Ron Paul and Freemasonry

Ron Paul speaking at Georgetown Jesuit University (Gaston Hall), alma mater of Carroll Quigley and Bill Clinton. Note the Freemasonic symbols on the wall behind him.

Bilderberg steering committee member is Ron Paul’s biggest campaign donor

Ron Paul Is A Freemason Says Tarpley

Are Alex Jones, Ron Paul, And Jesse Ventura, Freemasons?

Masons rush to rescue Ron Paul  from the ‘dreaded evil Freemason smear’ political disease

I know this is a taboo subject among Ron Paul supporters, of which I was one myself in the very beginning of his presidential campaign. And even if it is proven beyond any doubt that he is a freemason, many will just put it aside and pretend it doesn’t matter “because he is such a decent and honest man” etc. But many others are very curious to know what RP’s status is regarding Freemasonry because it does matter, and I fully intend to find out myself. Therefore, it is high time we started talking openly about it and try to ascertain the truth, one way or another.

I just happened to stumble across this comment over at the Daily Paul yesterday, and thought that I should share it with whoever is interested in knowing whether or not Ron Paul is a Freemason.

This does not prove anything in that regard, however it makes the probability that he is a Freemason very much higher since Eastern Star members are generally married to Freemason husbands, Rainbow girls are generally children of masons and because Ron Paul’s father was also a mason. And in addition, according to the comment, he “respects the organization”, which is wholly uncharacteristic of anyone who is supposedly fighting against the masonically-inspired New World Order. Ron Paul is also an unofficial member of the John Birch Society, which was founded by masons, funded by Nelson Rockefeller and run by Jesuit-trained Knights of Malta. In other words, the JBS is a gatekeeper organization, designed to control the opposition and make sure nothing substantial is ever done to impede the New World Order system which just keeps on rolling over humanity. How about the Jahbulon Bullshit Society for a more appropriate name?

Here is the comment in full rebutting an anti-masonic posting:

Ron Paul and Freemasonry

On April 20th, 2008 the oak says:

Liberty Oak Ranch

Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigotted beliefs. You don’t know anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the Freemason or Eastern Star organizations.

1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years.

2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry.

Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. It spawns lies and hate toward those who are innocent and have done good for others. Just try taking your child to the Shriner’s burn or crippled childrens hospital. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and will do it free of charge. How many people has your paranoia helped?


Unfortunately, the link now says “access denied” for whatever reason. Maybe you can explain to me why the link no longer works. I even tried to find the page again through a Google search (how I found it originally) and nothing. Poof! Gone. No trace. Not even a Google cache available. I wonder why? Hmmm….

If anyone knows the actual identity of this “scheduler” with the handle of “Liberty Oak Ranch”, please share it here with us to help confirm the validity of the comment.

I looked up the Eastern Star chapter being referred to if anyone wants to try and research this further:

Velasco Chapter No. 220 (District 4)

Worthy Matron: Mrs. Leota Romine
Worthy Patron: Paul Romine
Secretary: Mrs. Yvonne Huffhines
1210 N. Avenue O
Freeport Texas 77541
2nd & 4th Mon 7:30pm
Ph. (979) 233-1567


Then, one might assume that Ron Paul frequently goes (as the scheduler claims) to meetings at a masonic lodge in the same area, so I found this lodge listed with the Grand Lodge of Texas website which it would seem is a very likely candidate for being one of those lodges he attends:

Velasco Masonic Lodge #757

Douglas Raborn W.M.
email Edward Garcia
Masonic District 31-C
Located in Brazoria County
115 year old Lodge ( Charter granted December 8, 1893)
Members: 176
Lodge Address: 1210 N. Ave. O, Freeport 77541
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 757
Meetings: First and Third Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m.
Lodge Phone: 979-233-3623

As I gather more information on what I am 90% sure is a fact, that Ron Paul is a high Freemason of the 33rd degree or above, who knows the masonic agenda and yet keeps it all a secret from his supporters (as Dick Cheney kept his CFR membership a secret from his constituents in Wyoming), I will immediately pass it on to you the public who have a right to know the truth.


PS: Keep an eye on this post as I believe I will be updating it with new information over the next few weeks and months. If you have something definitive regarding Ron Paul’s membership in any secret society, please post a comment with specifics.



Ron Paul Freemasonic Connections

Campaign For Liberty: Polls
Is Ron Paul a Freemason, and does it matter either way? Only 2 votes: one Yes, one No. Haha. Divide and conquer.

John Birch Society Aug 21, 2009 Ron Paul Speech Part 1

Birch Society spokesman told me that Paul had spoken to the group about a half dozen times over the past decade.

Ron Paul, backed by the John Birch Society, Stormfront, Don Black and now add…HOLOCAUST DENIERS Hutton Gibson Endorses Ron Paul for President

John McManus at Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 – Part 1

In the February 1977 John Birch Society Bulletin, Welch describes Grede as a “truly great American (p. 27).” This “great American” was a “director” of none other than the 7th Federal Reserve Bank.

“Ron Paul is associated with the John Birch Society. He’s the only Congressman rated 100% on their Conservative Index, and back in the day when I was a member, he was well known as “our guy” with close ties to JBS.”

“I have a lot of friends in the John Birch Society… I don’t know how many positions they would have that I don’t agree with.” -Ron Paul

And then Ron Paul says he is against the Federal Reserve? You Ron Paul supporters have been sold a bill of goods.

Yet another connection of the Jesuits and JBS. This man John F McManus was close, personal friends with Founder Robert Welch for many years.

Georgetown’s Jewel in the Crown

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Built in the Flemish Romanesque style by architects Smithmeyer and Pelz, the building contains the Office of the President, John J. DeGioia; Georgetown’s Department of Classics; the Kennedy Institute of Ethics; and the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature. [EUGENICS!]

Notable rooms in Healy include Riggs Library, one of the few extant cast iron libraries in the nation; the Philodemic Room, the meeting room for the Philodemic Society, one of the oldest collegiate debating clubs in the nation; the grand Hall of Cardinals; the historic Constitution Room; and the Carroll Parlor, which houses several notable pieces from the university’s art collection.

Perhaps the grandest space in the building is Gaston Hall, Georgetown’s “Jewel in the Crown”, the 750-seat auditorium which has played host to multitudes of world leaders and which seems perpetually to be the backdrop of C-SPAN. Gaston Hall, located on the third and fourth floors and named for Georgetown’s first student, William Gaston, is decorated with the coats of arms of the Jesuit colleges and universities

Ron Paul talks money and voting in Gaston Hall

Gaston Hall Georgetown
Ron Paul Says U.S. Weakening Constitution
Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul spoke in Gaston Hall during a speech sponsored by the Georgetown University Lecture Fund.

Who else gave a speech at Gaston Hall?

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

List of Speakers at Gaston Hall Georgetown University

Rupert Murdoch
Barack Obama
Ron Paul
Tony Blair

Ron Paul lauds Catholics, Shriners and the Polio Vaccine
Ron Paul on Larry King 2009-10-31: Worked in Catholic hospital and supports both Catholic and Shriner hospitals. Says Polio vaccine good.
Ron Paul: Well, no, but we don’t have a history in this country of that happening, even before government started managing healthcare. I practiced medicine in both circumstances in the early sixties. We didn’t have managed care and I worked in a Catholic hospital. I made $3 an hour and nobody was ever turned away and there were many, many church hospitals and you had Shriner’s Hospitals and a lot of free care was given.

Ron Paul Chairman The Conservative Caucus

Conservative Caucus

The Conservative Caucus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Conservative Caucus, or TCC, is an American public policy organization and lobbying group emphasizing grassroots citizen activism and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1974 by Howard Phillips, who continues to lead it today. Most of the organization’s $3.8 million budget comes from the efforts of New Right fundraising gurus Richard Viguerie and Bruce Eberle. The organization produces a weekly conservative television program, Conservative Roundtable, which is hosted by Mr. Phillips. Howard Phillips is also President of The Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis and Education Foundation (TCCF), a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.

Richard Viguerie

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Richard Art Viguerie (born September 23, 1933 in Golden Acres near Houston, Texas, USA)  is a conservative figure and writer on American politics. He is the current chairman of Viguerie has been dubbed the “funding father” of modern conservative strategy in the United States.  Viguerie worked for the Christian evangelist Billy James Hargis in his early career.

In 1977, Viguerie worked on a project to raise money for Sun Myung Moon’s Children’s Relief Fund, which reportedly only received 6.3% of the $1,508,256 raised. $920,000 went to Viguerie according to New York State charity auditors.

Viguerie has long been associated with conservative activist Howard Phillips through creation of the Moral Majority in 1979.

In January 2008, Viguerie launched , a website designed to promote the 2008 presidential candidacy of U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, whom Viguerie described as “truly a principled conservative in the grand tradition of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan” and who “has differentiated himself from all the other candidates, whose allegiance is to Big Government Republicanism.”

Conservative Roundtable

Eberle Communications Group, Inc.


* Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft: “Bruce Eberle runs Eberle Communications Group, Inc., which is involved in Tom DeLay’s fundraising scandal.

Lamar Smith, Bruce Jackson: “Lamar Smith (R-Texas) … Head of the House Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property. Also involved in Immigration and Homeland Security committees. … Eberle was a Lockheed employee. The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq was founded by ex-Lockheed VP, Bruce Jackson.”

Bruce Eberle

Bruce Eberle is the President of the Eberle Communications Group, Inc. an organization that has helped its nonprofit clients raise $1 billion over the past 3 decades.

Young Americans for Freedom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YAF faced opposition from groups like the American Nazi Party because of the presence of Jews in the organization and its close relationship with Marvin Liebman. Most members also kept their distance from segregationists such as George Wallace and conspiracy theorists such as the John Birch Society.

However, YAF did honor staunch segregationist and Senator from South Carolina Strom Thurmond with its Freedom Award in 1962.  Some of its members were also behind the ‘Welcome Mr. Kennedy to Dallas’ ad placed in the Dallas Morning News (coincidentally on the morning of JFK’s assassination), which implied Kennedy was Communist and accused him of ignoring the constitution.

Campus activism, 1985-1990

As YAF grew older, most of the original members went on to other things, while younger members dominated YAF. During this era, a new generation of liberal and radical activism was growing on college campuses, and members began focusing on opposing these movements. This growth was strongest in California, where members staged protests in favor of aid to the Nicaraguan Contras

YAF’s indirect influence is felt through the number of conservative political figures who began their careers as members in college.

These alumni include former national chairman and former U.S. Representative Robert Bauman; former California chairman and former California legislator Pat Nolan; U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher; former Vice President Dan Quayle; Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox; U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo, a 2008 presidential candidate; American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene and a great number of other national and state politicians.

Howard Phillips (Jewish politician) [note: Goldwater Republicanism who was also Jewish and a Mason)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Howard Phillips (born February 6, 1941) has served as the Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, a conservative public policy advocacy group, since 1974.

Jewish by birth, Phillips converted to evangelical Christianity in adulthood and has been associated with Christian Reconstructionism.

Phillips left the United States Republican Party in 1974 after some two decades of service to the GOP as precinct worker, election warden, campaign manager, Congressional aide, Boston Republican Chairman, and assistant to the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. In 1978 Phillips finished third in the Democratic primary for the US Senate in Massachusetts.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Phillips coordinated efforts to build private sector support for anti-Communist “freedom fighters” in Central America and Southern Africa. He played an instrumental role in the leadership of the New Right, as well as in the founding of the religious right in 1977.

New Right – United States

In the United States, the New Right refers to a conservative political movement that coalesced through grassroots organizing in the years preceding the 1964 presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. The Goldwater campaign, though failing to unseat incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson, galvanized the formation of a new political movement. In elite think-tanks and local community organizations alike, new policies, marketing strategies, and electoral strategies were crafted over the succeeding decades to promote strongly conservative policies. The New Right got a policy approach and electoral apparatus that brought Ronald Reagan into the White House in the 1980 presidential election. The American New Right is distinct from and opposed to the more moderate tradition of the so-called Rockefeller Republicans. The New Right also differs from the Old Right on issues concerning foreign policy with the New Right being opposed to the non-interventionism of the Old Right. Though mostly ignored by scholars until the late 1980s, the formation of the New Right is now one of the fastest-growing areas of historical research.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee, a conservative but generally conciliatory Catholic cleric, has been appointed archbishop of New York — the job Pope John Paul II once characterized as “archbishop of the capital of the world.”

Connections between Ron Paul’s economic policy and Schwarzenegger’s policy as governor. Where he is accused of “Austrian politics” .

Peter Schiff who Ron Paul followers avidly support (exposed himself)

Mark Skousen’s Website for the Best of Money and Economics
[PIC MARK SKOUSEN WITH David Rockefeller!!}

The purpose of my two-hour, one-on-one interview with David Rockefeller, the former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and the youngest grandson of oil magnate, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., was to learn his assessment of the new global free market economy of the 1990s and beyond.

First, Rockefeller said that despite his top-level connections, he had not anticipated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He also expressed deep concern about the banking crisis, which he says is spreading worldwide. “The Japanese banks are not having an easy time as they once had.”

Finally, in his most surprising statement, he revealed he considers himself a follower of the Austrian school of economics. Friedrich Hayek had been his tutor at the London School of Economics in the 1930s.

Ron Paul “Advisor” Shows up at 2008 Bilderberg Meeting


Honoring Pope John Paul II

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Before the US House of Representatives, April 6, 2005.

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to join my colleagues in paying tribute to the life and legacy of Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul II was one of the great religious leaders of modern times, and an eloquent champion of human freedom and dignity. Unlike all-too-many misguided religious leaders, the Pope understood that liberty, both personal and economic, is a necessary condition for the flourishing of human virtue.

Theology, Not Politics

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Members of Congress from both political parties outdid themselves last week in heaping praise upon Pope John Paul II in the wake of his passing. Many spoke at length on the floor of the House of Representatives, and some even flew to Rome for his funeral.

I’m happy to witness so many politicians honoring a great man of God and peace. The problem, however, is that so few of them honored him during his lifetime by their actions as legislators. In fact, most members of Congress support policies that are totally at odds with Catholic teachings.

Both conservatives and liberals cannot understand that the Pope’s pronouncements were theological, not political. He was one of the few humans on earth who could not be bullied or threatened by any government.

He was a man of God, not a man of the state. He was not a policy maker, but rather a steward of long-established Catholic doctrine. His mission was to save souls, not serve the political agendas of any nation, party, or politician.

Pope blesses U.N. flag, calls for “binding international rules”

Ron Paul Freemasonic Connections. PROOF!

illuminati Hand Signs and Handshakes – Ron Paul

Ron “Temporal Coadjutor” Paul is a fake

I call Ron Paul a fake and a traitor because of his compromising and cowardly stand with regard to the federal government. Aaron Rousso’s interview of him in From Freedom to Fascism furthers this conclusion. Instead of resigning as a Congressman over the Federal Reserve Fraud, the theft of our gold and silver coins and the Income Tax Fraud, he still files his tax returns and votes for Congress to accept money from the Federal Reserve at the beginning of every fiscal year.

Ron Paul should resign from Congress and publicly state that the State of Texas is the slave of the Federal Reserve System—and thus the Papacy. He should advocate secession of the State of Texas and work diligently to that end.

He stands by and watches the alien Mexican invaders swarm into Texas thus driving the Whites to the extreme of right wing fascism beginning with the “Minutemen.” If Ron Paul was really an enemy of the system he purports to resists he would have been silenced or murdered years ago—like Senator Paul Wellstone.

No, Ron Paul is one of them.


I asked him about Ron Paul. I suggested Ron Paul was on the globalist’s team. He agreed with me — further adding, “they deliver us our hereos.” I respect that because he said it over RBN’s network… the same network that has a contract amongst it’s hosts (just like Alex Jones’ GCN Network) that says you can’t say bad things about other hosts. And since it’s obvious both RCN and GCN networks force their hosts to say great things about Ron Paul, I’m impressed.

Click on the video below to view “Peter Schiff Was Right,” a much-heralded collection of highlights from these appearances:


Illuminist Libertarian PRO-RON PAUL site run by occultist Tracy Twyman:

Ron Paul: Cloak of the Illuminati

RON PAUL’S REGULAR APPEARANCES ON THE CONTROLLED MEDIA (In other words, to claim he is ignored by the mainstream media is simply a lie designed to falsely give him ‘street cred’ as a mythic “outsider”)

Ron Paul to Bill Maher: America’s War on Drugs Must End

Ron Paul and DL Hughley on CNN

Ron Paul Takes Down A Baldwin On Legalizing Drugs on Larry King

Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch 4: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, John Lott, Larry Pratt, Peter Schiff and more

Ron Paul to Appear on CNN D.L. Hughley Breaks The News

Liberty Overload, Ron Paul on Bloomberg, MSNBC, and Glenn Beck
Ron Paul appeared 3 times yesterday on Television news channels.

CQ Transcript: Rep. Ron Paul Interviewed on CNN’s “American Morning” About Future of Republican Party

Feb 27, RP does hit speech at CPAC in Washington, introduced by former National Political Director for RP 2008 campaign his “good friend” John Tate (check affiliations!)



RSICC – a John Birch-Society smokescreen-frontgroup/cell?
“…Not only will the JBS never say a single word about Zionism, it will also never say a negative word about Freemasonry.  It used to write positive things about Freemasonry but now simply carefully says nothing at all about Freemasonry….”

Ron Paul Catholic Connections and other info

RoN PauL & “THe HoRNeD HaND”

Ron Paul the illuminati

Ron Paul’s Vote gives the president authority to use military force!

One Hundred Seventh Congressof theUnited States of AmericaAT THE FIRST SESSIONBegun and held at the City of Washington on Wednesday, the third day of January, two thousand and one…

Joint Resolution

To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.

Whereas, on September 11, 2001, acts of treacherous violence were committed against the United States and its citizens…

Ron Paul: Greek Brother

Ron Paul’s links to Secret Societies
The Cross & Crescent staff meet some of Lambda Chi Alpha’s most successful members. During each interview, they inevitably say how proud they are to be a Lambda Chi.

Cross & Crescent (ISSN 1930-1278) is an online alumni magazine featuring stories about prominent and interesting members. Its mission is to recognize the accomplishments of individuals and groups by publishing alumni, chapter, and Fraternity news. The Cross & Crescent is Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity’s flagship publication.

Tom McClintock’s Ku Klux Klan Problem
David Dayen has some breaking news over at Calitics. Turns out Tom McClintock, carpetbagger opponent of Democratic candidate Lt. Col. Charlie Brown in CA-04 who is currently a State Senator in a district that runs from the LA suburbs to Santa Barbara County, is running for congress in a district hundreds of miles away up in the northeast corner of the state and has run for two previous statewide offices unsuccessfully including for governor in the 2003 recall, was actually endorsed for governor 5 years ago by none other than the Ku Klux Klan.

Ron Paul Calls for Support of His Friend Tom McClintock

Fred Thompson to Appear at Tom McClintock Fundraiser

Fred Thompson makes radio ad for Tom McClintock

Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next?

Tom McClintock “Not Sure If Ron Paul Is Presidential Timbre”

Ron Paul Becomes Qualified as Write-In Candidate in California
Some observers have predicted that Paul may get as many as 250,000 write-in votes nationwide, although they will not be counted in other states. Ron Paul is on the ballot in Montana and Louisiana. A Montana poll released today gave Ron Paul 4.2%, exactly the difference between Obama and McCain (Bob Barr receives 1% in this poll).

Ron Paul write-in split in RP revboluton vote between Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin.

Why in hell would Ron Paul endorse Baldwin, telling people to vote for him when he is still running as a write-in?????

Rob Paul Advisor at 2008 Bilderberg meeting

Billionaire Peter Thiel Joins Ron Paul Revolution
In December 2007, he endorsed Ron Paul for President. January 18, 2008, The Sons of Liberty, a Political Action Committee endorsing Ron Paul, was created with $80 million of Peter’s own money.

Famous Baptists who were Freemasons
Southern Baptist Convention’s A Report on Freemasonry An estimated 400,000 – 500,000 Southern Baptist men are Masons.
“Every president of Baylor University has been a Master Mason.”

Ron Paul’s Faith Snapshot: Religion/Church: Baptist

Ron Paul: Says 9/11 could have been prevented if we had second amendment protection

The Ron Paul that Ron Paul doesn’t want you to know

. . . .

Note: The above evidence that Ron Paul is a principle tool of the Illuminati Elites used as a controlled opposition neutralizer represents only the tip of the iceberg. I have only had time to add oh maybe 5% of what is available on the subject. And that does not include his many sketchy connections to major globalists like Peter Thiel, his billionaire Bilderberg backer…enough said. If you don’t get it by now, you are beyond hope.

And all those of you who have attacked me for exposing Ron Paul, we know who you, that you are a bunch of lying psychopath scumbags working for the NWO.



959 responses to “Ron Paul and Freemasonry

  1. Fear of the unknown–with good cause over the eons!

    And whose fault is it if it’s unknown–or anything else for that matter?

    We’re secretive–trust us?

  2. Maybe he’s trying to taint Paul?

  3. I don’t think so.

    Look, I jumped on the RP bandwagon from the start before anyone ever heard of him because he was saying mostly all the right things. But the fact remains, if we can prove he is a mason, and a high degree one at that, then anyone who is fighting this NWO had better call it quits with him because all they are going to get is pleasing words and smokescreens. More controlled opposition.

    Personally, I don’t even need to know if he is a mason or not because A) he supports the name of Reagan, a Boho-grover who was just another traitor puppet, B) he uses the image of Guy Fawkes, a Jesuit terrorist, C) he publically denounces 9/11 truthers, D) he is deeply involved with JBS which is nothing but another elite brotherhood frontgroup, E) he praises the Vatican which most of the Founding Fathers abhored and basically, despite many many years in office he has not done anything to actually stop any aspect of this NWO system from being implemented.

    Why then should we abandon all common sense and throw our trust to such a man?

    They are all lying to the people. Every last damn stinkin one of them. Carlin was right. They don’t give a flyin fuck about you.

  4. I agree. Well keep us updated.

  5. Your opinion about the John Birch Society is pretty narrow minded during the cold war, The John Birch society was the heart of the recistance against the new world order and was the first organisationwho’s chairman publicly stated that communism and socialism were both part of a much bigger master conspiracy set up about bringing world government into being. FYI. Larry Mcdonald the chairman im talking about got shot down by a Sovjet MIG along with around 300 more passengers in a commercial plane 3 months after his public release of this information, This is considered the most intense moment of the cold war after the cuban missile crisis, To see this TV interview with Knight of Malta Pat Buchanon CFR Member Tom Braden go to video google and search for Larry Mcdonald

  6. Government is a sham. Politics is a theater to keep us thinking we have a process and that our votes gain us access to it. Any of these politicians who enter the phony presidential horse race have sold themselves out, including Paul, who has demonstrated a proclivity toward speaking out of both sides of his neck depending on whether he’s on the alphabet networks or Alex Jones.

    Paul’s just another D.C. whore with his special talent of playing the good cop.

    By the way, Paul, too, has demonstrated his reverance of Rome:

    The system is corrupt. Those who enter it are as well. Frankly, we’re in deep sneakers and, this time, the calvary ain’t coming to save us.

  7. “I jumped on the RP bandwagon from the start ” “A) he supports the name of Reagan, a Boho-grover who was just another traitor puppet, B) he uses the image of Guy Fawkes, a Jesuit terrorist, C) he publically denounces 9/11 truthers”

    Heh it is obvious what you are trying to do Nico (a well deserved comparison), say you are part of the movement, and then try to marginalize the movement, great job. It is like driving a car in the snow, when you slide, steer into the slide and at the most opportune time steer out of the slide.

    You are doing nothing but trying to pretend to support a candidate, and withdrawal your alleged support at a convenient time, you are just trying to marginalize him and his supporters hence your use of the term bandwagon. Now onto the facts he supports the name of Reagan… umm really now?

    Actually the media are the ones that attached a stigma to not respecting Reagan, they even asked a question why Reagan would support each candidate after placing said stigma. What was Paul supposed to do after the media propped up Reagan as some JFK-like people’s hero? Was he supposed to say Reagan would not support me? Give me a god damn break with that, it was a loaded situation regarding Reagan. He uses the image of guy fawkes a terrorist… really?

    This is another media perpetuated lie again. Ron paul did not organize the donation days, and did not label them either. A supporter of Paul organized the Nov. 5th donation day, so any comparison or image that was used for that donation day was the doing of a supporter of Paul’s, not Paul. What was Paul supposed to do, denounce the dontation day and say please don’t donate to me? Once again give me a god damn break.

    He publicly denounces 9/11 truthers, once again are you serious? When asked on faux news if he believed the government carried out the attacks of 9/11 after marginalizing “conspiracy theorists” to such a high extent, what is he supposed to say Yes the government did it and then be further marginalized by the news station, the same news station that called Ron Paul a racist. Let’s say okay okay he doesn’t think a conspiracy was involved as he has said, when asked by a supporter if he would support a independent investigation into 9/11 guess what he said. He said “Yes I would”.

    He is the only remaining candidate who promised if president he would support a new investigation. So all of your supposed facts, are actually nothing more than a means to marginalize this candidate, and I would go even further and suggest you were never really a Paul supporter regardless of what you say.

    All of your talking points, and facts were just a few examples of media perpetuated talking points. If he was a member of the New World Order/Globalization the media would not be marginalizing him and blacking him out to such an extent, period. They would cover him to soak up all the dissenters because if he was a member and became president he could more easily sell the dissenters down the river more quickly than anyone else could do.

    Do you want to know why the media had him on Fox and asked him if he believes the conspiracy of the government planning the attacks? They did this to try to lessen his support as it is their believe that the only reason he had such a great base of supporters was because his supporters are mostly conspiracy theorists, and if they got him to say no he doesn’t think the government did it they would abandon him.

    It was a loaded question. If he said he didn’t think the government was involved he would lose some support from those who think the government did it, and if he said yes the government did it then they would have fodder to further marginalize him on network television. You using this media talking point as any kind of proof really shows your intentions, thanks for outing yourself… PJ.

  8. PJ you have the most rational comment, and thanks for it. How readily and greedily those who climb aboard the blame train are with very little effort to even wait out what may or may not come out of this accusation.

    I have followed RP for years and he has been consistant in his voting and his record of statements of faith.

    Finally I didn’t know that you could be higher degree than 33 anyway??????

  9. I am outing myself as an individual thinker, not just another sheep. I knew some Ron Paul fanatics would attack me for this, but the bottom line is, he is part of the established order and you still did not comment on whether or not he was a freemason. I would like to know what you are going to do or think when you find out that he is.

  10. Well our NAU protests in ATL were a bust–so we’re going back to county commission meetings and the like–since we have had success there on illegal alien/citizenship issues. We gradually wake up more people–but I think we’re past the point of gradual–it’s needs to be a flood.

  11. i am from texas and can personally tell you that masonry is everywhere but the fact of the matter is ron paul is our only political hope and even worse is thta ALL of our parents were responsible for the mess we are in by either being a complacent mason,ignorant mason,complacent citizen or ignorant citizen. the onlt way to tell if a tree is good is to sample its fruit and ron pauls fruit is pure and nutricious

  12. ….. The point is system is corrupt, I’m not following anyone because it’s all a bunch of bs. Knowing how corrupt the gov’t is what makes people think that even if he is not apart of them now, that the unseen hands would not get to him eventually?????? this makes no sense, why are we continuing to put all our hope in another human being, didn’t we learn anything from the christians???????

  13. We have to hold people accountable at all levels and arenas–it’s more than just expecting a President to “save” us. We have to save ourselves. It’s been developing for generations, and last few decades/years–exponentially. Especially since technology has caught with the ambitions of the evil.

  14. I hoped Ron Paul was real too. But he was as two faced as janus. Alex Jones and other patriots took this dick under there wings and he ends up shitting on them. ill be honest i only caught on to the fact he was a mason when he started to flip the il cornuto hand sign.
    About 3 months into his campaign. Il cornuto This sign is the sign of the pentagram, each finger represent one of the five elements. Ron Paul then goes on bill maher

    Look at the handshakes. “BOAZ”
    Ben Afleck and PJ O’Rourke Bill Maher. Bens a hollywood dick but Pj O’Rourke is a CFR member the people who Paul is supposed to be fighting. Check out rosters:
    People like all the patriots really look like dicks now.I know im probably preaching to the converted here but its my 2 federal reserve cents worth. Be your own leaders.

  15. Actually, the Masons are the founding fathers of America. They’re really the good guys. All this crap about them being evil is crap. I know several Masons and they’re good hard working God fearing people. I had an uncle that was a Mason and he was a good man. The ones we should be worrying about are the socialist @ssholes that are trying to take over our country. They could very well be spreading misinformation about the Masons anyway…

  16. When will people get it? Ron Paul is not going to save anybody, though he is painted as this great Savior figure who is going to solve everything. We have to be more like my compatriot Wil who posts here often on the NAU. He is out there hitting the streets, the meetings and getting in the face of the NWO minions every week. Waving Ron Paul signs is not the answer. We have to save ourselves.

  17. The New World Order that everybody is upset about is a Freemasonic New World Order. Let nobody in this thread forget this point. Novus Ordo Seclorum. Look it up on the back of your worthless dollar bill.

    I repeat in another way: the New World Order is long-term masonic agenda, centuries in the making and America was their pet project, the “New Atlantis”.

    If you are against the NWO, then stop supporting the masons, the JBS (which is masonic controlled opposition) and the Vatican which is fully behind the NWO, the UN and all the rest of it. This last point was illustrated recently when Pope Benedict praised the UN, blessing the UN flag and telling us that we all had to get behind it’s agendas. He also made a nice little visit to the UN “meditation room” which is pretty Luciferian in itself.

    All of which makes it quite odd that people who are supposedly against the UN (Ron Paul and the JBS for example) would make praises to the Papacy.

    Figure it out people. I lay out the facts, and hope to hell you can deduce the truth for yourselves. Use your heads and stop believing all the sophisticated lies and propaganda that ultimately comes from the Illuminati who are THE masters of scientific manipulation of humanity.

  18. George most masons dont even know what masonry is about. Its nothing to do with God most of us know. Anybody thinks masons are god fearing read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike he tells you who the masonic god is. Albert Pike was main mason in the united states after the civil war. Masons just join to be part of an old boy network and progress in life. Its the most compartmentalised organisation in the world. Im not saying all masons are bad most of them dont have a clue elites of masons know what its about just like papacy and aristocracy. Only way to save your self is to go off grid of the system, United States of America and it floundering fathers are a joke really. Wake up people.

  19. Masonry is probably the most sophisticated and far-reaching cult in the world. It is an occult religion based in Kabalah and the Egyptian mystery religion. Anyone who says masons are “the good guys” is either an ignoramous or a lying member of the brotherhood.

  20. So where is the hard facts?

  21. It’s “Where ARE the hard facts?” or are you a graduate of GW Bush Institute of English Grammar?

    Now to your question, that’s what I am asking. Let’s ask some questions about Ron Paul and see what we come up with. Let’s see more facts about Ron Paul’s connections. But you see, we aren’t allowed to do that without getting pounced upon by Birchers, Masons and various Catholic occult orders. A lot of people suspect that Ron Paul is a high-level mason. That is why I finally did this post. I want people to come forward with any information that might settle the question once and for all.

    I never said that he was a mason, only that I strongly suspected it. I believe he is a mason, but so far have no definitive proof. Therefore, I encourage others to do some research as I have and post whatever you find here.

    Call it an exercise in free-thought or an experiement with the truth. But if you start telling me that I’M bad bcause I dare to ask such questions, then you better think again.

  22. Susan Ashbrook

    So far I have seen attacks on JBS, Ron Paul, Masonry and the Catholics. Why don’t you just start setting up stakes in the town square and set fire to these horrible people. Your mindset is the same as the people who did these things. No proof needed just yell “Witch”. Excuse me for not buying into your hysteria.

  23. One person can make a difference. Friend of mine who is either fearless or dumb–has phone numbers programmed into his cell of state legislators, the Governor’s office–this state and other’s, news editors, Congress,, the White House. He’s always polite, but makes several points on whatever, firmly and clearly. And–perhaps just coincidentally–or maybe he was a tipping point, or part of others calls too—a few cases people in question changed their positions shortly thereafter.

    Same for commission meetings and the like. Or holding a sign at political fundraisers or speaking tours, and the press comes over to interview. And sometimes actually makes it to news or papers.

  24. But it is satisfying to hold a sign saying support American Workers and etc at limos in traffic turning into a luxury hotel at recent candidate’s fundraiser to be annointed.

  25. E-mail to officials, letters to the editor are easy too. And I post comments everywhere on articles and news blogs.

  26. Fine Susan, you love the New World Order and you don’t want anyone like me pointing out how it is perpetuated throughout society through Freemasonry, the Vatican, the UN and through our own masonic government.

    You made your position clear.


    And screw you too by the way. And screw all you NWO minions out there who are doing your best to shield the powers behind this masonic agenda.

  27. Masons, Vatican (im a catholic myself but im not blind) UN are all same system. Nazi Pope blesses the UN flag ha. The majority of these people in these arnt bad people (my family are all catholc and really good people) who think they are doing good. But the elites of all these organisations are EVIL. Do some open minded reasearch and it will ring with you as it did with some of us here. WE dont attack people just because there catholic masons and beaurocrats. Its the elites.

  28. It is the elites–whatever group members hide within.

    At the North American Union protest we planned–one person wanted to bring bullhorn and Mexican flag to walk on/burn. And as various of us told him–we don’t hate Mexico or Mexicans–it’s the globalist elites with no allegiance to any nation save their own demonic hubris we oppose. We need Mexicans and Canadians as allies to fight this.

  29. You know, we could just take this all the way back to the Amun Priesthood of Aegypt whom denounced Akhenaton (even killing him and Nefertiti), the teachings of gnosis, and all of those practicing alchemy for their egalitarian revolutionist mindsets and entheogenic illumination rites… because it was them, after all, that evolved into the “Magi” behind old Greece and Rome; them, after all that stole the blueprints for the Holy of Holies and the Arc of the Covenant from Moses’ design and Solomon’s revisiting; them, who soon became the Office of the Holy Inquisition, after, of course, the Council of Nicea was assembled. Them, who printed the first international monitary unit and taxation measures. Them, who, divided, became entities also as the Knights Templar (because somebody didn’t want to answer to an aryan king pope and wanted to become their own banking system)… them, who later involved the Bavarian Illuminati, let alone the Rosicrucian Order and Adam Weishaupt of the Rothschild linkages which gave birth to our Federal Reserve system here as time marched on… Ever seen the Vatican scroll and double-key insignia? Ever notice how many “incorporated” states of the US have that same emblem, either keys or axes or arrows or olive branches or something akin to war and food control? Ever notice the eagle gripping those “fasces”? Or how the Nazis have always been friends with the Vatican because they were just a large military branch of old Alexander the Great’s (Aryan) genocide plan that’s carried on in the name of Christ, wearing fish-God mitre caps, stealing from Hermetic Tradition to look like esoteric good guys? The pope sits at a fricking upside down cross. Please.

    The Ark is an electrical field-producing body rhythm/brainwave entrainment device that “tunes” the Cohen into near-zero mental frequencies… close to death, able to “see” the “truth.” Just look at depictions of Moses from after his 3 days in the “meeting place” that is the Holiest of Holies. The Ark transfixed him and taught him the Tao of bringing God’s Eyes into the perception of man.

    We “escaped” the tyranny of England the Pope only to let it right back in, because their were immediately wolves amongst us in sheep’s clothing. The first 13 fricking colonies were General-mayored by Roman Catholic emissaries, the same way that Central America was overrun by Roman Catholic Spaniards and Africa was enslaved by Roman Catholic Deutsch Nazi partners. The same way the Tibet was smashed after China became majorly “incorporated” with Catholicism. Hmmmmmmmm….

    Who knows the number of the Beast?

    I do. 216 (6x6x6 – or 6 cubed). Nazi general Goebbels even wanted to mandate the concert pitch tuning of ALL music INTERNATIONALLY to 440hz ‘A’ notation. Why? Because it used to be 432hz. A sacred number involving the Pythagorean Brotherhood, Gematria, Geomancy, the Precession of the Equinoxes, and eclipse prediction cycles, let alone astrological understanding of FRICKING CLIMATE CHANGE. Hmmmmmmm again. 432 is 216 multiplied by 2; the Greeks and Asians and Indians and Egyptians (Afrikaans) and Tibetans all revered that number. So did the Maya (along with the numbers 72 and 144). Guess who the Vatican smashed most of? ALL OF EM.

    Squander the knowledge. Why? Because its power. If nobody understands the cosmic mechanism and sacred geometry when shit hits the fan, nobody can help themselves. Especially when big Monsanto, the weather-modificaiton gurus of the World Meteorological Association, the biggest military industrial complex agencies like Raytheon and GD Robotics, and the UN are all good friends….

    it paints itself.

    But, as mentioned earlier — most Masons have NO CLUE what they’ve gotten into, until they’ve denounced their God, TO THE POPE, in order to become a 33rd degree LUCIFERIAN.

    It’s the biggest boy’s club, but it also makes a damned huge army of internationally stationed “Knights” for when the time is right, doesn’t it? Yikes.

    Lux Et Veritas,

  30. I don’t attack people for being brought up in Catholicism, Judaism, Nazism, Communism, Freemasonry, Zionism, the Mafia etc etc. Children have no choice about what they are conditioned into. But as people mature into adulthood, they owe it to themselves and others to begin questioning their own beliefs and programming. It is our own responsibility as human beings to seek out the truth. People who refuse to do that really do have a serious problem.

    What I criticize are the elites mainly, but also those in the lower levels who refuse to acknowledge the truth about the NWO, how it was formed and maintained mainly through Freemasonry, Zionism, Skull and Bones and the “Noble Orders”, Jesuits, Knights of Malta etc, etc.

    I have nothing against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or atheists. What matters is not the religion one belongs to, the color of their skin or the language that they speak. People should be judged as individuals for the content of their character and viewed as a whole person. I take people as they come and either I like them or I don’t based on what they are putting out to the world. What I am saying is that people are either good or bad not because of their religion, but in spite of it. Personally, I see religion as an ancient social control mechanism and nothing more. Spirituality is something deeply personal and should stay that way

    When someone has the facts at their fingertips on a blog such as this, and still shields the elites and their programs, then they deserve a good slap in the face. And I only do that when they attack me first.

    As far as religion goes, people are free to believe whatever they want to believe and I don’t have a problem with that. Just be willing to question your own beliefs and be aware of what you are a part of and where your donations are actually going.


    Support Ron Paul! WHY?!?!Because my family is the one that STARTED Freemasonry. And yes, we want a new world order. One in which people treat each other humanely, one in which our leaders are trustworthy and respond to the will of the people. One in which individual sovereignty is the rule of the land. You’re all so caught up in the politics of this thing that you don’t see that it’s way beyond that. The best thing we can do as a country is not elect anyone, rule ourselves, make our own laws, support local. You guys want to play games, I want to change the world. Are you afraid of a bunch of guys and women who respect the passing down of trade skills from master to apprentice? You’re all looking for the puppet master when he’s right in fromt of your face. WE are the puppet master, WE are the power. Get off your ass and support your neighboor, your community and if you’re afraid of your government then grow some balls and fight back. WE each are sovereign individuals and we each need to find the common cause amongst our differences to bind ourselves together and remove the corruption from our government by our inherent power. Freemasons, its a joke. Look at your own hands, there’s real power.

  32. elrocoroco, what is Ron Paul’s relationship with Freemasonry? Is he a Freemason, Odd Fellow or Rosicrucian etc? And what do you know about the fraternal communities’ attitudes towards him?


  33. What do I know of a man’s private life? If you look at the current presidential candidates, Ron Paul says the truth of the matter. Maybe his truths are covers for a demon heart. I don’t know. What I am saying is that power is in the people, not the representative. We have been dumbed down and duped into believing the opposite. Instead of speculating on what we don’t know, why don’t we use what we do know. The only thing a man has that is his own in this life is his faith. Faith in a creator/creation, faith in his fellow man, etc…If you CHOOSE to forfeit that than any and all elite groups loose. And by the way, who says who is elite? Have you ever been confronted by a mean barking dog and held your ground? Stared them down and dared them to attack. These elite groups are the same. They rule by bark, expose them, take their power. Instead of building on the mistique of these groups, undermine their existence by marginalizing them. Who’s a king with no subjects? POWER TO THE PEOPLE, take it, it’s right there.

  34. oops! if yo give up your faith, elite groups WIN.

  35. Well, you found me.

    I am the Ron Paul scheduler for whom you’ve been searching.

    Ron Paul is not a Mason. The only groups he is a member of is the Vietnam Veterans and the Baptist Church, you paranoid whack jobs.

    However, I am the Most Illustrious Esteemed Empress of the Mystical Society of Super Secrecy. They call me MIEEMSSS for short. My group is so secret that we don’t even know who we are. I am going to harvest the testicles of 40 virgin dogs and do an ancient curse on you that is so secret that I had to channel Eve and have her to ask the Snake about the correct ritual.

    We have been successful brainwashing you good people into believing that these inferior secret societies like JBS and Masons are responsible for our work. If they were truly as devious and evil as you say, you would know nothing about them and would not be allowed to join them. They suck at being evil. How dare they take care of burned and cripple children for free and then take no credit for it. If they were truly evil they would be out burning and crippling your children and they would know where you live, like I do.

    If they were truly secret, they wouldn’t have magazines, TV commercials and have fundraisers in the churches across America. Last time my society went into a church, the holy water started boiling and a the old lady behind me fainted. When I picked her up she turned in to a big horny toad, then croaked, literally.

    Now doesn’t this all sound ridiculous? All you people that believe PJWalker’s crap go and take your meds. And you, PJ double up on your Thorazine.

    Thank you very much, I’ll be praying for you,
    The Oak

    Good Night Susan – Almighty Majestic and Ancient Seer- thank you for the information about where “you know who” will be sleeping for eternity

  36. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

  37. ‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” is the exact Thomas Jefferson quote. Never knew there were so many variations like in the link above.

    More quotes from Tom–

  38. The oak is not only false, but a deciever.

    Not every Masons have done things in the scale of Hitler. That’s true. But to say that Freemasons have done nothing more than helping crippled children is a lie. Freemasonry have been involved in the murder of William Morgan. Charles Finney wrote a book documenting this. Many high level Masons use intimidating tactics against those in churches. For example, Ed Decker and other preachers said he was threatened by Masons for just expressing his First Amendment right of talking of dissent with Freemasonry. When is dissent illegal? It isn’t . Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogma admits that he wants the Blue Lodge to use deception to make it appear that the Blue Lodge understands. Manly P. Hall writes of praising Lucifer. I have their direct quotations if you want them.

    Freemasonry isn’t the in the end of the Elite, but an instrument that elitists use to promote a new world order. That is why 33rd Degree Freemason William Smith decades ago called for a new race, a new religion, and a new order back decades. Pjwalker911, You’re on the right track. Tons of people agree with you. Don’t let these skeptics and deniers intimidate you at all. No one is saying that Ron Paul is a Freemason. People are just investigating whether he is or not simply. It is true that Paul is a member of a college Fraternity and he explicitly denies that 911 was an inside job. He explicitly praised John Paul II when John Paul II calls for a new world order. The bigger issue isn’t Paul. The bigger issue is exposing the new world order and help people in our communities and areas.

    Also, the issue is to be inspired to not joing any pro-NWO organizations at all. The oak talks about secrecy? First tons of Masonic rituals are kept secrets. Masons would not reveal their rituals in every degree. Masonry don’t allow religious liberty in their Lodges by not allowing prayer in end in Jesus Christ’s name. They perform swearing death oaths, etc. John Daniel’s book series on Freemasonry documents their real history. We should expose all evil like the Jesuits, Masons, CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. For example, CFR member Richard Haas called for our national sovereignity to change. The elite Trilateral Commission inventor David Rockefeller said that he isn’t ashamed of wanting a one world or an integrated political/economic system. The Operation Roadmap Pentagon document from 2003 desire to control the entire electromagnetic world. So, we should expand our minds into exposing evil. Yet, we should compromise with the truth. theoak, you sound desperate since you’re only response is ad hominem attacks against pjwalker. If we were so in need of meds, our comments wouldn’t impact you like it did. We don’t need meds. Some of these skeptics need to use their brains and stop with the Ron Paul worship. He’s not a God or God.

  39. TIMOTHY: Thanks, I can’t argue with you at all. And I won’t. You have it right.

  40. elrococco, I don’t disagree with you, except that these elites must be exposed for what they are. Otherwise the people keep believing their lies. That’s all….

  41. I made a typo

    I meant to say:

    “Yet, we should not compromise our thinking that runs contrary with the truth.”

