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Arkansas Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller Dies


February 18, 2004 – Rockefeller Helps Distribute Free Gunlocks

The great-grandson of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller ranked No. 283 on the Forbes magazine list of the nation’s wealthiest people in 2005, with a fortune the magazine estimated at $1.2 billion. As lieutenant governor, a part-time job, he gave his $34,673 state salary to charity. When he announced his candidacy for governor last year, he said he wouldn’t rely on his fortune alone to win the office.

Arkansas Politicians Remember Win Rockefeller

Senator Hillary Clinton: “He was a great supporter of law enforcement and he was a good friend of mine.”



September 7, 2004 – Rockefeller greets conference on Faith-Based Initiatives

Win Rockefeller, 57; Billionaire Rancher, Lt. Gov. of Arkansas
Arkansas Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller, a reserved billionaire rancher
who was more likely to sport a Timex watch and decorate his state office in castoffs than advertise his status as heir to an empire that fueled the Industrial Age in late 19th century America, has died. He was 57. Last year, Rockefeller was ranked No. 283 on Forbes magazine’s list of the nation’s wealthiest people, with a fortune estimated at $1.2 billion. The great-grandson of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, he gave his $35,000-a-year lieutenant governor’s salary to charity. He was the son of Winthrop Rockefeller, governor of Arkansas from 1967 to 1971 and the state’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction. The senior Rockefeller’s tenure is generally regarded as a watershed moment for the state because he broadened the agriculture-based economy by luring other industries to Arkansas and made efforts to improve schools and race relations. When his father died at 60 of cancer in 1973, Win Rockefeller was 24. He became the first of “the Cousins,” as the third generation of Rockefellers is called, to come into his inheritance. U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is a cousin. For advice, Win, who was then a young rancher, turned to his uncle Nelson Rockefeller, the former New York governor who served as vice president under President Ford.


Tony Blair is already under citizen’s arrest


Lord Levy seems to bring flames in his wake. When Tony Blair’s chief fund-raiser was questioned under arrest on Wednesday, the police station had to be evacuated because of a nearby fire. And coincidentally last November, Lord Levy’s flat in Marylebone was consumed in flames. One can only hope, as His Lordship assures us, that nothing relevant to the present police investigation into the loans for honours affair was lost in the conflagration.
Bush, Blair laugh off mike mishap
U.S. President George W. Bush and British PM Tony Blair have laughed off the moment when their unguarded comments were broadcast to the world on a live microphone at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg. Asked about the microphone mishap during his final briefing of the summit, Blair quipped that it was “all about transparent government” — smiling and tapping the microphone in front of him. Bush “sort of rolled his eyes and laughed” when told the comments had been audible and a copy had been made, said Press Secretary Tony Snow, according to The Associated Press.

Blair mocked as poodle after video gaffe
BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair was roundly mocked as a poodle after an off-the-cuff chat with US President George W. Bush was accidentally broadcast. Mr Bush and Mr Blair enjoyed a gossip over lunch at the Group of Eight summit in St Petersburg yesterday, unaware that a microphone in front of them was switched on and their words would be relayed around the world. Breaking with diplomatic formalities, Mr Bush hailed Mr Blair, his closest European ally, with the words “Yo, Blair”. His solution to the Middle East crisis was that Syria should press Hezbollah to “stop doing this s…”. The British media pored over the text of the conversation, saying it cast Mr Blair in a subservient role and showed the unequal nature of Britain’s much-vaunted “special relationship” with the United States.


HP unveils Wireless Chip that links the Digital and Physical Worlds; Grain-sized chip could be attached to almost any object


Pencil tips surround a tiny wireless data chip, developed by HP, that could further bridge the physical and digital worlds

With no equal in terms of its combination of size, memory capacity and data access speed, the tiny chip could be stuck on or embedded in almost any object and make available information and content now found mostly on electronic devices or the Internet. Some of the potential applications include storing medical records on a hospital patient’s wristband; providing audio-visual supplements to postcards and photos; helping fight counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry; adding security to identity cards and passports; and supplying additional information for printed documents. The chip has a 10 megabits-per-second data transfer rate — 10 times faster than Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology and comparable to Wi-Fi speeds — effectively giving users instant retrieval of information in audio, video, photo or document form. With a storage capacity ranging from 256 kilobits to 4 megabits in working prototypes, it could store a very short video clip, several images or dozens of pages of text. Future versions could have larger capacities.

ID chips keep sponges out of surgery patients
Radiofrequency ID (RFID) chips, similar to those implanted in products to deter theft, may help prevent sponges and other materials from being left in a patient during surgery, the findings from a small study suggest.
Still, further research is needed to determine whether placement of these chips in surgical sponges and other operating room materials will be cost effective for a problem that occurs once in every 10,000 procedures.


Doctor and nurses charged over Katrina patient deaths

A doctor and two nurses have been charged with murdering four patients awaiting evacuation from a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina. The staff have been charged with killing four patients, who have not been named, but were aged 9, 62, 67, and 90. The state prosecutor said the four were injected with lethal doses of morphine and an anti-anxiety drug on 1 September last year.


James Woolsey calls for an attack on Syria


He wants air strikes on Syria immediately.

“Former” CIA man James Woolsey, appeared with John Gibson today and joined in with the neocon chorus and wants the US to attack Syria. Woolsey says it’s really about Iran vs the US. No ceasefires or arrests. He wants air strikes on Syria immediately. Gibson asked him why the US shouldn’t just hit Iran.
Woolsey: Well, ahh, one has to take things to some degree by steps.


Israeli kids sends gifts of love to Arab kids


Photo of the day: Israeli kids sends gifts of love to Arab kids 


Immigrant sweep snags 58 at Fort Bragg

Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do?
Federal agents conducting a sweep aimed at illegal immigrants detained 58 civilian workers Tuesday as they tried to enter Fort Bragg with suspected false or fraudulently obtained identification, officials said. Almost all of them were construction workers, officials said.