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Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues

beyonce | Feb 5, 2013

The 2013 Super Bowl featured the Sandy Hook chorus, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, a whole bunch of advertisements and, oh yeah, a football game. While things were not as overt and in your face as last year’s half time show/celebration of Great Priestess Madonna, there were nevertheless a a lot of Illuminati Agenda-pushing going on. Here’s a recap of the noteworthy elements that occurred in the 2013 Super Bowl, the TV event of the year.

The best word I can use to describe the half-time show is “Beyoncé-ish”. It was like, sooooo Beyoncé. After “singing” (kinda) at the Obama inauguration, Beyoncé was again the star of a major event. No need to say that she’s an industry favorite, a figure-head of the Illuminati music industry. As described in several articles on this site, the symbolism in her work clearly indicates who she is working for. While her half time show was not the big, pharaonic occult display of Madonna’s 2012 show, we still witnessed the mind-control symbolism that is usually part of Beyoncé’s material.

Was Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show Hand Sign Tied To Illuminati?

The entire show focused on duality and the multiplying of personalites, two concepts that are extremely important in Monarch mind control (read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The first and most visible cue to the concept of duality and alter-personas is the stage itself which consists of two faces that somewhat look like Beyoncé.

The stage is made up of two faces facing each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The stage is made up of two faces mirroring each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The first part of the show contained a combination of symbols and visual effects that refer to the concepts of duality and multiple personalities.

At the beginning of "Baby Boy", Beyonce is in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then "multiplies herself".

At the beginning of “Baby Boy”, Beyoncé dances in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then “multiplies herself”.

More play with black and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

Here we see one black silhouette (which is Beyoncé, the “core” personality) and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyonce look-a-likes who dance with her for a while, amidst confusing effects. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here. At one point, the look-a-likes disappear.

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyoncé look-a-likes who dance with her for a while. We then see a lot of lights flashing and confusing effects, making us wonder who is the real Beyoncé. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here.

Even the saxophone girl has the theme of duality plastered all over her.

Even the saxophone girl, with her Masonic checkerboard pattern dress, conveys the concept of duality.

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Beyonce’s 2013 illuminati Suddely Satanic Superbowl Halftime Show Breakdown

Beyonce’s Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Hand Sign

The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses

As the car door opens, a Skull and Bones symbols flashes, representing the cult of death emanating from this car.

There are tons of videos with the same message and symbolism as Die Young – all promoting the same Agenda. Brainwashed by thousands of hours of music videos, young people become like the cult followers in Ke$ha’s video, pushed to live pointless, self-destructive lives based on the gratification of their lowest impulses. Indulging in one’s animalistic instincts has always been considered to be the opposite of reaching spiritual enlightenment – and that’s exactly what the elite wants. If the masses were to gain enough awareness to avoid the traps and pitfalls set up by the system, the virtual enslavement caused by debt and mass-media mind control would crumble. | Nov 15, 2012


Ke$ha’s “Die Young” is probably one of the most blatant Illuminati videos ever released. While the symbolism is so overt that it is almost ridiculous, there’s an underlying message to the video: Even if you’re dumb enough to embrace all of that Illuminati brainwash, you’re still not part of the elite and therefore, still subject to “Die Young”.

Ke-dollarsign-ha has never been the most inspirational singer around. She started her career as an alcoholic party girl that’s not too strict about personal hygiene (see the Tik Tok line “Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack”) and, for her new album, she turned into some kind of Illuminati witch-type deal. She is far from the only pop star that has gone through this kind of metamorphosis and it was probably pre-planned by her record label. How many singers have gone from an “around-the-way” girl to an Illuminati figurehead? That’s what the industry does.

To the untrained eye this kind of transformation is usually somewhat subtle … Ke$ha’s Die Young is anything but. In fact, it is one giant clusterfreak of Illuminati symbols. It is so obvious and in-your-face that it forced mainstream music sources such as to “admit” that the video was all about Illuminati symbols (see their article entitled Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in ‘Die Young’ Video). Interestingly enough, not too long ago, these same sites were calling sites like Vigilant Citizen “batshit crazy” for even alluding to the existence of these symbols and describing their meaning. Now these sites say “Yeah, there are Illuminati symbols” in a matter-of-fact way. What happened to the batshit crazy part? However, the mainstream sites still only refer to this concept in an extremely superficial way, not giving any insight on their true meaning and the real Agenda behind it all.