  42. Well, in case anyone doesn’t know, the UN meditation room is where the original seal of the US is kept. It is run by the lucis trust. Formerly the lucifer trust until it changed name,for obvious reasons. It is an Illuminati/New age think tank conceived by Theosophist Alice Bailey. Her words were used by Bush senior in the infamous 1000 points of light speech when he called for a New World Order under the UN on September 11th 1991. The agenda is their for those with eyes to see. Their satanic ‘light’ is utterly counterfeit and corrupt.

  43. PJ, I really like your site, and most of your insights. I was also troubled when I saw the comment on Daily Paul about RP possibly being a Freemason, but I still did not think it proved anything, because his alleged involvement could have been 20 to 40 years ago. While I appreciate your inquiry and agree with your position concerning Masons… NWO… I was disappointed in your seeming “guilty before proven innocent” approach to Ron Paul being a Mason, as it seemed you were accusing him of being 33 degrees or higher, yet failed to give proof.

    “As I gather more information on what I am 90% sure is a fact, that Ron Paul is a high Freemason of the 33rd degree or above, who knows the masonic agenda and yet keeps it all a secret from his supporters (as Dick Cheney kept his CFR membership a secret from his constituents in Wyoming), I will immediately pass it on to you the public who have a right to know the truth.”

    I attended a meeting tonight where one of Ron Paul’s sons, Robert, was and I approached him as he was leaving and asked if his dad is a freemason. He very much emphatically stated that hid dad was NOT a mason, nor has he ever worn any of the jewelry nor could he remember if he was ever a mason, but that his grandparents had been. I asked if his mother was Eastern Star and he said that he did not think so but perhaps many years ago he remembered her mentioning Eastern Star, then he said that no, that was probably his grandmother who talked of that. I asked if his sisters were in Rainbow girls when they were little girls and he said he did not know what that was and really had no idea. He was being honest, I am very sure.
    My grandfather was a mason, but my dad was not a mason. My dad was a catholic, but I am not a catholic, and believe me there are many catholics that are genuine christians. Are we always doomed to be branded for life because of what our parents have done, and how they raised us to join them in their beliefs and actions, but we later wake up and make up our own minds? As you so eloquently stated earlier, we cannot help what type of family or upbringing we had, but are to find truth as we are able, and hopefully not make the same mistakes our ancestors made. Can’t it be possible, as Ron Paul’s son states, that his father and mother are not Masons? Perhaps they were brought up with a parent (s?) who were masons, and possibly early on in their marriage they (or she) were involved, perhaps for familial, social, networking…

    I know that RP respects the freedom of all as the constitution states. He does not need to fill each speech with hate and contempt for all ignorant lower masons, shriners, catholics, sheeple, and all other misguided who might not all be in on “the big picture.” Give him a chance, it is the message of Liberty, prosperity and peace that needs to be focused on, which will do more to undermine evil than name calling. I for one loved parts of the movie V for Vendetta and smile when I see the image of Guy Falks, because of the movie, not because of him being a Jesuit.

    If I wanted to find out what the Masons were up to, I might be inclined to go to their open meetings once in a while, especially since it involves my district.

  44. Jamie, I did not accuse RP of being a mason, but only believe in the high likelihood of that based on Oak’s testimony that Carol is currently Eastern Star which usually goes together with a Freemason husband. Usually. Do you see the distinction I so carefully tried to make here? I know it takes a certain amount of thinking ability to see that, but there is a distinction between accusing and speculating. And then she says that his daughters were (I assume past tense) in Rainbow girls. So either she or Robert is misrepresenting the truth. But that is all I am trying to get at here, the truth, whatever it is.

    Personally, I would never set foot in a Masonic lodge. The New World Order system, you know, Global Government, totalitarianism, Big Brother (all-seeing eye) surveillance society, eugenics, transhumanism, terror-psyops, perpetual war, the global warming hoax, etc all comes out of the elite who are ALL without exception high Freemasons and members of the Chivalric Orders, Knights of Malta etc, etc. That is how they keep their ranks together, establish their pecking order, plan their agendas, maintain secrecy and delegate down to their minions.

    There is nothing good about Freemasonry. It is pure evil through and through from top to bottom, only the lower masons are usually pretty ignorant about this fact because they are deliberately deceived by their masters as Albert Pike admitted. But even that is no excuse for the Blue Lodge masons in this day and age of information. The truth is available to all masons nowadays. They don’t have to wait until they reach 32 or 33 to find out that it is all a pack of lies meant to control society and drive it by stealth into the New World Order.

  45. Christopher, right. Also look into the UN Temple of Understanding.

  46. I cant believe I read the whole thing.
    PJ why would commit lible/slander on RP?
    If you have solid facts fine, but people are not as gulliable as you think. especially RP people.
    Kyrologic was pretty funny & very intelligent.
    Elrococco you are correct “WE” have the power.
    Where does it come from? It comes from the spiritual. You had better know what spirit your tapping into as well.
    It is proven that when a body of like minded people “believe” in a thing it comes to pass. A scientist said matter is always present however when it realizes it being watched it responds to the observer. Just like negativity & positivity can change the atmosphere around you.
    But I always found it strange that more than 2 people can agree to be evil, I mean hiteously evil beyond evils. Like genocide.
    On the other hand I dont find it bizzar for alot of people to agree to do good.
    RP is not a God nor is he a savior, he’s just a man running for President who happens to shed light on the atrocities going on behind the backs of American Citizens.
    I grew up in a town here in America where the Scottish Rite masonic temple is the world’s largest conservatory.
    The whole town was architectured by masons. Every bldg has an emblem of a contractor & an l-shaped ruler to form a diamond shape with a G in the middle it. I used to think it was for “Guthrie” the town. Anyway anybody can tour the masonic temple & even speak there if given authority, even RP so just because you have a picture of him in frount of a podeum a mason built dosent mean he’s a mason. Incidentally the people who designed the temple are the same people who done the decor of the rockerfeller bldg. There are still alot of masons there, but my family never was.
    They were
    Take care & PJ, dude …man take this evil down.

  47. PJ, I do think your comments were balanced and careful for the most part, except the part where you said that you were 90% sure in the fact that Ron Paul is a high degree mason of 33 degrees or higher. Now, the testimony of the “scheduler” was that RP went several times to open meetings, Carol was Eastern Star and Lori and her sister were Rainbow girls, which is not enough proof to brand RP as such a high degree mason as you suggested.
    It makes me sad that Ron’s son Robert’s statements were not enough to quell this tide, and I do hope it will be enough to convince people. I agree with the evils of masons and the NWO…, and I was kidding that I would ever set foot in a temple but was making the point that possibly Ron Paul was a mason, since his parents were and brought him up as such, he went a few times, but dropped out, and perhaps kept going a few times to keep in touch with the people in his district. Not all masons, catholics… should be rounded up by Blackwater and shot and some really are misled and are a part of organizations that are doing some good at the local level, like helping children. (I know you did not infer that.)

    Ron Paul is over 70 years old, and when Robert’s big sisters were in Rainbow girls, which had to be 30 to 40 years ago, then I do not think it is a stretch that Robert was not aware of the group or what his sisters did when they were little girls. I bet most of us can’t remember if our siblings were in the Girl or Boy scouts or Brownies or little league. I do not think that brands Robert for misrepresenting the truth. I do thank you for your stance on these issues and getting at the truth. Keep up the good work, and I hope you will please reconsider Ron Paul. :)

  48. Nice photo at top the evil dosent even try to hide itself. Reference the symbols, not necessary old Wrong Paul

  49. Those trees painting on wall look like kabbalistic tree of life.

  50. Chere, you obviously approve of Freemasonry. The only people who are against me are masons, those sympathetic to Freemasonry and some Catholics (but not all).

    Again, I don’t know how many times I have to reiterate the fact that the New World Order system of global dictatorship, including monetary dictatorship through the Fed, is a Masonic agenda at its root being implemented by the elite families (who are all masons of one stripe or another). And that the Popes are pro-NWO and pro-UN, and that the Jesuits are masonic should also not be lost to those who support Ron Paul who has nothing but praise for the Vatican, Jesuits et al.

    Therefore, I find it extremely peculiar that someone who professes to be against the UN, against the destruction of our sovereignty, the destruction of our financial independence and the destruction of our freedoms, would be sympathetic in any way to Freemasonry as Ron Paul apparently is, and as many of his followers are.

    And why should I and others be ordered to take down posts that merely ask questions about Ron Paul’s background. What the heck are you afraid we might find out?

    No, there is nothing evil about what I am doing and my intent is not evil. My intent is merely to get at the truth. Period.

  51. Jamie, I merely said that if what Oak was saying was true, then the likelihood of Ron Paul being some kind of cryptic mason is very high. And being that he, being a man advanced in years and experience around DC, the likelihood that he would be a higher-level 32nd or 33rd degree would be higher than if he were a young man just starting out in politics. That is the meaning of my statement and I stick to it.

    Then you severely stretch the meaning of my words implying that the end result of what I am doing means that all masons and catholics should be rounded up and shot, by Blackwater no less for whom I have the utmost contempt proven in numerous posts on this blog. Where in the hell did you get that idea to say something like that? I would say it is because you don’t like me poking around in this area and would like to accuse me of something heinous in order to shut me up but it won’t work.

    What I do mean to imply is that if the New World Order is masonic (and it most definitely is!) then why in the hell would anyone trust a mason or someone who is sympathetic to Freemasonry to help defeat it? Ayaiyai! Yet that is what I am saying here. That is the real bottom line to this entire post and all the comments I have made here. And if you think that is bad, then you have a real problem.

    All I am doing is asking questions about Ron Paul. If that is a crime, then we really do live in a fascist police state.

  52. Asking questions is the most basic human right…and obligation.

  53. Thanks Wil. That is of course how we learn. Having a mind that questions, probes and tests the truth is the only way to live in reality. All other minds are delusional and going astray.

  54. You know, I started my entry into this forum a little off handed. It is true however that my family did start freemasonry. At least under that name in Rosilyn. I think that elitist groups need to be exposed and I think there is power only through knowledge. But, my overriding concern is that we “little” people get so overwhelmed with the scope of corruption and misinformation that all we do is find ourselves in the end on a wild goose chase while those we wish to “dethrone” have garnered more power in the mean time. We must weigh action against research, time and gain. This is a war, a war for our lessening freedoms, and we must remember Dante: “As one who unwills what he wills will stay strong purposes with feeble second thoughts, so I hung back on that dim coast till thinking had worn out my enterprise so stout at starting and so early lost” Our individual sovereinty, sovereignty in any case, relies on our claiming that authority and acting as well. I just want to remind everyone that our power requires that we both claim and act upon that claim. Exchange of idea and knowledge is the root, but action is the leaf . Without either the plant is dead. The discussion here is invaluable, but what will you do with that discussion today, and tomorrow and so forth. Take it from this page and put it in the street. I may be speaking to the choir, but we need to take this message and move it. How many of your coworkers, family, acquaintances have heard what you have written here? If you have to answer less than all, then you have work to do. If you can answer all, then you better find more people to tell. That’s all I’m saying. And that’s why I say the power is in our hands. We have the potential and we must make it kinetic. Push on folks, we are stepping further into the battle.

  55. I talk with people, but sometimes have to manage the return abuse/scorn/scoffing–because the flesh is weak and it gets tired. Some people can’t really talk to until they’re ready for it or at least partly there. But I’m all about planting seeds and hope.

  56. elrococco, are you a Sinclair? And I agree. We all have work to do. I also know that the vast majority of people cannot or will not listen to the truth. Or they will listen to that portion that fits into their divided-and-conquered hegelian political bias. Or they will just look at you like you have three heads. I keep trying to plant seeds just the same.

  57. The Oak, who is very sympathetic to Freemasonry (to the point of taking it personally) and thinks those who criticize the brotherhood should be locked away in mental institutions and put on thorazine (like they do with dissidents in Russia), claims to have been RP’s scheduler for years as quoted, by the way has posted a bizarre raving lunatic reply here (See above for those who missed it).

    She does not retract her claim that Carol Paul is currently an Eastern Star, nor does she retract her claim that Ron Paul “respects the organization” of Freemasonry, nor does she retract the claim that Ron Paul has been to MANY meetings. Now again, I have to ask her if she was lying or not, because that is the implication of Jamie’s statements. He seems to be saying that The Oak is a liar. So who is telling the truth here?

    If it is proven to me that Ron Paul has no connections to Freemasonry, does not “respect the organization”, has never been to the “many” meetings, that his wife is not in Eastern Star and has nothing to do with it, then I guess maybe I will drop this line of inquiry. But then I will still have to ask why he praises the Papacy which calls for a New World Order, blesses the UN flag and promotes UN agendas.

    So Oak, since you are the one who started all this in the first place, will you please come back here and straighten all this out for us? Jamie implies that you are lying. Again, is it true or not that Carol Paul is an Eastern Star and does Ron Paul “respect the organization” and go to masonic meetings or not? Or did you just make all that up to smear Ron Paul’s good name?

    So we are awaiting your second reply now and I guess that should put the matter to rest for all of us.

  58. I’m not a Sinclair, they came later. And by the way, I do have three heads. Truth be told there is no truth; only perspective. Yours, mine, theirs and it is this natural delima that genius uses to conquer. Unfortunately right now we are not the geniuses. We are not because because we choose to share and hope to bring all along the journey. Remember that any amount of cooperation throws a monkey wrench into the fundamentals of game theory, and that is the essence of politics today. Game theory is the basis of the divide and conquer, the need for dissention among the players is essential for “equilibrium”. That equilibrium, the dissention amongst the people creates the safety the “elites” need to operate their nefarious designs. We are not a team so much as a group that must re-realise that we must unite or die.

  59. george you are correct – IMO
    its the corrupt intertwining like a disease
    all masonic guidance with the hand of crowley
    should be turned away and the true spirit
    of the masonry this country was founded upon
    live and dwell in the spirit of humanity
    my family were masons and were wonderful people
    everyone rides the roller coaster no one gets off that easy and no one rides for free
    infiltration of many viles of evils veils lives
    knowledge is power and knowledge is how and why for the benefit of life
    pro life
    anything else is a .death cult.

  60. We are still axiously awaiting Oak’s rebuttal against Jamie’s claim that everything she said regarding Ron Paul and Freemasonry is fabricated nonsense. So if anyone knows her, please have her return to this thread for her rebuttal.

    I mean, I’m beginning to think she was lying myself, but why a former employee of Ron Paul would seek to falsely smear him with masonic associations is beyond me. Maybe she’ll tell us why she would do such a terrible thing.

  61. This is so stupid, i’m sorry. Most Freemasons are not conspiratorial. Maybe he respects the Freemasons because he loves the Founding Fathers and they were Freemasons. Oh wait, anyone that likes the Founding Fathers is a peon to the NWO.

  62. Yeah, the entire government is masonic with mason presidents, congressmen and generals running it. DC is a gigantic magic masonic sigil or talisman, but for some reason they don’t teach us anything about this in school. Therefore, the average person has not the slightest idea about Freemasonry even though the elites are all members of one or another similar secretive order. The fact of the matter is high profile politicians do not want us to know about their memberships. If asked about their membership in Skull and Bones, Bush and Kerry will just laugh and change the subject. Mason presidents never mention their membership to the public either. Why membership in a “charitable organization” should be kept a secret is baffling to those who don’t understand the masonic agenda but you see, it’s all a big joke and the joke is on the public.

    You can blabber on and on about how wonderful Freemasonry is, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is an elite secret society that manipulates behind the scenes as it has done for centuries. Look into Albert Pike who has a statue and a special room dedicated to him at the Scottish Rite temple in DC. He says the lower masons (and of course the public especially so) are deliberately deceived as to the true nature or Freemasonry. Look into the P2 Lodge terrorists. And now look at the results of this masonic Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order) of perpetual war, declining financial security, declining morality, tyranny, the Big Brother surveillance control grid system with the all-seeing masonic eye in the pyramid of the Office of Total Information, globalism and global government. This is their Great Work in the New Atlantis. And we all know what happened to the Old Atlantis don’t we? Well, the news is now full of stories about how America is a sinking ship the NWO.

    So, if you like that, then I would say it is YOU who are stupid.

  63. PJ, I am surprised that my comments have been interpreted by you as my having said that everything the “Oak” said is fabricated nonsense and that you seem to think I am calling the Oak a liar. My statements did not reveal that and I for one do not believe for a second that the person who called themselves The Oak on this site and said, “Well, you found me. I am the Ron Paul scheduler for whom you’ve been searching. Ron Paul is not a Mason. The only groups he is a member of is the Vietnam Veterans and the Baptist Church, you paranoid whack jobs. However, I am the Most Illustrious Esteemed Empress of the Mystical Society of Super Secrecy. They call me MIEEMSSS for short. My group is so secret that we don’t even know who we are. I am going to harvest the testicles of 40 virgin dogs and do an ancient curse on you that is so secret that I had to channel Eve and have her to ask the Snake about the correct ritual…”

    really does not have any credibility or seeming sanity. This person is obviously using a bit of satire or medication. I do not believe this is the same person who posted this on Daily Paul a while back.

    What my statements obviously did not convey clearly is that I do not know if the statements made by “the real scheduler” are true, but if they are it in no way diminishes Ron Paul’s own son statement that his father is not a Freemason, nor has ever worn any of the jewelry. (If RP was a mason in his early years I do not think that should brand him for life.) He was not sure if his mother was ever in Eastern star (but obviously if the scheduler is telling the truth, then she was Eastern Star long ago, or if she still is she obviously is not heavily into it, per her son.) Just because Robert Paul was not aware what his big sisters were involved in as little girls so many years ago does not make him a liar because he does not know what Rainbow girls are.

    I am not sure if Ron Paul himself were asked about this matter that many people would not take him for his word, but would say he is covering up for the “brotherhood.” That is a pity.

  64. PJ, you are morbidly ignorant. Had you ever studied Freemasonry, you would know that the rituals, grips and passwords are symbolic and handed down from the operative masons from time’s past. In today’s Freemasonry, there is no Mason higher than a 3rd Degree Master Mason. Anything above 3rd Degree is conferred through other Masonic bodies, such as the York and Scottish Rite. When you go to quote Pike against the Masons, don’t leave out the whole quote and only show was serves your needs. As far as Pike goes, he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was and many of his writings have been discredited. In the Christian Bible (I am indeed a Christian) do you know how many times Lucifer is talked about? 1, 1 time, and it refers to a star in the sky, providing light. Get your facts straight.

  65. Jamie, how else can your comments be interpreted?

    Oak says Carol Paul is currently an Eastern Star.

    You say she isn’t, based on Robert’s hazy recollections.

    Oak says, Ron Paul has gone to MANY Freemasonic meetings and that he has said MANY times that he “respects the organization”.

    You say he has nothing to do with it, based on Robert’s hazy recollections.

    Oak says that Ron Paul’s daughters were both Rainbow Girls (who are generally daughters of Freemasons).

    You say that they probably were not, based on Robert’s hazy recollections.

    Everything you say directly contradicts what she says. That means very simply that you are implying that she is lying and making everything up. So don’t play games with words.

    Second of all, the pro-masonic passion and the wording of the response matches the passion and wording in the original post, so it’s a sure bet that they are the same person.

  66. As for Lloyd there, if Albert Pike was so dumb and so discredited, why the hell would a special room be dedicated to him in the Holy of Holies at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC?

    And secondly Lloyd, do you as a professing Christian really think it’s alright to worship Lucifer? Pike said so, and in contradistinction to Jesus Christ. Look it up Lloyd.

    Freemasonry is at the heart of the New World Order. Everybody knows this by now, so quit playing with words. The gig is up. You are exposed. The only ones who are fighting against me and other truthseekers and freedom-fighters are those who have sold their souls to the NWO. So just admit what you are and be done with it Lloyd. Time to choose up sides because the war is on.

  67. Wow, your misunderstanding of Morals and Dogmas and the Christian Bible do indeed run deep. You are like the rest of the Anti-Masons, hate through ignorance. Get out your Christian Bible and look for Lucifer. You will then see your understanding of what Pike said is wrong. I’m sure you’ll paste a quote, so paste the whole paragraph, no just the part that fits your agenda. I would love to have a public debate with you, covered by the media. Set it up and lets roll.

  68. I judge by works. In my “real life” when people withhold secrets or information–I always seem to be the loser. Don’t know why national or world or public scene would be any different.

    And I don’t recall Christ advocating “secret” organizations, or from “time’s past.”

    But I’m just a simple gardener.

  69. Just because Masons don’t speak of Christ does not make them evil. 2 Top things that cause contention between men? Politics and Religion. Therefor the Masons do not speak of Politics or Religion in open meetings. The Knights of Columbus hold their meetings behind closed doors, they have passwords and grips. Are these men classified as evil?? Most businesses in the world hold private meetings behind closed doors, are these businesses evil? I think some of you have lost your common sense along with the rest of the sheeple in the US. The founding fathers were mostly Masons. Do you not think these were men of integrity? The founded this great country on the ideas of freedom of religion, speech, the right to bare arms, the right to assemble. What rights we do have, are what help keep this country great. Can’t stand being in “Great Masonic Experiment”? Move. See if we could have this civilized debate in a country under the leadership of a dictator…

  70. Sorry for the poor grammar above, I have several things going on while I’m trying to reply.

  71. Grammar happens.

  72. I will respond to Lloyd soon hopefully today.

  73. Most Masons aren’t on the level of murderous dictators like Hitler, so I don’t collectively blame all Masons for all of the evils in the world. Although, Many Masons are evil for refusing prayers to end in Jesus Christ’s name. That’s restricts religious liberty, which you supposedly endorse Lloyd Clinton. This doesn’t mean we force religion unto other people via compulsion, but we right have a right of religious expression. Again, numerous Masons colloborated in murdering William Morgan as exposed by Pastor Finney. If you’re a real Christian, you’re required to speak of Christ and you shouldn’t be ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, you are within your First Amendment rights to speak of Jesus Christ (or ending a prayer in Jesus Christ’s name) regardless if you’re in a Lodge or not. Now, let look at the Freemasonry and evil controversy. Masonry not only have secrets, but intentionally restricts the explosure of its total ceremonies and its true intent from even its Lower Blue Lodge members. That’s evil, because a real man would know everything about an organization (a religion, a fraternity, or whatever) before making a conscience decision or joining that organization. You are really naive to join a group if you don’t know exactly what it’s about. Masonry have death oaths. That is evil because you don’t swear keeping secret with death as a punishment if you violate that oath (even if you’re not literal with it). Especially, If you’re a Christian, you don’t swear oaths as Jesus says in Matthew 5:34-37: “…But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” Albert Pike admits in his Morals and Dogma book that he uses false interpretations in lower level Freemasons:

    “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled …”

    “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.” ( Morals and Dogma, pp. 104, 105 & 819)

    Pike’s words are revelant to those in the Scottish Rite since he once headed it. To this day, Scottish Rite Freemasons are advised to recieved a copy of Morals and Dogma boo. The scottish rite has a Statue of Pike in their Temple of D.C. If he was an error-prone guy about what Freemasonry was really all about, the Scottish Rite would of have been admitted to it.

    Politics and Religion are contentous issues. Yet, They ought to be discussed everywhere with mutliple points of views displayed. The Knights of Columbus argument is silly. The reason is that you don’t justify your behavior by citing other behavior. Your behavior should stand or fall on its own merits. Now, the Knights of Columbus hold many closed doors, have passwords, etc. To me, that is secretive just like in Freemasonry. Are these acts evil? Evil is the act of doing something which is the opposite of good. The Knights of Columbus are a powerful group dedicated to the influence of the Papacy across America. There are evil people in the K of C and many Masons are evil. Businesses hold private meetings, but time after time again, we discover the intense details of these business meetings on several occasions. Businesses regularly disclose their economic dealings and their transactions. Not to mention, Freemasonry isn’t a business. They claim to be a fraternal order dedicated “to the improvement of human beings.” If that’s their goal, secret meetings would be out of the question. Me personally, I believe secrecy should be extinct. We should be open about what we do and what company we keep. Clinton, you nearly act like having no secrecy means harrashment. No, if secrecy is gone, we don’t harrash people. We just become aware of people.

    Your interpretation of American history is rather limited. The truth is that Masons never created America in its totality. Many Bible Christians were crucial in the development of America. It is fair to point out that many God-fearing Americans existed in early America (like John Witherspoon, Daniel Webster, Hooker, Samuel Davies, John Clarke, Roger Williams, John Lehland, Timothy Dwight, etc.) So, not all Americans back then were occultists or Masons. Most professing Americans in that time were Christians. Freemasons were involved in Revolutionary War and that’s true. The concepts in the Bill of Rights aren’t totally Masonic. British Common Law, the Commentaries of Blackstone, and the Magna Carta (which aren’t Masonic laws) had a huge role in the laws of America. Many of the concepts cited in the Bill of Rights like the right to bear arms, habeas corpus, and religious liberty existed way before Masonry came into the Modern era at 1717 A.D. Freemasonry like many Secret Societies competed with Christian influence for the control of the soul of America. That’s why these Secret Societies place cornerstones in major buildings of D.C. That’s why Masons like Manly P. Hall promoted America as a New Atlantis in his books. It’s true to say that Freemasons had a great deal of influence in American society. Yet, to ignore non-Masonic influence is either being in denial or igronance. I will not move from the USA. I will be a man and fight for truth living here. Only cowards quit. I owe God alone to living in this nation and having a civilized debate not a Mason. I owe God to my existence not a Mason at all. The essence of Freemason is the usage of the Mysteries (even Pike admitted that Masonry is a successor to the Mysteries and is related to the Kabbalah. Other Masons in their own words said this as well. I can show quotes of this as well) in the promotion of an ecumencial religious atmosphere. In other words, Freemasonry teaches that even Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists if they worship one God are in the same league as Christians are. I have quotes proving that as well.

    One is this: “…. Masonry makes no profession of Christianity . . . but looks forward to the time when the labor of our ancient brethren shall be symbolized by the erection of a spiritual temple . . . in which there shall be but one altar and one worship; one common. altar of Masonry on which the Veda [Hinduism], Shastras [Buddhism], Sade [Astrology], Zend-Avesta [Zoroastrianism], Koran [Islam], and HolyBible sha ll lie untouched by sacrilegious hands, and at whose shrine the Hindoo (sic), the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Mohammedan, the Jew, and the Christian may kneel and with one united voice celebrate the praises of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.” (Henry Pirtle, Kentucky Monitor (Louisville, KY: The Standard Printing Co., 1921), page 95).

    Biblical Christianity is opposed to this. Also, Lucifer in the Bible was corrupted and fell from Heaven. Lucifer is condemned in the Bible Lloyd Clinton. Look at Isaiah 14:12-15. 33rd Degree Manly P. Hall wrote that once the Mason utilizes his Craft in the right way, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands. Hence, some Freemasons worship Lucifer. I even saw a Google Video where a Shriner blatantly praised Lucifer and a Christian rebuked him for it. The new Mason claims to have the Light out of darkness, but the NT says Jesus Christ is the only Light of the World. You don’t need secrets to find the Light. The Light is God alone. You know this. You shouldn’t mock sources, since many sources from Masons themselves back up our views. Yes, sometimes some quotes are taken out of context on various times but not all quotes. Clinton, you claim to be a Christian yet you call a man Worshipful Master. Jesus forbid us to call a man Master. Also, the Bible identified Jesus as the only cornerstone. The vast majority of quotes we cite in dissent with Freemasonry are clear cut and without convolution in it cosmology at all. I can’t judge your walk with God, but you are dead wrong about what Freemasonry is. Freemasonry is a tool in league with Ecumencialism and a new age in the world. I’m not ignorant because I will expose all evil from some Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Bilderbergers.

    By Timothy

  74. Ron Paul & Barak Obama won the poll conducted among Masons on the ‘Burning Taper’ Masonic Blog.

    Ron Paul made Masonic Signs during a speech and during his appearance on the Jay Leno program. Jay Leno is suspected of being a Freemason. Arnold Schwartzenegger who is also believed to be a Mason made Masonic signs during his recent appearance as well.

    The CFR, the Trilateral Commission & the Bilderberg were founded by the Rockefeller family, the leading Masonic family in the United States.

    Generally Eastern Star membership is only held by the spouses of Freemasons, that is the purpose of the organization, to keep the wives under control. For this item alone, if true, it is highly likely that Ron Paul is a Freemason.

    Having observed Mr. Paul I believe he is a Freemason. Freemasonry is not compatible with Christianity. Freemasonry is not democratic, it is a secret society. It practices favouritism and it’s members have been involved in many political intrigues. It’s members turned against England in 1776 largely because George III granted full rights to Catholics in Quebec, which at that time covered all of present day Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

    Washington and the other Leaders were land speculators and stood to lose a fortune from the Quebec Act, although ironically Washington was converted to Catholicism on his death bed by a Jesuit Priest.

    George Washington, America’s first Catholic President.

  75. Thanks for posting that comment about Ron Paul being the number one cadidate among Masonic Republican voters. That is a real all-seeing eye-opener, wouldn’t you say? That just adds to my case that he has the Masonic stamp of approval.

    I went to Burning Taper to find the poll. The latest one I found was January 21, 2008. If anyone has a more recent Masonic poll showing Ron Paul out in front among Freemasons, please by all means share it here.

    The link:

    Ron Paul, Barack Obama lead by wide margins in our presidential primary polls

  76. You’re more than welcome. The Catholic bit at the end of the post was an attempt at humor, but basically it is factual. Georgetown University, in Washington D.C. has a few mysteries to reveal still. It was founded by Bishop Caroll, a statue of whom rests in the main courtyard. There appears to be a pyramid or triangle behind his seated figure with an eye at the appex, although the photo of it availabe on line at the University’s website isn’t too clear, so my description above isn’t a definitive one. A little project for someone in the DC area…

    There are still things to discover regarding the true origins of Freemasonry. It is possible it was originally a Catholic Secret Society tied to James I in Scotland (the Jacobins), that got taken over by the Protestant Hanovers and turned into a vehicle for social control. That is one theory anyways that could explain the similarities between symbols and terms of the Catholic Church & Freemasonry.

    Freemasonry today is certainly anti-catholic & anti-christian, although they have succeeded in recruiting a great many members in the clergy.

    Freemasonry is also heavily involved in various Governments, Intelligence Agencies, and International NGO’s. It is the Walmart of Conspiratorial doings.

  77. Above you kept referring to God. Are you referring to God as the Father of all men or did you mean to say Jesus? Please post a link to the video of the Shriner praising Lucifer. That would be an interesting watch. What are the basic tenants of Christianity? What else did Jesus teach? Do you really want to know what goes on at a meeting? Get a petition and file it with a local lodge. I understand why Freemasons as a group shrug off getting involved with debates with people such as yourself. I think we can keep this going though, in a civilized matter and I can show you, without violating my oaths, that you are indeed wrong about several things.

  78. Also, let me get this straight. You don’t care for Masons or Catholics? What about members of The Odd Fellows, The Moose, The Elk, the VFW?

  79. Also, if we are anti-Christian, then why do we have The Knights Templar where you must profess a belief in Christ as your savior to be a member????

  80. I reviewed the YouTube video clip of Mr. Paul’s appearance on Bill Maher’s program posted above on this thread.

    The Crossed Arms Ron Paul is making when leaning against the lecturn during the debate is a Masonic Sign. It could be a co-incidence, but it doesn’t look too natural, or comfortable. But Crossed Arms, Crossed Legs, Crossed Ankles(Mr. Paul did that one during his Jay Leno appearance), crossed hands are Masonic signs.

    The handshake Mr. Paul used with I believe Ben Affleck and PJ Rourke appeared to be Masonic.

    I don’t consider any statements made that Mr. Paul is not a Mason to be very credible. Freemasons continuously deceive on their membership and many other aspects. It is also to be remembered that the Slick Willie ‘It all depends what your definition of is is’ is pure Masonry (Clinton is a Demolay Member). So if a Freemason says they are not a Mason it is not particularly helpful because the organization they are a member of is actually Free & Accepted Masons. Or similar phrasing, you have to be very specific with them, and in the end they could just lie anyways.

    He appears to be a member of a Masonic Family – wife, daughters, father, son. There are obviously Masons on his campaign team, and he was the most popular in a Masonic Poll at the burning taper blog (54%).

    The thing with Masons is they work as a group, ‘The Beehive’, it doesn’t really matter about the individual because it is who he ends up appointing to positions. Anyways he is not going to win, so it is the Masonic Love Bombing I am more concerned about. Masonry is very clever about diffusing and misdirecting it’s critics. It is a veritable house of mirrors.

  81. Masonic signs? Which ones? Please name them. Also, if we were so powerful, wouldn’t more of us be rich, and couldn’t we just have this website removed from the internet??????????

  82. When I refer to Freemasonry, I refer to it in the broadest terms, that is in terms of anything that is “masonic” or has a similar structure to Freemasonry with grips, passwords, oaths, initiations, rites, occult symbology, tight secrecy, wordplay, an outer front to fool the public and it’s own internal compartmentalized bureaucracy. That includes Odd Fellows, Moose, Elks, VFW, Rotary, OTO, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Lazurus, Jesuits (see above pic with masonic symbols at Georgetown), Templars, Assassins and Ismailis (who influenced the Templars) Rosicrucians, SMOM, Skull and Bones, etc etc. What I am saying is that it’s all the same old shit, dressed up in different colorful perfumed wrappers, but when you open them up they all stink just the same as the others because corruption always has a foul oder.

    They all exist under the masonic category as secret and powerful interlocking hierarchical societies which ultimately run this masonic matrix system as they have done down through the centuries. The Templars were a Catholic order, dissolved by papal decree and replaced by the Knights of Malta another Catholic order, and reappeared in Scotland as the basis for modern Scottish Rite Freemasonry as other masonic streams came together into the York Rite in England and the Grand Orient in France.

    So it matters not so much what label you use. “Masonic”, the way I use it, simply refers to the ancient cabalistic occult system of elite manipulation and control passing down through the ages from Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. It created and permeates Christianity, controls it on all sides, sets up controlled oppositions to thwart and neutralize any attempt to challenge it’s overarching authority.

    The Protestant Reformation was run by Rosicrucians and the Rosicrucian manifestos were approved by the Jesuits who were supposedly in opposition to Protestantism. But this is all part of the fabricated Hegelian dialectic of managed history. They create an enemy anti-thesis with one hand, battle against it with the other hand and out of the chaos comes their synthesis. They create the disease (both literally and figuratively) with one hand and with the other hand, they hold out the “cure” which is worse than the disease! This is done over and over again and again because it works so damn well and people always buy into the the propaganda about these managed conflicts and so go along with the “solutions” such as the United Nations which is pushing for a One World Religion.

    Communism was again created by the same elite who created and funded Nazi Germany (see Skull and Bones). The same elite who staged 9/11 and the Global War on Terror, which is really a war on humanity. Then they bring out another war on humanity, the War on Global Warming which is the basis for their eugenics depopulation program. This is called Order Out of Chaos. The masonic motto of Ordo Ab Chao. All through history, the elite have staged wars and other conflicts and predicaments so that they could come in and pose as our saviors, and take their agendas to the next predetermined stage in their Grand Plan, the New World Order.

    Lincoln P. Bloomfield reveals the method of Ordo Ab Chao:

    “An alternative road may bypass the main path of history, shortcircuiting the organic stages of consensus, value formation, and the experiences of common enterprise generally believed to underlie political community. This relies on a grave crisis or war to bring about a sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose. According to this version, the order [New World Order] we examine may be brought into existence as a result of a series of sudden, nasty, and traumatic shocks.”

    – A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations by Lincoln P. Bloomfield. Prepared for IDA in support of a study submitted to the Department of State, dated February 24, 1961

    Similar amazing things have been stated by Kissinger, Brzezinski and the Club of Rome as to how to unite the world alchemically by first dividing and conquering it. This is a long historical process that is finally coming to fruition after thousands of years of planning and manipulation have paid off for the elite as we enter the final stages of the masonic New World Order. It is known as The Great Work, that is a construction of the “builders” who are the masons and others like the Rosicrucians and it can only be carried out down through the generations because the elite aristocratic families have agreed to work this plan until it is completed.

    We have all been conned and hoodwinked (a masonic term) to the point that all of our debates fall within this limited paradigm that was set up by the elite occultists, the Illumined Ones, the Freemasons and Romanists of today. Politics and religion are complete shams, meant only to lead the masses into the ultimate form of slavery, total control over the mind. It’s the shepherds leading their flocks of ignorant sheep as it has always been. And there are indeed many divisions and groups, but in the end, at the top they are all run by the same aristocratic royal bloodlines as they have been since the beginning of history.

    Since the top-level leaders of this established order keep their lower-level members in the dark and feed them a lot of crap and propaganda, of course, they show up to sites like this to protest and state their ignorant opinons, like Lloyd here. I feel more pity for you than anything Lloyd. I really do.

  83. Excellent debate! My opinion was not shifted by this however. I have never been labeled a sheeple. In fact the most common remark is that I have a bad attitude. That attitude in reality is that I demand truth in word and deed. Knowing the truth is the hard part. Anyone who has any knowledge of history has certain proof of the elite’s conspiracies through all time. I am the blood descendant of a Native American tribal shaman. Because of this, my basic beliefs are spiritual first. Most religions teach the same basic theme. True religion does not bow to the will of man. Nor does any man have the power to rule or judge in God’s stead. The law of liberty is equity. That is; “all of your dealing must be equal and balanced.” If you worship the Spirit of Truth and commune with it, you will become one. If you worship the spirit of inequity, you will become one. Choose your path to live and die by that choice. That which you love will be your master. No matter which path you choose, you will end up where you truly belong.

  84. I am a Mason, and a Christian. The two can co exist. I do agree that the government is corrupt and out of control. Did they plan 9/11. I don’t think so, but they are as opportunistic as the next guy, and if they weren’t they would be stupid. There are alot of fundamental issues in this country, and there will be another revolution. There has to be, and I promise you, that men such as myself, and other Masons think the government is out of control, and will be there fighting to restore what rightfully belongs to the people. If you think there is a society within a society, I’m not going to be able to change your mind because you won’t believe anything I say, but I can tell you that the 3 million Craft Masons (or lower levels as you call us) will be there fighting the revolution right next to you, for the same reasons as you.

  85. “all of your dealing must be equal and balanced.” = level

  86. PJ, you also have some misunderstanding as to the actual structure of Masonry. Master Masons do not have to join the Scottish Rite, or the York Rite, the Shrine or Grotto, etc, etc…. I know plenty of men in positions of power that only belong to the Blue Lodge. My dad was a 32nd Degree Mason, and it’s not that I saw anything I didn’t agree with, the reason I probably will not go down that path is because I don’t want to pay more yearly dues.

  87. The future is horrible, not because of global warming, terror or overpopulation, but because it was planned that way by the Masonic power structure. That is, it was planned to be hell for the general population while it would be heavenly for the psychopathic criminal elite.

    All of their plans are coming to fruition because they have conceived it and built it up be this way. That is what the New World Order is all about: a very dark and evil dystopia of inside terror psyops, global government, absolute tyranny, neofeudalism where the rich get obscenely richer while the poor just get poorer, a microchipped and brainchipped population tracked and traced everywhere they go, cops in black military super-soldier outfits pumped up on violence, PTSD and steroids, pre-crime arrests and indefinite detentions, torture, directed energy weapons used to control crowds, robotic surveillance spiders crawling around your home, surveillance drones looking in your windows, families torn apart by social-engineering and economic insecurity, a cashless credit system, a grey and dirty landscape of crumbling third-world infrastructure and litter, poisoned water, toxic food, America sinking into oblivion like Atlantis, Communist China taking center stage in the world, perpetual war with no end in sight and massive exterminations of human beings. This is the future, and it already happening, and it was all planned this way. It was not an accident that just happened all by itself.

    All of this was made possible by the Blue Lodge troops following orders from above. Without them doing what they are told, the elite would not have anyone to carry out their designs. So I blame the Blue Lodge, the Elks, Oddfellows, Rotary, etc, etc, just as much as the higher degrees. Low-level Nazis have always said “we were just following orders” but that just does not fly. It’s a wretched excuse.

    No Lloyd, Blue Lodge masons have done exceeding harm to both themselves and the rest of the world. They should be ashamed, but most will justify their involvement to their graves.

    Freemasonry is nothing more than a criminal gang syndicate, the ultimate cult, run by the elite of the elite like the Duke of Kent, that keeps its lower members in line through disinformation, terrible blood-oaths, blackmail, perks and priviledges. The mason’s first loyalty is to his lodge and their master above all else. Masons are trained in the art of deception, how to keep the secrets and how to lie with a straight face, to deny, deny, deny right into the grave. No, I would never trust a mason or even a former mason unless he publically exposed Freemasonry for what it is and faced up to the consequences, like a man. Even then, he could be dragged back in or at least further compromised by threats, so the former mason is on very shaky compromised moral ground. It is truly sickening to contemplate. That is why most masons and former masons can’t be trusted by the general populace, even or especially when they change sides.

    And stop covering up for the real terrorists behind 9/11 Lloyd. The towers represented Jachin and Boaz. Now they are erecting the tallest obelisk in the world over the scene of carnage complete with reflecting pools. All masonic symbolism!

    Why is there an open “unfinished” inverted pentagram in the DC street plan pointing down into the Whitehouse? Because as Goethe suggested in Faust, to allow the Luciferian energies in, to circulate through the halls of power. James Hoban, an Irish Freemason designed the Whitehouse, modeled on the High Knights Templar Lodge of Ireland, and what do you know, a very wicked and horrible Templar princeling has sat there on the throne for the past 8 years after his very evil Templar, Knight of Malta father occupied it for some 12 years as VP and president previously. And none have so expertly held “the seething powers of Lucifer” in their hands as they have. It was after all George Bush Sr who first publically revealed “the Big Idea” a “New World Order”. And 9/11 was used to push it through to completion. This is not mere opportunism. This is long-term planning coming to fruition.

    And so all of DC is nothing more than a massive masonic magical diagram festooned with occult symbols. When they are through using it, they will smash it and scatter it to the four winds. So the New Atlantis, America is now sinking into the sea, on the decline because it was set up that way. No accident. It is no accident that American elites handed Communist China everything it ever wanted to our own detriment: tech transfers, massive trade deficits, all our manufacturing, even food production and a huge chunk of our national debt. This undermining of our security is the doing of the Bushes and the Rockefellers, the Skull and Bones, the Order of Death, just another Masonic organization which uses Templar symbolism. So everything from the very beginning was set up according to plan to make America the greatest superpower, use it’s people and resources as an engine for globalization and global government and then to smash it and absorb it into the global system once it’s purpose had been fulfilled.

    You have a long and treacherous road to recovery from Freemasonry ahead of you Lloyd, if you ever decide to truly cut your ties with it. But you certainly will not get off easy either with your former masters or with those who know what it is really about.

  88. Wow. You truly believe this don’t you? Can you show me documented facts of what you claim? You have also ignored my past questions…….why? Is it because the answers don’t satisfy your beliefs?

  89. Lloyd, forget you. You are a lost soul. I’m not going to do your research for you. Just google everything I have said here and you will find what you are looking for. That is, if you aren’t too lazy to do it, but I think either you are too lazy or you already know everything I am saying is true and just want to tie me up and waste my time.

    I said I felt pity for you, but now I just feel disgust.

  90. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. Would you like to proceed with the public debate?

  91. pj is more right than wrong lloyd. It is hard to discover the truth but even worse if you can not accept it.

  92. “Leave her my people lest you partake in her sins”

  93. I have no need or desire to waste my time debating with a mentally and spiritually perverted member of a criminal cult who has no interest in the truth whatsoever.

    Anyone who is a sincere truth-seeker, a freedom-fighter, an independent-thinker, a truly concerned citizen, a genuine researcher, dissident, patriot, whathaveyou, is more than welcome to ask me how I arrived at my conclusions. Please ask for specific references, links etc and I will be more than happy to provide them to you.

    As for Masons and those of a that ilk, you disgust me and I find dealing with you to be very repugnant and distasteful, but one of those things I am bound to run into because of the nature of what I am doing here.

  94. You didn’t answer many of my questions, and then when you get frustrated because you’re arguments don’t make sense you try and attack my character by saying you have pity on me and disgust.. For what? I would love to see your links, maybe you could convince me, maybe not.

  95. Lloyd, I’ve been researching subjects related for forty years and don’t have all the answers. I do however know more now. I wish there had been some link or book or something to make it simple. There is no such link or book. First of all, one source would only be speculative at best. When you find enough different, unrelated sources the evidence begins to compile. We are convinced one at a time and all from different sources. I myself am some what of a skeptic. I am convinced from many historical references that the elite of the Masons are not good people. There are good people in the lower ranks. Yet just having a blind eye makes one compliant.

  96. One must always keep asking questions and reading, listening, watching, observing, engaging.

    There is no one book or link–one must read many and develop discernment. And simply watch the world around you.

