Baron David de Rothschild sees a New World Order in global banking governance


Baron David de Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild bank. The Rothschilds have helped the British government since financing Wellington’s army to fight the French in 1815.

“We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally. There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region. However, it takes time to develop a global footprint.“

Banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance.

UAE National | Nov 6, 2008

The first barons of banking

By Rupert Wright

Among the captains of industry, spin doctors and financial advisers accompanying British prime minister Gordon Brown on his fund-raising visit to the Gulf this week, one name was surprisingly absent. This may have had something to do with the fact that the tour kicked off in Saudi Arabia. But by the time the group reached Qatar, Baron David de Rothschild was there, too, and he was also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Although his office denies that he was part of the official party, it is probably no coincidence that he happened to be in the same part of the world at the right time. That is how the Rothschilds have worked for centuries: quietly, without fuss, behind the scenes.

“We have had 250 years or so of family involvement in the finance business,” says Baron Rothschild. “We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally.”

The Rothschilds have been helping the British government – and many others – out of a financial hole ever since they financed Wellington’s army and thus victory against the French at Waterloo in 1815. According to a long-standing legend, the Rothschild family owed the first millions of their fortune to Nathan Rothschild’s successful speculation about the effect of the outcome of the battle on the price of British bonds. By the 19th century, they ran a financial institution with the power and influence of a combined Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and perhaps even Goldman Sachs and the Bank of China today.

In the 1820s, the Rothschilds supplied enough money to the Bank of England to avert a liquidity crisis. There is not one institution that can save the system in the same way today; not even the US Federal Reserve. However, even though the Rothschilds may have lost some of that power – just as other financial institutions on that list have been emasculated in the last few months – the Rothschild dynasty has lost none of its lustre or influence. So it was no surprise to meet Baron Rothschild at the Dubai International Financial Centre. Rothschild’s opened in Dubai in 2006 with ambitious plans to build an advisory business to complement its European operations. What took so long?

The answer, as many things connected with Rothschilds, has a lot to do with history. When Baron Rothschild began his career, he joined his father’s firm in Paris. In 1982 President Francois Mitterrand nationalised all the banks, leaving him without a bank. With just US$1 million (Dh3.67m) in capital, and five employees, he built up the business, before merging the French operations with the rest of the family’s business in the 1990s.

Gradually the firm has started expanding throughout the world, including the Gulf. “There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region. However, it takes time to develop a global footprint,” he says.

An urbane man in his mid-60s, he says there is no single reason why the Rothschilds have been able to keep their financial business together, but offers a couple of suggestions for their longevity. “For a family business to survive, every generation needs a leader,” he says. “Then somebody has to keep the peace. Building a global firm before globalisation meant a mindset of sharing risk and responsibility. If you look at the DNA of our family, that is perhaps an element that runs through our history. Finally, don’t be complacent about giving the family jobs.”

He stresses that the Rothschild ascent has not been linear – at times, as he did in Paris, they have had to rebuild. While he was restarting their business in France, his cousin Sir Evelyn was building a British franchise. When Sir Evelyn retired, the decision was taken to merge the businesses. They are now strong in Europe, Asia especially China, India, as well as Brazil. They also get involved in bankruptcy restructurings in the US, a franchise that will no doubt see a lot more activity in the months ahead.

Does he expect governments to play a larger role in financial markets in future? “There is a huge difference in the Soviet-style mentality that occurred in Paris in 1982, and the extraordinary achievements that politicians, led by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, have made to save the global banking system from systemic collapse,” he says. “They moved to protect the world from billions of unemployment. In five to 10 years those banking stakes will be sold – and sold at a profit.”

Baron Rothschild shares most people’s view that there is a New World Order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance. “But you have to be careful of caricatures: we don’t want to go from ultra liberalism to protectionism.”

So how did the Rothschilds manage to emerge relatively unscathed from the financial meltdown? “You could say that we may have more insights than others, or you may look at the structure of our business,” he says. “As a family business, we want to limit risk. There is a natural pride in being a trusted adviser.”

It is that role as trusted adviser to both governments and companies that Rothschilds is hoping to build on in the region. “In today’s world we have a strong offering of debt and equity,” he says. “They are two arms of the same body looking for money.”

The firm has entrusted the growth of its financing advisory business in the Middle East to Paul Reynolds, a veteran of many complex corporate finance deals. “Our principal business franchise is large and mid-size companies,” says Mr Reynolds. “I have already been working in this region for two years and we offer a pretty unique proposition.

