CCTV proves police lied: de Menezes behaved normally before being murdered

The murder scene July 22, 2005. Jean Charles de Menezes ‘ body in a puddle of blood after police pumped seven slugs into his head.


De Menezes was cleared of suspicion 20 minutes before being killed by police

. . .

The London Met police claimed Jean Charles de Menezes was wearing a bulky coat to hide a bomb. But they lied. He was wearing a light denim jacket. They said he was running away, jumping turnstiles. But they lied. He walked nonchalantly like everyone else, completely unsuspecting that he was about to be murdered by a bloodthirsty gang of Israeli-trained London cops, who lie, lie and lie some more. The entire operation was a lie from it’s inception, through its execution and into its continuing subsequent whitewashing and coverup.

They could have easily detained him outside the station, which is the logical thing to do with a “suicide bomber” to prevent catastrophe, but the “controllers” purposely stalled to allow their prey to end up down in the tube where he could be properly dispatched out of the light of day. They say it was a “botched operation”, but the way these thugs operate, I doubt there was any mistake made on the part of the controllers. It was just another deception. They meant to have him killed to make an example out of him. In other words, “We have the power of life over death. We decide when you live and when you die. We are the new overlords. And best of all, we’re untouchable! hahahahaha!” But why are they so untouchable? Allow me to at least touch upon that.

Cressida Dick’s Kill Committee

Cressida Dick is a senior officer in London’s Metropolitan Police. Prior to Jean Charles de Menezes’ murder on July 22, 2005, she was largely unknown until it came to light that she was the “Gold Commander” of the operation overseeing the entire process from the control room. It was she who had authorized the standing “shoot to kill” policy on alleged suicide bombers that led to his death. This she did somehow apparently without legal or constitutional basis or precedent.

Ironically, despite this horrible fiasco for which she was responsible, Commander Dick was promoted to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner in September 2006. Upon hearing of this, the bereaved family of Mr de Menezes naturally said they were “absolutely disgusted and outraged at what is just one more slap in the face”. It reminds one of all the promotions and back-slapping that followed in the wake of another fiasco and pandemic “failure” shrouded in the “fog of war” that occurred prior to and on September 11th, 2001. It would be a mystery as to why Commander Dick got that promotion until we realize something about her background that has yet to have much light shed on it.

You see, Cressida Dick is a member of Common Purpose.

Oh, you never heard of it? Well, it is just one of the most powerful supra-governmental organizations operating in the UK today. But then, you aren’t supposed to know that, so don’t feel bad. It has been exposed by former submarine warfare expert Brian Gerrish in a number of publications and videos available online. Mr Gerrish demonstrates that it is intimately tied into the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Tavistock Institute and Princes Trust.

Common Purpose is a treasonous EU-sponsored secret society seeking to undermine British sovereignty through infiltration of all spheres of human activity, from schools, media and hospitals to police departments, government and the military. It controls 80,000 trainees in 36 cities with 18,000 senior graduate members including Commander Dick. As with many secret societies, though the general public has never heard of an organization called “Common Purpose”, its influence is pervasive and its power is enormous going right up through to the office of Prime Minister and beyond.

As in the Council on Foreign Relations and other treasonous supra-governmental secret societies, Common Purpose meetings are conducted under the “Chatham House Rule” which originates out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and which reads as follows:

“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

Implied in the rule is a tacit agreement not to mention that you went to the meeting, let alone discuss what went on in it, let alone that you are a member. In other words, what is said in the meetings is to be kept secret from the public, especially if you are a journalist or media editor or a police commissioner for that matter. This is how, for example, the Bilderbergers managed to keep the very existence of their group concealed from public view for fifty years.

Complete loyalty must be given to “Common Purpose” above country, religion, family, etc. Keep in mind, we are tallking about school administrators, police chiefs, social workers, mayors, members of parliment, bishops and military commanders. Much more can and will be written on this subject, but suffice it to say, this is a very evil and treasonous organization that seeks to literally demoralize and destroy British society from within, just the sort of thing this “shoot to kill” policy does as part of the overall Orwellian police state system.

Snow Job

Keeping the above in mind, we are told that Cressida Dick, the Gold Commander in charge of the operation, ruled that armed officers from Scotland Yard’s SO19 firearms team should carry out an arrest. But for some odd reason, this supposed order never reached the team which had standing orders to “shoot to kill” alleged suicide bombers and proceeded according to Commander Dick’s plan. The fact is, they were instructed that de Menezes was a suicide bomber. He was for all intents and purposes a suicide bomber to them, therefore shoot to kill was the logical conclusion. Hence without changing the standing order and simply stalling until the SO19 officers were out of radio contact is tantamount to giving the order to kill him.

Since Commander Dick did not verbally give a specific order to kill de Menezes, she is supposedly off the hook. Yet, the “shoot to kill” policy was put into place by her and so after getting no updated orders, Ivor and the others simply followed Mr. de Menzes down into the tube and proceed to blow his brains out.

Now here is a bizarre little gem from the London Times, dated October 12, 2007:

Stockwell chief ‘changed order’

The police commander who was co-ordinating undercover and firearms teams that were trailing Jean Charles de Menezes gave her officers contradictory orders within a couple of minutes before he was shot, the Old Bailey was told yesterday. Commander Cressida Dick told her officers to apprehend their suspect, then to wait for armed support, before ordering again that he be stopped then changing her mind once more. Three minutes after Commander Dick gave the final command: “Do not let surveillance intervene,” he had been shot.

It is completely insane and one has to wonder if the truth is being told here as well or not. If it is, then I think the most telling statement in this whole thing is the final command: “Do not let surveillance intervene”. In other words, proceed with the shoot to kill plan.

Who is ultimately responsible for de Menezes murder? None other than Commander Dick and her masters at Common Purpose. There is no way around it.

The Post 9/11 New Way of Thinking

9/11 is a proven lie, another Hollywood production for an ignorant dumbed-down public. So was 7/7, yet another false-flag operation, with simultaneous drills in exactly the same three stations, designed to get people to surrender their liberties for “security” from the loving Big Brother global fascist state. These psychological operations were acts of war by the elite aristocracy against the public. In turn, numerous other operations have been carried out based upon the post 9/11 paradigm of fear. The concept of “shoot to kill” was justified upon this very lie. Therefore, as I stated from the beginning, the entire thing is a lie from its roots on up.

So, will you believe what they say now about Mr de Menezes? They are still lying you know, and won’t stop lying about this crime probably for the rest of their lives. And for their loyalty and devotion to the job, they will get their medals of dishonor, their elevation in the masonic lodge and maybe even knighthoods. Commander Dick will probably get a directorship in Common Purpose International for her “service” to the EU Soviet. Mmm, wouldn’t that be nice?

And since these disgusting lying cops are now the new gods, whose boots must now be licked with complete subservience, they will maintain immunity from prosecution just as murdering troops, commanders and mercenaries in Iraq keep getting off virtually scott-free for gunning down entire families in their homes, on the sidewalks and in their cars. All rooted in the lie of 9/11.

British police still have shoot-to-kill powers of anyone suspected of being a terrorist and de Menezes will probably not be the last to die like this. How would you like it if this happened to your dear sweet son, or your loving brother? No matter who you are, you must see the total absurdity, criminal brutality and injustice of this heinous event and you must speak out against it and the absolute corruption that set the stage for it. If not, then don’t cry when they kill or maim your own loved ones.