    In an earlier life cycle friends were concerned that I “didn’t appear to be doing anything,” and were anxious to get me looking/being busy I guess. I went through the motions of applying to grad school–and realized no one was teaching me the things I wanted to learn, and I was better off buying my own books, doing my own studies and etc and searching on my own.

    Of course no nice pieces of paper to hang on the wall or put on resumes, but I couldn’t see submitting myself to future people for judgment and critiquing me who very well might be part of the problems I was trying to unravel.

  97. Guess we now know why he was able to run for President. Glad I never donated.

  98. I wanted to add-

    Now they have the name of patriots who donated to his campaign.

  99. I did donate $100 (more if I would have had it to give) because I too thought he was “our only hope”. Now, here I am trying to shed some light on who Ron Paul actually is, rather than feeding the mythology which is controlling the vast majority of those in the truth/patriot/freedom movement.

    Thanks Wil. That is what I was trying to say. To become informed, you need to do your own research from a wide variety of sources including those with whom you disagree. This way, you are able to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. It certainly isn’t handed out and none of us has all the answers.

    As for Lloyd, he never asked me a specific question, and he never bothered to answer my specific question about Pike. He may think he is a “good man”, but he is at the very least an accessory to the coverup of this monstrous crime which is the New World Order system conceived and controlled by the Illuminati comprised of masons and other secret societies.

    To earn my respect, he needs to renounce and then publically denounce Freemasonry. But I doubt he will ever do that because it requires tremendous moral courage to be a real man, to be one’s own man and think freely.

  100. Liberty Oak Ranch
    2929 CR 32
    Angleton, Texas 77515

    Dr. Gerald and Penny Freeman; Owners

    Probably your source…

    She did not say he was a member, only that he attended open meetings (which I assume means open to the public and/or non masons). You can be a member of
    that particular branch if your father or grandfather were masons in good standing, and it’s not necessary to have a husband currently a member in good standing. Same goes for the girls rainbow club.

    That said, her non-answer, like everyone elses, is ambiguous, deliberately misrepresenting the facts, and/or slanderous of those asking a very simple question. Seems to have been done on purpose to hide the fact that he is a mason.

    We have a right to ask such questions of our public servants, and would be irresponsible to not only not ask, but to elect members of secret societies.

    I’d say the odds are >80% he’s a mason, if actually he isn’t, perhaps he doesn’t wish to say either way for fear of seeming anti-masonic (he has to live with his wife you know ;). Either way, he’s compromised, not least of which is that he’s married into it, and attends their meetings.

    Oh, and for all you ‘most masons are good’, this may very well be true insofar as they are good intentioned (not that you can say, as they are sworn to secrecy), but the masonic institution, at its’ roots, most assuredly is not. What would you expect of a secret society, of which so many of it’s own members have publicly stated so? The lower level members are not told the secrets, now are they? etc, ad nauseum, in any event we may ask whatever we wish, and think whatever we want about secret societies.

    In addition, it is not based on the bible (I speak of the Catholic/Christian bible, most of them anyways) as is so often implied, and Catholics are forbidden to be members.

    RP should have just answered the question. We will find out eventually one way or another, but it seems even a direct answer of no at this point would be suspect.

  101. Similarly–the press rolled over and played dead with Bush and Kerry on their Skull and Bones memberships during the 04 smoke and mirrors.

  102. Well, well, well, “Too-tired”, thanks for that bit of sleuthing. I think it is pretty safe to assume that “Oak” is Pennny Freemason, oops, I mean Penny Freeman. Here is the website link for those interested, though it is a pretty goshdarn dull website.

    Liberty Oak Ranch Angleton, Texas

    This helps to legitimize the person as a real individual where before we had only the handle.

    Yes, I have reaffirmed many times that I had no proof that RP was a freemason, but the fact that he went to “many” meetings makes you wonder. Made me wonder, that is for sure. So at the very least we have a candidate who is very friendly and sympathetic to Freemasons and whose wife is basically a female freemason, member of the Eastern Star, which refers to the Dog Star Sirius, associated with Lucifer and the inverted Satanic Pentagram, but nothing to worry about. Oh, what’s the harm? They are only creating the New World Order that RP is supposedly fighting against. So why worry about a little thing like this? Everybody just go back to sleep and send more money to Ron Paul, our only last desparate hope for salvation! Amen.

    Yes indeed, old Penny Freemason didn’t deny saying any of what I have shared with you all here. That being said, it would seem that all points of light remain green for going down the track to expose Ron Paul as a mason himself. I feel pretty confident that the information will keep trickling in here until it becomes an undeniable fact. I just want to remind others out there reading this that we are searching for any clues or direct evidence linking Ron Paul to ANY secret society, Order, mysterious group, or whathaveyou. I smell it and I think it is only a matter of time before we have the goods on him. I have already pointed out his very intimate association with JBS, which is controlled opposition, founded by masons, Nelson Rockefeller, knights of malta and even members of the CFR! I have also pointed out the fact that RP is very friendly to the Vatican which is pushing for a New World Order and whose popes support the UN and bless the UN flag in direct contradiction to what RP is supposedly about.

    Yes we do absolutely have not only a right, but an obligation to find out what secret societies our “rulers” belong to. I put it at 90% still, but could go down to 80% depending on how long this takes to uncover it. I don’t think I will ever relent from this investigation though. Something about RP is starting to stink, and it isn’t his underwear.

    One thing I would correct you on is that many Catholics are masons including Cardinals and Bishops and there is even a Lodge in the Vatican itself. These distinctions do not really matter at the highest levels where Knights of Malta mingle freely with high Freemasons who are descended from the Knights Templar which was taken over by the Knights of Malta and the circle is complete.

  103. And Penny Freemason, I am sure you can provide us with a lot more information on Ron Paul’s Masonic connections since you were his scheduler for ten years or so. So please don’t be shy about it.

    What we need to know is A) at which lodges he has attended these “many” meetings. and B) which high freemasons (32 degree and above) he associates with.

  104. doctordrewl

    I think Ron Paul may have had to run with Masons to get elected in Texas. I’m sure his families connections didn’t hurt… but anybody who grows up in small town America, knows that these organizations may influence local politics, but they don’t openly discuss world domination… they usually empty kegs of beer.

    I was a skeptic of Ron Paul’s until I started reading his books and statements in Congress. If you do your homework, you’ll see that Paul has been taking on the Federal Reserve system, and the concerted movement of America to the far left on the political spectrum. He’s stood by the constitution and defended Washington, Adams and Jefferson, and their desire to avoid foreign entanglements… His record is rock solid… Honestly… if you read enough… you’ll get sick of it… he sounds like a broken record…. and it’s always about civil liberties and following the US Constitution… if that’s at the heart of his Masonic mission… I’m confused.

    It was reported today that a major topic at the Rockafeller-funded Trilateral Commissions annual meeting was “the problem with Ron Paul.” Apparently the Trilats are not happy about Ron Paul teaching an entire new generation about the truths of American Politics. They have made it part of their agenda to get him out of the GOP race and end his political influence….” This apparently was up their with their desire to futher tax Americans for the war and to push oil over $200 a barrel.

    So… Mason or No Mason… He’s pissing off the elite.

  105. doctordrewl, astute comments, but the fact is he isn’t pissing them off that much or they would have framed him for something or rigged elections against him or taken him out like they did with the Kennedys, Dr King and Paul Wellstone, who really pissed them off.

    No, Ron Paul has lead a very long and comfortable, congenial carreer in congress and was always very deferential and frankly wimpy on the floor even when he was criticizing his opposition.

    Before I had decided to vote for Ron Paul, I watched him for a few years and never got very excited about him because he was so lukewarm and wimpy. Later, when he entered the race he picked up and sharpened his rhetoric a little and started sounding more forceful. That wasn’t the reason I decided to support him though. The main reasons were his stances against the war, being pro-liberty and against the FED/IRS.

    People say he is “rock solid” and “consistent”. Yeah, after a quarter century in Congress he has been consistently ineffective at stopping any New World Order programs which have just multiplied and expanded under his watch.

    There is a difference between words and fruits and frankly Ron Paul has nothing to be proud of in the fruit department, not that anyone else in the do-nothing congress should be proud either. And I do very strongly believe that a Freemason cannot be trusted to fight against the Masonic New World Order. Anyone who thinks that is a dern fool. And I do still believe strongly that he is a mason based on the fact that his wife is currently an Eastern Star according to Penny Freeman quoted above, and what’s worse is that he is hiding this fact from his supporters, many of whom are smart enough to know about the treachery of Freemasonry and know better than to trust masons. And one powerful confirmation that he is a mason is that he is the preferred candidate among Republican Freemasons according to the Burning Taper poll.

    What I believe about Ron Paul is simply this: he is, like his associates in JBS, an agent of Freemasonry, acting as controlled opposition to neutralize the real opposition, the real truth movement, the real freedom movement. He is doing a good job of that having taken in the majority of the entire truth/freedom/patriot/etc movement, herding them all together under one roof. That I will hand to him, that he did accomplish the control over the opposition which is to be managed, toned down, compromised and eventually neutralized. That is Ron Paul’s forte’ and that will be the legacy he leaves behind.

    Mark my words a few years from now as America gets flushed down the toilet.

    But you see, this was the Plan all along the way for centuries. To use the “New World” as the “New Atlantis” to bring about a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a “New World Order” announced by George Bush Sr, but carried out by his fellow masons since the birth of this country. Once they were done using it, then it would be gradually dismantled and that is why the elites (who are all masonic, that is members of one order or another) have continued to sell America out on all fronts after having invested in it and made it the leading superpower by WWII. Now all that goes away as we the commonors get screwed in every conceivable way.

    I know all this is very hard to take. It is hard for me to say, but it is all true. It is a very unpopular view that I hold, and so I stand mostly alone and face a lot of heat for it, but I sincerely believe everything I have said in this post.

  106. Meanwhile the UN Secretary General will be hitting the highlights in Atlanta–our pro China globalist Governor, the Earth Hour Mayor, CDC, and a soirée with the Council of “Elders” at the Carter Center. Local news just had brief offhand comment which was first I’d heard about it. However–plenty on the UN website, which I guess I’ll have to add to my daily reading–moan.

  107. PJ, do you consider yourself a Christian? How about a Patriot?

  108. Oh yeah, if you want to see what Pike really said, go here:

  109. wil,

    No doubt, brother.

    Bush 1: skull and bones (known as magog no less, and his family is married into the walkers, more skull and bones), Clinton, mason affiliated club, CFR, Rhodes, and whatever else, Bush 2 skull and bones (known as ‘temporary’) running against Kerry (another skull and bones devil worshiper, married into the Heinz family, more skull and bones, don’t know what his nickname was though). Mentioned ONCE, by another player, on Meet the Press. It’s planned insanity.

    I don’t even want to think about the UN right now…

    Concerning the Liberty Oak Ranch b.s. It’s a dead end. They’ll keep their secrets and abuse the ‘you’ve no absolute proof, therefore I’m innocent’ ruse.

    RP is a shill at worst, and at best, someone who might have done some good had he had any chance at all of getting elected, which at this point and time in U.S. history is laughable (remember even stephanapolus, said ‘no way in hell’ on national tv, then the ‘what makes you think you’re at all electable’ during the debates, the lack of press coverage etc. etc. etc.) .

    RP has a great voting record, is against the IRS and Fed Reserve, which is great (won’t speak out about 911, but I guess he values his life more, or that’d be going too far), exactly like a good shill should be, but he has been wholly and entirely ineffective.

    Whatever RP is or isn’t concerning secret societies is moot at this point, really. He’s not getting elected, am I correct? We maybe lost some time and effort and money supporting him, shill or last place in the horse race not withstanding.

    We have to start over.

    Oh, by the way, it is not true that Catholics can be freemasons, or any other secret society or member of any organisation that contradicts Jesus Christ. There’s no masonic lodge at the vatican (plenty of questionable pagan art and architecture, however) That’s not to say there aren’t any, but they ex-communicate or “gravely sin” by doing so.

    Yeah, there are lots and lots of bad people in the church, but what, without offering excuses, do you expect out of more than a billion humans…

    Lloyd Clinton: it’s not our fault they lied to you.

    I’d go into it, but i’m tootired of this for the moment .

  110. All this stuff wears me out too–ha.

    And I keep digging.

  111. Making up drivel about things I am ignorant of would tire me out also. You want to convince me, but you leave so many of my questions ignored…why? Probably because they don’t fit your needs and arguments…

  112. Lloyd: Oh, are you questioning my patriotism? That’s okay. “A patriot is a scarce man, hated and scorned.” Well, I fit that criteria well enough. I definitely do not take popular stands, but take the stand that I deem to be the true one regardless of what others may think, say or do.

    The opposite of a patriot is a traitor. I do not fit that description because I do not betray anyone, especially not my countrymen. A traitor betrays his own people. I just tell them the truth. Instead of going along to get along, I warn them of the dangers ahead. If they hate me for it, I can do nothing about that.

    As for my religion, I have none. I do not belong to any religion, cult, club, organization, secret society or political party (anymore… though I was a libertarian).

    I am sure that doesn’t satisfy you, but this is the answer to your question: no I am not a Christian (nor am I simply an atheist which is just another lable) and yes, I am a patriot who wishes only well on his country, the land, the people and yet, I believe our system is destructive and corrupt to the core and to its highest levels (because of secret societies like Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Jesuits et al), and must be radically altered in order to be of real benefit to Americans and others. In fact we desparately need a revolution of knowledge and understanding in this country that is impeded by the secret societies which control all the major institutions.

  113. You see Lloyd, if you ask a specific question in the right way, you get a specific answer in return. Works better than demanding whole pages of sources and bibliographies or casting aspersions. Ask me a single question or ask for a single reference and I am glad to provide it.

  114. When I was a child 2001 A Space Odyssey came out and like oh wow–the future! Then in high school it was believed when 2000 came it would be the Age of Aquarius.

    Still waiting–ha. Though I now realize it can’t be waited on–it has to be seized, nurtured, and defended.

    And all the BS on Mayans and 2012–predictive social engineering of mass expectations.

  115. I don’t believe any of these dates control human society. What controls society is the elite occultists (masons etc) using these dates and ages to schedule out their very long term agendas because they are inbred psychopaths for the most part who are happy to work to a meglomaniacal super plan which gives them a sense of superiority and power over the “profane” (that’d be you and me chum).

  116. Lloyd: According to your own reference Pike does not deny that “Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries” meaning the “mystery religions” of Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. He merely laments the fact that this mystery religion has been altered over time and that it doesn’t match quite the power and grandeur of those ancient cultures where pharaohs and caesars were worshipped as gods.

    He also, according to your reference, does not deny that “Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion” and that “its teachings are instructions on religion”. Most masons claim that Masonry is not a relgion, only a private charitable club, but here is the great expositor, “MASTER GENIUS OF MASONRY” according to your reference, explaining that it is indeed a religion. Then goes on to say it is about mercy, truth, devotedness etc, but he notes that it is “here” in the lodge where these things are practiced primarily, between bretheren of the order. The Masonic Skull and Bonesmen treat each other with the utmost kindness and helpfulness, but the fact remains that their motto is: “A Bonesman before all others” which indicates where their true loyalties lie.

    Funny that you decide to use Pike’s quotes when earlier you claimed he wasn’t that smart and was in error. But that is typical Masonic logic! Haha.

    Every Mason who vehemently denies that Freemasonry is a religion is either a liar or an ignorant dupe as all Masons are one or the other.

  117. well said pj

  118. Everything is open to personal interpretation isn’t it?

  119. Masonic relativism Lloyd, the logic of a snake in the grass.

  120. Cheers QM..*clink*

  121. Do you ever see the light of day?

  122. You mean the light of Sirius (“Eastern Star”) and of Lucifer don’t you Lloyd?

    Nope, and don’t want it neither. Y’all masons can have it.

    I prefer the natural light of the truth.

  123. Isaiah 14:

    [1] For the LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
    [2] And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of the LORD for servants and handmaids: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
    [3] And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve,
    [4] That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!
    [5] The LORD hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers.
    [6] He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and none hindereth.
    [7] The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing.
    [8] Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us.
    [9] Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
    [10] All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?
    [11] Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee.
    [12] How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    [13] For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
    [14] I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
    [15] Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
    [16] They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
    [17] That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?
    [18] All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.
    [19] But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.
    [20] Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.
    [21] Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.
    [22] For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD.
    [23] I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.
    [24] The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:
    [25] That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.
    [26] This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations.
    [27] For the LORD of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?
    [28] In the year that king Ahaz died was this burden.
    [29] Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.
    [30] And the firstborn of the poor shall feed, and the needy shall lie down in safety: and I will kill thy root with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant.
    [31] Howl, O gate; cry, O city; thou, whole Palestina, art dissolved: for there shall come from the north a smoke, and none shall be alone in his appointed times.
    [32] What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That the LORD hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it.

    That is the only place in the Christian Bible where you find the name Lucifer. How can you take what is said above to mean Satan?

  124. Masonic Creed:

    Freemasonry teaches the universal principle of unselfish friendship and promotes those moral precepts which are in keeping with all great faiths. In pursuing this doctrine, the following, though not exclusive, is considered to be basic:

    Masonic Beliefs:

    Mankind was create by one God.
    This one God is the author of all life.
    God’s existence is revealed to man through faith and the Book of Holy Scriptures.
    The Book of Holy Scriptures is the Ultimate Authority or Great Light of Freemasonry.
    The soul of man is immortal.
    Man’s commitment to Divine Providence determines his destiny.
    Man’s reverence for God is best exemplified by his actions toward his fellow man.
    Considering the universality of Freemasonry; its teachings cannot be defined in any single statement or established profile. The following is considered to be representative of its fundamental precepts and constitutes basic:

    Man’s first duty is to love and revere God, implore His aid in all laudable undertakings, and seek His guidance through prayer, embrace and practice the tenets of religion, extend charity and sympathy to all mankind, shield and support the widow and orphan, defend virtue, respect the aged, honor the bonds of friendship, protect the helpless, lift up the oppressed, comfort the downcast, restore dignity to the rejected, respect the laws of government, promote morality, and add to the common stock of knowledge and understanding.

  125. “[8] Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us.”

    Given today’s news–guess we need to keep working on that one.

    As for truth– 3 years ago I was telling people that I knew I was collecting clues–I just didn’t know what the mystery(s) was (were) I was trying to uncover.

  126. Have you yet to discover the mystery?

  127. What is meant by the York Rite Masonry?

    York Rite Masonry is the Christian Route of Masonry following the teaching of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who said , “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.”

  128. Not specifically. ;-) Enough to know to keep looking and thinking.

  129. Though when I said “mystery” we may be thinking different things. Tricky thing about words and definitions and meanings.

    Peeling the onion layers and all through our respective minds and experiences.

  130. Maybe it’s my Zen Vulcan sense of understatement.

  131. Did I get my point across so well that no one cares to rebut?

  132. Or it’s the weekend?

  133. Those who have a candle to shed “great light” on truth, don’t hide under a bush. Or under an oath of secrecy.

  134. I have taken several oaths, none of the secret so I don’t know what you refer to, please enlighten me.

  135. It is the spirit that dwells within which will enlighten. You have the choice to test the spirit and yet you only vex and test the patients of truth.

  136. Lloyd, if your oaths were not secret, can you tell us about them?

  137. Ask and ye shall receive…what would you like to know?

  138. Just tell us about your oaths. To whom did you swear them? What did you vow to do and not do? What is the consequence of breaking your oaths? What was the context in each ritual? What degrees are the oaths associated with? And anything else you want to add.

  139. AreWeFreeOrWhat

    IF this B.S. about Ron Paul were true, then it would have been a sure win for the lame stream media to let Ron Paul into all of the debates and would not have been an issue for them to suppress is run for office. I believe this is a smear campaign. And again even if this B.S. were true, he is still the best available candidate by far.

  140. Ron Paul might not be a mason, however he is a capitalist, in favor of privatization of state corporations and in favor of free market bourgeoise. The economic system that increases poverty, and concentrates wealth in a few

  141. Kerry Bindon

    This revelation con firms my intuition that he was actually running dead and had no intention of upsetting any apple cart, just a pressure cooker valve to let off steam with out blowing the lid…..

  142. SO WHAT. Get a life and get on board or go F__ you___ dude. The world is full of retards with agendas. The Dem and GOP are two third brain dead and you are tossing shit.


  143. My Grandfather was a Mason. Does that make him him a NWO goon? No. My point is 99% of Masons have no idea what is going on in their organization.

  144. jesus incarnate

    my grandfather was a freemason but i can guaruntee he had nothing to do with the nwo. probably the same as ron paul. not every mason is in on the big picture, it takes millions to deflect from the people who are. i am ashamed of rense for putting this out (the site i read it on) it is like saying ALL catholic priests a pedophiles, it simply doesn’t work that way. are many joining the priesthood to prey on boys, probably. but that in no way makes the whole organizations agenda to rape young boys. it is a silly simple minded article from simply simple perspectives. because it is orange doesn’t make it an orange. it just may be a tangerine…

  145. jesus incarnate

    hey jonathan you beat me to it, but you are exactly right… touche

  146. So what, what if? Then how about him being way, way down, far behind all the others as “The lesser of the Evils!” In fact he would be on the very bottom.

  147. The Masons are a Jew run organization. Pillars of Solomon….Hello.
    Ron Paul quotes the Jew Communist Trotsky…..Hello.
    Jews did 911 and all world wars. Ron Paul is a Jew Stooge for the Jew Gold cartels. Make your dependent on gold and you got Jew control…..hello.
    Jews are now going to bring you Jew Great Great Depression II and Jew World War III.
    Anyone who votes for ANY of the Jew Stooge candidates now running for president does not have the sense God gave a goose and you should get out the front door of your house immediately and get out of this country. You are as stupid as you look and are traitors.
    If you vote you are giving the Jews a sign you are ready for Jew Kosher Ritual Slaughter.
    Jews hate freedom of Speech. See how long this stays up.

  148. jesus incarnate

    commander z you are a douchebag. blame the jews, those horned bastards. it shows your ignorance. but it is the playbook for the masons and nwo.ers who are in charge… divide and conquer. they use religion to divide us. some are jews some are christians some are catholics whatever. it is (religion) there tool to keep us from uniting and slaying the beast.
    wake up before its too late!

  149. The first thing i thought upon reading your comment, PJ, was that you never were a RP supporter. Your comments about Paul are straight out of the media talking points and show you for a fraud.

  150. Rabbit, that’s pure BS. I gave money to the campaign and was telling everybody I knew to support Ron Paul, here on this blog an in my daily life and was briefly a member of the local RP meetup until I started having doubts and raising questions which nobody wanted to hear. Gradually, I started learning things about him that made me change my mind, so I stopped supporting him. That’s it and screw you.

  151. 5 Smooth Stones

    There are alot of wanton walkers who’s job it is to come up with this stuff. My own guess is he’s a psyops side show, created to scoop up the disjointed stragglers.
    I could be wrong. It seems anything is possible these years, but the people in government are highly intelligent and resourceful and can play the good guy just as easily act stupid. They have all the bases covered.

  152. jesus incarnate

    pj, yo are right on several levels, but i think you got it wrong. if ron was a mason they never let him in. he is way 2 principled. they may let him troll around the organization to cull political support but he is deffinately not a high level (in on it) mason. he would have never brought up the arguments he did. he’s got a whole eneration of followers that the masons would never let know the things he teaches. so his wife and my grandad were masons, it is hard to imagine all –however many million masons there are out there are in on it…it just aint happening.

  153. I disassociate myself from Commander Z’s comments. This is not about Jew bashing.

  154. jesus incarnate

    cheers 5 smooth, i bet your right on track…

  155. This psyops stuff about me is pure BS. It is ridiculous. I went to the Daily Paul. Found the comment by Penny Freeman (“oak”) his scheduler for ten years, put together the fact that Eastern Star members are generally married to Freemasons and simply posted it here for the purpose of discussion which is exactly what has happened with it. And I am not apologizing for mistrusting Freemasons. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the NWO, knows that it is a Masonic agenda.

  156. 5 Smooth Stones

    Which is kinda saddening.

  157. MikeyByTheBay

    Wow! A politician is photographed at a Jesuit University giving a speech so he must be a freemason. What does that say about my dentist who graduated from there? That’s about as scary is the debunked reports of Ron Paul being a racist. If that’s that best dirt you can dig up on him, we should count our lucky stars. Rightly or wrongly, Ron Paul does not buy into conspiracy theories as a rule. That keeps the controlled media from targeting him and his supporters as “kooks.” You won’t find a more vocal opponent to the Federal Reserve and their warmongering ways than Ron Paul, mason or not (not all masons are the Illuminati). Rainbow Girls? Gimme a break. I say shoddy work, dude!

  158. Joseph W. Schultz

    Maybe a New World Order isn’t such a bad idea after all. Our Republic has failed. Communism is a failure. Democracy sure dosen’t work. Religion is on the way out. Seems like the only system that works is Consumerism.

    Anyhow, where does one join the New World Order? Or, are we just slowly absorbed into it? –jws

  159. Mikey,

    If you trust masonic politicians, you are an idiot, or you are one of them. In fact America is a ship of fools that is sinking as the Masonic elite laugh at us, all the way to the bank.

  160. JWS, another idiot. In fact most of you posting her are idiots.

  161. Joseph W. Schultz

    Who’s this “her” you’re referring too? Can you refute anything I have written? Maybe “her” can. ;-) –jws

  162. The Republic failed because it was meant to fail. The masons are done using it, and like Bush says, they see the Constitution as just a GD piece of paper to wipe their asses with. This goes back to Master Mason Hellfire member Franklin’s little joke about “we have given you a republic…if you can keep it.” and I am sure he said it with a grin and a wink.

  163. Joseph W. Schultz

    …as a matter of fact, the Masons (an off-shoot of the Illuminatti) have a pretty good idea in one area; the reduction of the world population by about 5/6 of current numbers. One billion souls would be much more manageable, donchathink? –jws

  164. Joseph W. Schultz

    …and why are you conversing with an idiot? –jws

  165. 5 Smooth Stones

    No matter how many people they bury, the NWO won’t last. If it is as the people say, “nothing but a political parasitic host”. Then it will collapse apon itself like a rabid dog feeding on it’s own legs. Be it only a day or ten thousand year reign, it’s paranoid moments will eat away at it’s foundation. One look at Mr. Dinosaur engraved into a rock must be a reminder to all. The only thing set in stone is the fossil. The system is nothing but a mafia.

  166. jesus incarnate

    i know you didn’t ask me but idiots are easier to talk to, just sayin’
    but i think a billion is still too high a number to manage. they want far less

  167. Joseph W. Schultz

    You’re probably right, ji. A billion is still a large number. It depends on how many servants are needed for the “chosen”.

    I wonder if Enki knew how much trouble would ensue by genetically creating human beings?

    Perhaps we should burn an effigy of Ninhursag in protest of an experiment gone bad… –jws

  168. we as amerukans

    I was a RP supporter, vehemently. I was one of the ones fighting for truth on all the sites.

    My first indication that something was wrong was when I donated money to his campaign, you are able to post comments to his site. Now, please know they had all sorts of mindless drivel on there that was permitted to post. All I said in mine was thank you for fighting for truth and maybe you should look further into 9/11 truth. This comment was not allowed to be posted on his site.

    Then of course, the ronpaulforums: They promptly moved any news items that were posted to a hidden part of the site that nobody visited, you had to log in and then search subforums, basically completely hidden. They did this all the way until I stopped going there for the same reason. Literally within maybe two minutes, any news item was moved to make room for mindless cheerleading or basically any sort of worthless posts were allowed to stay. I remember my “turning point” of stoping trying to keep posting news items on the site, was there was a post about whether you would rather date Jessica Biehl or Jessica “someone” (Simpson?) – I don’t recall but it was totally worhtless, and responses were several pages long. I posted to the worthless thread to point out how rediculous it was that posts about any worthy news items (HR.R 1955 was the big one around that time, as well as coutless assaults on liberty by the current nazi regime) were moved and this post was allowed to go on and on. The author of the post actually had the nerve to tell me to lighten up and he said it also helped that he was friends with the top moderator. That was about it for me.

    Every now and then, I’d peak in and half the page would be “Moved: such and such news item”….it was akin to a total psyop. And yes, there were proud freemasons all over the place on there. Conspiracy theories, as they called the news, had no place among the RP brethren, according to them. I can only imagine how many truth-seekers ran into a brick wall there as I did.

    Then RP backstabbed us on the Glen Beck show, the same show whose host had called his supporters dangerous “terrorists” not a week or two before that.

    Then of course, his decision to stay in the Republican party, and to put all his supporters work to shame by “suspending” the pres. campaign to win his congressional seat.

    His myspace page also started censoring posts and deleting truth-seekers. People who were seeking a new revolution were quickly disappeared from the ranks.

    The people who say he is two-faced are completely correct. He hardly said anything when the media blackballed him, when the vote fraud took all his votes.

    I agree completely with the poster who said his purpose in this election was to corral all the truth-seekers safely away from the NWO candidates.

    It is also my opinion the Jesuits are the top rung, the masons are their puppets. Same with the Jews, and the poster above me who says the Jews don’t have anything to do with this: Rothschilds – find out who theey are. they are also the Vatican bankers. The Vatican also had Hitler’s back, they signed the concordat (Cardinal Gelli then becamse Hitler’s pope – pius 12) right before WW2 commenced. Stalin, Roosevelt also Jews, as well as Hitler. They own the banks and the media – how could any person with eyes to see be blind to this? When all the smoke clears the world government will be based on the kaballah/mystery religions, with a pope or the “King of England” or both – or perhaps a false Jewish messiah ruling from Jerusalem (the beast, the son of perdition, the anti-christ, whatever you want to call this “thing”). I guess its all part of God’s plan, that these end timers all are of one mind. It says they all gave over their kingdoms to rule with the beast for ONE HOUR. Seems like a crappy trade to me.


    PS – I’m sure there are some good “Jews”, some good catholics. Also I wouldn’t trust any of the alternative websites these days either. Rense is about the only one left that hasn’t compromised themselves. Alex Jones never has a peep about the names or societies behind this thing. Michael rivero at whatreallyhappened has poisoned the 911 truth movement, has declared war on true Christians, and has ignored everything I’ve sent him about the Jesuits, the masons and all the secret societies’ real aims. you will never see this guy name names, and I trust him less every single day)

  169. 5 Smooth Stones

    Ahhh, the tree of line.
    Nature tends to rebel at cross breeding.
    The Annunaki had fun with DNA , while it lasted.

  170. 5 Smooth Stones

    (Somewhere down the road, it got called “Tree of Life”) too many idiots going with it.

  171. 5 Smooth Stones

    I’m sorry if I’m posting too much on this site.
    I can’t be bothered to change my title name, but I hate going to the places where the bloggers seem to wane from the subject at hand and simple steal each others thunder.
    I do enjoy reading what the people around the world have to say. It’s nice to know that alot of the people in person and on the web are not afraid to voice an opinion. Let’s just keep our minds clear. It’s great that you all go out of our way sometimes, and the effort is much appreciated.

  172. Joseph W. Schultz

    Shades of Aleister Crowley’s Minutum Mundum, 5SS. Perhaps Ron Paul got himself trapped in Chapel Perilous.

    I wonder if there will be any RP Signs at the Republican Convention? –jws

  173. 5 Smooth Stones

    Flying rods? Hospitals use them.
    Guess they figure it’s the place to use the symbol for deaths door, hell.

  174. Joseph W. Schultz

    Well, I guess there’s still no actual proof of RP’s Masonhood.

    Being a member in good standing of the Brotherhood of the NTR (the Watchers), I must now go and do my “watching” elsewhere… –jws

  175. I think everyone ought to check our and check out the mood disorder section on the far right. The 9/11 truth movement / Ron Paul for Pres movement / masonic conspiracy movement has converged into one mentally delayed entity.

    I have contributed to the data of the 9/11 movement, supported and continue to support Ron Paul and I have involvement in a masonic movement that would make the knights templar you know seem like the play room at a local McDonald’s. I would die for freedom. I would take a bullet rather than pay a carbon tax and sure as PLUTO is warming right now while moving further AWAY from the sun and as sure as Mars’ polar ice caps are melting I worship the ultimate supreme being of our existance. The creator of all that is, was, ever will be. The most high, the holiest of holes. The begining and end to all that is, was ever will be. All religions are lies. Only the creator of creators, God of gods is the truth. No matter your stripe, you are under him and know of him and fear answering to him and form cliques that mutually exclude all truth that is hard to digest. Like it or not evil has been winning a long time but will lose in the end. you will eat each other for food as you will infight and lose the ultimate goal of your common concern.

    You folks are losing and its very sad to see evil in your own ranks winning.

    The masonic movement has been hijacked to some degree, yes for certain, but there’s a good stripe to the highest level. Money has become a problem as operating expenses get redefined as well as creative accountants change fee structures, initiatives etc. The masons WERE INDEED good, did indeed source out knowledge that would have ripped the fabric of faith allowing evil to win far too soon. All is not what you think or I think. Just remember who is the ultimate boss and don’t let your religious interfaces come between you and him. He rules the cosmic and is all good things to all good people but also likes to witness a good clash of the misaligned.

    STOP THE INFIGHTING. Stop being the bigots you are becoming. You will one day thank the holders of celestial secrets for the secrets that saved your existence from the ultimate “killing joke(s)”. As you were!


  176. LOL Holiest of holies… NOT HOLES!!! Bad keyboard!(old timer’s chiclet keyboard)

  177. 5 Smooth Stones

    May I add to what ‘we as Amerukans ‘ mentioned on the owner of the site- whatreallyhappened.
    I too have never recieved a reply from Mike. Whether he actually bothers to read them, could be the case.

    I want to let his fellow athiests know that God allows the rain to fall on the good and bad and don’t think Sunday Church goers ,as Pat Robertson has proven himself to be, get a free pass for simply calling themselves true beleivers .

    Athiests have a friend in satanists, but are seen as whinners. To megaphone hoisting athiests, there simply is no God if bad things happen in life. Specifically to them.

    I think it’s still important that they realize not all Christians are finger pointers who can’t wait to get to heaven. Living it up while lost souls scream in hell. The very thought of this makes me cringe. Bush might as well be standing next to Christ.

    America’s evangelicals are ignoring the signs and it’s TV ministers are telling viewers to carry on as if nothing is the matter, telling them all to buy bigger cars (that Jesus himself would drive) andthey will stay happy. This time more than ever the church should be vigilant.

    Testing the spirits can make us wiser than serpents. We just have to know how to look.

  178. Doesn’t matter whether he is a freemason , he was streets ahead of the other candidates.

    If he was a prominent mason why didn’t his buddies in the cult give him some more limelight?

    Not everyone in these orders is evil.

  179. To the few “My Grandfather was…”. The point here isn’t that your grandfathers were evil men. Just that they were more than likely helping fund/contribute to something that, at the true core, wasn’t aligned with the values you knew them as having because of ignorance. That’s the cause for conern and a real clincher because…

    The way all these systems are webbed together, I can assure you we’re all responsible in some way or another of funding this madness, and we probably acted through that same ignorance as Grandpa- Mason or not. The point is, asking questions like what’s the deal with Ron Paul shouldn’t make everyone upset… Why do you think it does?? Because beliefs become emotional, and that taints logic*. *(Yes, logic alone is just as bad… IMHO it’s about balance. Something I wish we all had more of in our lives.)

    The control freaks win because the more tough questions like this aren’t asked or even talked about, the longer their rule. That’s the real evil, to insinuate that it’s ridiculous to speculate on some(any)thing, even if one is totally and completely wrong or seems maniacal. The truth stands on it’s own as they say. We should be more concerned with our own searches and helping other not just refining their views to fit our mold- Give out what nuggets you have, or if nothing other than it seems wrong, just say you’re not feeling it, and be on the way. Where’s all the harm in that? I know, pie in the sky, but yeah, oh well…

    I was the same as the author of this thread, contributing to Paul’s campaign before one day, very randomly I remembered the line from the documentary “Money Masters” to be weary of anyone trying to bring back a gold standard: exactly what Mr. Paul wants to do. There are now many other things that are being mentioned that are making me wonder more. At the same point there’s a lot of his history that confuses me due to it’s authenticity (IE: congress voting record, view on Fed/IRS, etc.). But it was best stated as this by tootired: “Whatever Ron Paul is or isn’t concerning secret societies is moot at this point, really.”

    We need to all become aware that these kind of things happen, and not just scoff at people for being “conspiracy theorists” (Even if they seem way out there! If they can form a paragraph, read it- these days a sentence is a rarity…). We all need to get more involved, and take back our power as mentioned above. Though that’s a lot easier said, than done- I commend those taking the action they can, and hope the focus on these kind of things intensify to the point where NOBODY can ignore it. At the moment I am (temporarily) feeling very defeated… I think anyone who is a ‘typical consumer’ type- once they realize the difference between dependence (what others make that keeps you alive) and independence (what you make that keeps you alive) would sympathize with that feeling. Good thing there’s all this free knowledge on the net to make those personal changes once you see them. (see the P.S.)

    Now if you’ve made it this far, here’s this then I’m done: Personally, I think there’s a chance Ron Paul might be a freemason. He’s no doubt a smart guy, getting to where he is today. Maybe he’s “one of them… Or maybe he just likes breathing. You don’t have to be “in on it” to help these guys out. Ron Paul said himself that he didn’t think his campaign would have a good base right from the start (look for the interview with Larry King that never got aired, I believe he mentions that there). It had me wondering the whole time- is he on a joy ride? Just one of those things. Ron Paul knows who Ron Paul is. Just like you’re the only one that knows the real you. Now, if we could all just define freedom for ourselves and quit buying stickers and license plates touting our ignorance. That would be something- wouldn’t it?



    P.S. Start a garden!!! Talk to your neighbors, see if they already have one, exchange seeds, ideas… Create something that creates something that creates something else! (Please.)

  180. Freemasons as whole, are not part of the NWO. However, there are some Freemasons who are involved in the NWO. There is way too much conspiracy directed towards them, because they have secret meetings. The real purpose of the Freemasons is to have a trusting group of poeple to trade services with. In other words, if you want to have a service done for you, do you want somebody you know you can trust(by using secret handshake) or do you want to gamble and possibly get screwed.

  181. Bullshit Redzone.

  182. funny how the masons think someone should thank them for keeping knowledge from everyone else, what a crock

  183. Read the difinitons in Mackey’s Encyclopedia {1921} for – 1] Assassin. 2] Babylon. 3]Cativity. & THINK.

  184. I did a little searching, but in a different way. If you want to search individual sites for stuff in the future just type this into google: imlookingfor site:siteurl
    ie: ron paul site:

    I found this other poster on dailypaul who did a full forum quote on what liberty oak tree said. Pasted everything they said. Interestingly even that when clicked on leaves an access denied. Read here –

    You might also be interested on this article I wrote on obama, mccain, and clinton.

  185. I appreciate this posting and the subsequent comments.

    I think wanting to find the truth about whether Ron Paul is now or ever has been any level of Freemason is a perfectly fine endeavor. Thanks for clearing up your comment about the 33rd degree comment, PJ.

    Can’t wait to check out Quasi’s links. Could there be photos of Dr. Paul giving the el cornuto sign?

    Ron Paul is stating the way our U.S.A. was supposed to work. For that, I greatly appreciate him and his candidacy. Most people have lost complete sight of how freedom for individuals is supposed to work in a constitutional republic.

    I do not at all appreciate RP’s comments about 9-11 and sure would like some documentation of his telling someone that he would support a new investigtion.

    I am a Christian raised as a Roman Catholic. I see Christianity, ALL forms of, as having been infiltrated by Satanic (Freemasonic or whatever word you choose) forces since the beginning of time. “Christianity” actually began in the garden of eden.

    Satan is the prince of this world.

    No president can save the U.S.A. I believe we have already lost our republic. We indivdiuals just need to fight and speak up for truth and freedom however we can, whereever we can.

    This is a fallen world and the bible says there will be a one world government. We are well on our way to that. I look up with hope and joy because my “redemption draweth nigh”.

    The only hope and peace and love for any individual on this earth for this life and the life of the world to come is Jesus Christ. He is the One Who is Truth. Truth exists in no other, no human being, no human system, no self.

    I hope each person will search and find the Truth. He said He would split up family relationships and that His followers would experience persecution in this world. As James says, count it all joy.

  186. 5 Smooth Stones

    Done a little searching on leader Ron Paul.
    It’s a toss up. I’ll leave it to God to judge his motivations. But a blinding light may be showing.

    Given a choice, would one rather have as a neighbor someone who does not care for you in his heart but his behaviour is nonetheless correct? Or the thief who does care, but supports secretive foundations, kicks your dog and swears at you and your children?

    How much is Paul involved in the Masonic order?

  187. 100percenttruth

    Makes sense that he’s a freemason actually. The only way to change a system that was created to oppress us is to do away with that system. That means no more central government, no more tax, no more fiat money, no more control by bureaucrats at any level. It is sad that we continually look up to leaders to save us. You KNOW it’s the truth. Change starts at home. Stop being followers. Grow your own food. Get out of the cities if you want to survive.

  188. My perspective on Ron Paul was that he was too good to be true. The simple matter of fact that things are so tightly controlled on who gets into power, it does not surprise me that Ron is most likely a Free Mason.

    I wrote a book that will wipe away any illusions you may hold concerning Government and Law. Basically these actors are totally controlled puppets and do not represent the people at all, but imaginary corporations created by the Government, hence the all cap names on everything. If you want to know the truth, download my book at:


  189. I am not a freemason. I do like Ron Paul and think he is one of only a hand full of decent politicians. If it proves out that he is a freemason, it by no means proves that he is evil. The vast majority of people who are “freemasons” are good decent people. They are completely unaware of the dark undertones that the members of the highest order 33rd degree and higher “might” be exposed to. For the most part, most freemason lodges are ver similar to Knights of Columbus or Elks lodges. They may perform a mock ritual or two as an initiation for new members but there is no malcontent or underlying conspiracy. I know several people who are freemasons and they are all genuinely good upstanding people. they are ignorant to any “illuminati’ darkness. I personally think that this is the case with any “institution” that becomes a powerful representation of a large number of the populace. Whether it is a business, religion or other social club, once they demonstrate that they weild a certain level of clout over the populace, then those in power (ruling elite, NWO, illuminati or whatever you want to define them as) are only interested in the highest levels of the organization not at the local level. These people want for nothing as they have all the wealth that they can possibly need. What they want is “CONTROL” and “POWER”. You don’t do that from the bottom, middle or near the top. You only achieve that at the very highes levels which are so concealed and isolated for their own preservation.

    Everyone else is ignorant to it all for the most part. That is by design.

  190. Another puppet. Do not fear what you see….fear what you do not see. Any hope I had for Ron Paul is gone with his membership in this NWO driven organization. Presidents are selected, not elected and I guess that holds true once again. Whoever wins in this bunch of selected candidates are moving forward full speed to an eventual end….what can we do to stop this insanity.

  191. Thanks for this great information about another gatekeeper, timewaster, opposition controller.

    We cannot put our faith in men, we must put our faith in ideas, and systems.

    Do what you can to get the “SUPERCLASS” to understand and accelerate the FAST TRACKING of the “ROBOTIC WAGELESS ECONOMY” in your lifetimes…

  192. I always liked what Ron Paul said, but I didn’t like the cult that followed him- people were waaaay too willing to hand over total power to him. The people giving up their power to the government is how we got into this mess in the first place!

    Go study it may enlighten you.

  193. This is another rumer started by a new world order trol, its bullshit

  194. Masons, Hitler, Obama, Clinton,Zionists, Knights of Columbus, etc., has nothing in store for the human race as the subject I have followed while being in the US Space Program.
    Open my website:
    Clark (Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC/Cape canaveral, Florida 1958 to 1992

  195. smoke weeeeed

  196. Masonry is made up of many different people and different beliefs. Mason’s are taught that all men are equal (they meet upon the level). Individual thought and action, as well as morality and ethics are the concepts upon which Masons swear. The teachings are anathema to autocratic government. This is evident in this century when Masonry was outlawed by Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.

    Take time and go to a lodge and look around. If you don’t like one lodge, try another.

    As for a New World Order, this was proposed by the representative of a non masonic order.

  197. Ron Paul fills a similar role to Ross Perot. The difference is he has a great chance of winning. To be sure, all 4 are globalists, but Ron would have a tougher time stuffing his cabinet with obvious traitors. People can openly see the NWO happening now; vote for him and watch him try to reverse the tide he has created. The only way to make heads and tails of this is to read these people’s oaths; they are all devoted and sworn to Lucifer; they are Reprobates described in Romans 1 and they know God has given them up. Bohemians and Gypsies have been doing this sort of thing for 4500 years from Iran (Aryan) to Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe and now its our turn; the US will no be here long. It’s time to realize the Authorized Bible means what it says and will not change the slightest bit.

