Lt. John Lincks, who also previously served in the U.S. Army and now lives in Florida, said he has earned the right to carry a weapon, and it is wrong for the NYPD to take that away.

“It is an insult to prohibit those of us who served from bearing arms when we are properly licensed to carry them,” Lincks said.

Reardon, who wrote a letter to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg detailing his experience, said he doesn’t understand why the NYPD feels that retired or off-duty officers are a threat.

“If anything, you would think it might just be a good idea to have us around,” Reardon said. “Most of us have not forgotten how to help.”

NYPD sergeant shot by wife ‘forced her to look at gory trophy pictures from 9/11’

Shooting: Barbara Sheehan is accused of killing her husband Raymond

Daily Mail | Sep 27, 2011

By John Stevens

A retired NYPD sergeant who was shot dead by his wife used to force her to look at gory ‘trophy’ pictures from 9/11, a court heard yesterday.

Barbara Sheehan, 50, of Queens, New York, is on trial for murdering her husband Raymond Sheehan, 49, in 2008.

Prosecutors claims that she shot the former police officer 11 times using two handguns, but she has pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defence and saying she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Sheehan’s son-in-law yesterday testified that her husband had made her look at crime-scene photos from the World Trade Center site, that included shots of body parts.

‘It was as if they were his trophies,’ said Jesse Joyce. ‘He kept trying to show Mrs Sheehan but she kept trying to look away from them. He would tell her, “Look at this. You need to see this.”’

Last week, Sheehan told the court that her husband often showed her photos of crime scenes as a way to intimidate her.

The former police sergeant, who retired in 2002, allegedly bragged about how he could kill her and get away with it.

Mr Sheehan was on the crime scene team that worked at Ground Zero in the weeks after September 11.

Sheehan said that she did not leave her husband because he threatened to kill her and their two children.

Other witnesses yesterday told the court about bruises they had seen on Sheehan and testified about how she tried to cover them by for example wearing long sleeves, even during the summer.

A member of staff at the school where Sheehan worked testified how she had once removed a pair of sunglasses to reveal two black eyes.

The trial continues.

NYPD air power couldn’t have averted 9/11 attacks, Bloomberg says

“New York City Police Department has lots of capabilities you don’t know about and you won’t know about them,” Bloomberg said. | Sep 26, 2011


The NYPD’s air strike capability couldn’t have averted the terror attacks on 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg said today.

“It certainly does not mean 9/11 wouldn’t have occurred,” the mayor said following an education conference in midtown. “9/11, there’s been plenty written about whether there were enough telltale signs, and people should have known and nobody listened, and that sort of thing. It’s not my job to rehash history. Our job is to make sure that we stay safe going forward and that we show that the terrorists didn’t win and that New York City is back.”

The mayor discussed the security-sensitive issue — first disclosed by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on “60 Minutes” — only in generalities and without providing further details of the NYPD’s firepower.

“New York City Police Department has lots of capabilities you don’t know about and you won’t know about them,” Bloomberg said.

“I can’t guarantee that you’re safe forever or perfectly safe. What I can tell you is that in 10 years we seem to have stopped a number — and who knows how many additional that we don’t know about — to have terrorism here, while terrorism did rear its ugly head tragically in other places.”

Ahmadinejad: planes did not cause Twin Towers to fall

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 66th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, September 22, 2011. Reuters

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that as an engineer he is sure the Twin Towers were not brought down by planes crashing into them. | Sep 23, 2011

Mr Ahmadinejad, in a typically inflammatory interview given after he sparked a mass walkout at the UN, said it would have been impossible for two planes to bring down the towers simply by hitting them. He claimed some kind of planned explosion must have taken place.

Mr Ahmadinejad stopped short of saying the United States staged the disaster 10 years ago. But he said there are questions the world should resolve, and noted there are doubters in the United States as well.


Iran leader: Bin Laden killing was 9/11 coverup

The outspoken Iranian leader, who is in New York for the UN General Assembly, was denied his request last year to visit the site of the World Trade Center collapse. He said he won’t make another attempt this year.

Mr Ahmadinejad also said he thinks time has not run out for Iran and the US to repair their bad relationship.

He said US President Barack Obama could still make good on a pledge to try to improve on 30 years of enmity.

Mr Ahmadinejad said he was open to meeting Mr Obama. He said the two countries could cooperate in several areas, including intelligence, and could talk about his country’s disputed nuclear program.

The White House declined to comment on his remarks.

Mr Ahmadinejad provoked a walkout by diplomats from more than 30 countries at the General Assembly when he attacked the US and Europe as being greedy, arrogant and too ready to use military force. He has made similar waves in past gatherings in New York, but at home his powers have been weakened by Iran’s ruling clerics.

Tony Bennett apologizes for 9/11 comments

Singer Tony Bennett arrives at the 2011 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute honoring Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles, February 11, 2011.

Reuters | Sep 21, 2011

by Danny Moloshok

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Singer Tony Bennett apologized on Wednesday for controversial comments he made in a radio interview that suggested the United States bore blame for provoking the September 11 attacks.

“There is simply no excuse for terrorism and the murder of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks on our country,” Bennett, 85, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The legendary “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” singer cited his service as a U.S. soldier in World War II, and said experiences such as fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and marching with Martin Luther King Jr. have made him “a life-long humanist and pacifist.”

“I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world,” he said.

Bennett commented on the September 11, 2001, attacks during an appearance on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio program, where the two discussed the planes flown into New York’s World Trade Centre by members of al Qaeda.

“They flew the plane in but we caused it,” Bennett said on the show. “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.”