Some might rationalize what is happening by saying: “Ke$ha did it for the LOLs and to make fun of the conspiracies”. This is plausible, but this argument is now surfacing every time a video contains Illuminati symbolism. Are all videos now making fun of conspiracies? In reality, Ke$ha didn’t do anything for any LOLs. She did not write the song (it was written by Lukasz Gottwald, Benjamin Levin, Henry Walter and Nate Ruess) and she did not direct the video. She is just performing what she is told to perform, like most pop stars. The fact of the matter is: Illuminati symbols are becoming more prevalent because that was the plan all along: To gradually make them part of popular culture. The occult elite is revealing itself and the masses are dancing to their tunes.

The real issue at stake is however not the symbols that are flashed on screen, but the underlying messages that are communicated to the viewers. It is about the Agenda – about making specific values and attitudes cool and desirable to young people. It is about promoting the culture of death (i.e. Die Young), about sexualizing everything, about materialism, about a corrupted and debased brand of spirituality and so forth.

As I watch Ke$ha and her gang fondling themselves, I can’t help but wonder: Is the video making fun of the masses that have been brainwashed by the lifestyle promoted by the elite?  Let’s look at the video.

Full Story


Massive use of Illuminati occult imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ cult orgy video

Massive use of Illuminati occult imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ death cult orgy video

Latest: Ke$ha Claims She Was Forced to Sing “Die Young”

Final message: die young at the hands of the police…

Ke$ha – Die Young (Official)

Video Length: 3:33 !!

Priestess before the pentagram

Pyramids and inverted cross symbols

All-Seeing Eye in the pyramid

Final scene, masonic eye-in-the-pyramid on her rear

Just like Madonna, grand Illuminati dame of pop

And more in a live version:

Masonic checkerboards, pentagrams, a flood of triangles, and of course the omni-present all-seeing eye…

Ke$ha: ‘Die Young’ – The X Factor Australia 2012 – Live

The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses


Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’

Pictured: Unsuspecting multi-millionaire Ben Goldsmith smiles alongside the US rapper who ‘had an affair with his Rothschild heiress wife’

Close: This instagram photo taken around seven months ago shows Ben Goldsmith’s close relationship with rapper Jay Electronica

Daily Mail | Jun 3, 2012

By Sam Greenhill and John Stevens

All seems good with the world in this picture of a happy-looking Ben Goldsmith as he enjoys a spot of hunting with the American musician Jay Electronica.

But the image of the smiling pair, which is believed to have been taken seven months ago, may come to haunt the millionaire after his wife Kate had an alleged affair with the rapper.

The tinted instagram picture emerged today and shows Mr Goldsmith and Electronica standing shoulder to shoulder – Mr Goldsmith seemingly oblivious to any issues in his relationship.

Mr Goldsmith’s spat with his wife over the alleged fling took an even uglier turn yesterday as he took to Twitter to publicly accuse her of fretting more about her image than their ‘devastated children’.

He took to Twitter to broadcast his anguish about the end of their nine-year marriage amid reports the heiress has been having an affair with a US rapper.

Mr Goldsmith ridiculed the 29-year-old for hiring a PR firm to ‘fix her reputation’. He told his 6,000 followers: ‘A bit late surely? How about focusing on her devastated children?’

Heiress Kate, 29, a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty, has three young children with Mr Goldsmith, son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith.

Enjoying the high life: Kate Goldsmith takes to the sky in a helicopter to travel between a Jay Z and Kanye West concert

Mr Goldsmith’s comments came as pictures emerged of the opulent interior of their family home in Kensington, West London, which went on the market for £20million just before the couple had their final separation.

