Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’


Prodigy (photo: KNOWxONE)

Baller Status | Nov 6, 2008

by Miles Bennett

Like he does in his monthly blog on, the incarcerated Prodigy recently spewed more of his conspiracy theories via a handwritten letter to URB. This time, he reveals the moment his eyes were opened to the sham he calls “the government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, and I.R.S.”

According to P, in 1996, after reading a book by Dr. Malichi Z. York titled Leviathan 666, he was moved so much, he cried, and that was his “moment of clarity.”

“I was crying for all of humanity, but mostly for my black people ’cause I then realized it was all a sham,” Prodigy writes in his letter to URB. “The government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, the I.R.S., and everything that we believe and live by is a joke.”

Even worse, the rapper says that many popular rappers are aware of these society secrets, but choose not to speak on it for fear of not being accepted by corporate America. One, in particular, is Jay-Z.

Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas

“J.Z. knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world. J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world, and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead,” he wrote.

Prodigy says that Jay grew up grew up in Dr. York’s “Nuwabian” community in Brooklyn as a kid, and is “aware” of these evils — rogue government, elitists running the country, etc. (For more on Dr. York, read up here)

Because of Jay’z refusal to speak on the topics Prodigy has been doing so since his incarceration, he will make it a point to wage war against him.

“J.Z is a God damn lie. I have so much fire in my heart that I will relentlessly attack J.Z, Illuminati, and any-every other evil that exists until my lights are put out,” P writes.

“This negativity I speak of is an actual living entity that uses us as food. We must sever ties with it in order to see things for what they really are. This negative energy is created and harnessed by the Illuminati secret government and they will make you spread this energy without you even knowing it. But people like J.Z. are very well aware. He was schooled by Dr. York,” he continued.

To read Prodigy’s full letter, visit

P also revealed that another autobiographical project titled My Infamous Life will be out in 2010.



Lupe Fiasco – The Illuminati & The Music Industry

Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusers, Says They Can’t Handle His Success

Hip Hop’s Masonic Order



Nuwaubianism is an umbrella term used to refer to the doctrines, and teachings of the followers of Malachi Z. York. The Nuwaubians themselves reject this term Nuwaubianism as it is found nowhere in the literary works of their teacher Malachi Z. York. They refer to their teachings by such terms as “Nuwaubu”, “Nuwaupu”, “Wu-Nuwaubu”, “Right Knowledge”, “Sound Right Reasoning”, “Overstanding” and “Factology”, and many other names through the years.

The Nuwaubians originated as a Black Muslim group in New York in the 1970s, and have gone through many changes since. Eventually, the group established a headquarters in Putnam County, Georgia in 1993. The Southern Poverty Law Center has categorized the Nuwaubians as a black supremacist hate group.


Al-Muftil Azeem the Grand Al-Mufti “Divan” The Imperial Grand Potentate As-Sayyid Issa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi Noble Rev. Dr Malachi Z. York El 720 degree

Nuwaubianism is said to have borrowed from a wide range of sources which include Theosophy-derived New Age movements such as Astara as well as the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, the Shriners, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the revisionist Christianity and Islam of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the numerology of Rashad Khalifa, the ancient astronaut theories of Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, J.J. Hurtak’s The Keys of Enoch, the works of Richard Shaver (a proponent of the Hollow Earth theory), David Icke, the UFO mythology of greys and reptilians, the political and legal theories of patriot mythology, modern scientific and pseudoscientific legends like those of Area 51, the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Blue Book, Montauk Project, and MJ-12, popular conspiracy theories such as those about the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group, and even a paperback on fortune-telling.


Grand Master Malachi Z. York, Nuwaubian Grand North Lodge

Journalist Adam Heimlich reviewed a number of York’s booklets in 2000 and wrote:

A partial list, from my notes, of places I’d encountered Nuwaubian notions before includes Chariots of the Gods and the Rael’s [sic] embellishments on that book, conspiracy lit, UFO lit, the human potential movement, Buddhism and new-age, astrology, theosophy and Blavatsky, Leonard Jeffries and other Afrocentrics, Cayce, LaRouche, alternative medicine, self-help lit, Satanism, the Atkins diet, numerology and yoga. Many of these York mentions by name. There are also extensive discourses on the Torah, Gospels and Koran, as well as on Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam and the Five Percent Nation.

Some of York’s followers consider him to be a living god. At times he has encouraged this interpretation, and at other times, York has suggested that he is merely channeling the divine through various personalities. He has also identified himself as Al-Khidr (“the green one”) and as Melchizedek (who York says is also the archangel Michael). In later years York dismissed bodily worship of himself in a preface that was published within all of his books:

I am not the Lord Adonai, Jesus Messiah “The Christ”; nor am I a holy man, nor a preacher. I am a Master Teacher, a guide.

Nuwaubians also may view themselves as gods, using such sources as the Bible and Torah to validate their claims. Nuwaubians do not see the use of the word “god” as just referring to a universal creator, but also a title that one receives upon reaching a state of perfection or absolute power.

York was arrested in 2002, and was later sentenced to 135 years in prison for sexually molesting boys and girls whose parents were members of the Nuwaubians and for RICO violations. His followers continue to disseminate his teachings as he continues to develop them from behind bars.

“The hands of the Führer organize his speech. This picture captures Hitler’s hands as he speaks of the unity of the National Socialist and socialist ideas…”


Beyonce, Jay-Z and more set for celeb-soaked Barack Obama inauguration

jay-Z Masonic sign skull

obama_o_signObama supporters make the “O” sign.

First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held for Obama


President Barack Obama (R), first lady Michelle Obama (2nd L), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (3rd L) and her husband Joachim Sauer (L) pose for photographs on the North Portico before a state dinner at the White House June 7, 2011 in Washington, DC. Getty Images

Tiffany Evans Claims Rihanna & Others Satanists; Slams “Russian Roulette;” Rihanna’s Devilish History

“The Eye of Horus gestures are believed to be used to channel spirits through one’s ‘illuminated’ body. So people are not going to go on and on about the pyramid being Jay-Z’s Roc symbol…and see this picture of Gloria Steinem, editor of Ms. Magazine and supposed feminist. She has nothing to do with Jay-Z other than she also holds up the alleged Illuminati pyramid sign at various photo opportunities.”


The Oracle of Omaha flashes the diamond sign at the re-opening of Jay-Z’s New York City club 40/40.

Star Trek salute in “The Way to Eden”

Still from YouTube sparked rumors of Charice’s association with the Illuminati. Credit: YouTube

Charice says she’s not part of Illuminati

Ke$ha – Videography

Rihanna – Videography

Beyoncé Flashes ‘Illuminati’ Symbol at Super Bowl

Flashing the secret sign to Beyonce from the crowd at the Superb Owl (lower right) Source: Twitter/noeybels

jay-z-aleister-crowley-Jay-Z Do what thou wilt

Young Jackson 5 Michael Jackson Making Representation of Illuminati Freemason Eye of Horus / Compass; Cult Believed to Have Murdered Michael After He Rebelled

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: Culture Creation – 4/8

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 1/3

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 2/3

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 3/3

The Industry Part 35

Illuminati Project Part 204

America Hijacked by Freemasonry

So much exposure going on that even the Freemasons have to admit that there are Masonic references in hip-hop and rap. But it’s “rare” they claim.

Rihanna The Illuminati Princess Exposed

Rihanna – Princess Of The illuminati (S&M EXposed)

Masonic references in the hip hop and rap community

“While masonic references in hip hop and rap are RARE, and are listed on our page, Masonic references in music, within the rap and hip hop community itself there appears to be a growing, misinformed, awareness of Freemasonry.”

When the countdown hit “0,” Jay rose from beneath the stage, the lyrically intricate “Dynasty Intro” being played by his band, the Roc Boys. Then a brief snippet of “Lucifer” played before Jay went into his jaw-dropping verse from Rick Ross’ “Free Mason.” Eminem, Jay-Z Joined By Dr. Dre, Drake At Historic Detroit Concert

Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols

Massive use of Illuminati occult imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ cult orgy video

145 responses to “Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’

  1. I kept track of the Nuwaubians while they were here. Locals papers used to have colorful articles when they’d have their June “Founder’s day” celebrations–which I found out later was the birthday of Dr York. Papers showed pictures of them in ancient Egyptian garb, amid rows of pleixglass pyramids and sphinxes.

    Papers didn’t really detail their beliefs too much–just briefly sketched the personality cult of York, and the Afro-centric UFO beliefs.

    At their height the commune had stables, a farm, restaurant and gift shop. I tried to find it once, but Sunday afternoon probably wasn’t the best time–and the few people I could find didn’t know. After the sex scandals, place seized and bulldozed–county sheriff in the lead bulldozer.

  2. It’s just another example of a spin-off cult from Freemasonry and York probably has intelligence ties too. When you delve into all the black-power cults, Rastafarianism, pan-Africanism etc you always find Freemasonry and the Illuminati behind them. That goes for the white-power groups, religions and cults also by the way.

    Humanity’s real task is to first wake up to the Masonic Matrix that we were all born into and then extricate from it entirely and let it die out if that is possible. All politicians, musicians, preachers, cops, gangsters and rappers must be exposed for their secret society connections. I am not in favor of making secret societies illegal because that leads to persecution, but for sure, we have to make it illegal for members to hold positions of power.

  3. Total disclosure. And penalties for not.

  4. Mr. Lee X SLAVE

    I love the MOBB, however that god P sounds bitter. He ain’t said nuthin’ about 50.

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  6. That’s not the “O” sign by the way. It’s a Triangle. The primary symbol of Freemasons.

  7. Congrats, you figured it out.

    Most of my posts are designed to stimulate people to think using hints, clues and related information so people can start to connect the dots for themselves, figure things out on their own rather than me coming out and telling them everything they are supposed to think.

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  9. The Most High Elyown, Elyown El is the great Revealer, All praises is due to Elyon El.

    May this writing be the truth as it was revealed

    The Spell that was casted by the Witches and Warlocks

    The Rule:

    Once the spell is discovered, the perpatradors are uncloaked and all their evil enhancements are returned upon them many fold.
    May it be done:

    * * *

    This was reveal by a Dine Traditional Shaman whom performed a spell breaking ceremony for the Master Teacher Malachi Z. York

    It was revealed that 12 witches and 1 warlock gathered together to cast this spell specifically for the Master Teacher and his Students:

    The Witches and Warlock drew a picture of Maku with a snake coming out of his mouth, on a coffin that contained a deceased body, this was done to create the illusion that everything that Maku said would be perceived as a lie and everything the evil ones suggested would be taken as the truth.

    They then recorded Maku saying a prayer during a time he was feeling very sad (possibly when someone close to him passed on, at a funeral) They took this recording and put it in the coffin. This was to ensure that Maku and his students prayers for help would not be heard by the Old Ones. They wanted us to walk the Earth as vagabonds without a prayer.

    It was revealed that the witches and warlocks are people whom Maku is close with and the main witch and warlock own or have access to a funeral home.

    The Medicine Man work through the afternoon unraveling the knots evil the ones attempted to weave for our downfall. At that self same moment in Atlanta, Georgia, the Lucifierian agents were attempting to transport Maku to an out state facility to kill him, however
    when the Medicine Man completed the unraveling, the evil ones spell was destroyed and in that moment Maku fainted and thus by the will of Elyon El, he was not transferred.

    * * *

    I have been to many ceremonies and never had an experience as the one above. When the Sister and I went into the ceremonial Hogan we were met with hundreds of flies attempting to prevent our entry.

