Snow and ice threat as Britain falls to -6C

PARTS of Britain could be blanketed by snow today with temperatures expected to plunge below freezing. | Nov 6, 2012

Cairngorms plough

Weathermen are blaming the after effects of Superstorm Sandy — and warn that tomorrow could be the coldest Bonfire Night this century.

Snow ploughs were out after blizzards in Scotland yesterday where temperatures fell to almost -6C. Those areas of England that escape today face floods with 40mm of rain falling — more than we usually get in a fortnight.

This week could see gales too, with temperatures staying up to 5°C below average for the whole of November. Forecasters say the early-winter chill has been caused by Superstorm Sandy strengthening mid-Atlantic high pressure and blocking mild south-westerly winds. This has allowed Arctic air from Greenland to buffet us.

Snow is predicted on the North Downs, South Downs, Chilterns, Cotswolds, Salisbury Plain, Exmoor and Dartmoor.

Dan Williams, of the Met Office, said: “It feels rather cold, with temperatures below average, frost in places and an ice risk.

“The windchill makes it feel even colder.

“Unsettled is the best way to describe this week, with showers and rain with a risk of snow over higher ground and widespread UK frosts.”

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