The ‘unique’ detached property, built in 1860, has more than 5,600sg/ft of living space across four floors, complete with solid oak flooring, a summer house and spacious garden in one of the capital’s most desirable districts.

Mr Goldsmith is said to have confronted his wife after discovering explicit text and email messages from hip hop star Jay Electronica.

Matters came to a head last Wednesday in a fierce bust-up at the couple’s home, in which he is said to have slapped Kate and kicked a child’s toy at her in fury.

His wife called police who arrested Mr Goldsmith, 31, on suspicion of actual bodily harm. He later accepted a police caution.

The Eton-educated financier also posted a Tweet yesterday which said: ‘Ps, in case you missed it’, and pointed his followers to an article in the Daily Mail about his wife’s alleged infidelity.

However, by late afternoon it appeared Mr Goldsmith had had a change of heart about airing his marriage troubles in public.

Both the Tweet about the Mail article, and the earlier one about his wife hiring a PR company, were deleted without explanation.

The PR company Mrs Goldsmith retained is Project Associates Ltd, a Mayfair-based reputation and crisis management firm.

A spokesman at the firm said Mrs Goldsmith was concerned that ‘inaccurate information’ was being given to the media designed to ‘deflect from the gravity of last week’s incident involving the police’.

He added: ‘Kate is devastated, she has had a very frightening time since she and her husband initially split five months ago, and this is just another sad development.

‘Her main concern now is for her children who will remain with her at the family home.

‘Kate has no further comment at this time. In the meantime she is seeking legal advice on a number of matters.

‘Her family wish to add that they are completely supportive and they remain very much on speaking terms.’

Mr Goldsmith has moved out of the family home and is staying in Italy with his mother Lady Annabel, and will now file for divorce.

At the weekend he told the Mail on Sunday: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’

The couple are from two of the country’s wealthiest families. Mr Goldsmith inherited an estimated £300million after the death of his father, who built up a £1.2billion fortune.

Kate inherited an £18million fortune after the suicide of her banker father Amschel Rothschild, and is related to the Guinness brewery family on her mother’s side.

The couple have known each other since they were teenagers and were regulars in society publications such as Tatler before marrying young in September 2003 at a wedding attended by 600 guests.

In 2010 Mrs Goldsmith set up a record company called Roundtable Records, which led to her spending time at gigs and clubs in London as well as travelling to Los Angeles.

She got to know the 35-year-old rapper – real name Timothy Elpadaro Thedford – last autumn.

Yesterday Jay Electronica posted a bizarre message on his Twitter page which read simply: ‘#LoveIsOnTheWay’.

Last week, the union between the son of the late financier Sir James Goldsmith and his wife, a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty, collapsed in the most spectacular fashion.

Mr Goldsmith apparently confronted his  29-year-old wife last Wednesday after discovering explicit texts and emails between the pair.

After initially denying the affair, Kate admitted it when her husband told her he had read the text messages.

There was a fierce row, during which Mr Goldsmith is said to have slapped Kate and kicked a child’s toy at her.

Ben then took their children to school, and by the time he had returned his wife had called the police and officers were at the house to arrest him.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a 31-year-old man from Kensington, West London, was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and taken to a police station, where he accepted  a caution.

Mr Goldsmith is away on a pre-planned holiday with the couple’s three young children. But he has said he plans to sue for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

While friends of Ben’s say his wife is still ‘obsessed’ with Electronica, last night a friend of Kate’s claimed the affair happened during a five-month break from Ben, and ended after three months.

Whatever the precise truth, it is still a startling end to the marriage that marked the union of two hugely powerful dynasties.

That Kate Goldsmith has been carrying on with a rapper known for his sexually explicit lyrics is undoubtedly a scandal, even for a family that is no stranger to colourful goings-on.

Last night, one friend told the Mail that the Goldsmith family are incredibly angry and that the divorce will be nasty.

‘Ben is going to start proceedings at the earliest opportunity,’ says the friend. ‘It will be a fight. They will fight over the kettle and the teapot!

‘There is a lot of anger. Lady Annabel (Ben’s formidable mother) is especially incensed and upset.’