  198. goldie locks

    Ron Paul wants to make only gold in hand suitable for currency.

    Title to the gold reserves held in Fork Knox, formerly owned by the U.S., is now owned by the privately owned but communistically operated Bank of China, thanks be to the Marxist currency and debt frauds eminating from “our” Federal Reserve and “our” treaties with an NGO known as the Bank for International Settlements (both Marxist institutions).

    Hmmm … let’s see …

    1. due to a system of bank frauds, the “commies” own all the gold

    2. R.P. says, “Let’s base our right to emit our own U.S. currency on [communist owned] gold reserves alone.

    3. Hmmm … time to start reading Alexander Hamilton again, about issues of banking and sovereignty.

    4. but R.P. says we should fractionize our banks, and leave them unprotected by their nation, making them easy pickings for the “Communist” [privately owned by Masons] People’s Bank of China.

    Hmmm …

  199. NOT a freemason. Just because he talked at this one university and has freemason family members and respects their beliefs, DOES NOT mean he is one.

    Plus, freemasonry is fine up to the 33rd degree. I know many freemasons. It’s just a club where you can talk about your beliefs with your friends. Most people just go there to have a beer with some friends.

    Once you can prove that Paul is a freemason and one above 33rd degree, then I will stop supporting him.

    Jesus, really stupid story right here.

  200. prometheus2012rising

    Until you all are able to walk alone you will continue to think in tribal group form. Trust me when I say ..people do not need people. I knew Ron Paul was a mere destraction all along. He is nothing more than false hope directed at the conspiracy, constitution, gun rights people.

    Yet, Alex Jones and the like endorsed the crap out of him. Believe it or not the rulers can use well meaning people to spread disinfo and grow the lie without their knowledge. Mind Kontrol is very real & prevalent 24/7 and until you come to this realization you will always be a slave to all of it.
    You have it within yourselves to unplug and deprogram from this illusion you call reality and most all of it is illusionary.

    The rulers fear that you will find out some of these truths which is only the tip of knowledge. These rulers hope that you never discover your true power.

    Read this and know it by heart..let it sink into your being and know that it is what you are really up against.

    I also suggest you watch the Matrix again because alot of it has many truths. There are some insiders that truly want you to break free of the illusion but they to are ruled by fear.

  201. PJ,

    My oaths were taken to God. If you want to know the other content, get a petition and join a local lodge. I have noticed above, when you have run out of lies and misconceptions that you attack people personally. That’s not good debating. I can see why you are not answering my call for a public debate. Your true colors would show once I had you cornered with truth and you starting attacking my character in front of a crowd and the media.

  202. This is just more faulty logic and judgementalism used to arrive at half-baked conclusions. So who does the writer support? One of the 3 stooges? How about all the orgs. they’re in, eh? And I’m sure outsiders who don’t get it view RP supporters as “followers” however the RP camp is actually some of the most diverse freedom loving people left in this country. The idea that we would follow RP off a cliff is ridiculous. You can’t say the same for the statue quo. And people who always show up in the political arena to sidetrack issues with race or religion or fear, hatred or “nothing you can do” are the real shills for the NWO.

  203. I booked an event for Ron Paul. He had no idea what would be on the wall behind him, and I did not check it for symbols that might send conspiracy theorists into a tizzy. I booked an available venue. Period. As for the JBS, I joined our local chapter because they are vocally fighting for our Constitution here. I don’t know or care who started them, or why anyone else joined, I seek the common GOOD in everyone. I have Mason relatives, too. They were good, hard working, average citizens. Stereotyping is no good, we all would do well to look at what people DO WITH THEIR LIVES than to judge them based on loose affiliation with any organization. Prove to me that Ron Paul has attended a secret meeting, or recently attended an open meeting, that he is actively involved, that he is in the inner circle – you can’t. We are both left to go on our best “gut feeling.” My gut says “Ron Paul is the only hope.” Perfect? No. I have to make the best choice from the available options, though. Sort of like booking a venue, I took the best option available regardless of symbols on the wall.

  204. And real conservatives who have nothing but awe and respect for our system of government have our hands full with the basics. Here’s a primer for some of you conservative pretenders.
    Of course if you agree with RP on everything you’re no good to anybody.

  205. The only candidate worth anything is Ron Paul. I plan on writing him in.
    As for this misinformation? You must work for the C.F.L, or the Bilderbergs bc you sure like to try to slander Ron Paul. Unfortunately for you, and your boyz, it won’t work, bc the movement is bigger than any one person.
    Who knows, anyway, it may end up that Ron Paul is the only Republican left standing, when the DC Madam’s murder comes out, and it takes down McCain, in the process.
    Meanwhile, go suck a rock.

  206. Bill Wanke

    “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the Work of Jewish Brains, Jewish Dissastisfaction & Jewish Planning, whose goal is to create a New Order, in the world.

    What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish Brains & Jewish planning, shall also, through the same mental & Physical forces, Become a reality all over the world.”

    -American Hebrew, September 8, 1920


    “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah.
    It will attain World domination by the dissolution of other races…& by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship.
    In this New World Order, the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…”

    -(Karl Marx to Baruch Levy, published Review de Paris, 6/1/1928, p. 574

  207. I could more or less go along with PJ’s thesis up until this point:

    “I disassociate myself from Commander Z’s comments. This is not about Jew bashing.”

    That statement – it’s very simplicity, in fact – tells me all I need to know about PJ’s truth-seeking.

    Bashing Masonic gentiles is safer than “Jew bashing.” Don’t believe it? Find yourself a street corner in your community (not the Internet) and try it sometime. Better yet, try it at work.

  208. my aunt and uncle are in the masons and they do good work and give to good causes. They are a small outfit in NY with about 50 members and they have literally no pull in any politics. They were even denied tax credits on their building when they applied. Masons may have started off weird or even cultish but today they are just a group of people in local communities who have no clue even how they began and gives the older members a reason to leave their homes. Get over it.

  209. Well this is all news to me, but I sometimes suspected Ron Paul would be a Freemason like any other politician, it’s almost a prerequisite to even be preselected. It’s really not much of a surprise to me, so I’m keeping an open mind on who and what Paul really might be.

    Excellent points have been made, and I believe that Paul, like any elected official, should be held to scrutiny, despite the fact that I agree with many of the things he’s stated in articles and debates.

    However, it’s been mentioned in this thread that because Paul hasn’t pissed off the establishment that much and the fact that he hasn’t been assassinated yet, it must mean that he’s “controlled opposition” or he’s just a mouthpiece to keep anti-NWOers happy and hopeful throughout the presidential campaign (as a distraction, perhaps), but I have to say that we shouldn’t forget the almost absolute media blackout that’s been inflicted on Paul. And let’s face it, Freemason or no Freemason, mainstream America isn’t interested in some smalltime Texas Congressman with some ideas about the war, the Fed and gold. The mainstream media didn’t even give him much airtime to bash him, they just ignored him.

    What good is controlled opposition like Ron Paul if the mainstream media that the elites supposedly dominate, won’t even give him airtime?


    Denouncing 911 truthers was the first red flag for me. The typical dumbed-down political rhetoric eminating from the RP campaign was the 2nd. Although this article is just speculative and allegations should not be made until actual facts are discovered, it is good that we should be kept on guard, especially considering that RP has been a part of this corrupt and filthy political system for 30 years. (I’ve always said to myself:”How does a decent and honest man exist for 30 years in the cesspool of DC.?”)
    The thing I find most distressing about the RP campaign, is that it is spreading the usual message of doing something through the political system….as if saying that our freedom hinges on the election of champions who will change the system- when in fact, far more important is the ideal that everyone should practise the principles of freedom in their own personal lives and dealings- because ultimately, if the small percentage of Americans who are true patriots did that, it would do more to securte their own freedom and the freedom of others than attending political rallies and voting and registering as a Republican and participating in the system that enslaves us, and joining the “club”(party) that GWB and Cheney belong to!

  211. I think everyone is doing the right thing by questioning everything but:

    The freemason thing has scared people to no end for a long time. When you aren’t included in the club the natural inclination is to bang the door open by grouping together and instantly becoming a form of resistance. The truth is that everyone can become a mason, hockey player or rock star. It usually takes an over achiever to reach the top of anything, even at the burger shop.

    You can thank a very threatened, paranoid pope for vilifying the masonic order(s). Rightfully so, his corporation was threatened by a premature release of bankrupting data. The church itself would have crumbled and the real sabbath day would have been restored rather fast.

    I’ll go this far. Born in sin is one way of putting things but being guilty of even existing is more along the lines of our state of being. Apologize to God for existing and ask him to perfect you as if you were his direct creation.

    The ‘elite’ source their candidates from a pool of beatified personalities from entertainment, business, politics and every other source. There was even once an actor who was president who was both equally loved as he was hated. Search around for his cigarette commercials if you want to laugh. The esoteric traditions do study geometry, cosmic influence, entanglement and tend to be run by males in most cases so testosterone does come into play from time to time. We are tribal by nature as half of our DNA dictates and so a hierarchy or a pack mentality is an obvious effect.

    The NWO agenda isn’t all that bad either. Otherwise the solution to hunger in Africa is plain and simple. Get them out of the freaking desert already!

    The awakening that is due is inconceivable but imagine our monkey side is stripped out leaving only the conscious spirit to govern our quirky bodies. Hate and all we are one.

    Every soul that has been is about to be on earth simultaneously for at least the one day. Call it reincarnation or whatever but this population will continue to explode till THE DAY. We will be judged as a race of bastards who should never have been to begin with but were allowed to be and given a fair shot at proving worthy of the creator’s approval. Think about the FIERCE resistance to embryonic stem cell research.

    We too can become creators right now, even years ago but in doing so we would be spitting in the face of God leaving another race that has to prove themselves worthy and are burdened with the simplicity of evil penetrating the ranks as God waits to see if they can iron out their flaws.

    We are not what we would like to think we are.

    Guilty for existing! Why do you think we’ve attached ourselves to prophets that serve as go betweens? God is not going to interfere till he had enough. He will separate the truly enlightened from the squabbling pack of fools and dispose of the fools like a beaker full of failure. From time to time our superiors / angels / creators attempt to give some advice in hopes it influences us to find and latch onto the idea that all privileged beings already know from birth.

    We were created by outlaws that God once trusted. God was pissed but we were given an unfettered chance and we still continue to fail as expected. Enlighten yourself, detach yourself from the brainwashing you’ve been born into. Humanity is an EASY race to lead / overtake and to misalign. Guilty by even existing. In there you may now know why a pope can be so upset that his house of cards hasn’t even got a card if the ones who know let it be known. We are not supposed to be told our origins.

    Praise God almighty, the most supreme being and only him.

  212. He did flash that NWO sign, although I guess Texans get away with it.

    He could be used to gather up all those who might fight them, via campaign donations etc.

  213. I was in Panama when I first discovered that the NWO was indeed for real! At the end of my tour there back in 1987, USARSO(US Army South), or better known as the “Southern Command” was taking over for the regular established military command there on both sides of the canal. I asked my CW4 what was going on with all of this secretive change of command and his reply was this: The powers that are now in charge keep their faces hidden, which is how underground wars will be fought from now on globally! The days of wars like those of ww1&ww2 are a thing of the past. The american gov’t it seems has been taken hostage either by design or uncontrolable circumstance, but either way, I am leaving this man’s army, for I don’t like the direction in which it is headed.: End of quote..This same warrant officer went on to tell me that the world was going to be divided into 10 divisions for strategic purposes. So, how did this man know all of this before it became public knowledge years later? I dunno, but I do remember seeing Ron Paul and a few other dignitaries there for the change-over ceremonies at Ft. Clayton. Coincidence?? I don’t think so!

  214. Lloyd Clinton // May 13, 2008 at 2:12 pm


    My oaths were taken to God.

    Matthew 5:

    33 “Again, you have heard that the ancients were told, ‘YOU SHALL NOT MAKE FALSE VOWS, BUT SHALL FULFILL YOUR VOWS TO THE LORD.’ 34 “But I say to you, make no oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, 35 or by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet, or by Jerusalem, for it is THE CITY OF THE GREAT KING. 36 “Nor shall you make an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 “But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil.

  215. Ed,

    Thank you for serving our country and defending our freedom. Are you 100% that RP was there, or is this smoke and mirrors?

  216. Dominic John // May 13, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Lloyd Clinton // May 13, 2008 at 2:12 pm


    My oaths were taken to God.

    Matthew 5:

    33 “Again, you have heard that the ancients were told, ‘YOU SHALL NOT MAKE FALSE VOWS, BUT SHALL FULFILL YOUR VOWS TO THE LORD.’ 34 “But I say to you, make no oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, 35 or by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet, or by Jerusalem, for it is THE CITY OF THE GREAT KING. 36 “Nor shall you make an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 “But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil.

    ?? What is the point of this. Did you not see that I took my oaths to Almighty God?????

  217. Sadly my friends, the only definitive that politicians know is force. When are hands are forced, which side will you choose? The time is near for each of you to accept responsibility for yourself, stand up, and do what’s morally right. Fighting with words gets you nowhere.

  218. Ephesians 6

    The Armor of God

    10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

  219. Lame Cherry

    Oh no say it ain’t so!!!!! lol
    This is linked from the Jeff Rense site who has been championing Ron Paul, especially in featuring that all knowing Devvy Kidd who just had her 80 year old parents dump part of their savings in gold which is now bottoming out.

    I respect most of the Ron Paul backers as being completely loyal to America, but PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO UNDERSTAND IN WHAT I HAVE BLOGGED ON OFTEN THAT THE GLOBALIST FINANCIERS FUND ALL TYPES and if you start interacting with these “leaders” you soon find out the great “expert” Dinesh D’Souza states he is not even a Conservative…….and he was championed by them.

    I will repeat again. Ron Paul’s gold standard would make gold worth a billion dollars an ounce. That would only benefit Russia which hates America and make the Russian economy a super economy.
    His foreign policy is completely inept as when tried before it brought on world wars in dragging America into them.

    Now Devvy Kidd and the Paulites are flocking to the GOP convention attempting to destroy the GOP in bringing down John McCain, but as Kidd writes it will probably mean Newt will be chosen then.
    The leaders of the Paulites are pure anarchists as they don’t care about Paul but only destroying things.

    ….and guess what with Hillary having done her job in weakening Obama and Obama with more skeletons in his closet than a gay madam, the DNC might choose Al Gore as he is the whale in waiting.

    So Paul allows the GOP to be destroyed, leaving a destroyed DNC and only one world maniac cruising to the White House in Al Gore as was set up 2 years ago.

    Americans have got to be more aware. Paul being outed as a Mason does not make him evil, but one has to wonder as “expert” as Ron Paul is just what on earth is this informed man in John Birch and still a Mason when their leadership is the secular sacred math force worshipped by the European and American orders.

    The answer is obvious. Libertarians are being herded to be blamed for destroying the GOP just like Sharon the liberal destroyed the Likud Conservatives in the Israeli state.

    None of this this an attack on Paulites, but Paulites show some reason and here comes Bob Barr taking votes again on his run.
    Certainly John McCain is a liberal, but the correct venue is to make him put a real Conservative on the ticket and not do what the financiers have been planning all along in making Chavez in the White House………meaning a 23% vote getting kook because they have turned America into an Italian mob of fractured voters.

    Stop backing Ron Mason Paul who will sell no whine before his time and start hammering John McCain to put a Conservative VP on the ticket and that does not mean leftist Huckabee.

  220. Matthew 21: 42 – Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which [b]the builders[/b] rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

    Psalms 118 – 16 The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. 17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. 18 The LORD hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death. 19 Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the LORD: 20 This gate of the LORD, into which the righteous shall enter. 21 I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation. 22 The stone which [b]the builders[/b] refused is become the head stone of the corner. 23 This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

    The Fourth Reich; The New World Order
    by Natasha Thompson

  221. Vigorous debate is good. I wish millions more in the USA and around the world did it.

  222. I have to agree with you wil. Fortunately we can still do this in the States. I’m afraid if others from around the world were to partake, they may not fare so well.

  223. Joseph W. Schultz

    Instead of bashing RP, expend a little energy protesting the Supreme Court of the US. They, alone, have the responsibility of protecting and defending the Constitution. Without exception, they (the members of same) have been remiss in their responsibilities. This, for over a hundred years… –jws

  224. It is interesting to note that the title of his book includes the words Revolution and Manifesto, two terms closely associated with Marxist Socialism. A Trojan Horse Candidate perhaps?

  225. MikeyByTheBay

    Yea, I’m an idiot, PJ. You get a link on Rense and when clicked on, all we find are a couple of paragraphs on your Ron Paul/Freemasonry theory and a photograph of Ron Paul at Georgetown University (Yaaawn!). You couldn’t even muster up a decent essay to bolster your argument. It’s a complete waste of time. Let’s see: Barack Obama is the Antichrist, Hillary Clinton is a Reptilian Shapeshifter, John McCain is clinically insane, Ron Paul spoke at Georgetown and his daughters might be Rainbow Girls. Hmmm… eeny, meeny, miny, mo, PJ chooses???

  226. Be careful. Have a look at what happened in South Africa. Pik Botha and F W de Klerk are also suspect 18 order masons. There is the small possibility that RP can be a plant to divide. Pull the realists into a group that will be small enough to be of no danger, but can be pin pointed. If you go into the Jesuite and free mason history you may see that their tactics have no moral guilt. All that matters is to further the cause, no matter what tools are used. To lie, kill and deceive is a small matter to them. The lower ranking members totally believe in the good “Christian” principal of the organization and are in the end, unknowing the biggest victims. But I am no expert, I just have to live with opened eyes in an destroyed country, counting the graves of my friends and family that gets more by the day.

  227. I gave up on Ron Paul when I realized that irregardless of how decent he was as a candidate, its the masses of ignorant morons that are killing America and the world. Hinging their support on 911 or some other crap. Now the peasant masses want to throw this mason albatross around his neck. (moment for the sheep to stop baying)

    So now the wretched proletariat masses go back to a fraudulent voting system with two fraudulent, criminal political parties. (pause for the sheep reading this to make another trip to the refrigerator)
    I realized early on in life that the obstacles I would have to face wouldnt be neocons, jews, KKK, masons, media, terrorists, democrats or republicans, or our brutal police or fraudulent court/legal system. My greatest obstacle in life is every single stinking stupid one of you. (pause for more baying) You know who you are. The fat lazy loud mouth pieces of shit glued to your tv stuffing your fat asses with anything that will digest and taste like sugar. You know who you are, the parking lot gladiators who are real tough sitting behind a wheel with a cigarette in their mouth shouting profanities out a cracked window. You know who you are, the ones that have all the answers yet cant even balance a checkbook or who live paycheck to paycheck because they are too stupid to quit the addictions sucking on their bank accounts. You know who you are, the ones getting their orders from media programs that they claim not to watch. (pause for more baying of the sheep) When I encounter the masses of complete utter idiots coming out of universities or already sitting in positions of influence I just give up. Also to include those who dont go to university and who are just plain retarded.
    Ron Paul doesnt need to compete with the other candidates,, his greatest obstacle is the 300 million trailer trash living in America.

  228. Your ignorance is really showing. There are no higher degrees than the 33rd, which is honorary. Secondly, the Freemason gambit is a distraction from the real criminals here. If they can keep you asking the wrong questions, they do not have to worry about the answers. Keep tracking down RPs ties to the Freemasons and you will be doing their work, wasting your time looking in places where you will find nothing.

  229. Miggy, before you go calling everyone an idiot, you really should brush up on the English language. There is no such word as “irregardless”, using it in your rant only makes YOU look like the stupid one.

  230. To my eyes Ron Paul has been an obvious shill, from the very beginning, and it good to finally see that others are beginning to see this.

  231. Joseph W. Schultz

    From one idiot to another, whom would you prefer for pres, Ron Paul or Rush Limbaugh? –jws

  232. Joseph W. Schultz

    If our Constitution had legs do you think it could run for and win the presidency? –jws

  233. Well, Joe, looks like you are going to have to choose between three pure idiots, McCain, Clinton or Obama. I don’t know which is worse, but all are far worse than Ron Paul. It is a moot point though, as RP will never get more than 1 – 2 %. How you can compare RP to Rush Limbaugh is the question. RP is a Constitutionalist, Rush is a Fascist.

  234. George Washington was a freemason terrorist. If you dont like what he did for the country maybe the UK would be a good place to move. You can tell them all your BS all day long over tea and cookies. Meanwhile…on with the revolution!

  235. When any court violates the clean and unambiguous language of the constitution, a fraud is perpetrated and no one is bound to obey it.” – State v. Sutton 63 Minn 167, 65 NW 262, 30 LRA 630

  236. Absentee ballot voting produces actual hard copy–so at least a little less easy to change than noodling the computer files…if your area has electronic “voting.”

    Everyone needs to be held accountable at all levels: a president will not save us. Have to go to county commission meetings, city council meetings, town hall meeting when hosted by Congressional Reps or Senators, or the state level Reps and Senators. Phone call their offices, e-mail, etc. I have seen changes made by a few motivated people–but it has to be an eternal process. Hold everyone’s feet to the fire.

    I am weary of the Bilderberger and CFR commentators and analysts being trucked out on network “news” to spin opinions. George Stephanopoulos, Charles Krauthammer, David Gergen, Richard Haass, et al, ad nauseum…

  237. The capstone aways gives us our leaders – this is why RP pulled the crap that he did with the 911 truth people. If he was one of us he would be beside us with the truth. But nay he just talks what we want to hear and leads us no where but loss of power. We need to restart the Anti-masonic party for with out this we have nothing. The Masons really do run us and we need to show people that those who give death oaths to unseen leaders are worthless.

  238. “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.” “No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.” 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177, late 2d, Sec 256

  239. Joseph W. Schultz

    My point exactly re, RP and RL, Bill. Pretending We the People actually have a say in national elections, we must also pretend the candidates mean what they say. This being the case, Ron Paul stands head and shoulders over all other “ruiners”. It is only after someone is “elected” that we find if the truth was spoken. In most cases, it is then too late. The dominant reason being that it is the system that is corrupt, not necessarily the men who take office. Too many things have slipped past the Supreme Court for anything truly meaningful to come out of Washington in positive ways.

    To fix the system we need men and women of vision. Do you know of any? –jws

  240. Dan // May 13, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    The capstone aways gives us our leaders – this is why RP pulled the crap that he did with the 911 truth people. If he was one of us he would be beside us with the truth. But nay he just talks what we want to hear and leads us no where but loss of power. We need to restart the Anti-masonic party for with out this we have nothing. The Masons really do run us and we need to show people that those who give death oaths to unseen leaders are worthless.

    I can guarantee you. The Masons do not run the country and are not starting or participating in the NWO as a whole. We can’t even figure out whether to have chocolate or vanilla ice cream after a meeting….

  241. Totalitarian world government, is not something that may happen someday, unless we vote for RP or whomever. It is already up and running.

    This is something, which the wise have long known would occur, and such are certainly not fooled by the likes of Ron Paul. The very form of it, even the flavor of it and how and by whom it was established, have all long been anticipated and warned of.

    That most are even still unaware that it is already established, is also not surprising, and that so many believe that it can be avoided or prevented, attests both to it’s power and the foolishness of mankind.

  242. To fix the system we need men and women of vision. Do you know of any? –jws

    I know men of vision. A lot of them, kinda like the guys who founded America. The Freemasons.

  243. Definition of jury nullification – the right of the jury to judge the validity and morality of the law as well as the facts under which a defendant is being tried.

    Jurors should acquit, even against the judge’s instruction… if exercising their judgement with discretion and honesty they have a clear conviction the charge of the court is wrong. — Alexander Hamilton, 1804

    It is not only the juror’s right, but his duty to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgement and conscience, though in direct opposition to the instruction of the court. –John Adams, 1771

    I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution. — Thomas Jefferson, 1789

  244. According to Stan Kubrick in his film ‘Eyes wide shut’, “Rainbow” and “girls” is where they train the next generation of sex sluts for the illuminati higher ups ..

  245. Now we see that the Mason is out of the Bag. The vector/focal point of the Ron Paul revolution shows itself to be along the same lines as the other Masonic traditions that linked to the head of the Mason’s the Royalty of England/Germany/Europe.

    We always have been weary of those who harp on the CONstitution, the illegal document that seized land in the name of racist colonialism from the original people who were there before the economic expansion of Royalty of Europe conquered the planet.

    Why didn’t Paul put up a fight, even with most of the Grassroots non-masonic whites of America supporting him, in spite of MSM trashing of him and frauding him of election victories? Because masonry disallows for any mason to act independently outside of the structure of conformity.

    Are all Masons are part of the New World Order? As planners, of course not… but as enthralled into the web of never having any independent actions outside of the Group, yes they are.

    Any righteous removal of the forces of negativity cannot occur because masons, unlike pure people, cannot by their ritual, attack the core of negativity which is like a guard dog killing itself because it’s master is Hitler.

    A mason will never be able to fight this until a mason trust that they can stand on their own and without the support of a corrupt group that takes good people and locks them into subordination of conformity. Ron Paul, regardless of all of his principals, suffered from this, just as Masons like Martin Luther King Jr. thinking that a ritualized person could change what the ritual he holds near/dear has made so without first renouncing that ritual first.

    If Ron Paul would only change this one thing… by renouncing the secret society structure that we live in to champion an age where all cliques and clubs and sects and gangs are secondary to the value of the human being…. then his history wouldn’t matter. But because those who know the history of secret societies and the crimes under the guise of secrecy that have adversely affected those not in the secret society have dug up this info and apologists have come out to defend it.. (but not the accused mind you)…. and Paul himself is vague about it.

    Talk is cheap

    Would Ron Paul or any other Mason value the masonic secrets so much that he would keep them from his wife and kids? Is the ritual that powerful if we were to ask him about sharing and openness that we want from government that Paul couldn’t share some little esoteric ritual with people? If he can’t then, there isn’t much difference between he and Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Nixon, or Washington.

    What is Skull and Bones but a masonic type of organization? What is the Rhodes Scholarship but a masonic type of organization? What was Washington, the 9th/1st president of the stolen lands of America but a proponent of a (european) New World Order?

    For those who are defending Masons are good.. ask your mason friends/relatives/ associates this:

    “Hey… I would love for you to share with me in detail, all of the secret things you guys do…. y’know like the rituals. We’ve been friends/family for a long time and I feel that your secrets are a barrier between us.”

    For those who take personally the attack on Freemasonry and other forms of secret societies:
    Trust in the Human Family where we have no need of secrets from each other.

  246. This whole country was created by masons. It is a fact. Open fact. If you are stupid enough to ask a person who is a player in this country if he is a mason, then you are stupid enough to be lied to. The Constitution and division of powers are all Masonic Inventions. Its called State Craft. Sheeple you are and remain.

  247. I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution. — Thomas Jefferson, 1789

    Is trial by jury a Masonic invention?
    How about jury nullification, another Masonic invention?

  248. Gold has no inherent value whatsoever, and Paul knows that.

    There is nothing wrong with fractional reserve banking, if you are the one who is doing the printing, ask Mr. Red Sheild, and Paul knows that too.

    Solution is vigorously nationalistic countries each printing their own funny money. International trade is where the real value of your funny money is judged and subject to independent evaluation.

    Credit is necessary to promote growth. What is not necessary is that this credit be issued by a bunch of Vampires in England to Americans.

  249. Every time you hear a gavel in a court room, you may very well be hearing the influence of the Masons. As far as sharing the ritual, why should I share something I worked hard to learn, with someone like you who thinks you are entitled to it?

  250. Demonizing Masons is not going to work with me. Simply because most of the founders of this country were Masons, as was my great-grandfather’s brother (and possibly other family members). Considering the great document these supposed world conquerors gave us, I would have to support the Masons. There was a recent documentary on about some of their rituals and they don’t offend me. Someone, however, wants us all to think they are a horrible group that are hiding vile information from us. Grow up.

  251. This is very interesting, in light of the comment I read on Lew Rockwell’s blog, which linked to a CFR magazine website article on Ron Paul and his positions on various issues, foreign and domestic. You have to go to and search their blog entries for this: the CFR on Ron Paul. Here is my point: why would the CFR have an article on Ron Paul UNLESS Paul was a closet CFR member? I used to be a Ron Paul supporter as well who couldn’t wait to vote for him in the Texas primary…but I didn’t. I have reached the conclusion that Ron Paul is probably too good to be true; however, if he really was a threat to THEM, he would have been assassinated a long time ago.

  252. Any man can join Masonry, but it isn’t for every man.

    Anyone here have boys in the Boy Scouts? If you’re anti Masonic, you may want to yank them, because we sponsor a lot of troops, and some of their ritual is derived from Masonic ritual. We also sponsor little league teams…you haters need to wake up. Lodges have Friends night, where you’re welcome to show up and take a look around, and learn about the REAL Masonry. I challenge you to try it instead of hiding behind your computer. Is anyone going to have this public debate with me?

  253. First Chief Justice of the US John Jay wrote: “It is presumed, that juries are the best judges of facts; it is, on the other hand, presumed that courts are the best judges of law. But still both objects are within your power of decision? you [juries] have a right to take it upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy”.State Of Georgia v. Brailsford, 3 U.S. 1,4 (1794).

  254. There is nothing wrong with the Document, Frances.

    The problem is that We the Sheeple are NOT a party to that ‘contract’. That document is regarding the division of societal power amongst the power players, not the sheeple.

    Which is precisely why there is a group that mediates between the already exclusive primary system to actually cast votes in the private interparty field. That is the delegation from the politically active sheeple to the party member.

    Then there are the effective Regime governing the Congress — most of the Rules are set by the two parties. Sheeple are not consulted.

    As I said Frances, “remain”.

  255. All power belongs to the sheeple and jury nullification will bring the real revolution this great republic longs for.

    The other three branches are powerless in the presence of informed sheeple.

  256. Joseph W. Schultz

    There is a factual book copywrited by Arkon Daraul in 1961 titled, A History of Secret Socities, ISBN 0-8065-0857-4, for those interested in such things.

    Then there is the fictional version (which I prefer) titled, The Iluminati Trilogy, written by Robert Anton Wilson and another person. They were both on acid when they wrote the books. They are guaranteed to stun, amase and enlighten anyone who reads them. Only the strong of heart should read them. Just a friendly warning… –jws

  257. Joseph W. Schultz // May 13, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    There is a factual book copywrited by Arkon Daraul in 1961 titled, A History of Secret Socities, ISBN 0-8065-0857-4, for those interested in such things.

    I can’t prove that it isn’t factual, but how can you prove that it is?

  258. Joseph W. Schultz

    lloyd Clinton, did you know that most of the men who defended the Alamo were Masons? –jws

  259. No I did not, but will file that away for research. I am a Mason and proud of it. People need to wake up and realize that we aren’t the problem. Can I call you Joe? You seem informed and intelligent, have you ever looked at joining the Fraternity?

  260. Joseph W. Schultz

    “I can’t prove that it isn’t factual, but how can you prove that it is?”

    Interesting statement. I suppose everything should be considered fiction until proven otherwise. So much for formal education! –jws

  261. The Trilogy is a Mind Fuck. It is a Magik text as they disclose in the end.

    Do not read it. Or if you must, don’t read along the magic chants in the book.

  262. Joseph W. Schultz

    Thanks for the offer, Lloyd. Others have invited me to be accepted into the Masons (my brother is a 33 degree Mason) but I am not qualified. One must believe in a higher power to be a Mason. –jws

  263. Robert Anton Wilson was a “discordian” apologist for Aleister Crowley. His goal was not to inform, but to “stun and amaze”, lead people down the primrose path, but not to wake people up. Only fools and the spiritually corrupt enjoy his books JWS.

  264. Draw a Circle around yourself, while affirming that God IS ONE and the True King.

    Then sit back and watch the illuminati burn in hell for ever …

  265. The Owners of this plantation have left signs all over for the training of the next generations.

    A few points are made. Key point is this: The common man is not intellectually equipped to bother with matters of State Craft. The open signs are there to point out to the rising protoge (like Clinton) or scion (like George). “We are doing this in the open and they still do not get it”. Point is made.

    Its a good point …

  266. Baseball is a metaphor for the political system of the State.

    The plan of the field is the Compass and Square. The pitcher is “G”.

    The field is a truncated pyramid (in section) and where the pitcher (G) is , like the dollar sign, is an empty space.

    The Reds and the Blues line up and they play ball.

    The illusion is that the man on the mound is throwing the pitch but its really “G” that is doing the throwing.

    The business of the Game is the actual State Craft. The entertainment, that is for the “Greek Chorous” …

  267. So, this ‘article’ is supposed to be part of the ‘news’ in the name Aftermath News? It’s complete speculative garbage. Essentially, your article was based on a comment left at Daily Paul, by someone whose identity you are absolutely uncertain of. Yet, this alone is enough for you to be 90% certain that not only is Ron Paul a mason but “33rd degree or above.” Oh wait, the page now says “Access Denied,” there’s proof!
    You’re unrelenting search for the truth didn’t even lead you to do a Google search on “Liberty Oak Ranch.” Tootired had to do this bit of what you termed “sleuthing.” A Google search, click on first link. I wonder when your quest for the truth would have led you to do that particular bit of sluething yourself… What a joke. The only facts this ‘news’ presents are the facts that you are a shitty investigator and you believe what you want to based on ridiculously thin evidence. And I’m being incredibly generous with the term evidence.

  268. JWS, it’s too bad that you don’t meet that 1 qualification.. otherwise you would make a great member!

    Didn’t you say you weren’t Christian earlier (i’m not saying you did or didn’t, just trying to reaffirm). In whom do you put your trust PJ?

  269. Joseph W. Schultz

    Brigitt, you must have read the Trilogy. Personally, I thought it was the funniest set of books I ever read. I’ve studied occultism for over sixty years and the only ones it will harm are those with weak constitutions. Some say knowledge is power. I say knowledge is tedious! ;-) –jws

  270. The lower level initiate to the “mysteries” is lied to.

    It is even stated publicly that deception is used in the lower levels.

    Stop and think (try it ..) and ask yourself:

    Just what sort of long standing order would groom its rising members through a process that is openly declared to be a Mind Fuck?

  271. JWS:

    Be warned, then clearly, it is said: “With Knowledge Comes Responsibility”.

    That is the catch. Play ball with the devil and … singe ..

  272. Brigitt,

    Do you know what the G actually stands for in the Square and Compass? It’s stands for 2 things. God and Geometry.

  273. Brigitt // May 13, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    The lower level initiate to the “mysteries” is lied to.

    It is even stated publicly that deception is used in the lower levels.

    Where do you get this evidence?

  274. Joseph W. Schultz

    Thanks, Lloyd. The only organization I ever belonged to was the Boy Scouts (I was an Eagle Scout).

    On the other hand, I have a world view that would frighten many. That is, those who have some idea of what that view is. ;-) –jws

  275. Alright, time is up.

    The lower level initiate, generally a self confident member of society, a man of ability and self righteous morals, a “believer in a Higher Power” …, etc., is put through the steps.

    At a key point in the process, the member, if designated worthy of further integration, will be shown his errors in judgment.

    Again (here) the person’s self regard is used against them. (Its a lesson for the higher level initiates ..) They become convinced, based on their own experience, that the individual can never reach correct conclusions in isolation, and, lack of Knowledge can distort understanding.

    Proof is the process that they went through.

    Now, the initiate is sympathetic to the notion that the sheeple should NEVER be given a say in matters of Life and Death: State Craft. (That is why danger is a key element of the initiation, amongst other reasons ..)

    So they point is that, regardless of the stated ideals, it is an order that asserts the utility of the LIE.

    Read John 8:44

  276. A poster has given away the ultimate secret to the societies and hasn’t been acknowledged even once. I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to how many times I’ve seen the truth in the face of the conspiratorial minded and completely overlooked. That is why most here are in ruts. There just isn’t much to the riddle all the way up the masonic ladder. There was once a time that silly people would think golf courses were -the- place to be to hook business. That is, until women started to play.

  277. Geometry is the Formal Approach to “Measure” “Truth”.

    Masons are Luciferians that believe Knowledge is Power. They are Rebels against The Almighty King.

    The whole point of this plane of existence for “G-D” to PROVE that there are Limits to both the Knowledge that you can gain, and the Power that you can wield in Applying it …

    Who Raises the Dead from Slumber?

    Anubis has Asked a Question, o thou Princes of the Earth …

  278. Joseph W. Schultz

    Brigitt, I prefer to think, with freedom comes responsibility. Many think freedom means license. Knowledge is necessary only if it is used with a sense of humor and a grain of salt. ;-) –jws

  279. Gim: You sound like you’ve studied in the rosicrucian order. Those guys are well beyond the comprehension of the conventional masons, who don’t go that deep into the ancient mysteries and the origins and are orders of magnitude more secretive than typical masonic rites. That being the case, don’t you fear spilling the beans? (so-to-speak)

  280. Brigitt,

    You are way off base. If what you say is true, then why do we invoke the blessing of Deity in the opening and closing of our Lodges? With some of the arguments you make, it is very tough for me to restrain and not attack you personally like PJ does when he is frustrated, but I will not go there. Read some of the freely available ritual on the internet and you’ll understand why we aren’t the haters. It’s because we don’t come down on people for their beliefs, but come together from all creeds, religions, etc for the betterment of mankind.

  281. Joseph W. Schultz

    You see, Brigitt, I think, if there is a God, that God is an evil creature. He even admits to creating *evil in the book you like to quote. Look at Isaiah 45:7 if you don’t believe me. Why would anyone believe in a God who admits to creating evil? –jws

    *Some bibles replace the word “evil” with “calamity”. But the root word is “evil” in spite of the white-wash.

  282. Didn’t “gim” already answer that for you?

    According to what gim has been told — an idea also being pushed in books such as the newly recovered gospel of Judas — is that the creator of Adam is not The GOD, but the Devil. This was an error on the bad bad devil’s part, due to pride and hubris: “I too can create”. This sect then hold the Devil to be the ‘god of Earth’. “The Trickster God”.

    It all comes down to this question: Do believe in Revelation from God, or do you not? If you don’t, you can join gim’s club.

    If you do, you can ask yourself if you are worthy of even approaching it, much less interpreting what HE IS Saying …

  283. Btw, the Pope’s Red Shoes … are they Prada, by any chance?

  284. Joseph W. Schultz

    Brigitt is correct somewhat in her reflection on reversals in Masonic teachings. But not as she noted. When one is fully innitiated into Masonry (and similar societies), Golden Dawn, O.T.O., etal, he is crucified (ritually) on the “tree of life” — Minutum Mundum — and the pillar of mercy then resides to the left and the pillar of justice resides at the right of his enlightened body. The pillar of knowledge still remains the back bone of said tree.

    It is not occultism that spreads falsehoods, per se. It is the various cults of Christianity that amply does that job. ;-)

    Enter now all manner of slings and arrows for saying this! ;-) –jws

  285. This has got to be the most pathetically misdirective thread on a topic I’ve ever read.

    Go ahead guys – don’t debate the issues, just bicker about what one person that has an opinion on them may or may not be.

    What the results of your belief in those issues actually accomplish don’t matter, but that one guy – he matters…oh he matters.

    I mean, it’s not like any of us that are over 35 and American citizens could run for President – it has to be that one guy, and we have to have this stupid heresay debate about something none of us know anything positive about (let alone actually studied outside of gossip and rumor).

    So I guess you guys are the paranoids of the former Ron Paul supporters – glad we finally got rid of you.

    Have fun!

    – xTo

    (p.s. – “They” are still gonna get ya…look, they got you running scared!)


  286. Joseph W. Schultz

    Lighten up, xTo. Get off of the floor and add your true feelings right here on this forum. You might even say something that people will be quoting for years to come. Is “roflmao” original or did you see it somewhere else? ;-) –jws

  287. I live in Lake Jackson…3 miles from the Paul family’s little house…..I can swear to everybody here…HE IS NO FREE MASON…my sister teaches his grandkids gymnastics for Christ’s sake….They are some of the best people I have ever known….going back 20 years. RELAX people
    keep an open mind…just not so open all your brains fall out.

  288. Michael Edwards

    Since George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were freemasons also, I fail to see the relevance of whether Mr. Paul is a mason, unless you are saying that the Republic has been luciferian for over 200 years, inwhich case we may as well throw in the towel now.

    Some masons are into the occult, others are not. Some masons are Christians, others are not.
    I was at a gathering in the Scottish Consistory in south Jersey a few years back, and they all (grey haired men and blue haired ladies) sang “I Serve a Risen Savior”, complete with the words, “He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today!”

    I’m sorry, but you just can’t convince me that those folks are busy worshiping satan in their spare time.

    What I see in Ron Paul by his voting record is integrity. That is enough for me, without absurd speculations based on such ridiculous items as Mr. Paul using the American Sign Language sign for “I love you” and claiming that it is satanic. Are you folk insane?

    I agree with the above poster. Don’t let your brains fall out.

  289. There is nothing hearsay about the Masonic Elite.

    Not so happy about your ‘lone strong man’ theory either.

    Poster about juries has the right idea, people power, but the issue is where the rubber meets the road, the said rubber having been heavily indoctrinated in statist ideology … aka we deserve what we are …

    L Clinton: I don’t care if you attack me personally. I don’t care what a secret society publishes publicly. Stupid.

    Issue is not “hate” issue is LIES. To not hate is not the same thing as to Love.

    Love and LIES do not mix.

    LIES in “service” of a “higher good”.

    Stupid. Very stupid. John 8:44.

  290. Are any of us God Fearing?
    Proverbs 8-13
    To be is to hate all evil, in yourself first of course, and then the world. Evil is described: Pride and Arrogance listed as first.

  291. MatildaHolmes

    Lloyd Clinton // May 13, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Brigitt // May 13, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    The lower level initiate to the “mysteries” is lied to.

    It is even stated publicly that deception is used in the lower levels.

    Where do you get this evidence?

    From Albert Pike’s “Morals & Dogma”:

    “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.”

  292. kuk,


    5 Smooth Stones,

    I would rather live next to a known convict who doesn’t deny his crimes, than next to a “pillar of society” who has a squeaky clean image and yet is up to shady business behind the people’s backs.

    But I never said for sure that I could prove anything about Ron Paul other than some suspicious connections that frankly begin to add up to something worth worrying about. I suspected he was involved in the Masonic conspiracy and I had reason to suspect it. I did not just pull all this out of thin air, and I certainly did not have an agenda to bring Ron Paul down. I found some problems with him and I decided to share them with you the public for the purpose of free and open discussion and in hopes that these questions could get settled.

    And I think it is bearing fruit. I find that I am not alone in my concerns, but that the vast majority of people are corrupt and controlled and so do not want this type of information to escape and so hate me and ridicule me for it. So be it. The information about Ron Paul is slowly but surely coming together and I predict a more complete picture of his involvement in the Masonic conspiracy is soon to emerge.

    I am 110% with 100percenttruth


    I agree with you. Too good to be true. I certainly wanted to believe in RP because after all he was “our only hope”, but I have been conned before, so I have this ability to catch myself before it’s too late and change course to avert danger.

    And yes, there is this lie perpetuated to us that makes presidential politics the be-all and end-all which actually takes us out of our independence and makes us very dependent on the political savior figure who represents the all-powerful central government which today is worshipped as a god.

    Lasher and insight,

    All this BS about “good freemasons” does not wash with me. The organization is corrupt from it’s foundations. If you serve it, you serve evil, no matter how “good” you appear to be. So forget that argument. It is just more Masonic baloney.

    THE TAS,

    I think you are right. A real dissident would never have gotten into the debates in the first place or especially not get the accolades that he has got from a number of mainstream talking heads. And we know that the Illuminati have already picked the next selectee and are carefully managing this bread and circus freak show for public consumption. As they normally do, once the people get sick and tired of having one party in power for eight years, they swing us back to the other side of the dialectic and like tacking a sailboat, we are taken on a zig-zag course straight into storm that will lay this country in ruins. Both parties and both ends of the spectrum are working together for the NWO system.


    You are just another pod-person. Wake up.

    Howard Ratcliffe,

    The King James Bible was written up by a Rosicrucian court. The whole of our culture and religion has been set up and maintained by the occult theocracy of Illuminati, Masons, etc. This is the real Matrix which is cultural, religious and governmental. The high-tech aspect is just one more layering of control, the icing on the cake. We have already been under control and used as slaves to build up this system for a very long time. We went along with it and built our own prison. Understanding this Matrix system and gradually disconnecting from it is to escape their control. That is the true freedom.

    goldie locks,

    Marx and Engels were both masons. Marx was paid by the London elite to pen his name to a doctrine they set up for more control. Communism is just another way to herd the sheep. Skull and Bones funded Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution. They funded Freemason Stalin and Mao. Then they built up Communist China and sold our country out to them. This is the New World Order that the Illuminati have envisioned for probably thousands of years, a global government under complete control. It is all Masonic at the top. Communism is just another one of their tools.


