Girl, 13, hangs herself after becoming obsessed with suicide cult


‘Everything to live for’: school student Hannah Bond hanged herself not long after showing her father the cuts on her wrists as part of her ’emo initiation’

Daily Mail | May 7, 2008


A girl of 13 killed herself after becoming obsessed with a fashion which links death with glamour, an inquest heard.

Hannah Bond hanged herself from her bunk bed with a tie after becoming an ‘Emo’.

Emo fans wear dark clothes, practise self-harm and listen to “suicide cult” rock bands.

Two weeks before her death, she started following U.S. band My Chemical Romance.

One of their songs contains the lyrics: “Although you’re dead and gone, believe me your memory will go on.”

Hannah, described as a model pupil, had started cutting her wrists but told her father it was part of an initiation into the Emo fashion.

Coroner Roger Sykes said yesterday that Hannah’s death was “not glamorous, just simply a tragic loss of a young life”.

Hannah’s mother Heather told the inquest she had researched the trend since her daughter’s death.

“There are websites that show pink teddies hanging themselves,” she said.

“She called Emo a fashion and I thought it was normal.”

She added: “Hannah was a normal girl. She had loads of friends. She could be a bit moody but I thought it was just because she was a teenager.”

Hannah’s father Ray, a karate teacher, said: “Two weeks before, I saw the cuts. I asked her about them and she said it was an Emo initiation.

“She promised me she would never do it again.”

Hannah gave her name as Living Disaster on her page on social networking website Bebo.

The page is decorated with a picture of an Emo girl with bloody wrists after slashing herself.

Another picture shows a child’s exercise book scrawled with the words: “Dear Diary, today I give up. . .”

The inquest in Maidstone, Kent, heard Hannah had been with her boyfriend at a friend’s house on the evening of September 22 last year.

She had been angry when she was told she was not allowed to sleep over and when she got home in East Peckham she went straight to her room, saying: “I want to kill myself.”

The inquest was told Hannah had not used drugs or alcohol before her death but Vanessa Everett, her head teacher at Mascalls School, said self-harm had become commonplace among other Emo fans.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Sykes said: “The Emo overtones concerning death and associating it with glamour I find very disturbing.”

•The Emo phenomenon began in the U.S. in the 1980s. It is a largely teenage trend and is characterised by depression, self-injury and suicide.

Followers wear tight jeans with studded belts and wristbands. Their hair is dyed black and worn in long fringes to obscure their faces.

Emo – from the word emotional – is a reference to the angst-filled lyrics and melancholy themes of the rock music central to the culture.

One of the foremost of these “suicide cult” bands is My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey.

Their first single, Welcome to the Black Parade, from the album The Black Parade, was released in 2006 and became a huge hit, going to number one in Britain.

The concept album follows the story of a character called The Patient, who dies of cancer.

The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die.


Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance stated in an interview that “emo is a pile of shit”, and that his band was never emo. Panic at the Disco also stated in an interview with NME: “emo is bullshit.”

Fans of emo are criticized for purported displays of emotion common in the scene. Complaints pointed to the histrionic manner in which the emotions were expressed.

… its woman-induced misery has gone from being descriptive…to being prescriptive.” Regarding the position of women listening to emo, the contributor went on to note that the music had become “just another forum where women were locked in a stasis of outside observation, observing ourselves through the eyes of others.”

Critics of modern emo have argued that there is a tendency toward increasingly generic and homogenized style.

Emo music has been blamed for the suicide by hanging of Hannah Bond by both the coroner at the inquest into her death and her mother, Heather Bond, after it was claimed that emo music glamorized suicide and her apparent obsession with My Chemical Romance was said to be linked to her suicide. The inquest heard that she was part of an internet “emo” cult and her Bebo page contained an image of an ‘emo girl’ with bloody wrists.It was also revealed that she had discussed “the glamour of hanging” online and had explained to her parents that her self harming was an “emo initiation ceremony”. Heather Bond criticised emo fashion, saying: “There are ‘emo’ websites that show pink teddies hanging themselves.”

In Russia, a law has been presented at the Duma to regulate emo websites and forbid emo style at schools and government buildings, for fears of emo being a “dangerous teen trend” promoting anti-social behaviour, depression, social withdrawal and even suicide.

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The father of victim Andrei Sorokin said: ‘My son said he knew some goths, and that he had goths and Satanists among his friends.

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Saari had been fixated with the German singer Rudy Ratzinger (pictured) of the industrial goth music project Wumpscut

162 responses to “Girl, 13, hangs herself after becoming obsessed with suicide cult

  1. Suicide isn’t like binge drinking. The hangover is forever. I don’t mean to sound trite–people aren’t thinking it all the way through, and the results are permanent. It’s not like you can change your mind later.

  2. hey appariently i am an emo.
    i have a side fringe,
    wear skinnies, studded belts, spikey bands and other stuff but thats what makes us us. dont blame my chemical romance for this the only reason why there a band is because of 9/11 where gerard way (lead singer) saw 9/11 happening, saw the pain everyone was feeling and thought about us teenagers that just want to give up so my chemical romance just wanted to make songs that we can keep to understand life. this hannah girl may of died even if my chemical romance wasnt even made! i am surprised you used the lyrics “Although you’re dead and gone, believe me your memory will go on” cause nothing is wrong with that dudes. it mean someone close is dead i will never forget you! another lyric they use is “you listen to songs that make you slit your wrist it isnt that much fun”. hannah also said something about i cut my wrist for an emo fastion??? something like that?? we do not do that okay!!! we cut ourselves because we find pain is how to get it out of our system…people civilisation is now going down!!! you had a goth girl die because of what she looked like and most of us emos and rockers are getting told dont dress like that or youll get beaten!!! WHAT SRE YOU GONNA DO??? STOP ROCK MUSIC??? STOP KERRANG AND MTV AND ALL THAT??? STOP DOING EMO FRINGES BECAUSE WE WONT STOP MYCHEMICALROMANCE ISNT THE PROBLEM SO LEAVE OFF!!! GOT ANY PROMBLEMS OR WANT MORE INFOMATION TALK TO ME BEACSUE I AM FIGHTING THIS ARTICLE AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON BEBO!
    over and out

  3. Well emo/goth/anybody different makes easy targets for dumb articles, or group fundraisers. Some group in Colorado Springs a few years ago got Government grant (read ours) money to fight the “goth problem.” Would have been almost funny but wasting a 100k or such was nonsense. Not certain what they were trying to do–get school counselors to identify students wearing too much black and convert to pastels?

    I’ve hard my own wrestlings with the dark angel in the past–so anything on suicide gets my attention.

    And music doesn’t’ make anybody do anything, in of itself alone.. Otherwise all the peace songs in the 60’s would have made more difference.

  4. It’s supposed to be “I’ve had..” beginning paragraph two.

  5. SHALOM, Let us remember that the most important question for everyone is: What is the meaning of my life?..Why am I here? When these are truly pondered, true answers come forth..spirituality. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, no..we are spiritual beings having a physical experience! Religion does not and can not entertain nor answer these questions. Kabbalah can and does entertain and answer them because quite simply Kabbalah is not religion.

  6. Kabbalah is the mystery religion behind Western religions. But the public are not allowed to know.

  7. I’ve read and studied a lot of things over the years–however I’m not overly well acquainted with kabbalah.

    Only advice I give anybody is to listen to their heart, and their gut feelings. And ask questions!

  8. This article was incredibly inaccurate to what emo really is, and what My Chemical Romance really stands for. That is a band that SAVED my life, and many others I have spoken with. They are not some ‘suicide cult.’ Some people really need to go educate themselves.

  9. Im Emo and i find that the music from My Chemical Romance helps not harms.
    The music most emos listen to can only help a bit, it dont hurt us. So back off of my chemical romance, they are helping. Maybe this gurl missunderstood the MSG MCR was trying to bring out.

