TSA issues holiday warning to ‘Opt Out and Film’ privacy rights activists

washingtonexaminer.com | Nov 19, 2012

The Transportation Security Agency sent out a message to privacy activists planning to opt out of TSA’s “nudie scanner” screenings and film the TSA’s optional patdown process.

“We will no longer allow the TSA to stick their hands down our pants and touch our private parts!” reads a note on a related Facebook page.

According to “Opt Out and Film week” organizers, the protest starts November 26 to send a message to the TSA about the violation of the right to privacy.

The TSA signaled today that they are aware of the protest, and may be prohibited from filming in their location.

“We’re also aware of the Opt Out and Film week, where some are planning on opting out of the body scanner and then filming their experience,” said TSA spokesman Bob Burns in a statement today.

Burns added that while the TSA, “does not prohibit photographs at screening locations, local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances may.”

“TSA takes its mission to protect the safety of the traveling public seriously and our officers will continue to uphold our high standards of professionalism during the busy holiday season,” Burns added.

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