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Giuliani Confronted At New York Fundraiser

WNBC | May 29, 2007

“We were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse.”

– Rudolph Giuliani

A radical group [We Are Change.org http://wearechange.org/ ] at a Bronx fundraiser confronted Rudolph Giuliani on Tuesday morning, accusing him of being one of the “criminals of 9/11.”

The Republican candidate for president was outside City Island’s Sea Shore restaurant in the Bronx, speaking with WNBC.com’s Adam Shapiro about his fundraising in New York.

Afterward, a young woman claiming to be the relative of a Sept. 11, 2001, firefighter who died when the towers collapsed, asked Giuliani why he allegedly told Peter Jennings the towers would fall that day, but did not stop the rescue efforts of firefighters and police officers.
The woman [Sabrina Rivera] claims Giuliani knew the towers would fall, and allowed rescuers to go to their deaths. She asked him, “How do you sleep at night?”

Video: Watch the woman confront Giuliani

Giuliani was extremely polite, telling the young woman she was wrong and that he never said what she claimed. At that point, another protester from her group, a young man, interrupted Giuliani with the same allegations.

Giuliani replied by saying, “I didn’t realize the towers would collapse.” He later added, “No one that I know of had any idea they would implode. That was a complete surprise.”

WNBC has obtained the transcript of Giuliani’s appearance with Jennings, from the Giuliani 2008 campaign. This is the verbatim of the issue in question:

“I–I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the police commissioner, the fire commissioner, the head of emergency management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for 10, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit and got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.”

Activists Confront Giuliani Over 9/11 Collapse

We Are Change.org | May 29, 2007

Why does Giuliani use the word “implode” rather than “collapse”? “Implosion” implies demolition, an internal explosion, and has nothing to do with freefall collapses. In my opinion, this just indicates another slip of the tongue similar to Silverstein’s “pull it”, Bush’s “saw the first plane hit” and Rumsfeld’s comments about Flight 93 being “shot down”.


Truth Squad Confronts Giuliani: Denies Being Warned of WTC Collapse

(This is Luke Rudowski, Sabrina Rivera, Matt Lepacek and Tom Foti confronting Rudy Giuliani about the events of 9-11 as covered by WNBC 4. This is currently running as a clickable front page news story on the WNBC 4 home page. Also being discussed at length on the Alex Jones radio show with interviews of Luke, Sabrina, and Tom. Make sure to leave some comments in the comments section available on the video page. Kudos to Luke, Sabrina, Matt and Tom!

Click to see video

An activist asks the former NYC mayor, “How do you sleep at night?”

Now here is Giuliani saying that he did get a forewarning on 9/11



We Are Change.org

Brits Could Be Forced To Give Up Meat, Milk To Fight Global Warming

Prison Planet | May 29, 2007

Climate hysteria reaches new heights after revelation that government is considering making population switch to vegan diet

Global warming hysteria has reached a new peak after it was revealed that the British government is considering forcing the population to give up meat and milk and adopt a vegan diet in the name of fighting climate change.

The move could spell the end of the very definition of British identity – the humble cup of tea along with the roast beef Sunday dinner – and represents the latest brazen effort to regulate and control every minute aspect of our lives under the banner of global warming.

“Secret plans to encourage the nation to give up eating meat are being examined by the Government. A leaked e-mail expresses sympathy for the environmental benefits of a mass switch to a vegan diet – a strict form of vegetarianism which bans milk, dairy products and fish.”

“The change would need to be done “gently” because of a “risk of alienating the public”, according to the document. The extreme policy is being examined on the basis it could make a major contribution to slowing climate change,” reports the London Daily Mail .

If you thought the insanity of Sheryl Crow’s solution of only using one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit was kooky, this tops it by a mile. Though after a New York Times editorial called for imposing a carbon tax on the very air we breathe , nothing from these nutcases should surprise us.

As I have outlined before , the more extreme and outlandish the proposals for fighting global warming become, the more people will wake up to the fact that this movement has little to do with saving the earth and everything to do with the state having the excuse to exact suffocating control measures upon the individual.

Should it ever come to fruition, this ridiculous proposal will completely decimate the farming community, a long-time goal of the social architects that have declared war on any kind of self-sustainance or independence from the state.

Since the dawn of time man has hunted and eaten meat but now these control freaks wish to reverse thousands of years of civilized history and topple the food chain itself by stigmatizing meat-eating as a blasphemous insult to mother earth.