    For You Witches and Warlocks We Know who you are;
    Your seductive looks, suggestions, erotic poetry, loud mouths – filled with profanity, fancy names and titles, do not effect us. The use of our sacred symbols and garbs will not save you. Your cloaks are being ripped off and your shame will be for all to see. Your abominations have led many souls to eternal damnation. Your reaping will be your own wickedness.

    We, Al Mukhlasiyna, the Purified and Perfected Ones are Raatib, We will not be swayed by your cries for mercy, the pit has already been made and you witches will cry out for your husbands (men) and none will come for you; your seductive looks, suggestions, and erotic poetry will not save you. We, the Purified and Perfected Ones will bear witness and await the appointed time, when the tarp is pulled over the pit for your destruction.

    My Son (Sun): Murdoq: Dr. Malachi Z. York El will be FREE just like in the days of old

  10. all you did was cut and paste the wikipedia page.

  11. The illuminati, freemasonry, NWO, global elite ALL boil down to ONE VERY specific group of people pulling the strings. This world in today’s age is powered by dollars, or more correctly sheckles. The people who print your sheckles, own your central banks, own your media, publishing, hollywood, porn industry, big pharma, large corporations, and charge you a special HIDDEN tax (kosher tax) on everything you purchase are the ones you need to worry about. In the bible these people were called “a den of vipers” by Jesus himself. He said in revelations “those who call themselves jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan”, and in 1st Thessolonians chapter 2 vs 14-20 you can see that these same people who were then called Pharisees are the ones who murdered christ. These so-called jews and judaism as a whole are the group who is behind everything you hear, taste, touch, and smell in today’s world. As long as these jews are allowed to hide behind the veil of “illuminati” or “freemasons” or “NWO” you will all chase your tails until your deaths at their hands. Lord Amschell Rothschild, international banker, and well known jewish personality said “give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”. Well guess what? They’ve had that control for a LONG time now, AND they have control of the law-making as well. Obama has installed Rahm Emanuel, son of jewish irgun terrorists who murdered Palestinians to further their ends and who many believe to be a mossad spy as head of white house chief of staff. Most of the personalities in Washington and on Capitol Hill are jewish and/or DUAL US/Israeli citizens with ZERO loyalty to this nation. Now go forth and learn more on your own. Don’t take my word. Simply look at the names and the faces of those in every position of power and behind every message you hear and the truth will become BLINDINGLY clear to you. Illuminati…so bright a light that you are blinded and can not see the puppet masters.

  12. A fascinating video series on the subject of the domination of rap/hip-hop by “Mafia X” by a very evolved Black brother. It gives an in-depth analysis of Rihannas song “Umbrella”. I guarantee you won’t look at the music industry quite the same after watching this series :

  13. So I guess going from one extreme to the other, which cause the two to meet, is okay…huh.

  14. Holy crap walker.. I think i love you. You are ME! You can actually SEE!

    Anyhow, enough exclamation marks and caps. Do you know about Alex Jones? What do you think?

    btw, this system is a lot bigger than most of you think. It is all encompassing. And paying attention to rappers is … retarded. Unless, of course, it’s Tupac. And he didn’t have enough time to really do in depth research of these people.

  15. frnnk,

    I started listening to Alex Jones in 2000. Gradually, I started to have some doubts about him, but my mind is not made up yet. I’m not ready to say he is Operation Mockingbird or “Jesuit Coadjutor” as some claim. A lot of things do bother me, but it is not sufficient to make some kind of case against him (though I haven’t focused on studying him as some others have).

    We should always be careful and do our own homework as far as possible and avoid personality cults.

    We shouldn’t just focus on any one area so much (though there is nothing wrong with having in-depth expertise on one part of the NWO), but always strive for the biggest picture possible and definitely avoid pinning the NWO on one particular race. There is plenty of blame to go around the races, religions etc. We can also take on some of the blame ourselves if we have in any way supported or abetted this agenda, and then just stop doing it.

  16. Sure sure sure. It’s always easy to take the PR standpoint. Cover your bases. REmain optimistic. But I can’t do that. I see the truth. You see it too, you just have to be a little “political” about it. Whites indeed ARE the cause of absolute suffering and tyranny in the world. You can claim jews this, jesuits chupacabras that. But face it, who taught the black politicians/economists in africa, coming out of the colonial age? EUROPE! WHITES! Who assassinates all world leaders, african and otherwise striving to create equality and productivity among their people? WHITES! FACE IT! I won’t be lied to, I won’t pretend that there is plenty of blame to go around. If you really had a pan scope of the situation, you would see clearly, whites are the great tyrant of the planet. Even in the early days of their outer european excursions, they were obliterating civilizations, thousands of years before that, they were bragging about obliterating near easters, today, they brag about obliterating africans. what more proof do you need? Where’s the anger, the indignation. I thought you saw clearly my friend? wtf?

    no one in their right mind (unless white) will, let alone could ever debate my claims. I’m a historian. battle me if you must to see the truth, but know it, absolutely.

    p.s. alex jones is the shit! jesuit coadjutor? lol. wtf?

  17. Okay, whites are the cause of all the evil in the world.

    What is your final solution?

    And what happens when you get rid of all the Caucasian gene-pools?

    Does evil, tyranny and slavery then suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth?

    I am afraid you will have to then look around for another race to hate and demonize, and another and another until all that is left is your own race and to your horror, you finally realize that blacks are dominating, enslaving, killing and looting other blacks, but you no longer have another race to blame.

    Then you are forced to find the true roots of evil elsewhere.

  18. Whites? Sure, white skinned Ashkenazi Khazar jews, but not “european whites”. White skinned jews owned the slave ships and enslaved both white europeans and black africans. 80% or more of white skinned jews owned black slaves, while only 20-30% of white europeans as you call them owned black slaves, with every last one sold to them by jewish slave traders. Might want to get yourself a history lesson from somewhere else than books published by jew owned media and publishing companies. In fact, take yourself over to, a website by a mixed black/white person and learn a little about the jew before you foment a race war just like the jew has planned for you. You realize if you play into the racist division the jew has you by the balls? Alex Jones is indeed SHIT and it has nothing to do with jesuits. His radio station is owned by Genesis Communications Network, a jew owned network, and his wife is also a jewess. His spin off group of dissent controllers called We Are Change is lead, funded, and operated by jews like Luke Rudkowski and others that can be found at my blog.

    Frnnk, your post sounds like typical jewish propaganda for it meets their criteria for division and subversion 100%.

    Jews assassinate all world leaders. Jews taught the african politicians and economists because finance and politics are jewish constructs. You call yourself a HISTORIAN, but you are fooling only yourself with those claims. Have you even listened to the truths brought forth by people like Malcom X? Do you know that he RENOUNCED seperatism because he discovered it was the jew who was behind it all? Do you know the jews murdered Malcolm X shortly after he gave a speech denouncing the jews? Do you know the jews funded and then later murdered Martin Luther King Jr? Some historian you are. Have you read the book “Secret Relations between blacks and jews”?? Obviously not…it’s a book that uses JEWISH SOURCES to prove that JEWS were behind the slave trade. The jews are the ones who murdered and enslaved 100 million black people. See this video and educate yourself before you die choking on your own foot.

  19. See? Everybody who grasps at partial truths has a racist angle. If you were to eliminate all the Jews and anyone with a smattering of Jewish genetic material, would you have eliminated evil, tyranny and enslavement?

    The answer is no. You will have only become a tyrant yourself.

    Use common sense people. Try to grow beyond race hatreds. Try to see the big picture, that evil comes from the desire of individuals or groups to dominate others. And then this evolved into certain elite families vying for supremacy down through the ages, interbreeding to maintain their “royal” bloodlines. This has happened in every country, in every culture since the dawn of history. They sometimes prey on their own people and also prey on other neighboring peoples, but the bottom line is, these elites have always been bad news for everyone.

    So, it is not a matter of “us versus the other people” but “us versus the elite”. Understanding this distinction is the true awakening, thousands of years in the making.

  20. johnmartinsonjr

    Alex Jones is married to a Jew. Loose Change was made by two Jews, Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas. They were financed by the Jewish, Simon family, to make the video. You will note that when Prothink (non-racist Jew-hating White boy) called into Alex Jones’ show and asked about Benjamin Freedman (the man who exposed that ALL RACES in America are led around by so-called Jews) he was cussed out. Why? Because Alex Jones is a shill.

    What Whites are guilty of is vanity. This is what the Jew plays upon, just as they play upon Blacks desiring to have their own culture (and in comes the Jew owned record labels to give us the stupidest most self-degrading forms of rap imaginable). The fact is that the majority of all people are just sheep, and White supremacists, Black criminals, Chinese communists and so-called Jews play on that.

    Egypt/Kemet was ruled by monarchy for this very reason. It was the Jew, FDR, that started to speak of Democracy (masked Jewish communism).

    If you want to judge people as a majority you’re going to come up short every time. The only time a sweeping decision should be made on a race is in the case of the so-called Jew, as they have consistently shown that they are liars and well less than .000001% of them will speak against the whole of their lies and crimes. The very identity of the Jew is a lie, as pointed out by Dr. John Henrik Clarke and many, many others.

    Unlike the Jew, in the case of Whites, you can find some authentic brothers within their number.

    The Jews have positioned themselves with Uncle Tom Barack Obama, and they’re looking for a race war. You can either realize you’re being led against people; led into division (and strength is found in unity), by the Synagogue of Satan or you can preach on and find Whites and Blacks on both sides of a future battlefield–dead–with the so-called Jews (Ashkenazi / Khazars) reaping the rewards. One choice will prove that you are cattle, so choose carefully.

    By the way, I am the director of the first and only feature length film that shows conclusively (using Intel gathered from American and foreign sources) that the Jewish Mafia is behind 9/11. Now ask yourself, why isn’t Alex Jones promoting the film? How come BlacksAndJews dot com promotes Loose Change (a film made by Jews)? Why is Russell Simmons standing with Jay-Z and warning people away from anti-Semitism?

    . . .and didn’t Malcolm X say the Whites are led around by Jews?

    Yes, he did. Visit 911MissingLinks dot com to learn how the Jews were behind yet another mass-murder. . .not the least of which was the African slave trade.

  21. awesome post john you are, as usual, bang on. i hope everyone reads these words carefully and thinks a lot about them.
    ppl need to wake up and realize what is happening here, before it is too late.

  22. Pjwalker is right people need to come away directly from the race blame because in the end it still will not show you the source of evil itself. Drawing yourself away from that kind of thinking is key and looking at the bigger picture while doing your own homework is the only way for you to understand. Personally, i think that all of this is always connected to religion and to find the roots of something will always connect back to religion.

  23. There is also no fate worse than death, because Death is man’s leveler and inescapable. Just like what Tupac said “nothing can stop me but death itself” so sean carter can only face death

  24. Right Gravy3000 and thanks.

    How do these exoteric religions, indoctrinations, esoteric mystery religions (like Freemasonry) and cults evolve one after the other for thousands of years? Hundreds and hundreds of them even into the 21st century with new religions and cults being engineered by the elite. And Why? And what does it have to do with the age-old problem of tyranny? Who benefits from these constructs? That is the proper line of questioning if you want to get at the source of evil, I mean the real evil that is running and controlling this world. It has to do with power and “keeping it in the family” through inter-breeding, using priesthoods to control the mass-mind through fear and hope and at the deepest recesses of the human mind.

    As far as race goes, not one of us has any choice as to which color we are at birth. If you look at any race, you find both good and bad people. A simple operation of logic then reveals that if you got rid of every race other than your own, you will still face evil and tyranny and of course by participating in genocide, you yourself become evil and tyrannical. Another thing is that every race and every nation has experienced at some point a form of slavery, colonization, invasion, plunder and general injustice. Each race seems to take its turn after the other and the cycle goes on and on.