  10. SHAZZA I AGREE WITH YOU 23453453% seriously. dude. MCR rocks my sox all the way to my toes.

  11. Don’t put MCR’s name in the mud! If you talk to them they’ll say it themselves : THEY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE, NOT DRIVE THEM TO SUICIDE! If you’ve ever been to one of their concerts, at least one person will be wearing a shirt that says, ‘MCR saved my life!’ They feel responsible when they see someone with cuts on their wrists, they write their songs and music to help. If you think that I’m lying, then you can go on living in hell without them.

  12. MCR did SAVE my life!!!

    OMG!! “Emo” is not cult!!!! ITS A LIFESTYLE
    and I personally would prefer not tobe referred to as Emo!! My Chemial Romance didsave my life!!!! I listened to Helena ad Famous Last Words after being pled by my ex!! IT HELPED WITH THE GOD DAMN PAIN!!!I bet the stupid journalist who wrote this is a F***k head and a complete NOB!! I bet the author of this trashy article has never even listened to one of their songs!!! PREJUDICE OLD NOB!!! MCR RULE AND NOT A SUICIDE CULT!! YOU WAN A BLOODY SUICID CULT, WRITE A BLOODYT ARTICL ABOUT GEORGE EXCEL aka REV. DEATH!! arseholes!!! MCR 4 LIFE EMO RULES


  14. why did she hang herself?i feel sad that she died for my chemical romance byexx

  15. Listen, I’m sorry the this girl died, okay? But we’re not the problem, her stupidity in believing that there was fame and fortune in suicide was. A majority of me and my friends do not find that death equals instant glamour. And just so you know, we cut ourselves because the physical pain distracts us from the very overpowering emotional pain. Also, a mojaority of me and my friends (however few there may be) are ’emo’ because we have suffered very traumatic experiences in our lives whereas this girl not, and did it so she could be cool… And look where she ended up… Once again, I’m very sorry about her death, but you can’t blame this on us, you should blame this on the posers who slice and dice for attention. Btw, I’ve never even HEARD of ‘black parade’ or whatever the hell the dumbass of an author said it was. I mean, I’ve never even heard of ANYTHING like that. Also, we don’t wear all dark clothes, we(or I, at least (I don’t want speak for others who can’t speak for themselves at the moment) usually wear whatever we find on our floors that doesn’t reek of b.o. Black is an accessory color that just so happens to match anything so therefore is convieneint (p.s. I know i spelled that and several other words wrong, but it’s 12:52 a.m., and I’m both tired and pissed off, so I don’t really give a rats ass at the moment, k?) Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to MCR!!! My dear god you guys are such fucking IDIOTS if you think that they’re the reason she killed herself!!! I personally haven’t had the chance to listen to that many of their songs, but I know for a fact that they’re not the reason this girl is dead!!! And I’m gonna take a break so I can think of some intelligent insults (that you most likely won’t even understand) for you dumbfucks so I’ll be back sometime tomorrow to yell/type some more. So in the meantime all y’all can sit there with your thumbs up your asses and continue your prejudice stupidity.
    Goodbye (for now) ASSWIPES!!!
    (may you all someday be blessed with brains so you’ll realize what a idiotic fuckup you’ve just recently pulled),

  16. Cutting yourself is a self-destructive act. It is neither cool nor glamorous, but once you have bought into a subculture where death, hate, self-hatred and dark drama are elevated to an art form, you learn to justify your actions in accordance with that system of thought. It is a dead end, literally.

    Just look at all the hatred that has been spewed out here. It is completely worthless and does nobody any good.

    But it does help the elites who want to see a society of enslaved mutants who can’t think of anything but pain, hate and death. That way, they will never be able to experience life as freedom and a chance at being happy. Just what they want. And how does such a subculture get generated? Through music. And who guides and controls the music industry? The above mentioned elites.

    I would ask those of you Emos out there who can still think for yourselves a bit to try to open up to a wider reality. Don’t just react to this story, but try to put it into a larger perspective. Do a little research on what is called “the New World Order”. There is plenty on it on this blog and elsewhere. See the links too.

    Don’t limit your mind to a strict set of parameters being offered to you by the Emo system. Try thinking for yourselves for a change rather than spouting Emo dogma. You are human beings. You are individuals. You have brains. Use ’em.

  17. thousands of people want to commit suicide but are too scared of the other side. the only thing they can look forward to is a natural death at some point. until then they have to live life full of fear, depression, anxiety, panic, boredom, regret and tons of other things waiting for the mercy of death, with nothing good in their life. thats why people slit their wrists. they cant kill themselves but want people to realise they have problems and are insecure and need help but pupils at school bully them for being emo, which just makes it a whole lot worse. eventually it pushes them to suicide, even if it results in going to hell if there is one. cos hell seems like heaven compared to their life.

  18. Jajajajaja disuqe mcr emo jajajajajaja pobre niña tonta
    1.mcr no es emo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2.Los emos no se suicidan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3.Los emos no son depresivos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4.Si van a creer en todo lo que disen en internet….son unos putos casposos ok?

  19. Aprendan antes de cir bobadas
    aver un muy buena razon por ke les apuesto que la mayoria estara preguntandose por que dije esto
    ok pz empiezo por:

    El emo es amor!!!!!!!!
    i sin vida no hai amor
    por eso no nos suicidamos
    por conocer el amor
    i muchas razones mas
    no sean tan gays!

  20. i feeel very sorry for this girls parent but this girl gives a bad name to emos. you dont have to cut yourself to be emo

  21. okay gerard way the front man of mcr has said that he wanted to hurt himself but he didnt cuz even at his darkest time and in his darkest moments he had some faith and it was her choice to be emo and kill her sellf mcr had nuthin to do with it she was selfish and killed herself it isnt fair that emo kids and mcr are becomeing the scape goats for a girls selfish and conseded demeanor

  22. look, i think this article is STUPID.
    stop shaming this girl! okay, she was a serious case of wemo (that’s wannabe emo, for those of you unfamiliar with alternative kids’ slang) but you shouldnt blame a band for this. she was obviously a little bit screwed up if she killed herself. her f***ing parents of all people should have tried to understand her better, or whatever. stop blaming a band that SAVES lives for ending them. the song “headfirst for halo’s” by my chem , for example, as Gerard Way said, “It’s about suicide. Don’t do it.”

    i also have a question: is this girl even real? or did the media invent her to try and stop another sub-culture from causing any more damage to our already messed up world?

    Proud to be a soldier in the MCRmy.


  24. You all sound the same because you are captives of group-think, which means your minds are controlled. Who is controlling you? Investigate. You don’t HAVE to be an Emo cult member either. You could just join the human race. You are individuals after all and can think for yourselves.

    Try it.

  25. ok. the only people here to blame are the girl’s parents. and the discription of Emo is incorrect. it is the stereotype. this is wrong. the girl had issues. her parents should have helped her out, and then maybe she would still be here.

  26. When will people learn, it isn’t the bands fault she killed herself, it’s simply because her parents raised her wrong. It’s true that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and he depression is very likely because of the way her parents treat her and the lack of respect she receives from them.

    I think My Chemical Romance is a terrible band but the thing is they aren’t even emo people just assume they are because of the way they dress, compared to bands like hawthorn heights and A static lullaby, they are way off.

    Americans should start looking at ways they can fix issues not spending hours trying to enforce there beliefs on others, ever heard of freedom of speech?
    Stop being ignorant and arrogant and start treating kids with the same respect you treat fellow adults with, everyone is equal no matter how old they are or what position they have. If you treat children as if they are lesser then adults then you are no better then an American who thinks every Muslim is a terrorist or a 1920’s Southerner.

