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‘Secret anti-terror alliance’ based in Paris

An anti-terrorism team bringing together the US, France and four other countries to fight al-Qaida has been based in Paris since 2003, it was reported. The reported mission, codenamed Alliance Base, was first divulged in a July 2005 story by the Washington Post. However, officials have never confirmed the operation’s existence.
But France-Info radio said yesterday it had access to documents that refer to the creation of the secret cell in the first half of 2003 – the height of US-French tensions over the Iraq war and the US war on terror. The radio station said the base was made up of secret agents from six countries: the US, with the CIA and the FBI represented; Britain, with MI5 and MI6 agents; Canada, Australia, Germany and France. The cell was funded in part by the CIA, it said. The French defence ministry and France’s main anti-terrorist agency would not comment on the report.

Bush urges Chirac to ‘stand up for peace’ in face of extremism


French President Jacques Chirac (L) meets with U.S. President George W. Bush in New York, September 19, 2006. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer (USA)

George Bush has urged Jacques Chirac and other world leaders to ‘stand up for peace’ in the face of extremism. It followed a meeting with the French President after the broke ranks on Iran sanctions. Bush’s challenge before the United Nations is to build international support to confront multiple problems in the region: unabated violence in Iraq, a stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, armed Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Iran defiantly pursuing its nuclear program.
The Iranian issue was at the top of the agenda for Bush’s morning meeting with French President Jacques Chirac, who is balking at the U.S. drive to sanction Iran for defying U.N. Security Council demands that it freeze uranium enrichment.