This type of garbage will just go on and on, getting worse and worse unless people wake up and realize that all of their freedoms are being stripped from them by a neofeudal elite, unrestrained by traditional values like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is war and they mean business. We can handle the truth and we can do something about it. We have to stop them now, before we are all microchipped, because by then, it will be just about too late.

PW. . .

On the escalator, the killers stalk their prey (JC), moments from his death

CCTV reveals Menezes’ final moments

Telegraph | Oct 9, 2007

By James Macintyre

Jean Charles de Menezes was shown picking up a morning paper and walking calmly through Stockwell Tube station in the moments before he was shot dead on the Underground by police, in CCTV footage released last night.

Contrary to reports at the time, Menezes – who had been mistaken by police for a suicide bomber – was not running and did not jump over the ticket barriers, the newly released footage clearly showed.

The first images of Menezes in the build-up to his death came after a police officer present at the shooting described the “shocking” moments that the innocent Brazilian was pinned down and then shot seven times in the head. The surveillance officer, codenamed Ivor, told the Old Bailey that the incident – which came in the aftermath of an attempted “second wave” of attacks on the Tube following the 7 July bombings in 2005 – was distressing to passengers on the Northern Line train.

Ivor described how he moved into action “instinctively” after Menezes got up from his seat. He told the jury: “I grabbed Menezes, wrapping both my arms around the torso, pinning his arms against his side, pushing him back to the seat with the right-hand side of my head against the right-hand side of his torso, pinning him to the seat.

“He appeared to stiffen up. He was not in a natural sitting position but he was back in the seat where he had been sitting. After a few moments I felt his head turn towards me. I was aware of a CO19 officer kneeling on the seat to my left. I heard a gunshot very close to my left ear and was hit by a shockwave of a gun being discharged.”

At one point, the officer said, he was apparently mistaken for a suspect himself amid chaotic scenes in which he found himself with a gun being turned on him. “I was aware that the long-barrelled weapon was levelled at my chest and the barrel of a gun was at my head,” he said. “Given this, I held out my hands and shouted ‘police’.”

By chance, the plain-clothes officer was dressed “virtually identically” to Menezes in jeans, a denim jacket and trainers. He was then dragged away from the scene before putting his black police cap on.

“I could hear several gunshots and shouting and screaming, but nothing more specific,” Ivor said. “The scene was extremely violent, extremely noisy and obviously distressing.

“Members of the public were emptying the carriage, obviously in distress. There was a lot of gunsmoke. It was obviously a shocking incident.”

The officer described the immediate thinking that led to his decision to accost Menezes. “Given the nature of the subject we were deployed against, I had to make an assessment within seconds. I was concerned that his hands may come together and instinctively pinned his hands to his side.

“I was obviously concerned that he may be carrying arms or had explosives in his possession which could be a threat to the public on the carriage.”

Police had waited outside Menezes’s home in Scotia Road, south London – an address that, according to police, had been connected to the 21 July attempted bomber Hussain Osman – before following him on to two buses and then into Stockwell Tube station.

The police were uncertain as to the identity of Menezes. Ivor told the court: “I requested via my radio whether or not Menezes should be detained. I received the reply that I should wait.”

He added: “I was certainly in a position to effect some sort of detention of Menezes.”

The Office of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police denies a single charge of exposing the public to risk in breach of health and safety legislation.

The hearing is set to continue today.

. . .

Caught on CCTV, the final journey of Stockwell shooting victim

British police were advised by Israeli security forces
A senior officer told the Metropolitan Police’s trial over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes that the Israelis warned of new terror tactics. Two elite firearms officers shot the electrician seven times on a train at Stockwell Underground Station fearing he was one of the men responsible for the previous day’s failed suicide bombings.

Met officers ‘told to expect to shoot bombers’

The firearms officers who shot an innocent Brazilian man had been instructed to follow “unusual tactics” drawn up to neutralise the “deadly” threat of potential suicide bombers, a court heard today. On the second day of the health and safety prosecution of the Metropolitan Police at the Old Bailey, the jury was told that the officers had been briefed on the morning of Jean Charles de Menezes’ death that they may be ordered to shoot someone in the head at close range. They were issued with special ammunition that prevented suspects from reacting after they had been shot, and told to expect to deal with “deadly” and “up for it” suicide bombers carrying concealed devices.

Clare Montgomery QC, prosecuting, said that these were “unusual tactics that the department had not used before”, quoting the evidence of the firearms unit’s team leader, referred to under his code name of Ralph. Ralph understood this to mean they might have to shoot someone point blank in the head,” she said.

Though surveillance officers, some armed, were sent to the flats, specialist firearms officers from Scotland Yard’s CO19 squad – then SO19 – were to stop anyone who left. However, the court heard that this strategy was not followed.

No-one was stopped and there was an “inexplicable” delay of more than four hours between the first request to the firearms team and their arrival.

Some stopped en route to get petrol. [four hours to get petrol?]

They came on the scene after Mr de Menezes had left for work at 9.33am. Surveillance officers followed him onto a bus and the tube at Stockwell tube in south London. None of them positively identified him as the suspect. Some thought he might be; others not.

However, the fact that their views were “never cut and dried” was not clearly understood in Scotland Yard – where some staff were struggling to hear radio messages amid the noise from a crowd of officers who wanted to know what was going on but had “no real business being there”. One of the commanders, Cdr Cressida Dick, instructed that Mr de Menezes should be challenged before he went on the tube. In the apparent absence of the firearms officers she said surveillance officers should intervene but, when the SO19 team arrived, ordered them not to.

The surveillance officers were unaware that the firearms officers were “clattering” into the station behind them and one was threatened with a gun after Mr de Menezes was shot.

A gun was also pointed at the tube driver at one point.

Miss Montgomery said: “You may think that the fact that police ended up pointing a gun at another policeman and mistaking a terrified train driver for a bomber gives you a clue as to just how far wrong the operation had gone.”

The trial, in which the two officers who shot Mr de Menezes will not be called, and some will give evidence from behind screens, is due to last six weeks. The Met denies the charge.

‘I asked three times if I should stop Menezes’

A detective leading a covert police operation following Jean Charles de Menezes asked control room bosses at least three times if he should detain him before he entered Stockwell Tube station, the Old Bailey heard today.

The officer, known as “James”, said he became “tetchy” after controllers told him to wait even though the 27-year-old Brazilian electrician – who police believed was 21/7 bomber Hussain Osman – was seconds from the radio dead zone of the Underground.

James, who contacted the control room while Mr de Menezes was still on a bus from Brixton to Stockwell, said: “I came on the radio and asked them a question: ‘Do you want me to detain the subject before he goes down to the Tube?’

My instructions were to wait. I told them we had got to make a decision and we have probably about 20 seconds. I said again: ‘Do you want this man detained?’

“I said ‘If you don’t give me any answer he is going to be down in the Tube and we will lose radio contact.’ I don’t know how many times I asked that question, it was at least three times.

“I just got, wait, wait, wait. I started to get tetchy and put down the telephone.”

James told the court how he had ordered his team to follow the Brazilian into the station but was alarmed to hear a firearms unit had also arrived.