    My final point is that we have to move beyond religion and race if we are ever to really find out the roots of our problems and emerge into the future with any chance for peace and harmony on Earth. Humanity has a chance to once-and-for-all throw off the yoke of the Illuminati now that we are waking up to the fact that we have all been controlled and enslaved down through the ages. And we are now moving into a “New Age” a “Golden Age” of tyranny never before seen in recorded history, a truly global totalitarian system of control over every aspect of the individual to the point that the individual is diminished and broken leaving only a programmed cyborg in its place. They are even calling it the “Post-human” era.

    I do not want this to happen to humanity. The future I see coming is a literal hell on Earth. I don’t want any part in that future. That is not the kind of future that I would choose for myself or my children. I do not see it as inevitable, though those in control want us to believe there is no way out of it. They speak of their future plans as inevitabilities. “This is the way it will be whether you like it or not.” They want us to lay down, assimilate to the New World Order. They tell us that “resistance is futile” and that is the key to their power, our belief that resistance is all in vain, that they are just too powerful and that their agenda is just too vast and all-encompassing for us to overcome it. This is what they want us to believe.

    Up to now, we have believed all the lies that were handed to us. We have tried everything and failed to create a better world because we believed in those lies, because we went along with “the way things are”. Only the truth can set us free and that means we have to start thinking independently instead of filtering our thoughts through religion and race.

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  26. All this is fine and good, but the real question is what can be done about it. It’s not about race, ethnicity, nor religion at the core. All that is used to manipulate us. Basically, its Illuminati versus everybody else. All the people and groups that you’ve been discussing are merely pawns to a small or great degree. The conditions of the world are the results of a series of diabolical plans concocted by a few. But the world world fell for it. Mad people know about Illuminati. It’s no secret. What can be done to wake everybody else up? Bribe/threaten the rappers and entertainers? That’s what they do…

    And lastly, what do you all think about Zeitgeist, Immortal Technique, and Mr. Lif?

  27. Equinox360,

    Glad you asked that question. Obviously education through word of mouth, blogs, books, public talks, videos, protests, issue-activism, boycotts, etc are essential to create the critical mass needed, but then what? If you ask me, I say that centralization of power is the central issue and problem. The Illuminati can only control us through federalization, amalgamation, standardization leading to global totalitarian rule. This is the covert manipulation of government through multinational corporate power. If you notice, the trend is toward unification and centralization. These are essentially corporate trade deals, and corporate takeovers of national resources like water and land.

    You see many different “unions” forming. In addition to the American Union, we have the European Union, the African Union, the Mediterranean Union, the Asia-Pacific Union, the North American Union and the South American Union (UNASUR). In addition, we will see a Middle-Eastern Union forming shortly. All these will be coalesced around the three core “trilateral” blocs: The European, the Asian and the American. So we can begin to see that the tool, the thing that the globalist Illuminati want most is this kind of amalgamation leading to increased centralization of power. So the thing that they fear most is people working to break up these power blocs. And since that is their greatest fear, that is the exact thing we must do.

    Now, we in the American Union (ie the US) know that it is the US which is bound by treaty into all these various “free trade” areas like FTAA, GATT, NAFTA and the WTO etc. There is really no limit to all these binding treaties, resolutions and international regulations like Codex Alimentarius and Kyoto. There are hundreds of them in fact, and each one that passes in the Executive or the Legislative branches (or below in covert agreements with Bilderberg, etc) tightens the noose around our necks that much further. So…..what the hell do we do about it? I can tell you now that you cannot reform it. You cannot vote them out of power. You can’t even go to Washington DC and force them out of power with rifles in hand because they will just drop chemical weapons on you and be done with it.

    So the only recourse you have left, and it is a mighty one, is to secede from whatever union you are involved with. Secession, declaration of independence is the only sure method of cutting off the power of the Illuminati on a socio-political level. But it also handles a lot of the issues we have with trade, whether it is poisonous food from China or poisonous entertainment from Hollywood and New York. Secession allows each state (and new ones will come out of it) to make its own rules regarding trade, finance, business law, currency, agriculture, manufacturing and even culture itself.

    If nation states secede from their federal unions around the world, there will be some chaos and anarchy for sure, but it will be a healthy, uncontrolled, free chaos as opposed to the deliberately created crises that beset us today. People will have far more control over what they let in and what they give out to their neighbors. We can actually have a global revolution of sovereignty and secession leading to hundreds of independent states with a common goal of self-determination and freedom. This will break up the powerful hold of both the US and Russia and even China. Then the multinational monopolies will fall along with the Illuminati who will be scurrying around like cockroaches looking for somewhere to hide from the lynching parties.

    Secession means “We do not recognize you as our government. We leave you to your own resources. Good bye.” And you carry on working, making a living, and taking care of your own little country because that is your home. It is the only real cure-all available to us and it is a real cure, not some half-assed compromise.

  28. All strong points here, whites, jews, blacks, Islamics, blah, blah, blah. Money, and those who control the money rule the world. Rothschild, and Rockefeller mostly with a few others tossed in for good measure. Where do these bastards live? Got a 9?

    Which President was it that said, we need a revolution every 20 years just to keep the politicians honest? Every politician worldwide, all of them are bought and paid for. MONEY!!! Not races, not religious beliefs, but evil, satanic money mongers rule the world.

    Sorry for rambling, keep up the good work, my research will never end. Eventually we’ll learn how to battle these evils in a real way. Remember less than 4% of the people living in Germany under Hitlers reign were members of the Nazi party. It only takes a few to bring change, watch Barack and his crew of puppets make more change for the NWO.

  29. Again, secession is a new beginning for each locality and region that will allow people to determine their own future rather than to have some “inevitable” New World Order determine it for them. Think it over. That’s all I ask.

  30. Then the bigger question is: How do you convince entire cities and states to succeed from the nation? Historically, when a nation succeeds from another, if the previous nation does not like it, the result is usually war. Who would run the independent land and whose to say that they would not be corrupted by the Illuminati as well?

    I was going to try to pay off all my debt, start a garden, get solar panels and a power generator, (somehow stock up on water or create and of find a water supply) and live life normally, but in preparation for a non-chipped existence. Or stack and do the same thing in another country.

    Opinions on Zeitgeist Movies?

  31. Well, if you look through the Issues and Activism links you will find a number of sites devoted to secession movements in the US, Canada and worldwide. I will be adding more as I know there are budding movements in almost every state in the American Union. So the best thing is for us to start linking up with like-minded people in our own states (start a secession meetup group) and also to encourage secession everywhere else as a healthy movement away from centralization which is at the root of the NWO system. Without centralized power (corporate or government), their power structure has its legs cut out from under it. This works in tandem with all the other things we can do in small groups and as individuals to make changes that slow or halt NWO agendas.

    As far as convincing people, it won’t be that hard once they feel the effects of the NWO personally in their own finances, in their health etc. Most people know the system is corrupt. Most people are pretty sick of the war. And most people have the sense that between big business and big government, they are getting screwed. The bailout scam is pretty obviously a symptom of the wider problem of absolute corruption at the top. So if you remind them that voting hasn’t done anything and reforms have gone nowhere, then they will see that the situation is unfixable and hopeless..UNLESS…states assert their sovereignty through some form of secession and create their own economic systems and especially get out from all these trade deals that only benefit the Big Boys and harm the average worker.

    There are those who believe that only violent revolution, getting in their cars, driving to DC, taking over the capital with guns a-blazing, hanging the traitors, etc will work. But again, the feasibility of that is just so low and it really is crazy to think they would be able to get away with it. The US military would crush such an invasion so fast it would leave the leaders red-faced. So hold out PEACEFUL secession as our only real option. And if you need convincing about the feasibility of that, just remember that it is a lot harder to stop numerous states from seceding than it is to stop a convoy of cars and trucks heading for the capital.

    Though right now, it sounds crazy and dangerous, secession is going to be far less crazy and far less dangerous than just going along like sheep into the NWO which has a number of nasty surprises in store for us all. People will start to listen as time goes on, but in truth we don’t have much time left before the lid is clamped down on us. Martial law will likely be declared with US troops running around policing Americans in the streets. They are even talking about it publicaly, that this could start in 2009. The North American Union will be in place sometime between 2010 and 2012, so that will pretty much completely nullify states’ rights because the states will become nothing more than sectors in a North American superstate, ruled by a Supreme Soviet.

    It is a great thing to become self-sufficient and unplug from the grid as far as possible, but the truth is, in the NWO, you will have a much harder time of it to either purchase or retain any private property long enough to live your life in peace. That can only be done in a sovereign state that has its own constitutional protections for private property. In the NWO system, the land is controlled through international agencies, foundations and big corporations and is eventually taken from the people who are herded into the compact cities where they will be a the mercy of the authorities. Of course, the elite aristocracy will keep their lands, their vacation villas and their country estates and their castles while the rest of us become dispossessed refugees like the victims of Katrina. This is already playing out worldwide and will only get worse as people have their rights completely stripped from them. But they cannot do that if states assert their rights. Americans will lose everything if they stick with the American Union, so there is another selling point.

    Obviously, secession is not an easy path to take, but it is far better than the alternative of going in the direction we are headed. There will be problems to overcome, but if you just think it through, all these problems and obstacles can be overcome with a positive mental attitude. This is the real hope for our future.

    Zeitgeist makes a lot of valid points that I agree with, but especially in the second version we start to see something of an ulterior agenda with planned socialist eco-cities and what looks like a lot of social engineering and control over the individual. It almost seems like a kind of cult to me, so I don’t endorse it. One thing that I am sure of is that just about every freedom movement is subject to infiltration and so we have to be ever vigilant against anyone of great power and charisma taking over a movement and steering it on behalf of the elite.

  32. Hey PJ. I like you. Your heart is in the right place and fairly knowledgeable. I was here because of JAM (John) from his site. I have been reading all the posts with interest and could have a lot to say about solutions presented, but first the problem has to be identified. I am with JAM on that, and it has nothing to do with fixating on a race (btw Frnnk–I may be white, but I am as pink and rosy on the inside as you…lol!)

    Pointedly, the ‘Illuminati’ is “JEWlluminati”. Before anyone gets their dander up, Jews are NOT a race. Allow me to quote a description defining statements made by Alfred Lilienthal (One of the first and most prominent Anti-Zionists throughout his lifetime): “Lilienthal shows that Jews are a religion, contrary to Nazis who claim they are a race, and contrary to Zionists who claim they are a nation.” Just what is that religon? Well it’s called Rabbinical Talmudism, though it is generally called Judaism ( that’s fine with me, because the word defines it’s object of worship, but not it’s doctrines). Once you understand the nature of the religon and it’s doctrine, you can then understand the ‘secretive’ control-elements arising throughout the ages since it’s existance. To put it in a nutshell simply “Only Jews are human, the rest are beasts, cattle (chattel)”–generally called goyim by them, and ‘gentiles’ in PC-ignorant entrainment. That’s you and anyone who isn’t a Jew..esp. an elite Jew.

    Religon is important..either as a mindwashing tool for Dissasociated Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Identity Disorder–fractionating of the mind into many compartments) through which true concious awareness of what is true and real about it is stifled by inner divisions. Such as are ever multiplied within the collective body of the ‘Goyim’. Whereas, what we call religon should be a philosophical and experential uncovering and discovery of the way life really works, how it should be lived, how and whys of life, nature etc., it has been perverted to ritual-abuses of mind-control. It keeps people blind and stupid (by extension academia, media are institutions naturally targetted to maintain and funnel that mind-control). So, it’s not just a matter of this religon vs. that religon, as is the racial divide encouraged by the ‘Racial-religon’ foisted on a people called ‘Jews’. (Btw..the name in letter, word-definition is totally misleading, but we will go with it).