Both Ben and his 29-year-old wife are wealthy in their own right,  and unravelling their fortunes to reach a divorce settlement will  be complicated.

Sir James left his family a £1.2 billion fortune when he died in 1997, much of which is tied up in trust.

Kate and her family were left £18 million — considerably less, but hardly a pittance — when her father died. Amschel Rothschild, a banker, was found hanged in the Hotel Bristol in Paris in 1996, aged just 41.

Feelings are running high at the moment, and another complication is the fact that Kate’s sister, Alice Rothschild, is going out with Ben’s elder brother, Zac.

Zac’s own ten-year marriage to Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley collapsed in 2009 after he began an affair with Alice, and they now live together in a house on the Goldsmiths’ family estate in Richmond, South-West London.

Zac’s divorce is still not finalised, as lawyers continue to work out a financial settlement between him and Sheherazade.

According to one friend, Alice now finds herself in a tricky situation. ‘Alice is well-liked in the family, but the Goldsmiths are asking, how much did she know about Kate and this rapper? Alice and Kate are close. It’s very awkward.’

Indeed. So how did Kate Goldsmith come to fall for a rapper? How did the affair begin, and what will happen between them now that her husband intends to divorce her?

Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith were just 21 and 23 respectively when they married in 2003. They were young — perhaps too young.

When they married, Ben was the more confident of the two, and the ‘dominant’ one in the marriage. Kate, say those who know her well, has a more vulnerable air.

‘People often say she’s rather like Princess Diana,’ says a friend. ‘Her father’s suicide had a profound effect on her, and she has this way of making people protective of her.’

But as the marriage wore on, Kate grew in confidence  and, say friends, became tired of ‘being told what to do all the time’ by her husband. They began to grow apart.

And then Kate met Electronic.

The singer’s background could not have been more different from the Rothschild girl, who was educated at Bryanston School in Dorset.

Electronica was born and raised in the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana, an area known for poverty and violent crime.

He rose to prominence in 2007 when a track entitled Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) became popular on MySpace, the social networking site.

Three years later, Jay-Z, one of the world’s biggest selling rap artists, signed him to his Roc Nation stable of musicians.

Kate has her own record label, Round Table. Thirty-five-year-old Electronica has been based in London for the past couple of years. Presumably the pair met through their links with the music industry.

According to reports, but denied by Kate’s friends, the affair is believed to have begun about a year ago, with Kate besotted by the singer, whom she calls Jay Jay.

Both her family — her mother, Anita, is the daughter of merchant banker James Guinness — and the Goldsmiths are said to be aghast at the affair.

‘Ben is heartbroken, devastated and thoroughly miserable,’ a friend of the couple reportedly said.

While Kate’s friends claim the affair is over, his friends have a different view.

‘He suspected Kate was cheating on him because she has been behaving increasingly erratically for some time,’ says one.

‘She is obsessed with this chap, who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him, and out with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.

‘Ben was paranoid about their friendship months ago, but when he confronted her about an affair earlier this year she denied it.

‘Then, last week, he found a series of texts and email messages. They were very intense messages planning sexual liaisons.’

On the face of it, it is a classic tale of a posh girl falling for a bad boy. But according to another source, it is not quite like that.

‘He has this “street” persona, but Jay Electronica is not really like that — he’s much gentler, a vegetarian and Buddhist,’ says another friend. ‘He and Kate feel they have a spiritual connection, and Kate tells friends he is the first person to really understand her.

‘And although he comes from a poor area, he has been successful, he has money, and he pays for Kate when he takes her out.’

The affair has uncanny echoes of a previous scandal involving Kate’s great aunt, born Pannonica Rothschild, who went on to become Baroness de Koenigswater.

It is a strange story. In 1948, Nica, as she was known, became bewitched by an unknown black jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk, after hearing a recording he had made of Round Midnight.

At a time when mixed-race relationships were frowned upon, she abandoned her husband and five children, moved into a hotel suite and set about finding him. She finally tracked him down in 1954 and devoted the next 28 years to him until his death.