The unit had not been at an earlier briefing and did not know the identities of the covert officers, jurors heard.

James said: “My concerns was that officer ‘Ivor’ was dressed identically to Mr de Menezes. He had a denim jeans and a denim jacket and someone coming onto the plot might be confused.” He was worried a police officer might accidentally shoot a colleague: “I have got five surveillance officers down there who are all armed. They are in control of the subject and if the subject does something they can deal with it.

The detective said he had become “frustrated” earlier in the day when, during a briefing in the control room, Detective Inspector Andrew Whiddett ordered his surveillance team to “con-tain” suspects.

When officer ‘”Harry” asked Mr Whiddett to explain “contain”, the officer allegedly shrugged his shoulders and refused to elaborate.

59 responses to “CCTV proves police lied: de Menezes behaved normally before being murdered

  1. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves

    Execution without trial; guilty until proven dead. I feel for Señor de Menezes’ family. What must they think of ‘Great’ Britain, who’s to explain to them the unexplainable. SEVEN BULLETS IN THE HEAD!! There must be a way of rendering someone – who is SUSPECTED of a crime – incapacitated, searched and then questioned without this bloodshed. This episode is sheer madness. The lunatics are in control, and we sleepwalk until it’s our turn for shock therapy.
    ‘Bars do not a prison make’. The metal is Fear, poor education and financial depravation.

    Frightened, poorly educated and insolvent; that’s the opium we are being fed; and Jean Charles de Menezes is just another needle in our arm.

  2. The story as a whole is inconsistent; the later narrative there suggests that after the first shot, Ivor who was pinning Mr Menezes into the seat, was himself led out – not without threat to himself – and then heard more shots.
    The earlier narrative suggests that he was shot seven times while pinned down by Ivor.

    My question is, how could the first shot not have killed Mr Menezes since the trained shooter was kneeling in the seat next to the victim ?
    I believe that the first shot killed Mr Menezes instantly, hence further shots are unnecessary, and as he was also being held down seated; he wasn’t going anywhere.

    The problem for the govt is to somehow try to explain away the shots as having been fired from a semi-automatic pistol since, for me, the simplest explanation for the seven bullets to Mr Menezes head is that a machine pistol was used instead, and set on auto; hence a less than one second burst was delivered to the head before the shooter took his finger off the trigger.

    Therefore i don’t believe that Mr Menezes was even held down by Ivor as all he need have done was to point him out to the shooter who would then have approached to within a half meter, aimed at the lower part of the right side of the head, squeezed the trigger, the muzzle climb would deliver the shots in a line going upwards until one or passed over the top of the head.

    So, the reason why there is a enquiry at all is that although the govt wanted Mr Menezes killed they overlooked asking that they didn’t want him overkilled – as he indeed was – as that makes the public feel too uneasy.

    The effort here is at fabricating a scenario to lead away from the machine pistol hypothesis as the most likely explanation, towards a set of findings around the excessive use of a semi auto pistol.

  3. Police brutality >__<

  4. The victim probably knew too much about the false-flag operation of 7/7. Perhaps he was brought in to the country as an electrician by the British government as part of the team that planted or wired up the explosives. With the information he had, he was a liability, which would explain the extreme prejudice used in liquidating him with seven shots. Interestingly, seven is a number revered as magical in many circles, especially the Illuminati and other religous and semi-religous groups and weirdos.

  5. They can shoot anyone claiming they had something in their socks

  6. I just love how everyone is an armchair expert understanding the fine details of a highly charged and highly emotional situation.

    Let’s all scream “thugs” and “conspiracy” and I ask if the next time you come home to find your wife raped or your mother murdered are you going to call the police?

    Yes of course you are.

    Its very easy to pick apart an incident frame by frame, days, weeks and months after it happened. Its even easier when you apply “sweeping statements” like what has been written here.

    What happened that day was truly awful. But none of us were there, nor were we required to make the kind decisions facing officers that day.

    A lot is being made of the seven bullets and yes that seems excessive on the surface but these officers were tackling a man they thought and believed in utter conviction was a suicide bomber and for all intense purposes could have been wearing a suicide explosives belt under his jacket / t-shirt.

    If mistakes were made that day, it was in the middle to upper management level and in the communication between intelligence teams and firearms teams.

    Its easy to get carried away with the horror of someone being mistakenly shot seven times in the head. Fatal mistakes are never pleasant but these officers carried out their duties as they had been instructed and trained to do so.

    Let British justice prevail. There is no perfect system out there in any country but the benefits outweigh the negative sides.

  7. The police seem to be the same everywhere. Here in Kolkata, India a relatively poor person was harassed and threatened by the police for marrying the daughter of a rich industrialist. The marriage was absolutely legal and was consummated with the full consent of the girl concerned. After the police had threatened and lied their way into forcing the girl to go back to her parents, apparently on the pretext that the industrialist father was ill when nothing had happened to him, the poor man was found killed, the back of his head smashed and the body lying face up on railway tracks with hands neatly folded on the chest. No decapitation, no injury marks except the smashed skull, no evidence at all of being run over by a train. The Kolkata police commissioner claimed in a press conference that the man had committed suicide by lying on the tracks – a common way of committing suicide in these parts – when minutes before being killed he had given every evidence of preparing to take legal steps to get his wife back.
    The lies are continuing and the citizens of Kolkata have begun a candlelight vigil demanding action against the guilty. People are protesting in other ways as well – sales of the brand of garments that the industrialist produces have dropped despite this being the festival season in Kolkata, similar to Christmas, when shoppers go out in droves and do the maximum buying compared to other months of the year.
    State fascism needs the slightest excuse to trample upon the fundamental rights of people in I think nearly every state that exists on this planet. Only a global people’s movement has any chance of stopping these neo-nazis. We in Kolkata would like to express our solidarity with those opposed to state fascism anywhere on this planet. Down with state fascism!
    I would request you to look into the Rizwanur case in Kolkata and condemn it through your brilliant writing just as you have done in the case of Mr Menezes.
    The media later found out that the police had acted in a totally illegal manner in harassing and threatening the couple at the behest of the industrialist father.
    Now a mountain of lies are being constructed to protect the industrialist and the high ranking police officers who had acted as the industrialists henchmen in murdering the man

  8. To Mr. Paul B:

    I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but you are a damned boot-licking fool and a certified New World Order minion. Just make damn sure you don’t cry or complain when police overstep their bounds, break the law and either injure or kill one of your own family members and then proceed to lie about it and cover it up. Alright? At that point, just keep your damned mouth shut and take it like a man. Better yet, shut the hell up right now because you’re an ignorant know-nothing. You have no idea how the entire world is being re-engineered by the elites through false-flag operations and a phony war on terror, just so that compliant sheep like you will welcome and support this kind of murderous abuse of power without question.

  9. To Mr. Sen:

    I will look into the case of Mr. Rizwanur’s murder. Certainly not surprising and I am glad to see people are supporting an investigation. I agree that people of the world should cooperate in exposing the crimes and brutality of police, the military, mercenaries and other enforcers. We do need a global recognition of worldwide police corruption and a movement of freedom, truth and liberation, however, I believe we should be careful to avoid making this a political left/right issue and focus more on the ultimate source of most human-rights violations, the ultra-rich aristocratic Illuminati who pay no allegiance to any nation, but to themselves. Without them manipulating, destabilizing and raping entire nations, sponsoring state-terror, pushing us into wars, running the drug trade, imploding economies, fostering religious and racial hatreds and undermining basic freedoms, this world would be able to live in peace with much more freedom, prosperity, tolerance and with much better behaved police and politicians.

