New World Order: H.G. Wells’ Fantasy

You Tube | Jan 22, 2007

This clip is from the film THINGS TO COME, which is a propaganda film made prior to WWII. This movie shows a utopian vision, after an apocalyptic war, where the ‘saviors of mankind’ come dressed as nazi stormtroopers in stealth bombers, dropping ‘peace gas’ and taking over the world from ‘sovereign nations’ to bring a “Freemasonry of Science.”

This is the sick vision which is promoted by many groups today hoping for their New Order, the Nazis tried this out, and many others have come to do the same. Ironically, the future seat of this sick New World Order in this movie is Basra, Iraq, where the white men of the New Order develop their technology to subdue “Rogue Nations.”

4 responses to “New World Order: H.G. Wells’ Fantasy

  1. Basra, Iraq was most likely a not-so-hidden reference to Babylon, which was once in Iraq and was the conquest of Saddam before the USA finished him.

    In the Bible the seat of the One World Govt/Beast system is Babylon.

  2. True Witness007

    I absolutely agree. Even as I write this, the same area of “Babylon” that Saddam was re-building (and this can be verified), is now still being currently re-built by the US military under Bush’s Luciferian orders.

    Now you know the “real reason why we are there….,”

  3. What do you make of Iran’s kidnapping of British marines and sailor’s from Basra? Well’s blue print for the ignition of WW3 may well have been purposely planned.

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