    Since religon is a mind-con, it’s objective is to control wealth. Wealth is resources, land or living space, knowledge, PEOPLE. Economy is the means by which people develope their needs and build their wealth-prosperity. Control over economy is also control over people. Ignorance about economy is important in the context of bigger and bigger societies (and geo-political relations), thus the mind-con about economy and it’s essential life-blood in sophisticated economies such as most of the world today–MONEY. Religon and Money are partners in parting people from their natural rights to their enterprises and so the mystique about money and economy is as much religon as ‘sacred-writ’ and “Prophet” (Profit) nonsense perpetuated by the Jewlluminati! Even science can be brought to tow under religon and money, so that people will ‘believe’ officially propogated nonsense.

    I can not stress enough the importance of understanding money, it’s creation and proper usage in a peaceful rational society (regardless of racial makeups), nor the place of religon as an ‘instituion of belief’ keeping people ignorant of what is true and real. Who controls and ever abuses these and through these other human activities? You say the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the secret-societies etc. These are just boxes within boxes of pyramidal schemes centralised in the apex of a hidden few esconced in the body of a people themselves’s conned into thinking they are ‘Special’–innately superior to others. So they are…as long as they can keep up their deceptions and multiple conspiracies through the divisions sewn through their disciples….the Jews and the “if you can’t beat them, join them” crowd.

    Educate yourself about whom controls the MONEY, the RELIGONS, ACADEMIA, POLITICS out of proportion to their numbers. Even if you think there is a more mysterious power behind the Jews, it is clear they are the army, the cloak, the bureaucratic agents of that power. Without them, that Power is NOTHING.

    Running away from the problem (seceding) and not SEEING the crux of the problems are not solutions. Go ahead, stick your head in the Ostrich-hole! The Consolidation and Centralisation of Power globally is not good because it is arbitrarily artificial and not organic (it’s not that globalism, a little centralism is bad of itself). We should be Unified as people, but it has to be a grassroots organic process without conflict-division sewn by parasitic elites and I mean a religiously-clothed elite, not necessarily religious in the ordinary sense. After all, most of these elites don’t believe in a ‘higher power’, divinity or whatever. They believe only in their power as more than human (after relegating the rest of us as animal…sheeple, cattle). Literally, they see themselves as god-men seeking only domination of this world without a care about spirituality in any other sense.

    It’s Talmudic and it’s Jewish to the extent that the combination of this ritual-religious belief concerning Jews about themselves in their relationship to the rest of the world continues to master their minds in defiance of the rest of humanity. They have been set and set themselves against the world in order to dominate and do as they please to the uttermost vile things. You must learn more, for it is the source of all else that you see, which is more than most others.

    Sorry for the long preachment, but I am DRIVEN…not crazy, just driven to expose what must be, if it is not too late to salvage this world from a hell worse than death.

  33. Great summation of the fraternal infiltration of the hip hop scene. The military meme/themes are laughably apparent, and yet not many people can connect the dots.

    I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on related topics, especially Obama and how astrology plays a key role in events, but also it can be used, like a skeleton key to uncover meta-meanings.

  34. skullnboner,

    I do see money and religion as two wings of the same bird. I don’t deny the heavy Jewish presence in the NWO, and I do see a central role for Israel (especially in Freemasonry with Solomons’ temple etc), but can’t agree that it is all about Jews. It isn’t so cut and dried as that. The main power (and money) centers are: London, New York, DC, Vatican City, Israel, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Geneva, Moscow, Tokyo and Beijing. So if you think in terms of power and who has it, power and wealth is diffused geographically and racially but mainly between Anglo and Semitic races in the West as it has always been.

    I also don’t understand what your solutions are exactly. You talk about money and unity a little bit. But little else. How do you propose we cut loose from the NWO and live in true freedom and independence from the global power elite???

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  36. Their coming out with a movie about the Illuminati next year in may 2009 with Tom Hanks. To me it’s true and it’s starting to be exposed. Also look for Revelation the movie in 2009 by Mel Gibson. And the last movie coming out is called the Antichrist starring Willom Dafoe where satan created the world. Get understanding we are in the last days and our government is part of it.

  37. As bizarre/insane as it sounds its actually tru…do some research about that Elite group and you’ll find alot of sht that starts from them..they fund/control everything thats around us: Wars, Entertainment, Banks etc, basically the whole society (matrix) not a fan of prodigy but he has a new video (animated) about them and their plans u can find it on youtube..
    Im not 100% into believing the info about jay-z but dont get me wrong, from day one I always thought somethin wuz up with dude bcuz he has no personality at all and he steals from evryone he sees or meets..

  38. Nothin bizarre about that. It IS a matrix system that covers all bases. Once we understand that, then and only then can we start to get free from it. Recognize the fact that the news media is enemy propaganda, psyops, social engineering and mind-control. That goes for the majority of “entertainment” too.

  39. PJWalker 911-

    Great summation of money centers, but you left out Frankfurt, homebase of The House Of Rothschild.

    I just stumbled upon some info regarding Freemasonry and that there are two main sects that have descended from Atlantis.

    One is “The Sons Of Belial” the other is “The Law Of One.” “The Sons” are NWO agenda based, while “The Law Of One” is more about pax humana.

    I believe that “The Sons Of Belial” are Luciferian as Lucifer was the creator God of Atlantis and “The Law Of One” is more linked to Yawyeh, a cosmic counterpart and half-bother of Lucifer.

    This shit stretches back a very long time.

    My research has led me to the “belief” that The Jews as we know them are the original Aryan (Orion) race that descended into Northern India on chariots in 1035 BC and conquered that region of the world. They eventually switched their religious affiliation from “phallic worhsipping paganism” to Judaism and began the migration westwards after Genghis Khan kicked them out of The Caucasus.

    This race is celestially and genetically linked to the planet Orion, a warrior caste that advances through conflict.

    Now to be clear, we all have remants of various star seed within us, but when certain groups are (adama)ant about not marrying and conceiving outside of their genetic pool, such as most sects of Judaism as well heavy bloodline families, it’s because they do not want the potency of their star seed dispersed.

    What we see happening in The Middle East is no less than a multi-dimensional orgy of violence that fuels the tapline to the Orion bio-plasmic field. In essence, they feed off of the energy of bloodlust and fear.

  40. rpm1122,

    For the sake of friendly discussion, would you care to show me the evidence for “star seed”, ie ET intervention on this planet because try as I might, I have not found anything convincing, just as I am not convinced that ETs are visiting this planet now. I realize that certain star systems are important to the mystery schools, secret societies etc, but it seems to me these are understood more in the more symbolic and in the astrological sense.


  41. ignorantinkanada

    it seems those that post comments here are all knowing. I wonder what wonderful careers you people must have. Have you ever left the confines of your home town? or is everything u think and write generated from the same media u hate and chat forums in which you commend eachother for your ignorance. Do you even know what a jew is? I dont even though I know where my blood origions are. Do you know why so many so called jewish entertainers and businessmen are more successful than white trash cattle? because they spend less time pointing fingers and more time being productive. My communituy of 500,000 plus has an under 1% jewish population. Yet every day I hear anti-semitic comments from red necks who base their opinions on what they see on utube. If you are afraid of rich creative people that out perform you call them jews. The majority of us really dont care and have better things to do. Perhaps I am reverting to the ways of the mindless flock that surrounds me because I even bother to post in here. Money and greed prevail in amost all cultures disguised with political correctness and tax deductions. Enjoy the NWO which is really just 21st century capitalism at its finest. Stop making up conspiracy theories and focus on your immediate surroundings. Peace1

  42. ignorantinkanada [revealing name, though you might try arrogantinkanada as it suits you],

    You’re too good for us and you have better things to do? Then why are you here with the rest of us clattering away on your keyboard?

    Cattle? Oh you mean goyim, the useless eaters…

    Enjoy the NWO? Sounds like Aldous Huxley’s injunction to enjoy our servitude through pharmacological means. Or as Bertrand Russell says, through diet and injections the sheep will be completely incapable of rebellion. Oh yes, slavery is freedom, war is peace and ignorance is strength. We’ll try to remember that…

    You elitist Zionist NWO enablers are down there with the worst of your race, whereas the “lesser” among you always suffer because of your hubris, arrogance, callous disregard and Darwinian attitudes. I suppose you also heartily approve the massive phosphorus shelling and cluster bombing of the Palestinian children.

    As I have stated, it isn’t the race of an individual that is a problem. It is the wickedness of the elitists of any race that gives them a bad name and ends up pitting the races against each other. That is an important distinction for all of us to make.

    Unfortunately, it is Jews like you who give fuel to the fires of racism on both the Zionist side and on the side of anti-semites.

  43. Well PJ Walker,

    I would direct you to a fine book called, “Genesis Race” as well as the works of Lloyd Pye.

    Is this imperical, ontological data?


    But I think at some point, you have to fill in the blanks as modern science and history are less than willing to do that.

    What becomes the measure of ones reality interface? What do we consider viable and valuable?

    Those are very subjective markers.

    I see this all the time in the “conspiracy world.”

    There are die-hard Alex Jones believers and those that question his motives in more than just mild fashion.

    There are devotees of Michael Tsarion and David Icke, many of whom have their own detractors as well.

    So, I can give you what I would consider links, info, etc, but at some point, we all have to make certain leaps of belief or disbelief.

    As far as “ignorantinkanada” goes, aren’t you being just a little dismissive? Perhaps some of us have lives, creativity and even abundance and we work hard to achieve those ends AND we have time/opportunity to deconstruct the consensus version of reality. Or, maybe those things are not as important in some ways and there are those that have found a third stream lifestyle which does not make them compromise their values.

    And perhaps there are those that are scraping, day-to-day in order to find a different path, one that is authentic and true to values that they are nurturing in their spirit.

    The journey to truth is neither straight, nor invested in 12% returns on an investment.

    I’ll leave that type of metaphysical model for success that would like to defend the likes of Bernie Madoff and other hedge fund gangsters.

  44. PJ Walker,

    I didn’t mean to evade your question.

    I think the very best place to look is “The Epic Of Gilgimesh” and begin to see the paralells between “The Epic” and it’s more modern redux, “The Bible.”

    As far as Judaism goes, please see the works of Arthur Koetler, “The Thirteenth Tribe” and a more modern, controversial work by Israeli scholar, Schlomo Sand, basically translated into “The Myth Of The Jew.”

    So, if the majority of the Jewish race is descended from The Caucasus mountains and a race called “The Khazars” then, geographically, they would match the descent of The Aryans/Orions (aka strange ones or visitors) into Northern India.

    Ironically, the Aryan mythology that Hitler sourced had NOTHING to do with Celtic, Germanic. Scandinavian culture and everything to do with the warlike Aryan/Orion culture.

    This was the model of domination that The Third Reich aspired to.

    What is very interesting is that Northern India is the home of the “Vimana” aka “The Foo Fighters” that Hitler was building near the end of WWII.