“We work in a purely advisory capacity. We don’t lend or underwrite, because that creates conflicts. We are sensitive to banking relationships. But we look to ensure financial flexibility for our clients.”

He was unwilling to discuss specific deals or clients, but says that he offers them “trusted, impartial financing advice any time day or night”. Baron Rothschilds tends to do more deals than their competitors, mainly because they are prepared to take on smaller mandates. “It’s not transactions were are interested in, it’s relationships. We are looking for good businesses and good people,” says Mr Reynolds. “Our ambition is for every company here to have a debt adviser.”

Baron Rothschild is reluctant to comment on his nephew Nat Rothschild’s public outburst against George Osborne, the British shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Nat Rothschild castigated Mr Osborne for revealing certain confidences gleaned during a holiday in the summer in Corfu.

In what the British press are calling “Yachtgate”, the tale involved Russia’s richest man, Oleg Deripaska, Lord Mandelson, a controversial British politician who has just returned to government, Mr Osborne and a Rothschild. Classic tabloid fodder, but one senses that Baron Rothschild frowns on such publicity. “If you are an adviser, that imposes a certain style and culture,” he says. “You should never forget that clients want to hear more about themselves than their bankers. It demands an element of being sober.”

Even when not at work, Baron Rothschild’s tastes are sober. He lives between Paris and London, is a keen family man – he has one son who is joining the business next September and three daughters – an enthusiastic golfer, and enjoys the “odd concert”. He is also involved in various charity activities, including funding research into brain disease and bone marrow disorders.

It is part of Rothschild lore that its founder sent his sons throughout Europe to set up their own interlinked offices. So where would Baron Rothschild send his children today?

“I would send one to Asia, one to Europe and one to the United States,” he said. “And if I had more children, I would send one to the UAE.”


86 responses to “Baron David de Rothschild sees a New World Order in global banking governance

  1. Picture reminds me of Scrooge in old Christmas movies.

  2. We are raised, by tradition, to trust our governments, and are convinced that they care about us. This, however, is a big mistake. Below the surface of official politics lies a complicated social and intellectual process that is taking place.

    The world is run by unseen powers who pull the strings from behind the scenes. Approximately 300 men that know each other and that appoint their successors themselves determine the fate of this world.

    John F. Kennedy spoke of a secret government behind the scenes of world politics: “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy.”

    We are governed; our minds are molded. Our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men that we have never heard of. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons.

    We are dealing with the rise of a new geo-political supranational power on the world scene. This geo-political power consists of the richest families on this planet.

    Together with the most powerful multinationals they rule and control all countries and all coalitions. The true aim of this elite group is complete control of Planet Earth.

    To find out more about the up-coming World dictatorship – NEW WORLD ORDER – you should read the following book. WORLDWIDE EVIL AND MISERY by Robin de Ruiter, one of Hollands most translated authors. This book has been BANNED in France. FINALLY…this must-have volume will be available at the end of November in the United States.

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    This is a very unique book and reading it will undoubtedly change the way you look at both history and the world today.

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  6. It seems too much to ask for the arrest and imprisonment of these criminals who think they are above the law. Where are all the assassins? Aren’t there rival factions who want to usurp these bastards. The Rothschilds rule must be brought to an end and their entire bloodline exterminated.

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  8. So, Nate Rothschild, who pretends that Osborne’s making public the “private” conversation on the yacht, decided to shed his own private profile and go public in a nasty political matter (Osborne, Tory vs. Mandelson, Labor). Why? Is Rothschild trying to curry favor for his exposure in the derivatives markets? If Mandelson asked Rothschild to intervene publicly—in a very marbled way—what leverage did Mandelson have over Rothschild to even expect so risky an appearance by Rothschild? The fact that Mandelson knew about the letter BEFORE it was publicized indicates that either Rothschild or the press told him, in advance. By embroiling himself when his derivatives implications appear to be going critical—possibly folding into bankruptcy, is Rothschild trying to embarrass Mandelson and spin public favor toward conservative Tories?

  9. #######

    Why isn’t anyone looking
    at the conspiracy? :

    Planned Destruction of America for NWO

    Read why capitalists are culpable,
    even though socialism is driving
    the collapse of capitalism in the

    The Internationalists

    Read how public education in the
    hands of socialists/communists
    has destroyed scholarship–
    academic excellence, in order to
    make black children appear more

    Public Education: What Went Wrong?