Nica’s family disowned her. Kate can expect to be similarly shunned by the Goldsmith clan.

Friends say that the situation is difficult, too, for Jemima Khan — Ben’s older sister, who was on good terms with Kate, but will now be expected to cast her adrift.

‘It’s hard, but Lady Annabel will expect all of them to rally behind Ben,’ says the friend.

So what of the future? Electronica returned to the U.S. last week to attend his grandmother’s funeral, but is expected back in Britain soon. No one knows what will happen next between him and Kate.

As early as this week, the lawyers will get involved.

This week, Kate was still at the Kensington house, which was put up for sale two months ago. When the Mail knocked on the door yesterday, a young blonde woman came to a side door and said: ‘We don’t want to talk to you.’

But a friend told the Mail: ‘Kate is devastated. She has had a very frightening time since she and her husband initially split five months ago, and this is just another sad development. Her main concern now is for her children, who will remain with her at the family home.’

Lady Annabel, the Goldsmith family matriarch, is on holiday in Sicily and could not be contacted. But she was well aware that it was her husband Sir Jimmy’s wish that one of his children would one day marry a Rothschild.

He would never have imagined that such a union would end like this. But then no one did, least of all Kate’s husband Ben.

Rothschild Illuminati marriage ends in divorce over affair with rapper Jay Electronica

Ben and Kate Goldsmith pictured in December 2010. The couple are set to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap star

Rothschild heiress’s marriage to Goldsmith scion is over… after she falls for a rapper called Jay Electronica

Daily Mail | Jun 3, 2012

By Katie Nicholl

It seemed like the perfect union –  a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families.

He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica.

Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’

The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in  Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning.

Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his  30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients.

After initially denying the romance, Mrs Goldsmith confessed to the affair when her husband told her he had read the text messages.

Jay Electronica Busts Up An Illuminati Marriage?

The Goldsmith, his Rothschild wife and the American rapper

During a heated altercation, Mr Goldsmith slapped his wife and kicked a child’s toy at her.

He then took the children to school. By the time he returned, she had called police and they were at the house to arrest him.

Last night a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers were called to attend a domestic  disturbance in the couple’s street at 8am and arrested a man on suspicion of common assault.

Mr Goldsmith was released after being given a caution.

Sources say the marriage has become increasingly volatile and  turbulent during the past two years, but added that Mr Goldsmith had never hit his wife before.

One friend of old Etonian Mr Goldsmith said yesterday that he was ‘devastated and miserable’ over the collapse of his marriage to Kate, whom he has known since he was 18.

He has moved out of the marital home to stay with friends and has a suitcase of clothes in his offices in the West End.

‘Ben is heartbroken, devastated and thoroughly miserable,’ a friend of the couple said. ‘He suspected Kate was cheating on him because she has been behaving increasingly erratically for some time.

‘She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out  with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.

‘Ben was paranoid about their friendship months ago, but when he confronted her about an affair earlier this year she denied it.

‘Then last week he found a series of texts and email messages. They were very intense messages planning sexual liaisons.’

Ben, who has been drowning his troubles at his local pub The Scarsdale in West Kensington, where he has been overheard discussing the affair, has told friends that the marriage is over and that he intends to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

Kate inherited an £18 million fortune after her father, banker Amschel Rothschild, hanged himself at the Bristol Hotel in Paris in 1996. It is understood that her affair with Jay Electronica, a father of one whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, has been going on for close to a year.

She has been in constant touch with him on Twitter and last month the  rapper posted a picture of Kate aboard a helicopter on his site. He also recently tweeted: ‘The handling of the heart is a very delicate art cause its paper thiiiiin.’ [sic]

Electronica, 36, who is signed to Kate’s record label Round Table,  was born and raised in the violent  crime-ridden Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been rapping since 2004 and is known for controversial and explicitly sexual lyrics.

He has a three-year-old daughter with Grammy award-winning singer Erykah Badu. He keeps a relatively low profile in London but works with some of the industry’s biggest talents, including Jay Z and Sean  ‘P-Diddy’ Combs. He is also friendly with heiress and socialite Nicky Hilton and regularly tweets Kate’s brother James, who is believed to know about the affair.