    I agree. Walk and stand alone. Be an individual. Think for yourself. Think original thoughts or try to. Don’t worry about what others say, do or think. Just tell the truth and be as honest with yourself as you can. This takes a certain amount of trust and courage.

    I have taken more heat from this one than from my exposure of the Knights of Malta, but I am not sorry for it and don’t regret it. I was surprised at how many people are controlled by the Masonic con-job, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

    As for your link, I glanced through it and looks pretty weird to me, like a number of mysterious New Agey manifestos floating around.

    Lloyd Clinton,

    Oh Lloyd, Lloyd, if you want to know what it is to be attacked on a daily basis, come live in my shoes awhile. I do get frustrated by individuals who both cling to lies and promote them here, so I guess I do lose my cool and state what I am feeling in the moment. At any rate, if you don’t like it, I suggest you don’t come here anymore. Nobody is forcing you to read these comments.

    And you say:

    “Every time you hear a gavel in a court room, you may very well be hearing the influence of the Masons. As far as sharing the ritual, why should I share something I worked hard to learn, with someone like you who thinks you are entitled to it?”

    admitting our whole system is Masonic and therefore run by masons in the courts, the government, the military and industry etc. Then you show your true elitism in your comments about your “higher education” in the lodge, which is a well-kept secret.

    As for taking oaths in a Masonic temple to your Baphomet God Lucifer, I guess that is your affair.


    My gut tells me that Ron Paul is a crypto-freemason and is serving the New World Order system, regardless of his political rhetoric to the contrary. I have a right to say it here and nobody is going to stop me from saying it.


    I have absolutely zilch to do with CFR, Bilderberg or any other organization, period. In fact, I spend much of my life exposing them and warning people about their nefarious agendas.

    I am just an individual who once supported Ron Paul, had my doubts, then withdrew my support and voiced my observations here on this blog. There is nothing more to it than that.

    You are welcome to disagree, but use your head for a minute. Why would someone in the masonically controlled establishment want to out one of their own members as a mason? It is without precedent and it makes no sense whatsoever.


    I’ll bash anyone I please if they are working for the New World Order. I do bash elite Jewish Zionists like the Rothschilds and Masonic Gentiles alike, but to cast aspersions on an entire race, no you won’t get me to do that. Sorry.

    I mean all the things you people are accusing me of are nothing but fabrications, not just you GT, but pretty much everybody who is trying to cut me down or paint me as a traitor. It is nothing but lies and chaos.

    I never said I was perfect, but I am sharing the truth as I see it, the best way I can as an antidote to the web of lies that we all unfortunately live under.


    RP has been on every major radio show, every major TV news network and on every major TV talk show from morning to late night TV and has even been endorsed or applauded by some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry. So please don’t tell me about this phony “media blackout”.

    Again, my gut tells me that this is just a sign that he has been allowed to say what he says because he is approved for these messages, up to a point. And he may even get the Republican nomination, but every presidential race is rigged to begin with, so to think they would allow a truly independent leader to shut down the New World Order system is ludicrous. They are putting in a Democrat to work the other side of the dialectic for awhile and that is that.


    I felt the same way like a slap upside my head when RP said 9/11 Inside Job was just a crazy conspiracy theory. He could have at least said that there were unanswered questions, and something suspicious about it, but he didn’t.

    And yes, a squeaky clean congressman for decades? I always had my doubts about that, even though I felt that I had to support him for awhile because he was the only straw to grasp. Yeah I nearly re-registered Republican from Libertarian just so I could vote for RP, but I am now glad I didn’t.


    The elite are all Masons. The Grand Lodge of England is controlled by British Royalty who are also Knights of Malta and Knights of the Garter. It is all Masonic, that is based in the Kabbalah and Egyptian mysteries, etc. The Church is also Masonic in the Rosicrucian vein. Look at the symbols on the wall behind RP in the Catholic Jesuit Georgetown U. It is all Masonic. Catholics at the highest levels of cardinals and bishops can and do become Freemasons and hang out with Freemasons. But the Papal bulls to the contrary are just official notices for public consumption. The Templars protected the Church and then became the Freemasons. The Knights of Malta took over the Templars role and their symbolism is also Masonic and Rosicrucian. These are the Illuminati bloodlines playing games with your head for centuries. I also believe there is a lodge in the Vatican called the Ekklesia Lodge, but I have not been able to confirm it yet. We shall see.

    And “The NWO agenda isn’t all that bad either.”???? Where are you coming from dude?

    Ed from the Army,

    The plan is to have top brass and soldiers brainchipped so that a General in a bunker with Cheney or Obama for that matter, can direct orders directly from his brain into the brains of robotic “Iron Men” soldiers anywhere on Earth.

    WWI and II were staged and fought to reorder the world geopolitically. Thus the League of Nations and the UN were born as steps to global government. Evry war since was staged on false pretexts to further the agenda along.

    Can you tell us anymore about Ron Paul at Ft Clayton and can you elaborate on what you think it means? Thanks

    Lame Cherry,

    I am with you on the fact that most RP supporters are well-intentioned, freedom-loving Americans. It is just that when somebody shows them something that casts suspicion on their candidate, they tend to turn a blind eye to it, “for the greater good” or some such.


    When I get time, I will write an essay for you. Okay? Meantime quit with the BS about shapeshifting reptiles, which proves that you are just here to trash the discussion, create chaos and not to debate on the issue of freemasonry in govt.


    Not a bad idea.


    Right, the Matrix was already in place before any of us were born. It is cultural, religious, commercial and governmental. The high-tech surveillance grid is just the icing on the cake for the final global control. Enough of us breaking free of this matrix system mentally and otherwise is the only way towards a free society. But you have to fight for that and frankly most people either don’t want to fight or they don’t have a clue as to who the Enemy is. The Illuminati going way back into antiquity.


    Robert Anton Wilson was a “discordian” apologist for Aleister Crowley. His goal was not to inform, but to “stun and amaze”, lead people down the primrose path, but not to wake people up. Only fools and the spiritually corrupt enjoy his books JWS.


    You sound like a good person, but in my opinion you are being controlled, though you don’t intentionally want that. Therefore you wait for some day in the future when “redemption draweth nigh” which is ultimately a cop-out, or should I say an “opt-out” of having to do anything to make the world a better place for future generations. This is where the Illuminati (who originated in the mists of antiquity) have most of the world’s population by the balls with the knife of eternal damnation held to their throats. Religion is the oldest con-game in the world, so you are obviously not alone in your belief. I only wish that you could see that religion was created for the purpose of control from the very beginning so it is not of matter of “infiltration” any more than the Mafia was “infiltrated” by criminals. It was set up by the elite esoteric wolves to control the commonor exoteric sheep and that is all. Jesus, the Fish (Pisces) is to return, but only as the next age on the zodiac wheel, Aquarius. That’s the illuminist Masonic cabalist joke and that is what you are waiting for, though you were told it was a man-god who was coming to save you. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is the biggest conjob in the world. I beg people to free their minds, but don’t listen to me. Just open your mind and do research until the pieces start coming together, and then continue to research to deepen your understanding. Think for yourself.

  293. , Allen Wood

    To pjwalker911,
    How refreshing to see someone like you, who has a complete understanding of the dangers of Freemasonry, and the New World Order. I am so pleased to read all of your posts. The highest levels of the Freemasons, for example have a special word for the manner in which they seek to to deceive and mislead not only the “profane” (you and me) but the vast majority of fellow Masons. That word is hoodwink. It is defined as the effort put forth by the lying men at the top echelons to keep lower level members in darkness. In the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, editor Dr. Albert Mackey, 33rd degree mason, and former Sovereign Grand Commander, claims that secrecy, silence, and deceit-in other words, hoodwink, is an absolute necessity so that, the mysteries of our art should be preserved. All of the above information comes from an expert on Freemasonry, and Illuminati, Mr. Texe Marrs. If anyone has any doubts about the above, please read the excellent book by Mr. Marrs titled “Codex Magica”. You can take the info found in this fantastic book to the bank. Another great source of info regarding Freemasonry can found by doing a search for Walter Veith. Freemasonry is Satanic. You don’t have to do a whole lot of research to prove this. Please wake up everyone, Satan wants total control, and he will have it if you let him.

  294. Allen Wood,

    Knowing the Masonic Matrix requires the ability to discern truth from fiction and we are required to sift the truth from a wide variety of sources including those we don’t particularly like. And then how far down the rabbit hole are we prepared to go to uncover this system and expose it on all levels? That depends on a person’s commitment to the truth above any form of deception. And it is this deception that thhe Masonic Matrix relies on to function and exist and carry through its diabolical agendas down through the centuries.

  295. *rollseyes*

    As I said above, good riddance.

    Joseph Schultz: Those are my true feelings. Seriously – if people speculate on heresay so much about what organization x person belongs to, regardless of his past history, voting record, integrity, etc. then I say “good riddance they’re gone.”

    Fact of the matter is, so long as we’re going to stay off-topic like this thread so graciously displays, we might as well go up to DC now and beg to get chipped, because we’re wasting our time bickering over stupid shit while the assholes in DC are passing the legislation to do everything that’s driving us nuts.

    Then again, that’s what this poster counted on…and the people that fell for it are the paranoids that hear the word “Mason” and freak out and run.

    Good riddance – they weren’t worth it in the first place; they were bound to be freaked out and run because of something eventually because they obviously don’t know how to trust other people in any capacity, and are thus prone to believe anything they hear.

    Ron Paul’s been honest – he told y’all that this is gonna be a war. It’s too bad that you guys expect the weapons to be guns and knives rather than words.

    This is a quiet war, you fools – the weapons are your words.

    – xTo

    P.s. – “Rofl Mao” is my dog’s name. It stands for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off” and it is by no means original, nor did I claim it to be. “roflmfao” is what I wrote, and it’s the same thing with an addition of “Fucking.” It is also, by no means, original, although I did not claim originality with it, either.

  296. Never forget: the populace’s belief in any given concept is directly a product of how verifiable the information they have been told is, and how much it’s been repeated.

    BeliefInConcept = Verifiability * Repetition

    If I repeat it enough, you’ll believe it.

    If I tell you something that is easily verifiable, you’ll believe it even if I only tell it to you once.

    If I mix and match a little bit of each, you’ll believe it, so long as I make it either just convoluted enough that you can’t easily verify it, or I repeat it enough that verifying it would take too much of your time.

    – xTo

  297. I voted for Ron Paul and I had to hold my nose to do it. I voted to end the war, but he will not rein in global corporations one bit. He is a corporations wet dream, no controls, no min. wage, no safety net. Hey look at China in this quake, building standards as good as their toasters. See huge slabs of concrete with no metal inside. Now you got 18,000 people trapped. What would Ron Paul say…”oh well”

    no thanks

  298. ohgoodgrief

    I’ve gotten more truth from Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader than I have from Ron Paul. He is tied to the Jesuits, praises the Vatican, and for more than 20 years been leading real patriots and truth seekers down the garden path.

    We don’t need a Ron Paul in the first place. We need the Lord. And possibly we need to start a national Town Hall type movement where local groups meet to discuss the oil barons robbing us blind and other topics. Congress will never do anything for this country other than mouth a few platitudes and collect their huge paychecks.

    I have asked repeatedly whether my congressman will be having any town hall meetings prior to the election. Of course not. Why should he/she want to answer hard questions about banking, oil, or chemtrails. We need to start talking amongst ourselves – for free – in open town hall meetings about what we need to do about our national decline.

    The metings alone would disturb the permanent cocktail circuit mindset in DC. It is the only way to get their attention. The Ron Pauls of the world are there to give us false hope. I believe he is a Mason as well. Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader have more to say about what’s really going on that Dr. Paul. He has said too many odd things that just don’t compute.

  299. Inconvenient

    the attitude of the above calling people “paranoids” is why I don’t bother even talking to the majority of RP supporters anymore. Because they have not done the research, the truth is classified as mental illness in their eyes. Truly, those people who have been told the truth and still ridicule it are worse than the MSM flunky zombies who haven’t heard it at all.

    Good riddance to you, too. By all means, continue to insult the real patriots and truth-seekers. I have no doubt that this plan of theirs will not be secret forever. And I doubt there will be many of us to say “I told you so” (not that we ever would, we just want YOU to wake up not any personal glory) because by the time it goes public, they’ll round us “troublemakers” up to the cheers of all the brainwashed fools. Well, they won’t stop with us, I guarantee that.

    This is life and death people, and just because you didn’t do the research and fact-finding doesn’t mean you can hide from it forever.

  300. There is a side to R. Paul that is creepy, odd and cold. I guess now we know what it is.

  301. ohgoodgrief

    and p.s. – godlikeproductions? As a source of info on any topic???? Give me a break. Only the really duped and confused trust anything on that posting site. It is THICK with rogue intelligence lurkers and posters. In short it is both a “mousetrap” and disinformation site.

  302. I agree GLP is an absolute cesspit psyop. They delete anything too dangerous and hoaxes spread faster than wildfires. The owners are run by the Tavistock Institue (worldwide cointelpro) and are traced to a spyware company.

    I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND staying away from there.

  303. Stefan,

    Thanks for posting that Google cache on the original post from “Oak”. Here is the uncut version:

    Warning! Ron Paul is a Freemason!

    Posted April 21st, 2008 by Svens Son

    In another thread, I was discussing my disgust with the freemason, and how their secrets do affect each community, as their symbols are everywhere in every town.

    I said I wouldn’t post anymore. But I’m breaking my promise. Because Ron Paul broke his promise to me. He never told us he was involved with the freemasons, which many of us do not like, and would have never supported him if we had known.

    I feel cheated and lied to by Ron Paul.

    Here’s the quote

    Liberty Oak Ranch

    Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigotted beliefs. You don’t know anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the Freemason or Eastern Star organizations.

    1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years.

    2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

    3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry.

    Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. It spawns lies and hate toward those who are innocent and have done good for others. Just try taking your child to the Shriner’s burn or crippled childrens hospital. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and will do it free of charge. How many people has your paranoia helped?
    For a woman to get into the Order of the Eastern Star, her husband MUST be a mason.
    So we have Obama as a Prince Hall Mason, Hillary as an Eastern Star, Ron Paul most likely a member of the Scottish Rite, with his buddy Judge Jack Hightower, and the Nafta crew.
    John McCain has been raised in the military, so doesn’t know what it’s like to have a real job. We are all screwed. Time to get pissed America.
    Sorry manystrom, I liked your site, but I can no longer be a Ron Paul supporter.

    But I’ve posted this info all over the internet. People need the truth, not a pack of lies.
    Read up about the Order of the Eastern Star, and how the subliminally manipulate people into worshipping satan

  304. Mark Earhart

    I have become thoroughly pissed off at Ron Paul, and feel betrayed by him since he has not done a damn thing to fight the voter fraud nationwide.

    I donated all of the money I could spare to his campaign, but am in the process of removing his campaign stickers from my cars and have left the meetup group.

    I now plan to vote for Chuck Baldwin, since I can not vote for any of the other three despots in good faith. I couldn’t sleep at night if I did so.

  305. Regardless as to whom is elected to any political office, it’s time the People stood up and exercised both their proactive and reactive Collective Sovereign authority over their governments – and not just America. This would be great if it included most if not all countries around the world.

    Please read:

  306. PJ,

    This is my last call for a public debate. Should the call go unanswered, so be it, but I think that all of your people would see the lies you hide behind if you don’t do it. I’m ready, are you?

  307. JWS

    You are completely wrong about Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be, and your “zeitgeist” hogwash, shows that you are among the luciferians, who are now submitting this world.

    There is a vast gulf between the merely religious and the elect of G_d, and Jesus Christ alone can place you among the latter. He is The Sacrifice, and by his gift do the chosen live eternally.

    Ask and you shall receive.

    The Fourth Reich; The New World Order.
    by Natasha Thompson

  308. My Grandfather was a Shriner and was one of the finest persons I’ve ever known. I met a Knight’s Templar Mason in Las Vegas where he worked and he was completely aware of the zion-NAZI high Bush, Kerry, Rockefeller, Rothschilds and their associates and followers (murdering scum like Kissinger, etc.) and that they were demons. But many Freemasons do good works and others are complete scum. Most are O.K but those lodges who have police usually are rotton (not always). Small town mason operations are often very corrupt. Most people who join do so because they know someone whom they respect who’s in that lodge and join for that reason. So its a mixed bag. I would never join because I just don’t trust people that much. Now I find out that all of the rituals are from Talmudic Jewish lore and so you are supporting the Lucifer worshippers without knowing – depending upon the rites performed. People get in without knowing what’s really behind the curtain. That’s also why I never goin anything, church, whatever. It turns out that most big religeous operations have been secretly founded by the Rothschilds and their high masons. Like the Mormon Church, most of the evangelicals, Billy Graham, and in 1823 the Rothschilds took over the finances of the Catholic Church. I have a lot of Catholic relatives – they know nothing of the New World Order! The Catholic Church appears to have gone off on their own and that’s probably why they are labled as leftists. Ron Paul’s speaking in a hall of a Catholic University is no proof of anything. The fact that it has masonic symbols showed me that the Rothschild influence on that church has gone quite far. Like when they moves queers into the pristhood starting in the early 1900’s. What Paul has been preaching is quite the opposite of the mind controll jibberish of Bush, CNN, FOX, etc. So what are our other choices? And where could Paul speak that wouldn’t have possible question as raised in this article? The whole establishment has been either Freemason or Zion-NAZI so where do you find a building clean of such stuff? Not on almost any college campus. A Church? This article was written to break up the freedom movement and to sow discord. Nobody should be a blind follower but you need some harder facts, much harder, than in this article. The writer probably thinks that the trade towers were brought down by lasers or promotes that idea under a different name.

  309. I wanted to add another comment because I missed a couple of errors in my writing : Goin should be join and where I said the Catholic Church (lower down) being leftist, I meant the South American Church.

  310. I see that comments here are censored. Of course they call it moderation though.

  311. Inconvenient: I am not being insolent in classifying this thread as “paranoid.” The DSM-IV definition of a person with “paranoia personality disorder” (summarized, as it is, after all, a full chapter long) is:

    “A person with a set of unjustified or illogical beliefs that causes them significant difficulties in maintaining lasting relationships.”

    As such, these are the reason that I classify the people that digress from Ron Paul’s campaign due to this thread “paranoids:”
    1. There is no proof that Ron Paul is or is not a Mason. For that matter, there is no proof that anyone in this thread is or is not a Mason. Just because a formal admission or denial of association with any given organization does not exist, we do not have any ground on which to speculate whether or not Ron Paul may be a Mason. For that matter, we do not have any ground on which to speculate whether or not you may be a member of Al Qaeda (any more than this sentence suggested that you may or may not be). That is a wonderful example of an “unjustified belief.”
    2. Those that digress from his campaign due to this thread are ACTING on an unjustified belief. As such, they are committing a paranoid act.

    Fact of the matter is, you’re not going to find another candidate that has the voting record that Ron Paul has, toward the guidelines set forth in the United States Constitution.

    This entire thread is merely a gossip column, meant to keep it’s readers from doing something more useful with their time…maybe, as I am currently, like reading Ron Paul’s new book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” in which he overtly states that the commitment toward the set of guidelines established within the United States Constitution is more important than his candidacy or presidency.

    He is being overt – if everybody here wants to gossip about unjustified suppositions, then they’re missing the point – this is about what we’re going to see happen at the end of this year: this is about the collapse of our currency, the collapse of our economy, and the end of America as we know it.

    If we’re not spending our time directly fighting it as we are being fought – in the media, in Congress, in other American citizens’ minds – then we might as well go get chipped now, and we will have all the time in the world to gossip, as we’re further thrust into economic slavery.

    Due to that, hey – Darwinian evolution. This thread just weeded out the people that would’ve bailed anyway, because they were more into the Ron Paul campaign due to his cult of personality than they actually care about anything like “freedom” or “patriotism.”

    Again – Good riddance.

    – xTo

  312. Why did you refuse delete my last comment?

    I made no abusive remarks, and I used no proscribed language. I was also on topic, and very reasonable, in my response to JBS’s response to my earlier posts.

    How, …. Beijing of you.

  313. Ron Paul – OUR PLAN

    Haven’t you hear the anagram? Didn’t read all comments so don’t know if this is redundant.

  314. I see my question about your censorship was posted, and so let me try again to post the one you have yet to allow.

    Here it is again.



    You are completely wrong about Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be, and your “zeitgeist” hogwash, shows that you are among the luciferians, who are now submitting this world.

    There is a vast gulf between the merely religious and the elect of G_d, and Jesus Christ alone can place you among the latter. He is The Sacrifice, and by his gift do the chosen live eternally.

    Ask and you shall receive.

    The Fourth Reich; The New World Order.
    by Natasha Thompson

  315. Inconvenient

    what an absolute joke, I care about freedom and patriotism way more than RP. He had the chance to blow the whistle on the BIGGEST thing causing us to lose our rights, and start more wars – 9/11. Even though he had said previously, he would support a new investigation, he made it out like that we’re all crazy – same as you insinuate, he goes on the most televised event outside of the debates and says “no that’s propsterous” that our government was involved in the attacks. Just look at the “intercept jets” flying at half-speed in the wrong direction. Look at the scripted media of that day, building up for more wars, to take our freedoms. Look at Bush sitting there GUILTY reading an upside down book about Baphomet , his pet goat. Don’t you ever question my desire for freedom, to be out from under the constant lies that blanket us every day. AND RON PAUL SOLD OUT TO THOSE LIES. He won’t say a word about how the voting process is a SCAM and a SHAM. Or how our two party system is completely run by the SAME PEOPLE. Give me a damn break. I was caught up in his record and his words, too but they are nothing but the token opposition and he won’t EVER go the extra mile. More of the status quo, who “accidentally” got too many people’s attention. In my opinion, he was in this race for the sole purpose to continue to cover up 9/11 because when it come out their whole house of cards come down. And they all have a lot to lose with that, including Ron Paul, whose loyalty to the Nazi GOP is more important than freedom for his grandkids. He’s been more of a detriment to the freedoma nd truth cause than a help. The only thing he really did was get people talking abbout the Constitution and about the Fed. The Fed – the only way thats going ANYWHERE is full-blown revolution. The Constitution just pretends to affirm what we should already have as human beings – freedom and dignity. I don’t trust him any more than the rest of the candidates still in it and I absolutely HATE them too. Freedom forever, not some BS mouthpiece that when the moment of truth comes, he wilts like a poisoned flower.

  316. Thank you for reconsidering and finally posting my comment.

    I see I incorrectly addressed it to JWS, instead of pjwalker911 as I should have, however.

    Thanks again.

  317. ohgoodgrief

    You can generally recognize the moles in truth movement posting strings as follows: We are all going to get chipped, we are all going to get rounded up. It’s implied fear mongering. You want to get “chipped” and rounded up, that’s your choice. But don’t think you are convincing anyone in the truth movement that you are one of us.

  318. You should know who you’re talking to before you spew off about 9/11.

    First, I was one of the first on the scene after the towers collapsed, and for at least two weeks after.

    Second, like so many others, there are now thousands of chemicals in my lungs, and I’m no doubt going to suffocate to death with a metric asston of tumors in my lungs, some fluid that’s a mixture of chemicals and my own blood, and, to top it off, most likely homeless (been there before – you think I expect the city of New York to do anything?)…

    Third, yes, of course 9/11 is incredibly questionable, and by all accounts of scientists and military veterans alike (of which I am one), was an “inside job.”

    Fourth – do you not have the slightest clue about the political process?

    Let’s say that Ron Paul honestly believes (or, hell, even honestly KNOWS) that “9/11 was an inside job.” Do you know what would happen if he went on TV and said that ALOUD?!?!? You think this thread is pretty crazy, you should’ve seen the threads on CNN’s DB when they even INSINUATED that he thought that.

    Next, do you have a clue what would happen to Ron Paul’s pathetically slim candidacy if he insinuated that the voting machines were rigged?…or most anyone’s candidacy, for that matter if they did the same?

    Ask John Kerry about that one, and, while you’re at it go take a look at what happened to his support when he insinuated it, himself, by promising a set of lawyers to investigate, after the election. He put a bullet through his own political skull with that one.

    Do they have civics classes anymore? This is all pretty basic stuff – the MOST that Ron Paul COULD do IS what he did – an independent group of his supporters posted what they’d heard about voter fraud being committed, Ron Paul himself stated that he’d be up for a new independent investigation, and that’s all he could ever do.

    What other candidate has even publically proclaimed ANYTHING similar?

    – xTo

    (p.s. – the Fed’s at the core of the problem, and the Constitution is it’s opposition. Get off track from that, and you’re not a patriot, or someone that cares about freedom at all – you’re just yet another person looking to dictate other people’s lives in the ways that only YOU see fit.

    Do you really think that your way of life would work for everybody, even those people that maybe do not place religion at the forefront of their lives, but maybe put their family at the forefront?

    It is my own view that if any God really does exist, he(or she)’d rather have us use our lives to fulfill our own dreams, to our own extents of happiness, not that we should bicker and force each other into believing what we do.)

  319. ogg: I am NOT a part of any movement, least of which the “truth” movement.

    I am, however, realistic. When my employers started asking me to get chipped so they could monitor me in the workplace (besides the cameras they already had all over the place), and it was advertised to me as “it will make it convenient for you to enter and exit restricted areas, because you won’t need a card,” I saw the same temptation coming to the rest of America.

    And I’ll say it again – you’ll get chipped unless you directly fight it now. And it will be so convenient and so useful and you’ll love it.

    And you won’t realize that you’re just inventory on a spreadsheet or in a database somewhere because it will just be that transparent.

    There’s nothing to be afraid of, in what I’m saying – it’ll be like having a credit card – at first, all your friend’sll get it, and then they’ll be asking you why you don’t have it yet, and then you’ll be accused of being a “nutcase” and a “survivalist” and a “loner” for not getting one.

    And then you’ll have the choice – either isolate yourself from most of your friends, or get one yourself.

    Hey – do you happen to have a credit or debit card in your wallet?

    – xTo

  320. ohgoodgrief

    That is just a little too simplistic, also it is so very convenient, for those who wish us all to remain complacent and at risk.

  321. Very well said xTo.

  322. Thank you, Natasha.

    I’ve been trying to view your writing at Totse and have been getting a 404 – Not Found error.

    – xTo

  323. ohgoodgrief

    Nope – no credit or debit cards. I’m a Christian first last and always, and therefore a child of God, and a purist. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. If you don’t have Christ you are definitely going to fear what somebody might “do” to you. Revelation has an excellent description of being chipped, and what will be the end of those who allow themselves to be. You are posting information that it is now inevitable. But you leave out that it is only inevitable in non-Christians. The book of Zechariah has a perfect description of the results of the neutron bomb. But I won’t be here to experience that either. What company in the U.S. required you to get chipped? Not that I expect an answer.

  324. The Protestant Bible, King James version, was “authorized” by a Mason. Does that make it evil? Just asking. Maybe we could ask Dr Paul’s clergyman brother.

  325. Companies that require you to get chipped in the US, currently, are either Fortune 500 or engineering firms, so no, I do not intend to answer that.

    As for believing in Christ – everybody has their own beliefs. I believe that the Christian Bible is a pretty decent historical reference, outside of the superstition. Jesus Christ seems to be the perfect candidate for the first person ever to oppose centralized, unregulated banking, and he’d get the same punishment today as he did back then, for basically overturning a central banking authority (and he’d even be protested by modern day Christians, as stories about good that people have done are usually overshadowed by stories of bad that are glorified in the media, even today).

    Expectation of an event is not an excuse for complacency about it.

    If the Christian Bible predicted it so well, as you believe, then why would it tell you about it only to have you be complacent about it when it happens?

    Who’s to say that you were told about it, not to prevent you from it, but to ensure your complacency about it, when the time comes?

    I don’t fear the potential of anything, sir/ma’am…especially not after I’ve stared death in the face so much in my life, accepted the fact that I’m going to die, just like everybody else, and realized that the emotion of fear is a limiting emotion, not to be confused with a motivating emotion, like hope.

    As such, I will not fear the possibility of anything happening to me, because until it does, my fear is only going to cause me to do something I wouldn’t do otherwise – something irrational or unnecessary, or even more limiting.

    That does not mean that I will be complacent about things that I do not agree with. That is the path you now choose, not me – fight it or keep deluding yourself into thinking that it can not happen to you, that you are somehow protected by concepts in your mind, alone.

    If God exists, God gave you this life to do something with. Either do it or let other people do it for you.

    – xTo

  326. Clearly no one here understands Freemasonry or the message of Yeshua Ben Pandira. Everyone’s pride would have them boast they “know” history, and yet still can’t comprehend they know absolutely nothing.

    Politcal and psuedo-masonic ideas are not what is important. Evolving our consciousness is.

    Everyone on Earth has the psychlogical “I” which causes selfishness and all this worry to begin with.

    Everyone’s worry causes either belief or doubt. Neither is actually knowing and both are limiting.

    Perhaps we can all evolve out of our confused thinking in this age, and actually educate ourselves with gnosis, direct experience.

  327. tweedle dee

    Ahem: Jesuit contamination v P2 et al is a modern day aspect of what has happened to Roman Catholicism’s prime enemy, Free Masonry. Masonry is now a full time jesuit controlled front. Ron Paul is first and foremost a CONFEDERATE British and Vatican loyalist who does not really believe in the constitution and is another John Anderson fake meant to disunite and fractionalize political movements seeking return of secular democratic republicanism to our nation. Texas is the heartland for these fakes, as in Bush. All the religious hooo da is irrelevent nonsense for the masses. While Paul’s supposed allegiance to Free Masonry is made an issue, the more important unsavory associations are confederate organizations and anti AFrican hysteria traditionally promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church (hamitic myth). Free Masonry (originally cogizant of black african egyptian foundations and respectfull of it) is co-opted and a useful “demonic cabal” straw man trotted out by the usual Euro elite suspects and their intenet stooges attempting to destroy the United States in favor of the one world order that has been the goal of the Catholic Church since its inception.
    Everything black and AFrican or egyptian is “evil” and occult and similar nonsense , such as is seen repeatedly on the Jeff Rense site or David Icke and others. When the pope met the head zionist rabbi for the USA in New York, the Rense site was silent as a tomb. Perhaps in actually believing in their own nonsense, they were simply struck dumb by the apparent conflict with the simplistic prattle that goes on that site. Not discussed: the issue of christian crusades using jews as usefull idiots for the pope’s design of conquest , never given up on to this day, for control of the gateway to riches both ancient and modern, via the choke point called, “the holy land”. (Israel, policeman of the middle east)

    Hopefully, readers aquainted with history and interested in world politicks will comprehend the grand final combination of inquisition and holy crusade for resources and minds that is now occuring as an American president kow tows to the pope – unthinkable before Reagan the traitor recognized the Vatican as a country almost immediately after his election in complete variance with the constitution and over 200 years of American political tradition based on same with regard to kissing monarch ass or accepting royal titles.

    This, our nation, was founded by free thinking diests and masons as a refuge from the inquisition and European blood bath crusades and is an attempt to reconstitute in part, the Roman Republic, distinct from the degrading and decadent Holy Roman Empire, which so obviously still exists, except to those who have not paid attention to all relevent news regarding the EU, UN and NATO.

    The “demons” are international child sex slave and murder organizations using the mantle of religious authority to mask their sickening habits, and the chief pervert’s name is Ratzinger who provides sanctuary for the criminals in his newly recognized “country”.

    Secrecy is inherent to masonry due to the inquisition you dumbells, just as it is to any organization intent on surviving the centuries of horrific tortures and executions (in the tens of millions, old world and new) by the roman catholic church and other christian crusaders (let’s be fair here) that torture and kill , destroying entire civilizations with alcohol infused orgies of global blood letting, then and now. This is why white people are so universally hated now globally, it is assumed we are all Christians.

  328. I don’t think Dr. Paul is going to make it past congress. do you?

    I have followed the movement for a year and I think more good has come of it in 12 months than anything since the Vietnam war.

    I think that Dr. Paul’s personna is authentic. I remain in that court until proven otherwise.

    The behavior of the control grid towards Dr. Paul is believable. If he is “one of them” they are doing a good job of making him look like an outsider and this is consistent with previous “good jobs.”

    I respect anyone’s thought that a public figure is “one of them.”

    The grid is highly effective and my perception is that they control everything with so much effect
    that any opposition is really, in fact, part of the grid. Perhaps unconsciously. Truth MUST be managed.

    Should Dr.Paul’s authenticity be intact “they” are using him well now and will continue to do so.

    Good news in all this?

    Literally millions have begun to think about elements of the control grid. (the fed etc.)

    Truth does exist. I don’t know where, but, it does.

    Can the grid fail?

    Of course it can and this is why.

    Control is an illusion. It is a lie. A lie is darkness. Darkness by nature, is slow chaotic and imploding. It invariably fails.

    It is not possible to control everything. It is not possible to fully control polarity. When you get a mass “under control” polarity creates the polarity of that “controlled mass.” The grid does a good job of controlling this “polarity effect.”

    If you understand the mechanics of it all (I do not claim to) you just act like our “current controllers” and use Dr. Paul to begin to manage the “next polarity response.”

    Even if he works for them, he is far closer to freedom than “they” are and this is why. If he is one of them, then the “polarity response” would be freedom. A person who is dedicated to the God within each man. If he is one of them he is the darkest of lies producing the polarity this…. the clearest of truths.

    Sounds good to me.

    The man does not appear to want power. He also, to me, has a reverence for God. It is not worn on his sleeve.

    Much of these posts are speculative.

    His views on liberty, God, war and family are remarkably genuine appearing and feeling.

    If he is one of them, it is an excellent sign of their impending collapse. If they have to trot out this person they must truly believe they are screwed.

    This man does not appear to want power. His reasoning is measured and his love for his children and supporters to me is genuine. I am a father and employer.

    I judge the male human being by his demeanor to those who are younger and or more vulnerable than he and also his own family.

    He takes genuine pleasure in these people. Genuine. Our system does not produce leaders with this trait. IT DOES NOT. the system “appears”to be genuinely threatened by him.

    Children DID NOT LIKE Reagan. He was not genuine. Dr. Paul’s grand children stand above his desire for power/influence.

    Lord knows, if he is one of them, I will be amazed, but, not fully surprised. The grid is thorough, so thorough in fact for me to know that this site is just another part of it.

    Don’t feel bad, if you had the ability to break the grid and establish a free society? Your site would last about a minute and a half.

    It is best to remember that it is all about frequency. A lie is low, the truth is high. A man who is a lie can only pretend to be of a high frequency. The human heart can sense frequency and they have not learned how to control this. Ask your heart about his man and others this will provide the answer.

    “Of thou seekest the truth, look within thine own heart for there dwelleth the Lord.”

    Best to all,


  329. I believe that I saw a video on Utube of Ron Paul flashing the Horned Owl sign and it made me reconsider voteing for him. Anyone else have any thing along the same lines?

  330. Joseph W. Schultz

    “Robert Anton Wilson was a “discordian” apologist for Aleister Crowley. His goal was not to inform, but to “stun and amaze”, lead people down the primrose path, but not to wake people up. Only fools and the spiritually corrupt enjoy his books JWS.”

    PJ, You know little or nothing about R.A.W. by the looks of your reply.

    Wilson is a Futurist, a philosopher, a writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

    I personally don’t care for the man; he cheated me out of $15.00 (ordered one of his books on line and he took the money but never sent the book).

    But he is a well qualified writer. He fancies himself as a hip human (an ego bigger than New York) but using a BS detector on a scale from 1 to 10, he registers “0”. Unlike you who register a 12 on the same BS detector. He’s a prankster, as was Aleister Crowley, and without a malicious bone in his body.

    Methinks, you protest to loudly about the Masons and other semi-secret societies. I suspect it is out of an abject fear of the boogie-man. Either that or you have a hatred of all things that don’t fit into your world view. It matters little what the reason, you are loose with the desire to cast aspersions on others. In mental health circles its called “projection”.

    For example, you have called me an idiot and a fool; could it be you’re trying to extricate yourself from those two negativities?

    As to Ron Paul’s life style, it matters little what club or group or church or religious institution he subscribes to, his actions are far more noble than any of the other candidates. And that goes for either party.

    He has brought many lives into this world. He can’t be all that bad, can he? –jws

  331. It is utter absurdity to think that we can save this country- much less the world, by casting a vote. The powers that be have been working for over 100 years to subjugate the entire world and destroy any opposing religion(namely Biblical Christianity) which opposes it.
    Our fathers may have been able to do something, as there was still some freedom in their days- but it is too late now- They were bought off with socialist programs and bread and circuses.
    We’re not just fighting a group of corrupt leaders, but much of humanity itself, which has been brainwashed by state schools and the Zionist media.
    Don’t worry about saving the world or this country- it is too late- WAY too late. Those of us who care, need to worry first and foremost about preserving what is left of our own freedom- to worship our God and live our lives and interact weith our neighbors according to the proinciples we believe in and live by- and to do so, we must come “out of the system” and live free, where they can not manipulate us through participation in their fraudulent economy, nor claim ownership and control of our children and property…nor regulate and control our every action and even our freedom to travel about.
    It is time to move to the wilderness (there is still some in South America, beyond the reach of their tentacles). Live free or die.

  332. Let us hang a politician or two! It will be a lot of harmless fun!

    (with apology to Mark Twain)

  333. Joseph W. Schultz

    BTW, this is a good time to make a political prediction. Next year at this time John McCain will be celebrating four and a half months as President of the USA.

    Here’s why…

    The Republicans know he cannot win against Hillary. That is why the main stream media has given Obama a free pass (to date) with very little negative reporting. Once he (Obama) is nominated the media will turn on him by bringing up little tidbits of information concerning his private life-style.

    Hillary’s private life-style has been public knowledge for years so there’s more than a good chance of her winning the election, especially against the extremely low ratings of the Republican party.

    McCain can win against Obama but not so against Hillary.

    In any case, I suspect the electiion will be rigged like the last two and McCain will still be our next president.

    Get ready for the draft, boys and girls, and don’t invest in Iranian or Syrian property. –jws

  334. Joseph W. Schultz

    Boris, it has been said that no government is the best type of government.

    We now know that is dead wrong.

    We’ve had no government for the last hundred years and look at the mess we’re in! ;-) –jws

  335. Joseph W. Schultz

    “I see I incorrectly addressed it to JWS, instead of pjwalker911 as I should have, however.”

    Well, Natasha, it certainly clears that up. I was beginning to get paranoid about this mystery message. ;-) –jws

  336. ohgoodgrief

    Actually R Paul is kind of irrelevant to the movement at this point. He pretty much did that to himself this election season, starting with his deliberate failure to contest the first fixed primary (NH I believe). And there are too many moles on a thread like this to have a logical or sensible discussion. He is only the figurehead now of the “Ron Paul Revolution”, which is actually a good thing. The actual topic of this article is whether he kind of fooled people into believing he wanted to effect change. I voted for him, but with reservations, because I’ve been following his career for over 20 years, and all he ever really does is effectively explain that the Fed is a fraud. As a congressman, he never actually does anything about it. His actions are why it is clear to me that his allegiance isn’t really to change in DC. Dennis Kucinich on the other hand actually has the best health care plan, financed by booting the insurance companies out of the process. He has a current bill in congress on this, is my understanding. Posturing and philosophical claptrap, which posting strings like this always attract have nothing whatsoever to do with righting the wrongs in this country.

    And truth is easy to find. It is found only in the person of Jesus Christ, who claimed to be the Son of God, not a politician. He made himself equal with God because he WAS and IS equal with God, and laid down his life for us. He said I AM the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father except by me. The Council of 13 at Kimball Castle in Colorado may think they are in charge, but God will have the final say, regardless of who obeys him in this life.

  337. I used to think that Freemasonry was evil also until I actually learned about it and quit reading “hearsay”. My daughter just joined Jobe’s Daughters and my son is going to join DeMolays. I am going to be initiated into the Daughters of the Nile and my husband is requesting to join the Masons. We are interested in being involved in the Shriners’ Organization. I have been to many events over the course of a year and I can tell you that as a Christian of 35 years, I have seen or read nothing that contradicts my Christian beliefs. I saw a DeMolay speech tonight about respect for Mothers that was unbelievably beautiful.

  338. Samuel Cross Jr.

    Being a mason does not make you part of the establishment- I am a Mason & I am against the NWO .I am also against the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the John birch Society , the Iraq War, the Iran War( if it happens), I believe GW Bush should be impeached. I also believe there is no global warming & I am also athird party independent voter and against illegal immigration & am for an even handed Middle East policy- so do not think all Masons think alike.

  339. Sometimes my comments don’t post here either but I think it’s the occasional net cyber-glitch.

  340. Nope, have not read all comments here,
    but will tell you one BIG fact. ALL those
    who possess a license to practice medicine,
    law, and most other “professions”( please
    excuse the spelling at this time) are members of some Masonic Lodge. One simply cannot acquire a license otherwise.
    SO, naturally, Dr. Paul is no exception. Does this make him a bad dude ? I really dont think so. He certainly would have been the lesser of all evils.

  341. Joseph W. Schultz

    ohgoodgrief said, “And truth is easy to find. It is found only in the person of Jesus Christ, who claimed to be the Son of God, not a politician.”

    You claim to know the truth, ogg. Truth needs proof does it not? Or is truth merely what a book says is the truth?

    Setting aside, for the moment, whether a particular God is good or evil, what proof can you provide that this fellow called Jesus ever existed?

    If such a proof of your easily to find truth exists, would not everyone concede the truth of this proof?

    Logic itself is no proof of a truth; logic uses an apriori assumption to explain itself in a limited context, just as the bible uses a circular argument to prove the existence of it’s authors’ object of worship.

    One can certainly profess faith in this deity or that deity, but faith offers not a grain of proof that a particular deity even exists.

    Then there’s the question of whether or not a particular deity is a good deity or an evil deity.

    You see how far we humans have come and how far we need to go in order to progress out of this circular argument.

    Otherwise, your post was interesting… –jws

  342. Vacillating, I’m in, I’m out; I’m sort of in….no,
    wait, I’ll just be s Symbol… WTF!?

    R.P. is just a 21st Century R.oss P.erot. If he had
    an balls or honesty, he would have declared as
    an Independent, 3rd party Candidate, by now.

    Our only chance, here, is leveraging one faction
    against the others, and watching for potential opportunities to turn, and re-aim, this crippled
    elephant called America.

    In this one case, only, ‘Vyzohex’ is correct.
    Other than that, he is just another ignorant,
    self-indulging asshole.

  343. ohgoodgrief

    except that fulfilled prophecies are not circular arguments (start with Dead Sea Scrolls and Isaiah 53 if on unfamiliar ground here. I once heard Madeline Murray Ohair scream nonstop for 10 minutes on the radio in 1966, so that a Theology professor in Chicago could not explain the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There’s plenty of proof, but God will not force you to examine it. He loves you but will not force you to love Him back.

  344. To those saying that Masonry is harmless or even good- have you ever read the writings of some of its’ foundational members, like those of Manly P. Hall??? Have you even read the writings of some of its’ current or more recent high-degree initiates?
    My goodness- hearing people say that Masonry is benign or even good is like hearing Catholics say that the pope is a Christian!

  345. Those who are investigators of Skull and Bones need to look into it’s connection with Vril and Thule. The Black Sun is connected to all these secret organizations. The black sun is the sun symbol that all these secret societies use in their symbology.

  346. The Thule Society is freemasons. The Vril Society is the Illuminati. They have been in cahoots for a very long time. Here is a link to an article that goes a long way to show the connection of all secret societies to the Black Sun. A.K.A. Lucifer/Satan…
    If you want more info come join this group…

  347. Now seeing that the Vril and Thule Societies have a agenda that relates to the Nazi Black Sun and that Ron Paul had the backing of the Great White Brotherhood… Well this is showing a connection I believe. Those reports about Ron Paul supposedly being connected to NESARA and it’s alien agenda well I assume there is a connection to Thule & Vril…

  348. JWS,

    You are an apologist for R.A.W. and therefore an apologist for Aleister Crowley who was a Mason, an agent of British Intelligence, a Satanist member of OTO and a Luciferian member of Golden Dawn take your pick. This alone speaks volumes about you.

    I read one of R.A.W.’s books, and after puking, and that was all I needed from him. He was a jerk and if anyone with a head on their shoulders looks at the numerous videos of him they will see he was nothing but a bullshit artist playing semantic games, a chaos creator diverting people from the truth and just an all around jackass.

    You JWS are no different.

  349. Inconvenient,

    I agree with you and you project sincerity, unlike an awful lot of the moles and useful idiots posting here. Thanks.

    9/11 Inside Job!

    Voting Rigged!