  27. R.I.P Hannah. I knew you and i’ll never forget you.

  28. OMG!



  29. hahastupidgirl

    Hahahahaha that girl is so stupid. Good for her dumbass. What a retard. And as for that brianna girl, I hope she really did hang herself. Stupid fuckin ppl. Ha, blaming my chemical romance. LOL. Funny shit. And her parentz weren’t to blame, it was her own self that decided to do it. Who carez if her parentz didn’t take the time to get to know her more and help her with her problemz ? Man fuck her, shez the dumb bitch for hanging herself. Frickin kidz these dayz. Ya wanna cut urselvez, cuz pain helpz u release anger n whatever ? I’ve got a plan. Ya can borrow my gun, n put it to ya head, n please please please pull the trigger, cuz nobody wantz u fuckin emo fagz around that r gonna bitch n moan about life, then go home and cut yaself. Just do us all a favor and kill yourself, just like that dumb bitch did. Kay mahalo.

  30. Another psychopath speaks.

  31. look im not being funny i didnt know her but i go to the same school as she was
    when she died it was a shock to everyone one even the people who didnt know her had the upmost respect for her choice to kill herself nd u r entitled to ur own opion but wen u r writting bad things about this poor girl whos not here to defend herself think of how her friends and family feel about people making up things and saying nasty stuff its ova a year now nd people are still mourning her death so please think about wot ur writting about hannah bond
    and i dont think anyone is too blame it was hannahs choice to do it not her parents ,

    RIP hannah everyone still misses you


  32. Justinee & Celine

    You guys piss me off ; yes its sad to loose someone but EMO IS NOT DEPRESSION.
    Emo means emotional, it is being ourself and believe it or not; its a genre of music.
    Emo is NOT cutting your wrists, being overly depressed and wanting to kill yourself. That my friends, is SUICIDAL !
    Read this over a couple damn times until you finally understand that what the girl did wasnt emo, it was suicidal .

    Bitches ..

  33. Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance stated in an interview that “emo is a pile of shit”, and that his band was never emo. Panic at the Disco also stated in an interview with NME: “emo is bullshit.”

    Fans of emo are criticized for purported displays of emotion common in the scene. Complaints pointed to the histrionic manner in which the emotions were expressed.

    … its woman-induced misery has gone from being descriptive…to being prescriptive.” Regarding the position of women listening to emo, the contributor went on to note that the music had become “just another forum where women were locked in a stasis of outside observation, observing ourselves through the eyes of others.”

    Critics of modern emo have argued that there is a tendency toward increasingly generic and homogenized style.

    Emo music has been blamed for the suicide by hanging of Hannah Bond by both the coroner at the inquest into her death and her mother, Heather Bond, after it was claimed that emo music glamorized suicide and her apparent obsession with My Chemical Romance was said to be linked to her suicide. The inquest heard that she was part of an internet “emo” cult and her Bebo page contained an image of an ’emo girl’ with bloody wrists.It was also revealed that she had discussed “the glamour of hanging” online and had explained to her parents that her self harming was an “emo initiation ceremony”. Heather Bond criticised emo fashion, saying: “There are ’emo’ websites that show pink teddies hanging themselves.”

    In Russia, a law has been presented at the Duma to regulate emo websites and forbid emo style at schools and government buildings, for fears of emo being a “dangerous teen trend” promoting anti-social behaviour, depression, social withdrawal and even suicide.

  34. god! that fucking pisses me off!!! My Chemical romance is NOT fucking emo!!!!! And they didn’t right Welcome to The black parade, for a place for emos to go when they die!!!! Welcome to The black parade is about a young boy and his father going to a parade when he was little, and that going to the parade is one of the best moments he had with his dad, and he is about to die, so he goes to the parade that him and his dad went to!!! It is NOT were emos go when they die! who ever thinks that, they are just mentaly fucking retarded!!! And i am getting sick of ppl saying that my chemical romance is emo!! And yeah, so what if ppl dress in black and have pics of ppl cuting there rist!! That does NOT mean that they are emo, it could mean that they are gothic or they just like that! great now im pissed!

  35. It’s always the same dark, deluded mentality. You people are sick and the music just makes you sicker. You are all under an evil spell. You know nothing about the Illuminati and how they control the music industry (along with your minds) and you couldn’t care less.

    You are just conformist sheep wearing dark uniforms.


  36. FUCK my chemical romance. Then Fucking Suck.

  37. They Fucking Suck.

  38. R.I.P. girl.
    But any real emo would know that mcr and panic at the dico r and were NEVER emo bands.
    I’m srry to say this but this girl was a fake and was not a quote “real emo.” She did it for what I was said to have do it for attention. Grrrr. She took it to far to get it.

  39. ok omfg has any one ever seen someone cut its not fun

    but most people that cut have problems my friend does it and she;s perfectly normal

    and mcr is fuckin awesome u can’t blame them cause some girl hung herself because she listened to their song!!!!!!!!!!

    maybe its because of socities idiots that people cut them self believe me its depression that makes u do it there could be sooo many reasons why but believe me i did it and i felt better some how

    and guess what i ain’t gonnna kill myself it was her choice and she’s in heaven now maybe a better place then here

    hannah please rest in peace


  40. I myself am a fourteen year old girl, and, while I cant neccesarilly say that I have close personal experiance with this issue, I understand what its like to feel deppresed and to grow up nowadays. Personally I think the problem lies in a lack of appreciaton for life & our(teenagers) tendancy to look at our tiny little issues and think that there the biggest problems we will ever face in life. I hope I dont sound judgemental, but this is my honest opinion. I think we become so caught up in social drama, trends, boyfriends, clothing & crushes, that we forget about the important things in life. Every once in a while it is important to ask
    “what is it in a lifetime?”
    What happens when we become so absorbed in tiny tiny issues, is that we completly overlook the bigger things Believe me, im not just pulling this out of my ass .I know what its like to completly exagerate the signifigance of all this social drama arounnd me.
    And I know what its like to have both signifigant & insignifigant problems.
    Oh and did I forget social exceptance?
    Thats the fucking worse!
    Try having the whole class, including your (former) crush, hate your guts!
    Yes, social exceptance we make you do anything. Poor Hannah prooved that. In all seriousness, Hannah rest in peace. Your memory will not be forgoten.

    Of course mcr is not to blame for this self destructive behavior. however ,I think that it falls partly underneath there responsibility to depopulorize it. If they and other bands were to speak out against this growing & harmful trend, im sure less people will fall victim to it. No one is to blame for this cutting, but our influences can sure as hell can do something about it. Face it! were very very very impresionable! We need information!

  41. Cutting New Medicine

    The redness turns to a trail of pale pink
    each droplet starts its journey in the bathroom sink
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    I look at the mirror and into the sadness of my eyes
    I start to wonder, then start to cry
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    Nobody knows how bad I’ve felt
    But I must play the cards I’m dealt
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    But the way I play is not accepted
    With all these scars, I’m now more rejected
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    The pleasure and release of anger I feel
    a few quick slashes of the cold sharp steel
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    Years of antidepressants and anti-psychotics
    Not treating the cause just funding drug company profits
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars

    Somebody Insignificant

    I am not EMO and have never listened to MCR. I cut myself about every 2 weeks and have been doing so for the last 2 years. I cut because I hate myself and I get a huge endorphin rush and I feel calm and relaxed after I cut. I am morbidly obese and have been humiliated all my life because of it. I cant lose weight due to 2 brain tumors that are pressing against my pituitary gland and interfering with my hormone production. I have never had a relationship in my life. I am not what one would consider a typical EMO. I am a retired 42 year old male Prison Officer. I am now on a full disability support pension because i have developed a social phobia with panic attacks and I rarely leave my house. Lots of people cut for many different reasons, it doesn’t make them EMO.