  45. rpm,

    I would prefer if you give the best evidence, in your own words, for both an ET origin and for ETs today. I know ancient texts are used as “proof” but the ancient world was filled with fanciful stories of “gods” from above which always turn out to be metaphorical, not literal beings. It still proves nothing. And same goes for ETs today. Show me an alien. You can’t and neither can anyone else. Until I see three-headed aliens marching out of a spaceship, I’m not going to believe that they are here among us. On the other hand, it is very logical to assume that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the cosmos. But that’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not they are here or have been here, or if we ourselves are from “out there” originally. I am not saying it can’t be, but so far, there is no proof that I know of.

    As far as ancient UFO (anti-gravitic) technology being in human hands, I allow for that because of the Vimana and other descriptions of air-crafts that can’t be mere imagination and have a real-world connection with the present. For today’s UFOs being entirely human is far easier to believe than that these UFOs are interstellar. There is no doubt that UFOs exist. The question is who makes them and who controls them. I believe the answer is that these are terrestrial and controlled by the elite of the elite through the military-industrial complex at the highest levels of secrecy. But again, that is conjecture because none of us commoners has ever had access to the truth. So we are still left only to speculate about these types of things.

  46. As far as ignorantinkanada goes, it isn’t a matter of being successful. There is nothing wrong with that. It is when someone like him comes along stating that this makes him a superior being to the rest of us, presuming that his activity is more precious than the activity of others, and therefore presumably deserves to rule over us by virtue of some Darwinian rulebook. This is basically what he is stating. The NWO is run by psychopaths like this who are consumed with issues of eugenics and depopulation of everyone except themselves of course. That’s why I condemn him and anyone like him.

  47. Stop fighting and worrying and just live. I’m not a skeptic or a believer, I’m a living organism that chooses just to exist.

    I’m a realist before anything else though. If there is a giant Illuminati cover up, if there is a new world order, if there is a group of people pulling the strings, so what? People have been shouting it and saying it for years, but the majority still thinks you’re all crazy.

    You can preach, lecture, write, shout, and do whatever you feel necessary to “fight” against whatever hidden evils you want to. You will never, however, get the majority on your side. Humans are too stupid, too weak minded, and to easily manipulated. They wont walk away from their TVs, they wont walk away from their decadent consumerism.

    I’m not saying this because I’ve given up, I’m saying this because you’re wasting your time and your life trying to fight against something that you can’t win against. There is still plenty of opportunity to live and exist as you wish to.

    Even if there are unseen evils pulling the strings, things are still getting better as a whole for humanity. All you have to do is look to the past and realize that every 100 years we’re farther along technologically, as well as socially and spiritually. In another 100 years we’ll be better off then we are now.

    Go ahead and waste your lives and your breath fighting against something that if it exists can not be beaten. Or accept the fate of humanity and realize as long as we don’t destroy ourselves, or our world, we will be perfectly successful as a race of sentient creatures. Go on and live your lives free of the paranoia that you carry around now, please.

    In the end it doesn’t matter what you do, you will lose, you are losing, and you will continue to lose.

  48. Lunatox,

    First off, your propaganda that “things are still getting better as a whole” is a lie, the same lie of “progress” touted by Obama and his millions of useful idiots. Try reading the news once in awhile and you will realize things are not improving, but are spiraling downward as a whole.

    Just accepting the NWO is what the Illuminati want us to do. You have no moral principles, therefore you can go on without caring about the fact that people worldwide are losing whatever freedoms they once had, that a perpetual war is being waged against humanity itself, that we are being herded into a future where humans and machines will become indistinguishable, that they are deploying a vast array of “silent weapons” to cull humanity down to a manageable level, that they are implementing global government without the consent of the governed, that they use war and terror and huge lies like global warming to rearrange the world according to their will, and that they use the media, entertainment, etc to keep people “too stupid, too weak minded, and to easily manipulated.”

    So yes, the easy way out is to take the nihilist approach, to just pass it all off and do your thing. So I think it is you who are the weak-minded one and a twisted sickie to boot. You don’t have the stomach for truth, nor the heart for doing what it right, which is to do everything in your power to help awaken your fellow human beings. Crazy people don’t care for truth at all. Their actions and words are inappropriate to the circumstances. The sanest people seek truth and are deeply concerned about righting injustice. Their actions and words are appropriate to the situation. And so, in an insane, corrupt world, a sane person is labeled as “crazy”.

    Why bother to comment at all? I think it is another of many efforts to discredit the slowly gathering movement toward of world based on truth and facts, rather than propaganda and lies.

  49. Ur right, nuthng will b able to stop them, theyll too powerful…but dnt tell me that it doesnt exist, its evrywhere: movies, cartoons and sht…wtf !!! the evidence is right there..

  50. It is a myth, useful only to the elite, to say they are too powerful and can’t be stopped. The only issue is the human race in general. Can they get it together morally and intellectually enough to awaken to the truth, then resist and overcome this evil? That is the biggest open question that will remain open until the day when this world is run on truth instead of lies. Nobody can just say categorically that humanity will never wake up because at this point, we just don’t know what the future holds. I am hoping that eventually the human race will just finally get sick of all the lies, the evil, the injustice, the violence, the insanity and the elitism and just find ways to live more freely and happily on this planet. It is possible for individuals to do so, and the more who do reject the Matrix, the NWO, whatever you want to call it, the sooner there will be some semblance of sanity and peace on Earth.

  51. Do you think that the reason for kwests mum died as a result of his participation in the masonic crafts?

  52. good question darkcom…
    who knows, mayb, maybe not..
    johnny j. jackson (tupacs producer) died while in prison, he supposedly took his own life…dnt really thnk that, and jay’z replacement of president of def jam supposedly took his own life in winter 2008..
    dnt believe either story..




















  55. big up big up the truth is getting around!!!! i luve to see ppl that are educated enough that they see something and say FREEMASON! unfortunately the majority of the population is clueless , making us look like nuts .

  56. In a world gone mad, sane people are labeled “crazy” by cowards who only want to keep things as they are.

  57. Prodigy is telling the truth. It’s time to face the facts that everything you ever thought was real and true, is a lie. That’s the gist of what P was saying.

    WAKE UP!!!!

  58. Paul Isaac (Sentinel)

    so whats it going to beLuke : Are you proposing by that pinn you wear that you’re in favor of shooting police officers or are going to do stunts like this video that you’re seen in here?

    I see from a former law enforcent source that you brought in $20.000 for first responders.. . How ?
    From who?
    Are you connected to the “Shylocks” offering the money?
    Do you know who Micheal Garcia is?
    Why does it look like the very same issue you had with Les Jamison NY911Truth ($6000)?Who by the way brought you in?
    P.S. This isn’t to be interpreted as a mark against the whole WEAREChange group because I know as a fact that there a real people within the group with real concerns when it comes to issue above. Sentinel Sentinel (For Beverly) RIP
    February 13, 2009 at 2:35 pm
    More Unanswered Questions re: Keyspan Tanks
    Paul Isaac is an Auxiliary Fireman and (911)first responder.
    He has spent an untold number of hours doing in-depth research compiling
    many areas of evidence challenging the official account of 9/11….

    — On Tue, 4/14/09, NYC Nemesis Nemisis wrote:

    From: NYC Nemesis Nemisis
    Subject: [v911t] Censorship on a “Truth” Board?
    To: v911t@yahoogroups. com
    Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 2:25 PM

    Sorry, I noticed my reply didn’t get through: Wheres the money for the first responders and how is that money being accounted for? I understand that when this subject was brought out at a saturday meeting 2 weeks ago Luke and his girlfriend Subrina (Formerly the fiance of Danny Wallace RIP) WALKED OUT OF THE MEETING.

  59. Paul isaac (Sentinel)

    Paul Isaac (Sentinel) Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 3:21 pm
    Sorry, I thought we were all looking for the truth behind the biggest mass murder in US History. I didn’t know you were just looking to scapegoat a religeon or race.

    Let me put it this way so that everyone is on the same page,OK:

    1st (IS) (RA) (EL) is not a jewish state.
    2nd It is not a jewsih state because it does not follow the TORAH.
    3rd The Holocaust is not accurate because HITLER was a JEW with JACOB as a middle name. He was the illigitamate child of the RothChilds.
    4th It is fact that (IS) (RA) (EL) is a pagan state which even a hardcore zionist rabbi here locally states that it is (heloni) meaning EVIL.

    Now since it is a known fact that they who purpitrated the attacks are not jewish or christian or whatever then they must be the seed of the fallens ones.

    Just check the background on the mystery of the “ELLOH ANU” AND “THE ORBIT OF PLANET NEBIRU.”

    Everything I entered yesterday would have brought the real perp TRAITORS TO JUSTICE. But Hey, Its your world man…

    Sentinel (8 point tin foilhat)
    February 19, 2009 at 2:06 pm
    Late Friday night 14 Sept 2001- “I had to be at a meeting that wasn’t on my schedul. I didn’t even mention it to my closest staff. The topic was biological and chemical warfare, which I feared would be the next terrorist move.”Page 357

    “I scheduled our first meeting for 11PM., Specifically to keep it secret from the press lest word of it further unsettle an already rattled city. Thats also why I held it at gracie mansion. The sight of these people-some of whom were well known in the scientific community as experts on Biological attack-might trigger concern if they came to the emergency management center. Richie Scheirer, Jerry Haurer, and the Police Commisioner, The fire commisioner, health commisioner Neal Cohen and his assistant commisioner for infectious dideases, Dr. Marcello Layton, OEMs’ Edward Gabriel, and Dario Gonzalez and I spent several hours with people like Dr. Burt Meyers, an infectious disease expert at Mt Sinai Scholl of Medicine, Dr. Martin J. Blaser, the Chairman of NYUs Department of Medice, and Dr. Josh Lederberg, who had won the Nobel prize.” We recieved plans rel;ated to possible attacks involving anthrax, smallpox, botulism, and sarin gas. We established charts for each-how one would detect the first sign, how muchtime each individual would have to act once the symptoms appeared. How would each be delivered?Page 358 (Leadership) Rudolph W Giuliani They hosted a tribute to heros 11 days after the attacksGot to make you wonder why the rush to build stadiums ? Sentinel AT LARGE