    Though police corruption and abuse has always been bad, it has only gotten worse since Sept 11th, 2001. This is because the Illuminati (who funded both Communism and Nazism in the 20th century), staged 9/11 as an excuse to go to world war and set up a global police-state system on the way to a global government and cashless microchipped society. Many of the abuses we see manifesting are part of engineering humanity into a degenerate enslaved underclass of hypnotized drones working in a hive-mind matrix system of total compliance to this neo-feudal elite and their enforcers. So it is important to understand the difference between a law-enforcer and a corrupt minion of the elite. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is the system that is ultimately to blame. The cops get caught up in it and they get perverted by it. Soldiers who are put in impossible positions in foreign lands are also much more likely to misbehave than if they are kept at home in readiness to defend their own countries and not used to police populations either inside or outside their nation.

    Therefore, it behooves us to maintain our respective national sovereignties so that we can keep whatever constitutionally-protected freedoms we might still have and so that we can operate our own governments and hold its employees (police etc) and elected office-holders accountable under the rule of constitutional law. Without this basis of independent sovereignty, we will each nation continue to fall under the sway of of this centralized Illuminati dictatorship called the “New World Order” and social conditions will continue to deteriorate. That means, if we think things are corrupt now, just wait until they have completely wiped out human freedoms from the face of the earth. That will make Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Stalinist Russia look like kindergarten class.

    Let freedom live!

  10. “9/11 is a proven lie, another Hollywood production for an ignorant dumbed-down public.” Excuse me???? Where is this so called proof? I hardly call myself or everyone I know in college and in my life part of your “ignorant dumbed-down public.” Show me actual “proof” and I may actually believe you . . .

    I was told people who believed that it was all a hoax existed, but I thought that was a fairy tale in and of itself . . . you prove me wrong–on that point, at least.

  11. LOL.. what a complete drama queen. Keep taking the meds dude.. because you definitely cannot be taken seriously. Not everything in life is a conspiracy.

  12. maralorelei: You wrote:

    “I was told people who believed that it was all a hoax existed, but I thought that was a fairy tale in and of itself”

    You were told? You were told by whom? A little birdie in the twees? Or the monopoly media, which is owned by the same people who profit from these wars? I mean have you been living under a rock for the past six years? Why is this the first time you have seen anyone talking about 9/11 being an inside job? I am very curious as to why you have waited all these years to finally poke your nose into it.

    Are you so easily suggestable that you couldn’t bring yourself to do even a minimal amount of fact-checking? I think the only ones living in a fairytale land of make-believe are those who naively believe the official story. Hence “dumbed-down”. If you don’t like being called that, then I advise you to get educated about 9/11 because everything hinges on it. EVERYTHING. Your freedoms, WWIII, the global economy and the prospects for human life itself on planet earth. That about covers it.

    You know, I think it’s time to turn the tables on you people. Where is YOUR proof that the official story is true? Answer that in return and I will answer to you.

    This is really tiresome to have to explain it to you, knowing that your mind is closed and that you think I am a nutcase, but here goes anyway:


    1. NORAD stood down. Dick Cheney ordered the stand-down implied in testimony of TSA head Norman Mineta

    2. Mohammed Atta’s money-man Mahmud Ahmad, met with Porter Goss (current NID) and Sen Bob Graham on the morning of 9/11

    3. Bush Sr met with Shafig bin Laden, in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, on the morning of 9/11.

    4. Bush sat on his ass for almost a half hour at Booker Elementary listening to the pet goat story after Andy card whispered for only about 2 seconds into his ear supposedly informing him that we were under attack

    5. Building 7, imploded from the foundations downward, in a controlled demolition without being hit by a plane

    6. FEMA was in New York ready to go, the day BEFORE on Sept 10th

    7. Bush had the orders to invade Afghanistan on his desk, the day before 9/11. US and British troops were already pre-placed for the invasion

    8. Giuliani was told the towers were about to collapse and given a heads-up to vacate EMS, but supposedly it was a complete shocking surprise to everybody else, incuding the hundreds of first-responders who died that day

    9. Head custodian William Rodriguez witnessed a bomb going off in the sub-basement BEFORE any planes struck the towers. Bombs were observed going off at the base of the towers and in the stairwells by firefgithers and others throughout the ordeal. None of this was entered into the 9/11 Commission report.

    10. Within a mere 48 hrs, the FBI released a list of all supposed 19 hijackers splattered over the front pages of every newspaper in America. At least four of them have been proven to be alive and had been victims of identity theft.

    11. Rediculous stories were circulated by the media and the government claiming: that Atta’s passport flew out of Flight 11 and landed in pristine condition on the street below. That these socalled fanatical Muslims were partying and loudly bragging about their plans in a bar the night before. That their plans, navigation charts and of course a Koran were found in their rental car.

    12. Numerous officials were warned not to fly on 9/11 including John Ashcroft and Marion Barry.

    13. The CIA met with bin Ladin in July, 2001 in a Dubai hospital long after he was wanted on terrorism charges. This is the same bin Ladin who worked for the CIA during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

    14. After weeks of hyping and “study”, the CIA released a video of bin Ladin claiming repsonsiblity for the attacks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bin Ladin, but an obvious stand in with a much wider nose and heavier frame. This video continues to be circulated by the media as “proof” that bin Ladin did it. By the way, he is still living scott-free somewhere in Pakistan according to a mountain of reports from the media and the CIA itself. Why? Because he is STILL working for the CIA!

    15. Record ‘put’ options, speculation that a stock will fall, were placed on American and United Airlines in the days preceding September 11th. These were traced to Alex Brown/Deutsche Bank, a CIA haven.

    This is just a small sample of literally hundreds of verifiable smoking guns, but I don’t have time to sit here and slog through every one of them. All this can be confirmed from mainstream news reports. Just Google each fact and verify it for yourself because you won’t believe me or my sources unless you research it for yourself. Others are welcome to add their own favorite smoking guns to the mix.


    Operation Northwoods (Pentagon plan to stage terror attacks on Americans)

    Operation Gladio (NATO train bombings in Europe blamed on Red Brigades)

    Operation AJAX (CIA terror bombings in Iran to oust Mosedeq)

    Gulf of Tonkin Incident (admitted lie to escalate war in Viet Nam)

    Oklahoma City bombing (multiple bombs inside the building)

    Pearl Harbor (admitted pre-planning and prior-knowledge of the FDR administration)


    Andreas von Bulow (fmr Defense secy of Germany)

    Michael Meacher (British parliment)

    Paul Craig Roberts (fmr asst Treasurer of the US)

    Major General Albert Stubblebine, U.S. Army (ret)

    Sibel D. Edmonds (Former Language Translation Specialist, performing translations for counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations, FBI.)