    Government a masonic mafia!

    Republicans are Fascists!

    Democrats are Commies!

    But they work together for the same New World Order!

    Washington corrupt to its masonic foundations!

    If Ron Paul isn’t a mason himself, he is more than happy to work with them and run smokescreens for his masonic masters.

  350. Joseph W. Schultz

    “except that fulfilled prophecies are not circular arguments (start with Dead Sea Scrolls and Isaiah 53 if on unfamiliar ground here.”

    So, another book is your proof of truth. You don’t seem to get my point, oog. Circular arguments are no proof of truth. There are so many contradictions in all of the many Christian bibles it staggers the mind that so many people take them on blind faith — and now you bring in the dead Sea Scrolls to prove the “truth” of the bible. No wonder so many people take it upon themselves to dedend this deity or that deity when in truth it should be the other way around.

    Fulfilled prophecies could just as well be the domain of the Sumerian Gods, Anu, Enlil and Enki. They at least were purported to have lived long enough life spans to see their own prophecies fulfilled. Nor would Christians give any credance to those Sumerian “lofty ones”… –jws

  351. Lloyd Clinton,

    I sure as hell do not put trust in you or your masonic brotherhood of psychopaths. Let’s just put it that way.

    Other than that, I do not subscribe to any of your Illuminati-controlled religions. I much prefer to think for myself thank you.

  352. Joseph W. Schultz

    So far you have called me an idiot, a fool, and a jackass.

    One word paints an accurate, my friend. COWARD.

    Only COWARDS hide behind a keyboard and call people names.

    My friend, you are “projecting” completely out of the picture. But then, you speak like many Christians when they cannot provide a good argument.

    From now on I will address you as COWARD. –jws

  353. By the way, I have not deleted a single comment from anyone posting comments to this thread. In fact I recovered quite a few that were destined for the spam box. I give everybody a chance to say their piece no matter how repugnant or ridiculous. So this is a free speech zone folks. Post away.

  354. JWS,

    You are the coward because you can’t face the truth especially when you have been outed as a mason-friendly occultist and admirer of RAW, Crowley and other evil men.

    Frankly, this world is filled with way too many of your type and that is the reason we have the problems that we do. But you just keep on flapping your jaws, because you expose yourself with every breath.

    I, on the other hand am not afraid to take an unpopular stand, alone if need be, because I have something you don’t have. Balls.

  355. Joseph W. Schultz

    BTW, my last post was addressed to PJwalker911, heretofore designated COWARD. Please insert the words “picture of you” between “accurate” and “my friend”.

    I am an apologist for no one, COWARD. My opinios are mine and mine alone.

    I do feel somewhat sorry for you though, COWARD. You are so afraid someone will shake up your world view, you will resort to silly outbursts and childish behavior to defend that view. Just goes to show why intelligence has nothing in common with good sense. –jws

  356. Oh JWS, did I hurt your little feelings little boy?

    I’m so sorry….. Now stop whining, grow some balls and say something of substance.

  357. Joseph W. Schultz

    COWARD, your childish comments give you away for what you are.

    I don’t belittle your opinions. I belittle your childish behavior and silly name calling. Your mother should spank you on a regular basis until you understand the utility of good conversation. Until then, you shall remain a COWARD with BIG BALLS and no BAT. –jws

  358. Joseph W. Schultz

    Yes COWARD you did hurt my feelings. But no, I’m no little boy. I’m three quarters of a century old. I bled in the Korean “police action” in 1953.

    But more importantly, you should see what transpires when someone calls me names FACE to FACE.

    Hint: I don’t buy them a drink, COWARD. –jws

  359. Albert Pike (the so-called pope of Freemasonry) even said in his book Morals and Dogma of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry that they will always give us our heroes to follow, I’m sure Ron Paul and Alex Clones are no exception to this rule…

  360. SHIT. I wish I had my Freemason book right now cause i’d be able to call that Joseph Schultz guy out hardcore for being the Freemasonic shill that he outwardly appears to be. Don’t worry PJ, he’s just making use of one of their revered Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, specifically rhetoric. They are conditioned to believe that they have the ultimate power over the common people to venerate or admonish anything they want so long as they speak eloquently and with force. When I get the book back from my friend I will directly quote the passage about their liberal art of rhetoric here…

  361. Many of us have had Masons in our families. There is nothing wrong with Masons. As a matter of fact without the Shriners Childrens hospitals the burn reasearch they have done has saved hundreds of thousands of people. And any child can go to a Shriner hospital and get medical attention. Shriners are MASONS. Get off the Anti-Masonic bandwagon. Every mason I know is a good person. Just because they have their traditions and ceremonies doesn’t make them evil. Its a worldwide fraternity, regardless of religion or race. If more people acted like masons the world would be a better place.

  362. pjwalker911 // May 14, 2008 at 6:53 am

    Lloyd Clinton,

    I sure as hell do not put trust in you or your masonic brotherhood of psychopaths. Let’s just put it that way.

    Other than that, I do not subscribe to any of your Illuminati-controlled religions. I much prefer to think for myself thank you.

    Just as I thought PJ. Hide behind your website. Your readers should be proud of you.

  363. I would be willing to do the debate in a venue of your choosing…what do you have to lose? Seems to me, that you’ve lost most of it already.

  364. Michael // May 14, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Many of us have had Masons in our families. There is nothing wrong with Masons. As a matter of fact without the Shriners Childrens hospitals the burn reasearch they have done has saved hundreds of thousands of people. And any child can go to a Shriner hospital and get medical attention. Shriners are MASONS. Get off the Anti-Masonic bandwagon. Every mason I know is a good person. Just because they have their traditions and ceremonies doesn’t make them evil. Its a worldwide fraternity, regardless of religion or race. If more people acted like masons the world would be a better place.


  365. This is complete BS reasoning:

    “Personally, I don’t even need to know if he is a mason or not because A) he supports the name of Reagan,”

    He denounced Reagan in the late ’80s and completely disassociated himself with him as he wasn’t espousing the traditional conservative principles that Reagan originally ran his platform on. Reagan probably would have rid us of the Federal Reserve and shrunk the gov.’t down if not for the fact that he was scared of getting assassinated. Notice how his attitude towards the Fed changed after Hinckley almost got the job done.

    ” B) he uses the image of Guy Fawkes, a Jesuit terrorist,”

    He never used this image, his supporters did, led by supporter Trevor Lyman. Name one instance of Ron using the Guy Fawkes image. This is absurd and you’re either really stupid or trying to fool people.

    “C) he publically denounces 9/11 truthers,”

    As opposed to completely destroying his campaign by hinting that he thinks the government did have a role? He can fix the problem when he’s in office, no reason to publicly announce his support and make people think he’s insane.

    ” D) he is deeply involved with JBS which is nothing but another elite brotherhood frontgroup,”

    Prove it.

    “E) he praises the Vatican which most of the Founding Fathers abhored and basically, despite many many years in office he has not done anything to actually stop any aspect of this NWO system from being implemented”

    He rarely ever mentions religion, and has attempted to enact TONS of legislation to limit government and the power of the NWO. Perhaps you’re unaware that one representative out of hundreds can’t pass a bill on his own.

  366. Inconvenient

    You have my sympathy for suffering directly from the crime known as 9/11. You of all people should be DEMANDING at the top of your lungs, for the truth to come out. How they lied and told you rescue workers or whatever you were doing there that it was safe to breathe. NOBODY has been held accountable for this. You sit and defend rP for not sayuing the truth, in other words, fear justifies anyone going on TV to lie to the public, ad NAUSEUM.
    Your pathetic attempts to smear me as not knowing the political system, saying twice I should take a civics class…to quote you: ROTFLMAO. Yeah the same civics clsss that tells us we are free? The same one that says there are checks and balances and that we the people have ANY say at all? The one that teaches us that the Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land? What a JOKE. You probably get your news from CNN or FAUX still don’t you.
    The fact that you think the votes are legitimate or that ANY candidate hasn’t already been hand-picked by the elite, tells me you paid TOO MUCH attention in Civics class.
    In summary, and I have nothing left to say to you, because you again questioned my patriotism. I am a veteran and I have been fighting for the TRUTH and FREEDOM ever since I got out. I realized in there that they lie and lie and lie and lie as a matter of permanent public policy. The media is scripted by the Pentagon (as admitted by CNN even, since I’m sure you and many others won’t believe anything unless they say so.) psyops. The “government” that is publis is only for show. I’m sure they will realy teach you that in civics class, hich I’ve taken TWICE, as well as all the rest of the politics courses they teach in our JOKE universities. I’ve studied the REAL news for over 10 years, and guess what 95% of the people don’t have CLUE ONE about whats really going on, and I’d place you in that group for your slander against me. DOn’t worry your messiah RP will be exposed as the shill he is. He told me everything I needed to know when, at the peak of his popularity, going into NH, he runs an immigration ad of all things.
    Nothing abbout the war which has costed AT LEAST 1 trillion dollars.
    Nothing about how the entire Constitution was shredded .
    Nothing about the PROVEN vote fraud in the last two Pres. elections, and I’m sure much farther back.
    I coul sit and list off a million things he could have said, but he chose immigration. IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, for crying out loud.
    But don’t worry, I don’t blame you I guess for being brainwashed, everyone is on something. So just keep making up excuses for him. Make excuses for him not talking about 9/11 (AND YES HE KNOWS) while you suffer because of that day. That’s the sad thing. If people really cared about justice, this would be shouted by everyone everyday until someone was held accountable. I don’t really know what else to say to you, I’m sure you’ll just resoind that I don’t care about the people of this country. never mind that every word I say of truth makes it that much more likely that I will end up dying for this country after all. I’m not afraid, and yes if I ever was on national TV, I wouldn’t BITCH OUT like RP did. Like the fascist prison state they have planned isn’t going to get me anyway: the sacrifice is worth it. But I guess for RP his Republican membership card is more important.
    I feel bad for even having this conversation with a 9/11 worker but you of all people should understand that one man, that people trusted, told the whole world via TV the same ole lie thats been propagated for years. For what? And when people say why should he tell the truth, do you know what that would do? I’d say theres a LOT more people that aren’t TOO STUPID to know the truth when they hear it. 9/11 Truth isn’t just speculation: the official story was a complete LIE, and IMPOSSIBLE. When they do polls on it, there are HUGE numbers of people who knows the official story makes no sense at all. Who cares if the media scorns him, THEY WERE INVOLVED, THEY RAN THE COVER STORIES, MADE SURE BLAME WENT TO WHERE THE FEUHRER WANTED IT, HAVE COVERED UP ALL LINES IN INQUIRY EVER SINCE. Of course they are oing to ridicule it, but they need to be EXPOSED, publically to everyone. And RP had the chance, and punted. And yes, there is NO WAY the voting process will ever change anything at this point. Sook civics class and I remember well the rights of the people to shrug off unconstitutional tyrannical governments. That’s called Revolution. But everyone will just lay down for their own benefit. And I’M the one who’s not a patriot?

    I’m done, I’m sorry for your loss and health problems and I doubt this is helping but I’m outraged and flummoxed as to how you could even try to defend that RP didn’t AT LEAST say, “well there are a lot of unanswered questions, if the government was not involved, why the fear and reticence for a REAL investigation?” Doesn’t that sound a lot better? He wouldn’t even have had to risk his life. Not like you did, like those people who already died, the people who will die due to no rights and roundups in the future, the people who will die the next time they need a war. How is it alright for all those people to die but a 70 year old man who claims to want truth and freedom to speak outright lies about what he really believes out of FEAR?

    I admire also the people who supported him, but its become too obvious to me that he is not who or what he claims. Done ranting, I wish you the best, honestly, and this country, and maybe RP will actually demonstrate some cajones but at this point the impact will be far less.

    PS- sorry for hijacking this page on the slavemasons with this discourse, but I feel that the motives of RP are questionable at this point, so figuring out who or what is controlling him (its not the truth) is fair game.

  367. So…your accusation is based on a link that is no longer accessible? Even through google cache?

    Sorry then your claim is not valid, as you have ZERO proof to support it. How do we know YOU are not controlled opposition, doing a hit piece on ron paul? Or someone who regularly makes up unprovable claims? The burden of proof is on the person making the accusation, and you have provided NO evidence to support it. Sorry.

  368. ohgoodgrief

    Oh Joe you really are young. The Dead Sea Scrolls are not a book, and I don’t intend to do your homework for you. Anyone actually interested, however, google Dead Sea Scrolls and find out the importance of their discovery, how their date relates to the Isaiah 53 prophecy and its subsequent fulfillment a few hundred years later, etc. There is a whole internet chock full of information on every conceivable topic. You aren’t interested in the one true God, the God of the Bible that’s your choice. Again fulfilled propheciesare not circular arguments, but if you reject the truth or decline to do any personal research, that also is your choice. The Dead Sea Scrolls a book – you are either a troll or you are between 18 and 25.

  369. Considering the depth of coverage of politicians personal lifes it is quite startling to realize that that Freemasonry has been able to keep the identity of it’s active and current members in Government and Politics largely secret.

    Generally the identity of Freemasons is only confirmed many years after they, and their political and social network have passed away, and then ususally only if they weren’t considered controversial figures.

    Just ponder for a moment the single point of the hideous, usually fatal, oaths they have taken. They have sworn to prefer other members of this fraternity to all others. These men and women very often hold senior leadership positions in their communities in positions of trust. In my view the oaths of Freemasonry are incompatible with holding positions of public trust. Masonry is simply a conflict of interest.

  370. These men and women very often hold senior leadership positions in their communities in positions of trust.

    There are no women masons in regular mainstream masonry. I figured you would know that.

  371. You guys have no idea who the masons are. You need to read more. Ask youself why masons are denigrated and maligned yet, the skull and bones are hidden and not exposed to the light of day????

    We know very little about most secret societies and many of them have spawned proven damagers to our republic who served in public office, but not so the masons. They are actually the ones who may save us. In fact, I think that is why they are being so violently slandered as they are to get people like this guy above who does not substantive research, to help them in their quest.

    The masons were the stone workers in Scotland who helped the Knights templar to escape the horrible prosecution and attempted genocide on those honorable knights. They aid the templars, who were spread across Europe, in communicating with each other through their stone work on the various buildings they built in different countries.

    The religion that the Templars brought with them was not to the liking of the Catholic church because it challanged the Popes stated authority from God to speak for him on earth. The templars helped their communities and gave their wealth to support a vibrant and growing economy in Europe which threatened the monarchy and the catholic church.

    That is why the King of france in concert with the Pope attacked the knights one night in FRance and tortured and killed 2,500 of them. That persecution has continued into today. It was the Scottish masons (a stone working organization) that aided them to escape and live safely in Scotland. These knights were the only threat to the power of the catholic church and the elite of europe because of their popularity with the average people. So learn your history before you show your ignorance.

    I believe they are the white knights and are the only force against the new world order that can help us to fight the illuminati and monarchies of europe and the banking interests that support those monarchies return to power internationally. If we continue on this path we will harm the only organization that has the where with all to stop what is going on as we speak.

    If Ron is a mason, it explains HIS 30 YEARS OF CONSISTANT ETHICAL AND MORAL ACTIONS, NOT TALK, BUT ACTIONS AS A CONGRESSMAN. No matter what you think about the masons you cannot discount his record that is clear. If you do, then you are worse than a murderer for maligning the reputation of such a moral, ethical and brilliant man.

    You then become the real problem. I say we have no choice anyway. He is our last hope and if we are wrong, well, we would have ended up with one of the other three which is no different and then we will all know the truth. So voting and supporting him is a risk, but the others we KNOW are bought and paid for. He is the only unknown and the only choice for a viable risk. We have a 50% chance of being right and that is worth the risk…. we have 0% with the others.

  372. Inconvenient: If I wanted your sympathy, I would’ve asked for it. I don’t. What I did was stupid – I was a volunteer, not paid with the NYPD or FDNY.

    Don’t tell me what I “should” do. You don’t pay attention to how much effort it’s taken to get even what we’ve done, done in this country so far. You should’ve seen the work it took just to get the FIRST (rigged) investigation into the WTC started. You can’t just walk through Times Square screaming for American citizens to demand a new investigation into 9/11 and POOF it happens.

    You should have stopped at “I have nothing left to say to you,” but you didn’t, and your fingers went off showing that you obviously have no clue as to how the political process works.

    Allow me to elaborate before you post another 3 pages.

    Civics Lesson #1: Ron Paul did not “choose” the advertisements that were displayed in any state he’s campaigned in so far. An independent group that supported his campaign did. If you wanted to help or change that, you could have signed up with that campaign and made your own advertisement, and right now some other person would be berating Ron Paul for the ad that YOU created, that didn’t cover the issues that THEY wanted to see covered. Boo hoo. Get over it.

    Civics Lesson #2: The idea of any politician even standing up to oppose the IRS OR the FED is revolutionary in and of itself. How much more should he stand out before he’s labelled a complete nutjob by his political adversaries? You’re angry at him for “not telling the truth,” but how much truth can he tell before he’s labelled a “nutjob,” or a “conspiracy theorist,” as many of yourselves are labelled, here?

    (not to mention the fact that politicians that oppose the Fed or the IRS tend to get shot)

    Civics lesson #3: The fact that you will not, as you say, “BITCH OUT like RP did” on national TV is the very reason that you, my friend, will never be on national TV. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Network,” then you probably have a clue as to what type of scenario executives of television networks try to avoid. It’s not that the audience wouldn’t like you if you were on national television saying that stuff, it’s that you would introduce LIABILITY to the television network for them having BROADCAST you saying what you want. No television network wants to piss off any more lawyers than they already do (and they piss off enough lawyers as it is – have you ever looked through the multitudes of television network case law?).

    Civics Lesson #4: The reason that I do not consider you a “patriot:” Your heart’s in the right place, kid, but you obviously do not know the rules of the game, nor does it seem like you’re willing to study them. Instead, what you’re doing is ranting about various topics, without proof, without precedence, and as if all your ranting could somehow “change” something.

    What opportunity do you think you’re going to get, that nobody else is getting? Do you think that you’ll ever, POTENTIALLY, be allowed on national television to state all of these revolutionary, but probably true, concepts that you believe, when nobody else has? Do you not realize that the American public must take large truths gently, so that they do not blame people who are not to be blamed?

    As such, given your unstudied ranting, and the fact that you’re trying to circumvent so many civil, political, and societal rules, your own rants are undermining the only movement that even has the potential to achieve the ends to which you proclaim that you would like to see.

    You are, in effect, a saboteur, and especially if it’s not intended by you, the reaction of others that you cause, and the fuel against the existing movement that you create, will eventually destroy the movement that could change anything toward a productive direction.

    It’s called “divide and conquer,” and the Greeks and Romans knew it well.

    I think it’s great that you think we should approach all of these diverse subjects – as I stated above, your heart’s in the right place – but in attempting to cause others to bicker about it (even though it’s such stupid minor issues at this point, comparatively with the current macroscopic problems), you are attempting, the purpose of this entire thread is attempting, to split the movement for freedom up.

    The saboteurs that you are, whether willing participants or not, whether conscious of the methods of sabotage you are using or not, are, however, only weeding out those individuals that were into Ron Paul, as a person – not the individuals that actually know what freedom is all about.

    Freedom is a very solid concept. It is the ability to choose the way you, personally and individually, want to live your life, regardless of what another person thinks. Others do not have the right to harm you for such decisions, nor do you have the right to harm others for differing decisions.

    Freedom comes with responsibility. Personal freedom comes with personal responsibility.

    If you would like to make this discussion progressive instead of regressive, maybe we could get into a debate about what we could actually organize and DO to obtain, and maintain, true freedom again. Until then, your complaints about large conspiracy theories that you would like to see investigated aren’t going to get us anywhere.

    You have to crawl before you learn to walk.

    – xTo

  373. Pepper,

    I do my research and do it well. I am a Mason, do you think I don’t understand the organization to which I belong???

  374. Joseph W. Schultz

    The mighty Ogg wrote: “Oh Joe you really are young. The Dead Sea Scrolls are not a book, and I don’t intend to do your homework for you.”

    Joe replies: I know you are trying to bait me, ogg. Fine, lets go along with the gag, shall we.

    Joe continues: Since you do all your studying through Google, allow me to suggest to you that a new invention is out called books. For example: The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (English)ISBN: 9780140278071) You see what wonders are in our world, ogg? BOOKS, their time has come. By your reasoning the bible you quote from is equally not a book, right? At most it is a gathering of divergent manuscripts and letters and word of mouth stories passes down through the ages and gathered up and put into BOOK form. Golly gee, what a great way to gather and store information. You should try reading one. I do and they certainly keep my mind young, if not the body.

    And the mighty Ogg says: “Anyone actually interested, however, google Dead Sea Scrolls and find out the importance of their discovery, how their date relates to the Isaiah 53 prophecy and its subsequent fulfillment a few hundred years later, etc.”

    And Joe replies: Ah, this is your proof that Jesus and his father exist. Well, that clinches it, everyone now believes the way you do. Now, you must do us all a favor and instruct us in which Jesus to follow. The Morman Jesus is interesting. He came from the planet Kolob to be the God of planet earth. How about the Christian Science Jesus? You knw, the one where you aren’t dead, you just think your dead. How about the fundamentalists idea of Jesus? He doesn’t allow smoking, drinking, movies, and a host of other taboos. Especially the hard core Baptists. But then, you’re probably a good catholic. You believe in Purgatory and Transubstantiation and a host of other Jesus sanctioned rituals including Mary worship along with other sundry idols. I know, some Christian churches preach that Jesus is the son of some god while others preach that he is merely the son of some deity. Then there’s the manner of baptism. Some Christian churches believe that if you are not completely submerged in water you are not really baptized. Others say sprinkling will suffice. And how about the Rapture? Pre-rapture, Post-rapture, etc.? It all gets so confusing, ogg. Set us all straight — tell us which one is the true church of this fellow called Jesus Christ.

    Ogg wrote: “There is a whole internet chock full of information on every conceivable topic.”

    And Joe replies. Wow! Double WoW! I didn’t know that till this very minute. You are such a wonderful teacher of absolute and irrefutable facts! Thank you so much for the good news!

    Ogg pontificates: “You aren’t interested in the one true God, the God of the Bible that’s your choice.”

    The repentant Joe replies: Oh but you have made a believer out of me. Now my life is in your hands. You must steer me through the maze of false saviors and gods and lead me to the one true Jesus. You are a wonderful person for taking on such a seemingly difficult task. But I know you are up to it. WHICH JESUS SHALL I PRAY TO, OGG?

    And the mighty Ogg says: “Again fulfilled prophecies are not circular arguments, but if you reject the truth or decline to do any personal research, that also is your choice.”

    And the repentent Joe replies: Gosh! I am speechless before such majesty! A thousand pardons for not trusting your words of wisdom. I am eternally in your debt for making me see the light. I shall go out hence and preach your version of the absolute truth, Ogg.

    And the mighty Ogg reiterates: “The Dead Sea Scrolls a book – you are either a troll or you are between 18 and 25.”

    Yes, I must be a troll because my great grandchildren would not want an 18 year old great grandfather. You must be ancient to have attained such wisdom. I’m sure you and PJ have converted many in this forum. Keep up th e good work. Your Father in Heaven will reward you greatly. (Will He give you 72 virguns…? Oh silly me, that’s a different god — a minor one at that… –jws

  375. Apparently,, has either been blocked or hacked.

    So here is copy of my brief essay, that Totse has been hosting since 2003. I really wrote this in early 2002. Totse later copyrighted it for me, when they picked it up and began hosting it, in 2003.

    Here is the original link.


    The Fourth Reich; The New World Order.

    by Natasha Thompson

    The Nazi’s are not a thing of the past. The neonazis are not representative of the true power, which the real Nazi’s still wield world wide. To them
    World War 2 is just a lost battle. The WAR goes on, and they are winning it.

    They are winning because too many believe it is over, and (wrongly think) that Nazism is no longer a threat. While pseudo Nazis parade in the streets openly, having little power, the real Nazis move ever closer to the realization of their
    long held goal of world domination. For such are (now) in positions of real power everywhere, their ties to the Third Reich only rumored about.

    The Bush family is a perfect example.

    Their success is assured, because sadly our Nation’s future, is in the hands of a people drunk on materialism, blinded by self interest, and deluded by
    the corporate controlled news media and entertainment industry. In the wake of the Reagan administration, the news media has become theirs, and such is obvious to anyone with both eyes open, (having) one upon history and another
    upon our potential future.

    For these things, the entire world shall be completely dominated by the very remnants of the (real) Third Reich, who bankrolled and directed from behind the scenes, outside of Germany, the actions of their servants the NSDAP of Germany during WW2. Those who at this very moment are inexorably and without restraint, swiftly bringing to fruition, the nightmare conceived by the powers of darkness. The very same evil which even now decimates our planetary ecosystem, and pollutes the minds of people everywhere, through
    the airwaves which they control.

    They create chaos globally, and then offer their solutions to the very same (chaos which they create. Such terrorism and economic machinations are by them perpetrated, to further their agenda of world domination. Now ask yourself how those who were capable of perpetrating the evil the Nazis employed during WW2, could have given up seeking to control the world?

    They shall get what they want, by any means necessary, as surely nothing is beneath them.

    If we look around us with open eyes, it is clear now that 911 has at (the very) least
    been skillfully employed as an excuse, to transform our Nation into a Police
    State. Even if 911 was really the work of Islamic terrorists, then haven’t they won? Certainly the answer is yes, if they wanted to change our way of
    life, and galvanize a force against them which they have surely no hope of prevailing against. Ask yourself if they are really that stupid.

    Is it inconceivable that 911 was really a very carefully planned media

    Isn’t it odd how many video cameras, just happen to be pointing in the right direction, at the precise moment of the first impact? How many
    people video taped the Twin Towers every day? Surely an incredible
    coincidence at the very least. As I have seen at least four perfectly clear, “amateur videos”, all shot at great angles. The second impact, I could understand, but the first?

    It seems to me obvious that 911 was a media event, designed to profit an agenda, other than that of the scapegoats who have been blamed. It is all just a little too pat, and too convenient. If one examines who is profiting from 911, then the real perpetrators become obvious, and the wisdom behind the old saying, follow the money, becomes all too obvious also.

    Scheduled on a date synonymous with emergency in the US, 911 was really a
    ploy, used to galvanize public support, for the deployment of US military power in the Oil fields of the Persian Gulf. A platform from which to launch a series of wars, waged to gain control of the world’s Oil supply, 911 is more than reminiscent of the Reichstag Fire, which was also a staged event,
    and (it was) one which transformed Hitler from a public official into a dictator
    with absolute power overnight.

    Isn’t it obvious by now, since no WMD were ever found, that our troops have
    been used not to protect us from Islamic terrorists, but really only to gain control, of the very foundation of the world economy, that is OIL?

    George H, W. Bush Sr., promised to usher in a New World Order, and it is now surely obvious that he has made good on his promise. Can anyone really fail to see, that now his son as President carries on this agenda? As soon as they have finished consolidating their power, The New World Order will
    finish what Hitler attempted, and failed to do.

    Whoever controls the world economy, will of course have unlimited political
    power. In controlling Oil completely, they will control the entire world, and so also everyone who lives in it. OIL is the (very) foundation of the world economy, and BIG OIL is now our government, (and) so we live in interesting times. The key to world power (OIL) lies neatly in one place for the greater part, and so this presents an opportunity just to good to pass up.

    Imagine a world government with complete control of the global economy. A world controlled
    by a single political power, with no one left to question or oppose it. One in which all economic transactions are controlled completely, and all buying and selling is a revocable privilege.

    Our world economy is rapidly moving
    toward becoming electronic and (cashless). Does this likely scenario, sound at all familiar somehow? An old and widely read book, clearly describes
    just such a future, the Bible in the New Testament book of Revelation.

    Certainly the New World Order has associated themselves with Christianity,
    and they have done so in much the same way the Nazis did. Yet clearly both
    have offered a very distorted version of it, and their true association with Christianity is clearly one of other, at best.

    Our current President, his father, and Ronald Reagan surely, are fulfilling
    biblical prophecy though, and far more literally than I ever expected. Yet
    in ways which make it clear they are anything but Christian, and such as even makes it clear they are the long awaited fulfillment, of the prophecy of the Antichrist World Empire, foretold in Revelation chapter 13.

    The book of Revelation (in) chapter 13, speaks of how to identify the Antichrist,
    and the Second Beast who comes ‘immediately’ after him. Two men who lead as public figureheads, a world government which will have control of all buying and selling world wide.

    The book of Daniel, in the Old Testament, explains in detail how they gain control of the world economy. It says they do so by
    attacking and defeating the oil rich nations of the Persian Gulf, beginning with Iraq.

    Revelation chapter 13 identifies these two men, whom it refers to as the Two
    Beasts, the first Beast or Antichrist, and the Second Beast or False Prophet. It states the Antichrist is a human man, with a great speaking
    ability, who is such a persuasive orator, you could call him The Great

    It says also that the Antichrist is wounded mortally while in the world spotlight, and the world is astonished that he survives (his wound).

    Revelation then says, that he would be followed immediately by the Second Beast. The next man in office who has “the same power and authority” which
    he had.

    (Revelation chapter 13) further mentions an interesting juxtaposition concerning the Antichrist’s successor, as a man who has a kind and gentle image like a
    lamb, who would yet speaks like a dragon.

    This Second Beast makes the world worship ‘the image’ of the Antichrist,
    also called the first Beast who precedes him, and he causes all who live upon the earth, to receive the number of that man’s name, to exercise the
    privilege of buying or selling. That same number reached as a sum, by counting the number of his name, being 6 6 6. No numerology is required, as you simply count the number. This is referred to as the mark of the Beast. I am sure you have heard of it.

    There is only one significantly powerful man in all of history, whose name sums out as 666 just by counting it. Now please count the number of letters
    in this former US President’s name.

    There are six letters in RONALD, six in WILSON, and also six in REAGAN.

    Reagan is the only ‘world leader’ in all of history, to have a birth name
    like that.

    Ronald Wilson Reagan clearly was an ‘image President’. The most
    popular (President) in US history, he was and is still, virtually worshiped by his many followers. The recent withdrawal by CBS of a TV program about Reagan, as a result of pressure from his loyal admirers, bears testimony to this.

    It was his successor Bush senior, who used his CIA and BIG OIL connections to make him so popular, resulting in the virtual worship of Reagan’s ‘image’. I believe Bush picked Reagan as a figurehead, because of his charisma and (his previously) existing popularity. Hitler was chosen in much the same way, and for similar reasons, by the (very) predecessors of the same people.

    Reagan was referred to by many as The Great Communicator, for his notable

    Reagan was mortally wounded while in office, and he astonished the world
    when he survived it.

    Reagan was also succeeded immediately, by a tough talking man with a kind and
    gentle “lamby” image. George H. W. Bush, who even ran on the platform of “a kinder gentler America”, (even as he) talked tough of war and then declared war on Iraq. All (of this is) just as predicted in both Revelation and the Old Testament book of Daniel. His son (George W) now carries on the agenda at his (dad’s) direction.

    Revelation also states, the Second Beast, would call down fire from heaven. Bush and his son have been raining fire down, all over the world.

    Here is another thing you may not know.

    Reagan during his first term as President, established diplomatic relations
    with The Vatican. This was in stark defiance of the Constitution, and that really upset allot of people. For such abrogated the very cornerstone of the US Constitution, the separation of Church and State.

    Reagan next expanded our Social Security number from 9 to 18 digits. If you don’t believe me, look at any (early) post Reagan era Social Security card. There you will find the usual 9 digits on the front, and an additional ‘new’ 9
    digits on the back printed in red. You cannot legally have a job, or a bank
    account without it, since the Reagan administration.

    The US Federal government has long said eventually we will have to go
    cashless, and all transactions will then be by debit card, to counteract
    counterfeiting and terrorism. By Federal law, enacted by Reagan during his Presidency, all Electronic Funds Transfer accounts, debit (and credit) cards etc., must use your Social Security number as your account number. The digits are scrambled to protect your identity, but it is your Social Security number.
    Surely in “response to terrorism”, this plan shall move forth quickly.

    This article Copyright © 2003 by by Natasha Thompson. Used with permission.

  376. Would ‘ohgoodgrief’ (OGG) and ‘Joseph W. Schultz’ (JWS), PLEASE take their childish argument to email, or something!

    thank you

  377. Natasha,

    Can you quit soliciting your written works then?

  378. Joseph W. Schultz

    Joe wrote: “I know, some Christian churches preach that Jesus is the son of some god while others preach that he is merely the son of some deity.”

    My mistake. It should read: “I know, some Christian churches preach that Jesus is the son of some god while others preach that he is God.”

    Yes, the omniscient Joe sometimes errs.

  379. Joseph W. Schultz

    Natasha, it is obvious that your posts are of utmost importance and we lessor mortals’ posts are not. But please indulge us. In time we shall be as forum-savvy as your highness.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the childish behavior of the name calling COWARD. Shame, shame. Such selective behavior on your part.

    Now I’ll sit back and read all of your prior words of wisdom. –jws

  380. Joseph W. Schultz

    BTW, Natasha, this forum is “something”, no?

  381. Everyone is allowed to offer their insights relevant to the subject at hand.

    Name calling, pointless circular arguments and personal invective, are however not relevant to the subject at hand, and such serve only to hinder the ongoing discussion.

    So once again, I ask those who wish to argue and get personal, to take their argument somewhere else.

  382. The Totse link to my article is back up finally. I have never seen Totse go down before. I am not saying they haven’t before. But this is the first time I have seen it happen. Maybe they had a buffer overflow attack or something.

  383. Joseph W. Schultz

    Now that was a very polite way of admonishing those who engage in off-topic diversions. Good girl, Natasha!

    Now, let’s see. The subject is whether or not Ron Paul is a Mason. Hmmm, what has that to do with “The Fourth Reich; The New World Order.”by Natasha Thompson?

    Oh, I see, you’ll show the relevancy in one million words or less. I stand corrected. Carry on… –jws

  384. Inconvenient, I read your last post to xTo.
    Right On.
    Crawling with truth will get you closer to the Throne than adhering to civil, political, and societal rules.
    I don’t recognize the spirit of sabotage in your words.
    Fraud Paul mocks the truth with his stance against those that know the official story of 9/11/01 is easily proved false.
    He had a chance to be a light unto the world and he failed.
    He, just like the “movement for freedom”, is a fraud and totally ireelevant.
    We are born with sovereignty, individually, not collectively.
    In this day and age, freedom will only be expressed individually.
    Those that know their unalienable rights, and DEMAND they be recognized have a chance at freedom.
    Those waiting for the collectivists to bring freedom to individuals are wating for that which will never happen.
    One individual acting as an informed lawful jurer
    can do more to bring an end to the tyranny of the plunderers than the “movement for freedom” can ever hope to accomplish.

    Jury nullification, the only honest revolution.

    I’m free
    I was born with sovereignty.
    I realize that I have rights and I’ll declare them independently.
    I’m free to speak.
    If I have life then I have liberty.
    I’m free to pursue that which makes me so happy.

  385. what all you fail to remember is what he says and how he votes and that’s still good.

  386. Ron Paul’s own words makes it clear that he supports the official 911 conspiracy theory, and he also ridicules those who contradict it with the facts.

    Some claim that RP had to compromise the truth, in order to remain electable, and if true this only shows that he is willing to both compromise and speak deceptively, to get what he wants.

    The ends never justify the means, and I could never trust anyone who thinks that they do.

  387. Joseph W. Schultz

    Both Ross Perot and Ron Paul would make fine presidents. They both have heart. Evidence leads me to believe none of the current candidates have heart.

    George Bush has heart, unfortunately it’s saturated with oil and the beating thereof cannot be heard.

    Hillary never had a heart. It is also rumored that green blood surges through her veins.

    Then there’s Obama. Sinclair shall be his downfall before it’s over. He is also accused of being responsible for stopping the heartbeat of another. This will all come out in the major news media after he is nominated.

    McCain lost his heart after he was shot down and made prisoner: tis the signs of the times when a Manchurian Candidate can also be a presidential candidate.

    Oh, Lord, where is Barry Goldwater when he is needed so desperately? ;-)

    We live in precarious times and we need a national leader with heart.

    It is also quite evident that Ron Paul will not be president.

    I guess he’ll just have to go back to casting Masonic spells on his detractors. He’s certainly doing a fine job in this forum… –jws




  389. “Jury nullification, the only honest revolution.”…yeah, and one that very few juries ever learn about.

    You can “crawl with truth” all you want – if you’re not going to follow the rules of the game, you’re going to be thrown out.


    Easy – because you can tell all the truth you want, but once you break those rules, others have a weapon to be used against you – and they’ll use it.

    Not only will they take that opportunity, but you’re not going to be able to prevent them from doing so, as they have 50+ years experience in playing the game, and you are a 25 year old nobody that was just made a mockery of on national television.

    Closest anyone ever got to “force” against that MIGHT have been David Koresh, but, well, he slipped on a technicality and the ATF killed him once they got the chance.

    Assert yourself all you want, you can “know your rights” all you want, but if you’re not going to play by the rules of the big boy game, you’re going to lose.

    That’s not because you could not win, that’s because you literally skipped ahead a couple of spaces in a game of chess in a single mood – the other player noticed (especially since they have resources tracking their opposition like that and YOU DON’T), and you were mockingly disqualified.

    Happens every time.

    Ron Paul’s playing the game pretty well, in my humble opinion. If you think any of you could play it any better, I urge you to step up and do so.

    Speaking as an American citizen, Ron Paul speaks truth to power. Speaking as a 9/11 first responder, Ron Paul is open to the request that so many people that question the official story of 9/11 can make.

    I can’t think of any other politician that could pull off anywhere near what RP has pulled off in his career.

    If you think you’d do any better, then run, yourself.

    – xTo

  390. I believe that truth, in and of itself, is very powerful. I also believe that had RP adhered to the truth and refused to compromise, he would have been successful in his bid for the US Presidency.

    As it stands now though, such a clear demonstration of moral relativism on RP’s part, by supporting the official 9/11 conspiracy theory” to remain electable”, strongly contradicts everything he claims to stand for.

    Whether or not he is a secret Mason, surely is a fascinating consideration, and it is quite ironic that his willingness to ‘play the game’ and contradict everything he claims to stand for in the process, is also that which lends plausibility to it.

    The bottom line remains this. Ron Paul has shown himself to be a mere politician and not the uncompromising Statesman he claims to be. That he may also be a secret Mason, while fascinating to ponder, in my mind take a back seat to these things.


    Would the MEGAPHONE crowd please stop with the personal attacks upon me already? Please take your own advice by sticking to the subject being discussed. Maybe, you could try taking Totse down again, or something.

  391. He doesn’t support the 9/11’s out loud b/c the other 9/10 of the population that isn’t crazy would never allow him any votes if he did. Allow him to get in and then he can run his agenda… pretty simple really…

  392. truthdemon

    i suspected there was an agenda… his insistence on a gold backed curreny ..placed right into the hands of the Vatican , who two keys to of their power is the ocntrol of silver and gold ..look at the symbolsim ..
    if he is an hinest money theorist he should be exposing the use if a decentralised localised colonial scrip currency, the aboliiton of which was teh main cause of the american revolution as cited bybenjamin franklin

  393. What I’m saying is that RP DOES “support the 9/11’s” by being open to a new investigation – as a politician, regardless of what he believes, personally, that is the most he can provide. If you were playing the political circuit, your professional reaction would be to choose on whether you support a new investigation or not, yourself.

    He is a politician AND an uncompromising statesmen – he certainly knows the rules of the political game, and he knows where NOT to intrude (how could he honestly say that 9/11 was or was not an inside job without the new investigation? He’s a doctor, not a physicist.)

    Is any other presidential candidate even close to agreeing to that? I think not.

    Could you explain the physics about how and why 9/11 was an inside job?

    How many people here are engineers or scientists and could unequivocally show, publically and professionally, that they have the authority over such a matter?

    Unless Steven Hawking is in this crowd, I think nobody.

    And you shouldn’t expect Ron Paul to do so, either, because he’d be lying to you if he did.

    – xTo

  394. hmmmm

    Could it be that “certain interests”, just cannot stand the very idea of having “a schvartze” in the white house? Not that I think that Obama represents any sort of change. But this could be why some are still fanning the smoldering embers of the RP campaign.

    What could better help the Manchurian candidate’s chances?

    Such is all RP was ever meant for IMO.

  395. We could speculate on anybody being a Manchurian Candidate, but that’s what the story of the Manchurian Candidate provided – speculation in case somebody real ever showed up on the political stage.

    Sure, there’s always the possibility, but there’s the possibility that he’s not and because you know the story, you don’t believe RP to be true, but then there’s always the possibility that he is but he’s trying to pretend that he’s not…(this list of speculation could go on forever).

    My advice: look at his voting record and go meet him in real life somewhere. He’s a decent guy. I met him in Grand Central once. We BS’d for a minute about the Fed and the IRS and I asked him to sign a business card of mine for my roommate because she’s a fan.

    He’s the type of guy I could probably invite over for a bbq, have a couple beers with and watch a documentary or two. He’s intelligent, but he listens, and that’s pretty hard to find, even in non-politicians.

    What I liked most about him was that, even though we spoke about how I’m not religious, etc., he didn’t evangelize to me. That’s some respect.

    – xTo

  396. Joseph W. Schultz

    Its about time for some common sense with regard to presidential hopefulls.

    If anyone here thinks any human is knowledgeable in all matters of state, there is something fundamentally wrong with their thinking.

    None of the current candidates have knowledge of all the ins and outs of running a country. Heaven forbid that a voter in his or her right mind thinks any candidate is omniscient.

    No. The quality (perhaps the single quality) that a candidate must have is the ability to gather around him/her people with specialized skills in the many and diverse agencies of government.

    For too long we have been a nation ruled by the whims of men and not by Constitutional law. It is time for voters to discern this truth and vote for a candidate who understands that he or she will become the temporary guardian and defender of our Constitution.

    There are so many presidential pronouncements that carry the force of law that our Constitution has been lost sight of — equally, by Congress, the Supreme Court and our current and past presidents.

    To vote one’s conscience is to vote for that person who most agrees with one’s philosophical ideals. But (and this is important), that candidate must reside in an office that is respectful of our Constitution. Anything less is a mockery of the men and women who gave their lives protecting our Constitution. –jws

  397. I think it obvious that the entire “democratic party strategy”, is solely intended to assure, that the Manchurian candidate is elected.

    I mean think about it. So soon after 9/11, they have a black man, in a racist country, with a Muslim father who just happens to have Hussein as a middle name, as the current “democratic” front runner?

    The other non choice, is an obviously insincere and duplicitous, elitist, self serving feminazi shrew.

    Clearly this farce of a Presidential horse race, is meant to further divide and weaken our society, and along with it they intend to get another globalist republican Antichrist Zionist in the oval office, against all odds. That they will succeed at this, just terrifies me, because clearly the powers that be are able to make the American people think whatever they wish them to think.

  398. Joseph W. Schultz

    With my last post in mind, whom do you think would be the best guardian of our Constitution?

    John, the manchurian Candidate?
    Barak, the Great Black hope?
    Hillary, the Micro Manager?
    Ron, the suspected Freemason?

    Seems like a straight-forward question.

    Or, shall we do a Candidate Nullification and keep the Decider in office another four years? –jws

  399. Natasha,

    How do you function in every day society? Do you wear a tinfoil hat? Do you have a lock on your coffee? Do you write everything in cyphers? Just wondering…

  400. xTo

    Though you are well spoken, and I both value and respect your contribution to this discussion; I must say that the very idea that RP “may just be pretending to think this or that”, out of some wizened “new” strategy, to be a very weak argument indeed.

    I am sick to death of politicians, whose idea of Statesmanship, is really naught but statecraft. The ring going to those most subtle and crafty, who offend the least amount of people, while appealing to a greater majority.

    This is the way it has been, for far too long, and such is nothing new at all.

    RP should have taken a chance and shown us proper respect, by speaking plainly and honestly, of that which he truly believes and stands for. No amount of apology can ever make up for his failure to do so.

  401. xTo, thank you for your many opinions that I’m certain you believe are truths.

    An individual is all it takes. It does not take an entire jury. Many people are waking up.
    Word of mouth, works.

    Drop a pebble in the ocean and watch the ripple effect.
    So, go tell everyone you know about jury nullification and watch the effect you can have.

    Fraud Paul has as much a chance at being elected as I have.
    He may be playing your game, perfectly, but he is still going to end up a loser.

    As an American much older than 25, fraud Paul is totally irrelevant.
    As an American much older than 25, the “freedom movement”, like the “truth movement” and the “tax freedom movement” and all other “movements” are frauds and totally irrelevant.

    How long have you been playing the game?
    Are you really any closer to being free?

    The truth makes us free, not the game or its rules!