  60. Olive Farmer

    This is I think the first time I have visited this site and commented. I hope more experienced contributors will forgive my ignorance in some areas, which I am trying to address.
    The problem we have is clear and enormously difficult to overcome. A very old and highly organised bloodline of conspirators have achieved such an all- encompassing dominance for such a long period of time in so many aspects of “life” that we live in a world which is almost completely made up of false assumptions and deviant realities. The result, as they anticipated, is that it is impossible for any one person (or in fact any group of people without the organisation and control over resource that governments or the incredibly wealthy have) can perceive the entirity of the false reality. As each generation passes the recruitment and absorption into their system of the people who control all aspects of our lives becomes more systematic, wholesale and complete. They have their controlling influence on the world’s religions, governments and the police, army and security apparatus, on education, on healthcare, in the supply of energy, food and water and via their “global warming” crusade soon to be control over and taxation on the very air we breathe. Their poisoning of food and water supplies and their control over the legal and illegal drug trades designed to dumb down their herd is augmented by their control of the press. Their control of the world’s money supply, their usury and the indebtedness of every nation state and so the whole of mankind to them is the root and branch of their control and the means by which they recruit their apparatchiks.
    They decide the issues, they decide the agenda. They always control both sides of every issue and have historically proven their ability to do so. There can be no doubt that they are already taking the lead and will try to assume control of the loose coalitions increasingly found on the internet categorised as “conspiracy theorists”. Knowing their sphere of command and taking as read their ability to carry out false flag operations it is only a matter of time before anyone that visits a site such as this will be categorised as a terrorist, vilified in the press for the “education” of the herd, made an example of and used as an excuse for the introduction of more draconian regulations.
    The evil that these people perpetrate is so far ranging as to beggar belief.
    Every war is theirs.
    Every baby that takes a bullet.
    Every person that dies because of their sick control of drug companies’ research and their deliberate burying of cures for the major illness plagues (and probably their promulgation in the first place).
    Every person that lives a life of fear, fear of debt, fear of war, fear of acts of terrorism, fear of disease, fear of impoverishment, fear for the future.
    All of these can be laid at their door.
    What is rarely seen on sites such as these is an answer. This is hardly suprising. What can one man conceive of that can defeat these evil conspirators? They have recruited into their ranks and subverted the morality and bent to their will the finest minds and the most aggressive and psychopathic mentalities for centuries. They have a long established family business, and that business is domination, and they are extremely good at it. The majority of people are ignorant of their crimes and believe the reality these people create for them and scoff at alternative views of reality and vilify and even attack those that propose a different truth, even one that is self evident. Many ordinary people are caught in their web of control as participators and don’t even recognise the fact: the doctor prescribing their drugs, the teacher teaching (unknowingly) false science and false history, the policeman watching you via his cameras, the soldier shooting for a false patriotism defending you from an invented enemy, worse of all the beaurocrats enforcing their regulations , the bank employees selling their usury, the press reporting their world view.
    Even amongst this community there are many who cling to elements of the lies fed to them. No man can be truly free of every element of their false reality. We all of us believe in one bit of history that is a lie, buy one product that is a poison, believe in a scripture that they created, follow a blog that they are behind, believe in a misguided notion of supremacy, buy one piece of their system, vote. “We” argue amongst ourselves when unity of a massive scale is required.
    When an organisation of such complexity and depth such as this evil empire presents itself the answering struggle has to be either as well funded, well organised, have the same access to media and the same control over repressive forces (police, army, secret services, the entire apparatus of control) as the oppositon , or it has to find a different route. That different route can only be an idea. One single, simple, popular, unarguable, achievable concept that can bring down the edifice of control and reshape the world. We can decide what that shape will be afterwards, the important thing is to decide on the one idea and make it happen, right now. Take that idea and spread it in every way we can, through every media we can access (even by spending our own money), in every conversation we have, in every language in the world to every person in the world. One idea that will spread faster than their viruses and more powerfully than they can control. One idea that can, in weeks, bring the world to a point of change that is beyond their ability to stem and happens with such speed that they are unable to assume secret control of it. One idea that will free mankind, soon.
    I think I have such an idea.
    Let me know if you would like to hear it.

  61. Olive

    You lay it down pretty well, the Matrix system. But then let’s hear your solution. I am afraid you are going to say it’s Jesus or its some other cult like Zeitgeist…but maybe not. Please do offer your opinion.

    Anyway, to me the answer is to reclaim sovereignty and self-sufficiency on every level as an individual and for those who want to form a nation of their own independent of any union, I say they, we all, have that right to self-determination. So as groupings of humanity we have the right to secession, to control our own destiny as we see fit, though we do not have the right to force others to our will unless they are injustly trying to force their will upon us as the Federal and Global governments are doing. In other words, we need to urgently seek out all peaceful and sane ways toward true freedom and yet be willing to defend, whatever that entails.

  62. Paul Isaac (sentinel)

    We can never get justice on stolen land.
    The ground is cursed by all the blood first of the natives then the slave trade the all the murders.

    Example: 36 children killed in Chitown so far this

    In a system bent on conquering the innocent it’s no wonder the govenment is getting nervous.

    It’s always been about locking people up. First the
    native in reservation then the platations then internment camp then the projects the FEMA camps.

    My question regards the NO victims of Katrins:

    If the USCG was formerly DOT and DOT was under DHS during Katrina…

    Who gave the USCG helicopter the activation order yet kept food and water from the innocent
    People starving at the superdome and why did the
    USN pull guns on the civilians who came to the
    Abandoned base?

    Sentinel at Large

  63. Paul,

    Everything you say is correct unfortunately. However, I do believe people can resume at least a portion of freedom and justice through directing their own destiny, ie divorcing oneself from the federal system, declaring sovereignty and independence from it, seceding on all levels from the entire New World Order. That IS possible to do, but “reforming” the government we have is impossible in my view. It is just too deeply corrupt from top to bottom. State and local or even tribal governments are an entirely different story. These levels of government function much more honestly and correctly because the people are more closely involved and in many cases, the employees of these governments have their own vested interest in doing good work, helping their fellow citizens, making things work because they themselves live in these places. The federal and global systems of government are inherently tyrannical and imperial, and rule from afar, from on high.

    Regarding your question, I don’t know exactly who gave the order, but the fact is Katrina was just one more part of the overall agenda being enacted serving multiple purposes.

  64. Paul Isaac (sentinel)


    You a powerful writer.

    On the topic , it’s going to get much worse as the fake usery economy slams down to zero and the food prices soar to infinity people will became desperate.

    You saw spikes “When the levees broke” I believe it was part 2 – where the starvingc desperate people where crossing the bridge to get into the
    next parish actually had police pointing guns at them and threatening to fire on them. Then in the
    documentary “troubled waters” we see 911 operators actually telling someone “there was no one coming to assist them.”

    This is the reason I feel very strong about self empowerment self sustaining community. When I saw how these poor people where being treated I
    got sick to my staumach. I’m a dedicated community person I been survive FDNY Aux for
    nearly twenty years even tried the PD aux till was dismissed in 2000 for stop someone from blowing up a city bus. I saw 911 close up and personal so I took katrina hard as I know New Orleans from hanging out in the French Quarters which by the way sustained very little damage due to the BOMBING of the levees in strategic points.

    People are too caught up on false values. We need to get back to core neccessities or else. We were never meant to succeed in a system of greed, glutiny and canabilism. The system is and always has been evil. This is an old saying but very very true “the bigest trick the devil played on the world was to make us think he wasn’t real.”

    If the emancipationt declaration were worth the ink an paper it was wrten with people wouldn’t have had to wait 105 years for civil rights and even that is a joke after see what occurre with katrina.

    It is imperative that we refocus for surviving next wave of declining life style because as it looks just over the horizon it will be devistating.

    Something else regarding the NY AF-1 “photoshoot” it’s only called AF-1 when the the president is on board. Where was the president on 27 April 2K9? Why did the plne fly like it was under threat? Can we have a FOIA request for ATC recording for the “call sign” ?

    I notice this board isn’t really into. The wearechange gimmick? I can definately put you to some real deep info it. I was at GZ/WTC yesterday screaming on them. They are frauds. I do have to put the following info though: the actual originator
    of the group was Danny Wallace son 911 hero FDNY Lt Robert Wallace. The was started by him but stolen by Luke Rodkowski not only was the group stolen but Dannys fiancé was lifted by luke too.

    I believe the reason Danny wound up dead was because he committed suicide. I was at dannys wake and both luke and sabrina acted really shady and again at St mark for the tribute. Now she’s openly with luke at ground zero scamming people.

    Regarding Barry James (RIP) he was the former
    WTC EOC for the NYC Housing Authority on 911.
    He had recently lost his life under “Mysterious”
    circumstances or so they say. He did an interview with loosechange (another skel) stating his experiences on 911 and then tried basically begged them not to show the tape. Why? Not because he wanted to change his story but because loosechange is (1) a cointel outfit (2) they trick people into exposing themselve relating personal details of 911 (4) make big money off the dead.

    I know from experience how these animals work.
    I believe Barry James also committed suicide because of the stress of not only 911 which was huge but also of what loosechange was doing to him. Dylan Avery who doesn’t have a job bragged
    about “Hirering High Priced” private investigator “to look into the issue.” The PI gave him his money
    back and told him never to call him again.

    Don’t be surprised if see loosxhange go to jail for contributing to these people emotional deress and suicide.

    God Bless

    Paul (sentinel)


  65. Paul Isaac (sentinel)

    Another thing:

    I hate wrting with iPods.

    Sucks big time

    God Bless


  66. differenworld

    Thats not an “O” sign that the OBAMA watcher is watching, that’s clearly the “ROC” symbol..or the Pyramid symbol reppin’ the all seeing eye…

    check out my EMINEM RELAPSE LYRICAL ANALYSIS — illuminati, freemason, new world order lyrics…

  67. Paul Isaac (sentinel)

    The Danny Wallace (wac) thing is scarey to me.
    This young man the son of FDNY Lt Robert Wallace E205 lost his life hanging around luke rodkowski protoge of Alex Jones.

    He suposedly to an overdose of unknown pills.
    Whats really strange about it was his girlfriend
    Sabrina Rivera was with him when he passed.

    Now shes intimate with luke and she is listed as
    WACs treasurer.

    She suposedly witnessed him taking the pills and thought nothing of his breathing problems then saw he had passed in the morning when she checked him.

    Now she and luke are stars.

    I see foul play

    Too much redrum
    The ground is cursed
    with the tears of our
    ancestors pain.

    (Genisis 6 is returning)

    Paul (NYsentinel)

  68. Paul Isaac (Sentinel)

    # Jun 11 09 2:53 pm Paul Isaac (Sentinel) says:

    Danny was a person that would listen to both sides and would let somone explain to him things, but i think his emotions and Luke telling him every day since he met him the gov did it he believed it. He really was just looking for answers.

    He only knew Luke for 3-4 months, so this was all new to him. From what i know Rivera (Sabrina) manages all the money coming in for the fund raiser of selling t-shirts for the Feal good foundation and wearechange donations. she claims all the money goes go to the feal good foundation but i think it’s a lie…

    To me Danny just wanted the truth and the answer to why his father died. But he got caught up in these theories instead and was steered away fro m the truth and blinded by these people.

    As far as how Danny died, the police did say it was natural. What out family was told by the Autopsy was because of the overdose of unknown pills, sleeping pills or downer pills our family is not sure of what kind of pills he took but because of a combination of that and his heart disease which he were un aware of until his death that is what caused his death. Heart disease and taking those pills.

    His girl friend Sabrina was with him the night he died. She is heavily into the movement.

    I do not know the full story of what happened to my nephew but from what we my family were told by Danny’s girl friend Sabrina (what i am about to tell you i am still so confused about because her story changed so much into what happened or what he or she did that night, only Sabrina really knows)

    Version 1: Danny stayed over at her house that night in Queens and was having trouble breathing, Sabrina thought nothing of it and just let him sleep and in the morning she found him very blue and called 911.

    Version 2: Danny was having trouble sleeping so he took some sleeping pills was having trouble breathing Sabrina thought nothing of it so in the morning when she woke she found him blue and not breathing.

    Version 3: Sabrina and Danny had just got back from a party and Danny had bought the pills at the party from someone, took them to help him fall asleep. He took 1, then said these pills aren’t working so took about 15 or some stupid amount of these pills and later that night was having trouble breathing, Sabrina waited till morning when she woke and saw he was blue and not breathing.

    Version 4: Danny had bought these pills from this kid and Sabrina is unsure how many pills he took or what kind they were but the pills had some numbers on it. In the morning She found him blue and not breathing.

    Now after his death our friends were telling all different kind of things that Sabrina had told them what happened these were the versions I heard had happened. So many things went in my mind theories. I wanted to put blame but I don’t know the truth. I do know she know more to what happened then she was telling us

    She needs to stop lieing and claming Dannys father was her family member and we have asked them to stop speaking for Danny because he can’t speak for himself anymore.