    John Loftus – Former Federal Prosecutor

    Peter Dale Scott, PhD – Former Canadian diplomat

    Col. Pierre-Henri Bunel, French Army (ret) – Army intelligence

    Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps (ret)

    Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

    Col. George Nelson, MBA, U.S. Air Force (ret)

    Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army (ret)

    Col. James R. Uhl, MD, MC, U.S. Army (ret)

    Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force (ACTUALLY FLEW 2 OF THE EXACT PLANES USED)

    Do I have to go on and on about this? When will people just wake up and realize they have been hoodwinked for a very long time? Do you enjoy being lied to? Does it comfort you somehow? If so, then you are willfully ignorant and have chosen to live in a fairytale dream world completely cut off from reality.

  13. Like I said Paul B., FU. You’re an idiot.

    Do us all a big favor. Reach down, grab your shoulders firmly, tug real hard and pull your head out of your ass.

  14. GodBlessPJWalker911

    PJ Walker… Wow, I beautiful volley of facts that Paul Blonde can’t say nothing against…. I think you shattered his reality… LOL… what a mug and muppet he is… nice work..

  15. I doubt I shattered anything for Paul B. His head is stuffed too far up his rump to have any effect.

    However, I will say that such social misfits and degenerates like him do tolerate and approve of evil and love to go slinking around websites and blogs defending the criminal activities of corrupt governments. In fact, it is a kind of mission they carry out with gusto.

    These little Goebbels’s approve wholeheartedly this new Nazified War on Terror Inquisition and the Orwellian Dark Ages it is dragging us into. They think torture is good (regardless of the fact that nobody who has been tortured has been found guilty of anything) and that it’s okay for cops to go around tasering, beating and killing people, then to go on lying about it.

    They think “justice” is served in the courts when the killers of David Kelly, Lady Di, JFK, Pat Tillman, Alexander Litvinenko and many countless others go free. In fact, they rejoice when the coverup has been masterfully engineered. It is a kind of sick admiration they feel towards dictators and their minions in the courts.

    Paul B. is a very sick person, but there are plenty of others like him who can’t wait to become inquisitors themselves. Someday, when the light of truth is shining on this Earth, the Paul Bs of this world will be forced in humiliation to crawl back under the rotten stumps from which they slithered.

  16. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves


    I applaud your efforts. Unfortunately you’re fighting a belief system. These people are poorly educated; schooled only to press the buttons on the machine. They’re frightened; in fact they don’t know how to break ranks and think for themselves. When the machine stops – which it will – they’ll flounder in a sea of ignorance. Who’s to say what will happen then. I spent thirty years in the bubble of the music business; not reading papers; could hardly name any politicians and reasonably well paid. When I stopped touring and came out of the bubble – I was appalled at the way our leaders, the men, and women running countries were bought and paid for by BIG industry. We have cars, fridges and tv’s etc. That’s like letting the surfs have a few chickens and rent a scrap of land in the middle ages when you realise how obscenely wealthy the the top – lets say – 5% or 10% are. Then they come and take half our eggs and trample our corn as they ride to hounds.

    ‘Frightened people build defences
    don’t know the reason that they’re here
    can’t see no love from burnt out trenches
    won’t raise their head above their fear’.

    They’ll get pushed in the mud and still tug their forelocks.

    P.S. Bin Laden’s dead – December 2001

  17. I’m actually fighting the New World Order to the best of my limited ability. It is an extremely diabolical system of total domination, a gigantic mind-control cult with tentacles reaching into every sphere of human activity across the world. It is a cancer, and it has to be stopped somehow. Otherwise, humanity is doomed.

    If people see how passionate I am about it, and that even some percentage of what I am saying is true, then they will listen up, those with enough common sense left to realize their very lives could be at stake in this. I will present the information in the most calm way possible, but the fact is, we are in a very dire situation and just turning our backs on it will not help. Exposing the criminals and waking up others will help. At least we have to try.

    Let those with ears, hear. Others can just jump off a cliff for all I care. They are just wasting their lives.

  18. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves


    Check out

    Apple as in moms/American Dictionary as in Morocco bound, no ‘s’.

  19. I agree with you fully Paul except for one minor aspect that, I believe, has major implications.

    The ruling elite whether politically represented by democratic or non-democratic parties and irrespective of the self-proclaimed ideological orientations of these parties – Left, Right or Centre – have to use the state machinery to suppress and subjugate the people to its rule.

    In a class-riven society such as ours worldwide, you cannot afford to be the elite and not subjugate the people – that is tautological. And this where the Left/Right issue gets badly confused.

    This is the only disagreement I seem to have with you – I cannot agree with your belief that democratic institutions and The Rule of Law under existing Constitutions can guarantee individual freedom (whatever may be the degree of this freedom which obviously varies from country to country).

    If society remains class riven with an elite comprising roughly about 20% of the global population and owning the entire planet and the rest of the 80% of the people owning nothing but their labour power then you cannot expect the 20% to really allow a functioning democracy or a Constitution and Rule of Law that actually allows true individual human freedom to the rest of the non-owning 80%.

    It can only allow the freedom to let you think – through an elaborate and highly expensive farce – that you are (a) electing a government of your choice when in reality all parties Left, Right or Centre actually represent only the elite and not you, the non-owning classes, and (b) selling your labour power at rates that you agree and accept on your own volition when in reality such rates are really determined by the elite through their total monopoly over resources. The whole system is based on these two BIG lies that non-owning classes have political or economic freedom! They do not!

    On the other hand, if the elite really allows true individual economic and political freedom to the non-owning classes, it cannot remain the elite because then you will not accept these two BIG lies and you will overturn the system and seek one that allows all people and not just the handful that is the elite to control all economic and political power.

    So we have democracies in the US and India – the two largest democracies in the world, and both function on lies – both maintain a democratic facade only to perpetuate the rule of the elite.

    When it comes to socialist or communist countries – extant or extinct – the elite do not even need the farce of democracy because their coming to power was on the basis of the big lie that the party represents the people and if the party is in power, it means the people are in power. So, where is the need for elections or democracy?

    But again the elite in such countries – the “party persons in power” – control all resources and the people remain what they were – only sellers of labour power, or, in many instances in such countries, mere givers of labour power for a few facilities in return that only guarantee their subsistence existence. They do not even have the right to form trade associations/trade unions and strike work demanding better returns against their labour power.

    True democracy can come and allow real freedoms to people only when all people can own the entire planet collectively.That is how Nature meant it to be. Blue whales and migratory birds, to give just one example, travel thousands of miles each year from one pole to the other for food – they collectively own the entire world but we don’t because we have created a system of private property.

    And please don’t confuse and equate the ownership of private articles of consumption such as your toothbrush or your undie with private ownership of wealth and global productive resources! Let’s have private ownership of articles of private consumption by all means. Humans do not need wealth but they need just a few things to lead a comfortable and peaceful life – a few clothes; a shelter that provides basic comforts such as protection against excessive heat or cold, free access to water, air and light; four square meals a day; access to information, knowledge and entertainment including education; basic health care and the opportunity and means to travel around the world and when possible around the Universe. Let’s have private ownership of or access to these few articles/services of private consumption by all means but let’s have collective, community ownership of all productive resources.

    If you calculate the costs of providing these amenities to all the 6 billion people on this planet, it is not a big ask and certainly not impossible even today, right now! Just divert the resources from arms production to meeting these needs and all of us can live in peace and in comfort and enjoying all private and individual freedoms. Poverty and inhuman deprivation that is now the fate of nearly 70% – 80% of the world’s population, can be eradicated overnight, as it were.