  402. JWS

    There is no one currently either now serving, or running for office of any kind, whom I believe even wishes to restore The Constitutional Republic.

    As wrong as I hope I am about this, I am fully convinced, that they are all “in on it”.

    The sooner, more of us wake up to this obvious fact of life, then the better off we shall be.

  403. Natasha: He did speak honestly to you. How could he claim that he knows something about 9/11 that he does not?

    Unless you are a published physicist, scientist, experienced pilot, etc. how could you claim that you really know anything about 9/11, yourself?

    When it comes down to it, I was there, and still – almost 7 years later – there’s so much confusion over it. I’m sure it didn’t fit the official story, but until a new independent investigation happens, I am just a guy, and I can tell you my opinion of how I see it.

    I can give you some science and former military experience to back up those beliefs, but I am still, by no means, an authority on such subjects – except for what I experienced when I was down there.

    A lot of people are sick of politicians. Hell – I’m sick of the whole damn hierarchical structure of our civilization, but I can’t exactly get everybody to overturn it with me, all at once.

    To think I could do so would be foolish.

    So….baby steps, baby steps…

    Ron Paul showed you respect by running and by being open to the idea of actually having a new investigation into 9/11.

    Who has shown your ideas more respect than that?

    Ron Paul admits that everybody has different cultures and beliefs about the way government should be run, and believes that it should be left up to the local and state governments to decide.

    How is any other candidate more respectful than that?

    Any debate that speculates about what a person may or may not be is a “weak argument.”

    How about we focus on the issue at hand, resolve the fact that we believe different things that are really of no significance at this moment and look at what we have in common:
    A) The political process is flawed. Every other candidate besides Ron Paul says the same thing, now, and doesn’t even have any shame in that they are saying the same thing.
    B) Our nation is about to go bankrupt – economically from government overspending. No other politician even wants to approach that subject.
    C) Our freedoms are being compromised, day by day, by revolting legislation. Our phones are tapped, the DHS, FBI, CIA, etc. can search our houses without warrant, we can be rendered LEGALLY now, by our government and have all 0f our rights stripped away, as we are labelled an “enemy combatant” or one of many other a plethora of labels.
    D) The United States of America is about to join a hypervisor that will oversee the USA, Canada, and Mexico as a single nation, and unless we have a president in charge opposed to this, we’re just going to have to take it.
    E) The IRS is taking 30% of our paychecks just to deliver it to the cartel of banks known as the Federal Reserve. Again, the only person to even consider opposing this is Ron Paul. Most every other politician in the past that has, in ANY way, done the same has been shot.

    How about you take a chance and respect the fact that Ron Paul can not claim to be somebody he is not, and can only do what he knows, professionally, how to do – he’s a medical doctor, and he’s a politician.

    The game of politics deals with relying on other people to educate you about what “fact” may be (as nobody could possibly know everything) and weighting your constituency in voting for or against bills relating to that knowledge.

    The game of a medical doctor deals with caring about people in ways that you are able to help them alleviate pain, and in some cases, even survive.

    He is not a physicist. He is not a Military pilot. He is not a scientist. He is not a published anything, outside of being a published Doctor and Politician.

    That he does not claim to be is him respecting the fact that Americans are smarter than him, and him NOT telling lies.

    – xTo

  404. Joseph W. Schultz

    This message will be almost completely off-topic so those of you who do not care what I think can now advance to the next message.

    Many years ago BTI (Before The Internet) there was a medium called Bulletin Boards. These boards were forums for any topic undern the sun. Local “hubs” would transmit messages from their subscribers to all parts of the world. Not unlike our current email function, but primarily for specialized topics.

    At that time I was interested in UFOs so naturally, I gravitated to UFO oriented forums.

    In one of these forums, the name Zecharia Sitchin came up and since I had a great deal of knowledge about his books called “The Earth Chronicles”, I was asked to put together a synopsis (in numerous posts) of his writings over a period of time.

    Then the Internet exploded with all of its grandeur and someone gathered up all of my posts on Sitchin’s books and deposited them on websites all over planet earth, which now brings me to the point of this post.

    I’ve been called many names on this forum mostly by COWARDS who think they know what I stand for.

    For those of you (and there will be a few, for various reasons) who would like a glimps of who I am, do a google using the key phrase, “Impressions of the Earth Chronicles”.

    You might enjoy some of what I had to say many years ago, BTL –jws

  405. Joseph W. Schultz

    Natasha, it appears we agree on something (heaven forbid), but at least I can disagree with your conclusion: “The sooner, more of us wake up to this obvious fact of life, then the better off we shall be”.

    Other than creating a bloody revolution, I see no advantage in “waking up”.

    Or, is it a bloody revolution you are actually advocating?

    I’ll understand if you have reason not to answer this question. ;-) –jws

  406. audio interview of ron paul where he emphatically states that he is not a member of any secret society…repeted the question and he repeated the answer… lissen for yourself

  407. Jury nullification, the bloodless revolution!

  408. Joseph W. Schultz

    Ah, but did he say he is not a member of a SEMI-secret society?

    Words are important — even those not spoken. –jws

  409. Or, shall we do a Candidate Nullification and keep the Decider in office another four years? –jws

    When more than 50% of the voting public refuses to cast a vote, candidate and concensus nullification are already evident.

  410. DJ: I’ve been playing the game long enough that I get notified before things happen, as opposed to seeing them happen on the news and being unduly surprised.

    You have to know a lot of very diverse people to get that courtesy, and you have to keep your mouth shut when you don’t understand the subject matter at hand.

    Does it make me more “free” than you? Yes, actually – it does. You see, when you don’t follow the rules, you tend to stick out. It tends to be extremely obvious, and that makes you an easy target to stay away from. Just following the rules prevents your intentions from being misunderstood, and prevents you from being as tightly controlled and limited.

    Not only that, but you tend to meet a lot of very interesting and trustworthy people.

    Frankly, I don’t believe that I’d trust many people in this forum, just because of how skeptical of everybody else they are. You can’t be friends that way, and you certainly can’t expect friends like many of the individuals here to be a part of your life if they’re questioning every action you take…I think that’s the point, though – induce unjustified fear – unjustified fear always creates unnecessary internal rebellion.

    You know what I’m going to say: unnecessary internal rebellion always leads to the split and eventual collapse of any “movement” toward an idea.

    Simple concepts of any exothermic or endothermic system, really.

    You make the best case for globalization that I’ve seen, DJ – you argue that simply due to his age, he is irrelevant.

    As such, you don’t much care for a document that is over 200 years old – I mean surely it’s older than you, it must be “irrelevant,” right?

    So why does it matter that we’re eventually going to be led under a full global governing authority and that we’re going to be chipped?

    Heck – RFID is only around 25 to 30 years old (publically). It must be better than that pathetic 200 year old document, right? I mean, it’s new!


    Grow up and trust people a little more. They aren’t all out to get you.

    While you’re at it, you might want to take a look in the mirror and decide whether you like who you really are or not. Most of the skepticism that one displays toward others is misdirected internal fear.

    Natasha – I fell in love with you, but you didn’t know it because I don’t see a reason to treat you differently than anyone else. Keep writing!

    DJ – trust people a little. They really are beautiful and wonderful creatures. You just need to look at things from their point of view some time.

    JWS – you’re the forum’s catalyst, it seems. Or at least you were mine.

    Lloyd – you should speak more often. I bet you have a lot of really interesting ideas on these subjects.

    To anyone I missed, I apologize as I had probably not interacted with you much (I didn’t feel like looking through the entire thread all over again).


    Have fun!

    – xTo

    (p.s. – I may or may not check this forum again. Ron Paul’s book was a good read, by the way.

    Regardless of what you think of me, I’d probably fall in love with you in real life, so long as you have a passion. People are, generally, nice.)

  411. In general people are good. You’re right though, they hate what they don’t understand. Hate from fear of the unknown, and ignorance.

  412. “You make the best case for globalization that I’ve seen, DJ – you argue that simply due to his age, he is irrelevant.

    As such, you don’t much care for a document that is over 200 years old – I mean surely it’s older than you, it must be “irrelevant,” right?” xTo
    I’m sorry you did not understand my post, xTo.
    I’m the one much older than 25, and it has nothing to do with fraud Paul being irrelevant.
    Fraud Paul is irrelevant because he mocks the truth, publically.

    Go re-read my posts and you will see I in no fashion proclaim the republic’s constitution to be irrelvant.
    Quite the contrary.
    Reading retention, xTo, it is a beautiful and wonderful skill. You simply must try a little harder to comprehend what you are reading, okay?

    I can only hope you understand these words I have come to love and trust…

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  413. I apologize DJ – I did misunderstand your post.

    Re-reading it, I agree with you. Ron Paul is irrelevant, individually. Even he has stated this himself.

    I do not agree with you that he “mocks the truth,” however, and I would like to know why you think that he does.

    I think he’s quite right that he does not and can not believe that “9/11 was an inside job” – he does not have the credentials to approach the subject matter.

    If you have the credentials to approach such broad subject matter, then why do you suspect that he would, as well?

    Didn’t anybody tell you, DJ? There is no such thing as “free” in this world anymore, and it’s not even attainable at this point in human evolution (nor would it be, even if everybody on Earth revolted against the current positions of power).

    The best you can hope is that you could convert this nation into the partial sanctuary that it once was, and people will be content in thinking that they are free, even as they elect more oppressive leaders.

    Failing that, you should have friends that you can trust, because that’s all that’s left.

    That’s to be said for anything now, really.

    You can get Ron Paul elected, and that’s the closest you’ll ever get.

    What more do you expect?

    – xTo

  414. There is NO source, therefore the claim is complete HERESAY. I could say ron paul eats live babies, but guess what, if there is no source their is no proof, and no claim.

    I see you deleted my earlier comment merely pointing out what I just said. It is pretty obvious we either have a kid here spreading rumors or a disinfo hack. Take your pick folks

  415. Once again, thank you for your many opinions.

    One does not need “credentials” to be able to discern truth from lies,xTo.
    The official story told by those running around calling themselves “government” and parroted by those calling themselves “media” is easily proved false.

    Many people that possess reading rentention skills have come to the same conclusion.

    Those of us with a finely tuned bullsh*t meter began exposing the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory from day one.

    Fraud Paul, however, has this to say:

    FAUX NEWS:Many of your supporters call themselves 911 Truthers. They believe that the U.S . government was in some way complicit with the 911 attacks or covered it up. Are you prepared tonight to either embrace that rhetoric or ask those supporters to abandon it or divorce themselves from your candidacy?

    Ron Paul: I can’t tell people what to do but I’ve abandoned those viewpoints. I don’t believe that. That’s the only thing that’s important, so I don’t endorse anything they say ..but I would like to take an opportunity to talk about the issue that we’ve been debating here the last 20 minutes …( next words are unintelligible )

    Faux News: Sir, would you ask them to cease..

    Ron Paul: Pardon me?

    Faux News: Would you ask them to cease that rhetoric tonight on your behalf?

    Ron Paul: Well, it doesn’t do me any good so if they care about me they should . But the only thing I have control over is what I believe and what I say . I can’t tell them what to do. So I don’t endorse what they say and I don’t believe that.. so please could I participate in the current debate?

    There you have it.
    Fraud Paul does not believe nor endorse anything but the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory, according to his own words.

    “The real advantage which truth has, consists in this, that when an opinion is true, it may be extinguished once, twice, or many times, but in the course of ages there will generally be found persons to rediscover it, until some one of its reappearances falls on a time when from favorable circumstances it escapes persecution until it has made such head as to withstand all subsequent attempts to suppress it.”

    –John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (1859)

  416. Michael – If more people in the world acted like Masons there’d be a lot more fucking douche bags. (“Welcome to the club #908. You have joined the sacred order of the stonecutters who, since ancient times, have split the rocks of ignorance that obscure the light of knowledge and truth… Now lets all get drunk and play Ping Pong!!!” ~Patrick Stewart) The one’s who haven’t figured out yet that there’s much more worldly potential to it than just kickin it with the boys in their secret clubhouse, and who haven’t figured out how to climb the ladder into the true mysteries, are the ultimate petty ignoramuses who don’t get it and are therefore consequently duped into believing that they are somehow doing good in the world by ultimately letting themselves be brainwashed with the ideals of an ancient religion originally taught by the mystery schools of the ancient world and re-packaged for the contemporary cultural and social environment of our modern civilizations as well as being encoded into nearly every holy book of every religion we’ve ever been given. The one’s who don’t figure that out and continue to indulge in Masonry simply for the opportunities it allows them to “cheat” at society are the most lowly and despicable human garbage on the face of the planet.

    “And somehow, all of the sudden, all of these guys who have always done everything exactly the same as everyone else have virtue.” ~Alan Watt

  417. Here is Ron Paul giving a Masonic handshake to Bill Maher and Ben Afleck…

  418. JWS

    No, I do not advocate revolution, and really I am sure, that any attempt at such, would only hasten the advancement of their agenda.

    xTo, and all the rest of you.

    I wish you all well.

    I may be back one day.

    Until then.

  419. i like the 5 photos in a line across the top of your site showing the results of what seems to be proving to be the nuclear demolition of the entire WTC complex.

  420. 100% agreement regarding 9/11.

    The social silence on 9/11 is damning. Politicians are not the main guilty parties here.

    I personally watched an MIT professor of structural engineering on BBC supporting the b.s. of the fires. One can excuse a corporate whore such as a congressman or an editor for acting stupid, as they may well be stupid.

    But, when the technical and professional elite actually stomach the lies — just think of all the unnecessary structural insulation that will now be specified for building codes due to LIES about 9/11 — then you know something is REALLY wrong in America.

    And the source of this disease in our society is THE MASONIC ORDER of which these same treasonous professionals and technologist are all, likely, members of.

    CCP and MAO had the village chapter and this pervasive penetration into society is one reason China and CCP never had a counterpart to KGB.

    They didn’t need one …

  421. It still stands that this so-called “article” is pure crap which provides not a shred of evidence.
    These comments are full of belly-achers who are upset that RP didn’t trump their cause for them. I can’t blame him. The “truth movement” has come up with a hundred different theories on who, how and why the towers were brought down. If RP had given even the slightest hint of supporting that “movement” the media would have jumped all over him. Every theory a “truther” has ever come up would have been pinned on RP as a belief of his. Instead of smear stories calling him racist there would have been smear stories calling him a racist who thinks reptilian aliens with laser weapons dealt the final blow to the towers, after the planes laden with additional explosives, thermite, thermate, cutter charges, micro nukes, and pulse weapons first weakened them.
    Get a grip! He’d be committing political suicide with a move like that. RP was absolutely right when he said of the truthers, “they’re doing nothing good for me.” Get over yourselves. The truth movement isn’t even a cohesive one. Who wants to back a movement that doesn’t even know which direction it’s moving in? Why should he state that he believes what the truthers say when there’s a new flipping theory every day?
    Gee… perhaps a thorough investigation could turn up some real answers! And that’s exactly what he called for.
    You knuckleheads aren’t wise enough to understand the practicality or importance of such maneuvering in politics. Calling for a new investigation and leaving it at that was the best thing he could have done for your movement. Instead you react like a bunch a crybabies. WAHH, RP said he doesn’t believe us!!! WAHH!! You shot yourselves in your collective foot.

  422. I don’t see anyone asking fraud Paul to trump anything in this forum.
    I also don’t see anyone proclaiming to be part of any “truth movement”.
    Fraud Paul denied the truth in a public forum and that ended any chance he might have had of getting the rebuttlickins nomination.
    He made himself totally irrelevant when he denied the truth, not the fraudulent “truth movement”!
    Finally, I don’t see fraud Paul asking for any investigations by saying, and I quote: “I don’t believe that. That’s the only thing that’s important, so I don’t endorse anything they say …”

    Not endorsing anything does not equal fraud Paul calling for a real investigation.
    In fact, one saying, I DON’T ENDORSE ANTHING THEY SAY, means he does not agree with all the many in the fraudulent “truth movement” calling for a “new investigation”.
    Sorry, fraud Paul doomed himself with his very own words.

  423. Personally, I don’t know if nukes were involved, but the purpose of the photo is to hit home the fact that the ‘aftermath’ of 9/11 is a new era in tyranny, high crimes, treason, globalism and perpetual war. 9/11 was the excuse they needed to do their ‘Great Work’, the Masonic New World Order.

  424. One thing should become clear to any researcher into the occult theocracy: that all the major institutions including religion, government, police departments, courts, education, corporations, banking, Hollywood, the military and on and on and on are all controlled by Masons and aristocratic and papal orders of one kind or another (York Rite, Scottish Rite, Templars, Rosicrucians, Bonesmen, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Jesuits, B’Nai Brith etc, etc, etc and their spinoffs).

    The second thing a researcher will realize, from talking to the general public, is that they do not have even the slightest inkling about any of it, much less about their appendent organizations like CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral etc, much less that we are all born into a Masonic Matrix system that is festooned with Masonic (Cabalistic) symbols everywhere you look, and punished if we question it. This is by design of course, to keep the general public in a state of total ignorance whereby they remain a pliable and easily manipulated.

    So naturally, when anyone dares to point to the 600lb gorilla in the middle of the room, or reveal that the Emperor Has No Clothes, they are going to be jumped on and vigorously attacked as I am continuously by the Masons and their useful idiots.

    By virtue of the fact that we are a Masonically-controlled society, and that most Masons in high places prefer to keep their membership a secret (at least until after their deaths) lest the sheep become restless, I have every right to speculate that Ron Paul, a lifer politician going for the highest Masonic office in the land, who appears to have Masonic connnections, who is the number one choice among Freemasons nationwide, IS a freakin Mason himself. It is logical to assume that the probability is high that he is a Mason or at least an inductee into any number or similar groups. I have never stated categorically that he IS a Mason, only that I was about 90% sure based on all the factors pointing to it.

    The moment I opened my mouth about Ron Paul, I was immediately attacked by Masons and mason-friendly useful idiots. And it goes on. Oh I am not complaining about it at all. I actually like it because then the Enemy exposes himself. So bring it on.

    Go ahead and keep attacking me because you expose yourselves for what you are. Nothing but scum, shielding the real Illuminati, the occult theocracy, diverting attention away from it or even claiming that the elite are our saviors. Yeah that’s a good one. Haha.

  425. Joseph W. Schultz

    You are not only a COWARD, pj, you are a paranoid COWARD.

    People do not attack you, they justifiably defend themselves against your childish diatribes.

    You remind me of the story about the lad who killed both of his parents and then asked the judge for mercy because he was an orphan.

    Are you that orphan? –jws

  426. JWS,

    As I said, you expose yourself with every breath. So just keep on talkin baby. As you already revealed, you are a mason-friendly occultist and apologist for RAW and Aleister Crowley. Your brother is a 33rd degree mason (speaks volumes!), you been tapped for induction but you don’t believe in a god, however you would fit right in at the OTO or the Grand Orient. I am sure you will reveal more about yourself, so drone on, drone on. Let’s hear more about your occult connections.

  427. Joseph W. Schultz

    Not so, COWARD. You are the one who exposed his balls — right here in plain sight.

    I do have a question though. Are you that 24 year old Timothy or were you just posting on his blog? I’m trying to research you on the net. I’m with the thought police and your name keeps popping up. –jws

  428. How many times do I have to tell you JWS, you can’t help exposing yourself. You really should stop, but you can’t help it can you? That’s right, you are part of the Though Police, protecting the Illuminati by attacking me. And as I said, I not complaining because you demonstrate that you are the Enemy with every statement that you make. Loads of fun!

  429. Thought Police Officer JWS,

    You aren’t going to dig up any dirt on me because my record of fighting the information war against the Illuminati elite is impeccable. The only dirt you are going to find is in your own thoughts, words and deeds as I hold up a mirror to your face.

  430. Joseph W. Schultz

    I am not ashamed of who I am, COWARD.

    Allow me to reveal somewhat of myself. Then see if you can do the same.

    I was born when FDR was in office. I married my childhood sweetheart, served and was wounded in the Korean “conflict”, was a brick and stone mason since 1951, learned to fly single-engine planes and have been a pilot since 1960. I belong to no organization. However I was an ordained minister for many years. I have studied psychology, philosophy, political science, eastern and middle eastern history, Sumerology, occultism, architecture (built my first house in 1959 where my lovely wife and I raised six great children). I have also studied music (to date I have written over four hundred pieces of music. I am proficient in several musical instruments including piano and an assortment of stringed instruments).

    I am retired with my wife of 55 years in Arizona. We have six grown children (the oldest will be 53 years of age in November), 14 grandchildren, several great grandchildren. My son is a professor of Criminal Justice at an Arizona College. I am a strict Constitutionalist, I detest almost all politicians.

    I attest that all of the above is true and I will put up my entire savings to anyone who can prove otherwise and they shall be my servants for the rest of my life if they can’t.

    Signed: Joseph W. Schultz

    Now, Mr. COWARD, let me see your biography.

  431. History lesson. Every time a vile regime raises its head the first thing they do is kill off Masons and ban masonic lodges and masonic meetings. Guess why? Masons are clear thinkers with morals and ethics they do not cater to any religion or ideology except how to better mankind. When Rudyard Kipling went to India he was a masonic brother with Hindi, Muslim, christians, buddists, shiks, ect. They were brothers of the lodge. BROTHERS. Masons are idealists, philanthrophists, and forward thinkers. They value freedom, liberty and bettering mankind. While everyone else points the finger and judges, hates and says that their right over someone elses beliefs. Religion is ridiculous. Religion has gotten us where we are today. Screwed. God is in everyone and we are all brothers and sisters on this planet. Period. I don’t give god a name. He is GOD. Religion was made to control and tax us period, and to instill fear in people so they could bow down to the churches they created. THAT MAN CREATED. GOD is in everything. Masons understand this. Thats why masons ask you if you belive in god. They dont ask you if you belive in Religion. Religion is made by MAN. GOD is in each and every one of us. We are spiritual. We are all connected and from the SAME place spiritually. Masons understand this. Masons belive in peace, brotherhood and advancing humankind. They stood for this country when it was formed, they wrote our constitution, they led the french revolution. They were forward thinkers. Now the assholes in charge of the world. IE the bankers and corporate lackeys and politicos want power and money and to enslave us. They are not true masons. Stop judging the minority as the whole. Politicians suck. Our goals as human beings should be “What are you doing to improve the human race and make the world a better place to live.” Instead of How much money am I going to get from my lobbiests to put nuclear waste in my moms back yard?

  432. Bill (Of Rights)

    The Libertarian movement is becoming the Tower of Babel. No one can agree to unite and press on because you are too busy quibbling and trying to discredit each other.

    For the sake of us all, unite on the U.S. Constitution and move FORWARD. So far, Ron Paul is the only viable candidte fighting for the U.S. Constitution. I don’t care if he is a masturbating, cape wearing pope from Mars. Move FORWARD, fools.

  433. Joseph W. Schultz

    psst… psst… hey you… yes you… Mr. COWARD.

    I’m still waiting for that biography. I know you’re there, hiding behind that keyboard.

    Expose your well publicized balls and show the world your biography.

    Don’t be shy. It may prove to be an interesting biography.

    You now know a little of me.

    Peek out from that keyboard and show me something about you. There has to be something worth reading…

    psst… psst… –jws

  434. Bill (Of Rights)

    Think about how much might have been achieved with the brain power wasted on this thread, my time included. Prime example of why freedom will die. The freedom fighters are too busy fighting each other.

  435. Joseph W. Schultz

    Oh, go run for president, Mr. Bill! Don’t you know that human beings are in their natural habitat when combatting each other?

    War is the norm — peace is the aberation! –jws

  436. Joseph W. Schultz

    …still waiting, Mr. COWARD.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt — you’re probably writing a long biography and here am I complaining that it isn’t forthcoming in a timely manner. I’ll look in on this forum later and I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised… -jws

  437. So if people found out Jordan Maxwell was a Freemason initiate would that destroy his credability?

  438. Michael–when you said the Masons led the French Revolution–how do you mean precisely? The initial Revolution evolved into the Terror, which ultimately culminated with the Napoleonic Wars and Empire and etc. I’m not being critical–I was just wondering about clarification?

  439. Sgr,

    Is Jordan Maxwell a Freemason? What rite and what degree?

  440. Judge a man based on his actions. The founding Fathers were masons. If you use the logic that all masons are evil, I guess you could apply that logic to the Jews as well.

  441. Masonic Occult Agent Provocateur Military Thought Police Intelligence Officer: JWS,

    Oh no, I am not providing you with a dossier of my personal information so you can file a report with your commu-fascist bi-sexual boyfriends at the Masonic Total Information Temple of Homeland Security, but you have been giving it all out (consciously and unconsciously) for all of us to see, so that is your own doing, and I am sure it is somewhat vetted and polished for public consumption, in case some mason-friendly agent decides to option your heroic *cough* story for the movie of the week. But I see through you unfortunately.

    Maybe I should have warned you, but that would have taken the fun out of it wouldn’t it? Because this is my turf, I have very graciously allowed you to say whatever crap you want to say here, both to me and your Masonic buddies like Lloyd there. But just be forewarned, everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. I guess due to alzheimers, you forgot that part, but no matter.

    Oops! But it’s really kind a too late to cover your tracks isn’t it? You see, you already gave yourself away as a mason-friendly occultist who loves RAW and Aleister Crowley, who distributes UFO/Alien disinformation, who advocates “bloodly revolutions” as an obvious agent provocateur, who is proud to have lived during Knights of Pythias traitor FDR’s administration, who says his involvement in 33rd degree Mason Truman’s made-to-be-lost globalist UN police action Korea makes him a hero, who thinks being a private pilot makes him something so very special above other men, who has read a bunch of worthless books, who has spawned a very large brood of equally masonically-inclined pod-people, who has been tapped for induction into the ‘secrets’ and whose brother is a 33rd degree dirtbag, but now everything you say further will just dig you in deeper into the muck that you yourself created along with your Masonic friends with whom you will take it laughing all the way to the grave that is rapidly approaching. And you are so proud of participating in the Novus Ordo Seclorum too by the looks of it. It is repulsively sick, sick, sick, but I will say absolutely exquisite for the purpose of exposing what you are. An old doddering Masonic snake in the grass trying to get in a few last licks for the Illuminati before he expires. Lovely, Just lovely.

    I love to watch you squirm JWS, the way you can’t help reacting and exposing yourself. I really do! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this is! If you could only be in my shoes for a second, you would understand.

    So please, by all means, keep on attacking, smearing, belittling the Truth and thus exposing yourself. I know you can’t help but do it because you are such an arrogant old Masonic moron, so bring it on. Tell us more about your Masonic occult connections and how you and your boyfriends have enjoyed their prosperous time in the sun and absolutely fucked the future generations up the ass. We are all dying to know about it!

    By the way, you are the real coward and slave because you never had the courage to break free from your Masonic masters. Never forget that. I am also sure I have done way more hard, sweaty, dirty, physical labor than you ever dreamed of doing. So quit pretending you are some kind of stud. It’s a joke, especially at your age.

  442. Joseph W. Schultz

    Here’s an interesting site on “Famous Non-Masons.

    I was surprised to find that Santa Anna (the one who fought the battle of the Alamo) might not have actually been a Mason.

    There is also a dispute as to whether Crowley was a Mason.

    Check out the site, it’s interesting reading. –jws

  443. Joseph W. Schultz

    Another very interesting article on the defenders of the Alamo:

    The COWARD will be amazed and stunned at the names of the men who defended the Alamo. –jws

  444. Joseph W. Schultz

    As Bugs Bunny would say, “Be vewy careful, COWARD, there are evil Masons lurking behind evwee twee and they have their eyes on you, you wascal wabbit hater”. (Bugs is also a 33 Degree Mason with the Wabbit Hole Lodge in Hollywood, CA.) –jws

  445. Joseph W. Schultz

    “Masonic Occult Agent Provocateur Military Thought Police Intelligence Officer: JWS,”

    I have to apologize, COWARD. Being the head of the newly formed Thought Police Bregade, adjunct of Discordian Lodge #666, my investigations have revealed that you haven’t a valid thought in your head.

    And one more thing, COWARD: you have my permission to ban me from your site any moment the heat becomes to much for you. I have a very full agenda without visiting your venom filled establishment.

    Til that fatal moment, this is the O.T.O. Thought Police Agent residing in and signing out from the Demonic Masonic Lodge #666. Hail Eris!

    For the sane members of this forum: Wasn’t Boston Legal great tonight?

    Good night, COWARD. –jws

  446. Oh yeah, JWS, with your “Hail Eris” bullshit, you reveal your true intentions. Discordian Order Out of Chaos.

    You are definitely in the mold of RAW and obviously love the fact that you have helped screw the world over.

    Most people don’t know what the hell this is about, but I do.

    JWS = piece of crap, just like his buddy RAW and Aleister Crowley

  447. BY THE WAY JWS,

    Every time you post something, it reveals more of your agenda, so it is fascinating and I really do appreciate every single word. I have no intention of blocking you in any way. You are absolutely free to incriminate yourself.

  448. Dominic John,

    That Faux News clip reminds me of Tim Russert’s query to both Bush and Kerry on Skull and Bones. It sounds remarkably similar the way RP quickly dismisses it and moves onto the next topic.

  449. ohgoodgrief

    Never waste my time on trolls, but will add a few comments for any lurkers who may not know. The Dead Sea Scrolls were the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. They curently reside in Jerusalem. Anyone claiming to be in their 70’s was approximately in their alte teens in the years these discoveries were being made, circa 1946-1952. It was in all the papers. So where does that leave us. My opinion – a crackpot troll who spends his life on message boards, hates God, and is trying to confuse the issue by claiming the Dead Sea Scrolls are “a book”. What a pure idiot.

  450. Joseph W. Schultz

    “My opinion – a crackpot troll who spends his life on message boards, hates God, and is trying to confuse the issue by claiming the Dead Sea Scrolls are “a book”. What a pure idiot.”

    Another name calling COWARD. Gosh, I’ll have to number them. Lets see, you can be COWARD #2, ogg.

    But then you are tilting at windmills.

    Why is it that Cristians especially are the ones who spew out such contempt upon their fellow humans? Don’t they know their God is watching them and listening to their every word? Where is “Love thy neighbor” and “Do good in return for evil?”

    COWARD #2, do you have a special dispensation from your God to ignore His Word and spew out such venom?

    If so, then it is no wonder that so many hate your God (that same God who creates evil).

    You also might want to look up the word “book” in your dictionary before you make a complete ass of yourself. (Just a suggestion, COWARD #2.) –jws

  451. Joseph W. Schultz

    COWARD #1 pontificates: “Every time you post something, it reveals more of your agenda, so it is fascinating and I really do appreciate every single word. I have no intention of blocking you in any way. You are absolutely free to incriminate yourself.”

    And the heathen Joe replies: We shall see how much heat you can take, COWARD #1. Not subscribing to any religious doctrines, I do not forgive insults to my person. Especially from COWARDS like you. Like a pitbull, I never let go.

    I’m quite sure you are a Christian in good standing with your church. But are you in good standing with your God? Remember, He will not be mocked. But above all, remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, since it is very apparent that your version is, “Do unto others before they get a chance to do it unto you”. I think you get the point, COWARD #1. –jws

    PS. Remember to love your neighbor. Masons are your neighbors too. (And remember the parable about the wheat and the tares.)

  452. Joseph W. Schultz

    Almost missed this one…

    “JWS = piece of crap, just like his buddy RAW and Aleister Crowley”

    Remember, COWARD #1, “He sees you when your sleeping, He knows when your awake…”.

    Be good, for goodness’ sake.

    Jesus loves you in spite of COWARDLY ways. –jws

  453. Joseph W. Schultz

    I’ve got to get to bed.

    COWARD #1 and COWARD #2, please wait until tomorrow to continue your insults, swearing and rantings and ravings at my person. I promise, I will reply in kind to my new pen-pals!

    Goodnight, David — Goodnight, Chet…

  454. JWS,

    Ohmygod, you are a piece of work. You don’t believe in God, yet you preach to the Christian about Biblical values.

    But that is the way of the Masons, including your friend Lloyd.

    Obviously, you are never going to let go of your delusions of grandeur. I can just see you there, on your death bed with a laptop, tapping out your last gasps of Discordian bullshit. It is a pathetic sight to behold.

    People, please do look up Discordianism, “Hail Eris” and the rest of that Robert Anton Wilson non-sense. These people are cryptic Masons. Their teaching is designed to flummox and confuse and nothing more. This is what JWS is about and if you value anything good, please do not go down this path of Order Out of Chaos, because it is the path of moral perversion.

    And I am not moralizing about sex, but about the value of truth and being a sincere, truth-abiding person. This is something the Discordians seek to destroy in general and something JWS spends his time on endlessly apparently out of an addiction to lies and darkness. He is also addicted to exposing himself, at least in terms of his true beliefs. And I almost feel that it is a cry for help, but because I know he is a con-man, I won’t take it at face value. Even so, there is some part of JWS which wants to come clean and make ammends for his devilishness. That is the only reason I can think of that he continuously exposes his true beliefs here. On one hand he hates me, but on the other hand, he is glad that I allow him to publish the true facts of his lifetime dedication to occultism and lies. These are the confused ramblings of a dying old cryptic Grand Orient OTO style mason in the tradition of Robert Anton Wilson and Aleister Crowley. It is almost tragic to watch, but I can’t help being fascinated at the same time.

    But now it is past the old man’s bedtime. The nurse has given him a sedative and he is off to dream land where he will never have to confront the demons that he has allowed to possess his soul. Nighty night JWS, sleep tight and don’t let the demons bite.

  455. Joseph W. Schultz

    So much for an early bed…

    “Ohmygod, you are a piece of work. You don’t believe in God, yet you preach to the Christian about Biblical values.”

    My dear sir — that is, COWARD #1, biblical values are good values even though they are not unique to the bible and predate the bible.

    Look at the lawgiver Hamurabi and see if you don’t agree.

    You might want to refresh yourself on those values. It seems you have forgotten them.

    And remember, “Hail Eris” is right out of Wilson’s work of fiction. I guess you don’t know the difference between fact and fiction. Gee, for all I know, you may be a BOT. Boy, wouldn’t that put the laugh on me?!

    You must not have read my biography. I told you I was an ordained minister for many years. The bible is full of wonderful and decent modes of living the good life. You might want to browse it sometime. It certainly sooths the savage beast.

    Did you know your God is a Mason?


    PS Read JOB. So many Masonic symbols there!

  456. I guess, the nurse went off duty and forgot to give him the proper dosage.

    It’s alive…it’s alive!

    Seriously, he is one of the creepiest people who have ever posted here:

    “Do you know your God [your Daddy] is a Mason?” he says….

    No JWS, he ain’t my daddy, maybe yours, but not mine.

  457. Yes, JWS, the Bible is Masonic from the get go.

    That is one of the things I have been trying to warn people about.

    But you see, you and your Masonic buddies try to turn this whole thing inside out into some kind of magical illusion, such that nobody knows which end is up or down. Order Out of Chaos = Hail Eris, etc. So I guess I am asking you to stop being evil and try being normal. Not that I am going to hold my breath. In fact, I expect that you, even in advanced years will continue to promote Discordian bullshit to the people, out of spite if nothing else. and I’m afraid I will just have to keep countering it for the rest of my life if need be. So…that is the unfortunate part that both saddens and angers me about you people.

  458. PJ, Micheal is right above and you are consistently wrong. It’s people like you who bread hate out of fear that are the real problem in the world. You know why RP is preferred by Masons? Not because he may or may not be a Brother, or who his connections are, but because what he votes for and believes in so do we. The Constitution, true freedom. You need to get a clue.

  459. PJ,

    I don’t understand why you feel the need to attack people personally. It’s weak and shows your argument has not a leg to stand on. It shows your lack of education and class among other things.

  460. Hey guys, FYI our founding father’s where Freemasons.

  461. Isaac,

    I have tried that approach and PJ doesn’t seem to care.

  462. Joseph W. Schultz

    Persecuted COWERD #1 quoted me and then said: ““Do you know your God [your Daddy] is a Mason?” he says….
    No JWS, he ain’t my daddy, maybe yours, but not mine.

    Now we’re getting somewhere: It is suddenly quite obvious why your mental processes have been stunted; you don’t believe in God and, therefore, cannot be inducted into the Masonic Order.

    I finally understand your frustration. Do you remember the moment that you realized you were not qualified to become a Mason? It must have been a traumatic experience. My sympathies are with you, COWARD #1.

    There is a cure for what ails you though. No, not a frontal lobatomy, but just as effective.

    You must put on your red slippers, click your heels and repeat this mantra, (no, its not a Masonic mantra.) Here it is: “I will not be Dixon.”

    Of course, the logic behind this mantra is simple; If you cannot me Mason you will not be Dixon either.

    Easy huh? Now repeat this one thousand times a day for three hundred and sixty days and if you are faithful in doing it, your Masophobia will subside enough for you to breathe normally.

    You may have the rare, but treatable hard-core type Masophobia so if the above doesn’t work, try the Apache Three Chief mantra. The names of the three Apache Chiefs are: Owah, Tunna, and Siam. You must go out in public and stand on a street corner of your choice and scream out these three Apache Chief’s names in this manner: “OWAH TUNNA SIAM OWAH TUNNA SIAM OWAH TUNNA SIAM.”

    This mantra, (very ancient), if done properly, will cure even the most hard-core Masophobe. It will also enlighten you as you realize why everyone who hears you shouting this mantra are laughing so hard… –jws

  463. here’s the deal: imho, the illuminati control both sides of this rigged game.

    they created the hegelian dialectic/ problem-reaction-solution.

    all bifurcated/split/polar systems lead back to that. the jesuits are the left hand school, the rothschilds the right hand school, and all report to the same hideous master. as i see it, hillary works for the right hand, obama works for the left.

    ron paul? who knows, maybe a double agent. i’d like to believe in the fairy tale of constitutional rule of law, but that went out the door in the 1790’s. the rule of fang and claw has swayed ever since. we’ve been grasping at straws ever since. maybe nesara is real; time will tell. without something on the magnitude of nesara, ron paul will be emasculated or assasinated, like andrew jackson, abe lincoln, william jennings bryan, and so many others.

    as long as we look outside, as long as we play THEIR GAME, they win. it’s paper or plastic, the ILLUSION of choice, as carlin likes to say.

    i dis-identify, realize there are no political solutions to the mystery of the human Heart, and make the choice from the heart, understanding it’s all a game anyway. they’re shadow puppets dancing on the wall, the lot of ’em. jmo.

    peace out.

  464. Joseph W. Schultz

    So, the bible is Masonic. Hmm, that means all of its authors must be Masons. And, Satan forbid, Adam, Able, Moses, Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Jesus, Peter, Paul and Mary (oops, that’s a folk-singing group), Paul (Saul), All of the Popes and ministers, etc., must be Masons (or subscribe to their ideology too. Wow, there must be millions of closet Masons. All Christians must be Masons. Wow! How can we round them all up and cure them, COWARD #1? Or do you advocate THE FINAL SOLUTION for all Christians?

    Gee, I now feel sorry for Ogg. I’ll bet he’s as surprised as I am about your newest disclosure.

    Your phobia might be untreatable.

    Try a warm water enema. (No, take that tube out of your mouth…)–jws

  465. pjwalker911, I did not see the Russert interview you mentioned.
    Sounds like Russert did not pursue the line of questioning until an answer was provided.
    As for fraud Paul, it matters not whether he is a card carrying member of the freemasons.
    Even if he isn’t, that does not make him less of a fraud.

  466. Joseph W. Schultz

    Tru3, I think you have solved the mystery. It would explain many anomalies. Have you developed this theory any further? I’d like to hear more.

  467. Isaac // May 15, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Hey guys, FYI our founding father’s where Freemasons.
    Issac, perhaps your founders were freemasons, but Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were most certainly NOT!

    FYI, you need to work on your English grammar if you really want to look like a real American.

  468. Tru3,

    Did you know the REAL Illuminati were only around for a short time? I suppose you get your facts from a Dan Brown novel.

  469. Perhaps it should be restated as: A portion of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons and America has been on several occasions nicked named “The Great Masonic Experiment”. Was Freemasonry the influence on the way things are setup? We may never know, but were Masons influential in the process? Absolutely.

  470. Is there a portion of the people on this earth that are freemasons?
    Of course!
    It would only stand to reason the same can be said of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
    Was it the freemasons that signed the Declaration of Independence that also brought us jury trials and jury nullification?
    Or was it the non-masons that left the ultimate power to the individual?
    One freedom loving individual can negate all the time, money and effort spent by the plunderers by simply refusing to convict their next marc.
    Now, which one of you self-proclaimed masons want give your collectivist organization the credit for empowering the individual greater than the organizations?

  471. Joseph W. Schultz

    Lloyd, you must know by now that nothing you say in this forum will convince anyone cincerning the benefits of Freemasonry.

    While all worthwhile organizations have been infiltrated at some level by truly negative forces (and that includes Masonry) the basic tenents of Freemasonry (as well as a host of other secret/semi-secret societies) are well thought out, decent and honorable, if one is to read through any of their methods and goals. Masonic beliefs are no more subversive than the Boy Scout oath. For a forum to go on this long trying to demonize Freemasonry is proof positive that human beings are as ignorant as they are intelligent. Who is to explain such a paradox? No wonder war is the natural state of human affairs and peace is but the slight pause between said wars.

    There are times when I truly wish there was a decent creator God. One who could cure this abomination and cancer in the human psyche… –jws

  472. Hmmm…Lessons in human behavior and the Bible from lying corrupt psychopathic Luciferian conartist servants of the elite. Now that is really sweet.

    Yeah I am just about sick of you too Lloyd and JWS and your abuse, but as long as you keep revealing yourselves (probably as an unconscious cry for help), then I guess I will allow you to wallow in your own filth for awhile longer.

  473. Joseph W. Schultz

    Beginning to feel the heat, COWARD #1?

    “…for a while longer.”

    Oh, thank you Grand PooPah for indulging this unrepentent sinner and allowing me to preach to you for yet a little while.

    Now don’t forget to chant: “OWAH TUNNA SIAM” over and over until you become an enlightened COWARD.

    And brush more often with Draino… –jws

  474. I see the self-proclaimed masons ignore jury nullification and individual sovereignty.
    But we get such gems as: “human beings are as ignorant as they are intelligent.”

    And, “no wonder war is the natural state of human affairs…”

    Why yes, genius.
    Humans are intelligent and humans are ignorant.
    Some are as intelligent as others are ignorant.
    Is this really intended as some sort of revelation?
    Now, on to the other gem…

    Warmongers have been declaring that nonsense since before jws was a twinkle in his/her mommy’s eyes.

    There is zero truth to it.
    Most people despise war and have nothing to do with it.
    That is the real sate of human affairs.

    “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.”

    — Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

    jws, there is a Creator and the real abomination and cancer known as LIES will come to an end, thereby beginning the healing process so desperately needed!
    I’ll bet the masons are so looking forward to the end of LIES!

  475. Joseph W. Schultz

    Demonic John, why do you rant so? Simply do what some others do when they see my name. They move on to the next message.

    Be content that Jesus and the atheist COWARD (#1) love you.

    If my words offfend you at least shut one eye while reading them.

    Peace be unto you, brother sinner. –jws

    PS You must be careful not to hurt yourself as you cast stones at others.

  476. PJ,

    You’re sounding desperate, at the end of your rope. I have not abused you 1 time.

  477. I’m not ranting, nor casting stones.
    Simply bringing the truth, which obvioulsy appears to be ranting and casting stones to they that spread false information.

    I don’t care what others do, including you, jws.
    I don’t care who does or does not love me.
    Your words do not and cannot offend me.
    Can real peace come from one that has the audacity to declare war is the natural state of human affairs in a public forum?

    I expose, you decide!
    Move on, jws, you are way out of your league!

  478. Joseph W. Schultz

    Demonic John pontificates: “Move on, jws, you are way out of your league!”

    The Beast 666 answers: Because you say so? I think not.

    Rush Limbaugh is the only one who knows the absolute truth (just ask him). How could you possibly bring THE truth anywhere? Even the atheist, COWARD #1 cannot match the great Limbaugh’s truth, which he spews out of his eib microphone every day. Now there’s a big leaguer, my fellow sinner, who is head and shoulders above even the great Sean Hannity. (It is rumored they are both evil Masons.) –jws

  479. Joseph W. Schultz

    To all: Notice that I freely gave my name and much biographical material here for anyone to read.

    Ask yourself, will the COWARDS (they, and you, know who they are), do likewise? I think not. COWARDS are afraid of life in general. They are paranoid in many ways (a boogie man behind every tree). They cast aspersions on those whose ideas threaten their political and religious comfort zone. They constantly try to protect their notion of God rather than allow their particular God to protect them. They are easy to spot. They project their faults upon others, thereby thinking others will not see their own faults. But mostly, they are afraid. They fear life and they fear death. So many paradoxes… –jws

  480. Joseph W. Schultz

    Demonic John speaks: “Why yes, genius. Humans are intelligent and humans are ignorant. Some are as intelligent as others are ignorant. Is this really intended as some sort of revelation?”