    Danny wallace (RIP)

  69. The Wizer Fool

    What do christians, jews, blacks, whites, rich people, poor people, illuminati, chumps, and everyone in between or unmentioned have in common? They are all people. If we all had one religion, all looked the same, all had the same amount of money. We would still fuck eachother over. That is part of what we do. as long as some of us overcome whatever shit is thrown at or handed to us well be ok. ist just a cycle man this shits happened before and will happen again and forever.

  70. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)

    Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks church at a 9/11 Truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, bestiality and sexual perversions (in detail) of members of the Bush administration. Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 9/11 event.

    Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

  71. Paul Isaac,

    Most people can’t stomach the truth and would rather run as far as they possibly can away from it. Which is a big part of why we are in the mess we are in. I guess you already figured that out. Now what to do about it…

  72. They have no power the nwo is a joke. They know as well as i do that they were given a certain amount of time to do their thing, then its over for them. they, your secret masters, are our prisoners. we exiled them to this verse hoping to never have to deal with them again. we did not know that earth had sentient life until it was to late. we are here to correct our mistake. the prisoners will this time be executed. they are our trash, the rejects of our great society. now that we have arrived their reign is over. this is why they are so scared and are trying their best to convince the world that they’re in controlle. they are prisoners, the dregs of our galactic empire, peons really.

  73. Anyone notice in the second video at around 4:02, the talk show host flashes the *el diablo* sign, when he is acting incredulous about the guest saying 911 wasn’t done by Bin Laden? He tries to make it look he’s just talking with his hands. There was no legitimate reason for him to make that signal, it was covert.

    That’s the problem in the world, the movers, shakers, and power brokers, the people in charge DO believe in the devil secretly, but laugh it off if others confront them about it, trying to pretend they are just *sports fans* or into rock music.

    Watch any tv program, and you will see satanic hand signals all the time. I have even seen them on popular Disney sitcoms! And it’s not like you have to really look for them, they just jump out after a while.

    PJWalker, referring to your post above about religion and Zeitgeist, the truth is, it IS a battle between good and evil, and everybody will have to pick a side in the near future.

    Actually, I’ll say it straight out, a choice between the devil, and God.

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  75. I think that Prodigy is on point but everyone know about his bless with pac so it’s just hard to take him serious.

  76. I think that Prodigy is on point but everyone know about his beef with pac so it’s just hard to take him serious.

  77. Does anyone have any info about Michael Jackson’s alleged murder? The word is out that Jackson’s doctor (Dr. Conrad Murray) is a Freemason.
    I’ll try to dig up more info and try to find out if it is true or not.

  78. You never may know MJ was about to expose those cats, and he speak on it B4 his death
    “They Don’t Really Care Abou Us”, so I guess they figured he had to be stopped. I’m not really sure, but it is strange that when someone speak against the evils their murdered or die 4 sum reason.

  79. i heard black people was the fist race on earth and in Egypt and every race latins asians indians come from Africa and was mixed breed by the European people rapeing Africans and its Only 2 Races African/Black And European/White anybody know about that???? and why In Egypt u see alot of pictures paintings Statues wit black faces and color ???

  80. I Love You Dr.York And I Know That You Are True.

  81. we need to help drizzy drake before its to late

  82. They is a motherfucker!! No one knows as much as I. Soldier here and what you say is TRUE..But you’ll never get a chance to prove anything,…….

  83. a addendum to pj walker’s comment s warning viewers not to take racial blame games but unite… in the books of Matthew, Luke and Mark [i think] Jesus’ responses to the disciples’ asking “Teacher, when will these things be…”regarding the signs of the end of the age…”Nation shall rise against Nation…” the Greek word for nation is ETHNOS…literally RACE AGAINST RACE… and believe me, the powers of evil, both spiritual and temporal, theose Kosmokraters of the Kosmos Paul wrote about know the only way to defeat this imperfect but terribly powerful nation of E. Pluribus Unum is to keep its citizens horribly and vaingloriously focused on Pluribus more than Unum…houses divided like Jesus rebuked the Pharisees about IMHO… please warn and admonish all that may/will listen to not feed into these intentional diversions by media, Un-holy-hollywood, politicians, pop idols, both “right and left” wing radio hosts and the like to divide us and marginalise us against each other…especially RACIALLY!!!! Only agape and lesser but just as vital, phileo, not eros[man–passion centered] love will preserve our souls for the coming horrible days prepared for us or our descendents…Christ only knows the exact time for that….but soon it is…the Peace of God not the world’s “peace”…. to engage in foolishness of blaming jews, blacks, whites, and the like is a path to HELL and DAMNATION… PERIOD… and God have mercy on me, i have my own to answer for in this sin as well…so like PJ says in so many ways stop this filthiness of blaming and see who we are in Jesus’ and God the Father’s eyes….men whose own righteousness are nothing but filthy waste-soaked rags..and divided we become even worse…thank you and may God’ love and abiding peace be with you all…. gg in OKC

  84. Thanks for posting our Rihanna article with Gloria Steinem! Aren’t they crazy?! I like your site.

  85. We updated the article on Rihanna at, so you might want to check it out again.

    We added more info about the meaning of the Eye of Horus and some more Steinem pictures. Thanks for posting!

  86. J,

    Thanks for the article on a mainstream magazine. It’s a rare thing to expose Masonic occult manipulations in a venue like that. I would expect it to be pulled soon because the elite tend to sanitize mainstream sources of this type of info within days of its release.

  87. J,

    Thanks for the article. I did think it was People Magazine, but I stand corrected. Check out the related articles I posted on the anti-terror anthems and Jay-Z. Similar articles have been written on the devil horns sign where you have the entire Bush family along with many world leaders like Berlusconi, Ron Paul and Sarkozy flashing it. In that case, one knows it isn’t the “hookem horns” of Texas and it isn’t “I love you”. It has a deeper meaning.

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  89. there was no way, just a possibility by my power, not yours, but of mine, truly, nothing it is, but me, not YOU!

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  91. Wow. I have actually been to the nuwabian compound in eatonton, ga. It was back in 2001 or 2002. I was only 15 or 16 years old. Me and a friend of mine were basically tricked into going to some “event” for the radio station and that’s where we ended up. It was weird. There were people everywhere, and I remember telling my friend this feels like some cult shit.. the compound is/was crazy (I don’t know what’s become of the place since ol dude was arrested for child molestation) but, they actually have pyramids there… I was inside of one. I don’t know what to say…………after coming across this article and just recently starting to research this whole masonic illuminati shit……… ill be back with a couple more incidents I need to post later. I’m at work and cell phone. I feel like I’m meant to be in the know………. this is weird. I’m finally realizing all the missed signs and symbols over the past 8 or 9 years……when it comes to directly effecting me.

  92. Please send me more comments
    on the Illuminiti…

  93. Anthony Pleasant.

    I recommend you simply go through the Illuminati news category, read as much as you can, and also click through some of the Illuminati Occult Research links on this site and continue your study.

    There are also many books on the subject, some pro, some con, but read everything you can get your hands on and you can watch any of probably a hundred or more videos on youtube and google video by simply searching for ‘illuminati’. That is the best way to go. Just get as much information under your belt and connect as many dots as you can and never stop. And don’t be swayed by anyone because there is a ton of disinformation out there designed to confuse. Just pursue it independently with as much objectivity as possible.

  94. i think that jay z rihanna and kanye are great music producers……well at least i did now that i’ve discovered that they worship the devil. what people dont know is that that pyramid symbol is a symbol of the devil and he wants everyone else to do it too because the devil has got to them and wants them to turn everyone into mason’s. The bible says that more people is going to hell then to heaven and thats whats going to happen if you all keep listening to their music. they are trying to destroy gods creations. Lastly i just want to say that i pray that you all see that im right and turn to jesus and repent because you will never know when the lord is coming!

  95. I was born in south Georgia in the early 1060’s and I am “white” and would like to say that no one truly understands the trials and horrors suffered by blacks and native Americans at the hands of white folks since and before the beginning of Europeans coming to North America except for those violated and their descendants. It may take as many years to heal that part of our history as it took to create it.
    As I grew up, I had the most bigoted parents that there could be . At an early age I felt this attitude was not one I would adapt to much less adopt. I realized early on that the prejudice that my folks had was pure and simple ,fear. See I felt, if my ancestors had been subjected to the atrocities that black Americans were brutalized with, then those that had done these things to my people would have reason to fear me. Make no mistake about it! You cannot take the son and daughters of a group of people, and for hundreds of years rape, beat, and otherwise destroy them and one day stop and tell them “Get over it”. It is irresponsible to think all will be well overnight. It will take many, many generations before all the wounds heal. Sad but true. And that will be only if we as the human race can become mature enough to allow it. Obviously with wars being waged on populations of color we are not even close to ridding ourselves of the evil that men do. It would be much easier for our society to embrace peace if our government could at least set a decent example and give up its lying ass “war on terror”. Which by now we are all hip to knowing that it is bullshit. As long as we are hatin’ each other our attention isn’t focused on them and they like it that way. I hope that each day that passes allows the healing to take place so that one day the pain is no more.

  96. May I add, Gene you hit the nail on the head.

  97. I know all about this Illuminati and I’m gonna make everybody in Jamaica(my home) know the truth about the world. I hear a lot of talk this everywhere and everybody is acting scared but, I don’t hear anybody planning to do something about it. All we do is chat, chat, chat. We need to make our society against devil worshiping and evil.

  98. All of you talk about the NWO, but do you not know this must all come to pass per the Word of God. Read the book of Revelation and you will get an idea how it will all come down, Satan knows the word of God and knows his time is short. Instead of worrying how it will play out; get on your knees and cry out to God for forgivness and except his free gift of salvation before it is to late. Have a relationship with God and you will know the signs of the times ahead.

    May you come to know Christ and what he did for each of you by dying on that cross two thousand years ago, he lives ask him into your heart and love one another as he has loved us.

  99. Thanks for taking the opportunity to talk about “Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’ « Aftermath News”, I benefit from learning about this subject. If possible, as you gain data, please update this blog with new information. Thanks, Hier

  100. Man there is so much exposure of the Illuminati in the music industry going on right now, it’s hard to know where to start. It has just exploded over the past year or so, which is a very good thing. Mostly that is on youtube where it has more impact. So here are a few more selections of interest:

    Illuminati Project Part 204

    The Industry Part 35


    There is so much exposure going on that it seems even the Freemasons have to admit that there is Masonic symbolism in the music. “Rare”, haha, my ass…

    Masonic references in the hip hop and rap community

    “While masonic references in hip hop and rap are RARE, and are listed on our page, Masonic references in music, within the rap and hip hop community itself there appears to be a growing, misinformed, awareness of Freemasonry.”

    I’ll be adding these and more as time goes by…

    Cheers Mate

  101. I have been reading a lot on here the topic Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’ « Aftermath News inspired me, i have picked up some great ideas. Thanks and i hope to see more soon.

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  103. Anyone who wants to collaborate with someone who has been researching this sort of thing (more or less) for over a decade? I’m about to launch a new website/blog/newsletter…movement. Email me if you’re serious and you’re not afraid to research. Thanks.

    Yaapoye aka The Viscid Kid
    Revolutionary Hip-Hop Artist and Author

  104. Mr. Knowledge Man

    Hear ya , hear ya all. This is a new truth, the most powerful as of yet: I discovered on my own ALL YALLL JUST AS SILLY AS YOU WANNA BE……LOL, everything ya`ll speak on someone told you or you read about it online

  105. OriginalWhistleBlower

    Unlike the mid 90s, people have become absolutley confused about Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the NWO.

    Lots of disinformation going around. Its clear that Jay-Z is feeding off of the fear and ignorance of people regarding Freemasonry.