The rapper is currently in LA following the death of his grandmother Dorothy Flowers, but he is expected to be reunited with Kate shortly.

Sources close to the Goldsmiths say that although the marriage has been on the rocks for some time – the couple had a trial separation  earlier this year – they are deeply shocked that Kate has left Ben for a bad-boy rapper.

Mr Goldsmith tried to save the marriage but has now told friends ‘there is no going back’.

A family friend told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Ben has said that Kate has confessed everything to him. He  has said this is definitely it and  the marriage is over. He will be  filing for divorce on the grounds  of adultery. He has moved out and  is staying with friends.’

The split has been another blow to the wider Goldsmith family, who  are still reeling from the divorce  of Ben’s older brother, Tory politician Zac. His ten-year marriage to  Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley  collapsed in 2009 after he embarked on an affair with Kate’s younger  sister Alice Rothschild.

In a bizarre twist to the family saga, Zac and Alice now live together in a house on the Goldsmiths’ family estate in Richmond, South-West London, and plan to marry as soon as Zac’s divorce is finalised.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Ben’s mother, is said to be devastated about his marital breakdown and spent last week looking after her grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Kate’s family are reported to be ‘worried sick’ about her new relationship. ‘Her mother and all her family are very concerned that Kate is going off the rails,’ says a friend.

‘Kate and Alice are talking but most of the family are not on speaking terms with her at the moment. The whole situation is very sad.

‘Ben and Kate have a wonderful family, a lovely house and everything they could have wanted. The problem is, Kate is hanging out with Jay all the time and she has become a different person. There have been some very explosive rows.

‘She’s out nearly every night until the early hours and has become obsessed with this rapper.

‘Her explanation to her husband has always been that it’s work and that’s why she and this guy have been spending so much time together.’

The source added that Ben had been worried about Electronica since January, but Kate assured him the relationship was a working one and nothing more.

‘They had a trial separation earlier this year. They both went off and did their own things. I think Ben saw a couple of girls, but there was nothing serious. Kate convinced Ben to give it another go, which he did.

‘He was furious when he found  out that Kate had been cheating on him with Electronica. He is totally heartbroken.’

The marriage took a knock two years ago when Kate became close to a friend of Ben’s, but the couple agreed to try to make things work.

Last summer they were reported to have suffered another rocky patch over Kate’s busy work schedule. Mr Goldsmith put the family home on the market in April.

The couple claimed they needed  to downsize, but the truth was that the problems in their relationship were becoming more evident.

Now the couple will have to thrash out a complicated and legally fraught divorce settlement. Zac’s divorce to Sheherazade is still not settled because of the financial structure of the Goldsmith dynasty.

Sir Jimmy left his family a £1.2 billion fortune, but much of the capital is tied up in trusts run by trust  managers. The brothers’ fortunes, and that of their sister Jemima, is mostly from inheritance income, not capital.

Meanwhile Kate, who went to  Bryanstone School in Dorset, is determined to continue working with Electronica and her record label and management company.

Ben and Kate started dating in 2000 when they were regulars in  the social pages of Tatler magazine, where Ben was frequently voted most eligible bachelor – topping even Prince William at the time.

In 2003 the couple celebrated their engagement at Annabel’s in Mayfair, the club named after Ben’s mother, and were married that September. Ben was 23 and Kate 21.

They followed a family tradition  of marrying young. Ben’s father eloped with his first wife, Bolivian tin heiress Isabel Patino, when  he was 21, and Ben’s older sister  Jemima surprised society when she married Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan at the same age.

Kate’s father was 25 when he  married her mother, heiress Anita Guinness, who was 23.

The Rothschild and Goldsmith families, blood relations who can trace their heritage to the Jewish ghettos of 18th Century Frankfurt, are powerful and influential in the worlds of finance and politics.

Sir Jimmy amassed his £1.2 billion fortune through pharmaceutical and banking interests.