Reader, even if you adhere to the direst proclamations of the global warming doom mongers and believe the man-made – and in this case animal-made – contribution to climate change, surely you can still see that on the face of it this proposal is completely radical, will devastate the economy and is totally unworkable?

Only the wildest crackpots of the environmentalist cult would dare even dream up such a scheme – yet the British government is seriously considering it!

More reassuringly, judging from the comments on the Mail article, the British people still retain some semblance of common sense.

“If you eat meat you will be fined and if you become a vegetarian you will be rewarded same old story.”
“It’s a well known fact that plant-eating animals generate more methane from their digestive processes than meat-eaters or herbivores. Surely, therefore, to minimise climate change we should be vigorously opposing vegans and vegetarians on the basis that they are contributing excessively to global warming.”

“The simple truth is that the as-yet unproven theory of global warming is allowing every crank and nutcase on the planet to jump in and try to run our lives for us and the politicians, the greatest nannies of all, are only too happy to play along.”

“Some people simply wouldn’t be able to live on a strictly vegetarian diet because of health reasons! Try eating only fruits and vegetables if you have an open ulcer wound. I just can’t stop wondering what kind of virus has taken over the minds of some British people recently? The proposals some are coming up with are good subjects for horror movies!”

“Just imagine what the history syllabus of future generations might include if ever any of these ideas were documented as a way of preventing the current climate change – which could be a natural event anyway and nothing at all to do with CO2 emissions. Future generations will think we were all highly ignorant lunatics accepting a dictatorship Government!”


The Great Global Warming Swindle


Global Warming Doomsday Called Off


The Truth About Charlie Sheen & Loose Change

Prison Planet | May 28, 2007


Dylan Avery with Charlie Sheen

Concerted effort of controlled media to spin actor’s role in film, attack 9/11 truth movement

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The New York Post and others have undertaken a concerted attack on 9/11 truth, erecting a wall of unified lies and spin in an attempt to make it appear as if Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell are backing away from the movement.

In an article entitled Sheen Rethinks Nutty 9/11 Film, tabloid hack Richard Johnson writes;

SUPPORT for the loopy 9/11 documentary “Loose Change” – which argues that the World Trade Center terror attack was part of a secret U.S. government conspiracy – is quickly losing steam.

A source tells us Charlie Sheen “is having second thoughts” about being involved in an updated version of the flick, which has a huge following on YouTube. As Page Six reported in March, Sheen had agreed to narrate the ridiculous flick, presumably to give it some needed Hollywood sizzle.

As we have come to expect from Johnson, his hit piece is factually bankrupt – Charlie Sheen never agreed to narrate the movie – he has been in talks to explore this possibility but will not come to a final decision until after the film is completed. Johnson and the New York Post got it flat wrong when they reported back in March that Sheen had “agreed to narrate a new version of the loopy YouTube documentary “Loose Change” and have now resorted to stacking lie upon lie to cover their initial screw up.

No such agreement had taken place, so the notion that Sheen is now having “second thoughts” about the project is nothing more that total spin to cover the fact that the New York Post initially lied in claiming the deal had been struck, when no contract had been signed.

It also represents a callous attempt to derail the entire project by sowing seeds of doubt that aren’t even there and attack the 9/11 truth movement by falsely claiming one of its most prominent advocates is deserting the cause. A similar tactic was employed when Bill O’Reilly threatened Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban with consequences if he bankrolled Loose Change.

Alex Jones was invited to act as a consultant on Loose Change: Final Cut at the very start of the project and has since taken a role as executive producer. In contributing to this article, Alex made it clear that Loose Change is still a work in progress and is being carefully edited, vetted and fact checked, with new interviews and information being added all the time. The film is by no means complete and the understanding all along was that Sheen would only make a decision on whether to narrate the documentary after he had had a chance to watch the final version.

The small matter of the truth however didn’t stop online gossip rags running headlines today such as Charlie Sheen does an about face on 9/11 Film, Charlie Sheen No Conspiracy Nut, Charlie Sheen Runs Away From ‘Loose Change’ and Charlie Sheen Having Second Thoughts About 9/11 ‘Loose Change’.

In addition, an article entitled Rosie O’Donnell & Charlie Sheen Bail: Big Hit for Conspiracy Theories, claims that Rosie O’Donnell quit The View because of her on-air fight with Neo-Con Stepford Wife Elizabeth Hasselbeck. In reality, as we reported before it was announced she had quit, Rosie had been thinking of leaving early the week before, due to what she saw as an effort to tar her reputation before she exited and prevent her from getting her own show.

