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The One World Order: It’s Their Party | Jun 25, 2006

by Deanna Spingola

The super secretive Order of Skull and Bones (hereafter called The Order) is non partisan – it is not right or left, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. Of the secret groups, The Order and the Bilderberg Group are the most secretive. The Order may, in fact, be the core of the others. Each group appears to have specific activities toward the development of the One World Order. “The activities of The Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world, to bring about a One World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, without Constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction.”[1] Therefore, The Order controls Republican Bonesmen and Democrat Bonesmen.

The Order’s methodology is a strict adherence to Hegelian Dialectics. Apply those dialectics to the two political parties. Essentially, political parties are artificial groupings designed to create division. A contrived choice between two bad options, without recognizing alternative better options, creates the perception of freedom. Supposedly opposing ideologies generates deliberate distraction and polarizations (as in divide and conquer). The very public, distracting, lengthy, increasingly hostile battle between the Republicans, posing as thesis, and the Democrats posing as antithesis is nothing but orchestrated opposition. Elections, staged for the masses, are completely irrelevant political soap operas. Domestic and foreign policies remain precisely the same despite which puppet president is in office.

Despite popular misconceptions, our government is supposed to be a representative Republic (not a democracy). In both democracies and Republics people vote. That single act does not make you free. Those who finagle their way into office are supposed to represent the voters who allegedly put them there. They are also supposed to sustain an invariable written law – the Constitution which mandates civil law and our response to it. The non-negotiable Constitution is our explicit gauge of right and wrong, applicable to all without special considerations for occupations such as politicians, sports stars or “insider” corporate criminals or race. Since Woodrow Wilson, we have descended into a Socialistic democracy (adaptable mob rule, adjustable laws and poll driven public opinions). All democracies, in which selective enforcement of law is rampant, are short lived, for they typically morph into oppressive tyrannies.

“Whenever laws are passed, under whatever form, if they do not represent the will of the majority of the people or their desires, then they represent oppression. That is to say, we in America today have an oppressive government because it passes laws against the will of the people. Thus, we no longer have a Republic. A strong case can be made that America in the 21st century is an Empire, as was Britain in the 19th. Any government that would even consider an issue as ludicrous as ‘hate crimes,’ i.e. the concept of policing thought, is in very serious jeopardy.”[2]

Of the three branches of government, only the legislative branch is authorized to make law. Presidential executive orders have been unconstitutionally used to make law. The Judicial branch, the Supreme Court, is supposed to interpret the constitutionality of a law. Rather, they invent new interpretations never envisioned by the founding fathers. “It is the duty of the Supreme Court to interpret the constitution as ratified by the states, not to invent preposterous meanings which were not originally intended by the authors. The judiciary makes law through changing precedents as well as by invention, neither of which are constitutionally authorized.”[3]

Of the choices in 2004 we had two professional politicians, members of the same silver-spooned secret society whose dedicated function is the destruction of the country, pretending to relate to the working masses while the media sheltered the compromised loyalties of the candidates and ignored any other possibilities. We have already arrived at synthesis – a merging of the two parties into one which favors mammoth government, unrestrained illegals, out-of-control deficit spending, high taxes, continued abortion, big brother spying, loss of freedoms through the Patriot Act, big business/big government cronyism, preemptive war, loss of jobs and the authentic free market, treacherous trade agreements that have nothing to do with trade, all driven by that covert agenda. Impervious to how each party behaves versus their rhetoric, conditioned party loyalists accept a multitude of misconceptions.

Lack of unification behind the Constitution, the law of the land, will lead citizens of the un-United States to ultimately accept enslaving compromise – all the while enjoying their perceptions of freedom. “We are either a united people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all maters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.” George Washington (letter to James Madison, 30 November 1785) Reference: George Washington: A Collection, W.B. Allen, ed. (315)

If Americans actually believe that we select and then elect candidates, we are sadly deceived. The Establishment selects all major candidates, Manchurian and/or political. “Since its founding, the Bilderberg Group has functioned as a de facto private Global Politburo with 120 attendees at recent yearly meetings. Historically, the Group’s power is awesome. Bill Clinton, an obscure Arkansas governor, was tapped to run for president. Likewise, Margaret Thatcher, as well as Tony Blair, was tapped by the Bilderbergers to assume the reins of government in the United Kingdom. Congressman Gerald Ford — later US president — also attended Group meetings in 1964 and 1966.”[4] Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, an unknown peanut farmer, joined forces with the Bilderberg Group. In all likelihood, every presidential candidate in the last five decades has collaborated with the Bilderberg.

Voters witness this contrived opposition in every national election. In the staged elections of 2000, our mock “choices” were Gore and Bush. “In the months leading up to the November balloting, Gov. Jeb Bush ordered elections supervisors to purge 58,000 voters on the grounds they were felons not entitled to vote. As it turns out, only a handful of these voters were felons. As a result, 50,000 of these voters could not vote. The fact that 90% of these were Democrats should have made it news as this alone more than accounted for Bush’s victory.”[5] I am neither Republican nor Democrat. “In four states — Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia and Florida — people with any felony conviction are barred for life from the polls, unless the government grants them individual rights through a petition process.”[6]

Puppet leaders in any country owe their allegiance to the entities that installed them into office, not to the masses they profess to lead. There are several methods of political installations or resignations: military coups, CIA assassinations of leaders who are antagonistic to American big business interests, paperless electronic voting machines, an illegal Supreme Court decision or a current popularly elected leader’s CIA enforced resignation.[7] Installed dictators wreak havoc against their own citizens and any other country that they target in their quest for the advancement of world government.

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