Through his marriage to Lady Annabel, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, he was also a high-profile society figure.

Warren Buffett Flashes Jay-Z’s “Diamond” Symbol At Club Opening

The Oracle of Omaha flashes the diamond sign at the re-opening of Jay-Z’s New York City club 40/40. | Jan 19, 2012

Most may not associate the words “Warren Buffett” and “rage” too closely, but last night the Oracle of Omaha did exactly that.

The famed investor joined other huge names like Ashanti, Russell Simmons and Spike Lee last night at the re-opening of his pal Jay Z’s Manhattan club 40/40. At the party, the 81-year-old, best known for his financial savvy, rocked Jay Z’s diamond sign.

This isn’t the first time that the two super rich men have been spotted together. Jay-Z made an appearance in an episode of Buffett’s “Secret Millionaires Club,” an animated series about a group of youngsters led by Buffett as they tackle financial emergencies. In the video, the husband of Beyonce and father of Blue Ivy Carter schools the kids on giving back.


Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’

The two also appeared together in an interview with Forbes in 2010 where they discussed the secrets of their success. Both touched on the value in having a wealth of experience and trusting their gut.

Hopefully Buffett won’t face the same scrutiny for using the Roc-A-Fella sign that Jay-Z did years ago. In 2005, former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page sued the rapper, alleging that he came up with the hand symbol first, according to a 2005 report from MTV News.

Jay Z Sits Down With WARREN BUFFET

Public Enemy’s Chuck D: UK riots signify a ‘New World Order’

Consider yourselves warned … Public Enemy’s Chuck D speaks out on the UK riots. Photograph: Tom Watkins/Rex Features

Veteran rapper offers London crowd the benefit of his thoughts on the recent chaos in English cities | Sep 9, 2011

by Michael Hann

As Public Enemy finished their UK tour at the Forum in London on Thursday night, their leader Chuck D told the crowd last month’s violence in English cities had been inevitable. “This is a new world order, if you push people they’re going to fuck shit up,” he said. “But there is enough to go round for everyone. Tell your government that. Equal rights are important.”

He added that the legendary hip-hop group had nearly cancelled their UK shows after the violence. “We almost didn’t make this gig because of what happened here a month ago,” he told the crowd. “People in America were going nuts and they were scared about coming over here. They were going: ‘What the fuck is going on in England? A white man is acting like a black man.'”

Flavor Flav dedicated the song 911 Is a Joke to those imprisoned for rioting.

Public Enemy are perhaps the most politically involved rap outfit of the last 25 years. Chuck D coined the phrase “black folks’ CNN” to describe hip-hop’s ability to instantly and accurately report on the problems facing inner-city black communities in America. In August he recorded Notice, Know This, a response to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Otis, drawing attention to the discrepancy between the consumerist boasts of superstar rappers and the economic disempowerment of the communities the music represents.

Kanye West, Nicki Minaj To Appear In ‘Rap Illuminati’ Episode Of ‘The Cleveland Show’

“We have a rap Illuminati episode that’s going to be happening,” Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland on the show, revealed recently. | Aug 5, 2011

by Allen Starbury

Kanye West on the ‘Cleveland Show’Hip-hop’s Illuminati will be coming to a TV show near you this fall, when Kanye West and Nicki Minaj appear in an upcoming episode of “The Cleveland Show.”

The rap stars will appear on the show alongside, Bruno Mars, and The Roots’ drummer ?uestlove during an episode about the secret society.

Reports say the musicians will play themselves and contribute original music.

“We have a rap Illuminati episode that’s going to be happening,” Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland on the show, revealed recently. “We have an episode where Kanye and, playing himself, and Nicki Minaj, playing herself, and Bruno Mars, playing himself, and ?uestlove — they’re all part of the rap Illuminati, the secret group that controls pop culture.

“Cleveland inadvertently breaks into it and then it’s how he will either bring them down or they’ll bring him down,” adds executive producer Rich Appel. “We have a couple of original songs with Kanye and will and Bruno, I mean, all of them, it was great.”

When the episode will air was unknown at press time.