    And read the socialists’/
    communists’ cultural damage–
    their “50 years of ‘progress'”
    (Senator Kennedy’s term):

    Please pass along my links
    to friends and colleagues.


  10. This is the true face of the NWO!

    Pay carefull attention to the logo on Kissingers lectern. This picture is truly worth a thousand words, it says it all! Be advised that these leaked photos and information are disturbing.

  11. The so called “factions” are probably only an illusion. As the old saying goes there is no honor among thieves. They never speculate, they finance both sides, lie and then clean after it is over. They have been seeing a NWO for several decades, they seem to be unable to do it, and now with the internet more people know of their plan. Will they be able to pull it off?

  12. Right on all accounts.

    The Illuminati is always several steps ahead even though we who are awake do know the general outline of their plans and can see the devastating effects of their policies in years gone by.

    This is a covert war against humanity, a humanity that isn’t even aware that they are under attack, or at least who the real Enemy is. They plan for contingencies like any military. And yes, they do control the opposition. In every conflict their agents lead the opposing forces. That is a matter of course that cannot be left to chance or the free play of ideas and actions. So you will see Masons and Knights leading both the Left and the Right. They even lead the Truth/Freedom/Patriot Movement with their agents so that followers will be satisfied that SOMETHING is being done and thus be neutralized while never being told who is ultimately behind the NWO.

    Will they pull it off? Most certainly unless humanity wakes up. Only then do we have any chance in slowing down and stopping the New World Order, but as of now, humanity is still deep in ignorance, fear and immorality.

    A dumbed down, cowardly and immoral population has not the slightest chance in hell of stopping them. So far, they are way too clever, cunning, ruthless and powerful for us to stop them. That is just the simple truth. To say anything else is to give out false hope which the controlled opposition is very happy to do! Keep the sheep hanging on to the fake hopes that the fake leaders keep on giving them, on and on for years and years until we all grow old and die never having done a goddamn thing to really stop the juggernaut that just kept on running over us. That is what is happening right now.

  13. Actually Americans better watch their language
    and speak in a whisper when they talk about them
    they have the power to crumble USA to dust
    and the money to see to it that it is your own leaders that crumble you.

  14. They are already destroying what was left of American ideals. Telling the truth isn’t going to change their course of action unless more people wake up. Therefore it is more important than ever to tell the truth today, more than ever at any point in history.

    But in order to wake up, they first need to smarten up, get some morality and dig deep for some courage in order to fight. Immoral people are just not interested in truth because it interferes with their fantasies and perverted ideas. Fearful people are too weak to handle the truth. Severely dumbed-down people are too blind to know the difference between fact and fantasy. This is the main thing that has to change. Only truth can really change this ugly reality that we are facing.

  15. Remember that man’s picture, and let us release the pictures of the others (300) that rule this planet through death, corruption, fraud and greed.

    I could barely sit through the article without vomiting. The Rothschild’s are a sickening bunch, but remember, they are no the ultimate ruler of this planet. Queen Elizabeth and her offspring (inbreds) rule. You should do your own due diligence to verify their bloodlines, and why the hand of power has not changed since the times of the pharaohs.

    These digusting people think we can not overcome their rule. Teach, and spread the word, as to the evil of this world. The Rothschilds, Lazards, Lehmans, Warburg, Rockefellers…and many of the royal subjects related to the Queen.

    Print their faces. Expose their crimes. Pass out flyers. Post them to trees, telephone poles, on cars, in mailboxes…everywhere!

    You want to stop them…right???

  16. watch OUR language? These people want to eliminate billions and enslave the survivors, and we should watch our language? ROT IN HELL

  17. Right FU. We have no reason to pull our punches at this point. It is a fight to the death because they are killing us off right now under their eugenics operations which are vast and varied.

    dogismyth, I agree wholeheartedly. I think I will take up your suggestion on the flyers.

  18. Rothschild, the prince of the City of London–the land of Gog and Magog.

  19. Ian deMontfort

    The Rothschild’s and their minions must be thrown into the deepest pit imaginable. They have colluded in and profited from most of the wars over the last two hundred years (at least). We the people will take back our lands. The pyramid of the twisted creatures ruling over us will be brought down and they will be destroyed. There will be no one world government. There will be no New World Order. It is over for the Rothschild’s and those lurking in the shadows close to them!

