More airports using virtual strip-search machines to observe naked bodies


A computer monitor viewed by a Transportation Security Administration TSA officer reveals details of the body of a fully-clothed employee of L3 Communications Security and Detection Systems as she is scanned inside a ProVision whole body imaging machine at Los Angeles International Airport.
Pictures: AFP


Graphic scanners leave no bone unturned

The Age | Apr 18, 2008

Airports in New York and Los Angeles have become the latest equipped with body scanners that allow security screeners to peer beneath a passenger’s clothing to detect concealed weapons.

The machines, which are about the size of a revolving door, use low-energy electromagnetic waves to produce a computerised image of a traveller’s entire body.

Passengers step in and lift their arms. The scans only take a minute, and Transportation Security Administration officials say the procedure is less invasive than a physical frisk for knives, bombs or guns.

Someday, the “millimetre wave” scans might replace metal detectors, but for now they are being used selectively.

Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York saw their first scanners installed on Thursday, each at a single checkpoint. Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport got one of the machines in October.

Modest travellers may have concerns about the images.

The black and white, three-dimensional scans aren’t as vivid as a photograph, but they do reveal some of the more intimate curves of the human form, maybe with as much clarity as an impressionist sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

TSA officials say the system comes with privacy protections. Officers reviewing the images don’t interact with passengers, or even see them. They sit in a separate area, look at the pictures on a monitor and push a button to either clear travellers or alert security about a suspicious item.

Images will not be recorded or stored. Passenger faces are blurred to further protect their identities.

For now, the scans will also be voluntary. Flyers selected for a secondary screening after passing through the metal detectors will have the option of stepping into the wave scanner, rather than undergoing a physical pat-down.

“We’re giving people a choice,” said TSA spokeswoman Lara Uselding.

Barry Steinhardt, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s program on technology and liberty, said he nevertheless had concerns.

“The images that I’ve seen are quite revealing,” he said. “I guarantee you that as this gets more commonly used, you’ll be seeing these images on the Internet.”

The TSA said millimetre wave scanners, which cost as much as $US120,000 ($128,000) apiece, are already in limited use at international airports in seven countries and at a handful of courthouses and jails in five states.

Their introduction to US airports is on a trial basis while authorities evaluate their effectiveness. The TSA said the devices pose no health risk and project 10,000 times less energy than a mobile phone transmission.



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26 responses to “More airports using virtual strip-search machines to observe naked bodies

  1. “We’re giving people a choice,” said TSA spokeswoman Lara Uselding.

    Yeah whatever. I’ll get back to them after my chip fitting.

  2. Yeah Brad or Britney’s airscan hits the net–another engineered distraction while the tanks unload from the airports.

  3. Ghislaine Laurendeau

    About :
    More airports using virtual strip-search machines to observe naked bodies

    Geez…why always use women body for that kind of image…..why not a man for a change. Or use both.!!!

  4. There’s free porn all over internet. Why would someone get off on these blurry grey pictures?

    Get a life!

  5. Natalie, yer an idiot.

  6. pjwalker911 YOU are the idiot

  7. Oh really Ads111111? How so?

  8. It’s much better that real body search and have no human contact. I don’t care what the Airport officer will see on the scanner as long as I will be safe on the plane. It’s a good idea and saved people from real contact. I think their also should be scanner who would see through the skin(for drug containers search). I live in Israel and bags search is a part of my every day life. I would never complain about search, because this way people can be safe and terrorist would not have access to malls, shops, official offices. In airports people should think about their own safety and not about discomfort of being seen naked on the bad gray picture.

  9. yes of course this is going to be abused and used for porn purpouses, porn is always looking for new girls, there is a multi million dollar market in porn for hidden camera shots, and all kinds of other sick crap. one of the employees will surely, abuse this of course, the number one reason for money lost in a business is employee theft. so yes of course some employee is going to abuse this and make money on the side through selling these pics of “new” girls to porn sites. my suggestion is if you get this scan immediately complain and ask them to delete you photo, they probably will do it if you ask nicely.