The article also claims that ABC cancelled the guest appearances of William Rodruigez and the Loose Change crew, when in fact is was Rodriguez himself who cancelled the slot.

The Post also takes a swipe at Rosie, while claiming that Hearst Publishing’s yellow journalism government mouthpiece Popular Mechanics had “debunked” the evidence presented in Loose Change.

Since the documentary hasn’t been released yet that would seem like a hard task and in addition, Popular Mechanics’ 9/11 hit piece along with their book on the subject have been widely re-debunked as error-strewn smear jobs driven by partisanship and cronyism by 9/11 researchers, ourselves, as well as in a new book by Professor David Ray Griffin devoted solely to the subject.

Just as in the Spanish Inquisition, where torturers would claim dissidents had recanted and use it as a propaganda boon, this whole move is a coordinated campaign to undermine the Loose Change project and try and topple Sheen and O’Donnell from their bold public platforms by lying in asserting they are now backing down.

It’s not going to work.

Loose Change: Final Cut will forge ahead and it will be a massive success. The corporate media will not re-write history and erase the fact that Sheen and O’Donnell courageously used their prominent public soapboxes, risking their very careers, to educate the public about 9/11 truth, along with the countless other professors, scientists and government whistleblowers who have gone public, and no amount of bullying, smear, spin and deception on behalf tabloid hacks, government operatives and naysayers is going to prevent the 9/11 truth movement going from strength to strength.

Jim Tucker Heads to Istanbul for Bilderberg Confab

American Free Press | May 28, 2007 


By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bilderberg chasers think they have identified the site of this year’s meeting but, as they say in the trade, “it is not 100%.”

The site is the Klassis Hotel in the tiny town of Silivri, about 40 miles from Istanbul. It fits the Bilderberg pattern: posh resort outside the urban area, easily guarded and with a golf course.

It was first suggested by Emre Tekin, a tour guide who lives in Istanbul and volunteered his services at no fee to help pin down Bilderberg. But the hotel said it could make reservations June 1, although Bilderberg meets May 31 to June 4.

However, an international financial consultant who has done business with Bilderberg luminaries for decades, and who has helped American Free Press smoke out the secret meetings for many years, finally got a breakthrough. He called the Klassis, inquiring at the executive level about reservations for 20 people and was told that the facility was crowded for those dates.

“Oh, you have Bilderberg there those dates,” he said.

“Yes, Bilderberg,” was the response.

So why are we not “100%”? Instinct. Every year, it gets tougher. Years ago, Bilderberg luminaries received letters in January or, at the latest, February, with complete details on dates and locations. Suspecting that this information was being leaked by secretaries and file clerks, the letters started saying “hold these dates” with details to follow—reducing the days of exposure.

Also, years ago, resorts that were to host Bilderberg would be “filled up” on those dates. Now, reservation clerks are not told the place will be packed except a few days in advance and single reservations are accepted—to be cancelled later with apologies and arrangements made elsewhere.

That’s when the Washington collaborator re-enters the search, speaking to hotel executives about 20 reservations for people who are so important they must not be inconvenienced and offended by cancelled reservations.

The Klassis could not accommodate the imaginary luminaries. Again, why are we not “100%”?

Instinct. Something’s got me antsy. No matter what happens, this reporter will be in Istanbul to cover the event whether we know the location or not as I’ve done for the past 25 years.

In 1954, a group of internationalists decided that the world had become so small and their interests intersected so often, that they should have regular meetings to be held annually. That year these powerful, wealthy individuals met at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, and took the name “Bilderberg group.”

Since that time, they have met at five-star resorts behind sealed-off walls with armed guards watching entrances. A total media blackout prevailed for a few years, until the late journalist, Westbrook Pegler, wrote about the group in 1957.

Despite this, Chatham House rules have remained in effect. Meetings are held privately and attendees are prohibited from talking about what took place. This reporter has been covering Bilderberg since 1975.

James P. Tucker Jr. will be crafting his next report in Istanbul. AFP supporters are helping Jim pay his expenses traveling to and from the meeting by sending in $35. In return, donors get a personalized, autographed copy of Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.

Charlie Sheen Responds To New York Post 9/11 Hit Piece

Prison Planet | May 28, 2007

Actor: “My views and convictions regarding 9/11 have not wavered”


More disgusting spin from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. I awoke Memorial Day to see more than a dozen news stories trumpeting that Charlie Sheen was no longer involved in Loose Change Final Cut. Within hours, the distortions of Page Six (known for blackmailing people with real and manufactured dirt) had mutated into complete fairy tales in other publications alleging 9/11 truth was a dying fad, and that Rosie O’Donnell had also deserted the movement.