    You have just proven my point. COWARD #1 calls me an idiot and you call me a genius. Which is it? Or can the truth be that ignorance and intelligence can dwell within the same human?

    Thank you (and, btw, my IQ is well above genius). –jws

  481. pj,

    JWS has obviously shown his belief of “Order out of Chaos”. His major contribution to this thread had been to create chaos and try to establish his own order. I hope some of the chattle have noticed. Though hard to find in the thread of chaos, some interesting points have been made about RP. So what choice is left?

    What we really need are intelligent solutions.

  482. Joseph W. Schultz

    BTW, I guess I must say this periodically, I am not a Mason. I do not qualify to be a Mason. I am also not a Masonic sympathizer, they do not need my sympathy. Nor do I belong or subscribe to any organization.

    I do not believe in a “good” God (I don’t think there is such a creature) and I certainly don’t believe in a devil.
    I do see good and evil being practiced in this world.

    My moral attitude seems to parallel much of the Christian ethic but I am no longer a Christian.

    My political belief system is much too complicated to explain in this forum.

    I have developed a theory on Dynamic Information which is based on my world view in terms of how, where and why intelligent life exists. It is also based on my assumption that there are two types of time: atomic (decay) time and dynamic (non-material) time.

    I have written several books (for private consumption) on this theory. Theoretical physics are beginning to catch up to my theory, but they (the physicists) are looking in the wrong place for the answer to this universal question: “Why anything rather than nothing?”

    So, there you have it. A little more insight as to who Joseph W. Schultz is. There will be some here who will understand some of what I have said — COWARDS will never understand me until they learn how to embrace both life and death! –jws

  483. JWS, your elitist demeanor screams volumes about you persona.

    Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

  484. Joseph W. Schultz

    Thank you so much, Lou.

  485. He is probably just a porch mason and nothing more.

  486. Joseph W. Schultz

    Sleep tight, all… –jws

  487. Pepper,

    You have been reading a lot of books and taking them at face value without using your noggin.

    1st, Skull and Bones is Masonic, ie Templar. Bush cabal is deeply involved with masons.

    2nd Masons are nothing but students of Kabbalah which is the Masonic Matrix control system behind pretty much everything in the Western world.

    3rd The Roman Catholic Templar episode was nothing more than a managed transition into the Roman Catholic Knights of Malta. Today, there are Scottish Rite degrees in both Knights Templar and Knights of Malta. There is no difference between them. They are all the same people at the top, but for the underlings they like to keep you thinking there is a difference just as they like to make you think there is a difference between Rebublicans and Democrats.

    4th The Illuiminati (the real ones) are the royal families of this world. They believe they are born to rule over the rest of us because they are inbred psychopaths. They also happen to control both Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta. The supposed division between the Church and Freemasonry is nothing but a mindfuck to keep you in a state of confusion.

    5th If Ron Paul is a mason, and everything points in that direction, then he is doing nothing but controlled opposition. The only way to control opposition, is to lead it. Sit with that thought just for a moment, in the context that we are all born into a Masonic Matrix system of total control over the mind of mankind. Of course, you are made to believe that Ron Paul is “our only hope” and for this reason, you gladly abandon all critical thinking and join the Ron Paul cult.

    Look, even I did that, so I don’t really blame people for it. I just gradually began to see what I had temporarily allowed myself to believe was not supportable due to evidence to the contrary.

    The bottom line is this: the presidential elections are completely and totally managed by the Illuminati. There is no way that a “man of the people” can win it. So even if this “man of the people” won it, he would not be what he claimed to be. It is an illusion created by the Masonic Matrix system. If you go along with it, you yourself are controlled.

    I really do not blame you for thinking the way that you do. I just ask you to rethink it and question it a little.

  488. Lou,

    JWS has a problem with galloping hubris, a fatal illness if left untreated. You see, he thinks he is a god and that we ought to worship him and his high-fallutin theories about time, space and other Discordian bullshit. He also believes in perpetual war like his Bonesman buddies. He also believes that anyone who disagrees with him MUST be a Christian. Imagine that in the context that he was once a Christian minister himself, but now believes in the Discordian goddess Eris = Order out of Chaos, = the Masonic Motto. He has a very twisted and sick sense of reality, but to each his own I guess. His mental illness had progressed into the netherworld of total psychopathology, yet he has his charming side, which makes him all the more dangerous to the general public and little boys, especially.

  489. Joseph W. Schultz

    Here is a website that non-masophobes will get a kick out of.

    “No horse, no wife, no mustache.”


  490. Joseph W. Schultz

    Here we have the anti-christ of anti-christs. (Beware, neophobes, mesophobes and COWARDS are admonished to stay away from this website. BS detectors are rampant.)

  491. Joseph W. Schultz

    Read about the iluminati right from your pc screen, from the master story teller, Robert A. Wilson. To fight the enemy we must get to know the enemy.,M1

  492. Joseph W. Schultz

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Heat getting to you, COWARD #1?

    BTW. I wondered why you chose Ron Paul to dis. He hasn’t got a chance at the nomination. Then it dawned on me: You couldn’t care less about RP. Your real reason for this *and all of your rantings is to dis Freemasonry. So now, I ask you this: If Freemasonry is as evil as you picture it, are you not afraid what their psychic police might do to you? After all, you are a COWARD.

    Just wondered… –jws

    (will this post await moderation too. ;-))

  493. JWS,

    Your comment was automatically suspected as spam by the WordPress system. That is why it was awaiting moderation you paranoid wackjob. Personally, I view all your comments are pure spam, and that is putting it nicely.

  494. JWS,

    Your boyfriends in the Masonic Mafia, can try whatever they want with me. I say bring it on, because each time they up the ante, I am going to expose them for it.

    You can’t win JWS, so why do you keep beating yor head against the wall. It’s stupid really.

    By the way, your boyfriend RAW was neurotic piece of crap whose only mission in life was to shield the Illuminati by way of diversions, bread and circus, stupid jokes, disinformation and outright lies. Finally, he died. Praise Eris!

    In fact, I bet he was your twin brother.

  495. JWS,

    I never set out to dis Ron Paul. In fact, I set out to support him and that I did as you can see in numerous posts throughout this blog which I have let stand for all to see.

    But then I gradually started to have my doubts about him and that is how this has culminated in me asking the simple question:


    Which I asked not only for myself, but for many thousands of others in the truth/freedom movement who have become legitimately concerned about this possibility. Which I maintain is a very good possibility.

    And since so many Masons and mason-friendly occultists like yourself have come running over here like mad rabid dogs to condemn me for asking this question, I figure I am on to something.

  496. Joseph W. Schultz

    It has been rumored that COWARD #1 is a non-Mason.

    I’m not saying COWARD #1 IS a non-Mason, but the evidence is there for anyone to see.

    His father was a non-Mason and to my knowledgs, all of his relatives are non-Masons. (Some are more non-Masons than others but non-Masons to be sure.)

    Again, I’m not saying that COWARD #1 is a non-Mason, just that he associates and identifies with non-Masons.

    What I’m asking is this: Anyone who can confirm or deny that COWARD #1 is truly a non-mason, please post your proof and sources so that we might know for sure that he is actually (and without doubt) a non-Mason. We know that COWARD #1 says he is not a non-Mason, but we also know that non-Masons are all liars.

    Now we all know what evil creatures non-Masons are. Everyone knows this, so if we can prove beyond speculation that COWARD #1 is a non-Mason, we shall be doing the world a large favor exposing this fact.

    But, let me be perfectly clear on this point: I am not saying (at this point in time) that he IS a non-Mason. That would be quite unfair of me.It might also come under libel and slander laws, so I must be careful to be perfectly clear that there is strong evidence of his non-Masonhood, but not conclusive evidence of the fact.

    So let the messages roll in concerning the nature of COWARD #1’s Non-Masonic ties or otherwise. We must clear this up so the world can rest in peace with said knowledge.

    One might ask: Joe, why are you dising COWARD #1? There’s no way he can be nominated for the high office of HUMAN.

    Ah, you have found me out — I confess — It is not COWARD #1 that I’m concerned about, its non-Masons in general I’m concerned about.

    Be assured, my research has proven to me beyond any doubt that non-Masons are all evil. Don’t ask me for definitive proof. Just trust me, because I have a loud voice and balls. This is all the proof you lowly readers need.

    Now, go forward from this Holy place and uncover all of the non-Masons you can. We must rid the world of such scum.

    “Look, there’s a non-Mason behind that tree, get him!”

    “Good.” “Onward non-Mason haters, we shall overcome…” “Oh say can you see…” –jws

  497. JWS,

    There you go revealing yourself again. You really are getting desparate to dig up some non-existent dirt on me, so you resort to an old worn-out Discordian tactic to try to get people up in arms against me, but of course it is nothing but another of your stupid jokes that backfire on you.

    Here’s a handkerchief. Wipe yourself because the dirt is all over your face.

  498. JWs,

    By the way, non-masons are the majority by far. These are the people who work hard everyday, abide by the rules, but can’t understand why they keep getting screwed over by the system. I am here to show them who the probable culprits are.

    Psst, AHEM… JWS and his mysterious elitist masonic buddies, hint, hint.

  499. Joseph W. Schultz

    …and the temperature rises, degree by degree. Do you feel it, COWARD #1? Or, like a frog put in a pot of cold water over a fire and doesn’t feel the heat until it is too late, you begin to squirm. Some DIScomfort there, heh, COWARD #1?

    There’s talk (not being a Mason I do not have devinitive proof) that an effigy of your body has been put into the Masonic ritualistic hexagram for COWARDS and chanting is starting to reach audible proportions. I really hope this is not the case because hexagrams for COWARDS can sometimes be spiritually and psychologically painful.

    I suggest we all become prayer partners and try to ward off the consequences of this evil Masonic ritual before it is too late to save you! –jws

  500. JWS,

    You really should listen to your nursemaid and take your medication and drift off to dreamland where you don’t have to face the fact that you are a traitor to the human race. Because the later you stay up , the less sense you make, and the more you discredit yourself, but since even a psyopath has a tendancy to leave clues to his crimes out of an unconscious cry for help, I allow you to leave them scattered all over this thread for the forensic boys to put together.

  501. Joseph W. Schultz

    “Om moni padmi hooooom. Let not our non-Masonic brother feel the wrath of the Masonic hexagram ritual. Oooom, monnni padmiiii Hommmmm. Please, Master of the Universe, save our brother, COWARD #1 in his hour of need. Ooooooooommmmmm monnnnniiiii padmmmmmmmiiiiii hommmmmmmmm, hear us oh GAOTU and IAO fortune cookie, grant us, your lowly servants (unworthy of your scrutiny) that COWARD #1 should not feel the pangs of remorse in this, his hour of redemption. Oooooooooommmmmm Mmmmmmmaaaannnnnniiiiii Paaaaaaaddddddmmmmmiiii Hhhhhhhooooooommmmmmm, GAOTU, Please forgive COWARD #1 for DISobeying your command to love his brothers and sisters as he loves himself.”

    There, that’s all I can do. The rest is up the the Great Arthitect of the Universe and IAO to do the rest, COWARD #1. Hopefully He (and IAO) have heard our fervent prayer… –jws

  502. Joseph W. Schultz

    Good night, Chet. — Good night, David.

  503. PJ,

    Above you said the Knights Templar is the Scottish Rite. You’re wrong. It’s the York Rite. Get your facts straight.

  504. Who cares if Ron Paul is a Freemason. He is done, as spent force. I am a Mason and even if he were I would NEVER have thought of voting for him because I don’t agree with most of what he espouses.
    Comments from anti-masons about Masons and what they believe may be answered by going to this site.
    Of course, the brain damaged will say its all a lie, but there you go..

  505. I used to write science fiction but “reality” outpaced me.


  506. David,

    Glad to see another brother commenting on here!

  507. Joseph W. Schultz

    Davidg said: “I am a Mason and even if he were I would NEVER have thought of voting for him because I don’t agree with most of what he espouses.”

    This is an interesting statement. You say “most”. He espouses smaller government. Are you againsr that? He would do away with the Federal Income Tax. Are you against that? Just what is it that RP espouses that you wouldn’t even consider voting for him? Or do you think he is lying about these major issues? And what is it about any of the front-runners that makes them preferable to RP?

    Hillary: She knows her healthcare plan is unworkable so long as insurance companies are pare of the mix.

    John: He would expand our global Imperialism beyond our current boy president’s wildest dreams. Your sons and daughters would be drafted and sent all over the world to fight the rich men’s wars.

    Barack: Accusations against him are starting to pile up so fast that he will me marginalized the moment he is nominated.

    All that’s left is for everyone to write in their favorite choice (excluding all current runners). But the electorial collage will pick one of the front runners in spite of all that.

    Ron Paul (compared to all of the others) looms head and shoulders above them. This is why I asked my leading question… –jws

  508. Utterly Insignificant

    If Ron Paul is a 33rd degree mason and that makes him wholly a worse evil than the 3 stooges, then don’t support him….. but I only have one thing to say about the future of americans….. BEND OVAH

  509. Wil,

    Sci-fi is predominantly “predictive programming”. In other words masons who were privy to the New World Order agenda years ago, were prompted to write as though they were just accidentally dreaming up weird fantasies about the future. This was in order to prepare and condition the masses for “things to come.” HG Wells, for example, was aware of the NWO agenda back in the 20s and 30s. But the general public were then, and now, not allowed to know specifically what the Masonic elite have planned for us.

  510. The fact that JWS, a para-masonic Luciferian/Discordian con-artist, is pushing Ron Paul ought to give people some pause at least.

  511. ET,

    You are one of the few people here in this tangled morass of Masonic disinformation (JWS and Lloyd in particular) who understand the real problem as the Masonic Matrix and see the reality that Masons are dirtbags who endlessly cover for each other (as Lloyd and JWS do).

    Why? Because they are the Enemy taking over like the pod-people in the movie “The Body Snatchers”. There is absolutely no difference between Masons and the most hideous creatures dreamed up by scifi. JWS is living proof, and he isn’t even officially a mason, but is absolutely enthralled with Freemasonry, Robert Anton Wilson (OTO) Luciferian Doctrine, the Golden Dawn, 666 and Ron Paul.

    It is so disgusting that I have to literally wash myself clean after being contaminated by these creeps and their toxic propaganda.

  512. Joseph W. Schultz

    Still foaming at the mouth, heh, potty lips?

    Remember the Masonic Thought Police — they are working on certain vibrations associated with crystals and aromas in conjunction with a certain COWARD’s weak constitution and diminished mental capacity. Along with HAARP and other secret, Tesla technology, the stage is set for some surprising fireworks. Stay tuned, we shall cure the ailing COWARD of all of his delusions and phobias very shortly.


    Blessed be Mary, God’s mom and George, God’s dad and Grandpa Pontias P., God’s Grand Dad. They are all watching over the COWARD.

    Let us pray… –jws

  513. It always makes me laugh when Masons disown Aleister Crowley publically. But the proof is in the pudding. Observe how well Lloyd (a Master Mason) and JWS (whose brother is a 33rd degree and who worships Crowleyite Robert Anton Wilson) get along and you will find out the truth.

  514. Joseph W. Schultz

    Agent Lloyd. Come in agent Lloyd. This is your step brother in Masonry. This message is super secret, don’t let anyone else see it. You must eat your monitor as soon as you read the complete (coded) message. The non-Masons are getting close to the BIG secret. Now for the message.

    qodp- ceorpcks (I know, we shouldn’t use this technique for frivolous workings but then, what better way of experimenting with sub-human-non-Masons, heh?

    To continue…

    hwnopsrs coptic ignoblah-blah-blah.

    This should do it. Remember, eat the monitor. You know what the enemy is capable of…

    Yum Money Padinmi Boy, is this the cat that ate your new shoes? –jws

  515. JWS,

    You have never stated anything rational or sincere in this thread because you are incapable of rationality or sincerity, perferring Ordo Ab Chao (bullshit), to the truth, which you disdain, as does your buddie Oliver North who said that truth is a worthless commodity, not worth mentioning.

    That is what you are about. Do you deny it?

    Try saying something sincere and truthful. I bet you can’t do it.

  516. Joseph W. Schultz

    The trouble (as I see it) with this nation is My comments await your moderation!

  517. Joseph W. Schultz



  518. Joseph W. Schultz

    And quit knocking my buddy, Olie! Remember we have “on the shelf and stand alone ways” of dealing with non-Masons (especially COWARDS).

  519. Joseph W. Schultz

    And don’t even think of knocking Kukla and Fran…

  520. Joseph W. Schultz

    …and the truth will set you against the COWARD.

  521. Joseph W. Schultz

    We also have the new and improved R. Ray Gun.

  522. JWS,

    You really are a paranoid wackjob. Whenever your comments are put into the moderation que by WordPress, it is usually because you have exceeded your Masonic/Discordian bullshit limit for the day.

    Your Discordian BS comment has been moderated, ie passed so that others can see what kind of twisted mindset is promoting Masonry, RAW and other disinfo so that the general public might remain confused and disoriented long enough for the NWO to reach its final conclusion.

  523. Joseph W. Schultz

    Perhaps (getting back on topic) Ron Paul will perform a miracle at the Republican Convention. It is all together possible that President Paul will bring Constitutional law back to this once great nation.

    Did anyone here see the Kieth Olberman diatribe on Bush’s last speech on how he gave up golf in honor of the parents of the boys and girls he sent in needless harm’s way? It was one of Kieth’s best, so far…–jws

  524. Joseph W. Schultz

    … not sure if its Kieth or Keith.

  525. Update: JWS runs out of amunition and resorts to childish outbursts.

    This is the result of many years of utter contempt for the truth. It was this attitude of contempt and ill-will, which caused him to gravitate towards Robert Anton Wilson and other disseminators of garbage, lies and disinformation., ie the Masons.

    This study of psychopathology continues…

  526. Joseph W. Schultz

    The new World Order HAS reached it’s conclusion: You Stink.

  527. JWS,

    Of course, the Illuminati NWO thinks I stink, and so do you because you are a part of this evilarchy, though much, much lower on the totem pole.

    So tell us something we don’t already know.

    PS: I stink because the truth stinks, according to you. Shit smells much better to one who devotes his life to evil. Just know what you are and take responsibility for it. That is all I ask. Be honest about who you have chosen to become.

  528. Joseph W. Schultz

    Yes, Agent Lloyd. The last spell is working. You know who is convulsing. A little more pressure and the Internet he and Al Gore created will terminate in one gigantic mushroom cloud. Then, we NWO people shall pick up the pieces and bury the trash… Good job, my friend of so many years. (Secret hand-shake wink wink, and the passing of the lost WORD… Wah Kir Texas Ranger.)

    Our labors are about over… we have won the hearts and minds of the cattle on earth known as humans…

    They shall embrace us, knowing we are the saviors of Planet Earth.

    Little do they know that we shall go to the Star System Kolob and start work on the Mormon problem… –jws (Also know as Uncle Screwtape).

  529. Joseph W. Schultz

    The COWARD said: “Of course, the Illuminati NWO thinks I stink, and so do you because you are a part of this evilarchy, though much, much lower on the totem pole.”

    No, you are wrong. I only appear to be the janitor when in reality I am Ipsisimus, higher than Kether and beyond “The Ring-Pass-Not”. I am free to say this because you mere earthlings have no idea what I am talking about. But Shriners know and they quake at the mention of my name… –jws

  530. Joseph W. Schultz

    Good night Chet — Good night David

  531. JWS,

    Your discordian disease has progressed much farther than even I had imagined. You really are seriously ill.

    I am not joking either. There is no way to communicate with a madman who has lost all sense of reality. I only allow this person’s comments to demonstrate what happens to an invidivual who devotes his life to serving Evil, ie the NWO, Illuminati etc, without being born into the elite who have mastered the art of making psychopathology look “normal”. JWS, on the other hand has not had the higher training that the elite offer their own that allows them to be high-functioning psychopaths, while retaining that certain sense of normalcy and humaness.

    JWS, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. I almost pity you.

  532. pjwalker911

    That you persist in arguing with a troll is even far more pathetic.

    This “discussion” you began, only further confirms that RP is being used, as a wedge within a strategy of distract divide and conquer, and I suspect that you also are an agent of the controlled opposition.

  533. When you Luciferians are not painting Jesus black, by citing the bad example you set with your institutionalized religious parodies, e.g. The Vatican etc., you are playing the other side, by producing and promoting so called documentaries like zeitgeist.

  534. The true rulers of this world, the very powers of darkness behind the NWO, are the Luciferians, who being without conscience or moral restraint, so adept at all types of deception, do live by the motto of ‘divide and conquer’.

    The following is excepted from

    Gnostic Luciferians

    While “Gnostic Luciferian” can sometimes be found mentioned in older works (such as Eliphas Levi’s Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, first published in 1855) the term did not enter more popular usage until the early 2000s. Modern groups and individuals identifying themselves as “Gnostic Luciferian” often emphasize their understanding of the entity or Archetype titled “Lucifer” (from the Latin for “Light Bearer”) as being separate from the usually synonymous entity titled “Satan” (from the Hebrew for “Adversary”.) The orthodox view has associated Lucifer with “Satan before the fall”, though, as Bishop Lucifer’s name attests, Lucifer was not yet associated with “Satan” in the 4th century. Some classically-educated Free Masons and those inspired by their work used “luciferian” in the scholarly sense of “bringing enlightenment,” invoking Prometheus who stole fire from the gods to bring to man. Pro-Catholic polemicists linked such Masonic usage with sects worshiping Lucifer, which have had persistent groups of followers since the Middle Ages.

  535. Joseph W. Schultz

    It is confession time, folks.

    This exchange between PJ and myself has been programmed to both entertain and enlighten the participants in this forum.

    I must admit, when PJ (my dear grandson) first came up with this idea, I had reservations, but it has all turned out better than our fondest dreams.

    However, I do think some here were on to our scheme.

    No matter, it all worked out fine but now I must travel to other parts of the world on important business.

    You see, PJ is not only my grandson, he is (and always has been) my best student.

    Anyway, my apologies if any here were traumatized by our little prank. We wanted to show you how easy it is to manipulate people’s perceptions on a large scale.

    This has been a great diversion for me personally and our (PJ’s and my private) communications have been, as always, stimulating.

    With this said, I know PJ has to disavow this message for legal and other reasons, say hi to your mom and tell her I will drop in on her on my next visit to Israel.

    I love you, PJ, keep up the good work…

    Grandpa “Joe”

  536. I urge all of you, to reject utterly, all organized (institutionalized) religion. Instead go directly to Jesus, and simply ask him to reveal himself to you. Ask and you will receive. You have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain.

    Ask him.

  537. He’s gone. He’s back. He never really was. He never really left.

    He’s a secret 911 truther.

    He’s a friend of Martin Luther,

    and the Vatican …. and the Pope.

    He’s everybody’s friend.

    His campaign never ends.

    On again. Off again. Gone again. He never left.

    Truth is whatever he says it is.

    He reserves the right,

    to dim the lights,

    and play the shadowman.

    It’s all about the campaign.

    Will he give you your money back though?

    He campaigned for the beast 666.

    Ronald Wilson Reagan,

    is of course, a friend of his.

    An outspoken secret truther,

    everybody’s friend,

    so relatively principled,

    whose campaign never ends.

    Ron Paul.

    It’s your attention and confusion he wants.

  538. pjwalker911 – Thank you for the slander. You are too kind. Perhaps you could try using a bit of rationality and do a little research first before bloviating your little hate diatribe. Thank you for sharing.

  539. I just feel that no matter how much “constitutional freedom” his libertarian philosophies might bring, it would also bring about a huge economic depression in the name of that freedom otherwise known as chaos..

    To be honest, if its a choice between working till I’m 75, my 401K, or a bit of control of the freedom of the market, I’ll GLADLY take the last!

  540. pjwalker911 // May 17, 2008 at 7:00 am
    ” It always makes me laugh when Masons disown Aleister Crowley publically. But the proof is in the pudding. Observe how well Lloyd (a Master Mason) and JWS (whose brother is a 33rd degree and who worships Crowleyite Robert Anton Wilson) get along and you will find out the truth.”
    We disown him privately too. He was a Mason of an irregular and clandestine Lodge not recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England or any other Grand Lodge outside of the Grand Orient of France. I think RAW would be very amused being called a Crowleyite! He agreed with him on some things and not on others.

  541. Natasha,

    You are right about one thing. I should have stopped arguing with JWS a long time ago. It was a stupid game that I allowed myself to get caught up in. I don’t know why I would give him the time of day now, but it’s too late, it’s already done. If anything positive came out of it, I would say it just reaffirms to me that masons and occultists are generally sick and twisted people who don’t give a shit about the truth.

    As for Luciferian, I am not one of those. I just think for myself, and I simply see no evidence that Jesus Christ was a historical person, and furthermore, I see only that he, as a fictionalized character who became the latest in a line of Son Gods, has been used by the elite to control the masses. The oldest trick in the Book. The point is, if the Bible were in any way harmful to the elite Illuminati bloodlines, they would have banished it a long time ago. Instead, it was pushed long and hard especially by the most powerful elites from Constantine to the Illuminist Popes, Allumbrado Jesuits, King James, the Rosicrucian Court and especially by Freemasons, most of whom are avid Christians. No, the Illuminati are the true beneficieries of Christianity/Churchianity. It is their religion, their invention and is promoted by their most powerful and secret chivalric Orders. It is by Christianity that they, the sheperds, could herd the sheep for the last 2000 years. Thus today, the average Christian either knows nothing about the Illuminati, or if they do, they wait patiently for the day when their savior appears in the clouds, but that day has never and will never come (unless the elite decide to project some holographic image in the sky).

    I sincerely wanted to believe in Jesus and Christianity and even Ron Paul, but I just could not bring myself to it after thinking it all through.

  542. pjwalker911

    How can you claim to think for yourself, when you in fact, but repeat the classic Luciferian disinformation about Jesus? You parrot their claims about him, right down the zeitgeist video garbage, about “a long line of sun gods”.

    You also said. … “The point is, if the Bible were in any way harmful to the elite Illuminati bloodlines, they would have banished it a long time ago. ”

    You don’t know your history PJ.

    For ages, not only did they alone have sole control over the few copies of the Bible in existence, they made it a crime to poses or even read the Bible, if you were not a member of their club (clergy)! They burned people at the stake for having bibles!

    The elite have always been threatened by the truth of the Bible, and that is why they created counterfeit institutionalized “christian religions”, e.g., The Vatican and Greek Orthodox etc., which they still use to this very day to obscure the truth.

    The Bible in fact remains the most suppressed book in history, being hidden in plain sight, and all the many phony religious institutions which enforce that repression, only makes it clear that they certainly do fear the Bible.

    When you Luciferians are not painting Jesus black, by citing the bad example you set with your institutionalized religious parodies, e.g. The Vatican etc., you are playing the other side, by producing and promoting so called documentaries like zeitgeist.

  543. Write_In_Ron_Paul

    Ha Ha! What an awful attempt to smear Ron Paul, you ought to blog for the L.A. Times. Don’t worry, they don’t seem to have any editorial standards either. You just have to make a claim with some apparent conviction, sources are only required if you actualy value the reputation of your pseudonym.

  544. Pingback: Ron Paul and Satanism? « A War of Illusions

  545. Ron Paul told Alex Jones he was not afraid to take a bullet after going against neocon agenda. Said “I’m old, have lived good life, not intimidated by threats these days, too long in tooth to worry”

    Shit, when heat was brought on, he ran out the door faster than you can say Ross Perot ! Took $12 million with him, money from overtimers, truckers, waiters, troops, not Halliburtons money, but real people lost their donations to a blimp I never saw in my state.

    9/11 Truth was key, not “Blowback” . Paul dropped the ball pushing that blowback theory, that we were in Saudi Base, so OBL hit WTC. Thanks for muddying the water some more w/ disinfo Mr. Paul. You don’t push that theory on us Net Radio listeners, now why try it on the sheeple ?

    Paul is a NWO gatekeeper, by choice or not.

  546. First the Paulites, Luciferians and Masons attack me, then the fanatic Christians get in on the act. In fact you are all controlled by the same Illuminati elite. America is a corrupt ship of fools and conartists all going down the the same NWO toilet drain. If we were a nation of free-thinkers, things would be much different and far better. Instead, we are a nation of Commies, Fasicsts, religious fanatics, government worshippers, occultists and a seriously corrupt aristocracy running the whole thing.

    Sorry Natasha, I don’t buy your religion trip. I don’t believe in Jesus loving us from above, and I don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy either. It is all a pack of lies for children and demented fools. Same for every other religion.

    I learned my lession from JWS, so no more debating with you either.

    Next basher!

  547. This is insane. So what if Dr. Paul is a Mason? Washington, Jefferson and Madison where all Masons. As where almost all of the men that signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. Maybe you should be grateful that THOSE Masons where here to found Your Nation!

  548. TO: “Sorry that is not important”,

    A mason yourself no doubt.

    The point, that you will no doubt never get, is that this nation was conceived by Rosicrucians as the New Atlantis, founded by masons, maintained and controlled by masons and other occultists, but guess what? They forgot to tell the commonors this little secret who had to figure it out for themselves that we have all been born into a controlled society, a Masonic Matrix if you will, and now that the masons are through using America as the engine of empire, they are turning to the next phase of the NWO to set up a global dictatorship which was the plan all along.

    Done with you.

    Next basher!

  549. America was freer than ANY country has EVER been in all of History, at least until the New Deal. That is a fact that you can not dispute. No where else on Earth–well in the White portion of the Earth, but that is the same thing realistically speaking(yes I am a racist too!)– was it possible in 1789 to NOT be a part of a state church AND not be prosecuted for not being part of that same state church.

    Also that idea that the commoners should not only be armed but had, have and will continue to have a RIGHT to arms to defend their homes and liberties with was unique in that period, and is nearly so still to this day.

    Further the idea that the Authorities could not just do as they pleased, when they pleased to whom they pleased was certainly novel as applied here in America.

    And you, you ungrateful cur OWE all of this to a group of Masons that revolted against the English Crown. So oh wise knowing one, why would the internationalist of that time–Illuminati–have there own colony revolt–George of Hanover was a Mason–to build a world center, so that they could take over the world, when they could have just used London as the Center and America as an Arm? The only sane answer involves at least two groups that are in opposition to each other.

  550. If Paul is a Mason he must be awfully low on the totem pole. NWO TV didn’t not want any coverage of him what-so-ever. Even the most gullible little old lady figured that out by watching the candidates on the boob-tube.

    Sure he was asked to speak at Quigley’s little Alma Mater, it sure served for a great photo op for just such an article as this. I’m sure the disinfo artists will get plenty of milage out of it.

    It makes me want to bust out and sing that old Andy Gibb song…

    Blaming it all on the knights of Malta…Blaming i on those knights ….Singin them love songs,
    Singin them straight to the heart songs…
    Blamin it all on the Knights of Malta…
    Singin them sweet sounds
    To that crazy, crazy Black Pope town.

    Sing it with feeling!

  551. eyeseeingall


  552. eyeseeingall

    I for one will not bad mouth masons especially the ones who founded this country! They were amazing masons who oozed honor and loyalty to one another and the natural world (God). They pulled off an amazing feat that has not been matched in the world since 1773. They laid the ‘corner stone’, the template for true individual freedom. It is still in the ‘template’ stage, until humans work it out. The philosophy of ‘true’ freedom to be who and what we need to be according to our divine destiny is a noble philosophy, but to actually ‘live’ that freedom without ‘interference’ from others who do not ‘understand’, and/or are ‘threatened’ by ‘individual freedom, is a universal challenge until it is ‘overcome’. Secrecy is a double edged sword. Are there wonders about the universe and this world that the majority do not know or understand about yet? Of course. Use your imagination. In order to understand these wonders, would people need to change their perceptions before they could ‘see’ and ‘understand’ them? Do spiritual dimensions exist? Of course! Even Shakespeare (the spear shakers shaking their spears at ignorance) said through the character, Hamlet, “There are greater things than heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio”.

  553. Oh yes, we owe everything to the Masons. We are forever indebted to the Masons. the Masons invented freedom (while enslaving the Africans and decimating the Native Americans), the Masons are our loving trusted friends even though the average person is totally ignorant that they even exist or that the nation’s capital is a Masonic magical mandala. The Masons cause the sun to shineth and the rain to raineth. They giveth us our every need and keep us warm at night. Blah, blah, blah….They are in short, our gods to be worshipped and praised continuously.

    Sheep and sheepherders! Which one are you? Because 99% of Americans are one or the other.

    Look on the back of the worthless dollar bill. It is a Masonic dollar bill with the pyramid, the all-seeing eye and the hexagram (“Star of David” *cough*]. It says Novus Order Seclorum, the “New Order of the Ages” that Bush recently hailed. He was talking about a phrase, I think his father only used once [Hart], a “New World Order”.

    You fools, you are born into a Masonic Matrix system that you never bothered to question. The Masons set this country up as a preliminary to their New World Order. It was funded and set up to be the economic engine that would bring the NWO into being. Three world wars were planned to help reorder this world into the shape it is heading for today. Your “freedom” was given to you only to be taken away later as it is being done by Masons and other occultists (Skull and Bones, Knights of Malta etc).

    9/11, the ultimate excuse for the NWO, had the markings of Masonry all over it. If you understand it was an inside job, and you understand it had plenty of occultic symbology to it, then you understand it was a Masonic job, just as Kennedy’s assassinatin was, just as Princess Diana’s assassination was and on and on.

    Any freedom that is given to you from on high is not true freedom. That which is given can always be taken away. The Conjob-stitution is full of loopholes that allow the government to strip you of your rights for any excuse. Taking your freedoms is legal according to the conjob-stitution. Anyone who says this is a free country is an idiot.

    Sheep and sheepherders!

  554. We have heard from the Masons, Luciferian occultists, Discordians, Christians and confirmed Paulites, but we haven’t heard from the Muslims, Talmudists, Hindus, Buddhists, Commies, Nazis, Neocons or Liberals yet. I am waiting to be bashed by all of them as well for speaking the full frontal naked truth.

    That you are all either:

    Sheep or sheepherders.

  555. The fact that Ron Paul REFUSED a re-count.
    The fact that Ron Paul REFUSED to even acknowledge that a re-investigation of Sept 11 was in order… notwithstanding his total denial of government culpability….
    should be evidence enough that he is CONTROLLED. The facts speak for themselves.

  556. I thought Ron Paul not asking recount in Maine was weird–especially when towns showing no votes for him, yet people in those districts saying they had.

    Fiction I was working on a few years ago probably would have been considered “Discordian” since I was easily throwing a lot of symbols and metaphors around without at the time having done much reading on those topics…

    Vibe or whatever you want to call it–told me I was giving the impression I knew more about certain things that I did, and would possibly be getting myself in trouble with the wrong types. And then that PC just happened to die-ha.

    And people I knew in earlier life cycle loved RAW, and they would laugh “because it’s all true.” And then there’s Church of the Subgenius…. Well the Christmas show was funny last year…but some of the others just give me a headache if I chance upon them late on Saturday nights…

    Lately my other blog more of a gardening/landscaping journal. Haha

    Will be interesting to see what’s lurking in the new Indy 4 movie. Problem with movies/books with types of historical settings–people sometimes think they’re learning history with their stories. I know because they’ve told me–mmmm. (Knight’s Tale has become guilty pleasure for the anachronisms because it is so mmm– how do they say it? “dramatized?” I should probably put in my dollar DVD of National Treasure and get it over with–ha)

  557. And somebody once said I only post one liners on here–haha

  558. PJ

    You have something in common with the Luciferians, the esoteric hidden heart of Freemasonry, The Illuminati and various specialized related subgroups including The Thule Society, Skull and Bones and The Temple Of Set, among several others, and that is your Antichrist opposition to G_d.

    The firestorm of controversy regarding RP’s supposed status as a Freemason, begun by you and Jeff Rense now being discussed all over the net, oddly enough coincides with an increasingly massive Freemasonic PR campaign in the media.

    Who, but the merest of fools, could overlook the obvious significance of such a coincidence?

  559. All of these discussions, invariably boil down to an equating of Christianity with institutionalized religion and it’s evil antichristian works, and as usual G_d is slandered or even denied to even exist.

    Now just whose talking points are those?

    Can you guess his name?

  560. Natasha, Christianity IS organized religion, human behavior patterns, when organized can accomplish remarkable things and when not organized accomplish nothing of consequence. IMHO that is.

    “The firestorm of controversy regarding RP’s supposed status as a Freemason, begun by you and Jeff Rense now being discussed all over the net, oddly enough coincides with an increasingly massive Freemasonic PR campaign in the media.”

    What PR campaign?? I must have missed that at Grand Lodge?? Perhaps you might give an example?? I’d appreciate it.

  561. So are you trying to say we’ll be better off with McCain? Or Obama?

    Perhaps Paul really is no different than any of the others. I don’t know the man. But, of all the presumably Illuminati controlled politicians out there, his record is the closest to what I would have done. To spend 40 years pretending to be someone you’re not, just to run a half-hearted campaign at an age when most people think you’re already too old, seems like huge a stretch.

    If you can suggest someone who IS acceptable, AND is running, I’ll take a look. If you can’t, then I suggest you either pick up a gun, or stop complaining.

    It’s easy to be against everything, but it’s worse than useless. What are you FOR?

  562. I’ll probably still do absentee ballot of Ron Paul, but continue going with friends to various county commission meetings to hold feet to the fire on various topics, Congressional town hall meetings and forums, and continue with my other protests and observations of other groups and etc.

    It’s not the President who must be held accountable, but every position and person from them on down to–ourselves.

  563. “It’s not just the President who must be held accountable…” I meant to write.

  564. NATASHA,

    I am somewhat persuaded to believe that you sincerely believe all the things you are saying about me, which makes me want to treat you with fairness.

    I will repeat that I have absolutely nothing to do with Luciferians. Freemasons, Satanists, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Thule, Temple of Set, etc who I despise, all of whom I have exposed for the last 8 years since back when I started my little newsletter that developed into this blog.

    Secondly, I have no opposition to God because I simply do not believe He exists, nor do I believe Jesus exists. That is my personal genuine opinion on the matter.

    Nor do I have anything to do with Rense, Jones, Icke or any of the rest of them. I am my own man and I think for myself. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If people don’t like it they can go someplace else.

    I will admit that I ignited a firestorm of controversy, but that I had no idea it would receive the absolute vindictivness and crap that I have taken for doing it. I simply innocently found that post from Oak (Penny Freemason, er I mean Freeman, Ron Paul’s scheduler) and posted it here with my honest assessment. What I did intend was to invite comment and investigation into the very good possibility that Ron Paul is a Freemason which to me is one huge red flag.

    Jeff Rense and David Icke waited 3 weeks before linking to this post. I have no idea about their motivations, but it did bring in a huge increase of views. To group me with them is ridiculous. I have absolutely nothing to do with either of them.

    Now I too would like to know what this “increasingly massive Freemasonic PR campaign in the media” is all about. Maybe I missed something, but I would sure appreciate any links you might have regarding this.

  565. Sorry that is not important,

    No, I am not grateful to the masons and their Masonic Matrix. They don’t hand me my freedom. I earn it and fight for it every day as I will for the rest of my life, no matter who is in power.

    I especially am not grateful for their Masonic Novus Ordo Seclurum, the New World Order which is a diabolical tyranny heading straight for us like a freight-train.

    You answered your own question I think:

    “Illuminati–have there own colony revolt–George of Hanover was a Mason–to build a world center, so that they could take over the world, when they could have just used London as the Center and America as an Arm?”

    Exactly, London, or more specifically, the Knights Templar CITY of London, has always been the center and America is its arm, its engine of empire. And when the Freemasonic elites have accomplished their goal of global standardization, then we will have a global government under the United Nations to whom Skull and Bones Templar and Maltese Knight George Bush Sr said we would pledge our allegiance.

  566. this is sill alarmism. how many times must you learn? blue lodge masons are not involved and are used as a mask. MOST masons are blue lodge. even if Ron Paul was a mason, so be it. his ideals are 1,000,000 times better than obama, clinton, or mccain. you’re retarded to abandon such a great candidate over a single issue. besides, if you truly believe what you say you believe, then the entire game is fixed anyways and you shouldn’t get involved with politics at all. go build a bunker in your basement, hoard some toilet paper, and wait for the bank runs you all said would happen in February.

    BTW – he VERY clearly gave the grip to Bill Maher

  567. Paulites say Ron Paul would be committing “political suicide” if he were to question 9/11 publically.

    Ron Paul had several years as congressman, before he started talking about becoming a presidential candidate. During that time, not once did he mention any questions about the official story of 9/11, though he did question the way the war was waged in its aftermath.

    If he were a 9/11 truther, he would have at least condemned the official investigation and immediately called for a new one. But that’s the thing. He isn’t a truther. He isn’t one of us. He is part of the Masonic establishment as honorary Mason and Bohemian Grover Ronald Reagan was, who he supported and continues to hail.

    If Ron Paul didn’t support 9/11 truth before becoming a candidate, he sure isn’t going to do it after becoming president. And he knows he will never be president anyway because the whole thing is staged. The idea that the people can rise up and vote in a “man of the people” is ludicrous. It cannot happen in a Masonically controlled society such as ours. The Masonic Matrix gives us our heros to follow like sheep into a dead end.

    The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

  568. tweedle dee

    good luck with your singularity demons, as in “evil freemasonry” and the personal attacks. These blogs are not useful, face to face interaction among reasonable and educated people are. Then, action….

    The obvious unsavory associations of Ron Paul are obvioius and documented among those that track the “neo” confederate organizations that Paul bellies up to and the continuity of international players that have supported this movement since the beginning of the nation. A good many astute observers of the American political scene had Paul pegged as another John Anderson from the beginning. Paul pandered relentlessly to simplistic solutions that gained a lot of money for him over the internet, as per plan as we can see now after he bailed with the cash. The internet provided, in fact, the fresh meat for his fake candidacy, the tired eyed souls of new TV, who will solve the world’s problems by complaining about it to each other on annonymous blog screens.

    Again, the hysterical fear of the negro egyptian is part and parcel of the larger picture of the fear based blanket condemnation of the masons provided for by most elements of Judaism and Christianity.

    The knights of various decrees who bled the holy land came back with understanding of the true founders of human civilization and were changed by it. The Holy roman empire, then as now, would steal the legacies of the founder civilizations for themselves to mantle the empire (a continuous form still with us) with grand beginnings and origins which were then and now, a grand farce.

    These ancient secrets, kept imperfectly by European Masons and others, are the grounds for inquisition terror and murder against not only the knights who rebelled but to countless millions of native americans, africans and asians whose cultures were destroyed and secrets pillaged. A modern example: The Bagdhad museum pilfering and the apparent destruction by salt (depleted uranium and who knows what else) of ancient mesopotamia.

    Let us not forget the European geographical provinces that support for this crime against humanity (invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq). The writer will not bother to list or describe same, it is up to the serious person to find out for themselves what constitutes this coalition of filth and attempt some sort of reasonable analysis capable to anyone not locked into the religious hokum expressed on this series of blogs.

    Yes there are conspiracies, interlocking economic and political directorships that span supposed national sovereignties, there have been for thousands of years. Not new. It is important to remember that perhaps inertia of a very complex ecology of human and natural forces together comprise the greater measure of force in the direction we take as a species, beyond all the planning of mice and men.

    Freeing our own minds from religious orthodoxy based on retold myths is a start to overcome being led down the road of false self fulfilling prophecies designed by religious kings and bigots seeking power over others. Religion, last refuge of a scoundrel.

  569. davidg

    No, really, it is not at all. Please hear me out on this David.

    Institutionalized “christianity” is by definition, in and of the world, and Jesus called his true followers out of the world. The very word church, as used in the new testament, was translated from the Greek ekklesia [εκκλησία], , which literally means, ‘the called out ones’, or ‘called out assembly of those summoned’.

    Christ clearly warned us, that if we walk as he walked, the world would hate us, not accept us! Institutionalized “mainstream christianity” therefore can never be the real thing.

    Real Christians are at the very least marginalized. We are on DHS watch lists for heavens sake! We are not “respected clergy”, with special license plates able to legally double park, who hang out at the White House with Presidents. We are poor, not materially wealthy, and we certainly do not have TV shows and big fancy buildings.

    Neither do we seek, to so much as influence society or the political process, because we know the world will continue to worsen, and we are not of the world but merely in it, as strangers just passing through. Now when we at G_d’s command speak out against evil, tyranny, and or we warn the people, of where they are on the time-line within the big picture, we are almost never taken seriously or believed. Nobody wants our autographs, and no limos are