    But for that to happen global productive resources have to be owned on a collective, community basis, by the people at large and not by just a few handful, the elite. Only then can we hope to have systems of governance that can afford to allow personal and individual freedoms because then there will be no need for an elite (owning and controlling most all resources) to subjugate the non-owning classes to perpetuate their rule.

    There will also be no need for spending most all resources on arms production – how ironic that collectively humans spend most of their resources on means of destruction rather than means of existence just to perpetuate the rule of a handful of inhuman beasts over the rest of us humans!

    The real issue, therefore, is how do you guarantee community and collective ownership of resources in a such a way that all the people can – through real democratic processes for arriving at social choices from individual choices – decide how best to make use of available resources for the good of not only all humans but all life on this beautiful Planet Earth – the only spaceship in this mighty universe, as far as we know, where life can survive.

    How can we guarantee such collective ownership without resorting to either state ownership or any other form of ownership where a small elite can again begin to control most all resources?

    It may be difficult to find an answer to this question but as long as we fail to do so, the elites, their lies and the farce that is modern democracy and the Rule of Law will continue, however much we may try to protect individual freedoms.

    Existing Constitutions and the so-called Rule of Law begin and end with the protection of private property. That means their primary task is to protect the people who own such property – the elite. So it is foolish to expect that Constitutions and the Rule of Law will do what it is exactly not supposed to do – protect the rights and freedoms of people who do not own property. The Rule of Law by the very act of protecting private property has to willy nilly violate the rights and freedoms of those who do not own property. The Justice Sabharwal scam in India provides a good example of this Constitutional conundrum. In case you have not read it or not come across it yet, I would request you to read the article by Booker Prize winning novelist Arundhati Roy (of God Of Small Things fame) on this issue (

    As for the issue of corruption – I had mentioned the Rizwanur case not as an example of corruption but as an example of how even self-proclaimed Communists who are in power in West Bengal (a state in federal India) for the last thirty years through democratic means – a record of sorts – end up protecting the rich and the elite – the property owning classes. They have to if they have to come to power and stay in power through Constitutional processes and the Rule of Law! Because the Constitution and the Rule of Law demand that they do so – protect private property and those who own it!

    The focus of my earlier comment may have been a bit too narrow because I was at that time addressing a much narrower scope of contention – namely, that the police (under the Constitution and the Rule of Law while upholding such Rule of Law) must of necessity often end up killing the innocent non-elite whether in India or elsewhere and that all states are fascist by definition and by Constitution, pun very much intended. That is really their job – in India, in the UK, in the US – everywhere there is a Constitution and Rule of Law to protect private property. Sometimes their actions are blatantly unjust and unfair and may attract your comment or mine but at all other times their fascism is just there continuously, perniciously and often without us noticing it.

    Let’s face it friend, the state and its gendarmies – the police or the armed forces – are fascist because they have to be! That is their job under the Constitution and the Rule of Law – to perpetuate the rule of the haves over the have-nots by hook or by crook, through means fair or unfair, through violence or through more peaceful means. Whatever it is, they have to keep the people in general subjugated to the rule of the elites and that is why all states have to be fascist!

    I am, therefore, again forced to write the sentence that you deleted from my earlier comment – Down with state fascism! Because the sub-text actually means down with private property!

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  21. As to who “told me”–for the past ten years I’ve been married to a man who talks about politics so much and so annoyingly that I stopped doing my own research and have instead been trying to ignore the whole arena (because otherwise I’d argue with him, and there is enough to argue about in marriage as it is). However, he said something recently that offended me so much and contradicted what I know myself to be true that I took off the blindfold and unplugged my ears. So please forgive me if I am a little slow to opening up my mind–I’ve been brainwashed at close quarters far too long. Thank you for sharing your evidence and that website, for that is the first time I have seen anything of that nature, living in America and surrounded by media and people who believe in what is told us in America as a Holy Gospel.

    I’ll have to give my husband some credit–at least he told me about the false-flag operation theory–I’ve spent the past four years in undergraduate and just started graduate school and didn’t hear any contradictions to 9/11 there–and my classmates will protest/debate everything! It’s interesting that these budding vegan, anti-global warming, PETA, ACLU, Amnesty International (just to name a few) -minded folks haven’t started yelling about any of the points you list . . . I’d think government conspiracy would fit in with their list.

    Do I at least get credit for asking for advice and for finally beginning the uphill battle to educate myself even if it goes contrary to “household policy”? It is going to take awhile to digest all you have told me, for it contradicts years of information. And, I will admit–I really hope you are wrong; for if you are right, I’m living under a government that makes the former U.S.S.R. look pretty damn peachy . . .

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  23. maralorelei, after all your “education” you managed to retain some common sense. Don’t worry, it’s a compliment. You see, the reason I am so damned hard to get along with is because I see my country going down the rathole while most Americans remain obstinately oblivious of this disturbing truth and many fight me over this. In fact, they are participating in its demise either out of ignorance or out of malice. Either way, it is stupid to sink the very boat one is depending on for survival.

    One thing you must realize is that if only a small percentage of what I say is true, then we are still in deep trouble here. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that the situation is absolutely dire and perilous for America and the world as a whole. And it’s nothing to do with Arab terrorists or global warming, the two biggest bugaboos of our time. Those are there to condition and scare the people into surrendering their rights, wealth and independence and so inviting the Trojan Horse of tyranny.

    We live in a very brainwashed, polarized and balkanized society such that chaos and confusion reign supreme. That is why I do this, in an attempt to clear the air. If I am abrasive, it is only to shake people up.

    I hope that you will take some time to go through the categories here or do some searching in the search window. There are tons of similar websites out there which will have various points of view intersecting with mine. You can find many of them in the links section. But the best thing to do it just do your own research into the New World Order.

    I hope I have opened your mind somewhat. Now I will leave you to chew on all of this for awhile.

  24. Fuck me did you say? Wow.. didn’t realise you were Gay but each to their own I guess.

    In the end good debate on any topic is always worth having and that is the beauty and strength of democracy.

    If you don’t like your politicians, then don’t vote for them. If you don’t agree with policing tactics, join up, put the uniform on and try and make a difference. Its not so easy.

    Its very easy to sit in a mountain hut and wave the flag of conspiracy and paranoia when there is no such thing as a perfect democracy but you have to get involved to appreciate what you have and not just sit in an arm chair hidden behind a computer screen.

    You make yourself into a “self proclaimed expert” with sweeping statements that have little to no substance or value where counter arguments are answered with “fuck you” instead of logical debate.

    That in itself makes you as bad as the governments and “system” you are trying to criticise.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  25. Paul B: It is because of the goose-stepping army of willfully ignorant “educated” useful idiots like you that the Hitlers, Pavelićs, Maos, Stalins, Putins, Bushes and B-liars of this world are able to rise to power. You know absolutely nothing (or pretend not to know) about the criminal New World Order system of elite control and care nothing about it. You refuse to do any serious research on it. In fact you deny it exists against mountains of evidence available at your fingertips right here on this blog. Your mind is diseased and completely out of contact with reality. All your comments are ridiculous, you started out bashing, not debating and you are not worthy of or capable of intelligent, rational, informed debate. You are only worthy of a verbal smack upside your head and a kick in the pants. Probably more.