  42. I like bacon. And get some education, people (some of you), your grammar is horrible. I mean I’m 17 and from Sweden. SWEDEN! We’re seriously bad at, well, everything!
    You all blow! :’D

  43. “The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die.” that is a sack of bullshiz

    “Hannah, described as a model pupil, had started cutting her wrists but told her father it was part of an initiation into the Emo fashion.”
    and so was that

    man, i could go on and on about the lies on this page…. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE has been the only band who will literally say ” we try to save lifes” and now the person who made this shiz is saying they made a cult out of killing themselves…how does that even make sense……..mcr is the best band ever and they deserve the credit for saving lifes…..HANNAH BOND IS AN IDIOT……saying that sliting ur wrists is “fashion”…the media who agree’d with this should go die in a hole…..srsly…

  44. Ok, seriously, WTF? Well this supposed article is a bunch of bullshit, this girl is a fucktard (If shes really dead or alive, idk)

    [Fun Fact: my initials are B.S. ;D]

    But I don’t think i should be called emo even if i dress the way i do. Skinny Jeans, hair over my eyes…so who fucking cares..I even have MCR in my ipod..(has anyone ever thought that this style is pretty good looking, cuz i like it]

    .FUCK…this is all so stupid..but i’m just saying that “people choose what to believe, whether it can be real or not, wrong or right” That’s probably what this girl thought, she thought that emo is kids who seek attention by cutting themselves. Wow did she ever get that wrong whether its the meaning for music, people who actually cut themselves..or people who just dress that way…There can be so many meanings for one fucking word..and only one is right…but people disagree with me..-.-

    So save your bs, and worry about other important things that can cause more harm…like oh wow..the prez..Ha. wonder how thats gonna work out…Or fires in Cali..i dont fucking know..BUT i do know that the shit being said about emos isn’t really important, worth it, and there isn’t any wrong with it in the first place.

    ( Thank you, for reading this :D Cuz i read everyone elses shit, what a waste of time for u and me, and space on this site..LOL. )

    OH wait..i know a new topic..scene kids..i wonder what people will say next..-.-

  45. You guys have it all wrong.. its insulting to call self injury an act in joining a cult. it is a serious sign of depression. people cut themselves because it releases endorphins in the brain and gives them an emotional release from the pain they are feeling. head banging is a minor form of self injury. im sure many of u can remember a time when u hit ur head on a table because u were upset or frustrated. just because u cut it doesnt make u emo it means u hav problems anyways. REAL people with self injury try and hide it they do not parade their scars around lookin for someone to feel sorry for them they are ashamed of it because it becomes like a drug or addiction that you feel as if you cannot live without. i am appaled that u would consider this intiation into a cult.

  46. Oh, you are appalled Eb…..but it just so happens that Emo is a cult and it just so happens that self-harm is an integral part of that cult of death and depression, along with suicide. No one ever said self-harm is exclusively part of this particular cult, but it is part of a wider sub-culture which gives cutting a kind of ritual status. People who cut are very protective of their ritual cutting to the point that they become very angry with those who “don’t understand”. It is more than just an addiction. It is part of a wider almost religious belief system. Anyone who dares to expose it for what it is will be attacked for it.

    Pretty much all of you are mutants anyway with no thoughts of your own. You have been completely brainwashed and perverted by an evil system. This is no doubt because your parents obviously failed you at some point, or you were taken out of their protection and guidance by these dark subcultures, ie cults.

    True, part of you wants to rebel, but if all you do is conform to another form of mind-control, then it isn’t really rebelling is it? If any of you decides to try to think independently, if any of you ever begins to doubt the tenets of your adopted cult/sub-culture, you might want to start seeking out the truth in this blog as to the New World Order system of the Illuminati. You can also learn a lot from the links sections.

    It’s about waking up to the real reality, seeking truth and freedom and trying to do something good with your life.

    Good luck.

  47. okay who ever fucking wrote this is frecken dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!
    they have no clue wut the hell they r talken about 4 1!! and emo is not a god damb cult?! and black perade is 1 of mcr’s latest albums not there 1st?! i couls go in 4 frecken hours about every thing you got wrong and how stupid you r!!!!!!!!!

  48. riaha,

    How long have you been a member of the Emo cult? How did you get initiated into it? What does it take to become a member and be cool like you?

  49. emo isn’t kewl if u r emo it meanz u r under pressure or hav to much on ur plate if ur child has the emo personality or lookz like one ask them about it before itz to late


  51. That’s right. The parents have a responsibility to keep an eye on their child’s development, on how they are feeling about themselves, about life and to know that they are always there to talk about any problem they are having. When this link is broken, the child, the teen, etc, is going to be cast adrift and life is going to be much harder to get through. True, some parents are rotten people themselves who abuse and neglect their kids, but if that is the case, the young person needs to look to another close adult to help guide them through to safety. Generally though, the child of a parent needs to realize that their parents probably aren’t the worst in the world and that they are willing to talk things through to a happier conclusion. When you see kids taking on the Emo uniform, you are seeing them cutting themselves off from any healthy relationship with their parents. That is only going to make it that much rougher once they arrive at adulthood, if indeed they make it that far.

  52. I dont see why bands like my chemical romance should be blamed for the death of anyone, because its not them telling people to kill themselves its them singing a song at the end of it. It was her decision to commit suicide and not the fault of anyone else!
    I have been a fan of my chemical romance and other like bands for ages and as you can see I am not commiting suicide, even though people would stereotype me as “emo”.

  53. Emo is not bull shit and im sorry she had to die this way but emos a life style not the way yuu dress or anything eles…yuu dnt have to cut yuur self to be emo

  54. Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance says “emo is a pile of shit”.

    There is no better authority on the subject than that.

    The leaders of these social-engineering experiments have nothing but disdain for their own followers because they know they are fools, sheep who just follow and obey along without questioning. Of course, at the concerts they will praise you and tell you how great you are because if they didn’t stroke your egos once in awhile, you might lose interest in the experiment. So they whip you up into an “anti-establishment” frenzy as in “Yea! for our team!” All the while, these musical pied-pipers know they are working for that very same establishment that pays them handsomely for their work.

    Most music is planned and funded by the elite for specific purposes. Among those purposes are to create a death culture among the youth, to weaken them and soften them up for depopulation. Another purpose is to move males and females towards a sexless androgyny. Another purpose is to create a literal hive-mind wherein people’s minds will be programmed via brainchips to have absolute control over their thoughts. In fact, through music, entertainment, “education” and media, people’s minds are pretty well controlled already. Enough said.

  55. I think, she was one of these stupid wanna bes!Ya silly girl!!Ask someone whos a real emo and ya r not better than all the other stupid people, who think that emos have to kill himself/herself… shit happens

  56. Callousness is a characteristic of cult mind-control. You reveal it in your statement “shit happens” at the tragedy of a young girl’s suicide. Let’s say someone you know commits suicide, maybe a friend. Is that what you will say, “shit happens”? Is that what you will say to her parents in their grief?

    Problem is, you don’t know right from wrong, nor I am sure, do you even care to know.

  57. hi, im lucie, im an emo, but not that sort, theres 2 types and when people hear the word emo, they instantly thing wrist slitting, hannah was a sterio typical emo, she thought that black cloths and self harming was what you had to do to be emo, its not true, what hannah did was tragic, such a young girl, but most emos dont commit sucide, that just a=self harm as a way to releave stress anger and sadness, either she had her own problems and nobody knew or she just wnated to be part of a trend/ group. Emo is an individual, people think it comes from the word emotion, its doesnt, its just a name, connecting Emo with self harming is like connecting chav to asbo, its not right and not fair, that girl was given the wrong idea of what an Emo is, which happens alot and in her case, it wrecked her life. Im sorry for your loss, she must have had somthing wrong in her life to think that is the “trend” she wants to follow. Dont go thinking all emos are like that, the other time, is just like any other kid, happy, bright, chearfull. steio type emos give people like me and my friend sean and bad name.

    i am truly sorry for your loss, dont blame emos, blame the trend SHE chose to follow.

  58. lucie,

    I appreciate you coming and sharing your sincere thoughts. There are also a few different types of Goth. Some are sort of romantic and dramatic, while some are more hardcore.

    Can I ask you a few questions?

    What relationship, is any, do you see between Goths and Emos?

    Why are you an emo?

    What is the appeal, what makes it attractive to you?

    How did you get involved in it?