  20. Мнения экспертов расходятся. Директор департамента стратегического анализа ФБК Игорь Николаев настроен скептически: «На мой взгляд, за высказыванием главы правительства России стоит скорее политика, чем экономика. банки Кемерово Сейчас бытует мнение — все беды от США, поэтому давайте откажемся от доллара», — рассуждает экономист. Но не стоит забывать, что на место доллара придется найти некую третью валюту: Китай вряд ли согласится принять в качестве расчетного средства рубли, а Россия вряд ли выберет в качестве таковой юань. «Остается евро… Но его будущее неясно, особенно в свете нынешних событий на мировом финансовом рынке. Неясно и другое — согласится ли на евро Китай, у которого большая часть международных резервов номинирована все-таки в долларах», — подчеркивает эксперт. Так что здесь пока больше вопросов, чем ответов, резюмирует Игорь Николаев.

  21. We are dealing with something that is much bigger than just the Rothschilds. It is the Masonic Matrix system of which they are a very significant part. All the secret societies, the orders of knighthood (royal and papal), the -isms, governments, agencies, think-tanks, banks, NGOs, corporations, religions etc, etc are all interconnected toward this evil agenda. We are completely enmeshed in it and have been increasingly so, steadily locked into this trap since ancient times. People naively believe that if you eliminate the Rothschilds somehow, all this is going to go away which is pure non-sense. We have a monumental task ahead of us if we ever really want to have a free and peaceful world.

  22. Rothschild and the rest of the illuminati scum will fail. Their time is up!

  23. Maybe these guys know best. I mean they have been principal players in the banking and finance industry for a few hundred years. Besides, it is less for me, and the rest of the little people, to have to worry about.

  24. will someone shoot this piece of scum do the planet a big favour

  25. Jeepers creepers Peepers. You sure are an Illuminati boot-licker. Please stop drinking the fluoridated water. That might help.

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  27. EAT THE RICH!!!

  28. Just stop feeding them and they will die off naturally.

  29. www americanfreepress net worth your time!

  30. Perhaps another reason for their longevity is that as central bankers, they have the government granted monopoly power to create money out of nothing.

    Personally, I think that’s more important than whether or not they’re freemasons.

  31. Back to the gold standard, fast. No more special privileges to fiat money creators of debt-based currencies that make us indentured servants to a banking system that creates money ex nihilo when we sign promissory notes to them! What a racket they have enjoyed, those blood-thirsty parasites.

  32. We know what they are up to and their game is over. They know it.

  33. Currently we are 7Bn in number of people on the planet and i am sure we are viewed as gobblers of `their` resources and need to be culled down to 1Bn.

    That 300 may be toying with that number.

    We don’t need them and they don’t need us, and to tip the balance to who is going to get the other first, is what the G20 meet is really about, the consolidation of power into the hands of that 300 through the deprivation of banker liquidity so that the culling can begin.

  34. The Jews have made no bones about a one-world government. Britain and America were the first pegs in the deal and ever since then they’ve been pulling the strings and manipulating our populations. Everyone laughed about it, but now we’re seeing it all come to fruition. Obama was installed, just like SA’s Mendala, and America will now become a third-world hell hole — ruled by non-Whites.

    White people have been so stupid not to have seen all this coming. Even the masses of non-White immigrants and the false-flag event of 9/11 hasn’t been enough to awaken the majority of Whites.

    Now, the changes will come fast and furious. The Internet will be the first to go and then free speech that’s deemed politically incorrect, then Gun rights. Whites have already been so brainwashed over race that many of them will unthinkingly welcome it all.

    I hope the liberals who read this comment will remember it.

  35. I actually met the Illuminati. They’re surprisingly nice people and make a great chicken bisque.

  36. The battle against the eternal evil-the jew-goes on unabated. Prepare yourselves for the day of reckoning my fellow human beings. For if we don`t eliminate the virus of humanity that the jew is it will eliminate us.

    Is that what you want?

  37. Ah, the good old combination of paranoia, anti-Semitism and adding one’s imagination to current events and world news.

    It doesn’t seem that any of you know how international banking actually works.