Bennett’s remarks caused a furore in the United States just as he launches his new album “Duets II,” which features a track he recorded with the late Amy Winehouse, and songs with Lady Gaga and Aretha Franklin.

Lupe Fiasco Talks 9/11 Conspiracy at New York Protest

“9/11, Building 7, Did they really pull it?”

More political talk from the outspoken MC.

BET | Sep 20, 2011

By Reggie Ugwu

Lupe Fiasco has been known to espouse some controversial views about American society and government, and over the weekend he put his money where his mouth is by attending a large protest rally in downtown New York. Dubbed “Occupy Wall Street,” the protesters say they were inspired by recent revolutions in the Arab world to use “mass occupation to restore democracy in America.”

While at the protest, Lupe was interviewed by an organization called We Are Change. He shared his views about the need to investigate 9/11 and the existence of a “New World Order.”

“There was never really a real, proper investigation,” Lupe said of 9/11 and the collapse of 7 World Trade Center or “Building 7,” which many conspiracy theorists maintain was detonated by the U.S. government. “It’s just something that always stood out as a sort of elephant in the room for me.”

Lupe Fiasco on Building 7, 911 truth and New World Order

Numerous public investigations by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and others have provided evidence that the lower levels of 7 World Trade Center caught fire after the North Tower fell and burned for hours before its eventual collapse. But on his song “Words I Never Said,” Lupe poked at the issue.

“9/11, Building 7, Did they really pull it?” he rhymed.

“I think the New World Order is something that is deliberate and in the public,” Lupe said, when asked about secret meetings by “elites” in order to consolidate power.

“I don’t think it’s as nefarious as a lot of people make it out to be. It’s just a lot of things that we silently allow to happen,” he said. Lupe cited average citizens who own stock in certain corporations via their 401(k) or who support ExxonMobile by filling up their gas tank as being complicit in the system that upholds the status quo.

Lupe clarified that he doesn’t want to push an agenda, but sees himself as a critical thinker.

“I’m not on any side of the fence,” he said at one point. “My thing is, let’s just get to the truth.”

Lupe Fiasco – The Illuminati & The Music Industry

Prince Andrew meets with the Bin Laden family | Sep 21, 2011

By Richard Palmer

Prince Andrew has met with members of Bin Laden's family

PRINCE Andrew has met the family of slain Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden on a £40,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Saudi Arabia.

Two months after officially stepping down from his role as UK Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, Andrew is back fronting a trade mission despite controversy over his links with shady businessmen and a convicted paedophile.

The Duke of York is on a five-day trip to Saudi Arabia aimed at opening doors for British exporters in the kingdom. Last month Andrew, 51, a frequent visitor to the Arabian peninsula, was photographed frolicking in the sea and kissing a woman who looked at least 20 years his junior while enjoying a Mediterranean holiday on a superyacht owned by Saudi billionaire Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel.

UK Trade and Investment, the Government body that helps British exporters, has refused to say which companies stand to benefit from the trade trip, which Andrew has undertaken with Lord Stephen Green, Britain’s trade and investment minister.

Britain sends up to 75 per cent of its arms exports to Saudi Arabia, which earlier this year stamped down on pro-democracy activists eager to spread the Arab Spring revolutions to the kingdom. The Saudi military also went to the aid of the beleaguered King of Bahrain and brutally repressed pro-democracy protesters in the country, reportedly using UK-manufactured armoured vehicles.

Buckingham Palace and UKTI both insisted that the Prince was not taking part in any meetings involving arms deals but did not rule out the possibility that others on the trip could be discussing exporting weapons to the kingdom.

The palace and UKTI were at loggerheads over who was paying for the trip. A spokeswoman for UKTI insisted that the trade body was not paying for any of the Prince’s visit. She said, as far as she knew, Andrew was paying for it out of his own pocket.

However, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said the cost of Andrew’s return flight in an executive jet from Farnborough to Saudi Arabia would be met by taxpayers via the Department of Transport’s royal travel grant-in-aid to the palace. “His in-country costs (ie hotel bills and expenses) will be picked up by UKTI,” he added.

The palace refused to disclose Andrew’s itinerary, citing security reasons, but his offical meetings have been recorded in the Court Circular.

It shows that Andrew enjoyed lunch in Jeddah on Tuesday at the offices of Saudi Binladen Group, the firm created by Osama Bin Laden’s father Mohammed, who spread his wealth among more than 50 of his children including the Al Qaeda leader.

Since the early 1990s, however, the firm has sought to distance itself from Osama Bin Laden. It fought off legal attempts by survivors, relatives and insurers to make it financially liable for the devastation caused by the September 11 attacks after persuading US courts that it had deprived Osama of his two per cent stake in the firm as early as 1993.

Andrew stepped down from his trade envoy role amid controversy over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy America who helped his ex-wife the Duchess of York to pay off her spiralling debts, and other figures, including deposed Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif.

However, aides insisted that he, like other members of the Royal Family, would continue to support British businesses at home and abroad.

UKTI said the Saudi trip was partly a re-hash of a trade mission postponed in March amid security concerns after widespread political unrest in the region. A spokeswoman added: “The Duke of York is attending part of the trade mission to the Middle East.  He continues to work closely with UKTI to promote international trade and investment and British businesses continue to benefit from his support.

“The Duke and Lord Green are undertaking a joint visit.  This enables them to meet with a larger number of contacts than would otherwise be the case, in a country that is one of our major trading partners.

“The Duke is undertaking some visits which were in planning stages when he announced that he was stepping down from the role.  The Royal Visits Committee has agreed that he should honour these commitments.”

Later, UKTI claimed it had been confused about the funding for the trip and admitted that taxpayers were footing the bill for Andrew.