    Lastly, please elaborate on the “other type” of emo…


  59. this article really annoys me tbh…
    I myelf am an emo kid, i have alot of emo goth and scene friends and despite the traditional steriotype that all emos glamourise death, are wrist slitters and so on, and the steriotype that goths sit in graveyards talking about death all day is a LIE, also people dont cut their wrists just because they are emo, thers obveously an underylying problem there first, or they are attention seeking, maby this is a harsh thing to say but it is the truth and anyone wiht half a brain would agree with me. i am very sorry for hannah bond’s parents i truly am, but u cant just blame this on emo because its obveously not just that.
    Each and every one of my friends would tell u this and im sure alot of other people who actually spent time talking to people instead of making false accusations would wakeup and realise this too. Also i would like to comment on the fact that who ever wrote this stated “One of the foremost of these “suicide cult” bands is My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey.”
    THIS BAND HAS NOT AND NEVER WILL PROMOTE SUICIDE. they are against it and if anyone bothered to go to a live show, gerard way will stand on stage at most gigs and say to people “if you are depressed you need to get help, slitting ur wrists is not the way to go” and so on, they made the band because they wanted to help people… so before you ignorant people make any more lies up u shud read up on ur subject. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS POINT AND READ UP NEXTIME BECAUSE ME AND MY MATES ARE SICK OF BEING STERIOTYPED AS SOMETHING WE ARE NOT.

  60. As for this little girl, she was just a little bit to passionate to be Emo. Obviously. She obviously is one of these people that think they HAVE to cut and commit suicide to be labelled emo. That’s not exactly it. Emo is a fashion trend, I know many people who are emo and they are the happest people I know. She just wanted to fit into the trend of being emo so badly she took her own life. I’d say, for a 13 year old, she most likely didn’t have much problems, how can you at 13? But people have different reasons for Suicide. But hers was pathetic. To be Emo? Ffs.
    And cutting? Not even emo, in America, “Jocks” I believe they are called, cut. It’s a sense of relief, well I wouldnt know, I never held a blade to my wrist.

    Also, blaming the type of music had nothing to do with this. She was desparate to be emo! In all fairness, blaming MCR? My mother likes MCR and she’s 47 people. She thinks their lyrics are amazing. Sure their songs might hit a soft stop for some people. But that’s just the start of suicidal music. Ever hear of Bring Me The Horizon?
    “I’ll tie the rope if you kick the fucking chair”
    “I may look like I’m smiling, but honestly dear, the only way I’ll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear”
    “If you need me, I’ll be tieing a rope to a tree, where our love used to be.”

    My Chemical Romance are just the basics. She was obviously trying to hard. Emo is a style. On the internet, it is defined different, apparently now you HAVE to cut to be emo, and you have a fringe across your face not because you like it, it’s because it hides your face. A load of bullshit anyways in my opinion.

    Oh and that one chick who was all like “MCR saved me when my boyfriend broke up with me!!!11111!!1” Get OVER yourself. My Chemical Romance; Please, they would increase the thoughts, dear. A boyfriend, killing yourself over a guy? That sounds as wemo as that chick.

    Cheers fer listening to my rant ;D

  61. um…my chemical romance and panic at the disco never tell you to go and hang yourself from a bed post. idk if i missed out on a song that says that or something…but all you fools out there blaming these bands for suicidal teenagers need to suck. it. up. i mean, you might as well start attacking good charlotte, simple plan , avril lavigne and nearly all of the other bands/singers out there.
    my sorry’s for the girl’s parents…but if anyone’s mental enough to think that emo people ‘slash open their skin for their own personal enjoyment’, then they need to go home, lock the door, and crawl into a deep black hole under their beds for the rest of their pitiful lives.

  62. ok, attack me for my input, Whatever.
    This girl was a total wemo (nooo really?!).
    But you people who label yourself emo, punk prep, goth, gangster, or any other effing stereotype, so are you guys. Think about it. and emo is a music genre, okay, not some shit about people cutting themselves. When I hear that shit, I want to close a door on myself!!! I admit to cutting. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!?! I do it because it sends a rush and makes me feel better!
    and yes, I was labeled. doesn’t make a difference. I feel bad about how hannah killed herself, but it wasn’t really her parents fault if you reread it. What she did was “She had been angry when she was told she was not allowed to sleep over and when she got home in East Peckham she went straight to her room, saying: ‘I want to kill myself.’ ” She either snapped or says that all the time. Don’t blame this on a band. They did nothing wrong, okay?

  63. your all twats

    stop complainig and do somethng about your lives
    If your in a forum complaining about what emo is and isnt then that says it al really
    MCR blow and i think its all their fault get a fucking life u bunch of tossers lots of love your parents xxxx

  64. do you like burger?
    do you like chips?
    cos i’ve got a hundred pairs of lips!

  65. i like adams wet smelly arsehole

  66. has anyone seen the film Bambi? trust is proper good!

  67. please leaVES COMMENTS cos we are doing a surey on u sick fucks

  68. Wow. Ok. Not ALL emos cut themselves and it’s not “emo” bands’ fault that “emo” kids cut themselves and commit suicide. MCR and P!@TD Are NOT emo!! There’s bands out there that have those lyrics to make “lost emo” kids out there feel like they’re not alone, and deinfinitely NOT to make emos commit suicide or think cutting is what “you’re supposed” to do to be emo. Who told this girl that’s how to get initiated?!?! That’s a whole bunch of bullshit! People like this hannah chick make people like us look like we’re doing something wrong when we’re not. WE JUST EXPRESS OURSELVES DIFFERENTLY. and What’s wrong with that? Please please please tell me! I would love to know! Seriously, all those kids out there who assume that we just cut listen to music and think about suicide all the time need to think and maybe hang out with some emos and get there input cuz I know for a fact that that’s not what it’s all about.

    And if you actually read this please reply I would love to know why kids do this!


  69. Oh and another thing. I’m a HardCore Christian who USED to cut! My friend, back in February of 08 committed suicide he was considered “emo”. Guess what! He was on a Worship team and the leader of our CCY (Christ Centered Youth) group. So I want all y’all to think about what emos are really about. cuz it’s not just what you hear Because most of the stuff you hear is NOT true. So it would be so cool if you just thought about it. I hate it with a passion when people assume things about emos.


  70. FxPx907 i agree with you! And i hate the kids who come up to me and start oing “ooh! Youu wear black. you must be emo! Do you cut yourself!!!” That drives me insane!!!

  71. Thank Yooou!!! LoL. wanna punch em in the face! LoL. Not really. I just have anger problems. And this one just got to me. Now I’m curious. :) thanks for the input.

  72. can i just say emos are fucking perthetic and need to get a life. i feel sorry for this girls family and friends. but WHY THE FUCK should we give up rock and metal for someone being stupid. i am a rocker and i think true rock is kiss,acdc,whight snake and shit like that.

  73. Ahaha, Angel? Learn how to spell, kthnx. Also, Kiss, AC/DC, Whight [White] Snake and shit like that are CLASSIC rock. Difference. Just because you dont like emos doesnt mean that this girl was stuipid or foolish. She was actually as a matter of a fact but not because YOU don’t like emos. What the hell is wrong with emos? I know that you prolly does like bands such as My Chemical Romance? Blink 182? Greenday? Some are punkpop/rock. And just because someone kills themselve doesnt mean they’re emo love. Anyone could have reasons for killing themselves. I know people who are, what American’s would classify as “Jocks” or “Preps” and yes they did pop a few pills or overdosed or tied a noose around their necks. I have one friend who like you is a “Rocker”, he liked Metallica and Iron Maidin, he killed himselve. Does that make him emo? Or because he likes the same music as you, is he better than emos? Grow up you fucking child and stop reporting on this just because you dislike the genre emo.
    Typo bitch =P

  74. donna ya very true but i have lost mates alot of them and i never said i did not like emos because my sister is one. you can call me what you like love but it is a choice you can make when to die but i can really see where you are coming from.