  10. This metaphor applies only to verbal actions that can be construed as Non-Completable. ,

  11. I think these are sexy. Just thinking about it gives me a boner. Wonder how it would look like in one of these scanners.

  12. Amsterdam Airport is ready to use the world’s first unmanned high tech body screen system. The system alarms automatically and blocks passenger to boarding.

    Schiphol has 15 systems already installed at gates

    The aiport still awaits for approval by the EU-commission

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  14. this nice …so i think better then this to change the secuirty agent by porn image prodector or better then this is to do not lose $ for the scaner and ask the passenger bordin neked ;)

    welcom to the new world …all the airport become worse then Ghraib Jail….this what you bay for …not just the visa and the airteckets…for me i stop visiting all my family in UAS and i ask everyone to do stop travel there too maybe they start respect the humen more.

    for me better to spand my $ in inda or china or even soudan the alow my wife and kids pass via this to US .

  15. I agree with you Nabil. We should all be naked as cows, sheep and donkeys as we enter the airport. That is the real solution isn’t it?

    Of course it’s absurd to the extreme, but this is essentially what they are doing with us domesticated livestock.

    But the problem is, eventually you will not be able to travel anywhere in the world without passing through not only body-scanners, but also BRAIN scanners to supposedly examine your thoughts, and face-scanners, behavior-analyzing computers and much more. This is the New World Order and it only gets worse, unless the people of this world wake up and realize this is an elite agenda to enslave us all under the false pretext of terror which they themselves have created through false-flag covert operations and other means. “Order Out of Chaos” is their motto.

  16. Everyone should stop travelling, until these things are gone. If not you’ all gonna get cancer… Serious cancer!

  17. Well, traveling by car is always an option if you object. Ah, we can’t forget about boats and trains too. What about small aircraft? People will eventually accept it and fly anyway.

  18. Yeah they will accept it even though the scanners are dehumanizing them and the terahertz waves are frying their DNA because they are dumb herd animals with no sense at all. Which I guess is fine if that’s the way they want to be. As for me, I will never submit to either the scanners or the patdowns. Therefore, I will not travel by any means other than ways I can travel without them.

  19. Voice of reason

    There is a potential benfit to these machines when used correctly. The fact that we are all to be scanned as mandatory is unsettling at best.

    We all know airport personnel will be looking at us and judging or naked bodies, however that is not the worst part.

    We are being forced to do this. You are being told if you want to use a plane you have got to let one or more people see you naked. It is an invasion of human rights when this is a forced requirement. We are losing a huge part of our freedom in doing so. We the good and innocent people are being treated like terrorists.

    Pat downs are good because it puts wrong doers on the spot and keeps airport security on their toes. If security are not happy then a full body scan is a far more dignified way of being searched. If still not happy and a physical strip search is required then ok. I would happily follow such a procedure.

    But involuntry nudism in front of strangers is a no for me. Also how would you feel about someone looking at naked pics of your kids? Cuz thats what is happening, minors are now being strip searched by these machines.

    Don’t be fooled just cuz you are wearing your clothes you are being strip searched. Anyhow it only detects stuff on the outside of the body, what about explosives in condoms that are ingested or insterted into the anal cavity? Where do you think they are going to start looking on mass next?

  20. Voice of reason [supposedly],

    “potential benfit to these machines when used correctly”…???

    There is absolutely no benefit to these machines. In fact, according to Los Alamos as quoted in the MIT Technology journal, the terahertz waves “tear DNA apart”. A century of aviation and now we suddenly have to have these and brain-scanners too? All bullshit.

    You are ignoring who is behind the terror. Google: Gleiwitz Incident, Reichstag Fire, Gladio, “Strategy of Tension”. “Ordo Ab Chao”, Pearl Harbor Day of Deception, Gulf of Tonkin fake, Operation Northwoods, London 7/7 Bombing exercises, 9/11 Building 7 controlled demolition, and research the underpants bomber being on watchlists yet given the green light to fly and it just goes on and on and on.