If the New World Order wants to hide their crimes of 9/11 they’re going to have to do a better job than this.

Charlie Sheen courageously followed his conscience when he publicly questioned the official 9/11 fable – that angers the establishment and they desperately want to create the illusion that he has recanted – not just in an attempt to discredit Mr. Sheen, but to scare other prominent members of the community from going public as well.

Below are the cold hard facts directly from Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen has issued a brief statement in response to a New York Post article that claimed he was having “second thoughts” about his involvement in Loose Change Final Cut and the 9/11 Truth Movement as a whole.

(Article continues below)

My views and convictions regarding the events of 9/11 have not wavered. I still firmly believe the citizens of this great country, especially the family members of those tragically lost, deserve a much more accurate and thorough investigation surrounding the horrific events.

The suspicious fact that certain relevant testimonies were not included in the Keen Commission’s final report, discredits the majority of their findings. A bi-partisan, democratically selected panel needs to be established that would include (but not limited to), victim family members, firefighters, rescue workers as well as key eye witnesses to the various crime scenes. Not some tepid rehash of Bush-serving lap-dogs cherry picking evidence to support erroneous and fictional “Magic Bullet” explanations.

We will not tolerate any testimony behind closed doors from subjects not placed “Under Oath”. We will not tolerate the real and hard questions being dismissed for reasons of “National Security”. We will not tolerate our freedom of speech being dismantled and ignored as not to “Disrespect the deceased”.

I’m baffled as well by the fact Bin Laden’s crimes listed on the FBI’s most wanted list DO NOT include those of 9/11. If you do not believe me, see for yourselves –


As far as “Loose Change- Final Cut” is concerned, I await the newest version to be presented to me, at which point I will make my decision to participate (or not) based on the film’s content and merit.

I remain patriotically steadfast.

Charlie Sheen.

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9/11: an ‘inside job?’ Controlled demolition, claims California architect

Winnipeg Sun | May 28, 2007


Joe Hawkins holds a poster for an event that examines a theory about the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. (Marcel Cretain/Sun Media)

California architect Richard Gage will be in Winnipeg this week to offer his explanation of why the World Trade Centre towers collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Gage has become a leading figure of the so-called 9/11 truth movement, an informal campaign from people all over the world who challenge official accounts of what happened that day.

He argues that a deliberate, controlled demolition using explosive devices is what really destroyed the twin towers that day, along with another skyscraper known as WTC 7 or Building 7. Speaking to Sun Media from his Bay Area home this weekend, Gage said few people are even aware of the third building.


“It’s the smoking gun of 9/11,” he said. “It was a 47-storey building, not hit by an airplane, that came down into its own footprint in 6.5 seconds, at nearly freefall speed — symmetrically, smooth, straight down.”

Gage says Building 7 fell after sustaining relatively minor damage due to the collapse of one of the twin towers hours earlier, with small fires on its fifth and 12th floors.

Explosions were heard around its base as it collapsed and a large amount of molten metal was found in the basement area, said Gage. He claims the only good explanation for the presence of the metal is that it came from certain kinds of incendiary charges.

“Two small fires — even large, hot-burning, long-lasting fires — have never brought down a steel frame highrise building, ever,” said Gage.

By all official accounts, the 9/11 attacks were the work of the al-Qaida terrorist network but Gage is trying to spur the U.S. Congress to launch a new investigation into who was responsible. “We don’t know who did it and we don’t know why,” he said. “That’s why we need an investigation.”

Gage is scheduled to address a public audience tomorrow at 1 p.m. with a free lecture in University Centre at the University of Manitoba. At 7 p.m. he’ll conduct a seminar at the Fort Garry Hotel.

On Wednesday at 7 p.m., Gage will give a presentation at the Gas Station Theatre on what he calls the mainstream media’s “code of silence” about the 9/11 “inside job.”

Joe Hawkins, a Winnipeg chiropractor helping arrange the seminars, says no one wants to talk about who’s really behind the 9/11 attacks.

“Clearly it points to elements within the government,” he said. “If it’s an inside job, it has to be inside the military-industrial government complex.”

Hawkins says he’s on hiatus from his practice, in part because he’s been busy the past few years trying to get information out about 9/11.