  75. donna btw you have really got me thinking and well i am really sorry if i offended you and i think it is every one to there own and i have no problems with emos and thak you for pointing out i am a basterd

  76. why is it that people try to blame our music and try to say we look wierd this is the only thing we have that is truly ours i just want to know how many people get called names and beaten up because i have but i am proud to be who i am.

  77. Cheers. [:
    And that is totally right. Everyone has the right to be who they wanna be and don’t frightened to just because people look at you differently. I seriously have one of the weirdest styles in clothing and personality, but I am proud to be who I am and I wouldnt change myself for the world, not mind saying fitting in. [:

  78. lol FxPx907 I’ve been told i got anger issues, but it’s cause i deal with this shit lol. Ya know?

  79. that is cool donna and why the fuck should we be botherd bout fitting in we have our friends i travelled four hours to see my mates every day.

  80. this girl sounded depressed and it sounds like the people are trying to blame emo goth rockers and metal heads for the death of this girl when really it is there fault because they are trying to make us be something we are not.

  81. and i would like to say r.i.p to this girl and offer my regardes to the family and friends that lost this little girl.

  82. LoL. Kiri, I totally know what you mean, But I do Actually have tourettes. So stuff like this just makes me tap that trigger. I just can’t underdstand why people “higher” than us so they say blame our decisions on our music. I hate that.

  83. ut it is true they might have more power than us but we will always have higher spirits.

  84. dose anyone in this world acctuly know apart from us what it is like to be blamed for something that we have not caused.

  85. donna you are amazing you seem to get what i mean.

  86. if anyone needs to talk about anything my email is just send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

  87. What a load of rubbish.
    My chemical romance, do NOT encourage suicide and self harm, emos do not self harm. Whoever wrote this is a stereotypical, prejudiced fool. MCR quote “Emo is a pile of @!*%” They are against it. Full stop. Get over yourselves, and get a life – MCR are the reason many people are still alive.

  88. ya but most people would say that goth and rock are the cause aswell.

  89. This is total bull.
    My Chemical Romance is by no means “emo”. Gerard Way himself said that. And not all emos kill themselves. My friends and I consider ourselves emo and all it means to us is that we’re more intense, I guess you could say, than other kids we know.

    Though the situation with Hannah is awful, I think that this everyone was and is mislead, including her.
    She’s not emo- she’s goth.
    Emos do not look like that.
    She probably confused her stereotypes.

    kthxbii xD

  90. Me too, FxPx907. like because i like screaming music, they call me emo. People believe whatever a preppy bitch will say. Now everyone thinks I cut (i used to, before, but not anymore).

  91. TRUE* i totally hate that. why do all the preppy people get credit for the paradox’s?? so gay. and i don’t even listen to screamo i listen to a little emo music but it’s mostly just like shiny toy guns or A Beautiful Lotus. Lol. That’s not even cool that people think you cut because of your emo stereotype. that’s wrong.

  92. I know! But I guess I’m a little special because I have one group who does nothing but talk about me. *coughs* no life *coughs*

  93. on a warm summers day… at the farm i trundled across a used tissue. me being me i picked it up and decided to keep it and sniff every so often. surprisingly it reminded me of a old man from a previous relationship thats another story, anyway i came across a shakabala, u wouldnt know what this is so dont ask.. only non- emo people allowed to know. his name is eric and i used to go salsa dancing with him. His profession is a chewing gum scraper.. i know, dont we all want to be someone like him. I like shakabla’s belly. it sings to me when i need to go to sleep. currently im sitting on a whale with my laptop, the size of the eiffel tower. DONT GET JEALOUS! just because my mum cooks the best fairy cakes EVER!!! so what is everyone up 2? did u all have a good half term? mine was shit because these emo shaped raindrop kept falling and slicing my wrists pain in the arse!!! but hey u know what it like. More updates coming to a computer near you!!!

  94. seriously ben,

  95. Seriously Ben, what does that mean??

  96. ben fuk off u tight basterd and get a fuking life u sad little boy.

  97. *laughs at bens story* i love random things

    anyways with the girl who decided to take her life because it was emo initiation is (in my thoughts) stupid. Does everyone that gets ‘into’ a fashion, etc have to do something like that?
    I used to be into the gothic genre of music and that and I didn’t think I would have to some initiation to be accepted.

    With past experience I have been picked on, and have self-harmed. I listen to MCR and I don’t see them as a band who would want to encourage suicide. But with this kind of topic, there isn’t going to be no right answer I suppose.

  98. Wow u emos are so gay. Plus MCR is a bullshit poser band. They arent emo. Just another band which a bunch of fat ugly girls loving them. The girl in this story is such a poser emo. Emos arent cool. She doesnt even have a fucking reason to cut herself

  99. U call us gay and call everything else poser.If you hate emo so much anyways, why post on this?
    Seriously, no one has a life these days!

  100. and i say us because i figure that ur gonna call me effing emo either way

  101. punk4life every1 has a reason to be wat they want and hu they want we dont care bowt wat u think u sad basterd i am a metal head so am i emo.
    btw ur the poser nt the emos

  102. who invented labels for people anyways……
    I’ll probably never understand emo, but I don’t care- be whatever you want to be- dress in a clown suit and be a clown!!

    I still don’t get why some bands get blamed for a fans death though. Does every band that mention death, suicide or any other imagery of violence have to be blamed or accused of driving that fan to do something?

  103. as for the clown thing i mentioned- im not saying that emos are clowns, so don’t start a argument with me

    just to clear that up


  105. hey… iv been emo for a while now. i never started off this way but hey… its something that makes my life MORE interesting so i can be different to all the chavs and people at school and all around.. i love the style of clothing, the music i dont really listen to mcr much anymore, theyre still amazingly awesome. but emos do NOT have to cut themselfs, she committed suicide… does anyone know why… probally not. cause apparenttly she was a “star pupil” but they do have emos stereotyped. its not good. she was a bit of a wannabe, and you dont ahve to cut yourself to start off BEING an emo… be who you are and dont let anyone stop you from following your heart/dreams/style. this shit is unbelievable =/ …

    adam x

  106. But that’s just it. You aren’t being yourself, you aren’t being an individual if you are emo. You are just conforming to another pre-determined subculture or cult that determines your hair-style, your clothing (or your uniform), the music you listen to, the people you hang with, the websites you go to, the thoughts you are allowed to think, even the way you express your emotions, all the same. You all think, talk and act in very similar, highly predictable ways like clones. That’s called Group-think or Hive-mind. Everything in your life is determined by that cult, not by you yourself. You are therefore just a conformist, a totally controlled unit. And cutting is a part of the culture. You know that so don’t deny it.

  107. “Style = Fart” —Sagmeister

    enough said bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. the truth is that u are all full of SHIT.

    ben if i was u i wud fuk off dik

  109. oh wow… so i guess im classified as an emo then? ’cause i sure did tick most of the obove topics you no… not all emos self harm you no :/ you can’t stop a tred, fashion or what ever it is you lot are gonna call it… MCR, they ain’t emo and like ‘shazza’ said, you can’t stop music or the way we wanna dress… this is stupid, the fact your carrying out an arguement over some ones death? nice to no your all human guys (Y)

  110. ok first off not all emos fuckin cut themselves trust me i am one. also i hav read and seen multiple times that mcr do not do ANYTHING with emo they want to save peoples lives not destroy them so yeah dont u EVER think its there fault

  111. i know how this girl felt cz i am gunna do the same so bye bye to the big wide world

  112. we emos cut our self cus of soo much problems around us soooo much bulll shittt & wen we cut our self it just makes us feel better its like gettin drunk wen yu have prob it makes yu 4 get all da bs

  113. tht iss sooo right bbz i rnt an emo bt my sister cuts herself so i get wat u mean

  114. But I am emo, I cut myself because I have no friends I never fit in anywhere. Cutting yourself is like an exchange for physicle pain rarther than emomotional pain.

  115. rich at least ur a honest person m8 i never had m8s through school cz i was a rocker so i know how u feel man

  116. I knew Hannah, and I still know her family including her sister.

    Hannah’s sister said she killed herself because she was being BULLIED at school.