    Unless you’ve actually joined a Masonic lodge, you are only spreading rumors about what goes on in Freemasonry. You’re pointing the finger and practing evil (hypocricy)

    Naturally, anyone who is bound by oath, is not going to contend with false accusations against them- if it means breaking their oath to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry.

    The real danger is NOT Freemasonry. The majority of Freemasons are elderly men who like to party and network. Their membership has reached such a low point, that they’ve broken tradition and began to recruit new members in order to survive.

    So what we’re actiually dealing with here is a witch hunt. Recall the salem witch hunt.

    You think the Illuminati is dangerous? Let me inform you that you’re pointing at a ghost. The only power they really have is the power that YOU surrender to them.

    The most dangerous and satanic organizations in the world are the Roman Catholic Church, and World Vision. These are the REAL Illuminati. The Jesuits and Bavarian Illuminati are merely the offspring of Catholic Rome.

    All of the mind control experiments were first practiced by the Church during their inquisitions, crusades, and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

    MK Ultra, Project Monarch, etc, is all dwarfed by the torture and executions administered by the church.

    I’ve not read any plan or agenda attributed to the Illuminati, CIA, or anyone else, that can match Willie Lynch.

    I challange anyone to provide evidence that the NWO will be worse than what Willie Lynch and White Christian slave masters have already practiced against Black people.

    NWO is nothing compaired to slavery. In fact, people get paranoid when slavery is mentioned in connection with Illuminati. Why? Because slavery reflects the crimes the already commited by the Church.

    Christians- Jesus warned you about the church when he said: The evil one will sit in the places of the Holy.

    Jesus also told Peter “Get thee behind me satan”. This is a very powerful statement exposing the church, because Peter is said to be the foundation of the Church.

    Black Communities have always been a police state. Genocide has always been practiced against Black people. So what does the NWO mean for Black people? More of the same treament? Or does it mean that the rest of the world will be treated like Black people.

    Think about it. Peace!

  106. You have to see SITE!!

    This site exposes the Illuminati NWO

  107. What blog platform are you using? I’ve been looking for a new one, and this seems much cleaner then wordpress.

  108. I just want to say thanks for this interesting thread about Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’ | Aftermath News! Regards, Alexia Berater

  109. Why do you people keep saying Illuminati, when in fact they are ‘los alumbrados’, the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church. None of this is new, read about the counter-reformation, how they want to morally destroy society so they can be seen as a beacon of purity in the midst of a decadent world, so we can all go running back to them.

  110. Check this out:

    You have to see this site.

  111. “Illuminati” is a catch-all term that points to the elite bloodlines primarily in Europe and intermarried internationally, spreading across the globe, one big happy family of psychopaths with royal DNA. Secondarily it refers to the whole class of elite secret societies that include the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of Lazarus, Knights, Templar, Order of St John, Rose Croix, Prieure de Sion (no it isn’t a hoax), Freemasonry, OTO, Skull and Bones, etc etc (for a nearly complete list, see the far lower right of the front page.) The Jesuit General, like the office of Pope, are elected positions, where power remains tenuous. The real abiding power resides in the royal families who manipulate such offices behind the scenes. As a catch-all term, “Illuminati” is the most accurate and that is why I use it.

  112. Alexia,

    You are welcome. Hope you will keep coming back to further dig into the workings of the Illuminati. That is the main purpose of this site, to demystify and expose them to the light of day. See the categories or just use the search window to find more..

  113. alll this is is the devil and there going to hell thats all i have to say

  114. I always avoid listening to anything he produces. I do it for a reason. I suggest others do the same. Boycott him. Listen to real musicians.

  115. Somewhat late to this party, but someone was looking for evidence of star seedin our makeup and i thought i would have some interesting points to add. Firstly, there is the mystery of our chromosomes. This plays out something like this. All of our supposed hominoid ancestors carried 46X chromosomes, whilst we carry 48XY chromosomes. No plausible scenario has yet to be proposed by scientists as to how you get from 46 to 48. Random mutation does not wash as you would have to have two or more individuals developing the exact same mutation at the same time and subsequently mating with each other. Chromosomal differences do not permit sucessful mating, so one mutation in a particular individual could not be mantained in the population without a corresponding mutation in a member of opposite sex. This would also have to happen several times to reach 48XY chromosomes. Scientsts have also remarked that the Y chromosome appears to be fused together from parts of what appear to be an X chromosome. Genetic manipulation anyone?

    Secondly, our skeletal morphology is strikingly different from even our nearest anscestors. Many features that appeared on all previous versions of the human disapear, whilst others seemingly come from out of nowhere, with no morphological precedents. Our flatfootedness is also a mystery as it is terribly ineffecient, and evolution doesn’t do inefficiency. In fact much of the makeup of the modern human makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective.

    The ancient writings on the subject of ‘those that from heaven descended’ is extremely interesting indeed, but like all human writings, it is not really evidence. This is why i think a closer look at our genetics and biological mysteries is really the key to unlocking our actual past.

    Now, this biological evidence can be used to support the proposition that we were geneticaly engineered from the existing hominiod stock on the planet. However it could also be argued that we are the result of genetic engineering by a technologically sophisticated civilisation that existed pre the end of the last ice age, much evidence for which exists. Solid, on the ground, hard evidence. I personally tend towards the later but would not entirely rule out the former.


  116. Dr. Dean Nefer Seneb -El, DC.

    I am a Doctor of chiropractic, college professor of Anotomy, Nuwaubian Moor, freemason, voodun practitioner , etc… and I am a benefit to the world, not a parasite or a “devil”. I use my time energy and talent to uplift my environment. Presently I am working in Ghana for pennies!
    The orders to which I belong are about uplifting humanity. There are freemasons that are diabolical , just like there are christians and muslim etc. that are global terrorists(CRUSADERS & JIHADISTS). THERE TRULY IS NOTHING IN THESE FREEMASONIC ORDERS THAT IS secret. YOU JUST HAVE TO CLIMB THE TREE BRANCH BY BRANCH TO REACH THE TOP.


  117. Dr. Dean Nefer Seneb -El, DC.

    Lie # 1: “The orders to which I belong are about uplifting humanity.” [The true goal is the New World Order which is a global feudal dictatorship]

    Lie # 2: “THERE TRULY IS NOTHING IN THESE FREEMASONIC ORDERS THAT IS secret.” [Every day, even in propaganda fluff pieces, the masons proclaim “we are a society with secrets”.]

    Fact # 1 (only one): “THE ENTIRE JUDICIAL AND EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IS MODELED FROM FREEMASONRY” [Yes the entire educational system and everything else including especially the “justice” system is controlled by them. They just don’t teach you that in the schools for obvious reasons. For truth, you have to come to blogs like this. Thank you.]

  118. Ive been trying to shed the light on those who preferred to be in the dark for some 3 years since Allah showed me the error in my ways. But even more so when I saw for the first time the “lighting from the high place”. It just made me realize that which we precieve as harmless is a plot to place us in harms way.

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  121. jennifer Chen

    Is life heavenly, a paradise for all? No, could it be ? yes, then therefore what ever is , is not working for the good-but for the evil-is life hell for many? is there suffering on earth-is survival extremely difficult for many? Yes, then the system we have is a system that makes it that way-so it is wrong and it is evil and dysfunctional and needs to end-so this world has come to the end of its time to evolve, it has continually regressed and decayed-the end of time the judgement is here, no more time for the human race to go in circles-expecting a different result. A dysfunctional society-just like a dysfunctional family-does not support nurture protect and help one another.

  122. “Yes, then the system we have is a system that makes it that way”……

    That’s right jennifer, it is a System, not merely a few bad apples, or a few “rogue elements”, but an evil system, and we are not merely talking about the economic system, but an occult totalitarian system of control over all fields of human endeavor and knowledge, which I call the Masonic Matrix. Start seeing how this works, keep opening this up and you start seeing the reality of life. You will suddenly find yourself pretty much all alone too, because your mind is so much more advanced in terms of intellect, maturity, wisdom, morality, than the others. Only a moral person cares about the truth. All others are corrupted because they learned to hate the truth or fear it and essentially mock it, and therefore serve the Matrix system.

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  125. In the name of Jesus u evil spirit come out of those people

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  129. ilke this because iwant ??

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  131. It is all true. Barack Hussein Obama is our little lackey sent to do our bidding. He isn’t very intelligent, and frankly is an embarrassment, but he does what he is told to do.

    Enjoying those Obama-Phones?
    Enjoying the extra welfare money?
    Enjoying the higher gas prices?

    Bow to your Gods of the Illuminati!

  132. Pingback: Massive use of Illuminati occult imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ cult orgy video | Aftermath News


    (…) I have been a meditator for about 12 years. It has given me energy, strength, health, wisdom, and access to my own inner stillness, inner silence, inner bliss. It is my connection to myself; it is my connection to the universe (…)

    Russell Simons practicesTranscendental Meditaion as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is a supporter of the David Lynch Foundation.

    Illuminati? Never heard of it. Ah, you mean the alluminium nazis. It is all a mask for (google:) the jewish crime network behind 911.


    Read On Line: Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 911 The Deception That Changed The World

    CIA O

  134. Alluminium Nazis I heard once from Daryl Bradford Smith of Good site with historic background* info. Only he has quite a different opinion of Bollyn, who is imo 911researcher numer uno.

    *for example: Who Brought The Slaves To America? by Walter White

    CIA O

  135. “My final point is that we have to move beyond religion and race if we are ever to really find out the roots of our problems and emerge into the future with any chance for peace and harmony on Earth. Humanity has a chance to once-and-for-all throw off the yoke of the Illuminati now that we are waking up to the fact that we have all been controlled and enslaved down through the ages.”

    Sadly I don’t foresee that happening. Honestly, humanity’s going to succumb to it and it’s going to succumb to it hard. Why? because mankind isn’t strong enough on its own to do anything but what it does now. The fact that collectively, those within the normal population who know what’s going on cannot put their fingers on what to do to escape this soon-to-be universal system is indication enough.

    While I speak as someone who’d rather that not happen, even I, in the end, am willing to admit that it is what it is. Maybe the next course of action should be to simply be thankful for the fact that this tyranny won’t last forever, but will likely end shortly after beginning.

    Sezsue spoke the truth. People don’t have to believe the Matrix exists to take part in the system and likewise with the battle between good and evil. Everyone has a place. Everyone participates and in the end, everyone chooses a side in some way or another.

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    ignorance, backwardness and naivety. It
    brings you out of the delusions and
    illusions which you’ve been subjected to by
    your numerous religious….join us

  138. There are two star-gate. Male phallus-Belt of Orion(Min;Tav; Sword or Hammer of Thor=Orion=celestial Smith) ; and, female star-gate,the cosmic vagina-Black Hole(Yama) leading to the Double centre in our Galaxy=Cocmic Womb…The Milky way with its Mesopotamia and Black Hole between the two river-legs is usually symbolized by the Y or Yod…In Yale are educating Skull and Bones,the gate of death,as is the biblical mountain of Transfiguration-Hermon(egypt.Herna)…So is doing the Cambridge of UK as Cam/Ham,death gate…In Hard ward and Ox-ford they educate the male Illuminati star-gate members…The Tabor(Tav) mountain of Transfiguration…

  139. M from south africa,I wanna know wht is 666 stands for?

  140. Good story,I ask everyone with a open mind and clear conscious to do your research on this topic,this truth will set our people free…Hotep

  141. Reblogged this on Deceiving Humanity and commented:
    Very interesting and informative post by Aftermathnews@wordpress. Prodigy from MobDeep says JayZ sides with the “Evil Illuminati”

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