Microchip implants, tumors and cash

Company glosses over research pointing to health risks

illinoistimes.com | Oct 3, 2007

By Jim Hightower

Untitled Document Have you been chipped? In another cabal of corporate and governmental officials, there’s been a steady push during the past few years to authorize and market microchip devices to be implanted into humans. An outfit named VeriChip Corp. is the chief pusher, asserting that implanting one of its radiofrequency ID chips into your upper arm can be a medical boon.

These electronic capsules transmit a unique code, says VeriChip, and if something happens to you hospital staff can run a scanner over your chip, get your code, and activate a database containing your medical history. VeriChip envisions a market of at least 45 million Americans sporting their very own RFID codes.

But — oops — one bit of info the corporation never mentioned is that studies have found that these implants have induced malignant tumors in lab mice and rats. “There’s no way in the world that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin, or in one of my family members,” one eminent cancer expert says.

Where were our regulatory watchdogs? Too busy cheering on the chippers to ask tough questions about side effects. Tommy Thompson, the Bush appointee who oversaw the agency that approved VeriChip for use in humans, has been a vigorous promoter of such electronic medical technologies. Five months after Thompson resigned his cabinet position in 2005, guess where he went?

Right onto the board of directors of both VeriChip and its parent corporation, where he was paid $40,000 a year and given about $1 million worth of stock. Interestingly, while Thompson once told an interviewer that he would “absolutely” be willing to have a VeriChip implanted in his own arm, he never did. Maybe he felt that an injection of VeriChip cash would be better for his health.

3 responses to “Microchip implants, tumors and cash

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  3. I can understand if people who do not believe in God would take this chip or barcode. God is not the author of confusion! If you take a chip or barcode in your right hand or forehead, you will be lost for all eternity! If you believe in God at all, it is important to read revelation chapters 13 and 14. Being tormented day and night for ever and ever in front of the angels for taking these devices does not sound compelling to me. The bible even states that during the tribulation period God will send angels from heaven flying in the sky warning people not to take these devices. There will be pastors who will lie and tell you it is ok to take these devices as long as you do not make your alligence to the anti christ. However, God is not the author of confusion. If you take this chip in your right hand or forehead you have already made you alligence to the antichrist and his system.
    Choose this day whom you will serve the master in whom you serve is the master in whom you are a slave too! The only things you will receive after taking theses devices in order to buy and sell, is the crums off the table from those in charge of everything. Is it worth it for all eternity. It will be the religious system that will put the true christians to death.
    Some of them will be in hiding never to be found. you will
    know for sure when the tribulation is happening. One, every mountain will be removed out of its place and two every island will be no more. When this happens, you will know!

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