    So there you see – the truth. The papers manipulated everything. It had NOTHING to do with the music.

  117. Yea I am honest all the time. And to actually be emo, you don’t have to dress emo. People that are emo to look cool are not true emo’s !!!! true emo’s are cut off from the world and are DEPRESSED/ have no friends in common. “Remember, kids it’s down the street not across the road”. Make it count !

  118. jesus you people must be total retards to believe that this girl died because of a fashion trend, some people have problems and it easy to blame a fashion trend to make them the scapegoat but instead of b**itc**g about other peoples faults try to help.cant you see that doing this will only make people angry
    Ps.i am emo, i am fourteen years old i know people who do things like this but i started to write poetry about my feelings i got as far as
    but i got bored(jokes aside did actually mean what i said before that) anyone who is emo and thinks they need to do things like self harm and suicide do you really think its worth your life?
    dont just sit there and pretend to be emo go out express yout feelings and have fun
    emo isnt just about the dark feelings its about all of them so go and enjoy life for everyones sake

  119. emo is group-think. It’s nothing but yet another cult. Try being an individual human being who thinks for himself. Not as easy as being a cult-member, but has it’s rewards.




  121. to be honest no1 knew what was going on m8 so u dunt know the truth no1 dose but her.
    u think you do but u really dont

  122. I know I do. I knew her, she told me what she was upset about when she was at school, so please don’t tell me I don’t know the reason, when I obviously do.

    Take a look at this…

    The papers says the the picture on the RIGHT is the most recent one of her – taken not long before her death.

    BUT it’s wrong. The media switched them around. The first picture (on the left) is actually of her a few weeks before her death. I took the damn photo so I know the papers manipulated the damn story.

    Again, don’t tell me i’m wrong when i’m not.

  123. na m8 i lost my foster sister and she told me y she was upset but that dint mean i knew the reason y she did it

  124. True, but when Hannah says to me “I feel like killing myself” when I knew her issues, it obviously says I know what her suicide note was all about (which she left).

    I’m not going to type out the suicide note out as it’s a bit personal, but her reason for doing what she did was because of being bullied.

    If you still wish to think otherwise, then that’s fine by me. I’m off to chat to her sister now, so see ya.

  125. ok bro i can understand y u dunt want to type it owt my sis dint leave 1 she just did it
    i can understand her sisters hurt so give her all my best thanks m8

  126. thanks m8 if she needs som1 to talk to and she dunt wana talk to any1 she knows i am traind in phcoligy so get her to mail me at ta m8

  127. lol, there are dating websites for that you know :P

  128. haha na m8 i mean it helps to talk about it.
    i dont have a mum or dad they were killed
    and i dint speak 2 any1 and it killed me inside
    so if she wants just let her know there are ppl hu wana help her ok m8

  129. lol, ok. sure. sorry to hear about your parents. i’ve never had a family either. dad died 1 month after i was born, and my mom put me and my sister into care when i was 6.

    so how old are you, where do you live and what’s your name? lol

  130. my name is adam george angelous carniveraus henry archer i live in shresbury and i am 16

  131. and i am also sorry to hear bowt ur problems m8

  132. Thanks, and you have a long name lol. I was born in Shrewsbury and lived in Telford most my life. I live in Scotland now :)

  133. holy shit tht is a long way from home then

  134. She hung herself not because she was an emo, because she wanted to go to a party. Her dad didnt slit her wrists! I hate when people make up crap. I know this because I was in her class!

  135. Hey Will, yeah people are starting to realize the truth about what happened as I am spreading the word. I even contacted The Daily Mail, and they apologized for getting the story wrong.

    I knew Hannah too, and I know some of her friends and her sister. I have also set up a website in memory of Hannah Bond, I will be posting the link on this site once it is 100% ready.

  136. Anna Black

    According to this article, I am and ‘Emo’. Ok to start. Yes, I have a side fringe, yes I enjoy the band ‘My Chemical Romance’. I have no problem with wearing dark make-up, I do however have a problem with people cutting their wrists. I find it quiet unnerving. But that is my choice my desicion. If someone wants to cut there wrist despite the stupidity in it, fine. Let them. No one thinks big of them. They just want the attention. It’s THEIR descion. Not ours. So why are these people BLAMING My Chemical Romance for the death of this stupid, ignorate girl. Yes I understand that I should feel sorry for her, I mean she died blah blah blah. But if her parents ALREADY saw her scars before she commited ‘suicide’. They should’ve stoped her. Unless her parents where as idiotic as the girl herself. At the start of this post, I described myself. But really my fashion changes with my mood. So I don’t understand WHY this 13 year old girl had the urge to hang herslef. When I was 13 (I’m 16 now) it was all about my grades, feeling consios about my body, wanting to do good in school. (I’m from Australia) So I have NO idea why this 13yr old girl has a boyfriend, which coinsidently leds to her wanting to sleep over his house. Where only god knows what goes on. I feel these days that students in school are to obsorbed in their image, worrying about what people think about them. In the words of me ‘Anna Black’ “FUCK EM” I think its an absoulte waste of time to continue worry about what people think about you. This girl had a choice. She made the wrong desiscion. If she was only 13 and made descions this bad I wonder what she would be doing in a few more years, or where she’d be!? I feel parents these days give their children way to much privacy, and at my elite high school, ‘What happens behind closed doors dosen’t always stay secret’. So to conclude my rant. I feel this girl made one STUPID descion that effects a excellent band that did absoulty NOTHING wrong.

  137. Hey Anna,

    Just to let you know, the papers are no longer blaming My Chemical Romance. There were a lot of MCR protesters outside The Daily Mail offices and they won. The papers made an official apology.

    But still, they had no right in printing something that wasn’t true in the first place.

    P.S: Anna, click on my name! (and add me!) lol

  138. emo isnt a cult, emos are just emotional people who like to get in touch with there feeling and not all emos self-hurm.
    the black parade is a place where emo people go after they die but u dont have all the facts, the black parade is a cellarbration of death that cellarbrates there life, i know this because i am emo

  139. congratulations cult-member…

    All human beings are born with emotions which are the lively interface between bodily existence and the thinking mind. To call oneself emo is just an unnatural division from other emotive human beings and distortion of emotional reality, thus distorting your emotions into the properly channeled cult-mindset provided for you to perform in. Then as you admit, you have a religious emo cosmology on top of it all with the Black Parade, the emo underwold where are good little self-harming emos go when they commit suicide. So it is not much different than the Carousel of Logan’s Run, a cult wherein death is a central theme. It is designed to weaken, distort and destroy. Look up the term eugenics and study the subject for a year or two. Then you might begin to understand what is happening to you.

  140. So her parents noticed her behavior was changing downward, and just decided it was her becoming a teeneager, and her dad saw she cut herself and took her excuse that it was fashion. Are these people morons? not all teenagers get depressed to that extreme. and cutting yourself is a cry for help that apparrently her dad didnt give a shit about. Dont blame the fucking music. thats like saying your kid robbed someone cause a videogame showed him how. give me a break.
    People just look for blame. always. This girl may have had clinical depression, and didnt realize it until a certain age, and fit in to the “emo” crowed because they were all sad as well.
    The fact that people are still blaming things on music, videogames, and movies makes me laugh, and sorry for the future, because as long as these things are blamed people will never except that true cause is chemical embalance and bad parenting.

  141. jamie my answer is yes these ppl are morons it was nothing to do with the fasion this girl had troubles and she took her own way owt.