    You disgust me, so take it somewhere else. I’ve got no time or patience for you and your kind.

  26. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves


    I like this site; One to you for turning maralorelei in the right direction. as for Paul B. he’ll die with his boots on – God bless ‘im. The gay comment screamed volumes. Still his ‘beauty and strength of democracy.’ raised a chuckle.
    Over here in the UK a small group are going to present a private members bill into parliament next month, to make it an offence for politicians to lie – the words, ‘snowball’ and ‘hell’ come to mind but, you never know.
    All the best keep up the good work

  27. Jeeves I appreciate the cheering section. You might check out the update on this I have added. Brian Gerrish has a very interesting take on the New World Order from a submarine officer’s point of view. Like him, I believe we must fight this psy-war or else it’s all over for us. That Paul BS is nothing but spam clogging up the system.

  28. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves

    Paul, thanks for the heads up on Brian Garrish. If there’s one good thing to come out of all this crap it’s that more and more people are begining to scratch their heads – things ain’t right and people, ordinary people – not just us conspiracy nuts 80) – are starting to ask questions including my 86 year old dad who after 911 was gung ho with the glove puppet about going into eyeraq. I started him on Michael Moore and then gave him David Ray Griffin to read. It tickled my heart what he said about that Punch and Judy show that’s known as the ‘Administration’ – nothing I would wish to repeat here. We can only hope that we achieve what the Buddhists would call a, ‘Critical Mass’ before too much more damage is done or, it’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall. I talk to people all the time. The more you talk the more they know, the more they listen the more they learn.
    One interpretation of Buddha’s last words was, ‘Walk On’, my twist, ‘Talk On’.

  29. Right Jeeves. I think we will be hearing more of Brian Gerrish in future as his message is pretty powerful, which in my view is to actually take some action on your local level against the New World Order juggernaut as it has infiltrated down into your own home town. It is the idea of “fight the enemy that you can see” first, instead of just trying to bring down the Illuminati. I happen to believe we should have a multilevel attack strategy as you would have in any war.

    The key is exposure to the light of day. Criminals can only operate in the dark, unseen by the public, which is why they are obsessed with secrecy, secret societies, secret meetings, secret handshakes, secret agendas, secret documents, secret votes, etc. Then, to block the implementation of their plans on every level just as you would cut off advancing lines on the battlefield, cut their lines of communication and destroy their command structure.

    This also requires practical political work to get true freedom-defenders into these offices and to shut down needless bureaucracies and directorates that only tyrannize the public. A libertarian government, vastly reduced in it’s power is the only way to live in freedom. The more powerful and domineering is the government, the less power and freedom the people have. The more centralized and federalized it is, the farther out of the citizens’ hands is their influence on their own local community. Which is how the ruling class wants to manage and micro-manage every aspect of a person’s life. Thus we see people fined and jailed for more and more insignificant infractions and blocked from any kind of recourse in their own defense. This is the essence of Neo-feudalism.

    So many people are are at least realizing that “something’s not right with this picture”. That is a good beginning. It opens them up for further investigation of how things work. That your grandad could keep his mind open enough at his age to actually read an alternative view is proof that he is still a human being. Unfortunately, the human soul is being gradually eroded and in it’s place will be put the microchip implant. The real agenda is to integrate humanity with technology, thus engineering a new species of transhuman hive-minded cyborgs. That is why I keep warning people about the microchip implant because that is the point of no return. It is the line they must never be allowed to cross, a direct invasion of the human body and mind.

    Punch and Judy show is right! Or Dog and Pony. Bread and Circus.

    ‘Critical Mass’ is the Hundreth Monkey Effect. Therefore it is critical that we keep waking more and more people up until eventually, the spell is broken for everyone and you will see zombies realizing they have been asleep, rubbing their eyes, looking skyward and deciding to really live again. We can have a rebirth of human society out of these Dark Ages into a time of relative peace, enlightenment, understanding and prosperity. We will not be so driven to constantly make “progress” because that path takes us into being dominated by technology rather than using technology for our benefit. There is a real distinction to make. We will instead settle into more stable and natural existence instead of being constantly pushed, rattled and terrorized by one bugaboo after another.

    Yes, things will get worse before they get better because this is war and wars are always messy.

    Buddha also said “Work out your own salvation with diligence”. Meaning, don’t wait around for someone else to fix things. There will not be a savior floating down out of the clouds and there won’t be a calvery charge coming in the nick of time. We have to be our own calvery and our own saviors. Otherwise we will be waiting and waiting until finally they ship us all off to the camps.

  30. Mahatma Cane-Jeeves

    Paul I just downloaded, ‘The Hundreth Monkey’, by Ken Keyes jr. I’d heard the story but didn’t know of the book – thanks. Maybe I’ll send a copy to the Chimp – I know he likes reading about goats; he might like this.
    Do you have access to my email address as administrater of this site. If so feel free to email me. I just checked. I can email you which I will do now.

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  33. This man had not done anything. The police who did this should be tried for murder. Those bastards are getting away with it and are still out on the street armed today. We need to rid the world of guns

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  37. It’s time people who have experienced problems within society with the manipulations and lies and who feel the same way about whats happening in Britain and other parts of the world should contact each other and meet to discuss there experiences. We all need to get together so we know who our friends are. I feel myself there is a problem with the things i’ve seen and experienced.

  38. Welcome to the club friend. We need a hell of a lot more people questioning and using their heads and hearts to understand what we are really up against. And I don’t mean to choose up some phony political side. We need to open up our eyes and see the big picture of Reality. That takes courage, some basic intelligence and most of all a sincere heart. Those who have these basic ingredients are friends to this site and are encouraged to comment on the articles presented on a daily basis. Also, everyone is encouraged to see the various links to and from this site. I don’t have a forum especially, but as you become a regular commenter, you will get to know me and a few other regulars. For now, that’s the best I can do. Take care.

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  40. Stop Common Purpose

    If you don’t know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

    Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:

    In particular, consider how they have corrupted the British police:

  41. Little know about in the UK due to the unfree media.
    Three months prior to the slaughter of J De Mendez another young man had also been shot 5 times in the head.
    With the inquest starting today on the Mr De Mendez case, i have taken the opportunity to blog the covered up story, asking when will this guy have his inquest.
    Common purpose again, written all over this killing on the streets of Britain.

  42. PJC Journal first published the story.
    The other case of slaughter on British streets………

    Ian Blair Must Go
    The elected London Assembly has passed a motion of no confidence in Sir Ian Blair. If he had any honour (which being New Labour he doesn’t) he would go now. I watched much of his appearance before the Assembly. The result was no foregone conclusion, but his arrogance and rudeness swayed the Assembly against him. He effectively taunted them that they had no power to remove him. I do hope a transcript of this amazing meeting will be available.

    HatTip Craig Murray

    But, Sir Ian should also be forced to stand before a court to explain the shooting of another innocent, details of which the Met police are blocking and are being obstructionist about.. The police have admitted it was a “pre-planned” operation but they have refused to release more details.
    Azelle Rodney was shot five times in the head by a police marksman on 30 April 2005 – three months before Jean Charles de Menezes died.

    An officer shot Mr Rodney seven times, including five times to his head, which was said to be almost totally destroyed. The cop has since been on paid leave.

    The case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service but, unlike the Menezes case, no charges were brought against the Metropolitan Police.