However, the third season of “The Cleveland Show” kicks off September 25 on Fox.

Kanye previously appeared on the show late last year, spoofing himself, but as the animated character “Kenny West,” a famous local rapper who’s failed rap career has left him homeless.

Vatican reveals secret parchment conferring papal knighthood on Mozart

Mozart Chevalier of The Golden Spur

The Vatican has promised other documents from the “closed period” of World War II. | Aug 16, 2011

by James Bone

A LAMBSKIN parchment conferring a papal knighthood on the boy prodigy Mozart is to be put on public view for the first time as the Vatican opens up its secret archives.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 14 when he attended a performance of Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican on April 11, 1770. Because Allegri’s composition for two choirs was considered sacred music, the Roman Catholic Church forbade its reproduction.

But Mozart, touring Italy with his father Leopold, returned to his room and transcribed the 15-minute work. “You have often heard of the famous Miserere in Rome, which is so greatly prized that the performers are forbidden on pain of excommunication to take away a single part of it, to copy it or to give it to anyone,” Leopold wrote to his wife. “But we have it already. Wolfgang has written it down.” The feat earned Mozart celebrity and an invitation to an audience with Pope Clement XIV, who conferred on him the Chivalric Order of the Golden Spur.

In the letter to Mozart the Pope said that he had “agreed to the Petitions in your name”, triggering speculation that it was the prodigy’s pushy father who had asked for the award.

The Vatican document, dated July 4, 1770, bears the papal seal of St Peter the fisherman casting his nets on to the sea. Clement XIV praises Mozart for excelling in “suavissimo cymbali sonitu”, literally “the sweetest sound of cymbals”, since his earliest youth.

Mozart was at first proud of his papal honour, signing a letter to his sister “Chevalier de Mozart”. He wore the insignia of the order on his breast, as seen in a 1777 portrait. In a letter to his father on October 17 of that year, however, Mozart recounts how, invited to give a concert, he was mocked by assembled noblemen who claimed the cross was worth no more than a pinch of snuff.

“It is not gold, only copper, ha! ha!” one nobleman said. “By no means – it is lead, ha! ha!” Mozart replied, burning with rage. After that he removed the title “Knight” from his signature.

The document conferring the Golden Spur is one of 100 objects to be put on view at the Capitoline Museums in Rome in February to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the archive, which has vast holdings dating to the 8th century. The documents to be put on display range from Galileo’s admission of heresy in 1633, for arguing that Earth goes around the sun, to a letter written by English peers to Pope Clement VII in 1530, calling for Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon to be annulled.

The Vatican archives have been embroiled in controversy over the Church’s refusal to allow access to its records on Pope Pius XII’s response to the Holocaust. The exhibit will contain a 1934 letter written to Hitler by Pope Pius XI in 1934 and the Vatican has promised other documents from the “closed period” of World War II.

Charice says she’s not part of Illuminati | Jul 20, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – International singing sensation Charice finally addressed the issue saying she is now a member of Illuminati, a group believed to be the brains behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order.

In her official Twitter account, Charice answered a question from a netizen if she’s indeed an “Illuminati.”


Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’

“@crstinaponce ano ga yan.. bakit naman ako magiging member? porket kanta ko po’y Pyramid, member na? hehehe. pero ayon.. hindi po,” Charice tweeted.

Still from YouTube sparked rumors of Charice's association with the Illuminati. Credit: YouTube

Rumors began circulating that she joined the secret group after the video of her hit song “Pyramid” was released, where she had to do the pyramid sign.

Illuminati’s sign is The All-Seeing Eye, a pyramid with an eye on top.

Charice was not the first one to have been rumored to join the Illuminati. International stars like Lady Gaga and the late Michael Jackson were also haunted by the said issue.

Meanwhile, Charice announced that she will do some songs for Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo.

Charice’s statement stemmed from a netizen’s question if she’s willing to work with Geronimo.

“@ASH1heart4SAM1 I would love to. Will start to write songs for her prolly (probably) next week. But It depends if she still wants to work with me,” Charice tweeted.