    The governments of this world only want more power over you and use psychological operations as justification for more and more intrusive and dehumanizing invasions of your privacy and human dignity. And it won’t stop with the body scanners, but continue deeper and deeper. The destruction of basic human rights and dignity is the gravest threat to Humanity next to deliberate policies of genocide and eugenics being implemented around the globe. All the things they want us to be afraid of (terror, global warming, flu virus, etc) are all fear-mongering for social engineering, PERIOD.

    And yes, next they will expect us to hand over our children so that morons with no education or morals on power-trips can do body cavity searches on them. And I am sure it will not even stop there because as soon as you give an inch to these psychopaths, they will demand a mile.

  21. These are illegal in any commonwealth society.
    They only get away with it because if you willingly walk through it without protesting, it constitutes consent in court.
    In other words, you consented to your constitutional rights being violated!

    If you however politely refuse, ask for their proof of claim that you are lawfully obligated to do so, they will not be able to provide such proof. The most they will do is reference a statutory ACT which is not law, it’s acting at law and they need your consent to be governed by this statute because it’s in violation of your constitutional rights.
    Most statutes are only legal if you consent. Protest and if you are ultimately forced to cooperate, site that it is under duress and anything you sign you right under protest and duress after your name.

    I would only allow them to scan me after getting them to acknowledge they accept full commercial liability, protesting and demanding they note my protest.
    Afterward, I would file a lawsuit and sue the hell out of them. The best part is since they would find no contraband or weapons on me, they would have absolutely no defense.

    Long live Hitler Obama!
    No wonder he’s getting such a bad reputation, he works for the corporate government not the Federal Government.
    We hired him, they control him.
    Absolutely disgusting that this is taking place in any commonwealth society whether it’s Australia, England, America etc.

  22. Boblivingwithreality

    I just can’t believe that people are so stupid, that a new porn industry will come out from the use of the new body scanners. If this was the case then it would have started already, from all the thousands of x-rays and CT scans that are performed daily. I can just picture people masturbating to CT and x-ray images. Why don’t we just wait until some stuffs an IED up there anal cavity and brings down a plane. People walk around in the summer time half way naked and lay on the beach with just one to two pieces of clothing on and they don’t worry about people looking at them. So give me a break! and grow up this is reality the threat is at our door and we have to deal with it. If this guy with the hidden boom was successful you would be the first ones that would be crying out something should have been to prevent this from happening. Just remember when you buy that ticket from the airline you consented to a full baggage and personal search that is the deal we all have to live with. If you don’t comply you don’t fly.

  23. Boblivingwithreality you’re an imbecile.
    People choosing to dress on the brink of nudity is in no relation to an ILLEGAL devise used to see our nude bodies against our will.

    They’re not legal, they need our consent and trick people into it. By stepping in front of the machine without protesting, that constitutes consent and you have more or less, chosen to ignore your constitutional right to refuse.

    Small minded people like yourself are the cowards that have allowed this garbage to go on. Nobody said masturbating or porn, I said ELITISM. If you think for a SECOND the rich and powerful won’t use this to help them further their elitist agenda, you’re an even bigger moron than you’ve already indicated. The film and for that matter, sex industry, already use non commercial public exposure to recruit people. Do the research smart guy and you’ll find performers in both industries that were approached based on private media such as birthday footage, audience cams at sporting events, news reels etc.

    Shame on you for being so ignorant of our actual laws and rights. Garbage like this machine is instilled under legislation that is statutory, it is not actually law only acting at law at the consent of the citizen.
    If we do not consent, they have no power to uses these illegal means of invasion for their so called security purposes. 99.99% of people do not walk into an airport believing that if they strap a gun to their ass, they’ll get it on board.

    You’re obviously that .01%

  24. If you dont like it, charter a private plane and avoid this mess. Otherwise, the price of NOT being blown up is ok with me. Call me biased, I’m a nudist and dont care who see’s me naked. lol

  25. Mike,

    Guess you don’t mind having your DNA fried either, ya lunatic moron.

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