  38. America, the grand experiment of the illuminati has come to an end. Accept the facts that America was create the haven for NWO, free of Religious involvement. They came on the Mayflower. Alexander Hamilton, Central bank, Khazars masuerading as Jews, and when the heroes like Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln and Kennedy, to name a few, rejected the NWO they were killed, blackmailed or worse.
    Meanwhile America watches mindless TV and eats the garbage they call food and like cattle we shuffle to slaughter. Clean your house, accept JC and witness the spectacle.

  39. You vill like the neu vorld order, or else!!

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  41. thou shalt not steal

    Their life blood is money – OUR money. Cut off their blood supply. Stop paying income tax. Max out your credit cards and declare bankruptcy. Cancel your subscription to their mind numbing cable and satellite TV. Stop shopping at WalMart. Listen to classical music and talk to your family instead. Play cards. Grow your own vegetables. Bake your own bread. Beat their system. Taking from them is not stealing, they are stealing from us. Take back what they have taken. That is the way to beat them.

  42. That’s some good advice!

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  44. Yeah Rothschild…real class act. Serving humanity…mostly for wars. They didn’t mention how they “helped” England at Waterloo. By getting control over England’s finances in one day. Moneychangers at it again. Nothing new since Christ’s day. There will be a judgement day.

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  46. These and related talks are typical Rothschild trademarks… using esoteric terminoligies in general talks to indirectly spray salt on the already-burning wounds of those like us who understand their nefarious agendas…

  47. The Plight of the Planet In a Nut Shell


    & check out links at bottom of page

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  49. Could somebody enlighten me about this website:

    Anunaki? Lord Marduk? 2012? Is this the big secret they hide from the little masons when they become big masons at 33 degrees? Sounds like dungeons and dragons to me.

  50. Can’t decide on ET’s or Satan. These crafty individuals seem to have some exit strategy when Rome burns. The real name of the game is chaos, misinformation and misrepresentation. The goal, redistribution. The reason? That gets tricky. It appears Global warming is indeed the beginning of a cosmic shift that NASA and other top scientists has determined at some later point will shift into another ice age. The effect will become unsustainablefor human life. The current plan had identified those chosen to survive,but the cost is not cheap. They are busy raising the capital to get aboard several spacecraft designed to get them to the space station and or moon facility from where they will make contact with the ET who have been here for some time. At which point the process of selection for integration in alien population is based upon years of human study on subjects here. Over eight hundred have come forward with claims of ET abduction and experimentation. The survival of the species being they, the ET’s desire as they have had advanced knowledge of the cosmic rift that is the fate of this system. Holding the deal together and getting preparations has been daunting for the elite group and they have had to work overtime to get the world at large pre-occupied with a host of misinformation and redirection.
    Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic is a cover for one departure segment. The bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and a host of who’s who are preparing. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan aren’t invited but some other psuedo celebs are, along with a certain amount of intellectual elites. Truly a trip to eden as I am to understand.

  51. A steaming pile of dung Puddy. And you must know it.

  52. Hey you people in the U.S. Are you tired of U.S. censorship? Then read this book. It has been banned in France for being the ultimate book on the New World Order. Do you realy wanna know what is awaiting us all in the near future?


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  53. But if so many are awake–where are the marches in the streets? The angry crowded city council, county commission meetings, overflowing congressional town hall forums, and the like?

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  55. The ultimate eapon to fight NWO parasites and mayic influence: the Holy Name:
    Hare Krsna
    Hare Krsna
    Krsna Krsna
    Hare Hare
    Hare Rama
    Hare Rame Rama Rama Hare Hare
    and for special protection (beware stunning pix):

    hey dude, we are in a material world cheaters and cheated…

  56. Of course. Humor in the face of Danger;)

  57. Хм… А мне сдается, что минусы в этом случае намного превосходят плюсы.

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  59. Read the book published in 1978 “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, if you want to read about the Rothchilds, Morgan, Walberg and the Rockefellers and the US presidents in on this NWO. All started after WWOne. This book is not just a bunch of theory it has photos of meetings, diaries and following the money. Rockefeller laundered money through the Walbergs to fund the Bolsevik Revolution in Russia in 1920.

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  61. rotshchild is a member of illuminati??

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  63. print up leaflets/business cards with the best and quickest info such as 9/11 videos, 7/7 ripple effect, endgame, alan watt cuttingthroughthematrix free audio downloads….
    hand them out to people from all walks of life so they can get up to speed.