    But a coroner has said [coroner’s ruling – 150Kb PDF] he cannot hold a lawful inquest because of secret evidence which cannot be made public.

    In August coroner Andrew Walker, sitting at Hornsey in north London, announced he could not proceed with a full inquest into Mr Rodney’s death because of a large number of redactions – passages crossed out – in police officers’ statements.

    The redactions were made under the 2000 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa), which covers information obtained from covert surveillance devices such as telephone tapping or bugs, said the solicitor for Azelle Rodney’s family, Daniel Machover.

    Mr Machover said he had written to the Home Office and Ministry of Justice asking them to change the law so the coroner can proceed with the inquest.

    He said he had warned them if they refused to legislate he would take the matter to the High Court and seek to obtain a declaration of incompatibility to show Ripa was in breach of the Human Rights Act.

    Mr Rodney’s mother Susan Alexander has been waiting for more than two years for an inquest.

    Mr Machover said: “She has to see for her own peace of mind what it is that the secret evidence reveals and how it affected the state of mind of the officers concerned.”

    A Home Office spokeswoman said an independent review is under way into whether evidence from phone taps or bugs should be used in courts.

    She said: “We accept the arguments in favour of using it but only if there are the necessary safeguards to protect methods of intelligence.”

    Mr Machover said: “The RIPA ‘criminalises everything’ so that when the officer says ‘I shot him because of X and X’ we are not allowed to know what X refers to.”

    Armed officers stopped the car in Edgware, north London, after having its occupants under surveillance for three hours.

    Mr Rodney, who was sitting in the back seat, was shot dead after armed police were ordered to carry out a “hard stop”.

    Immediately afterwards police said the dead man had been seen holding a firearm but it later emerged this was not true.

    The officer who shot him claimed he thought he was reaching for a gun.

    The police have admitted it was a “pre-planned” operation but they have refused to release more details.

    So, who was the watch officer during that operation.
    Who gave the order for the ‘hard stop’, who gave the order to kill.
    Who authorised the lie that the man was armed.

    When people die on our streets at the hands of the Police, senior officers must be held responsible, details made public, otherwise the Police will be viewed as little more than an unaccountable terror organisation by the public at large.

    There is absolutely no difference between this from the Met Police, and the warlords in Mogadishu.

    When we see senior officers like Sir Ian Blair and Cressida Dick putting the Common Purpose mantra of ‘leading beyond authority’ into action, when we no longer see honesty, but only cover up and lies from our Police forces, then we know that we have reached the stage of a very sick society.

    NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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  45. To pjwalker911

    U unpatriotic waste of life. Why dont unstick UR head from UR arse and wake up, unlike in ur world of pixies and fairies there are actual bad guys called TERRORISTS, which is not just a pretty name btw.

    Hollywood stunt? all educated people are stalins and hitler? oh please, ur jst as bad as them. u really are messed up. why dont u do us all a favour and go back to the hospital and stay there this time.

    one more thing…


  46. To pjwalker911

    You stupid S.O.B

    what are u on about?

    why dont u go to every single familly that has lost a member fighting these terrorists, and tell them that ACTUALLY he died because WE blew up our OWN towers. I agree that G.Bush is a T.pot, but i believe that he did not attack his OWN people, where is the sense in that?

    an how dare u compare me to the likes of hitler and stalin, or claim that i goosestep! FU! Just cos i am a law abiding patriot does not mean i LOVE evil. Does us all a favour and shut up.

    Way to go Anon.

    i agree, pjwalker911


  47. Same to you and more of it.

    9/11 was an inside job and only an idiot would believe the official conspiracy theory.

    Same goes for WTC ’93, OKC and 7/7.

    Unfortunately, this country is overflowing with slavish little goosestepping, government-worshipping morons who pretend to be patriots and who make perfect little Nazis and Commie comrads. I spit on all of you because you disgust me.

    And I will never shut up. So what the hell are you going to do about it “anon” coward?

  48. Voice of Reason

    Obvious trolls are obvious; stop feeding them.

    Thank you.

  49. Look as barbaric as it looks these officers have to make a decision in less than a second, had they not reacted and he was in fact a suicide bomber lots more lives would have been lost and the officers then would have been critiscised for not reacted, If migrants, asylum seekers and illeagles dont like it maybe they are better off staying in there own countries!!!

  50. Madhead. What an appropriate name for you.

    You don’t know a thing about the subject, so best to keep your comments in your own little brain.

  51. I agree with Madhead.

    An PJ, shut up. My dad was the the Armed Police and he says the exact same thing that Madhead says. He says in the force you have to decide to take the shot or not in less than a second, any hesitation and possibly you and everyone around will be dead cos of that hesitation. Also he says its not like you jst say “he looks like a terrorist lets shoot him!” they spend the time in pursuit adding up details and analysing the information available. Fair enough for this case the information was wrong and it was a wronful killing, BUT the officers acted on the information they had and in their minds and my mind they made the correct one. If you want to slag someone off, blame the ones giving the orders. Yes they did shoot him a number of times – harsh, brutal even. But he stayed down didnt he? they cant take the risk of a suicide bomber getting up again, if he does that then he could easily detonate his device.

    And he is right, if they dont like it. GO HOME!

    ALSO Stop insulting everyone with your petty insults. How do you know he has a small brain? do u know him? You never know, his brain might be bigger than yours if your head wasnt so full of hot air.

    why dont you act like a man and argue like an adult.

  52. Pingback: UK: Internet records to be stored for a year - Page 4 - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

  53. 7/

    Re: “these officers have to make a decision in less than a second”

    The officers already had made their decision to kill Mr Menezes before the pursuit. If indeed they believed that he had a bomb, there is no way that they would have jumped on him, as this would have set the bomb off. If they were not guilty of murder, then why the big cover up? They have lied many times, and if you look at the bigger agenda, they needed these bombings to occur in order to justify the war. People who have spoken out against it, given conflicting eye witness accounts or who claimed there were no weapons of mass destruction ended up dead. Follow the body count!

  54. Aline Santos

    Isso é vergonhoso para um país como este. Estamos profundamente tristes com a intolerancia de tal polícia!
    Onde estão as respostas para as perguntas?
    è triste saber que ainda existe esse tipo de coisa em pleno século 21 e que algumas pessoas aceitam e ainda são cumplices. Onde esse mundo vai parar?

  55. Filhas das putas e cuzões!

    Mother fuckers and assholes!

  56. netão quero cruzar com vcs malditos porcos

    policiais ingleses malditos gostariamos de urinar nas suas viceras , e cuspir em seus s corpos podres malditos , seus ingleses vagabundos irresponsaveis poderiamos ate fazer guerra com vcs malditos e acabar com sua raça , bombas vcs merecem o inferno …

  57. netão quero cruzar com vcs malditos porcos

    vcs estão aumentando a ira do mundo contra vcs , pela injustiça , vcs deveriam reconhecer o erro e não fazer oq fizeram esconder esses porcos malditos , vão a publico e reconheçam que erraram equanto é tempo .

  58. if we all write and blog and type and only do technical things then when will we go out and act ? in pursuit of freedom we need to go out and talk and work and find the amazed to see how commoners are killed and how the peoples voice are gaged by closed societies.i appreciete the informative reports by PJW. how can i help and act.

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