  142. Angel, click my name and add me! :)

  143. carnt m8

  144. if u want to add me its

  145. George Maggs

    You know what all of you that say stuff about hanna and MCR are all cunts she was my fucking friend and what she did wasn’t part of some fucking cult you cunts don’t know anything you are all fucking arse holes and if you are thinking what the hell does this guy know well Hanna Bond was a very close fucking friend of mine so all you cunts that say oh it was the fashion of the emos well get this im a fucking emo and look im still living you self righteous cunts

  146. dude serious do u think that every1 was calling her an emo it dunt matter how close u was think of her family not every1 is a cunt and an emo or a goth or a rocker or even a punk they are people that have been tagged which they might not want to be tagged its just the fuking news pappers and people on the street so why the hell you having ago at us when really u should think to yourself its them fukckers on the streets

  147. It sucks that she died and all,but she was stupid for doing what she did.

    I’m certainly not emo,I can’t stand the music or the clothes or anything else that goes with it,but I’m pretty sure that half the shit she believed,the emo ‘initiation’,was purely bull shit.

    Rest in peace.

  148. Iam emo. and i wear Skinny jeans studded belts and wrist bands.and have black hair that covers my face. but Music does not. influence. what i do if i cut.its bc . iam depressed.and i dont need. anyone to explain to me that its bad

    bc i have learned that on my own. I think ths girl was just very depressed and done with life. you can deny you have all thought bout commiting Suicide but never done it. Please dont Judge the emos bc we r actually very nice. people if you get to know us.
    and iam sorry for this girl

  149. emo uniform, cutting, depression, emo music, wrist bands, etc all part of the mind-control cult. Try to come out of it and free yourself. It isn’t healthy. Try to find your individuality instead of rationalizing why you have been sucked into this group-think cult mentality. Find something that gives you joy in life, some love, some new friends, something creative to do, explore nature, learn new things, open up to the world which is much vaster than emo cult-ure, which isn’t a life, but a downward spiral. Don’t continue down that path. You have the freedom to change your life.

  150. Shut up PJ, there’s nothing wrong with being emo, stop trying to tell people to change. A true emo is always an emo at heart, whether they change their hair, clothes etc. It’s part of who they are and they don’t need to change for anyone.

  151. pjwalker911,

    What relationship, is any, do you see between Goths and Emos? sterio-type emos and goths may look very similar, but as far as im conserned, dark clothing is the only posible similarity… posibly music too.

    Why are you an emo? i didnt really chose it… when i went into year 9 (now year 11) i become best friends with a girl whos style kept changing, when i became friends with her she was a goth, i was just a normal kid… bit of a chav, but i was very open to her style and what she liked. i went round her house alot and she was always playing heavy death metal and and hardcore music, at 1st i wasnt fond of it, but it began to grow on me, and i began to not like pop and rnb… then my style began to change and they way i spoke… i stop using general words such as ‘innit’, just silly things. then my cloths changed, i was always in skinny jeans and plimsoles… nothing mager… my hair then changed, i was blonde and dyed it dark brown, but it went black…(i didnt do it for the look) i was just bored of blonde as everyone had blonde hair. i ended up getting more into the ‘click’ the people i hung around with were all grungers, emos and skaters…. so it just kind of happened.

    What is the appeal, what makes it attractive to you? its just the general style for me, the way they look, great hair, their sence of dress… and the colours… the emo i became was the bright colourful type which is very similar to a scene kid… which is what i now prefer to lable myself.

    How did you get involved in it? as i said above, it just kind of happened, not somthing i chose, but in a way, the urge to be different to most of my perrs.

    Lastly, please elaborate on the “other type” of emo…? as i also said, the other type is similar to a scene kid… common image linked to it would be big hair (back combed) bright cloths… often bright paterned jeans… i prefer to lable myself as a scene kid now. i dont get the same sort of stick now when somone asks what i am, i used to say i was emo and people instantly thought i was suicidle, which really bugged me. i was never suicidle, but and angry kid that had no way to express it and just wasnted to be different.
    the usual things i wear consist of : skinny jeans (my fav now and my grey stripy ones) i dont like dark tops, my tops are usualy white with somone on them… although i tend to wear my black new york top (bright bubble/graff text) and converse or nike ID’s… i dont wear alot of black… the sort of emo/scene kid is genrally happy, and enjoys life, they dont want to end it.

    i have one friend called shaun, he is a sterio type emo… he wears alot of black, and self harms and genrally hates his life, but to talk to, hes funny, kind and is genrally happy, so he isnt an emo that is sad 24/7.

    ’emo’ is not a cult, so people stop calling it one. That poor girl was just giving the wrong impression. its not her falt or other emos. its just a style or ‘click’ like being an emo, skater, or indie. ITS JUST A STYLE! we are not all desperate to die.

    i was almost suicidle when i was a ‘chav’ i self harmed, hated my life and used to sit in my room from the moment i got home to when i woke up in the morning, id cry for hours cos i hated who i was, but i had my reasons… but i was a CHAV! not an emo, any person can be depressed or suicidle, not just an emo kid. So before you call it a cult and say it should be banned, consider the facts. its just a way of being an individual and being diferent from everyone else.


  152. darren, i agree with you. theres nothing wrong with it… its who a person is, not just how they look. be proud of who you are, and be happy about the person you are.

    everyone should be the person they want to be without being judged.

  153. Lucie, click on my name and add me :o)

  154. kake shum e keqe hiq mos ta nin edh nuk te paska hije
    ok tung e ki nhga honaloqki hehhheheheh (li)

  155. Aww this is such a sad story, she was so pretty

    seriously guys there is no such thing as ’emo’ for the people that try to be ’emo’ thats called ‘scene’ get over yourselves and show some respect for han!

    and yeah mcr arent emo and they arent depressed either theyre are way hardcore bands out there then my chem.

  156. Emo is not a cult. It is simply a music genre that the media made a stereotype out of. It’s not someone who cuts their wrists, it’s not someone who wears dark clothes, it’s not someone who wears dark makeup, it is a music genre.
    My Chemical Romance is not an emo band, they are alternative rock! They do not glamorize suicide in any way. I find their lyrics very uplifting when I get upset.

    People should really do their research on something before they write a whole article about it. Emo started as Emotive Hardcore music. It was a branch of hardcore punk music that started in the 90s. It was like hardcore punk, but with much more emotion to it. Not just sadness, not just angst, but any type of emotion.
    Emo does not mean emotional. We all have emotions, we all are full of emotion, we all are of emotions. Isn’t that what emotion means?

    In a nutshell, there is not emo lifestyle or cult. It was a music genre and like goth and punk it was turned into something that it’s not because of the media and most people’s constant need to label people. Labels are washed out words that don’t even stand for their original and proper meaning anymore. Obvious this girl got caught up in what she thought was the “emo lifestyle” but actually is and never was. Labels don’t get people any were, they just cause problems.

  157. What a poser this gurl is , first of all emo isn’t even about cutting or suicide. Emo is a genre of music .What it is and what people link it to are two completely different things.

  158. I have cut myself not because it’s a fashion but because I was hurting. I’ve learned that harming myself will not solve my problems just make them worse. Hannah is was my age when she died and I’ve lost friends from suicide not because it’s a fashion but because they had bad homes and horrible parents. Hannah was to young to understand that killing yourself and hurting yourself was no way to solve anything. I am 16 now and I have not cut myself or harmed myself for over four years. I’m very lucky to still be here and I would dedicate that to my parents. R.I.P. Hannah

  159. Okay. Did my chemical romance tell this girl to kill herself. NO. Don’t blame them because they are this so called “Emo” It is just a trend. Nothing to worry about. Many kids are “Emo” lots don’t kill themselfs. People are responsible for their own actions. This is just a trend it will disapear just as bellbottoms did.

  160. hi h ar u ? i am reza iranian a my age 19

  161. I wear tight pants. My hair is fringed. I love hair dye. I love MCR. I haven’t cut in a month thankyou. You don’t know me. You don’t know all the drugs I could have turned to and was temped to. You don’t know all the bad things that have happened to me. Not petty. If you cut to cut that is wrong. If you cut for deep reasons I say that is your business. Cutting isn’t the worse thing that I do. This little girl’s death is sad. She was a groupie who got too caught up. It happens and its sad. But labeling off “emos” as bad people is why so many people commit suicide.

    R.I.P. Little Girl Hannah

    The chick you’ll never hear from

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