  64. Probably the best way since if you try to explain the NWO to people, they just think you are nuts anyway. A video can awaken people, that is if they are willing to sit and watch it. On the other hand they can think this is some kind of “terrorist contraband” and report you to the local Homeland goons. In any case, it’s worth the risk.

  65. Abolish the internationally-controlled Federal Reserve cartel and restore the ability of the US government to print its’ own money and you will go a long way toward solving the parasitic crisis currently consuming our flailing and sputtering nation.

  66. The congress will never abolish the fed. In fact, the new fed is going to be the IMF, an international banking reserve for the federated global union. That is the outcome of G20. The fed as it stands currently owns the government and through the CFR dictates its direction. The IMF will gradually takeover that role as global government is officially established in a few years time. Thus, there is no way out through the federal government of the US. The only real way out is to abolish the federal government as soon as possible, that is, for the states to secede from it, deny it’s existence, and either strike it out on their own or form a new system of government. You cannot reform the current system as it is utterly corrupt to its roots.

  67. It’s not comforting to see some of the solutions recommended by so called aware people here, such as arresting “them”, “abolishing the Fed” or “return to the gold standard”.

    Do some more research because you do not comprehend the scale of the problem. They own the law, they can and will replace the fed and already have complete control of the majority of gold.

    It really is corrupt to the roots, as far as America is concerned the only solution is to abolish the federal government and all of its alphabet agencies. The states must secede indeed!

  68. Все-таки потрясное изобретение – блог. Казалось бы обычный сайт, но видоизменили подачу разной информации, отдали вебсайт в руки толькоодного человека и открылась еще одна грань общения с миром. :)

  69. Rothschilds New Friend

    I see here the new Messiah, Hail David De Rothschilds and his new kingdom, he is the second coming Messiah!

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  71. They definitely have too much wealth and power and that’s not healthy. Governments are still wide open to corrupt, but I think the real problem is a lack of understanding of politics and finance. I can’t see the logic in them wanting to destroy humanity, they would be putting themselves in unnecessary danger. Plug, I’ve been doing some research on them and they don’t seem evil at all. Quite the opposite.

    Meyer David de Rothschild spends his time travelling the world and trying to raise awareness of global warming. Fossil fuels don’t just release CO2 guys

  72. Sean
    Then you did not do enough research as they are not good AT ALL……

  73. Статья очень понравилась! Этакий короткий микс практических знаний. Хоть и “зажгли лампу среди белого дня”:)

  74. David de Rothschild is a false prophet. With the family wealth exceeding 500 T R I L L I O N dollars, they seek to not only own the world, but rule the world, and some speculate they do already. however, right now the situation is DEFCOM 2, and the orders are to use low yield nuclear weapons on every property the Rothschilds own and may be at. Between the subs, Aurora and HAARP, the tru New World Order is a world devoid of the satanic Rothchilds and their officers (Oppenheimers, Morgans of JP Morgan, etc) along with the others who SERVE them. Hell hath no fury for the wicked, but GOD does.

  75. God Bless the Russian Republic. Now is the time to rid Moscow of this evil presence. Putin you did it before (Anna P.) … now strike!

  76. adérer

  77. crack-commando

    warnings have been around for millennia if you were listening then you were expecting it, the ones with power will get more power but it will not last, however the masses will suffer as they have done since the dawn of disobedience. Any information in this world or worlds gone by was and is subject to ‘spin’ and if you own the entire media (which we know are independent), yeah, then manipulating the masses becomes as easy as to make them think they can still actually save themselves, in my opinion we cant stop the tide that is coming we can air an opinion and let others know what they could expect but the shit is going to hit the fan and my only hope of getting through it is that God is real and that he saved us before all this even happened. There are no excuses on the day of judgement for not having his salvation, but we will go there by their hand or his and be judged. The Illuminati will have to give an account for themselves and you blaming them for all the evils in the world will not cut the mustard. Let what will be, be and worrie about who your focused on because only one can save humanity and the terrors of this world are going to be set loose before he comes.

  78. Gotta agree with the Scientist Buckminster fuller. ..”Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.”AND Thomas Jefferson …”If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    Before 9/11 guess what 2 countries DID NOT have a Rothschild owned and started Central Bank; …Afghanistan and Iraq..
    only a few countries in the world DO NOT have Rothschild owned banks! Countries such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan. And now, today, Afghanistan and Iraq have Rothschild central banks after the United States invaded.

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